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Cannabis Sativa.

American or European Hemp. Cannabineae.

MIND. [1]

Seems to be in a dream, as if things were not real; feels as if she did not know where she was; objects seem strange; feels at times as if she was somebody else; memory bad; forgets when speaking what she is going to say, or what she is going to do, unless she makes a note of it,; cannot follow what persons say to her; when writing repeats or omits words. ~ Post-partum hemorrhage.
Makes mistakes in writing.
Says one thing for another when speaking.
Time seems prolonged. ~ Post-partum hemorrhage.
Voices, including her own, seem to come from a distance; her own voice seems strange, as if it was somebody else speaking. ~ Post-partum hemorrhage.
Thoughts seem to stand still.
Feeling as if she would lose her senses. ~ Post-partum hemorrhage.
Hasty manner, with chill.
Sadness and melancholy.
Despondent in forenoon, lively in afternoon.
Anxious and apprehensive feeling at pit of stomach, with oppression of breath and palpitation; rising of something warm into throat, with arrest of breathing; soon something became lodged in trachea, with flushes of heat.


Vertigo: when standing, with swimming of head; when walking, with tendency to fall sideways.
Giddiness, when walking, with fear of falling. ~ Post-partum hemorrhage.
Head feels as if it would fall in all directions. ~ Post-partum hemorrhage.


Rush of blood to head, causing heat and flushes.
Violent throbbing, with heat of head, and fever.
Forehead feels compressed, from margins of orbits to temples; not relieved by bending forward.
Pressure below frontal eminences, extending deep through brain to occiput.
Pressure in temples.
Pain in right temple and vertex, as if opening and shutting; begins on waking, lasts all day; agg. from noise. ~ Post-partum hemorrhage.


Sensation as if drops of cold water were falling on head.
Crawling in scalp.


After looking long, mistiness before eyes. ~ Post-partum hemorrhage.
Weakness of eyes and diminished vision.
Alternating dilatation and contraction of pupils in same light.
Sensation of spasmodic drawing in eyes.
Pressure from back of eyes forward.
Sensation as if sand was in eyes.
Keratitis parenchymatosa (not pannus), in which whole thickness of cornea is red and vascular.
Cornea becomes obscured (film before eyes).
Cornea becomes opaque and pellicle appears on it.
Opacity of cornea after a bee-sting.
Maculae and ulcers on cornea.
Scrofulous eye troubles.


Ringing in ears, and throbbing.


Dryness in nose, and sensation of stoppage.
Stupefying pressure, like from a blunt point, on root of nose.
Bleeding of nose, sometimes to fainting.
Large pimples on nose, surrounded by red swelling.
Sensation as if nose was enlarging and obstructing vision.
Swelling and copper redness of nose.


Face pale.
Left cheek red, not hot; right one pale; pain in right tooth.
Slight pulsations in various portions of face, particularly in left buccinator.


Eruption on vermilion border of lips.
Numbing compressing pain in left side of chin, affects teeth of same side.


Pain in hollow teeth.


Nasty taste in mouth, on waking, returns after meals. ~ Post-partum hemorrhage.
Loss of taste.
Difficult speech, at times stuttering.


Dryness of mouth, throat and lips.


Burning dryness of palate, mornings.
Dryness of throat.


Does not like meat, of which she used to be fond. ~ Post-partum hemorrhage.


Eructations of air; of bitter, acrid fluid.


Cramp in stomach.
Uninterrupted dull stitches near pit of stomach, just below ribs, momentarily amel. by bending trunk backward and forward.


Dull stitching in left side, just below ribs, when breathing and when not.


Intestines feel bruised.
Painful jerks in abdomen, moving from place to place, as if something living was in it, accompanied by drawing from left hip bone across to right, and thence to knee; still, however, the pain remained in hip, where it seemed like a tearing, pushing pain.
Pain and pressing outward in abdominal ring, as if parts would suppurate.
Feeling as if intestines would drop.
Outward pressure in abdominal ring.
Ascites after abuse of quinine.


During and after stool burning in anus.
Pressure in rectum and sacral region, as if intestines were sinking down and would be pressed out, while sitting.
Constrictive pain in anus, together with a sensation as if thighs were drawn together, so that she was obliged to close them.
Sensation like trickling of cold water in anus.
Constriction of anus.
Constipation. ~ Urinary troubles. ~ Phimosis.


Ulcerative pain in region of kidneys.
Nephritic colic of horses.
Sensation of soreness, and inflammation of kidneys and bladder.
Penis swollen; thick purulent discharge; difficulty in making water, not from burning, but from stoppage at intervals, as if from spasm; child, aet. 6. ~ Urethritis.
Drawing pain from region of kidneys to inguinal glands; with anxious, nauseous sensation in pit of stomach.
Burning smarting in urethra, from meatus backward; posteriorly stitching while urinating.
Urethra feels inflamed and sore to touch, along its whole length; during erections tensive pain; feels drawn up into knots.
Burning while urinating, but especially just after.
Burning along urethra, at commencement and end of urinating.
When not urinating, burning pain in forepart of urethra, with pressure to urinate almost constantly.
Stitches along urethra, when not urinating.
Jerking stitches in posterior portion of urethra, when standing.
Long standing dysuria.
Pain extending from orifice of urethra backward, burning-biting, posteriorly more sticking, while urinating.
Tearing as if in fibres of urethra, in form of zigzag.
Urging to urinate, with pressive pain.
Stream of urine forked.
Urine: white, turbid, or red and turbid; full of fibres.
Enuresis; paralysis of bladder, particularly in old people.
Pain in neck of bladder and both kidneys; urging to urinate every fifteen or twenty minutes; urine yellowish-white and the last mixed with blood, scalding when passed, but agg. after; at close of urination very painful spasmodic closing of sphincter and, at same time, very severe stricture and drawing up of anus; constant urging to stool, with inability.


Priapism, with free mucoid discharge. ~ Gonorrhea.
Increased sexual desire.
(In sick:) Nocturnal emission mixed with blood.
Frequent erections, followed by stitches in urethra.
Prepuce dark red, greatly swollen, sensitive to touch.
Penis swollen, without marked erections.
Penis painful, as if sore or burnt, when walking.
Pressive dragging sensation in testicles, when standing.
Great swelling of prepuce, approaching to phimosis.
Dark redness of glans and prepuce.
Light red, lentil-sized spots on glans.
Phimosis, accompanied by constipation.
Inflammatory stage of gonorrhea. See 21.
Discharge of watery mucus from urethra; painless discharge of a clear transparent mucus from urethra, without erection; closing of orifice by mucus.
Swelling of glans penis; a sort of erection without sensation; coldness of genital organs, with warmth of rest of body; prepuce dark red, hot and inflamed (See Sulphur).
Smarting, as from excoriation of margin and inner side of prepuce; continual burning of prepuce and glans for four days; bathing it in cold water brought on a pain as from excoriation; skin of prepuce is covered with bright red spots size of a pea; when walking, penis feels sore and burnt.


Increased sexual desire; nymphomania; sterility.
Too profuse menses, with dysuria.
Infantile leucorrhea.
Gonorrhea: cutting between labia during micturition, swelling of vagina, orifice of urethra closed with muco-pus, urine voided in a spray.


Threatened abortion in gonorrheic patients.
Post-partum hemorrhage.


Voice weak, often inaudible.
In morning, though mucus in lower portion of trachea, cannot be dislodged by coughing and hawking; after hawking and coughing trachea feels raw and sore; finally mucus loosens of itself, and he must hawk it up frequently.
Things go down “the wrong way” in swallowing.


Oppression of breathing, from tensive, pressive pains in middle of sternum, which is also sore to touch; sleepiness.
Obliged to breathe deeply; chest oppressed; sensation of apprehension in throat.
Dyspnea and extreme agitation; must sit most of the time. ~ Humid asthma.
Wheezing and mucous rales. ~ Bronchitis.
Has to stand by open window, leaning forward. ~ Asthma.

COUGH. [27]

Hacking cough, arises from pit of throat, with a cool, salty fluid deep in throat, posteriorly.
Cough, with a green, viscid expectoration.
Cough, with burning in chest.
Cough, with blood-spitting and stitches in right side. ~ Pleurisy.


Sore feeling under upper part of sternum.
A digging beneath upper part of sternum, without oppression of breath.
Stitches in right side. ~ Pleurisy.
Spasmodic affections of chest and abdomen, accompanied by urinary troubles.


Throbbing in scrobiculum.
Visible palpitation. ~ Pneumonia of horses.
Violent beating of heart, on moving body and on stooping, with warm sensation about heart.
Pulse very weak, slow, frequently almost imperceptible.


Drawing in neck, extending upward.
Pain in small of back.
Pain in middle of back, as if some one was pinching it with pincers; pain extending gradually towards abdomen.
Pressure as if with a sharp point in coccyx.


Rending pressure on shoulder, in attacks.
Coldness and cold feeling of hands.
Formication and numb feeling in tips of fingers.
Sudden lameness of hand: trembling of hand, when attempting to clasp anything.
Palms of hands hot and dry, with kidney trouble.
Contraction of fingers after a sprain.


Cramplike, jerking, digging pain in right hip.
Drawing pains in feet.
Violent pain with contraction in tendo-achillis and left foot.


Weariness of limbs.
Neuralgic pains in limbs.
Rheumatic drawing in periosteum of long bones, as if they had been bruised by blows; during motion.
Arthritic rheumatism, with dyspnea.


Sitting: pressure in rectum and sacral region.
Standing: swimming of head; pressive, dragging sensation in testicles.
Bending forward: forehead feels compressed, not relieved.
Motion: rheumatic drawing in long bones.
Walking: fear of falling; giddiness; penis feels sore and burnt.

NERVES. [36]

Tetanic spasms of upper limbs and trunk.
Faint feeling, sometimes faints right off. ~ Post-partum hemorrhage.

SLEEP. [37]

Sleepiness, but fear of bed.
Uneasy sleep at night.
Dreams disagreeable and frightful; disappointed in everything and is filled with anxiety.
Awoke at night from slumber, with frightful dreams, not knowing where he was.
Vivid, lascivious dreams after midnight.

TIME. [38]

Night: sweat wanting, or, only on forehead; burning heat.
Morning: dryness of mouth.
Day: pain in right temple and vertex.


Uncovering: amel. unendurable, fine stitching over whole body, like from a thousand needle-points, at night, when sweating from warm covering.

FEVER. [40]

Chill, with thirst and shaking.
Shivering over whole body.
External coldness of whole body, with exception of face.
Heat only in face, and slight.
Nightly burning heat.
Sweat wanting, or, only on forehead and neck, at night.


Right: temple and vertex pain; side of chest, stitches; digging pain in hip.
Left: side of chin, numbing compressing pain; dull stitching just below ribs; drawing from hip bone across to right.


Feels as if hot water was poured over him.
Sensation as if drops of cold water were falling: on head; from anus; from heart.
As if opening and shutting, temples and vertex; as if sand was in eyes; as if nose was enlarging and obstructing vision; as if something living was in abdomen; as if intestines would drop; as if thighs were drawn together; as if cold water trickled in anus; urethra feels as if drawn up into knots; penis as if ore or burnt, as if excoriated; long bones, as if bruised; as if some one was pinching middle of back with pincers; as if parts had enlarged.
Unendurable fine stitching over whole body, like from a thousand needle-points, at night, when sweating from warm covering, amel. when uncovering.
Violent pain: in tendo-achillis and left foot.
Jerks: painful, in abdomen; in urethra; lower limbs.
Stitches: near pit of stomach; while urinating; along urethra; in right side of chest; fine, unendurable over whole body.
Sticking: in urethra while urinating.
Cutting: between labia.
Tearing: pain in hip; as if in fibres of urethra.
Rending: pressure on shoulder.
Neuralgic pain: in limbs.
Digging: of back; pain in right lip; beneath upper part of sternum.
Drawing: in eyes; pain from region of kidneys to inguinal glands; up of anus; in neck; pains in feet; rheumatic, in periosteum of long bones; from left hipbone to right and thence to knee.
Spasmodic: drawing in eyes.
Pushing: pain in hip.
Burning: dryness of palate; in anus; smarting in urethra; while urinating; along urethra; of prepuce; in chest; heat at night.
Smarting: of prepuce; in urethra.
Pressure: below frontal eminences; in temples; from back of eyes forward; in abdominal ring; as if to urinate; as if with a sharp point in coccyx; on root of nose; in rectum and sacral region.
Pressive dragging: in testicles.
Soreness: in kidneys and bladder; under upper sternum; of penis.
Bruised: intestines feel.
Ulcerative pain: in region of kidneys.
Pain: in hollow tooth; in abdominal ring; in small of back.
Beating: of heart violent.
Throbbing: violent, with heat of head and fever; and ringing in ears; in scrobiculum.
Compressed: forehead; pain in chin.
Cramp: in stomach.
Cramplike: jerking in lower limbs.
Constrictive: pain in anus.
Contraction: of fingers after a sprain; in tendo-achillis; in left foot.
Formication: and numb feeling in tips of fingers.
Numbing: pain in chin.
Crawling: in scalp.
Warm sensation: about heart.
Dryness: of mouth, throat and lips; of nose.


Touch: sensitiveness to, prepuce; middle of sternum sore to touch.

SKIN. [46]

Unendurable fine stitching over whole body, like from a thousand needle-points, at night, when sweating from warm covering; amel. when uncovering.
Itching pimples.
Vesicles on head and chest, filled with serum and surrounded by red areola; burn when touched.


Child, aet. 6. ~ Urethritis.


Antidotes: of large doses, lemon juice, Strychnia, and faradization of respiratory muscles to maintain respiration; of small doses, Camphor., Mercur.
Compatible: Bellad., Hyosc., Lycop., Nux vom., Opium, Pulsat., Rhus tox., Veratr.
Compare: Cann. ind., the drugs mentioned above, as well as Act. rac., Arnic., Bryon., Canthar., Petrol., Petros., Stannum, Stramon., Sulphur.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 03, 1881
Description: Clinical materia medica of Cannabis sativa
Remedies: Cannabis sativa
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1881
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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