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Asterias Rubens.

Star-fish. Radiata.

Used by Hippocrates, and others, in uterine diseases. See Aldrovandi, Frankf. edition, 1623, p. 298.

Brauns had given it homeopathically since 1835. Petroz proved and introduced it, by publishing his provings on seven persons and cured cases in the Journ. de la Soc. Gallicane, in 1850-51. It was translated into English in 1852, by Metcalf, and into German by Brckner. A valuable proving was made in 1853, by Dr. Gnther, of a tincture of the sea-star, caught in Newport, and prepared by the late Dr. Geist, of Boston; other provings we have by Berridge, in London, and Macfarlan, in Philadelphia. Douglas has given characteristics. It has not been used often, but in cases of the highest importance.

MIND. [1]

Loss of consciousness. ~ Epilepsy.
Does not lose consciousness but has hallucinations-as if away from home in midst of strangers; hears voices to which he replies. ~ Epilepsy.
Unwilling to work, to think; is indifferent; dull headache; insensible, does not know if he has taken his dinner; returns in morning on getting up, 9th day.
Unusual gayety in evening.
Sadness, desire to weep.
Melancholy alternating with cerebral excitement, inclined to give herself up to mental or bodily work.
Fear of apoplexy, followed by fever.
Feeling of extreme anxiety from noon to 3 P. M.
It seems as if some misfortune was impending, as if bad news was about to arrive-tears afford relief. ~ Hysteria.
Became very impatient. ~ Precursor of apoplexy.
Ill-humored and disposed to weep.
Paroxysms easily excited by any emotion, especially by contradiction. ~ Epilepsy.
Irritability, anger, necessity of quarreling with somebody –from noon to 2 P. M.
Irritable, slightest cause moves her to tears.
With mental exertions, a restless, tired sensation in upper brain, like that in limbs after muscular exertion.
Fear of fainting, with sensation of fullness in chest.
After mental exertions, brain agitated.
Nervous agitation, with erotic thoughts and sexual desire.


Confusion. See 37.
Head heavy, with throbbing.
Vertigo: transitory; when walking, with insensibility of lower limbs.
Sudden attacks of vertigo like shocks in head. ~ Precursor of apoplexy.
Throbbing in head; when ascending or walking.
Determination of blood to head; sensation of fullness, heat; it feels as if it would split.
Feels a tumult in brain, restless, distressed.
Heaviness of head, heat, throbbings, redness of face.
Wakes at night with sensation as if brain was shaken by electric shocks; head seems empty, almost deprived of consciousness; thinks he is attacked by apoplexy, lasts several minutes; when he recovers his consciousness, pulse hard.
Since two years he lost consciousness with the attacks. ~ Epilepsy.


Heat of head, as if surrounded by hot air.
Sanguineous congestion to brain. ~ Precursor of apoplexy.
Awakes at night in distress as from electric shocks in brain; head feels as if bursting; apprehended apoplexy; when he came to himself pulse was hard, very quick, and right carotid throbbing violently.
Cerebral congestions, accompanied by obstinate constipation.
The headache disappears suddenly towards noon, then the ideas are clear.
A violent pressure upon anterior lobes of brain, extending even beneath eyes; one day so severe that while seated at table she fell forward, and remained unconscious for some minutes. ~ Epilepsy.
Pressive pain in right side of occiput, making it difficult to walk.
Boring pain above left eye, coming and going suddenly, and producing contraction of eyebrows; while this pain lasts she seems to look through a mist.
Acute transitory lancinations in forehead and temples, also in occiput.
Sudden pain on right side of head.
Pain in vertex as if skull would break.
Dull occipital headache for a half hour, came suddenly one and a half hours after breakfast, and went suddenly.
Dull occipital headache one hour after breakfast, lasting all day.


Head burning. ~ Precursor of apoplexy.
During severe pains whole scalp feels sore.
Pains in bones of sinciput.
(In sick:) A pimple upon sinciput, spreading and changing into an ulcer, having all characteristics of sycotic ulcer of Celsus; a second behind the right ear. See 6.


Light fatigues the eyes.
Cannot bear the light.
Heat and redness of eyes, tired in looking upward.
Pain in eyes from within outward.
Eyes as if drawn back or sunken in.
Violent pressure upon anterior lobes of brain, extending beneath eyes. ~ Epilepsy.
Frequent blinking or twitching of lids, edges of lids are reddened.


Violent reports in ears.
Dullness of hearing more marked on right side; noise of rushing water in ears.
Lancinating pain in meatus, perceived for some seconds, is concentrated in occiput and ceases.
(In sick:) After sycotic ulcer on forehead, a second formed behind right ear, and a group of pimples on lower lip.


Twitches in brain when blowing nose; during first half of night.
Nosebleed mornings on getting awake.
Sneezing and coryza on awaking in morning.
Pimples on side of nose and chin.


Face flushed and swollen.
Face red, pulse hard, compressed, frequent. ~ Precursor of apoplexy.
Redness of face. ~ Threatened apoplexy.
Alternate crawling and flushes in face with colic.
Pallor of face. ~ Epilepsy.
Earthy appearance of face. ~ Cancer mamma.
Sudden fall with a livid color of face.
Pimples side of chin.
Upon sinciput a pimple spreading and changing into an ulcer, like a sycotic.
Stupid look, also stupid expression in attitude.
Her face was pale and her jaws set while unconscious. ~ Epilepsy.


Neuralgia opposite left molar teeth, lower jaw; sharp piercing pain, like a needle.
Pimples on side of nose and chin.
(In sick:) A group of pimples formed on lower lip, remained dry and hard, but exceedingly painful, like the ulcers.


Loss of taste.
Embarrassment of tongue, dislike to speak.
Talking difficult; very much saliva in mouth.
Swelling of tongue and shooting pains in it, drawing or stretching.


Saliva more abundant.


Heat and dryness in throat.
Dull pain extending whole length of esophagus.
Throat sore with constriction in morning on awaking.


Capricious appetite, desires highly seasoned dishes, strong cheese liquors, coffee, tea, etc.
Want of appetite, no taste. ~ Scirrhus.
Aversion to meat.
Desire for cold drinks.


The paroxysms occur at commencement of last meal of day. ~ Epilepsy.
Dull headache in occiput after breakfast; came and went suddenly.
After eating: general malaise agg.; flatulence.


Frequent forcible eructations in morning.


Pain below breast bone.
Dull or contracting pain in scrobiculum.
Constriction in precordial region.
Dull pain in muscles of precordial region.


Great debility with distress in epigastrium. ~ Epilepsy.


Dull pain, in paroxysms, in right side of abdomen near navel.
Violent colic, with shivering, alternating with flushes of heat in face.
Flatulence after every meal, wind cannot be expelled either upward or downward.
Alternate swelling and decrease of abdomen during twenty-four hours.
Stagnated wind.
Sensation of tearing and drawing (zerren) in abdominal walls.
Sensation of pressure on lower abdominal organs impeding locomotion. ~ Uterine displacement.


Several soft stools during day.
Stool liquid, brown, gushing out in a violent jet.
Colic followed by diarrhea.
Ineffectual urging.
Difficult, consistent stool.
Constipation, fruitless desire to go to stool.
Heat in rectum.
Obstinate constipation; twelve to fifteen days elapsed without an evacuation, which consisted, when it occurred, of very hard, round substances about the size of an olive. ~ Precursor of apoplexy.
Hemorrhoidal flux.


Heat in urethra, while urinating.
Copious, clear urine, and frequent urination.
Thick, viscid urine.


Frequent erections during sleep and in morning.


Excitement of venereal appetite in morning in bed, and towards 4 P. M.; not removed by coitus, annoys, makes her ill-humored and disposed to weep.
Sexual desire increased, agg. mornings in bed.
Venereal desires, erotic thoughts, nervous agitation and distress produced by importunate venereal craving resembling an irresistible power, giving rise to ideas of violence, despair, etc.
Menses delayed eight days; colic and other sufferings cease with the flow, which is more abundant than usual.
Menses are apt to delay. ~ Hysteralgia.
Moisture in vagina, unusual but pleasant.
General feeling of distress in womb as though something was passing out. ~ Hysteralgia. ~ Displaced uterus.
Jerking in uterus. ~ Hysteralgia.
Sensation of pressure in lower organs of abdomen, walking is troublesome.
Severe general pain over womb as if something protruded behind it.
Sensation in womb, as if something was pushing.


Dull aching neuralgic pain in mamma.
Lancinating or acute smarting pains in mammary tumor entirely deprived her of rest, especially at night. ~ Scirrhus.
Drawing pain in breast. ~ Cancer.
Left breast feels drawn in. ~ Cancer.
Around nipple, which was sunk into a cavity, skin smooth and adherent; upon one point of this surface a violet spot, indicating fungus hematodes. ~ Cancer of mamma.
Ulceration and swelling in left breast; sharp stitching pain going through to back.
Breasts swollen, distended as before menses. ~ Cancer.
Induration of left mamma, size of head of infant; almost insensible, very hard and angular. ~ Cancer mamma.
A scirrhous tumor forms in right mamma, adhering by its entire base to thoracic walls. ~ Scirrhus.
A livid red spot appeared upon one point of tumor, broke and gave exit to a discharge of blood; gradually invaded whole breast, eight inches in circumference, discharging very fetid ichor; edges sensitive, pale, elevated, mamillary, hard, everted; bottom covered with reddish granulations. ~ Scirrhus.


A rough sensation in larynx exciting cough.


Short breath with pain in chest when inhaling; feeling in all limbs as if beaten, most in arms, 4 P. M., when walking out-doors.
Constriction in right side of chest.

COUGH. [27]

Cough with expectoration, morning in bed.
Easy hawking of greyish-black phlegm during forenoon.


Inner Chest and Lungs
Drawing pain towards internal part of chest from before backward, extending under left nipple into whole internal part of arm to extremity of little finger.
The entire left chest painful, motion aggravates pain.
Lancinating pain in anterior inferior portion of chest to right and left of sternum, diminished by carrying upper part of body and shoulders backward.
Feeling of fullness in chest with a fear of fainting.
Undulating throbbings in chest at night, causing anxiety.
Stretching upper part straight as drawing shoulders back lessens stitches in chest.


Palpitation strong and frequent; leaping.
Heartbeats dull, prolonged; seems as if heart had ceased to beat.
Anxiety in heart, night and morning.
Palpitation extending to epigastrium, with sensation of constriction.
Pulse hard, compressed and frequent. ~ Apoplexy.
On recovering consciousness, pulse is hard and much accelerated. See 7.
Small frequent pulse.
Pulse 75, next day weak and only 68.
Hard, frequent and contracted pulse.
Violent beating of right carotid artery; cerebral symptoms come on in morning, go off during day and come on again at evening; he wakes at night in great confusion, as if brain were shaken with electric shocks; violent reports in ears; dull pain, apparently along esophagus.


Violent itching spot upon chest.
Whole left side of chest is painful; motion agg. the pain.
Pain in upper chest, amel. throwing chest back.
Drawing pain towards internal part of chest, from before backward, extending under left nipple into whole internal part of arm to extremity of little finger.
Slight eruption between breasts.
A rash and furfuraceous eruption on chest between mamma.
Sternal integument swollen and painful. ~ Scirrhus.


Drawing pain in back; in sacrum.
Scrofulous ulcer on left side of neck, about two inches broad, extending from border of hair to clavicle, edges hard and elevated.


Axillary glands swollen, hard and knobbed; Knotted cords from right mamma to spine. ~ Scirrhous mamma.
Itching in right axilla.
Feeling as if beaten in arms. See 26.
Pain in right shoulder.
Painful drawing in muscles of right upper arm.
Red circular spot, size of a franc, on left olecranon, becomes covered with a dry, furfuraceous, friable coat, which falls off in two days; a similar but smaller spot on anterior surface of same arm.
Coldness in left arm, as if cold wind was blowing on it.
Stinging pain in left elbow.
Restlessness in limbs, especially in bends of arms; it is scarcely endurable to have arm covered.
Numbness and stiffness of hands, with cold arms.
Numbness of left hand extending into arm; coldness of arm.
Pain extending from thumb joint to shoulder.
Pain in flexor tendons of left thumb.
Severe itching around left thumb nail.
Drawing pain towards inner portion of chest from before backward; under left breast this pain extends under whole inner portion of arm to end of little finger.
Pricking in muscle of left upper arm.
Drawing pain: in left arm near elbow; in bone of right upper arm down to elbow joint, most violent in lowest part; in right wrist, afternoon.
Drawing and strumming in arms.


Pain in left knee.
Crampy pain above left knee.
Drawing: in right knee and below left; in outer muscles of left calf; in bone of left tibia, scraping on bone.
Cracking in left knee joint.
Itching below left knee, evening in bed.
Itching on right tibia.
Pain in bone, above left ankle.
Violent shooting on a small spot on lower leg, sore from scratching a few days after.
Drawing pain in outer side of left thigh.
Sensation of drawing in right hip, as if leg was too long and drawn downward.
Burning lancinations in great trochanter and left coxo-femoral joint, extending like lightning into outer side of bend of knee and into buttocks.
Dull pain in left coxo-femoral joint in morning.
Deep lancination in anterior part of thigh.
Pain in left hip in evening.
Violent pain in left thigh a few inches above knee.
Extremely unpleasant itching on upper and lower leg; agg. at 6 P. M. and in open air.
Tormenting itching on thighs and legs, increases at 6 P. M. in open air.
Insensibility of lower limbs with vertigo.
Painfully tired feeling in lower limbs.
During day annoyed by permanent contractions of muscles of lower limbs; during night great agitation and little sleep. ~ Precursor of apoplexy.
Pain in ankles.
Pain like podagra in metatarsal joint of left big toe, with redness and heat.
Lessened sensibility in limbs, mostly in lower.
Restlessness in lower limbs.
Weakness in standing.
Crawling like ants on lower limbs.
Pains in left great toe and joints of feet.
Lancinating pain in toes, especially left great toe, with redness of skin, great heat and sensibility; cannot endure ordinary covering; increased after sunset and in warm room; cold air and cold water assuage pain, heat of bed renews it, although it ceases before midnight.
Pain in left foot concentrated at ball of great toe, agg. by motion.
Ankles pain, most in left, later in right, in walking.
Painful drawing in muscles of left ankle.
Cracking in left ankle.
In metatarsal joint of left big toe gouty pain all day, red and hot: cannot walk at all.
Shooting pain in instep of right foot.
Painful stretching in soles.
Drawing in soles and toes.
Sensitiveness of left sole and toes.
Burning heat in feet.
Tickling on left foot near the roots of toes, 8 A. M.
Shooting in left big toe and all other toes, with great heat and sensitiveness; cannot bear usual covering; agg. after sunset, in-doors, skin reddened in warmth of bed, cold and cold water relieve; several evenings, ceasing at night.
Violent pain in left toes and roots of toes.
Violent cramp in left toes, later in right.
Violent pain in corn of left toe.


With attacks convulsive motions of limbs. ~ Epilepsy.
Uneasiness in limbs; agg. covered or in warm room.
Pains in limbs.
Laming pains in whole right side at night.
Feeling in limbs as if beaten, most in arms, with short breath and pains when breathing.
Pains in left arm and left knee, in evening in bed.
Drawing pains in right arm or hand and on dorsum of left foot.
Stitches in left wrist and at same time in left calf.
With pain in right hip, pain of whole left side up to shoulder blade.
Starting in upper and lower limbs, continuing several days.


Standing: weakness worse.
Throwing chest backward: pain in upper chest better.
Motion: pain in left chest agg.; pain in ball of toe worse.
Walking: vertigo with insensibility of lower limbs; right ankle pains; pressure in uterus.
Walking or ascending: throbbing in head worse.
Gait unsteady; muscles refuse to obey efforts of will.

NERVES. [36]

Startings in upper and lower limbs for days, with hot skin, agg. after supper.
General malaise; lassitude; feels better after eating.
Convulsive motions of limbs during unconsciousness.
Twitching over whole body four or five days before attack. ~ Epilepsy.
Weak and pale. ~ Epilepsy.
Sudden falling; livid face, convulsive motion of jaws, froth at mouth, convulsive shocks in limbs, loss of consciousness. ~ Epilepsy.
Convulsive movements of jaws, froth at mouth. ~ Epilepsy.
After attacks great debility with a sense of distress in epigastrium. ~ Epilepsy.
Convulsive attacks, after pressing pain in forepart of head and over eyes, with falling forward, loss of consciousness, trismus, pale face, convulsive motions of limbs.
After attacks prostration and anxiety in upper part of abdomen.
Lameness of limbs.

SLEEP. [37]

Disposition to sleep after reading a moment.
Is late falling asleep and late getting up.
Agitated sleep, tossing about.
Many dreams about persons and events; images vivid and lifelike.
Awakes in night with great distress and confusion; it seems to him as if brain were shaken by electric shocks.
Nocturnal lancinating pain in tumor. ~ Cancer mamma.
During night great agitation and little sleep. ~ Precursor of apoplexy.
Anxiousness at night from a waving throbbing in chest.
Sleep quiet but not refreshing.
Very vivid dreams of people whom she sees and hears, as if she was awake; not unpleasant.
Cannot sleep from pain in mammary cancer.

TIME. [38]

At 8 A. M.: tickling in foot.
Morning: headache on rising; epistaxis on getting awake; coryza and sneezing; sore throat on awaking; eructations; pain in side of abdomen; erections; sexual desire increased in female; cough; anxiety in heart; cerebral symptoms occur; pain in left coxo-femoral joint.
Forenoon: hawking greyish-black phlegm.
Towards noon: headache suddenly disappears.
Noon to 2 P. M.: anger.
Noon to 3 P. M.: anxiety.
All day: dull occipital headache.
During day: several soft stools; cerebral symptoms disappear; annoyed by permanent contractions of muscles of lower limbs.
Afternoon: pain in wrist.
At 4 P. M.: excitement of female venereal appetite; limbs feel as if beaten.
At 6 P. M.: stitching in leg worse.
Towards evening: fever, hot skin, followed by chilliness.
Evening: unusual gayety; cerebral symptoms recur, itching below left knee in bed; pain in left hip.
Before midnight: pain in toes ceases.
Night: sensation as if brain was shaken by electric shock; pains deprive her of rest; throbbing in chest; anxiety in heart; great agitation and little sleep; pain in whole right side; awakens in distress and confusion; lancinating in tumor; fear of apoplexy.


Heat of head as if surrounded by hot air.
Coldness left arm as if cold wind were blowing on it.
Cold air and washing: pain in toes amel.
Open air: itching on leg agg.; pressure on vertex amel.
Covering, heat of bed, in room: pain in toes agg.; uneasiness in limbs worse.
Great desire to wash in cold water.
Complaints agg. in cold, damp weather.

FEVER. [40]

Great coldness after supper.
Shivering with somnolence, followed by hot skin and restless night.
Chill and a heat in face in alternation with colic.
Heat followed by coldness.
Violent heat in head, then over whole body.
Increased general heat.
After nightly fear of apoplexy, recovers consciousness.
Hard pulse (See 29); febrile state continues to end of next day.
Increased warmth of body during whole proving.
Towards evening fever with hot skin, followed by chilliness.
Shivering, and heat and cold in alternation.


Dull occipital headache half hour; came on suddenly one and a half hours after breakfast; went off suddenly.
Attacks gradually lessened to shorter intervals. ~ Epilepsy.


Right: pain in side of head; pimple behind ear; dullness of hearing; parotid throbbing violently; scirrhus of mamma; constriction side of chest; violent beating carotid artery; itching in axilla; pain in shoulder; drawing in muscles of upper arm; pain in bones of arm; pain in wrist; drawing in knee; itching on tibia; drawing in hip; pain on instep of foot; pain in whole side.
Left: boring pain above eye; neuralgia opposite molar teeth; breast feels drawn in; ulceration, swelling and induration of mamma; chest painful; ulcer side of neck; spot on olecranon; coldness in arm; stinging in elbow; numbness in hand; pain in flexor tendons of thumb; itching around thumb nail; pain in arm; pain in knee; cramp above knee; drawing in outer muscle of calf; drawing in tibia; cracking in knee joint; itching below knee; pain in bone above ankle; drawing outer side of thigh; pain in hip; pain in thigh; pain in ball of great toe; pain in ankle; sensitiveness of sole and toes; tickling in foot; pain in corn of toe.
Above downward: pain in arm; violent heat in head.
Below upward: pain in thumb joint; pain in whole left side.
Within outward: pain in eyes.
Before backward: stitch-pain in left breast.


As if brain was shaken by electric shocks; as if head was surrounded by hot air; as if something protruded behind womb; as if heart had ceased to beat; as if wind was blowing on left arm; as if head would split; as if skull would break, pain in vertex; empty feeling in head; eyes as if drawn back; as if leg was too long and drawn downward.
Feeling in limbs as if beaten.
Lancinating: in forehead, temples and occiput; in auditory meatus; in mammary tumor; in chest; deep, in anterior part of thigh; in toes.
Burning lancinations: in great trochanter and left coxo-femoral joint.
Stitches in tongue; through breast to back; in left wrist and calf.
Pricking: in upper arm.
Stinging: in left elbow.
Piercing pain: like needles in lower jaw.
Jerking: in uterus.
Shooting: in tongue; on small spot on lower leg; right instep; in left big toe and other toes.
Tearing: in abdominal walls; in right side.
Drawing: in tongue; in abdominal walls; in breast; in chest; in back; in muscles of upper arm; in right wrist; in right knee and below left; in outer muscle of left calf; in outer side of left thigh; in right hip; in left ankle; in soles and toes.
Pressure: upon anterior lobes of brain; in right side of occiput; on lower abdominal organs.
Boring: above left eye.
Burning: in head; in feet.
Smarting: in scirrhus of breast.
Soreness: of scalp.
Crampy pain: above left knee; in left toes.
Constriction: in throat; in precordial region; in right side of chest; in epigastrium.
Contracting pain: in scrobiculum.
Painful stretching: in soles.
Scraping: on left tibia.
Neuralgic pain: in mamma; opposite left molar teeth.
Gouty pain: in big toe.
Laming pain: in whole right side.
Sudden pain: right side of head.
Dull pain: in occiput; in esophagus; in scrobiculum; in muscles of precordial region; in right side of abdomen; in mamma; in left coxo-femoral joint.
Undefined pain: in bones of sinciput; in eyes; below breast bone; in chest; in right shoulder; in thumb; in left hip; in left thigh; in left knee; above left ankle; in left great toe and joints of feet; in root of toes; in corn of left toe; in limbs.
Heaviness: of head.
Dullness: in head; in chest.
Throbbing: in head; in chest; in right parotid.
Twitches: in brain.
Roughness: in larynx.
Crawling: in face; on lower limbs.
Strumming: in arms.
Tickling: on left foot near toes.
Numbness: of hands.
Itching: upon chest; in right axilla; around thumb nail; below left knee; on right tibia; on thighs and legs.
Dryness: in throat.
Heat: in head; in eyes; in throat; in rectum; in urethra; in feet.
Coldness: in left arm.

SKIN. [46]

Itching spots.
Furfuraceous eruption between mamma and on left olecranon.
Chronic cutaneous affections and old ulcers with stinking ichor.
Eruption on thighs and insteps of small itching vesicles which tear easily and form superficial ulcers.
Scrofulous ulcer left side of throat.
Sensitive edges, fetid discharge. ~ Cancer mamma.
Dry, harsh skin, earthy appearance. ~ Cancer mamma.
Eruption of small blisters on thighs and legs, itching on ankles, changing to small burning ulcers, spreading but remaining superficial.
Skin destitute of pliability and elasticity. ~ Ulcer on neck.


Flabby, lymphatic constitution.
Girl, aet. 22, delicate, lymphatic and very irritable temperament; epilepsy.
Woman, aet. 48, flabby, lymphatic constitution, for several years a scrofulous ulcer.
Man, aet. 56, plethoric constitution, sedentary since eight years; epilepsy.
A woman, aet. 56, dry constitution; scirrhus in breast.
Woman, aet. 60, strong constitution; induration of left mamma.
A man, aet. 74, nervous, sanguine, suffering hardships of war as an officer, particularly during campaign in Egypt; threatened apoplexy.


Antidotes to Ast. rub.: Plumbum and Zincum.
Side relations: Murex., Sepia.
Compare: Crot. tig., Grat., Gummi gut., Jatrop., Thuya (all similar in diarrhea); Bellad. (pains come and go suddenly); Lilium tig. (sexual desire increased in women).
Useful after: Bellad., Carbo an., Conium and Silic. (in scirrhus of mamma); Sulphur, Bellad., Calc. carb. (in epilepsy).
Incompatibles: coffee and Nux vom.
Ipecac. relieved after Nux vom. aggravated.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 02, 1880
Description: Clinical materia medica of Asterias rubens
Remedies: Asterias rubens
Author: Hering, C.
Year: 1880
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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