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Brachyglottis Repens.

Puka puka. Eupatoriaceae.

A shrub growing in the northern Island of New Zealand, attaining even the size of a tree, to twenty feet in height, bearing large, broad, indented, glossy leaves, the under surface thickly covered with white, downy layers. The flower is large, hanging in clusters of very minute, sweet-scented blossoms. The Maories use the leaves externally over old sores and ulcers.

Horses, after eating the leaves of the young shrubs, seem to lose all power over the hind legs and spine, and appear to be paralyzed.

Tincture prepared from the green leaves and flowers.

Proving by Dr. L. C. Fischer.

MIND. [1]

Irritable mood.


Confusion in head and pain in forehead.
Giddiness and flushed face.


Pain in forehead. See 2.
Pressure in forehead; 1st d.
Transitory, sudden throbs left side of head after one hour; 2d d.
Pressive pain in left side of forehead.
Throbbing in left temple.
Headache, pressive and throbbing in forehead.
Headache concentrated about left eye.
Pain over left eye.
Pain over right eye.
Feeling of tightness in forehead and temple.
Weight on top of head.
Headache extending from temple to temple.
Severe throbbing pain around right ear, and passing from ear to eyes, and then to neck.
A violent headache lasting four hours and commencing again at night, preventing sleep, leaving in morning a bruised feeling.
Throbbing pain in head.
Bruised pain in left temple.
Darting pain in right side of head.
Heaviness over head.
Headache and faceache, become very severe and prevent sleep during night.


A cold sensation and tightness about scalp.
Increasing desire to bend the head.
Soreness all over head and stiffness in neck.


Dimness of sight and pressure on forehead.
Pain over left eye.
Soreness around eyes, as if bruised.


Tingling in ears.
Pain in ears.
Itching and pricking in ears.
Throbbing about right ear, from ear to eyes and then to neck.


Irritation in nostrils and repeated sneezing.
Irritation in left nostril and feeling as if air is too sharp.
Itching in nose.
Itching and burning in nostrils.
Soreness of nostrils exteriorly.


Faceache left side, as if submaxillary glands were affected, extending to upper part of face.
Itching in face.
Soreness, zygomatic process right side of face.
Headache and faceache become very intense, and prevent sleep during night.
Soreness in zygomatic process, left side.
Sudden lancinating pain in right side of face.
Chilliness and heat in face.
Slight twitches in left side of face.
Appearance of general illness.
Flushed face. See 2.
Faceache with headache. See 3.
Severe pain and tightness of skin over forehead.
Twitching in left side of face.


Severe pain in left submaxillary region.
Painless soreness in sterno-mastoid process.
Since about a week a soreness has been felt on corners of mouth, which now relieves itself by swelling of lips.


Toothache, right side, extending to ears.


Soreness of tongue.
Pricking pain and numbness in tongue.


Heat in mouth.


Slight soreness in throat.
Scraping sensation in throat.
Soreness and rawness in throat.
Dryness and rawness in throat.
Pain in throat increased by swallowing.
Sharp, cutting pain in throat.
Dryness in throat with slight cutting pain.
Dryness of throat and lips.
The throat symptoms seem to be nervous, and not resulting from mucous membranes; the same may be said of nose and ear symptoms.


Loss of appetite.


Evening, nausea and eructation of taste of ingesta.
Eructation; fluttering in stomach.


Soon after taking the dose, pain, soreness in stomach.
Fluttering in stomach.
Nauseating sensation in stomach.
Evening, after tea, soreness; throbbing in stomach and bowels, right side.
Fullness and pain in stomach.
Pain in right side of back and stomach while breathing.


Pain, right side.
Isolated throbbing pains in right side, back.
Acute throbbing in right hypochondriac region.


Isolated throbbing in left groin.
Almost constant pain in groins and weariness in lower limbs.
Pain in left groin.
Acute pain in groin.
Fluttering sensation in abdomen.
Severe pain across loins.
Pain in bowels.
Dull pain in bowels.


Evacuation of dry feces, with sore, constrictive pain in anus; evening.
Ineffectual urging for stool.
Action of bowels has become more and more constipated and painful; feces like balls and knotty.
Colic and desire for stool.
Diarrheic stools in evening.
Tendency to diarrhea.


Pressure and soreness in neck of bladder.
By passing urine, pain in bladder and soreness in urethra; feeling as if urine could not be retained.
Urine abundant; specific gravity, 0.8; full of mucous filaments under microscope, consisting of mucous corpuscles and epithelium.
Inclination and urgent desire to pass urine; 12 1/2 ounces; specific gravity 04; reaction acid.
Irritation in bladder.
Soreness in region of kidneys.
Passed a large quantity of pale-colored urine.
Urgency in passing urine; pain in neck of bladder; a large quantity of pale-colored urine voided; specific gravity, 0.8; boiling and nitric acid test prove albumen.
Bright's disease.
Since evacuation, pressure and acute pain in bladder and urethra, with stinging in penis.
Pressure in neck of bladder by voiding urine in evening, as formerly; quantity much less and dark in color; specific gravity, 24; long threads again floating in it.
Stinging pain in urethra.
Passed a large quantity of dark-colored urine, containing long threads, which, when examined microscopically, proved less mucous but mere transparent waxy casts.
Urine voided was examined with microscope, and consists of a mass of epithelial cells, adhering to each other (phosphates, oxalate of lime); (quantity of urine voided in twenty-four hours 48 ounces; specific gravity, 24).
Passed soon a large quantity of urine, with constant desire and feeling as if bladder was not emptied.
Soon after taking dose, gnawing pain in region of kidneys.
Desire for micturition during day; urine dark; specific gravity, 23; acid reaction.
Urinary secretion painful in bladder and urethra, and distinct in penis.
Passed 43 ounces of urine in twenty-four hours, dark color; specific gravity, 34; mucous cells and triple phosphates.
Passed about 56 ounces of urine in twenty-four hours specific gravity, 20; full of white mucous sediment, more than any previously passed, containing epithelium, triple phosphates and mucous casts from kidneys.
Passing urine preceded by pain in bowels.
After passing of urine, pain in shoulder was much increased, and changed from a sharp cutting to a throbbing pain.
Pain in knee followed by passing a large quantity of urine.
By urinating, pain in bladder and soreness in urethra, feeling as if urine could be retained.


Soreness in groins, as if in spermatic cords, and thrilling sensation through penis and testes.
Throbbing in penis and desire to pass urine; pressure in bladder.


Oppression of breathing, as if pectoral muscles were contracting, and a stretching would give relief; which sensation seems to be also in dorsal muscles and right shoulder blade.
Oppressive breathing; sighing gives relief.


Pressure in chest (esophagus?).
Pain in right side of chest, affected by breathing.
Pain flying about chest.


Pain in left side of chest, region of heart.
Shooting in pectoral muscles in region of heart.
Shooting pain in intercostal muscles, region of heart.


Throbbing in sternum, and pain in pectoral muscles.


Pain in back.
Soreness in shoulders and neck.
Weariness and weakness in back, from coccyx upward, and dull pain in region of kidneys.
Pain in neck by moving head from one side to other; soreness in region of attachments of sterno-mastoid muscles.
Pain in back and weakness in extremities.
Soreness in lower part of spine, from which he was free, is returning with great violence and intensity; it is almost traceable to sciatic nerve.
Uneasiness in back, and prostration all day.
Stiffness in neck.
Aching in lumbar region.
Soreness in first dorsal vertebrae to touch.
Feeling as if whole back would contract backward, and muscles of neck were affected.
Sudden pain about fourth and fifth dorsal vertebrae, extending to right side of chest and shoulders.
Pain in neck, prominently affecting upper part of trapeze muscle and extending to shoulders.
Pain in neck by pressing on forehead.
Cutting pain in neck.
Stiffness in neck and soreness all over head.
Coldness in back.
Cutting pain under left shoulder.
Isolated throbbing right side of back.


Upper Limbs
Feebleness in arms.
Isolated sore throbs in right arm and axilla.
Pain in left elbow.
Painful throbbing about shoulder and collar bone.
Weariness in arms.
Soreness in fingers and thumb; weakness in hands in writing.
Soreness in right wrist, extending upward to elbow, as if traceable in flexor carpi ulnaris muscle.
Throbbing and shooting pain in wrist.
Weakness and soreness in biceps.
Isolated throbbing or shooting in arms.
Cracking in joints of left arm.
Prostration and weakness in right arm by writing.
Throbbing as formerly in arms.
Weakness and prostration in arms and wrists.
Pain under right axilla, extending to pectoral muscles.
Sensation of pain running along left upper arm, becoming stationary.
Painful soreness under arms.
Soreness and pain in left wrist.
Cracking in left shoulder; this has never been experienced before.
Great fatigue in arms.
Pain of great intensity in deltoid of left arm.
Pain under right axilla.
Severe cramp in thumb, bringing it down to palm of hand.
Cramp in fingers, thumb and wrist, by writing.
Severe cutting pain in left shoulder.
Cramp and pain in little finger.
Bruised pain, commencing at shoulder and extending down to wrist; pain in wrist and arm is getting worse; pain in arm prevents sleep.
Feebleness in arms.
Prostration and weakness in right arm by writing.


Transitory, short, sudden pains in thighs.
Great weakness in legs and prostration.
Throbbing sore pain in legs.
Weakness in lower extremities by walking.
Great prostration in legs, and soreness in lower part of spine; weakness and pain are more perceptible in left than in right thigh.
Sharp throbbings or shooting in knees, and contractions, cramplike, in muscles of thighs.
Weakness in lower extremities increasing, extending from hip to knees.
Pain in knees; sore throbbings.
Pain in lower part of legs.
Cracking in joints of lower extremities by walking.
Painful itching-burning by walking, under big toes, and itching in sole of right foot.
Soreness on soles of feet.
Rheumatic moving-aching in left knee, very intense.
Cramp in both legs, extending from thighs to knees.
Contraction of right leg.
Cramps in front of left leg, above knee.
Isolated sudden throbbing in left groin.
Pain in thighs by walking.
Transitory, short, sudden pain in thighs.
Almost constant pain in groins, with weariness in limbs.
Sharp throbbing and shooting in veins, immediately after taking dose.
Cramplike contractions in muscles of thigh.
Cold feet.


Weariness and weakness in limbs.


Walking: weariness of lower extremities; cracking in joints of lower extremities; painful itching-burning in thighs.

NERVES. [36]

Great lassitude and prostration.
Heaviness and sleepiness.

SLEEP. [37]

A very restless and sleepless night was passed.
Very sleepy during day, and constant yawning all day.
Great inclination to sleep.
Restless sleep during night.
After waking could not fall asleep again; confused dreams.
Full of dreams.
Talking in sleep.
Headache preventing sleep; with faceache.

TIME. [38]

Morning: bruised feeling in head; throbbing in left groin.
During day: desire for micturition; prostration; sleepiness and yawning.
Evening: soreness of stomach and bowels; sore pain in anus; diarrheic stools; pressure neck of bladder.
Night: headache prevents sleep; restless and sleepless.

FEVER. [40]

Cold and chilly.
Chilly; pulse 50.
Shivering and chilliness immediately after taking the dose.
Rigor and chills all over frame.
Hands and feet cold.
The rigors and chills are nervous.


Right: pain over eye; pain around ear; pain side of head; soreness zygomatic process; lancinating pain in side of face; toothache of side; throbbing in stomach and bowels of side; pain side of stomach and back; pain in hypochondrium; contracting sensation in scapula; pain side of chest and shoulder; sore throbs in arm and axilla; soreness in wrist; weakness of arm; contracting pain in leg; itching on sole of foot.
Left: throbbing in temple; headache about eye; pain in temple; pain over eye; irritation in nostril; faceache of side; soreness in zygomatic process; twitches side of face; pain in submaxillary region; throbbing in groin; pain side of chest; cutting pain in shoulder; pain in elbow; cracking in joints of arm; pain along upper arm; sore pain in wrist; cracking in shoulder; pain in deltoid; weakness agg. in thigh; aching in knee; cramps in front of thigh.
Above downward: bruised pain in shoulder; weakness in hip; cramp in hip.
Below upward: weakness in coccyx; soreness in wrist.


As if back would contract backward.
Cutting: in throat; under left shoulder; in left shoulder; in neck.
Darting: in right side of head.
Sudden pains: in thighs.
Lancinating: in side of face.
Stinging: in penis; in urethra.
Pricking: in ears; in tongue.
Shooting: in pectoral muscles, region of heart; in intercostal muscles; in wrist; in arms; in knees.
Gnawing: in region of kidneys.
Scraping: in throat.
Pressing: in left side of forehead; in forehead; in neck of bladder; in chest.
Bruised: headache; in left temple; around eyes; from shoulder to wrist.
Soreness: over head; around eyes; in zygomatic process; of corners of mouth; of tongue; in throat; in stomach; in anus; in neck of bladder; in urethra; in region of kidneys; in groins; in shoulders and neck; in lower spine; in fingers; in wrists; in biceps; in soles of feet; in groins.
Burning: in nostrils.
Itching-burning: under big toes.
Aching: in lumbar region; in left knee.
Rawness: in throat.
Cramp: in throat; in fingers; in wrist; in thigh muscles; in legs.
Constrictive pain: in anus; in pectoral muscles.
Undefined pain: in forehead; over left eye; over right eye; in ears; in left submaxillary region; in tongue; in stomach; in back; in left groin; across loins; in bowels; in neck of bladder; in side of chest; in neck; in left elbow; in legs; under axilla; in wrist; along arm; in knee.
Thrilling: through penis and testes.
Fluttering: in stomach; in abdomen.
Throbbing: in left side of head; in left temple; around right ear; in stomach; in right side, back; in left groin; in penis; in right arm and in sternum; about shoulder and axilla; in collar bone; in wrist; in arms; in legs; in knees.
Fullness: in stomach.
Heaviness: over head.
Weight: on top of head.
Cracking: left shoulder, arm and lower limbs.
Stiffness: in neck.
Tightness: in forehead and temple; about scalp.
Twitching: in left side of face.
Weariness: in lower limbs; in back; in arms.
Numbness: of tongue.
Tingling: in ears.
Coldness: about scalp; in back.
Heat: in mouth.
Itching: in ears; in nose; in nostrils; in face; in sole of right foot; of skin.
Dryness: in throat; of lips.


Loss of flesh since commencement of proving.
While at first pains had a nervous character, they are now decidedly muscular and lasting longer.
Seems at first to attack the nervous system.
It appears as if whole nervous system was influenced; filaments and membranous nerves first perceptibly, but larger branches and roots were unmistakably affected which is proved by intensity and constant pain in back, acting upon motor nerves as well as nerves of secretion, but medulla oblongata appears not to be so immediately acted upon, as there are no spasms and contractions, and no cerebral disturbances, and only later in provings muscular sensation of continuous contraction appears to take place.
The seventh pair, facial and auditory, seem to participate, extending in their ramification to inferior dental and auric branches, principally left side.
The sciatic and crural nerves, as well as the saphenic, seem most and directly influenced, while in upper extremity ramification of brachial and radial nerves is more influenced.
The muscles seem to be affected secondarily after longer proving; power of contraction and action becomes more influenced after proving has been carried on some time, and which depends also on intensity of dose.


Touch: soreness in first dorsal vertebra.
Pressure on forehead: pain in neck.
Moving head from one side to another: pain in neck.

SKIN. [46]

Itching of skin.


Compare: Arnic., Calend., Senecio., and other Eupatoriaceae.
Similar to: Apis (soreness, stinging in urethra); Arnic. (bruised, sore feeling); Bovist. (albuminuria); Helonias (albuminuria); Merc. cor. (albuminuria, urging to urinate and defecate); Nux vom. (urging to urinate and defecate); Opium (feces like balls); Plumbum (feces like balls, painful micturition, albuminuria).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 02, 1880
Description: Clinical materia medica of Brachyglottis repanda
Remedies: Brachyglottis repanda
Author: Hering, C.
Year: 1880
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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