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Anantherum Muricatum.

Vetiveria Odorata. Gramineae.

A well-known grass in the East Indies, cultivated on the Markarentas Islands for its medical use; the root is aromatic and stimulating or diaphoretic.

Proved and introduced by Dr. L. J. Houat in Nouvelles Donnes, second series, translated in Criterio Medico, 1869, vol. 10, p. 183, and by S. Lilienthal, in North American Journal of Homeopathy, 1870, vol. xviii, p. 176; again in Allen's Encyclopaedia, vol. 1, p. 330.

S. Lilienthal's indications in his masterly treatise on Skin Diseases have been inserted as cured symptoms.

MIND. [1]

Gay humor, with disposition to laugh and sing.
Sadness, sheds tears easily.
Hypochondriasis and dread of society.
Restlessness, irritability and suspicion.
Ungovernable jealousy.
Blunted intellect and loss of memory.
Monomania for doing same thing and frequenting same places.
Delirium, idiocy, mania.


Vertigo with cerebral congestion, red face and tendency to fall backward.
Drunkenness and staggering.
Vertigo with weakness in back and legs, unable to remain upright.
Vertigo with contraction and digging in inner canthi of eyes, extending into brain.


Burning, lancinating, pulsating headache, most right side, forehead and temples, with nausea, vomiting and great heaviness of eyes.
Neuralgic pain in temples, with sensation as if pointed irons were thrust in, producing fits of craziness; agg. afternoon and night, from noise, light and motion.
As if head was crushed.
Heaviness and weakness of head, with pressure in occiput, lets head drop to one side.
As if something turned round in head, with pains in stomach, great appetite, colic, venereal desire, chills and choking.
As if he had water in head, agg. when walking.
As if brain was laid bare and cold air passed over it.
As if heavy objects and balls moved about in head; agg. at night and lying on right side.
Cramps and cold chill in head.
Pains piercing brain like steel arrows from forehead to nape of neck.
Headache agg. in afternoon: from noise, motion and light.


Itching and heat in head extending to face.
Nervous trembling of head.
Herpes and ulcers on scalp with compact, thick, humid scabs and prurigo.
Large tumors like lupia suppurate and form ulcers.
Protuberances, like exostoses, on sinciput and temples.


Photophobia, light produces itching in eyes.
Pupils contracted or dilated, has to wink in order to distinguish objects.
The images of objects are retained in an annoying manner.
Black points, muscae volitantes and fiery circles before eyes.
Everything seems excessively bright and shining.
Sensation of a great weight on eyelids which keeps them closed.
Dull, dim, wild, wandering eyes, without expression.
Heat, burning, pressure, tickling, pricking and painful stitches in eyes.
Swelling and pain as if an abscess would form in right eye.
Spasmodic contraction of eyes, which remain turned upward.
Yellowness of sclerotica.
Inflammatory swelling and ulceration of margin of lids, with inability to separate them.
Inverted lids.
Swelling and ulceration of lachrymal glands.
Growths like warts and lupia on eyebrows.


Heat in ears, pulsation, as of abscesses.
Digging stitches; discharge of purulent matter.
Copious ear-wax; sensation of dirt or spongy substance which swells up.
Tissues in lobes; burning crusty eruption, inability to lie on ears.
Deafness, agg. in evening and damp weather.


Stitches in nose with a crushing sensation at root.
The air which passes through nostrils seems icy cold and causes sneezing.
Ulcers in nostrils. ~ Epistaxis.
Fluent coryza, with pressive pains in head and root of nose; burning in nostrils; lachrymation and sneezing.
Copious greenish, badly smelling discharge.
Nose enlarged, red and covered with many small bloodvessels.
Inflammation and swelling of nasal bones, with hammering pains.
Boils and small tumors, like lupia, on tip.
Nose cold, pale and pointed.


Tic douloureux.
Face yellowish, congested, pale or cyanotic.
Itching and burning in cheeks.
Yellow or red spots; stinging pimples.
Ulcers, scabs or scaly herpes; falling off of eyebrows and beard.
Erysipelatous swelling; closed eyes, fever, delirium, desire for open air, even to throw himself out of window.
Face puffy; boils and abscesses.
Spasm of facial muscles, agg. left side.
Painful shocks in different parts of face.
Miliary and urticarious eruptions.
Pain in facial bones as if crushed or dislocated.


Convulsive movements as from tic douloureux, or trismus, with pains in lips and chin; jaws spasmodically clenched.
Lips fatty, oily, enlarged, inflamed, covered with phlyctenae constantly renewed; dry, pinched and contracted.
Lips enormously swollen, ulcerated, everted, of a bluish yellow.
Submaxillary and cervical glands swell and tend to suppuration.
Ulcers at labial commissures; syphilitic.


Lancinating, digging and drawing in teeth, or as if forcibly separated or pulled and torn out with pincers.
Constant inclination to clench teeth.
Sensation of cold in teeth with heat in gums and mouth.
Toothache in afternoon and from taking anything cold; agg. at night, in cool air, when eating, in changes of weather, from wine and coffee.
Decayed crumbling teeth; bad smell from mouth.


Taste bitter, bloody, sweet or flat.
Difficult speech, stammering.
Tongue inflamed and enormously swollen, great difficulty in speaking.
Severe pains at root of tongue as if it were cut off.
Tongue fissured, lacerated, and as if cut on its edges, with copious salivation and debility, as from effects of mercury.
Greyish, yellowish, bloody or brick-dust coating on tongue.


Gum boils, ulcers, aphthae, swollen salivary and submaxillary glands.
Flow of thick viscid saliva.


Inflammation of throat with sensation of fullness and obstruction, as if it were plugged.
Burning, as of mustard, with violent convulsive cough.
Inflammation, swelling and suppuration of tonsils.
Angina with almost impossible deglutition.
Constriction with danger of suffocation; debility.
Burning and stitches in throat.
Sensation as if he had a burning stick in throat, reaching down into stomach.
Granulations and greyish ulcers like false membranes; much mucus.
Inability to drink, in spite of great thirst, on account of spasms in throat, which contracts and feels tight, as soon as he hears anything said about water, or sees shining objects.
Sensation, sometimes of burning heat, sometimes of icy coldness in esophagus.
Tickling as of some live thing in esophagus, with fits of suffocating cough.


Morbid hunger, wakes up in night to eat; as if he had a tapeworm.
Burning unquenchable thirst.
Longing for aromatic drinks.


Worse from coffee, which subsequently relieves.
Toothache agg. from wine and coffee.


Hiccough, Belching, Nausea and Vomiting
Frequent empty belching; painful; tasting of food; foul.
Nausea; vomiting of food, bile or blood; horrible pains in stomach.


Very painful pressure, like a bar, on epigastrium, with short anxious respiration.
Fullness and ulcerated feeling.
Stitches and cramps in stomach and extremities; watery vomiting; urging to stool, very liquid diarrhea; painful icy coldness over whole body; excessive thirst; pressure and constriction in epigastrium; spasms; agitation; cold perspiration, especially in head.
Contractive, gnawing and tearing pain as if caused by some living thing.
Spasms and cramps in stomach hindering respiration.
Sensation as of tumors, holes or sharp pebbles in his stomach.
Extreme debility coming from stomach.
Sensation as of a hard tumor starting from pylorus, extending to liver.
Stitches in stomach extending into chest.


Cramps in hepatic region; with sensation as if it was full of painful tuberosities.
Pulsative burning and digging pains in region of liver.
Inflammation and swelling of liver as if caused by abscesses.
Burning pulsating and lancinating pain in region of spleen.


Tympanitis and colic.
Twisting and tearing pains in bowels, as in iliac passion, with nausea and vomiting.
Tumor, like hernia, or like buboes in groin.


Stools mucous, bloody, brownish yellow, whitish, choleraic; offensive, with colic, and burning in abdomen and rectum.
Obstinate constipation, stool hard, knotty, like sheep-dung.
Large hemorrhoidal tumors and abscesses.
Itching at anus.


Stitches and crushing pains in kidneys.
Ardor urinae.
Urine discharged by drops.
Chalky sediment.
Incontinence; involuntary urination when walking and during sleep.


Sores on penis and in urethra resembling chancres.
The venereal appetite is increased by every attempt to satisfy it, until it drives him to onanism and madness.
Syphilis; sycosis.


Burning pain in ovaries.
Burning, crampy, pinching and gnawing pain in womb, with great debility and general prostration.
Hard tumors, like scirrhus on neck of womb.
Stitches passing like strokes of lightning into womb.
Prolapsus and displacement.
Sterility, as from atrophy of ovaries.
Eruptions, whitish and reddish, like sycosis, in vulva.
Pustules like confluent smallpox, like measles and scarlet fever.


Erysipelatous swelling of mamma.
Ulcerated, indurated tumor in breast.
Excoriation of nipples.


Hoarseness and frequent aphonia, with symptoms of tuberculous or granular laryngitis.
Difficulty of speaking with drowsiness, with glandular inflammation.
Liquids pass frequently into larynx and through nasal fossae, with violent jerking cough.
Raw corrosive sensations in larynx, or as if it was ulcerated and cut.
Very prominent swelling of laryngeal cartilages.

COUGH. [27]

Obstinate, paroxysmal, shaking cough, agg. in evening and night and from heat.
Dry cough and bloody expectoration.
Sensation during cough as if a very rough cord was drawn through bronchi.


Heaviness and stitches in various parts of chest.
Burning and raw feeling in chest.


Burning, stitches and cramps in cardiac region, with oppression.
Heart seems paralyzed, with deathlike weakness.
Pulse slow and full, then accelerated, hard and dicrotic.


Stiffness of neck and back.
Paralytic weakness of vertebral column and extremities.
Pain as if scapulae were broken.
Twisting stabbing pains in kidneys.


Rheumatic pain and swelling of articulations of arms and hands.
Burning, pulsative pains, and pain as from whitlow on fingers.
Diseased and deformed nails.
Swelling of ganglia of axillae and chest (with breast tumor).
Abscesses, ulcers and fissures on arms and hands; also eruptions like itch or lichen.


Stiffness, lancinating and crampy pains in sacrum and iliac bone.
Sciatic, gouty and rheumatic pains in legs and feet, especially in heels.
Paralytic weakness and palsy of legs, with complete insensibility.
The nails grow awry and hurt toes.
Offensive foot sweat.
Ulcers and boils on legs and feet.


Erysipelatous swellings of arms and legs.
Boils, abscesses and ulcers on legs.
Ulcers on hands and legs and soles of feet.


Motion: increases neuralgic pains in temples.
Walking: sensation of water in head agg.; incontinence of urine.
Lying on right side: sensation of balls and heavy objects in head agg.

SLEEP. [37]

Drowsiness, difficulty of speaking.

TIME. [38]

Afternoon: neuralgia in temples agg.; toothache agg.
Evening: deafness agg.; cough agg.
Night: neuralgia in temples agg.; sensation of heavy objects in head agg.; toothache agg.; cough agg.


Heat: cough agg.
Damp weather: deafness agg.
Air passing through nostrils seems icy cold.
In cool air: toothache agg.
Desire for open air: facial erysipelas.
Changes of weather: toothache agg.

FEVER. [40]

Skin cold and frigid and pale or violet.
Stinging and burning heat.


Right: headache most on side of forehead and temple; as if abscess would form in eye.
Left: spasm of facial muscles agg. on left side.


Lancinating, burning, deep-seated pains (in tumors).
As if pointed irons were thrust into temples; as if something turned round in head; as if he had water in head; as if brain was laid bare and cold air passed over it; as if head was crushed; as if heavy objects and balls moved about in head; as of dirt or spongy substance in ears; teeth as if forcibly separated; as if root of tongue was cut off; tongue as if cut on its edges; as if throat was plugged; as of a burning stick in throat; as of some live thing in esophagus; like a bar pressing on epigastrium; as from a hard tumor from pylorus to liver; as if hepatic region was full of painful tuberosities; as if larynx was ulcerated and cut; as if a rough cord was drawn through bronchi, when coughing; as if scapulae were broken; pain as from a whitlow on fingers; as of tumors, holes or sharp pebbles in stomach.
Pains piercing brain like steel arrows.
Formication and itching as of ants, with loss of sensibility.
Painful shocks in face.
Pains: in stomach; as of an abscess in right eye; at root of tongue, as if cut off; horrible, in stomach; in scapulae, as if broken: in fingers, like whitlow.
Lancinating: headache; in teeth; in sacrum and iliac bone; in tumors.
Stabbing pains: in kidneys.
Stitches: in eyes; in ears; in nose; in throat; in stomach; in kidneys; through womb; in chest; in cardiac region.
Stinging: pimples.
Pricking: in eyes.
Burning: headache; in eyes; eruption on ears; in nostrils; in cheeks; in throat; in region of liver and spleen; in abdomen and rectum; in ovaries; in chest; in cardiac region; in fingers.
Drawing: in teeth.
Twisting: in bowels; in kidneys.
Crushed sensation: in head; at root of nose; in facial bones; in kidneys.
Gnawing: in stomach; in womb.
Digging: in inner canthi; in ears; in teeth.
Rawness: in larynx; in chest.
Ulcerated feeling: in stomach.
Hammering: in nasal bones; in chest.
Pulsating: headache; in ears; in region of liver and spleen; in fingers.
Contraction: in inner canthi, extending into brain; spasmodic of eyes; of lips; of throat; in epigastrium; in stomach.
Cramps: in head; in stomach; in limbs; in hepatic region; in cardiac region; crampy pains in sacrum.
Neuralgic pain: in temples; and weakness of head.
Rheumatic pain: in joints; in legs and feet.
Dislocated feeling: in facial bones.
Pressing: in occiput; in head and root of nose; in eyes; on epigastrium.
Weight: on eyelids.
Heaviness: of eyes.
Heat: in eyes; in ears; in gums and mouth; in esophagus.
Coldness: of inhaled air, in nose; of nose; in teeth; in esophagus; icy, over whole body.
Fullness: in throat; in stomach.
Weakness: of head; of vertebral column and extremities.
Tickling: in eyes.
Itching: in head, to face; in eyes, from light; in cheeks; at anus.


Glandular inflammation.
Painful swelling of various parts extending to suppuration; especially of submaxillary and cervical glands.

SKIN. [46]

Abscesses, boils and ulcers.
Miliaria; measles, smallpox, scarlet fever.
Red pimples, like miliaria or urticaria.
Bluish scorbutic spots on body.
Scarlet redness of skin.
Ulcers yellowish, violet, swollen, everted, syphilitic, on different places.


Coffee aggravates at first, relieves afterwards.
Aromatic liquors relieve pains.
Similar to: Act. rac., Agar., Arnic., Bellad., Cannab., Coffea, Ignat., Kali hydr., Moschus., Staphys. (especially in headache); Bellad., Euphras. (eyes); Caustic. and Gelsem. (heaviness of eyelids); Act. rac., Corall. rub., Hydrast. (air feels cold in nose); Bryon., Calcar., Chamom., etc. (toothache agg. from cold air or food) ; Acon., Carb. veg., Chamom., Coccul., Ignat., Mercur., Nux vom., Pulsat., Rhus tox., Zincum (toothache, agg. from wine or coffee); Bellad., Canthar., Hydroph., Hyosc., Laches, Stramon. (hydrophobia, see 13). Sulphur (hunger at night); Mercur. (syphilis); Thuya (sycosis).
Inimical: wine and strong liquors.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 01, 1879
Description: Clinical materia medica of Anantherum muricatum
Remedies: Anantherum muricatum
Author: Hering, C.
Year: 1879
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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