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Aurum Muriaticum.

Auric Chloride. AuCl3.

Hahnemann had, in his Materia Medica, 1818, published some symptoms obtained before the trituration was preferred. Dr. Molin published in the French journals, 1845, after a good proving of Aurum met., the first useful proving; he was followed by Buchner and others, contained, with the exception of Prasoberera, in Allen, vol. 2, p. 14, 1875.

MIND. [1]

Functions of mind in best order and clear in his views, except with regard to his health or disease; he imagines he has all possible diseases. ~ Angina pectoris.
If left alone he thinks about nothing but his ailments, and gets more and more out of humor; desires company. ~ Angina pectoris.
Inclined to suicide; frequent weeping; aversion to occupation.
Laziness. ~ Albuminuria.
Great depression of mind. ~ Dropsy.
Everything is disagreeable, dreary, even nature around.
Sadness, as when homesick; sad, as though a great misfortune impended.
Melancholic mood. ~ Ozaena syphilitica.
Profound melancholy. ~ Dropsy.
Great anxiety, with palpitation.
Loss of energy; diminished virility; unrefreshing sleep.
Full of whims and notions.
Irritable without cause; tired of life.
Insurmountable mental or bodily restlessness; he has to spend hours in street and in open air. ~ Angina pectoris.
Thinking about his disease brings on palpitation. ~ Angina pectoris.
After fright or vexation, palpitation, which he can feel and hear. ~ Angina pectoris.
Ailments from violent chagrin.


Vertigo, as if he was walking in air.
Dullness of head. ~ Albuminuria.


Dull frontal headache.
Drawing headache in forehead.
Drawing in left half of head.
Constant burning in whole head; agg. on left side.
Burning with stinging in occiput.
(In sick:) Sometimes a penetrating pain from forehead down to nose.
Throbbing, with heavy dreams; throbbing in left temple after rising; amel. by application of cold water.
Congestion to head increasing to delirium.


Burning in forehead.
Head hot; limbs cool. ~ Albuminuria.
Drawing, tearing in bones of skull from time to time; head feels insensible.
Pressure on brain, along sagittal suture.
Cool sensation on vertex.
Tickling itching on forehead.
(In sick:) Hair, eyebrows and beard fall out.


Sudden blindness in childbed.
Cannot accommodate his eyes quickly for near or far objects.
Complete blindness, occurring suddenly after scarlet fever, with cold sweat; rapid, scarcely perceptible pulse; respiration rapid and unequal; abdomen burning hot; extremities cold and covered with sweat; pupils do not react to light.
Evening, candlelight, letters disappear; paper white, as if not printed upon.
Neuralgic pain in left eye.
Feeling as if eyes were drawn deep into head.
Sclerotica red, with sensation of burning heat and prickling.
Keratitis parenchymatosa; cornea very opaque, traversed by a dense mass of bloodvessels in cornea, tending towards staphyloma; ciliary injection, some photophobia, no vision.
Acute ophthalmia. ~ Caries of nasal bones.
Burning, pricking, itching and tickling in eyes and lids.
Difficulty in keeping eyes shut.
Lids agglutinated in morning.
Chronic inflammation of edges of eyelids.
Fistula lachrymalis.


Buzzing in left ear and sensitiveness.
Ringing and roaring in ears, followed by deafness, with sensation as if ears were wide and hollow inside, could not hear distinctly.
Music relieves.
Ears reddened. ~ Angina pectoris.
Scurf behind ears.
Burning and itching behind ears, particularly at night.


Pressing pain in nose.
Burning and itching in nose.
Blows blood from nose.
Crawling in cavities, as if a coryza was breaking out; stinging itching on small places; right to left.
Snuffles of a baby.
Bad smelling, watery discharge, irritating upper lip.
Discharge from nose containing some blood at times. ~ Dropsy.
Yellow-greenish discharge, not offensive, after ten days.
Ozaena scrofulosa, with unbearable odor.
Sudden running of pus from nose. ~ Ozaena syphilitica.
Nostrils stuffed up with hard crusts. ~ Syphilitic ozaena.
Red swelling of left side of nose; nasal cavity ulcerated deep in, with dry, yellowish scurf and sense of obstruction, although enough air passes.
Nasal bones sensitive; also upper middle of sinciput.
Burning and itching pain in upper part of nose, externally.
Redness and swelling of nose.
Hardness around corners of nose and lips. ~ Ozaena.
Deep cracks in alae nasi; in old cases of ozaena.
Lupus attacking alae nasi.
Infant's nose dented in.


Red face. ~ Angina pectoris.
Pale face with red spots.
Face pale; limbs cold; sudden blindness. ~ In childbed.
Burning in face at times, mostly after shaving, with a dark redness of cheeks.
On different parts of face digging, gnawing, stitching pain.
Itching, as from tickling of a feather on various parts of face.
Acne rosacea.
Caries of upper jaw after typhoid fever; pain in bones and teeth.
Infant with ancient appearance.


Caries of lower jaw since scarlatina in second year of her age; aet. 18.
Exostosis of right cheek bone disappeared in two months after treatment.
(In sick:) Trembling of lower jaw and threatened with trismus.
Watery, offensive moisture inflaming upper lip.
Indurations in lips.
Burning like pepper on lips.
Pustule on lip.
Lips swollen, they burn and itch.
Cancerous ulcers on lips.
Lips deep red. ~ Angina pectoris.
Painful swelling of submaxillary glands.


Loose teeth.
Jerking pain in teeth.
Front teeth sensitive; metallic taste.
(In sick:) Great tenderness of gums and slight salivation.
Gums inflamed or white, bluish; painful in spots, even ulcerated.
Dental fistula.


Metallic taste.
Flat, bad taste in mouth.
Taste entirely lost. ~ Cancer.
Tongue as hard as leather, hardly movable.
(In sick:) Tongue became stiff and prevented articulation of certain words. ~ Cancer.
Induration remaining after glossitis.
Redness, dryness, and excoriation of tongue.
Yellow, furred tongue.
Warts on tongue.
(In sick:) Tongue ulcerated in various places.
Cancer on tongue.


Dry mouth.
Inflammation of mouth.
Burning itching and biting in mouth.
Saliva increased, frequent desire to swallow; metallic taste.
(In sick:) Mouth filled with aphthae.


Fauces red, pain in throat.
Mucus in morning passes from head to throat. ~ Ozaena.
Inflammation with hoarseness.
Suppurating ulcer on tonsils with loss of substance.
Scraping and pricking in throat.
Painful redness of fauces and pharynx.
Dryness in throat; difficult deglutition.
Frequent desire to swallow; feeling of a plug in throat; metallic taste; increased saliva.


Appetite increased or lost.
Sweetened coffee disgusts him.
Eating and Drinking


After eating: nausea; distension and fullness of stomach; frequent yawning.
After breakfast: nausea leaves.
Slow digestion.
Diarrhea after eating.
Worse from coffee, tea, wine.


Belching and nausea; risings have a putrid taste.
Nausea fasting, better after breakfast.
Vomiting of a green fluid. ~ Albuminuria.
Vomiting of some white frothy matter (dogs).


Pressure in scrobiculum.
Sensation of fullness in stomach.
Burning, cutting, stitching in stomach. ~ Cardialgia.
Painful drawing in pit to middle of sternum; as if a hard body was pressed into cavity; worse stooping, eating, drinking; paroxysmal.
Slow digestion.
Cramps in stomach.
Increased warmth in stomach.
Inflammation of stomach.
Mucous membrane of stomach ulcerated; in dogs.


Burning in right hypochondrium, with heat and pricking in abdomen.
Constant sensation of tension in right hypochondrium.
Induration of liver with dropsy.
Pressure in hypochondria.
Burning in right hypochondrium; constant disagreeable feeling; hepatic hyperemia and swelling. ~ Ascites.
Spleen enlarged. ~ Albuminuria.
Stitches in left hypochondrium, as after running.


Abdomen distended; constrictive colic obliges her to double up; only goes off in bed.
Redness, heat, itching and biting at the umbilicus.
Dull bellyache.
Pain in bowels. ~ Albuminuria.
Distension of single places in abdomen.
Drawing pain in abdomen.
Straining, tensive pain, as if laced.
Ascites. ~ Liver affections. ~ Albuminuria.
Tension in the loins.
Stiffness in region of the groins.
Eruption of small red nodules above the pubes.
Abdomen sensitive to touch.
(In sick:) Considerable swelling of inguinal glands.


Frequent fluid stools.
Diarrhea: agg. at night; after eating; with pain in bowels.
Stools: greyish-white, yellow, watery.
Diarrhea. ~ Albuminuria.
Obstinate costiveness.
Hemorrhoidal tumors; blood discharged during stool.
Condylomata at anus.
Excrescences near anus, with an abundant serous discharge.
Anal and intercrural excoriation in a baby.
Numerous circumanal condylomata, in a scrofulous, syphilitic baby.
Fistula in ano of five months' standing, in a young man, aet. 21, bilious, sanguine temperament.


Scanty urine. ~ Anasarca.
Urine turbid, with a red lateritious sediment.
Frequent urging to urinate; agg. at night. ~ Albuminuria.
Incontinence of urine; agg. at night. ~ Old man, after dropsy.
Burning on urinating; urine feels as if too hot; tenesmus vesicae.
Urine turbid. ~ Dropsy.
Increased discharge of urine; urine has a peculiar odor and sediment.
If the bladder is filled in morning, he has strong erections but no sexual desire.
Pressing around waist; increased urine; renal hyperemia. ~ Heart disease. ~ Morbus Brightii.
Pains in region of kidneys; urine pale, clear. ~ Albuminuria in pregnancy.
Heat, tickling and burning in urethra.
(In sick:) Suppressed urethral discharges are re-established.
Syphilitic gonorrhea.


Diminished virility; melancholy.
Increased sexual desire.
Exhausting erections; hyperemia.
Testicles swollen, tense; drawing along the cords.
Gleet; worse mornings.
Warts on prepuce.
Chancre-like ulcers.
Condylomata on prepuce, anus and tongue.
Flat ulcers on scrotum, secreting a fetid ichor.
(In sick:) Chancres secrete an abundance of laudable pus; buboes become vast hearths of suppuration.
Chancres on prepuce and scrotum.
Bubo in left groin.
(In sick:) Excrescences extending from glans to os sacrum.
Excrescences on scrotum. ~ Fistula in ano.


Painful induration of mouth of uterus.
Menses too early and profuse; blood acrid, makes her sore.
Before menses: leucorrhea; red pustules on labia.
Menses suppressed. ~ Dropsy.
(In sick:) Amenorrhea.
Leucorrhea, light yellow, especially mornings; uterus prolapsed, indurated; chronic metritis, with mal-position and discharge.
Pudenda oversensitive.
Burning, itching of vulva.
Heat and itching in vagina.
Gonorrheal discharge and swelling of both groins.


During pregnancy and after childbed: dropsical symptoms.
Infiltration of cellular tissue of legs in childbed. See 33.


Voice rough or screeching.
Speaking is difficult.
Hoarseness, with violent fever and pleuritic symptoms.
Hoarseness, with inflammation of throat.
Chronic irritation of air passages.


Pressure on chest impedes breathing; agg. standing.
Anxious contraction of chest.
Long-lasting asthmatic symptoms.
Oppression as soon as clothes are fastened.
Anxious abdominal respiration; labored breathing. ~ Anasarca.
Difficult breathing from stagnation of blood; heartbeats increased, too strong.
Suffocation at night.
Oppression compelled deep breathing, which relieves.

COUGH. [27]

Short, dry cough in paroxysms, especially at night, followed by heat in throat.
Frequent hard cough, with white sputa mingled with threads of blood.
Frequent, loud sounding cough.
Frequent night cough.
Loose cough, with thick yellow expectoration.


Pressure under sternum; palpitation increases with every step, as if chest would burst. ~ Hyperemia from stenocardia.
Pulmonary catarrh.
Stitches under ribs and other signs of pleurisy.
Inflammatory symptoms of lungs.
Pains in left side of chest, as in pleurisy; they change place and sometimes leave.


Sore aching in cardiac region; burning, pricking.
Drawing and cutting in cardiac region.
Pressure in region of heart, with gnawing in abdomen.
Awakened by a sticking, boring at point where impulse of apex is felt; feels as if he could not have endured it longer; deep breathing does not alter it; hand pressed lightly does; immediately afterwards lancinating streaming pain, thence to left hypochondrium.
Stitches directly above heart.
Peculiar sensation of heaviness and rigidity in heart, with sudden arrest of breathing.
Cardiac anguish. ~ Endocarditis.
Angina pectoris (next to Arnic. indispensable).
Endocarditis rheumatica.
Heart disease accompanying carious affections of bones.
Beating of heart causes anxiety and sleeplessness, cannot rest until heart is quiet. ~ Angina pectoris.
Percussion all along heart dull. ~ Stenocardia.
Heartbeats irregular, with severe constriction of chest. ~ Rheumatism, after disappearance of swelling of joints.
Palpitation: with anxiety; agg. from every mental emotion.
Heart contracts more strongly; first sound increased.
Heartbeats sharp and metallic, but no other abnormal sound. ~ Angina pectoris.
Violent, irregular palpitation, with great oppression of heart. ~ Endocarditis.
Throbbing in carotid and temporal arteries.
Pulse large. ~ Angina pectoris.
Pulse small and frequent. ~ Dropsy.
Heart's beat weak; apex felt indistinctly. ~ Stenocardia.
Weak pulse and feeble heart. ~ Dropsy.


Hard swelling had twisted neck to right shoulder. ~ After scarlatina; 2[c].
Dull drawing in neck while sitting.
Tension in dorsal vertebrae.
Burning, pricking, cutting and stiffness in back.
Very severe backache.


Drawing in shoulders; agg. in bed.
Disagreeable sensation in shoulders and arms.
Tearing in left shoulder; in right arm, from elbow to tip of little finger.
Burning, lancinating in arms and forearms.
Involuntary concussive shocks in arms.
Spasmodic motion of arms.
Swelling in wrist, no pain, if left alone; tensive only when bending hand back; stitches on seizing anything.
Trembling of hands in morning.
Stiffness of arms and finger joints.
Tearing pain in middle finger after a meal.
(In sick:) Painful swelling of right hand. ~ Endocarditis.
Burning and itching of hands.
The hands can be closed with less facility.


Blood-boils on nates and thighs.
Stiffness in thighs and legs.
Heat, pricking and stinging in knees.
Knees painfully swollen; agg. stretching leg.
Exostoses, with bone pain in both shin bones. ~ Secondary syphilis.
Right tibia, anterior aspect of bone denuded and black nearly its entire length, surrounding soft parts inflamed and swollen; with a boy, aet. 12, exfoliating and healing within six months. ~ Necrosis.
Legs swollen and very tender along inside of tibia.
Left leg edematously swollen.
Infiltration of cellular tissue of legs; great tension, pain. ~ Childbed.
Deep-seated, tensive pain in dorsum of left foot; agg. from motion, during evening and night, disturbing sleep; also from warmth.
A doughy, sharply defined, semicircular swelling on dorsum of left foot, extremely sensitive to touch.
Deep-seated, troublesome pain in left foot. ~ After typhus.
Periostitis of left foot. ~ After typhus. ~ After mechanical injury.
Burning in feet.
Swelling of feet.
Cutting pain in toes when walking.
Redness and swelling of toes, with burning and stinging; cannot put feet down.


Drawing, tearing, especially in extremities.
Limbs cold, covered with sweat. ~ After scarlatina.


Lying: cannot lie on back. ~ Anasarca.
Must lie doubled up: in colic.
Sitting: drawing in neck.
Standing: pressure on chest impeding breathing.
Stooping: pains in sternum worse.
Stretching leg: swollen knee worse.
Rising: throbbing left temple worse.
Motion: pain in left foot agg.; impossible in dropsy.
Walking: pain in toes.
Ascending a hill or stairs causes palpitation and dyspnea. ~ Stenocardia.
Great restlessness; changes his position every moment; his friends call him “the quicksilver man. ~ Neurosis cordis.

NERVES. [36]

(In sick:) Great nervous irritation.
Greatest exhaustion, mostly in limbs.
Frequent startings. ~ Dropsy.
Restlessness with palpitation.
Weakness, fever and most violent symptoms, as if poisoned, after trituration in water, by teaspoonful, for syphilitic ulcers in throat.
Nervous affections, with disgust of life; insomnia and melancholy.

SLEEP. [37]

Yawning after eating.
Sleepy by day even at work.
Comatose sleep. ~ Albuminuria.
Sleepless: from excitement; from palpitation.
Wakes with a start.
Dreams: with sadness; tormenting.

TIME. [38]

Morning: eyelids agglutinated; mucus passed from head to throat; erection if bladder is full; gleet agg.; leucorrhea agg.; trembling of hands. [B Day: sleepiness even while at work.
Evening: pain in left foot worse.
Night: burning and itching behind ears; diarrhea; urging to urinate; incontinence of urine agg.; suffocation; dry cough agg.; pain in foot; swelling of tissue worse.


Cold washing: throbbing in left temple better.
Wet cold winter: improves.
Warmth: pain in left foot worse.
Cannot bear warmth of bedclothes, throws off covers.

FEVER. [40]

Slight chilliness over body.
Violent chill and fever.
Hectic fever: dropsy; after scarlatina; secondary syphilis.
Copious, offensive smelling sweat.
Sweat increased.
Copious cold sweat. ~ After scarlatina.
Promotes sweat in smallpox.


At times very much prostrated.
In paroxysms: drawing in stomach; short cough.


Right: exostosis of cheek bone disappeared, tension and burning in hypochondrium; neck twisted to shoulder by hard swelling; tearing in arm; painful swelling of hand; tibia denuded and black.
Left: drawing in half of head; burning in side of head; throbbing in temple; neuralgia of eye; buzzing in ear; red swelling side of nose; stitches in hypochondrium; bubo in groin; pains side of chest; tearing in shoulder; pain dorsum of foot.
Right to left: stinging itching on small places.
Above downward: pain in forehead; pain in elbow.
Diagonally: pain from apex of heart.


As if eyes were drawn deep into head; as if ears were wide and hollow inside; feeling of a plug in throat; as if a hard body was pressed into epigastrium; as if chest would burst; disagreeable sensation in shoulders and arms.
Boring: in cardiac region.
Cutting: in cardiac region; in back; in toes; in stomach.
Lancinating: from cardiac region to left hypochonder; in arms.
Stitching: in face; in stomach; in left hypochonder; under ribs; above heart; in wrist.
Pleuritic pains: in chest.
Stinging: in occiput; in nose; in knees; in toes.
Pricking: in cardiac region; in back; in knees; in throat; in abdomen.
Prickling: in eyes; in throat.
Burning: in head; in occiput; in forehead; in eyes; behind ears; in nose; in face; on lips; in mouth; in stomach; in right hypochonder; on urinating; in urethra; of vulva; in cardiac region; in back; in arms; in feet; in toes; of hands.
Biting: in mouth; at umbilicus.
Tearing: in bones of skull; in left shoulder; in right arm; from elbow to tip of little finger; in middle finger; in extremities.
Neuralgic pain: in left eye.
Digging: in face.
Jerking pain: in teeth.
Gnawing: in face; in abdomen.
Scraping: in throat.
Drawing: in left half of head; in bones of skull; epigastrium to sternum; in abdomen; along spermatic cords; in cardiac region; in neck; in shoulders; in extremities.
Pressure: on brain; in nose; in scrobiculum; around waist; on chest; under sternum; in cardiac region; in hypochondria; in region of kidneys.
Aching: in cardiac region.
Penetrating pain: from forehead to nose.
Undefined pain: in throat; in bowels; in kidneys; in left foot; in chest.
Throbbing: in left temple.
Concussive shocks: in arms.
Constrictive colic.
Cramps: in stomach.
Contraction: of chest.
Tension: in loins; in vertebrae; in legs; in right hypochondrium; in foot.
Straining, tensive pain, as if laced: in abdomen.
Stiffness: in groins; in back; in arms and finger joints; in thighs and legs.
Rigidity: in cardiac region.
Crawling: in nasal cavities.
Tickling: itching on forehead; in eyes; on face; in urethra.
Itching: in eyes; behind ears; in nose; on face; of lips; in mouth; at umbilicus; of vulva; in vagina; of hands.
Fullness: in stomach.
Heaviness: in cardiac region.
Heat: at umbilicus; in urethra; in vagina; in knees.
Coldness: on vertex.
Dryness: in throat.


Hyperemia from overaction of heart; consequent congestion of liver, kidneys, genitals.
Violent rheumatic fever, with painful swelling of joints; leaving joints and attacking heart.
Dropsies: from heart disease; from liver affections; with albuminuria; after scarlatina; with intermittent fever.
Swellings characterized by heat, hardness, tension, etc.; sensitiveness to touch; agg. at night, disturbing sleep.
Emaciation, especially in syphilis.
Indurations. See Nose, Lips, Teeth, Uterus, etc.
Cancerous glands.
Bones: periosteum affected; exostoses; caries, especially after abuse of mercury; syphilitic caries.
Caries of joints, with gnawing, boring deep in.
(In sick:) Morbid secretions are at once re-established.


Touch: abdomen sensitive; swellings sensitive.
Light pressure: pain at apex of heart better.
Tight clothing: oppression of breathing worse.
Stepping: palpitation worse.
Cannot put foot to ground: toes red, swollen.
After mechanical injury: periostitis of foot.
Cured ascites even after three successive tappings.

SKIN. [46]

Skin dry and shrunken. ~ Dropsy. ~ Albuminuria.
Small red itching elevations, leaving spots after they disappear.
Whole body covered with ulcers and scurf, with hectic fever. ~ Secondary syphilis.
(In sick:) Eruptions of pimples; crops of pustules all over body.


Lymphatic, scrofulous constitution, with dropsy after scarlatina and albuminuria.
Girl, aet. 12, with hypertrophy of heart, with dilatation and insufficiency of valves. ~ Hydropsia.
Woman, aet. 24, lymphatic constitution, scrofulous habit. ~ Hydropsia.
Man, aet. 32, sanguine; robust. ~ Secondary syphilis.
Woman, aet. 40, after rheumatism and endocarditis, fatty degeneration. ~ Stenocardia.
A man, aet. 57, well-preserved, lively temperament, had gonorrhea. ~ Angina pectoris.
After syphilis, maltreated by mercury. ~ Osteocopus.
Mercurial affections.
(In sick:) Symptoms whose suppression had caused serious mischief reappear.
A stout young man, subject to rheumatic attacks. ~ Endocarditis.


Gold salts and mercury salts both loosen cohesion of organic tissue. Both stimulate the absorbent, secreting and excreting functions of skin, kidneys and salivary glands. Employed for a longer period they initiate a peculiar metamorphosis of plastic life. They differ from the mercurials in stimulating more the activity of heart and bloodvessels, but not fluidly organic tissue so powerfully as dry mercury.
Similar to: Acon., Amm. carb. (hyperemia of chest from heart disease); Arg. met., Arg. nitr., Arsen. (dropsy, albuminuria, heart); Bellad., Cinnab. (syphilis); Ferrum, Glonoine (intermediate remedy in neurosis cordis); Lycop., Mercur., Nitr. ac., Phosphor., Platin., Silic., Sulphur.
Incompatible: sulphur springs.
Antidotes: Bellad., Cinnab., Mercur.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 02, 1880
Description: Clinical materia medica of Aurum muriaticum
Remedies: Aurum muriaticum
Author: Hering, C.
Year: 1880
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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