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Carduus Marianus.

Silybum Marianum Gaertno. Compositae.

Radix, Herba et Semen Cardui Mariae, in use since olden times. Revived by Rademacher in 1848. A very complete history and some symptoms given by Reil (Clotar Müller's Quarterly, vol. iii, p. 453, 1852); proved by Lembke (Zeit. fr Klin., vol. vi., p. 18); a most excellent proving by Dr. Buchmann (Allg. Zeit. fr Hom., vol. xcviii, 1879), the same who has shown by his microscopic investigations his great superiority as a scientific man, and the discoverer of the solubility of all metals and other substances, presupposed by Hahnemann.

MIND. [1]

Forgets what he has just intended to do.
Sadness with tendency to weep.
Fullness in head with disposition to become angry.


Sensation of fullness and heaviness in head.
Pressing pain on inner surface of skull, in region of coronal suture.
Pressure in forehead, most marked directly over eyes.
Pressing pain in occiput.
Transient headache in forehead and temples.
Pressive headache, as in incipient coryza.
Headache shortly before meals, disappearing after eating.


Tensive pressure in scalp, as if constricted around skull.
Fullness of head, with tensive pain in scalp, over left parietal bone.
Feeling of constriction over eyebrows.
Pain in left parietal bone.
Drawing pain in scalp of occiput.
Great sensitiveness of head to cold.


Burning and pressure in eyeballs.
Pressure in eyeballs as if they were pressed against side of orbits.
Pain in right eye.
Redness of conjunctiva.
Burning sensation in edges of upper and lower lids.
Pressive, burning sensation in eyelids, with swelling and heaviness of same; more especially in left eye, which can with difficulty be opened.
Pressure over left eye.
Pain in orbits.


Pain in right auricle, in circumference of meatus.


Loss of smell.
Tickling sensation at outer edge of nostrils.
Tickling sensation at first in right, then in left nostril, with watery discharge.
Burning in nostrils.
Burning in right nostril, with watery discharge from same.


Sensation of heat in face.
Complexion dirty or florid.


Drawing pains in carious teeth.
A hollow tooth is painful to contact of tongue.


Whitish coating of middle of tongue, with redness of edges.
Metallic taste, constricting palate and pharynx.
Bitter taste in mouth.
Soups salted as usual tasted insipid; at other times well salted food is repugnant.


Collection of water in mouth.


Feeling of roughness and dryness in palate.
Smooth sensation of mucous membrane of palate, as though it was covered with fat.
Sensation of dryness in palate and on lips.
Repeated eructation of air, with burning in esophagus like heartburn.


Smoking, though usually repugnant in evening, is agreeable.
Want of appetite.


(In sick:) Sour eructations.
Empty eructations, after food taken with aversion.
Nausea, with collection of water in mouth.
Continual nausea with desire to vomit.
Intense nausea, painful retching and vomiting of sour, greenish fluid.


Stitches in scrobiculum.
Pressing pains at pit of stomach.
Drawing pains from left to right through pit of stomach.
Contents of stomach and intestines sour. ~ Epidemic affection.
Pain in stomach, lasting for two hours, preceded by vomiting.
Pressure in stomach: with eructation of air; at night awakening; lasting all day; coming and disappearing during day.
Sensation of emptiness in stomach, as before meals.
Burning in stomach, as of acidity, with transient pressure in stomach.
Stitches in left of stomach, agg. on inspiration.
Uncomfortable sensation in epigastrium region.
Painful griping in stomach.
Colicky pains in stomach, with waterbrash.
Hematemesis; cardialgia; vomiting of pregnancy; melena.


Feeling of fullness in hypochondria, necessitating deep inspiration.
Hepatic region sensitive to pressure.
Pressure, drawing pain and stitches in hepatic region.
Sensation of tension and pressure in liver, on lying on left side.
Crawling sensation, like passage of a small body size of a pea through a narrow canal, on posterior side of liver from right to left extending to pit of stomach, on a level with border of ribs; repeated three times after a pause of one minute, and lasting three seconds each time.
Feeling of pressure as of flatus, under margin of ribs to left, lasting ten minutes, then to right, then to right posteriorly, finally posteriorly to left.
Stitching pains in region of spleen, especially on inspiration and stooping.
Liver complaint; icterus; gall stones.
Plethora in portal circulation; hyperemia of liver; catarrh of gall passages; sluggish peristalsis in colon.
Swelling, sensitiveness and induration of left lobe of liver; causing, by compression, respiratory embarrassment and cough with thick expectoration.
Dull pain in right hypochondrium, from time to time, with stitches; short, dry cough; difficult breathing; bitter taste and yellowish complexion; subacute fever. ~ Liver complaint.
The diseased liver has either already implicated the lungs, showing itself by haemoptysis, as in simple congestion, or as inflammation of liver and lungs; vomiting of blood.


Painful sensation of an undefined character in abdomen, necessitating deep inspiration, increased by vigorous movements of body.
Drawing pain between umbilicus and pit of stomach, coming and going, in peritoneum of abdominal wall, from right to left, followed by pain, with sensation of heat in a sport as large as a hen's egg, between umbilicus and inguinal region to left.
Violent pain in right side of abdomen, agg. by pressure, continuing uniform until sleep sets in.
Pressing pain in abdomen on right side, between margin of ribs and hip, while riding in a carriage, lasting for one hour.
Drawing pain in hypogastric region.
Pulsation in abdomen.
Awakens with pains in abdomen, near right hip bone.
Stitching pain in abdomen, one hand's breadth to left of right hip bone.
Pressing pain in abdomen to right; body in a horizontal position, with sensation of heat.
Drawing pain extending through right inguinal region.
Burning pain in small intestine, in hypogastrium.
Sensation of motion in intestines on expiration, extending breadth of a hand around umbilicus.
Pressure with sensation of warmth in small intestine, on left side of abdomen.
Stitches in small intestine, amel. by pressure.
Griping pain in intestines, on left side.
Painless flatulency in small intestine.
Distension of abdomen, especially on right side.
Rumbling in small intestine.
Violent, painful rumbling in hypogastrium.
Cutting pain in bowels, changing from place to place.
Passage of flatus, unusually copious.
Ascites; peritonitis puerperalis; typhlitis stercorales.


Stools now hard, now soft.
Stool hard and knotty.
Stool very hard and insufficient.
Hard stool, followed after an hour by a soft chocolate colored passage, slightly colored with bile.
Paste-like, clayey stool, without bilious coloring.
Sluggish stool.
After drinking weiss-bier, is taken on the way by the most violent urging to stool.
Burning pain in rectum and anus, which interferes with sitting.
Itching in anus.
Hemorrhoids, with acidity of stomach and distension of bowels.
Visceral obstruction.


Urging to urinate, without necessity of passing water.
Pressure on bladder, producing dribbling of urine, after unavailing urging to stool.
Chilliness on awakening, with vigorous urging, to urinate, with voiding of only two tablespoonfuls of normally colored urine.
Burning at meatus after urination.
Burning pain in urethra, with sensation as of swelling of neighboring parts, compelling her to arise from sitting posture.
Drawing pain: with burning sensation in bladder; in bladder while sitting.
Awakening by pain in urethra, with pain in right lumbar region.
Copious passage of urine of a golden yellow color, with drawing sensation in inguinal region.
Drawing sensation in right side of abdomen during urination.
Copious passage of urine, with deposit of red sediment.
Urine turbid, golden yellow, and acid.
Urine like whey, yellowish-brown, and diminished in quantity.
Urine diminished in quantity; depositing sediment and containing traces of bilious coloring matter.
Urine scanty; brownish in color, and containing bilious coloring matter.
Strangury; calculi.


Erection on awakening.
Pressure in urethral portion of glans.
Drawing pains in testicles.


Menses too profuse or suppressed.
Chronic uterine hemorrhage, with derangement of portal circulation.
Drawing pain in vagina.
Leucorrhea; amenorrhea; metrorrhagia.


Vomiting of pregnancy.
Simple inflammatory irritation of mamma.


Pressing pain in speaking and swallowing, in neighborhood of hyoid bone on left side, increased by pressure from without, with sensation of swelling at this point.
Sensation of dryness in larynx.
Irritation in posterior part of larynx, causing cough.


Drawing pain on margin left rib, with pain during breathing; especially during expiration.
Stitches at lower margin of ribs, between both linea mammalis, with each inspiration.
Stitches in right side in neighborhood of seventh rib; on deep inspiration and on bending.
Stitches on inspiration between linea mammalis and axillaris at sixth rib.

COUGH. [27]

Sympathetic cough, dry, hacking, agg. at night.
Cough with stitches in sides of chest, and bloody sputa. ~ Epidemic affection.
Haemoptysis with frequent dry tickling.
Irritation to cough, excited by roughness in fauces.
Irritation to cough, on posterior side of larynx.
Awakened by irritation to cough, behind larynx, with chilliness.
Several attacks of short, dry cough, without tickling.
Short, dry cough; irritation proceeding from throat pit.
Scraping sensation in throat producing cough.
Cough with gastric symptoms, and painfullness of epigastrium to pressure.
Cough dependent on old hepatic or splenetic troubles.
Expectoration: pure blood; mucus mixed with blood. ~ Disease of liver.


Pains in chest going to front part, to shoulders, back, loins and abdomen, combined with urging to urinate. ~ Epidemic affection.
(In sick:) Drawing pains in left side of chest.
Stitches in side, with fever, cough and spitting of blood, in affections of liver, and jaundiced complexion.
Drawing pains in chest, left side; increased by pressure in stomach.
Oppression in left side of chest, with pain, especially during deep breathing.
Pleuritis; chronic bronchial catarrh; phthisis; haemoptysis; asthma.


Pain, pressure and stitches in region of heart.
Drawing pain in region of heart, with oppression on deep inspiration.


Stitching pain at a small spot in neighborhood of sixth rib; in line of axilla to left, with continued drawing pain; stitching pain passes gradually to front and interferes with inspiration.
Drawing pain on margin left rib, with pain during breathing, especially during expiration.
Short stitches behind short ribs of left side.
Stitching pain extending breadth of a hand over right nipple, on stooping and on raising right arm.
Stitches at margin of lower ribs, between both mammary lines, at each inspiration.
Stitches during inspiration, between mammary and axillary lines on sixth rib.
Drawing pain through left pectoral muscle, and left intercostal muscles, below axilla.
Drawing pain through right pectoral muscle.
Pressure in right pectoral muscle.
Stitches from left nipple to right and downward, lasting several seconds.
Stitches in right side, near the seventh rib, on deep inspiration and on stooping.
Continual drawing pain in left side of chest, extending to axilla, with stitching pain in same place near fifth rib on expiration; agg. after deep inspiration.
Drawing sensation from left side of chest to back.
Pains extend over entire front of chest, and are so violent as to make motion of arms, walking and stooping almost impossible.


Pressing pain in a spot about size of a small coin in nape of neck to left, and on a level with the mastoid process; after a few moments the pain subsides and occurs on corresponding part of right side.
Pressure in nape of neck.
Drawing pains in entire back, followed by fatigue.
Drawing pain on right side of back, from shoulder blade to lumbar region, changing locality.
Drawing pains: in muscles of back; in lumbar region; in small of back; on inner margin of right shoulder blade; in left shoulder blade.
Pressure in back below shoulder blades.
Drawing sensation on outer margin of left shoulder blade.
Tearing sensation in left shoulder blade.
Burning and sore pain in region of left shoulder blade, agg. by inspiration, pressure and reclining.
Sensitiveness of dorsal and cervical vertebrae.


Bruised feeling in arms.
Pain in shoulder joint on raising right arm.
Rheumatic pain in shoulder, radiating from neck.
Pressure in shoulders.
Drawing pain in right upper arm.
Violent pains of a rheumatic character in right deltoid.
Pains in right arm are at times so violent that groaning cannot be suppressed.
Tearing in left upper arm.
Burning pain in skin, on inner side of lower half of left forearm.
Drawing pain in muscles covering left radius, alternating with pain in same muscles of right side.
Cramplike pain in muscles covering left radius.
Pressure in wrist joints.
Cramplike, drawing pains, in inner side of right hand, extending to first two joints of fourth finger.
Burning pain on outer surface of left index finger, in skin.
Rheumatic, drawing sensation, in first joint of fourth finger on left hand.
Rheumatic, drawing sensation, in first joint of right index finger.
Drawing pain in fourth finger of right hand, on outer side.
Cramplike pain in fingers of left hand, lasting for ten minutes.
Cramplike pain in second, third and fourth fingers of right hand, on outer side.


Pain in hip joints, spreading through buttocks, causing difficulty in arising, agg. from stooping.
Bruised pain in buttocks and legs.
(In sick:) Drawing pain in right thigh.
Drawing pain in skin on outer side of left knee.
Drawing pain in left knee joint.
Stiffness in knees while walking, of patella and in tendons of popliteal space, with sensation of lameness in lower parts of thighs, causing unsteady and stumbling gait.
Sensation of coldness in knees.
Pain in hollow of knees while walking, more especially in left.
Sensation while walking as of a band around calves, or of pantaloons being too tight a few inches below knee.
Drawing pain: in superficial nerves, below patella on outer side of lower thigh, over a space of four fingers in breadth; from outer side of knees to outer malleolus; from inner side of lower thigh to inner malleolus; from left knee into lower thigh.
Paralyzing pain in left tibia.
Cramplike pain in calves.
Pain in dorsum of right foot.
Sudden, cramplike pain in muscles of sole of right foot, flexing the toes; after disappearance of same, intense itching in front of heel.
Pain on lower part of right heel, agg. from walking.
Sensation of coldness in toes and soles.
Rheumatism and spasms of the extremities.
Varicose ulcers.
Edema of the feet.


Lassitude in arms and legs in morning after rising, not amel. by walking in open air.


Lying on back: nightmare.
Sitting: drawing pain in bladder.
Stooping: stitches in right side and over right nipple; in hip joints.
Arising: difficult, pain in hip joints.
Raisin arm: stitching pain over right nipple.
Walking: almost impossible, with pains in chest; stiffness of knees; pain in hollow of knee; as if a band around calves; pain in heel.
Motion: of arm, pains extend over the entire front of chest.
Every sudden or violent movement of body is painful, both in chest and abdomen. ~ Cough.

NERVES. [36]

General feeling of discomfort, lassitude and malaise.
Great fatigue after eating, and fatigue with frequent yawning.

SLEEP. [37]

Restless sleep, with frequent awakening and many dreams.
Lying on back produces nightmare.
Fatigue about 4 P. M., with sleep while riding, lasting ten minutes.
Great fatigue with frequent yawning.
On awakening, great fatigue with disinclination to rise.
Uncontrollable yawning in quick succession.
Irritation to cough, felt behind larynx on awakening, with chilliness.

TIME. [38]

Night: dry, hacking cough; itching of skin; coldness.
Morning: lassitude of arms and legs.
At 4 P. M.: fatigue with sleep while riding.
All day: pressure of stomach, with eructation of air.


Cold: great sensitiveness of the head.

FEVER. [40]

Epidemic affection (See Chest and Stomach), lasting seven weeks, was lessened to a few days; the longest seven days.
Gastric, catarrhal, or rheumatic fever, with pain in stomach and region of liver, increased by pressing on it; symptoms frequent in epidemic influenza.
Chilliness on awakening, with strong urging to urinate.
Chill, with pulse increased from 75 to 90.
Chill, with sensation of a pulse beat in abdomen.
Chilliness at night, agg. by uncovering; pulse in morning 82.
General sweating and lassitude on awakening.
Sweating of forehead and back after meals.


Left: parietal bone, pain; eyelids, difficult to open; nostril, watery discharge; tension, lying on side; pressure of flatus, under ribs; lobe of liver, swelling, sensitiveness; small intestine, pressure; chest, drawing pain; in chest, oppression; in side, stitches; pectoral region, drawing pain; in neck and shoulder blade, pressing pain; upper arm, tearing; forearm, burning pain; in radius, drawing pain; index finger, burning pain; fourth finger, rheumatic drawing; in fingers, cramplike pain; in knee, drawing pain; in tibia, paralyzed pain.
Right: in eye, pain; auricle, pain; nostril, burning; under margin of ribs, pressure of flatus; in hypochondria, dull pain; abdominal wall, drawing pain; abdomen, near hip, pains; in lumbar region, pain; side of abdomen, drawing sensation; nipple, stitching pain; pectoral region, drawing pain; in neck, pressure, pressing pain; side of back, drawing pain; shoulder blade, drawing pain; shoulder joint, pans; in deltoid, violent pain; in arm, violent pains; in radius, drawing pain; muscles of hand, cramp-like drawing; index finger, rheumatic drawing; fourth finger, drawing pain; in fingers, cramplike pain; in thigh, drawing pain; in dorsum of foot, pain; in heel, pain.
From right to left: crawling in liver; pain in abdominal wall.
Left to right: drawing pain through pit of stomach; stitches in nipples.


As if eyeballs were pressed against side of orbits; as though palate was covered with fat; as of a band around knees.
Stitches: in scrobiculum; in stomach; hepatic region; region of spleen; hypochondrium; small intestine; near sixth rib, left side; over right nipple; in abdomen; in right side.
Cutting: in bowels.
Colicky pains: in stomach.
Griping: in stomach; in intestines.
Tearing: left upper arm; in left shoulder blade.
Rheumatic pains: in shoulder; fourth finger, left hand; right index finger; in right deltoid.
Drawing pain: in scalp of occiput; in teeth; through pit of stomach; hepatic region; about umbilicus; through right inguinal region; in bladder; in inguinal region; in testicles; in vagina; margin of left rib; in hypogastric region; in chest; region of heart; through right pectoral region; in entire back; in right upper arm; in superficial nerves about knee; lower thigh; right thigh; in skin of outer left knee joint; in muscles of left radius; inner side of right hand; fingers; in muscles covering radius.
Burning: in eyeballs; edges of lids; in nostrils; in esophagus; above umbilicus; pain in small intestine; in rectum and anus; in meatus, after urination; in bladder; left shoulder blade; in skin; left index finger; pain in urethra; in forearm.
Dull pain: in right hypochondrium.
Pressing pain: inner surface of skull; in occiput; in stomach; in abdomen; pain in speaking; small of back.
Pressure: in forehead; in eyeballs; in eyelids; hepatic region; under ribs; small intestine; on bladder; in nape of neck; in back, below shoulder blades; in wrist joints; in glans; in right pectoral muscle.
Tensive pressure: in scalp; pain in liver.
Bruised feeling: in arms; in buttocks and legs.
Paralyzing pain: left tibia.
Pain: in stomach; in auricle; in urethra; in right lumbar region; in chest; in shoulder joint; in hollow of knees; violent in abdomen; in hip joints; in dorsum of right foot; right heel; in left parietal bone; in right eye; in orbits.
Roughness: in palate.
Scraping: in throat.
Fullness: of head; in hypochondria.
Swelling: in larynx; sensation of in female urinary organs.
Heaviness: of head and eyelids.
Emptiness: in stomach.
Constriction: over eyebrows.
Band: around calves.
Cramplike: muscles left radius; inner side right hand; in fingers; pain in calves; right foot.
Motion: in intestines.
Tickling: at edge of nostrils.
Crawling: in posterior side of liver.
Coldness: in knees; in toes and soles.
Uncomfortable sensation: of epigastric region.
Warmth: in small intestines.
Heat: in face; about umbilicus.
Dryness: in palate and lips; in larynx.
Itching: in anus; in front of heel.


Portal hyperemia; catarrh of biliary ducts; tardy peristaltic movements in large intestines; hemorrhoids.
Dropsical diseases, depending on organic affections of the liver; frequently of long standing.
Passive hemorrhages, connected with diseased liver or spleen.


Pressure: hepatic region, sensitive; agg. rheumatic pain in stomach.
Riding: fatigue; pressing pain in abdomen.

SKIN. [46]

Itching on lying down at night.


Woman who was exhausted by much suffering and repeated hemorrhages from womb after abortion, with frequent attacks of bilious colic. ~ Typhlitis stercoralis.


Compare: Bryon., Chelid., Mercur., Nux vom., and Podoph., in hepatic affections, especially jaundice.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 03, 1881
Description: Clinical materia medica of Carduus marianus
Remedies: Carduus marianus
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1881
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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