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Antimonium Crudum.

Native Sulphide of Antimony. SbS3.

The sulphuret of antimony, a mineral, native in France and Germany, found also in the United States, see Stibnite of Dana, p. 29. What is to be had in the shops is obtained by simple fusion of the ore. Used by the ancients for dyeing hair and eyebrows. First known as a sulphuret by Hohenheim Paracelsus (not the imaginary person called Basil Valentin), in 1430. Since then given by the Anti-Galenists in numerous preparations and forbidden by the Acadmie Franaise, 1566 until 1666, and in later times considered inert because not soluble.

Proved by Caspari, in 1826, edited and published by Hartlaub, in 1828. Classed among his antipsorics by Hahnemann, with many additions, in 1835.

MIND. [1]

Insensible; bed-sores formed, yet he complained of no pain.
Imbecility more frequent than insanity.
Child delirious, drowsy with nausea, hot and red face; pulse irregular; feverish heat; cries when washed in cold water; amel. washed in warm water.
Loathing of life.
Inclined to suicide by shooting; at night he is obliged to get out of bed, because he cannot free himself of the idea.
Anxious, lachrymose mood, the slightest thing affects her. ~ Intermittent.
Ill humor; irritability. ~ Headache.
Sulky, does not wish to speak with any one.
Child is fretful and peevish, turns itself away, and cries when touched. ~ Diarrhea. ~ Colic.
Indisposition to work, dull mood. ~ Colic.
Aversion to work and pain in stomach, with gulping up.
Cheerfullness and activity of mind and body.
Sorrowful, irritable humor; the sound of a bell, as well as the sight of those around him, excites him to tears; he breathes wearily and short.
The greatest sadness and woeful mood. ~ Intermittent fever.
Sadness, with weeping and impressibility.
Anxiety in relation to his present and future condition.
Feeling of grief.
Is driven to despair, resolved to drown himself.
Sentimental mood in the moonlight, particularly ecstatic love.
Ecstasy and exalted love, with great anxiety about his fate, and inclination to shoot himself; agg. when walking in moonlight, and then his conduct is like that of an insane person.
Sentimental or distrustful mood. ~ Diarrhea.
Peevishness. ~ Chlorosis.
Irresistible desire to talk in rhymes or verses. ~ Intermittent.
Restless, inclined to be excited by least disturbance.
Consequences of disappointed love.
Anxiety produces sweat, with headache.


Rush of blood to head.
Vertigo, nausea, nosebleed.
Weakness of head.
Heaviness in forehead.
Vertigo with nausea and confused feeling, as if drunk. ~ Headache.
Vertigo, from deranged stomach.


Headache, mostly in forehead, left side.
Slight, dull headache in forehead, and vertigo; increased by ascending stairs.
Stupefying, dull headache in forehead, so violent that sweat broke out from anxiety; amel. when walking in open air.
Stupefying headache with nausea in throat, agg. evening, agg. from smoking, amel. walking in open air. ~ Headache.
In left temporal region: pressure inward; drawing; slow pulsation, with fine pricking.
Violent headache after bathing in river, with weakness of limbs and aversion to food.
Splitting sensation in forehead.
Lacerating pain in whole head.
Headache over one eye in a spot; agg. at noon, amel. at night; not amel. by vomiting.
Aching in forehead. ~ Intermittent.
Congestion to head, followed by nosebleed.
Momentary drawing and boring in temples.
Dull, frontal headache on awaking.
Into head: toothache penetrates.
After headache with giddiness, nosebleed.
Aching headache, as if forehead would burst, from catarrh of frontal sinus, with stoppage of nose.
Tearing in forehead, temples and vertex.
Headache: after bathing in river, from deranging stomach, drinking alcoholic drinks, after a chill, after suppressed eruption, from taking cold; with aversion to food, nausea, loathing, inclination to vomit, aching in limbs, weakness.
Gastric headache from fruit, acids or fat.


Gnawing pain on top of head, as if in periosteum.
Soreness of periosteum on vertex with swelling; a sensation as if bones were swollen, agg. from warmth, amel. in open, cool air.
Soreness in a small spot on left parietal bone, as if periosteum was swollen; painful to touch.
Lentil-sized, flat tubercles here and there on scalp, painful to pressure, crawling sensation around them.
Formication itching on scalp; losing hair.
Disposition to take cold about head after getting wet, or bathing in cold water; agg. evenings and on getting warm; amel. in open air and when at rest.
Head, sensitive to cold, getting wet or cold bathing, agg. evening and overheating himself, amel. in rest and cool air.
Troublesome itching on head, with falling out of hair.


Aversion to light.
Looking into fire increases cough.
Eyes red, inflamed, with itching and nightly agglutination and morning photophobia.
Eyes agg. from glare of snow.
Redness of left eye, with aversion to light.
Soreness in canthi.
Soreness of outer canthi.
Redness and inflammation of eyelids.
Small humid spots in external canthus, very painful if sweat touches them.
Mucus in canthi mornings, with dry crusts on lids.
Lids red, with fine stitches in ball.
Itching in canthi.
Chronic inflammation of eyes.
Chronic blepharophthalmia of children.
Inflammation of lachrymal gland and ducts.
(OBS:) Metastatic ophthalmia.
Pain on a small place above either eyebrow. ~ Megrim.


Slight noises startle.
Ringing before ears, roaring in ears.
A kind of deafness of right ear, as if a leaflet was lying before the tympanum; boring with finger does not relieve it.
Drawing pain through right ear and into the eustachian tube, after dinner.
Redness, burning and swelling of left ear.
Pains in ears. ~ Measles.
Drawing through right ear and eustachian tube.
On external ear and behind ears moist eruption. ~ Scrofulous otorrhea.


Nosebleed with vertigo.
Stoppage in nose.
Nosebleed: evenings; after headache, with giddiness; following rush of blood to head.
Coryza: fluent or dry.
Nose painful when breathing, as from inhalation of cold air or of acrid vapors.
Sore, cracked and crusty nostrils.
Coldness in nose when breathing air.


Sad expression.
Face red and hot, a child.
Twitches in facial muscles.
Heat and itching on cheeks.
Pimples, pustules and boils on face.
Eruption like nettlerash.
Yellow crusted eruption on left cheek, painful to touch and easily detached.
Suppurating and long-lasting eruption on cheeks.
Freckles on face.


Dryness of lips.
Cracks in corners of mouth.
Burning, stinging on chin, as from a hot spark.
Small, honey-colored granules on chin, with sore feeling when touched.


Toothache from hollow or decayed teeth; agg. from warmth of bed, cold drinks, cold air, evenings and in bed; amel. out of doors.
Toothache in hollow teeth, pain sometimes penetrates into head; agg. at night after eating and from cold water; touching tooth with tongue causes pain, as if nerve was torn; amel. walking in open air.
Stitches in tooth when drawing air into mouth.
Jerking pain in hollow teeth.
Gums detach from teeth and bleed easily.
Gnawing pain in carious teeth; after every meal.
Toothache after eating; before menses.


Taste lessened.
Bitter taste in mouth. ~ Intermittent.
Tongue coated: thick and white; milky white; yellow. ~ Apyrexia.
Much saltish saliva in mouth.
Sore feeling and redness on border of tongue, bitter mouth. ~ Apyrexia.
White tongue. ~ Gastric catarrh.


Dryness of mouth.
Ptyalism, with saltish tasting saliva. ~ Diarrhea.


Rawness of palate, with expectoration of much mucus when clearing throat.
Must draw quantities of thick yellowish mucus from posterior nares into throat, and spit it out.
Sensation as if a foreign body had lodged in throat, which gives rise to a constant desire to swallow. ~ Chronic angina.


Great desire to eat, but gets no strength. ~ Scrofulous children.
Good appetite, with burning at pit of stomach.
Diminished appetite in summer owing to heat, loathing of food, with a bitter taste.
Long-lasting loss of appetite, with disgust for all food. ~ Gastric catarrh. ~ Headache. ~ Colic.
Hunger early on waking, without appetite; eating does not amel. it; at the same time sense of emptiness in pit of stomach, and want of animal heat.
Intense thirst, with dryness of lips; more at night. ~ Headache.
Thirstless. ~ Cholera infantum. ~ Rheumatism. ~ Ovaritis. ~ Intermittent fever. ~ Gastric complaints (nausea, vomiting, etc).
Desire for acids, for sour pickles. ~ Diarrhea.
Desire for beer, with chill.
Complete loss of appetite, with costiveness and dull head.
Total want of appetite, heaviness and fullness in stomach, costiveness. ~ Gastric fevers.


Bread and pastry particularly occasion nausea and cutting colic.
Directly after meals much flatulency, wind does not pass.
Laziness, with desire to lie down, after eating; lassitude.
Fullness and tension, after eating, alternately with lightness, cheerfullness and activity of mind and body.
After bad, sour wine, vomiting. ~ Gastric catarrh.
After nursing, diarrhea.
Nursing children throw up a little sour milk, as soon as they take the breast or bottle.
Worse from pork; from acids ; especially vinegar. ~ Diarrhea. ~ Whooping cough.
Worse from alcoholic drinks; after a glass of wine, nausea.
After vinegar, or acid wine, loose stool.
Aggravation of gastric symptoms by wine even when diluted with water.
After eating: drawing through right ear into eustachian tube; toothache; sensation of emptiness in intestines goes off; deep sighing respiration; fullness of chest.
Gastric catarrh from overeating; eating does not relieve hunger.
Gastro-intestinal affections during pregnancy.


Hiccough after smoking tobacco.
Constant discharge of wind up and down, immediately reproduced, for years.
Belching, with taste of what has been eaten. ~ Colic. ~ Tertian fever. ~ Headache.
Burning at pit of stomach like heartburn, with good appetite.
Nausea: after drinking a glass of wine ; with vertigo, from overloading stomach.
Loathing, nausea and desire to vomit.
In apyrexia, nausea, vomiting, aching in stomach, desire for sour drinks, bitter taste, belching and loss of appetite. ~ Tertian.
Gastric symptoms predominant; disgust for drink and food, bitter mouth and vomit. ~ Apyrexia.
Nausea and vomiting. ~ Gastric catarrh. ~ Headache.
They throw up a little sour milk. ~ Nursing children.
Vomiting: of mucus and bile; of drink only; in whooping cough; renewed by food or drink; persistent, tongue white, no thirst (marasmus of children); gastric catarrh; convulsions.
Violent vomiting and diarrhea.
Nausea ceases, vomiting continues.
Not relieved by vomiting. ~ Headache.
Gastric complaints, with eructations, nausea and vomiting. ~ Intermittent.
Vomiting renewed on taking food or drink. ~ Diarrhea.
Nausea and vomiting after getting overheated, after deranging stomach, with vertigo.
Gastric sordes. ~ Toothache.
Gastric derangement, after a cold.


Deranged stomach from eating together what does not agree, particularly if tongue is very much coated, with belching, tasting of food, and aversion to any kind of food; after acid wine; after fresh beer; with fever.
Derangement of stomach, producing eructations, tasting of ingesta, and especially nausea and inclination to vomit.
Emptiness in pit of stomach.
Chronic weakness of stomach, much belching, frequent vomiting, acids disagree, with vertigo and dullness in head.
Habitual sensation in stomach as if overloaded.
Painful sense of fullness of stomach, which is sore to pressure.
Pain at stomach, (headache); as after eating too much, with distended but not hard abdomen. ~ Colic.
Cramplike pains at stomach.
Burning, spasmodic pain at pit of stomach, driving to despair, resolved to drown himself.
Stomach weak, easily disturbed digestion.
Gastric catarrh: white tongue, nausea and vomiting; cough; bowels loose or stools in lumps. Caused by overeating, sour wine, hot weather, bathing; during measles; metastasis of gout or rheumatism.
Dyspepsia with acrid secretions; rheumatic or gouty pains in feet.
Gouty metastasis to stomach and bowels.
Relapses from deranging stomach. ~ Intermittent.


Slight tension in hypochondria.


Full feeling and distension, as after overeating.
Abdomen very much distended; after eating much.
Incarcerated flatus; costive.
Rumbling in abdomen.
Pinching and sensation as if diarrhea would come on.
Sensation of emptiness in intestines, going off after a meal.
Colic, with loss of appetite, hard stool, red urine; child will not be looked at.
Violent cutting in abdomen, feeling of oppression coming from stomach, indisposition to work, dull mood and pain at stomach with eructations.
Hard gland in left groin, painful to pressure.
Cutting in bowels, with watery diarrhea.
As if arising from abdomen: cough.


Summer complaint, or diarrhea and vomiting of children; hot dry skin; vomiting, expelling drink; yellowish, very bad smelling stools.
Stinking flatus.
Bowels loose. ~ Gastric catarrh.
Diarrhea after nursing.
Diarrhea watery, with deranged stomach, white or yellow coated tongue, belching with taste of food, cutting in abdomen.
Acrid diarrhea.
Stools: watery, with vomiting; watery, profuse; watery; with little hard lumps, or containing undigested food; liquid, containing portions of solid matter; mucous mornings.
Cutting pain before loose stools.
Diarrhea, agg. from vinegar and other acids; sour wine; overheating; after cold bathing; at night and early mornings.
Diarrhea of old people.
Alternate diarrhea and constipation, with old people.
Hard stools with colic.
Difficult, hard stool; feces too large costive with incarcerated flatus.
Stools white, dry, irregular.
Hard lumps of curd. ~ Nursing children.
Sensation of copious stool, but only flatus escapes, with finally very hard stool; stools in lumps. ~ Gastric catarrh.
Pain in rectum during stool; feeling of soreness as if an ulcer had been torn open.
Copious hemorrhage from bowels, with solid feces. ~ Hemorrhoids.
Mucous piles, prickling, burning; continuous mucous discharge, staining yellow; sometimes ichor oozes out.
Pain in rectum during loose stool.
Protrusion of rectum with loose stools.
Hemorrhoids; a good deal of mucus is continually discharged from anus.
Constant secretion of a yellowish-white mucus at anus.
Hemorrhoids. ~ During pregnancy.
Costiveness: in heat of summer; in childbed.
Diarrhea after nursing.
Constipation and diarrhea. ~ Intermittent.
Useful after abuse of laxatives.
Diarrhea: after deranging stomach; after acids; after a debauch; of old people; changing with constipation; watery; with nausea and vomiting; with colic; with much belching.


Frequent and profuse emission of urine, with loose bowels.
Tenesmus of bladder rouses him from sleep at night.
Frequent urination, with much mucus, intense burning in urethra and backache during emission.
Cutting in urethra while urinating.
Urine: gold yellow, with scarcely perceptible cloud; brown red; with small red corpuscles after standing twenty-four hours; red, with colic.
Involuntary urination.
Involuntary escape of copious urine with cough.
Chronic catarrh of bladder.


Sexual desire and wakefullness.
Excited sexual desire, with uneasiness of whole body, which prevents him from sitting long.
Nightly pollutions, with or without voluptuous dreams.
Itching: of penis; of tip of glans.
Biting, itching, as from salt on left side of scrotum.
(OBS:) Gonorrhea.


Nymphomania from checking menses.
Tenderness over ovarian region, after menses has been checked by taking a bath. ~ Nymphomania.
Pressure in womb, as if something would come out.
Menses commence at an early period, are profuse, then cease; subsequently chlorosis.
Menstrual molimina.
Before menses, toothache, with boring into temples.
Discharge of acrid water from vagina, which caused a smarting down thighs.
Leucorrhea watery and containing lumps.


Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea during pregnancy.
During pregnancy gastro-intestinal and hemorrhoidal affections; feels full and distended as after overeating. ~ Diarrhea.
Skin diseases during pregnancy.


Voice gone, scarcely able to utter a single word. ~ Laryngitis of singers.
Aphonia from getting overheated, either from weather or in a warm room; amel. after rest.
Feebleness of voice.
Violent spasms in larynx and pharynx, as if throat was filled with a plug, which becomes alternately thicker and thinner, accompanied by a feeling of soreness.
(OBS:) Bronchial catarrh.
Phthisis laryngea with dry cough.


Short, heavy breathing; dyspnea.
Deep, sighing breathing, as from fullness of chest, afternoon and after eating.
Oppression coming from stomach.
Constriction almost to suffocation.
When exhaling, sharp stitches in chest.
Deep sighing respiration after eating.
Spells of sighing.
Hot breath. ~ Whooping cough.

COUGH. [27]

Frequent dry cough.
Cough shaking whole body, with involuntary escape of copious urine.
Cough: after rising in morning, in attacks; as if arising from abdomen ; first attack is always most severe, subsequent ones weaker and weaker, until the last resembles only a hacking. ~ Whooping cough. ~ Gastric cough.
Cough: in hot sun; on coming into a warm room from cold air.
Looking into fire increases cough. See 5, 27.
Whooping cough as a sequel to measles.
Whooping cough agg. from becoming overheated in a warm atmosphere, in burning sun, and from radiation of a fire.
Cough with burning in chest.
Cough with oppression on chest.


Oppression and pressive pains in chest, more the right.
Stitches in chest.
Pain in chest with heat. ~ Intermittent fever.
Burning and sticking in chest; with cough.
Blennorrhea pulmonum or phthisis mucosa.


Violent palpitation of heart.
Pulse extremely irregular; now accelerated and again slow, changing every few beats; with a child. See 40.
Slow pulsation with fine pricking headache.


Severe itching upon chest continuing all day.
Thorax elevated, with dyspnea.


Rheumatic pains in nape of neck and loins.
Swelling of cervical glands.
Spasmodic drawing pain in muscles of nape of neck, reaching to scapulae, evening after lying down and morning; agg. by stooping, exerting arms and turning head to left.
Itching of neck and back.
Spasmodic stitches in right scapula, when sitting.
Violent pain in small of back when rising from sitting; disappeared when walking.
Backache. ~ Variola.
At coccyx a heavy weight.
Drawing in sacrum. ~ Intermittent.


Shoulders raised with difficult breathing.
Cracking in elbow joint, when moving it.
Drawing pain: in arms; in fingers and their joints.
Must let arms sink down.
Painful inflammation of ligaments of elbow, with intense redness and contraction of arm.
Paralytic trembling of hands with every motion and when writing.
Trembling of hands with vomiting.
Arthritic pains in fingers.
Finger nails do not grow as rapidly as formerly, and skin beneath nails painfully sensitive.
Crushed finger nails grow in splits, like warts, with horny spots.
A horny growth under nail.
Horny warts on hands.


Pustules on thighs.
Legs fall asleep while sitting quietly.
Painful drawing in hip joints.
Painful stiffness of knee; knees pain.
Pain just below knee, as if it had been tied too tightly.
Drawing pain: in knees; in lower part of left tibia; in left heel; and tearing through right great toe. ~ Gout.
Violent pains in lower limbs.
Smarting down thighs from acrid water out of vagina.
Pulling pain in lower limbs.
Numbness of legs during rest and while sitting.
Tumor of knee; white swelling.
Ankles pain.
Heel inflamed and red.
Large horny places on soles, close to toes.
Corns on soles and toes.
Inflamed corns.
Great sensitiveness of soles when walking.


Convulsions and trembling of limbs.
Lassitude, tremulous fatigue and heaviness of all limbs, as if coming out of abdomen; trembling of hands when writing, subsequent discharge of much stinking flatus; abdomen distended, after dinner.
Rheumatic or gouty pains, generally with gastric symptoms.
Heaviness in limbs.
Weakness of limbs. ~ Headache.
Aching of limbs.


Can scarcely keep still during pregnancy, on account of hemorrhoids.
Rest: outer head amel.; cold in head amel.; loss of voice amel.
Desire to lie down: after eating.
Lying down: drawing in muscles of neck.
Must lie down for hours. ~ Chlorosis.
Sitting: stitches in right scapula, legs fall asleep.
Rising: agg. cough in morning; agg. pains in small of back; amel. after rising from bed.
Stooping: aggravates drawing in muscles of neck.
Ascending stairs: agg. headache and vertigo.
Turning head to left: aggravates drawing in muscles of neck.
Exertion of arms: aggravates drawing in muscles of neck.
Motion of elbow: cracking in joint.
Writing: hand trembles.
Walking: soles sensitive; pain in small of back amel.
Walking in open air: headache agg.; toothache amel.
Motion: increases heat, especially exercise in sun; chilliness with cough; cold, clammy sweat.

NERVES. [36]

Excessive depression and exhaustion.
Uneasiness of whole body.
Restlessness with cough.
Trembling and shaking with chill.
Great jactitation of muscles. ~ Puerperal convulsions.
Convulsions with vomiting; with rattling of mucus.
Disposition to start, even at slight noises.
Twitching of muscles, of many parts of body.
Great lassitude.
Uncomfortable feeling after eating.
Exhaustion and debility after severe illness, if appetite does not return.
Faintness with nausea.
Great prostration after vomiting.
Useful after night debauches; after getting drunk.
Collapse with diarrhea.
As if paralyzed. ~ Pneumonia.

SLEEP. [37]

Gaping after coughing; dozing of children, with cough.
Drowsiness: with trembling of head; with shortness of breath; with cough.
Drowsiness. ~ Remittent fever.
Somnolence: in daytime; with heat; with numbness of head; with chill.
Sleepy after eating, after vomiting, with bellyache.
During sleep unequal breathing.
Sleep restless, with sensation in stomach.
Great sleepiness during day; mostly forenoon.
At 7 P. M. feels overwhelmed with sleep.
Deep, unrefreshing sleep. ~ Chlorosis.
Slight raving during sleep.
Restless sleep. ~ Anosmia.
Wakefullness, with shivering over left side, on which he does not lie; or with sexual desire and erections when getting warm.
Sleepless, more after 12 P. M.
Frequent waking, as from fright; from anxious dreams of being wounded.
Dreams: of quarrelling; voluptuous; horrible, about mutilation of men.
Restless sleep, frequently awakened by itching here and there.
Ailments from night debauches.
Rouses from sleep at night: tenesmus of bladder.
On awaking: dull frontal headache; sweat.

TIME. [38]

Night: agg. suicidal mood; headache; toothache agg.; dry lips and thirst agg.; loose stools; tenesmus of bladder; pollutions; heat in bed; before midnight heat.
After midnight: sleeplessness agg.
Morning: agglutination of eyelids; photophobia; mucus in canthi; toothache; coryza; hunger; mucous diarrhea; loose cough after rising; drawing in nape of neck; sweat; stools; lassitude on awaking.
Forenoon sleepiness.
Toward noon: chills.
Noon: agg. headache.
Ecstasy during day, beginning in morning. ~ Megrim.
All day: toothache amel.; itching on chest; sleepiness; chill predominates.
Afternoon: buzzing in ear, deep sighing breathing; fullness in chest.
At 7 P. M.: overwhelmed with sleep.
Evening: out of humor; outer head aches; cold in head agg.; nosebleed; drawing in muscles of neck; thirst; after lying down pain in nape of neck.


In moonlight, mental symptoms worse.
Warmth of bed: agg. itching of pimples.
Worse on getting warm: headache.
Warmth: aggravates cold in head; causes sexual desire and erections.
Warm weather: agg. exhausted; night sweats; sleepy; nausea; vomiting.
Hot weather: caused gastric catarrh.
Overheated in a warm atmosphere. ~ Pertussis.
Warm room: cough is produced when coming into it from cold air; chills.
Ailments from burning of sun.
Heat of sun: cough agg.; whooping cough; increased heat; cannot bear heat of sun; agg. from exertion in sun.
When becoming hot from getting overheated; loss of voice.
Heat of summer insupportable.
Worse overheating near fire, from radiation of fire. ~ Whooping cough.
After overheating: diarrhea.
Child is amel. after warm washing.
Open air: headache amel. or agg.; outer head amel.; cold in head amel.; toothache amel. when walking; inclination for open air.
Sensitive to cold: inhaling cold air; stitches in teeth from drawing air into mouth; after taking cold.
Aversion to uncover with chill or sweat.
Cold water: increases toothache; diarrhea.
Cold washing: agg. pertussis.
Cold bathing: causes violent headache; outer headache; cold in head therefrom; caused gastric catarrh; causes diarrhea; suppressed menses.
Child cries when washed or bathed with cold water.
After getting wet: head aches.
Fainting from heat of summer, or in hot, crowded rooms.
Injury by sun, warm weather, after overheating at fire.
From exposure to excessive heat. ~ Headache. ~ Loose stools.
Cannot bear heat in sunshine. ~ Ecstasies. ~ Headache.
Sensitiveness to cold.
Bad effects from: getting cold; from washing; after bathing.
Cold after bathing in a river.
Worse from cold water or cold food. ~ Loose stools.

FEVER. [40]

Cold to touch: limbs.
Coldness: with cholera; in bloodvessels.
Want of animal heat.
Skin pale and cold. ~ Convulsions.
Chilliness at every motion, with cough.
Chilliness after vomiting.
Chill predominating during day, even in warm room.
Violent, shaking chill toward noon, with thirst (for beer).
Shivering over back; feet cold as ice, sweat on rest of body.
After shaking chills: cough.
Cold creeps: before menses; and pain in groins.
Cold shivers and bellyache.
Shivering over left side.
Feverish heat with chill.
Hot body, but cold limbs, with cough.
Heat attended by sweat. ~ Intermittent.
Fever, with desire to sleep and want of thirst.
Heat, with pain in chest.
Sweat breaks out during heat, but soon disappears, and is followed by dry heat.
Heat at night, mostly before 12 P. M., with cold feet.
Great heat from least exercise, particularly in sun.
Sweat in morning when awaking, which causes a shrivelling of tips of fingers.
Sweat, which returns at precisely same hour, usually every other (third) morning.
Sweat during heat. ~ Intermittent.
Cold, clammy sweat from motion.
Cold sweat on hands with cough.
After copious sweating, cough.
Sweat: with rheumatic pains; with headache; on awaking; making canthi painful to touch.
The child is delirious, drowsy, with nausea; red, hot face, irregular pulse and feverish heat, cries when washed or bathed in cold water.
Violent chill without thirst; heat with thirst followed by sweat.
After the sweat is over, heat and thirst return.
Quotidian or tertian intermittent with loathing, nausea, vomiting, cutting in bowels and looseness.
No gastric symptoms. ~ Intermittent.
Gastric fevers.


Sweat at same hour, every other day.
Symptoms repeat every five, six, or twelve weeks.
Returning periodically; coma, earache.
Increasing and decreasing headache.
Remitting types. See 40.
Cough in attacks, first severe, following weaker and weaker.
In paroxysms: leucorrhea.
Attacks of fainting.


On a small place above eyebrow, right or left: pain.
Through thighs down to knees: labor-like pains.
Right: deafness; drawing through ear; oppression and pressive pains in side of chest; stitches in scapula; tearing through great toe; back; arm.
Left: pains in temporal region; soreness on parietal bone; redness of eye; swollen red ear; crusty eruption on cheek; hypochondria; hard gland in groin; left abdominal ring; itching on side of scrotum; drawing in tibia and heel; shivering over side; cannot lie on it.
Left side predominates, particularly lower left and upper right side.
Symptoms go from one side of body to the other.
Without in: pain in left temple.


Head as if drunk; as if forehead would burst; gnawing as if in periosteum; as if bones of vertex were swollen; as if a leaflet was lying before the tympanum; stinging on chin as from a hot spark; as if nerve of tooth was torn; as if foreign body had lodged in throat; stomach as if overloaded; as if diarrhea would come on; cough as if arising from abdomen; as if an ulcer had been torn open in rectum; biting as from salt on left side of scrotum; as if something would press out of womb; as if throat was filled with a plug; pain in knee as if ligated; as if heaviness of limbs came out of abdomen; as if paralyzed.
Pain: over eyebrow; in stomach, with aversion to work; dull, in head; dull, in forehead; in ears; in nose, when breathing; from teeth, penetrates to head; at stomach, as after eating too much; in rectum, during stool; in chest; in small of back; below knee; in ankles; in groins.
Tremulous fatigue and heaviness of limbs.
Violent pain: in head; in small of back; in lower limbs.
Stitches: in eyeball; in tooth; in chest when exhaling; in right scapula.
Cutting: in abdomen; before loose stools; in urethra.
Lacerating in head.
Tearing in forehead, temples, and vertex; in right great toe.
Jerking: in hollow teeth.
Boring: into temples.
Splitting sensation: in forehead.
Gnawing: on top of head; in carious teeth.
Pinching: in abdomen.
Sticking: in chest.
Pricking: fine, in left temple.
Burning: and stinging on chin; at pit of stomach; spasmodic pain at pit of stomach; in urethra; in chest.
Smarting; down thighs, from acrid vaginal discharge.
Rawness: of palate.
Soreness: of periosteum on vertex; in a small spot on left parietal bone; in canthi; of nostrils and corners of mouth; of eruption on face and chin; on border of tongue; in stomach; to pressure; of soles, when walking; of skin when scratched.
Aching: in forehead, as if it would burst; in limbs, with headache; in limbs.
Pressive pain: in chest.
Arthritic pain: in fingers.
Drawing: in left temple; and boring in temples; through right ear and eustachian tube; in cervical muscles; in arms and fingers; in hip joints; in knees; in lower part of left tibia; in left heel; and tearing through right great toe; in sacrum.
Pressure: inward, in left temporal region; in womb; in chest.
Spasmodic pain: at pit of stomach; drawing in cervical muscles.
Cramplike pain: at stomach.
Rheumatic or gouty pain: in feet with dyspepsia; in nape of neck and loins; with gastric complaints.
Pulling pains: in lower limbs.
Twitching: in facial muscles; in muscles of many parts.
Crawling: around tubercles on scalp.
Pulsation: slow in left temple.
Numbness: of legs; of head.
Fullness: after eating, with tension; of chest; of stomach.
Heaviness: in forehead and fullness in stomach; in limbs.
Emptiness: in pit of stomach.
Oppression: from stomach; in chest.
Stiffness: of knee, painful.
Tension: after eating; in hypochondria.
Dryness: of lips; of mouth.
Heat: in face, and redness; in cheeks.
Coldness: in nose when inhaling; of feet like ice.
Shivering: over left side; over back.
Itching: on scalp, with formication; in eyes; on cheeks; of penis; of tip of glans; biting on left side of scrotum; on chest; of neck and back; of skin; rash.
Pain on a small spot above either eyebrow.


Exceedingly exsanguineous condition of body.
(OBS:) Rheumatism and gout if parts are inflamed or swollen.
Acute gout having left deposits, with gastric symptoms.
Inveterate (chronic) gout without fever.
Hemorrhages dark.
Dropsical swellings of whole body.
Mucous membranes generally affected.
Swelling pain and redness of glands.
External parts turn black; dry gangrene.
Obesity of young people.
Marasmus of children.
(OBS:) Glandular obstructions.
(OBS:) Scrofula.
Fungus articularis.
Metastasis of gout and rheumatism causing gastric catarrh.
Dry gangrene.
Useful after suppressed discharges.


Child cannot bear to be touched or looked at.
Touch: child cannot bear it; increases pain on parietal bone; causes eruption on face and chin to pain; increases toothache.
Sore to touch: region of liver.
Painful to touch: larynx.
Pressure: pain in tubercles on scalp agg.; causes sore feeling in stomach, vomiting; lessens pain in hard gland in groin; headache.
Scratching: causes soreness of skin.

SKIN. [46]

Before eruption breaks out, backache. See 31.
Eruptions repelled or not appearing. ~ Convulsions.
Eruptions like boils and blisters.
Pustules like varicella.
Itching of skin, feels sore when scratched.
Pimples and vesicles as from stings of insects, especially on face and joints of limbs.
Eruptions like bites of insects.
Pustules spread over body and limbs; spreading from fauces.
Red, itching rash on body.
Ugly bluish red scars.
Acne; with people of a nervous constitution.
So-called liver spots; brownish spots.
Tetters in scrofulous people.
Deep, spongy ulcers; especially with gastric symptoms.
Fistulous ulcers.
Eruption with thick, hard scabs; often honey-yellow; here and there a crack oozing a green, sanious fluid; he suffered as if immersed in burning embers; much prostration.
Horny excrescences.
Smooth warts, which are often soft.
Ulcers breaking out around a wart.
Chronic skin (and other) affections traceable to suppressed eruptions or ulcers.
Urticaria, white lumps with red areola which itch; comes and goes; agg. after meat; make him irritable, very hot and thirsty.
Measle-like eruptions; delayed, vomiting sets in during measles.
During measles. ~ Gastric catarrh.
Measles and sequela to whooping cough.
Before smallpox appears, great oppression.
Smallpox and other eruptions with diarrhea.
(OBS:) Chronic skin affections, favus, lichen, scald head, ulcers in face.


Hydrogenoid constitution.
Nursing infants: stool in hard lumps; coughing and gaping.
Children: rash and remitting fevers.
Young people grow fat.
Old people: alternate diarrhea and constipation; pulse hard and quick.
Elderly persons with diarrhea all at once get costive.
Drunkards: diarrhea; pneumonia; trembling; scrofulous photophobia.


Similar to Apis (skin); Arsen. (gastric catarrh, burning eruption, dropsy); Amm. mur. (mucous flux); Bryon. (rheumatism, gastric symptoms, effects of heat, etc.): Chamom.; Hepar; Ipec.; (gastric ailments); Mercur.; Nux vom.; Pulsat. (gastric symptoms, relief in the air, mind, chills and fever, etc.); Ran. bulb. (horny exanthemata); Rhus tox.; Sulphur; Scilla.
Related to: Ipec., still more to Lycop. (Teste).
Similar in gastric vertigo to Pulsat.; gastric headache from sour things, to Pulsat. or Arsen.; inflamed eyes, to Acon., Euphras.; in toothache in hollow teeth, to Pulsat.; in lessened appetite from summer heat, Bryon., Carb. veg.; cramp in stomach, Pulsat. or Ipec.; watery diarrhea, Ferrum; after getting overheated, gastric symptoms, Bryon.
Useful after Ipec. or Pulsat.; in intermittent.
Polypi with Pulsat. and Mercur.
After Ant. crud. follow well: Pulsat., Mercur., Sulphur.
Antidotes to Ant. crud.: Calcar., Hepar., Mercur.
Ant. crud. antidotes: stings of insects.
Complementary: Squilla.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 01, 1879
Description: Clinical materia medica of Antimonium crudum
Remedies: Antimonium crudum
Author: Hering, C.
Year: 1879
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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