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Calcarea Sulphurica.

Calcium sulphate. Ca SO4.

1847. Extracts from provings of C. Hg., Withy, and that of a young lady.

1873. Extracts from provings with the 30th and 200th by C. M. Conant (Trans. Am. Inst. of Hom.).

Cured symptoms by C. Hg., Koeck and Knerr.

Symptoms from Schuessler and Old school authorities are marked with : (OBS:).

t. stands for toxicological symptoms.

MIND. [1]

Loss of consciousness; t.
Loses memory and power of thought suddenly, after lunch.
Sometimes a desire to walk, to attend to something; as soon as she sets out to do it the desire is gone.
Awoke screaming.
Great depression at times.
Liveliness and good spirits change to grief and melancholy, afternoon and evening.


While walking, dizzy in head and weakness and oppression from head and across stomach.
Vertigo with deathly nausea.


Pain in left forehead and head.
Severe frontal headache, agg. after dinner and in evening.
Ache across forehead and in vertex.
Pain around head, several times before going to bed.
Tearing around whole head, with nausea, when rising from lying, amel. while lying.
Headache: from concussion; with feeling as if eyes were sunken; during menses; with pain in chest.


Sensation around head as if he had his hat on, 4 p. m.
On region of anterior fontanelle two red pimples, and a burning sore feeling on a place as large as a dollar.
Painful pimples on scalp leave a yellow scab.
Hard tender swellings in scalp in edge of hair, bleeding when scratched.
(OBS:) Crusta lactea or “scald head” of children.
(OBS:) Cranio tabes.


Sees only half an object.
Looking at a piece of paper pains right eye.
Occasional blindness, with twitching of eyelids.
(OBS:) Deep ulcers on cornea.
(OBS:) Ophthalmia, pus thick and yellow.
Cornea smoky, pus in anterior chamber, sensation as from a foreign body; has to tie up eye; after injury to eye from a splinter.
Continued dull pain over right eye; evening.
Twitching of muscles on a supraorbital foramen, near outer corner of left eye.
Pressing pains in left eyeball; cutting in left eye with soreness in evening, as if eyes were sunken in head, with headache.
Protrusion of eyes; t.
Inflammation of eyes, evening and night, with slow fever; sensation of heat, eyes red.
Conjunctiva yellow.
(OBS:) Eyes bleared, red; with colic.
Tears from left eye, with left-sided coryza.
Twitching of eyelids.
Smarting in inner canthi.
Severe inflammation in canthi.
Boil over left eye.


Singing in her ears Otitis after a slap on ear.
Dark brown earwax from right ear; A. M.
Pimple on top of right ear.
Soreness of right parotid gland; amel. walking in open air.


A quivering on root of nose, extending to cheek.
(OBS:) Nosebleed.
(OBS:) Coryza, with thick, yellow, lumpy, mattery discharge.
Yellowish mucus from left nostril and tears from left eye.
During day right nostril discharges watery mucus, left dry; at night vice versa.
Yellowish-green phlegm from posterior nares.
Scanty phlegm, mostly from posterior nares, morning and evening.
Posterior nares closed, watery coryza from anterior.
Influenza and sneezing, amel. in open air; coryza on right side after a bath, amel. out-doors.
Blood-streaked mucus from left nostril after a bath.
Excoriating watery coryza in open air, amel. in-doors and after washing with cold water.
Edges of nostrils slightly sore, excoriated.


(OBS:) Swollen cheek with toothache; if suppuration threatens.
A small swelling on left inferior maxilla, about lower and middle part of buccinator.
Swollen hard pimple on left cheek.
Darting pains in right side of face.
Pain in right upper jaw.
Flushes of heat.
Exceedingly pale, sickly appearance (workers in plaster).
Herpetic eruptions on face.
Pimples and pustules on face.


Blister-like sores on right lower lip, ulcerate, ooze bloody matter, and extend to right corner of chin.
Many tender pimples under beard discharge blood or oily transparent matter.
On outer lower lip a raw sore, forming a scab.


(OBS:) Rheumatic toothache.
Pain in right upper jaw, with swollen and tender gums about a decayed molar.
(OBS:) with swollen cheek; after dark, and in sleep; first agg. by cold water, soon amel.
Right lower molar decayed; is tender and sensitive to cold air, water, etc.
(OBS:) Inside of gums swollen and sore.
Gums bleed while brushing his teeth.


Taste: (OBS:) flabby; soapy; sour acrid; bitter.
At base of tongue slightly puckered sensation.
Tongue coated yellow at base; (OBS:) resembling a layer of half-dried clay.
Tongue seamed with a deep red line.
Glossitis; (OBS:) when suppuration begins.


Inside of upper lip sore.
Dryness of mouth; t.


Soreness, left side of roof as if burned, while eating.
Pharynx red and sore, tonsils affected.
(OBS:) Diphtheritis of soft palate; fauces are much swollen; also in scarlatina.
(OBS:) Tonsillitis if a discharge of pus is anticipated.


Excessive appetite and thirst.
No appetite for meat.
Great desire for tea, claret, green sour vegetables and fruit.


While eating: roof of mouth sore.
After maple sugar, diarrhea.
After eating: better; lunch, loses memory; dinner, headache.


Nausea: with vertigo; with headache; with pain in pelvis.


(OBS:) Pain in stomach; motions and burnings; pain extends into liver.


Severe pain in region of liver.


Sensation of weakness across stomach, as if from head.
Colic: with rumbling; with diarrhea; with bleared eyes.
A feeling in lower part of abdomen as if skin was too tight, with pain.
Pain in right side of pelvis, followed by weakness, nausea and pain at stomach.
(OBS:) Intestinal ulcers, with typhus.
(OBS:) Buboes: to prevent suppuration.


Diarrhea, with pain in abdomen, from change of weather or after eating maple sugar.
(OBS:) Diarrhea: with discharge of pus, or bloody pus; with typhus.
(OBS:) Dysentery, if passages consist of pus-like slime.
Painful abscesses about anus in cases of fistula.
(OBS:) Prolapsus ani.
(OBS:) Costiveness; with hectic fever; with difficult breathing.


Chronic nephritis.
(OBS:) Bright's disease, if symptoms correspond.
(OBS:) Red urine, with hectic fever.


(OBS:) Spermatorrhea with impotency.
(OBS:) Gonorrhea; in suppurative stage.
(OBS:) Chronic syphilis.


Menses came later and continued longer; usual symptoms, headache, twitchings, great weakness, etc., were aggravated.


(OBS:) Mastitis, when pus begins to form or to prevent suppuration.


(OBS:) Croup.
Catarrh, with thick, lumpy, white yellow or pus-like secretion.


Short-breathed, costive and cachectic (workers in plaster of paris).
(OBS:) Asthma, with hectic fever.
After great dryness of mouth, suffocative attacks with protrusion of eyes, loss of consciousness, an death; t.

COUGH. [27]

(OBS:) Cough, with hectic fever.
Chronic cough of the tuberculous.


Pain in sternum became so much agg., she was obliged to double up.
At times a pain across chest.
(OBS:) Pain in chest, and headache.
(OBS:) Pneumonia, third stage.
(OBS:) Empyema; after thoracocentesis.


Pain from anterior of heart down to lower part of thigh.


Pain across back of her neck.
Pain in lower part of back.
Chronic pain in os coccygis was greatly aggravated.


The third phalanx of index finger had been bruised; had a misformed surface, suppurating, full of granulations, bone was bare, pains very violent.
Fingers are stiff in a dream; stiff and painfully rigid, puffy and stiff, mainly on right hand, A. M.
Swelling of phalanges of fingers.
Inflammation and swelling of little finger.
(OBS:) Whitlow, when suppuration begins.


(OBS:) Inflammation of hip joint; in suppurative stage of hip disease.
(OBS:) Ischias and podagra.
Pain from heart to lower thigh.
Painful rigidity of legs, A. M., especially right; later, upper part agg. P. M.; the worst in early evening.
A weakness in her legs.
Weariness in knees after walking.
(OBS:) Pain in knees from a blow.
(OBS:) Stitches in knee.
Lameness in inner part of left knee when in bath, A. M., when stooping or walking fast, later in posterior part.
Legs tender to touch; feet slightly swollen and tender.
A great burning and itching of soles of her feet.
(OBS:) Burning on soles, with hectic fever.
The basis of fourth left toe suddenly tender while walking.


(OBS:) Pain in joints.


Better while lying; headache.
Stooping: agg. lameness in eye.
Obliged to double up to amel. pain in stomach.
When rising from lying down: headache.
Better walking in open air; improves soreness in parotid gland; desire to walk.
While walking; dizzy; toe tender.
After walking; weariness in knees; walking fast, lameness in knees.

NERVES. [36]

Twitchings during menses.
Great disposition to lie down and stretch out.
Weakness and oppression from head down to stomach.
Weakness during menses.
Much exhausted after a dream.
Great lassitude, 2 p. m. till evening.
Weak, languid, no pluck; intolerable lassitude after siesta.
Weariness after pain in pelvis.

SLEEP. [37]

(OBS:) Sleepy during day, wakeful at night.
Before going to bed, pain in head.
She dreamed she had a convulsion from fright, awoke screaming and much exhausted.
Internal lassitude after siesta.

TIME. [38]

In morning: lameness of knee, in bath.
At 2 p. m. till evening: lassitude.
Afternoon and evening: liveliness alternates with melancholy.
At 4 p. m.: external headache.
Evening: toothache; pain in legs.
Late p. m.: half-sightedness.
About 10 p. m.: pain in eye.
Before going to bed: headache.
At night: toothache.


(OBS:) Burns and scalds; when suppuration begins.
(OBS:) Suppurating chilblains.
Open air: agg. walking in it; desire to be in it.
Suffered unusually from cold, while taking his usual bath, A. M.
Knee pains in bath.
Sensitive to water, first agg. then amel., toothache.
From change of weather: diarrhea.
After washing with cold water: coryza.

FEVER. [40]

(OBS:) Quotidian or tertian fever.
(OBS:) Intermittent fever; back of tongue has a coating, resembling dry clay.
(OBS:) Typhus: when diarrhea sets in; intestinal ulcers.
(OBS:) Hectic fever: with costiveness and red urine; with asthma, cough and burning in soles of feet.


Right: over eye dull pain; in eye, pain; soreness of parotid gland; earwax dark; pimple on top of ear; watery mucus from nostril; pain in upper jaw; sores on lip; toothache; pain in pelvis; fingers stiff; rigid legs.
Left: pain in forehead; twitching of muscles about eye; pressing pain in eyeball; cutting in eye; tears from eye; boil over eye; coryza from nostril; swelling on infra maxilla; pimple on cheek; soreness roof of mouth; knee lame; toe tender.
Direction of pain across: in head, stomach, liver, chest and neck.
Above downward: heart to leg.


As if he had his hat on; as if eyes were sunken; as of a foreign body in eye; as if skin was too tight in lower abdomen.
Cutting: in eye Darting: in right side of face.
Stitches: in knee.
Burning: sore feeling on anterior fontanelle; in stomach; of soles of feet.
Rheumatic pain: in teeth.
Pressing pain: in left eyeball.
Tearing: around head.
Smarting: in inner canthi.
Soreness: of right parotid; roof of mouth; inside of upper lip.
Aching: across forehead; in vertex.
Dull pain: over right eye.
Undefined pain: in left forehead and head; in right upper jaw; in stomach; in region of liver; in lower abdomen; in right side of pelvis; in anal abscess; across chest; in chest; from heart to thigh; across back of neck; in lower part of back; in joints; in sternum.
Puckered sensation: at base of tongue.
Weakness: across stomach.
Lameness: in knee.
Itching: of soles of feet.
Dryness: of mouth.


(OBS:) Its sphere of action is in the connective tissue; inflammation with suppuration.
(OBS:) Arrests hemorrhage and blennorrhea.
(OBS:) Abscesses which have their seat in the connective tissue, if they are the result of stasis in the connective tissue tubuli.
(OBS:) Serous swellings, post-scarlatinal dropsy, in rare cases.
(OBS:) Hard or suppurating glands.
(OBS:) In third stage of inflammation; lumpy or bloody discharge.
(OBS:) Acute and chronic rheumatism.
(OBS:) Discharge in cough, leucorrhea, gonorrhea, etc., yellow, thick and lumpy, sometimes bloody.
After mechanical injuries, when in neglected cases suppuration has set in.
(OBS:) Greenish, brownish, yellow crusts.
(OBS:) Cystic tumors; fibroma; fibrous polypi.


Legs tender to touch; toe tender while walking.
From a blow or concussion: headache; pain in knee.
After a slap on ear: otitis.
After a bruise: suppuration of finger.
After a hurt by a splinter: sore eye.
Cuts and wounds, to control suppuration, thick yellow matter.
Burns and scalds, if suppurating.

SKIN. [46]

Itching on soles.
(OBS:) Scarlet rash; scarlatina, with excessive swelling of soft palate.
(OBS:) Suppurating pustules and nodules.
(OBS:) Skin affections, with greenish, brownish or yellowish scabs.
Yellow scab follows pimples on scalp.
(OBS:) Boils and furuncles.
(OBS:) Abscesses and carbuncles, to control the formation of pus. [Obs. Anthracin is much better. –C. Hg.]
(OBS:) Tetters.
Many little matterless pimples under hair, bleeding when scratched.
(OBS:) Ulcers discharging thick yellow matter.
Greyish, lead-colored skin (workers in gypsum).
(OBS:) Chilblains, when suppurating.


Compatible: after Kali mur., Natr. sulph., Silica.
Compare: Calend., in suppurations; Hepar, in suppurative processes, but has wider sphere and acts with more intensity; Kali mur. in milk crust and other skin affections, swollen cheek, croup, dysentery; Natr. sulph., in post-scarlatinal dropsy; Silica, in hard or suppurating glands, ulcers of cornea, tonsillitis, mastitis, frostbites.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 03, 1881
Description: Clinical materia medica of Calcarea sulphurica
Remedies: Calcarea sulphurica
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1881
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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