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Arsenicum Hydrogenisatum.

Arsenetted Hydrogen. AsH3.

We had no provings of this very important combination until 1847, when C. Hg. prepared and proved it. What is given in Allen's Encyclopaedia are accidental poisonings, which mostly prove fatal. The only clinical experiments have been made by Dr. Drysdale, in 1849, in the treatment of Asiatic cholera. Laboring under the mistake that Arsenicum was a specific in cholera Asiatica, and supposing to get something more powerful in the arsenetted hydrogen, he altogether overlooked that, notwithstanding its sudden action, it would not correspond to subacute ailments, on account of the very slow development of its symptoms. Nearly all persons poisoned even by small doses died in the second week. The only one that recovered suffered for seven weeks. The only real cure on record is the one published by F. W. Payne, in the New England Medical Gazette.

The similarity of some cases of Asiatic cholera with the symptoms of the common arsenic is, according to Hahnemann's advice to Stapf, in 1813, regarding Nux vom. and Ignat., too great. They are no antidotes.

The authorities quoted in Allen's Encyclopaedia are: 1, Gehlen, Buchner, Tox., 1827; 2, R. Schindler, Graefe and Walther Journal, vol. xxvi, No. 4, p. 626; 3, Eisenmenger, Zeit. fr Hom. Kl., No. 1, p. 103; 4, O'Reilly, Dublin Journal, 1842; 5, Ollivier, Gaz. d. Hop., 1863, to which we add the case of J. E. Bullock, died on 12th day, at Dr. Beard's (Gmelin, Chemie II. p. 690), and the reports of Dr. Richardson, in Calcutta, and some remarks of Berzelius, Bennecke and others.

Provers are marked, C. Hg., Hm., N. N., F. K., Rh., Ea. In this instance we depart from our usual rule of omitting the names of the provers from the arrangement of symptoms (which would swell the book to too large a size) on account of the provings of Arsenicum hydrogenisatum not having been published.

The '–' signifies that the symptom is mentioned in another part of our arrangement.

MIND. [1]

Almost unconscious. –R. Sch.
He lost his memory on evening of 6th day. –Br.
He afterwards can hardly remember transient pains; first day. –C. Hg.
His mental powers are unimpaired from the first. –Br.
Great exaltation of mind; it made him talk incessantly. –R. Sch.
Excited; wants to talk constantly. ~ Yellow fever.
Loud complaining about unbearable pains in spine. Impeded in talking, he answers very slow. Disinclined to work. –Eisenmenger.
His occupation is disgusting to him. –F. K.
Lazy and shirks his work. –C. Hg.
Full of care and fear about his complaint when he gets awake at night. –F. K.
Afraid of being alone, he thinks he will die. –F. K.
The fear of dying is gone on 3d day, notwithstanding all around him have doubts of his recovery. –R. Sch.
Anxiety, he believes his death is near, and despairs of being better (during vomiting), more courage afterwards, till next vomiting turn (six hours). –R. Sch.
Anxiety, with constriction of chest. –Chemists.
Anxiety, restlessness and great prostration of strength. Robeson.
Anxious feeling before chill. Indifferent on hearing most important news; discouraged, changeable, his mental activity much impaired all week. –C. Hg.
Soporous and apathic; conjunctiva injected; urine red and scanty; 3d. –O'Reilly.
He is vexed, impatient, anxious about his complaint and full of fears. –F. K.
When thinking about his headache he feels it least; first day. –C. Hg.
Thinking of water irritates him, as if he would have to vomit; it nauseates him. –


Vertigo, with oppression of chest. –Gmelin.
Vertigo, violent, on going up-stairs, so that he staggered against sides of stairs; was not noticed on going downstairs, or on a level floor; three hours. –R. Sch.
Vertigo and general weakness. –O'Reilly.
Immediately after second inhalation, vertigo with faintness, followed by shuddering and a passage from bowels and a painless discharge of two ounces of blood from urethra. –Br.
Vertigo with nausea and vomiting. A swimming sensation in head and whole body. –F. K.
Vertigo with headache. A giddy oscillation with pressure in frontal sinuses. Head dull and benumbed, with pressure in forehead. Heaviness of head. –F. K.
During night a pressing, stupefying sensation in head, like from a load, with a tearing sensation; sleeplessness all night; applied cold bandages without effect; pain lessened towards morning. –R. Sch.
Stupefying feeling in head, as of a load there. –F. W. Payne.
Above forehead to right, a giddy sensation, with an inner twitching, like a painful quivering of muscles; soon after, same feeling in upper and lower jaw, going down in a straight line; later, same in right shoulder. –C. Hg.


Pressure in right frontal sinus, like with point of a little finger; later, same on left.
Pressure above eyebrows, with numbness, in afternoon. F. K.
Violent pressive frontal headache, agg. at night, and with such excessive weakness, that he was obliged to lie in bed for several hours after eating; first and second days. –Eisenmenger.
Violent headache in forehead. –Ollivier.
Pressure in right temple, with flabbiness in stomach; after two or three minutes same sensation in left temple. Now and then a headache in two streaks, from behind to front, would be unbearable if continuing; amel. when thinking about it. –C. Hg.
Transient pains in head. Head and toothache, agg. in warmth. –C. Hg.
Pain in right forehead and head. –C. Hg.
Pain in occiput, agg. on right and when coughing. Headache in upper and back part of head when coughing. Towards evening headache on right side, extending into throat near larynx. –F. K.
Pain in forehead with chill. Headache increased during chill. –Eisenmenger.
Violent pain in forehead and in sacrum. –Ollivier.
Pain in head and epigastrium, followed by vomiting of food. –Ollivier.
After 10 P. M. headache increasing, face more red; conjunctiva injected; pulse strong; speech impeded, answers slow. –Ollivier.
Dura mater unchanged, arachnoidea a little injected, and below it air bubbles; in substance of brain bloodless spots; no water in cavities. –Br.


All hair on “deadened” parts become snowy white, and white brows formed a strange contrast to dark brown face. –R. Sch.


When falling asleep and again when waking up at night, a blue light before right eye. –F. K.
Like a thread floating down before right eye; later, a dimness. –F. K.
Eyes yellow, deeply sunken, with broad blue circles. –Sch.
Eyes sunken, lustreless; conjunctiva bulbi red. –Eisenmenger.
Conjunctiva reddened: with chill; in evening; again on third day. Heaviness of lids, have to be lifted up with fingers. –Rh.
A deadened feeling in region of eyebrows, brows turn snow white, forming a strange contrast with dark-colored face. –R. Sch.


Tickling up in nose, right side, causes sneezing. See 15.
Indescribable sensation up in nose. –N. N.
Unpleasant crawling in nose causes sneezing. –R. Sch.
Violent sneezing, and such coldness of nose that it must be wrapped up in warm cloths. –R. Sch.
Nose as if deadened. –R. Sch.
Nose feels as if dried up. –F. K.
Bloody mucus comes from nose. –F. K.
Nose somewhat sore, with chill. Nose and lips somewhat excoriated. –Eisenmenger.


Yellow eyes deep sunken, with broad blue circles.
Painfully distorted features. –Sch.
The face, which changed within a few hours to dark brown, was on fifth day still dark yellow, and features distorted as if from great inward suffering. The face copper-colored, or dark red, body greenish-yellow. –Br.
Yellowish face at beginning of chill. Face pale, lips discolored, can hardly walk; in three hours. –Ollivier.
Face earthy, dull, stupid features; skin dry; pulse 107; violent thirst, with a dry tongue; second day. –Ollivier.
Changed, sick face, sunken, cheeks yellowish; 5th day to 7th day. –F. K.
Looks disturbed and pale. –C. Hg.
The face looks old, and bears an expression of pain. –F. W. Payne.
In face chilly feeling, followed by a glow. Heat in face. –Bennecke.
Face red in evening. Sweat in large drops on face and whole head. Face edematous; fifth till seventh day; agg. in evening. –Br.
Face greatly changed. ~ Yellow fever.
Countenance wears an expression of extreme anxiety. ~ Collapse of cholera.


In upper and lower jaw a very painful twitching; pain going from above downward in a straight line. –C. Hg.
Pain in maxillary joints, when first opening mouth, when pressed with finger, when putting tongue out. –F. K.
Lips colorless. –Ollivier.
Upper lip sore, with chill.
Lips and tongue fuliginous, furred; 5th day. –Ollivier.


Toothache agg. in warmth. –
Sore bleeding gums around remaining root of right upper incisor. –C. Hg.


Taste bitter. –Eisenmenger and O'Reilly.
Bitter taste in mouth after four hours vomiting, with great prostration. –Br.
All sweet things taste too sweet. –F. K.
A peculiar indescribable taste in mouth. –C. Hg.
Very unpleasant sticky aftertaste, lasting for hours after eating, whole week. –C. Hg.
A contracting sensation of numbness, like a cold feeling, in half the tongue in front, right side, with running together of saliva in mouth; weakness in abdomen and pinching; first day. –C. Hg.
Pricking on tip of tongue and tickling in nose, upper part, right side, inducing sneezing; first day, evening. C. Hg.
Tongue slimy, evenings. Tongue yellow. –Eisenmenger.
Yellowish, furred tongue, with chill. Tongue: bluish-white, thinly covered; slimy taste, no appetite; later, greyish-white, agg. on back part of tongue; still later, tongue white and soft. –F. K.
Tongue fuliginous, furred. See 9.
Tongue somewhat enlarged, on right a deep irregular ulcer; next day a second nodular swelling of a darker color coming to a point. –Br.
Tongue dry, with violent thirst.


Mouth hot and dry, with very little thirst; during heat.
Running together of saliva in mouth. See 11.


Burning and constriction in throat, followed by irritability of stomach. –Robertson.


Less appetite on account of slimy taste in mouth; eats without relish. F. K.
No appetite in evening, tongue slimy. Very little appetite whole second week. Appetite very poor. –Eisenmenger.
Loss of appetite. –F. W. Payne.
Hunger the first evening. –C. Hg.
Violent thirst in three hours. –Ollivier.
Violent thirst and a dry tongue. Much thirst second day, drank oatmeal gruel, milk and slimy drinks in large quantities. –Sch.
Great thirst fifth day, less next following night. –Br.
Thirst with afternoon fever.
Very little thirst with fever heat.
More sensitive to tobacco; 1st day. –C. Hg.
Smoking without relish; 8th day. –F. K.


After eating, frontal headache. A few hours after dinner he had to lie down in bed on account of headache and weakness. –
Constant retching and vomiting after taking the least thing to eat or drink. ~ Yellow fever.


Belching, with taste of food eaten; a slimy tongue and no appetite evenings; smoking tasteless. –F. K.
Eruptions. –Eisenmenger.
Spasmodic eructations of enormous quantities of tasteless gas from stomach, without relief of pain in abdomen, that causes him to moan for six hours. –Sch.
Uninterrupted belching up, spasmodically, of a large quantity of tasteless air, with great pain in abdomen. ~ Yellow fever.
During spasmodic eructations without any interruption, an incredible large quantity of tasteless air is expelled from stomach without relieving pain in abdomen. R. Sch.
Hiccough following eructations; 3d day. –R. Sch.
Annoying hiccough first night, returning 3d day. –Br.
Tormenting hiccough, with an oversensitive epigastrium. –Br.
Very troublesome and annoying hiccough. ~ Yellow fever.
Nausea. –Berzelius.
Nausea and vomiting, with vertigo and constriction of chest. –
Nausea. ~ Yellow fever.
Complains about nausea and fullness in epigastrium; 6th day. –Br.
Incessant retching and vomiting. –Gehlen.
Retching and vomiting even after a single swallow, even a little water is followed by a return of most painful retching and vomiting. –Gehlen.
Vomits everything taken into stomach. –Gehlen.
Violent vomiting, could not retain slightest thing. O'Reilly. Ollivier.
Vomiting of green, bitter mucus with the colic. –Sch.
Vomiting of mucous, yellow, green and bitter fluid. ~ Yellow fever.
Copious green vomiting, commencing in evening of first day and lasting all night; every hour between time a soporous states; on second day greenish vomiting every two hours, lessening on 3d and 4th day. –Br.
Vomits large masses. –Br.
Before midnight twice vomiting, with bellyache and greatest anxiety. –R. Sch.
Vomiting with pain in loins. –Br.


Irritability of stomach, vomiting liquid, first bilious and afterwards coffee-colored, with a burning pain. –Robertson.
With pressure in stomach: very little appetite; bitter taste; belching; nausea and obstinate constipation. Eisenmenger.
With dead feeling in limbs five hours after inhalation, violent cutting pain in region of stomach and below it, it compels him to moan constantly. –R. Sch.
A weary feeling in stomach, with pressure in temples. Stomach empty, two inflamed spots in large curvature, where mucous membrane could very easily be peeled off. Post-mortem. –Br.
Pain in epigastrium and vomiting of food. Very sensitive epigastrium and tormenting hiccough; 2d day. –Br.
Pressure in epigastric region during chill. –Eisenmenger.
Pressure of hand causes dull pain in epigastrium. O'Reilly.
Pains in epigastrium. –Ollivier.


Liver painful to pressure; after three or four hours. –Ollivier.
Liver was congested, without alteration of cells. –Ollivier.
Liver deep indigo blue, not enlarged, gall bladder full to bursting. –Br.
Softening of spleen. –Ollivier.


A slight pressure in abdomen; 5th day. –R. Sch.
Pressing pain below diaphragm, on left side of abdomen; first day. –C. Hg.
Violent cutting in region of navel, at intervals. –R. Sch.
Colic with vomiting, before midnight.
Pains in various parts of abdomen, agg. left side, followed by great weakness, most in lower limbs; 1st day. –C. Hg.
Sensation of weakness in abdomen and pinching stitches.
An undecided but exceedingly unpleasant sensation, as from a stone lying in abdomen, as if all had changed into a stone; he begged for a laxative, but neither injections nor repeated stools (after Magn. sulph.) made any change, belching did not relieve. –Sch.
Glowing heat in abdomen, with cold limbs. –Sch.
Burning pain through whole alimentary canal. Robertson.
Abdomen burning, outside; cold feet. ~ Yellow fever.
A gurgling noise in left side of abdomen from incarcerated flatus, causing colicky pain, threatening to become severe; he has to lie on belly, or bent together, and wants to be well covered; very sensitive to cold; morning, 3 A. M.; 2d day. –C. Hg.
Distension of abdomen during chills. –Eisenmenger.
Gaseous distension of abdomen. Post-mortem. –Br.
Integuments of abdomen look greenish, most on sides. –Br.
Violent itching below last rib on extreme left; 3d day. C. Hg.


Weak sensation, as if relaxed, and as if diarrhea followed, the whole would fall out, evening; 1st day. –C. Hg.
Urging as to diarrhea; noon, 2d day. –C. Hg.
Less wind passed after urination in morning: 2d day. C. Hg.
Copious passage of wind and looseness; after Magn. sulph. did not relieve. –Sch.
Several openings the 4th day. –Sch.
Soft stool at 4 P. M.; 2d day. –C. Hg.
Frequent bilious stools. –Br.
The usual morning stool is omitted and appears in afternoon; the same 6th, 7th and 8th days. –F. K.
Two copious, offensive stools, 5 P. M., followed by a painless evacuation of half a pound of red urine, contain real blood-corpuscles; 1st day. –Ollivier.
The first morning stool on 10th day, full of holes like lava. –F. K.
Obstinate constipation. –Eisenmenger. (Called “obstinate” by the Old School, which is transferring a quality of their own mind to the colon.)
Constipation, with a feeling of heaviness and stiffness, like a weight in abdomen. –F. W. Payne.
Constipation with fever. –Robertson.
Stool, with vertigo, weakness and crawling. –Br.
Thumping, knocking pains in region of perineum, near anus; forenoon, 2d day. –C. Hg.
Frequent flying pains in perineum, to anus, or, upward in anterior wall of rectum; first week. –C. Hg.


Unpleasant sensation of pressure in region of kidneys, rapidly increasing, extending over back to between shoulders, not violent until night; it continued without interruption, and increasing, with urging to urinate; urine dark red, and a thick coagulum of pure blood is formed; next day color the same, but no coagulum, pain in kidneys equally violent; 3d day pain less violent; color more bright, still bloody; the same the 4th day; on 6th day without bloody color. –R. Sch.
Pressure in kidneys, extending to shoulder blades, with pain in region of kidneys during desire to urinate. ~ Yellow fever.
Kidneys enlarged, with very marked injection, most in tubular substance; cells of both substances granulated. –Ollivier.
Kidneys deep indigo blue through whole substance, left enlarged similar to spleen, right smaller. –Br.
Scanty, foaming urine in morning, depositing a sediment; 2d day. –C. Hg.
From 1st to 8th day less urine; on 9th more, but brown, brown, with a suspended cloud. –F. K.
No urination 2d day. –Ollivier.
The urine is suppressed; from 4 P. M. no urine till next morning; 1st day. –C. Hg.
No urine 1st night; very little next night; 3d to 6th day. –Br.
Very small quantities of urine, deposits some blood; 6th day.
Bladder empty, no change. –Br.
Urine very dark, orange-colored; 5th day. –F. K.
Inky urine; on boiling and adding nitric acid a reddish brown coagulum resembling that which we obtain from boiling blood is deposited. –J. Vogel.
Urine not so frequent, but more profuse evening; 6th day. –F. K.
During night no urine; in morning dark, reddish brown, with red gelatinous and bluish-red sediment; 8th day. –F. K.
Afternoon, dark urine, with a rose-colored deposit on walls of utensil; 9th day. –F. K.
Urine like porter, with a cloudy deposit; 10th day. –F. K.
Urine darker on 13th day. –F. K.
Urine red, scanty; 3d day.
Urine dark, reddish-black; formed a thick clot of blood in vessel. –Sch.
Soon a painless discharge of two ounces of blood through urethra; repeated with shuddering. –Br.
Haematuria; passed two ounces of blood through urethra. O'Reilly.
Four tablespoonfuls of blood from urethra; 2d day. –Br.
Four pints of bloody urine, containing arsenic. –Robertson.
Discharge of inky urine. –Bennecke.
Urine dark, blackish-red, with pure blood. ~ Yellow fever.
Discharge at times of large quantities of pale urine. F. W. Payne.


Sexual irritation on glans penis, almost irresistible with morning erection; second day; it continues after rising and passing water; all first week. –C. Hg.
Deep in pelvis when crouching down, an unbearable sensation of numbness, with a waving as if it would break, then a horrible feeling, but of short duration; forenoon, 11th day. –C. Hg.
A pain in symphysis pubis, no redness there, but it is exceedingly sensitive to touch, also when coughing or bending forward; sixteenth day. –F. K.
Violent pricking pain on a small spot over right groin, often repeated, like a throbbing; first day. –C. Hg.
Unbearable pain in both groins, exactly where spermatic cords emerge, as if everything would fall or slip out there; exceedingly sensitive in standing; amel. when sitting; still more when pressing on it with both hands; afternoon 10th day; same feeling returns on 12th day at 2 P. M. –C. Hg.
Pain in left side of penis; 1st day. –C. Hg.
In third week whole foreskin and glans are covered with little blisters containing pus; they burst and form very small round flat ulcers; alone on outer surface of foreskin he counted sixty-five, they healed after ten to twelve days. –R. Sch. [Obs. Was the young man syphilitic ? Ars. met. brings out dormant syphilis. –C. Hg.]


Squeaking voice; immediately after inhalation. –Br.
Whispering voice. –O'Reilly.
The voice remains whispering and gets very weak in evening. –Br.
Voice has lost its timbre, sounds as if broken, but not hoarse; 5th day. –F. K.
Pain near larynx when speaking, right side; 8th day. –F. K.
A drawing sensation from head towards larynx, right side.
With a slight hemming or hawking he raises with great ease a soft, round and smooth lump of phlegm size of a filbert, when awaking at 3 A. M.; 2d day. –C. Hg.
His customary hawking up of phlegm ceases; 6th day. –F. K.


Ammoniacal odor of breath; 5th to 7th day. –Br.
Rapid breathing.
Constriction of chest: with nausea; with chill.
Want of breath; gasping for air.
Breathing relieved after Sinapism and Amm. acet.; after three or four hours. –Ollivier.
Oppression of chest during chill. –Eisenmenger.

COUGH. [27]

In forenoon frequent coughing, with a pain in perineum; 3d day. –F. K.
When he coughs in evening headache in upper and back part of head; 6th. –F. K.
A little cough very often, without inner irritation, as from a pressure over chest; after eating ice-cream, at first better (also whole chest), but afterwards worse; 6th day. –F. K.
Cough increases from 9 to 10 A. M., most while conversing in room; 7th day. –F. K.
In evening cough comes now from depths of chest, is looser; sputa relieved; 7th day. –F. K.
Cough comes from front upper part of chest; 9th day. –F. K.
Sweats when coughing; 11th day. –F. K.
A sensation as if whole thorax was laced tightly, with rapid breathing, without cough or rattling of phlegm; after three hours. –Ollivier.


Pressure in region above breastbone, all across, on 4th day; worse on 5th. –F. K.
A painful pressure in upper part of chest, where it commences to become sore to pressure, disappears when perspiring; 7th day. –F. K.
Pressure over whole chest, with great anxiety; 7th day; pressure is lessened by gaping; 9th day. –F. K.
Pain in chest is gone in morning, returns towards 11 A. M.; 11th day. –F. K.
Pressure over chest produces a slight cough. Pain across chest, like a beating in right side, near middle, drawing towards left. –R. H.
A glowing sensation in chest after chilly feeling. Back part of lungs are congested; 2d day. –Ollivier.
Lungs collapsed, containing very little air, otherwise normal. –Br.
In cavities of pleura two pints of reddish-brown, odorless fluid. –Br.


A cutting pain near last left ribs.
A knocking, thumping pain in heart, deep in chest, extends towards right side; forenoon, 2d day. –C. Hg.
Palpitation; 7th day. –Br.
Heart pale, relaxed, empty of blood; only a little fluid in pericardium. –Br.
Pulse small and rapid. –Eisenmenger.
Pulse 90, weak. –O'Reilly.
Fever with a full, hard, frequent pulse. –Robertson.
Pulse strong and frequent. Pulse 107; 2d day. –
Pulse frequent. ~ Yellow fever.
Pulse 90 in morning, 128 at 10 o'clock, very small and soft; 7th day. –F. K.
After meals pulse is more full and more frequent; 7th day. –F. K.
Pulse intermits when awaking in night, with anxiety and thoughts of death; 7th day. –F. K.
Pulse 60 in morning, and irregular; in forenoon 52; 8th day. –F. K.
In evening pulse 56, the same after eating; later 60, and tensive, as if turned or twisted; some beats retarded for more than a second, followed by a few quicker beats; 8th day. –F. K.
Pulse 64, every other beat stronger, like pendulum of a clock placed obliquely; 8th day. –F. K.
Pulse 64, limping in morning of 9th day; at noon, 112, limping till 1 P. M., and softer; 3 P. M., limping again and intermitting; changing from quicker to slower. F. K.
Pulse 76 in morning; at 11 A. M., 84 to 88; 11th day. F. K.
Pulse more frequent after meal at noon; 14th day. –F. K.
Pulse very frequent and small with chill. Pulse 110 after. Sinapism and Ammon. acet. –Ollivier.
Pulse 90, but weak, after four hours; small, 92, lessened temperature of skin next day; 80, strong, with sensitive epigastrium, 2d day; 76, and painless epigastrium; later, same day; 76, 3d day; 80, 5th day; same, 6th day; 102 in morning, 7th day; 76 at noon; later, 80; death next morning. –Br.
The breathing very frequent, and pulse imperceptible before death. Pulse imperceptible after increased respiration; becoming unconscious; evening 5th day, death. –Ollivier.
Complete cessation of pulse. –R. Sch.
Pulse quite imperceptible. ~ Collapse in cholera.


Rheumatic pains over breast bone lessen when perspiring; 2d day. –F. K.
Pain in middle of sternum; agg. when he walks about; 10th day. –F. K.
Pain in chest, in bones and intercostal muscles; at same time pain in arm.
Want of breath, and gasping for air. –Ea.
In left side of chest, near nipple, as if raw and sore, with pressive pain; 4th day. –F. K.
The pain in chest is concentrated in left side, above nipple; 9th day. –F. K.
A pressure over chest, a few inches below upper end of breast bone, with a pressure on breast bone; 6th day. –F. K.
Sore, raw feeling over whole chest; 8th day. –F. K.
Chest hurts when coughing, breathing, and when pressed; 8th day. –F. K.
A crawling, as if warm drops were running over chest, stopped by pressing with finger; 11th day. –F. K.


Tearing pain in neck during chill. Eisenmenger.
Feverish in neck, forenoon; 13th day. –F. K.
Stiffness in neck and between shoulders, begins in morning; amel. when going out or moving about; 7th and 8th day. –C. Hg.
Pain as if something was sticking below right shoulder blade; increased at first, and disappeared after three hours' sleep. –C. Hg.
Backache like on first days, returned towards evening on 7th day, not so violent, but much harder to bear; increased next evening and in night, causing loud lamentations; sitting relieves it a little, but he is too weak to sit long; relieved towards evening of 9th day by application of cloths dipped in warm milk. –R. Sch.
Crawling over shoulders and back. A glow in back after chilliness. Shuddering over single parts of back. Pain in region of kidneys became exceedingly severe, with urging to urinate. –Sch.
An unpleasant, pressive feeling in region of kidney, which rapidly increased and spread up back to between shoulders: after four hours. –Sch.
Pressure between shoulders. –R. Sch.
Very violent pain in lumbar region. –Ollivier.
Slight pain in lumbar region. –O'Reilly.
Some pains in loins when “falling asleep” of limbs passed away. –Br.
Pain in loins with vomiting. –Br.
Behind and above right hip, on a small spot near spine, a very great pain; agg. in walking; has to sit down. C. Hg.
Backache in small of back, as after having taken cold; evening, 2d day. –F. K.
Violent pains in sacrum, after three hours.
A dull pain on upper part of sacrum, on a place size of a hand, interferes for one or two minutes with his breathing; it swells and feels as if something was filled up; with increased pain; 8th day. –F. K.


Sore aching spot on right acromion; 8th day. –F. K.
Pain from tip of shoulder down towards point of elbow; 9th day. –F. K.
Painful twitching in shoulders.
A warm, almost burning cut, like with a small knife, in right upper arm, from near shoulder down towards elbow; soon after inhalation. –F. K.
Flying stitches in arms. –R. Sch.
Tearing pain and stitches in upper limbs, during chill. Eisenmenger.
In elbows and upper arms same pain as in knee. –R. Sch.
Laming pain in both elbows, more in right; 9th day. –F. K.
Pains in elbows and upper arms; in five hours. –Sch.
Feeling of deadness of hands extending to middle of forearms. Sch.
Arms and hands very tired, as if burning.
Flying pains in right hand and fingers; 2d day. –C. Hg.
Swollen veins on hands; 7th day. –F. K.
Middle finger, left and inner side and second joint red and swollen; 14th day; gone 15th day. –F. K.
Itching on first joint of left middle finger, inner side, on a small spot, where a very small blister is; after 1st week. –C. Hg.


Slight thumping pain on a small spot behind right hip bone. C. Hg.
Pimple on nates, impedes walking; 15th day. –F. K.
Quivering in left thigh, inner side, towards front, in a short line evening, till night; 9th day; again on 1Oth day, in afternoon. –F. K.
Pain on inner side of both thighs, most right side, whence it extends to near anus; 12th day. –F. K.
Pain on inner side of both thighs, mostly towards os pelvis; 15th day. –F. K.
Violent itching on left thigh, on inner side, a few inches above knee; 7th day. –C. Hg.
After getting up, when placing his legs higher than body, a violent pain above left knee; soreness in muscles or tendons, under skin; amel. when moving about; evening, 1st day; next day it still pains, but more below knee, with a lame feeling when kneeling; his limbs give way going up-stairs; noon, 2d day. –C. Hg.
Above right patella a pain on pressure, also in bend of knee; increases after lying still a good while; evening, 16th day. –F. K.
On getting up and beginning to move, after lying especially in a somewhat fatiguing position, a pain in left knee, as if it was inwardly crushed, but not in bones; it increases to a kind of burning, and only disappears after continuing to move; 8th to 10th day. –C. Hg.
Rheumatic, gouty, tearing pain in knee joints. –R. Sch.
Pains in knees during chill. –R. Sch.
Pain in hollow of left knee, when rising from a seat, and in beginning of walking; 3d day. –F. K.
Sensation in bend of left Knee as if beaten; a cold and burning pain; agg. on beginning to move, especially after lying; whole 1st week. –C. Hg.
In bones of leg below right knee, a throbbing pain, drawing downward. Pains in lower limbs, especially right side, lasting two hours. –Br.
Flying stitches in lower limbs. –R. Sch.
Pain in lower limbs, more in right-O'Reilly.
Flying, cutting pains in left leg, from shin to ankle; at same time on last left ribs; 2d day. –C. Hg.
Pain in left leg, after sitting; agg. going down-stairs, with giving way of knees; 2d day. –C. Hg.
Lower limbs become rigid later than arms. –Br.
Feet get numb, as if dead, up to knees. –R. Sch.
Weakness, most in lower limbs. –Z.
Left foot hurts again when rising, most towards external margin; 12th day. –F. K.
Feet, usually colder than rest of body, are now warmer; 3d day. –F. K.
Sweat all over, but not on right foot. –F. K.
Pain in right heel. Flying pains in feet.
Pain in left foot joint when walking; 3d day. –F. K.
The left foot joint he cannot move, even when lying in bed; 8th day. –F. K.
Cannot move foot, and is unable to get up; 9th day. –F. K.
Great pain in left foot, from one ankle bone to the other, passing across above joint, agg. on a small spot of dorsum of foot; a red yellow streak on top of foot, near toes; from fourth to second toe; pain is awful, turns him pale; most painful in moving of foot joint; 1st day. –F. K.
A red streak on ankle joint, where pain was day before; 11th day. –F. K.
In left foot, most on sole, pains prevent stepping on it; agg. in motion, amel. in bed; pains in middle, as if contracted lengthways; when stepping on it a painful stretch; 3d day; much agg. the 4th. –F. K.
Pain in left sole prevents walking in forenoon; less in afternoon; agg. in evening, especially after rising from a seat; all pains in sole, heel and whole foot, extend upward; 6th day. –F. K.
Pains in left sole, foot and knee, agg. in evening; 6th day. F. K.
Pain from sole towards middle toe; very much agg. when first toe joints are bent; 8th day. –F. K.
Tickling in hollow of left foot; 10th day. –F. K.
Pain on pressure of balls of toes, sore and thrilling, most in ball of middle toe; pain extends along all toes; 8th day. –F. K.
With every attempt to step on feet all toes hurt, as if in tendons up to foot joint; 8th day. –F. K.
The once chilblained ball of right big toe gets more painful; 16th day. –F. K.
Thumping pain in right big toe increasing in warmth. –C. Hg.
Left middle toe exceedingly painful when touched, most underneath, on ball and in first joint, and from there to big toe and inside ankle; 8th day. –F. K.
Sensation as if a splinter lodged under nail of left middle toe; 9th to 10th day. –F. K.


Soon after inhalation pain in lower limbs, most right side, with a numbness, first in upper limbs, then in lower, followed by a crawling sensation, for two hours. –Br.
Very sensitive, gouty, tearing pains in upper arms, elbows and knee joints. –Br.
Throbbing pains in bones of left upper arm, extending downward, three and five times every hour; same in bones of right lower limb below knee; also extending downward. –Br. C. Hg.
Stitches in arms and feet. –R. Sch.
Weakness in limbs. –Bennecke.
Arms get cold and stiff first, then lower limbs. –Br.
Coldness of limbs. –R. Sch. Ollivier.
Coldness of limbs. –F. W. Payne.
Unpleasant crawling in hands and feet, and flying stitches in upper and lower limbs; 7th day. –R. Sch.


Tired in hands and arms, after moderate exertion (carrying a child), they burn from weakness; 1st day. –C. Hg.
Very little inclined to do any work. –Eisenmenger.
Difficult walking; left foot painful.
Walking up-stairs, vertigo.
Motion difficult. –Ollivier; left-foot agg.; While walking, chilly.
All pains increase during motion; in rest they also first increase, but get better afterwards. –F. K.
Weak even when sitting. –C. Hg.
Such a weakness that he cannot sit; on 3d day able to do a few steps; still very weak 7th day; somewhat better 10th day and following. –R. Sch.
Getting up he feels so weak and chilly that he is obliged to lie down again; evening, 8th day. –F. K.
Such a sensation of weakness with headache and vertigo, that he has to lie down; 3d day. Colic better lying on belly, or better from bending together. –

NERVES. [36]

Restlessness and anxiety. –Robertson.
The greatest bodily restlessness; 5th day. –Br.
Prostration with anxiety; vertigo, nausea and troublesome costiveness. –Berzelius.
Suddenly after inhalation he feels himself poisoned; an indescribable exhaustion and nausea overwhelm him; hardly able to take few steps to reach next room; incessant retching and vomiting followed; he could not take any medicine, gruel or soup, nor a swallow of water without a painful return of retching and vomiting; even thinking of water excited vomiting; death on 9th day. –Gehlen.
Sensation of deadness from hands upward to middle of forearm, and feet to knees, then nose and region of eyebrows, with cessation of pulse; every sign of life ceased in these parts, but the ability to move them remained; after five hours. –R. Sch.
Heat in face; weakness in all limbs; disposed to faint and tremble, soon passing off, but leaving a sensation of weakness and exhaustion; immediately after inhalation. –Vogel.
The whole nervous system was immediately affected, and ultimately his lungs; died in ten days. –Bullock; by Beard.
Disposed to fainting. –Bennecke.
Faintness with vertigo, followed by shuddering. –Br.
Great fatigue and weakness. –Eisenmenger.
Sudden indescribable weakness and nausea. –Gehlen.
Very great weakness, and bitter taste in mouth. –Br.
Complained about his great weakness, and ascribed it to continual vomiting. –Br.
Great weakness, most in lower limbs. Unusual weakness in evening, as weak as a rag, ready to drop; 1st day. –C. Hg.
Weakness and crawls. –Br.
Weariness and exhaustion with chill. Arms become torpid and stiff first, afterwards lower limbs, with crawling sensation, lasting two hours, soon after inhalation. –Br.
Now and then a very peculiar weakness, and during it all pains cease; 1st and following days. –C. Hg.
Weakness without any pain; 2d day. –Br.
After dinner weakness and no pains all afternoon and evening; 2d day. –C. Hg.
He feels as if he was recovering from a very long illness, a pleasant sensation; 11th day. –F. K.
Great prostration and general malaise. –F. W. Payne.

SLEEP. [37]

Gaping and unpleasant feeling with chilliness. So drowsy that he can hardly open his eyes. –Rh.
Drowsiness from 5th to 7th day. Sopor between attacks of vomiting. –Br.
Very pleasant, poetical dreams. –C. Hg.
Dreams as if he was praying in a public meeting, with great applause; 7th day. –F. K.
Dreams towards morning from people going and arriving; 7th day. –F. K.
Moaning in sleep; 16th day. –F. K.
Sleep interrupted by headache. –R. Sch.
Slightest noise interrupts his sleep. –R. Sch.
Disturbed by wind colic towards morning. Suddenly awakened by two strong concussive shocks after midnight; 7th day. –F. K.
Frequent starting while falling asleep. As soon as he falls asleep he perspires; 15th day. –F. K.
Restless night, from 5th to 6th day. –Br.
Restless sleep, till after midnight. Wakens every hour, always before clock strikes; from 9th to 10th day. –F. K.
For a long while he cannot get to sleep; he feels as if he had to move about; 6th day. –F. K.
Sleeplessness. –Sch. R. Sch.
Total sleeplessness. ~ Yellow fever.
Sleeplessness. –F. W. Payne. (A chronic case. See 47.)

TIME. [38]

Worse at night: frontal headache; pain in lower limbs. After midnight: sleep easy. Getting awake in morning, weak and depressed. On awaking: weak, etc. Weak and prostrated on waking. –Eisenmenger.
Tired and depressed when waking in morning. Very exhausted: morning in bed; 8th day. –F. K.
At noon and midnight he always feels the worst; 10th day. –F. K.
Noon: as if diarrhea would come on.
Afternoon, 3 o'clock: headaches increase chills and fever every day; chill; pain in left foot amel. His feeling unwell increases steadily in afternoon; 4th day. –F. K.
Dying commences: 4 o'clock P. M., six times 24 hours after inhalation. –Br.
Evening, 5 o'clock: offensive stools. Evening: headache; vomiting; less warmth of skin; weakness of rectum; pain in left foot agg.; all pain is gone out of right foot; 8th day. –F. K.


After drinking cold water; later, after warm drinks, he could bring on a copious sweat. –R. Sch.
Warmth lessens, cold increases symptoms. –F. K.
Warmth: toothache agg.; pain in big toe agg.
If not covered in evening he feels chilly; 8th day. –F. K.
Undressing, 10 P. M., chill violent. Coming in a cool room he feels very chilly; 3d day. –F. K.
Very sensitive to cold.
After moving in open air always agg. After walking in open air, very unwell. –Eisenmenger.
During a walk in open air, chilly. –Eisenmenger.
Before a thunderstorm, many old pains appear again. F. K.
Sensitive to cold weather. Damp air increases his malaise very much. –Eisenmenger.
Damp air always aggravates. –
General chilliness on slight exposure, or change of temperature. Payne.

FEVER. [40]

Temperature diminished. –O'Reilly. Chill. O'Reilly.
After faintness, giddiness and shuddering. –Br.
Chilliness over whole body; after four hours. –Sch.
Chilliness became very violent on undressing, at 10 P. M.; after five hours. –Sch.
Cold limbs with heat in abdomen. –R. Sch.
Nose cold, had to wrap in hot cloths. –R. Sch.
Chilly while walking. –Eisenmenger.
With attempt at rising he feels chilly, from weakness; 8th day. –F. K.
Attacks of shuddering or creeps in evening, short, violent, and only on parts of back; 1st day. –C. Hg.
Evening frequent creeps, with coldness running down body; glowing heat about chest, back and face; later, general sweat, only not on right foot, continues all night, large drops run over his face and down head; with it pulse limping; 8th day. –F. K.
During chill: headache; pressure in epigastric region; distension of abdomen; oppression of chest; tearing in neck; tearing in upper limbs. With pressing pain from region of kidneys up to region between shoulders, a chill over whole body, with gouty tearing pains in knee joints and cold limbs; four hours after inhalation; half an hour later, when undressing, chill more violent than any he ever had; pains in knees, upper arms and elbows; increasing to great violence after chill; five hours after inhalation. –R. Sch.
Severe chill on 3d day, 3 P. M., time when headache was usually agg., beginning with yawning, discomfort, anxiety and chilliness, accompanied by oppression of chest, pain in neck, drawing in upper limbs; increased frontal headache; after a two hours' chill moderate heat, lasting till 8 P. M., with a hot, dry mouth, but little thirst; after heat very slight sweat, during which he falls asleep; at first frequent startings, during unrefreshing sleep; after midnight quiet. –Eisenmenger.
In afternoon, 3 o'clock, when headache had been worst, on 1st and 2d day, on 3d day he has gaping, malaise, anxiety and chilliness, gradually growing into strong chill with constriction of chest, pain in neck, drawing in upper limbs, and pain in forehead; after chill had lasted two hours a moderate heat followed, lasting until 8 P. M.; mouth hot and dry; moderate thirst; after heat some sweat; he falls asleep, but starts often; after midnight quiet sleep, but on waking, weary, and as if beaten; 3d day. –Eisenmenger.
After great chill and fever on 3d day, only chilly on 4th, and on 5th strong again, till on 3d and henceforth, every afternoon at 3 o'clock.
With beginning of chill at 3 P. M. sallow, yellowish face; eyes sunken, listless, conjunctiva reddened; nose and upper lip excoriated; tongue furred, yellow; pulse frequent and small, at same time increased headache; constriction of chest; tearing pain in nape of neck and upper limbs; pressure in region of tonsils; distension of abdomen: great weariness and weakness. Evening, 5 o'clock: fever heat; half-past 7 o'clock; sweat, followed by sleep; 7th day. –Eisenmenger.
A slight fever paroxysm on 2d day. –Eisenmenger.
A paroxysm of fever on 5th day more severe than on 3d, after which it returned every day. Cured by Nux vom.; renewed on a subsequent occasion on inhaling same gas. –Eisenmenger.
Fever commenced at 12 noon; pulse up to 90; did not affect head; thirst in afternoon; sensitive to cold weather; after supper pulse rose from 90 to 120; 6th day. –F. K.
After writing awhile flying heat up towards head: pulse about 120; every 50 to 60 beats one omits, gradually oftener, in evening every 5th to 6th beat, sometimes every 3d; 7th day. –F. K.
In morning when attempting to step down, heat; in evening cold feeling; 10th day. –F. K.
Slight fever, with great weakness; 5th day. –Br.
Glowing heat in abdomen and cold limbs all night, with pain in kidneys and urinating blood. –R. Sch.
Much heat and burning in different parts of body, particularly over renal region. –F. W. Payne.
General warm sweat after midnight, with a soft pulse, 80 to the minute, omitting 3, 4 times; 7th day. –F. K.
Attacks of night sweat; from 7th to 8th day; continually in morning hours. –F. K.
Night sweats; 13th day. –F. K.
Night sweat in short attack; 5th day. –F. K.
General warm sweat in night, in large drops. Sweat relieves deadness in limbs. –
Surface of body bedewed with moisture, with unnatural warm feel of such cases. ~ Collapse of cholera.


In attacks, as if beaten all over; 7th day. –F. K.
On 7th and 8th day a renewed appearance of many former symptoms and new symptoms, and a higher development of the morbid medical affection. Pains return; typical headache; after a slight improvement on 4th day, agg. on 5th, when urination completely ceased. –Ollivier.
Typhus tertianus postponens. Death on 9th day. –Gehlen. Bullock.


Right: pain in heel; thumping pain in big toe.
Left: flying, cutting pains in leg; foot hurts on rising; pain in foot joint; cannot move foot; great pain in foot; as if foot was contracted lengthways; tickling in hollow of foot; as if a splinter was under nail of middle toe.


As of a load in head; nose as if deadened; nose as if dried up; as of a stone lying in abdomen; rectum as if relaxed, as if diarrhea would follow, the whole would fall out; as if everything would fall out of groin; as if thorax was tightly laced; as if drops were running over chest; as if something was filled up in sacrum; arms and hands as if burning; feet as if dead; pain in middle of left foot as if contracted; as if recovering from a long illness; as if all had changed to stone in abdomen; as if something would break in pelvis; as if something was sticking below right shoulder blade; as if beaten, in bend of left knee; as if a splinter had lodged under toe nail.
Pain: in back, as after having taken cold.
Unbearable pain: in both groins.
A pain in left knee, as if inwardly crushed.
Cutting: in region of stomach and below it; in region of navel; near last left ribs; burning in right upper arm; in left leg.
Stitches: in arms and feet.
Stitches: flying through limbs.
Pricking: on top of tongue; in right groin.
Burning: in throat; in stomach; through whole alimentary canal; outside of abdomen; in left knee; in bend of left knee.
Pinching: in abdomen.
Colicky pain: in left side of abdomen.
Tearing: in head; in neck; in upper limbs; in knee joints; in upper arms.
Drawing: from head towards larynx, right side.
Aching: spot on right acromion.
Rawness: in left chest; over whole chest.
Pressure: in frontal sinuses; in forehead; above eyebrows; in temples; in stomach; in epigastric region; in abdomen; below diaphragm; on left side of abdomen; in region of kidneys; between shoulders; above breast bone; in upper chest; over whole chest; in left chest.
Beating: in right chest; in region of tonsils.
Thumping: in perineum; pain in heart; on a small spot behind right hip bone; in right big toe.
Throbbing pain: below right knee; in bones of left upper arm.
Thrilling sore pain in balls of toes when pressed.
Flying pains: in head; in perineum; upward, in rectum; in arms, hands and fingers; in feet; in left leg.
Rheumatic pain: over breast bone; in knee joints.
Laming pain: in elbows.
Cold pain: in bend of left knee.
Undefined pain: in head; in right forehead and head; in occiput; in upper and back part of head, when coughing; in maxillary joints; in loins; in epigastrium; in various parts of abdomen; in symphysis pubis; in groins; in left side of penis; in region of kidneys; near larynx, when speaking; in perineum, when coughing; in middle of sternum; in intercostal muscles and bones of chest; in lumbar region; in loins; behind and above right hip; in sacrum, from top of shoulder to point of elbow; in elbows and arms; on inner side of thighs; in knees; in hollow of left knee; in lower limbs; in right heel; in left foot joint; in sole of left foot.
Heaviness: of head; of eyelids; in abdomen, like a weight.
Flabbiness: in stomach.
Quivering: in left thigh.
Twitching, or painful quivering: in right side of head, above forehead; also in upper and lower jaw and right shoulder; in shoulders, painful.
Contracting sensation: in tongue; in sole of foot, painful.
Constriction: of throat; of chest.
Irritation: on glans penis.
Tickling: in nose, right side; in hollow of left foot.
Crawling: in nose; as if warm drops were running over chest; over shoulders and back; in limbs; in hands and feet.
Itching: below last rib on extreme left; on first joint of left middle finger, around a blister; on left thigh.
Swimming sensation: in head and body.
Indescribable sensation: up into nose.
Dead feeling: in limbs; in hands, in nose and region of eyebrows.
Heat: in face; in mouth; in abdomen; in chest; in back; over renal region.
Shuddering: over parts of back.
Glowing sensation: in chest.
Chilly feeling: in face.
Coldness: in tongue; of limbs.
Feeling of deadness: in nose; region of eyebrows; in limbs; in feet.
Weariness: in stomach.
Weakness: in body; in abdomen; in rectum, as if relaxed; in limbs.
Stiffness: in neck; between shoulders.
Numbness: in head; above eyebrows; half the tongue, in front, right side; deep in pelvis; in limbs.


Cracking of joints when moving, even knees and elbows; 16th day. –F. K.
The habitus increases markedly within a few hours. Edema increases at noon; 7th day. –Br.
General anasarca. Post mortem. –Br.
Collapse in cholera Asiatica.


Pressure: agg. dull pain in epigastrium. External pressure hurts in region of liver; 32d day; balls of toes sore. –
Skin dry; pulse 107.

SKIN. [46]

Yellow skin. –Br.
Skin bronze-colored; 5th day. –Ollivier.
Skin became dark brown. –Sch.
Dark brown skin all over. ~ Yellow fever.
Dark brown, sallow look of skin. –F. W. Payne.
Itching: on last ribs, left side; on middle finger; on left thigh above knee. A vesicator put on pit of stomach made a blister filled with dark red blood; 5th day. –R. Sch.
All hair over “deadened” parts became snowy white, brows formed a strange contrast to dark brown face. –Sch.


Mrs. A., aet. 67, well and hearty before, suffered whole Fall and Winter; well in seven days. –F. W. Payne.


Sinapism relieves breathing.
Amm. acet.: breathing relieved.
Antidotes: Nux vom. (fever).
Compare: Carb. veg. (yellow fever and cholera).
Caustic. was given to F. K.
Drinks containing sulphuretted hydrogen appear to relieve most. –Berzelius.
Turpentine should be tried.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 02, 1880
Description: Clinical materia medica of Arsenicum hydrogenisatum
Remedies: Arsenicum hydrogenisatum
Author: Hering, C.
Year: 1880
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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