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Clematis Erecta.

Upright Virgin's Bower. Ranunculaceae.

Grows in Southern and Central Europe, on sunny hills, in bushes and on the sides of forests.

“Stoerck, before Hahnemann (1769), recommended it in cancerous ulcers of lips and mammae; spongy excrescences; tophi; inveterate eruptions; old, foul ulcers; peculiar kinds of chronic headaches, and melancholia; arthritis and secondary syphilis.” –Frank's Mag., vol. 4.

“Was known as Flammula Jovis in old pharmacy, because of its irritating action on the mucous membranes, and its power to produce inflammation and vesication when applied to the skin.” –U. S. D., p. 1619.

It was extensively proved by Hahnemann and his provers, and also by the Austrian provers. See Encyclopaedia, vol. 3, p. 340.


- Painful swelling of face, with decayed teeth, E. W. B., N. A. J. H., vol. 22, p. 197; Toothache, Berridge, Hom. Clinics, vol. 4, p. 94; Iritis, Madden & Hughes; Blepharitis, Hirsch; Urinary difficulties (2 women), Cooper, B. J. H., vol. 28, p. 662; Stricture of urethra, Hirsch, B. J. H., vol. 25, p. 612; recommended by Desterne; several cases by Jahr, in Gallican Journal; Schleicher, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 5, p. 503; the spasmodic form, Hirsch, B. J. H., vol. 25, p. 612; inflammatory variety, Franklin, Surgery, vol. 1, p. 428; after chronic gleet, Hughes, Pharm., p. 297; Orchitis, Rosenberg, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 1, p. 80; Ransford, B. J. H., vol. 25; Koch, Hom. Clin., vol. 1, p. 51; Orchitis, after gonorrhea, Pope, B. J. H., vol. 24, p. 662; Orchitis, after suppressed gonorrhea, Attomyr, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 1, p. 80; Orchitis, with indurated swelling of testes, after gonorrhea, Stapf; Swelling of right testicle, after having been cured of a syphilitic ulcer a year previous, Hartmann, B. J. H., vol. 12, p. 294; Chronic bubo, Rosenberg, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 1, p. 80; Scirrhus mammae, 2 cases, Schoenfeld, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 5, Enlargement of lymphatic glands, Vienna Homeop. Hospital; Herpes exedens, Prager Monatschrift fr Homeop.; Crusta serpiginosa, Arnold, B. J. H., vol. 26, p. 653; Eczema impetiginosum, Hirsch, B. J. H., vol. 25, p. 610; Chronic tetter of hands, Arnold, B. J. H., vol. 26, p. 654.

MIND. [1]

Melancholy; preoccupied by sad thoughts.
Despairing mood. ~ Stricture.
Indifferent, silent, almost thoughtless.
Low spirited, and fear of approaching misfortune.
Fear of being alone, but disinclined to meet even agreeable company.
Irritable, taciturn, does not want to go out.
Peevish and dissatisfied without any cause.
Ailments from homesickness, or contrition of spirit.
Difficulty in thinking, memory impaired.
Furious delirium and violent fever. ~ Orchitis.


Confusion and heaviness of head in morning.
Dullness and cloudiness in head, with tendency to vertigo.
Giddiness on lifting head up, or when moving head.


Head feels full and heavy, and drops.
Pressive, tensive pain in forepart of brain, agg. when walking than when sitting; with heaviness of head.
Headache in forehead amel. by pressure.
Drawing pain in left side of forehead.
Boring pain in left temple.
Grinding in right half of brain when walking.
Tight aching in whole of left side of head, more in bones than in brain.
Shocks in brain, from behind forward.
Hammering sensation in head in evening when lying down.
Headache agg. by bending head backward.


Eruption of painful pimples on forehead.
Itching of scalp.
Small itching crusts and some stitches in scalp.
Tinea capitis over greater part of head, with pustular conjunctivitis.
Eruption on occiput, extending down neck, moist, sore, with crawling and stinging-itching; often drying up in scales; itching agg. when getting warm in bed; only slight, and but temporary relief by scratching.
Eruption on back of head and neck; tingling and itching; vesicles break, overflow other parts, with tendency to ulceration.


Staring look.
Burning heat and dryness in eyes as if fire was streaming from them; great sensitiveness to cold air, to light and bathing.
Pressing pain in eyes, photophobia and lachrymation agg. in open air; heat in eyes.
Smarting of eyes agg. when closing them; on re-opening them, great sensitiveness to light.
Complaints from bright sunlight.
Obscured sight.
While writing the letters momentarily run together; at times double vision, with flickering before eyes.
Inflammation of iris; posterior synechia.
Kerato-iritis, particularly of the ulcerative type.
Pain in eyes; pressure in middle of left eyeball.
Pulsating, itching, burning dryness, as if fire was streaming from eyes, with biting, acrid lachrymation.
Eyes smart, as if raw, capillaries enlarged, lachrymation; smarting agg. when closing eyes; sensitive to open air, fears to open them; “gets black” before eyes.
Ulceration of cornea with burning, tingling and stitching pains, sensitive to heat and bathing.
Spot on left eye caused by gonorrhea; inflammation in opposite eye.
Pustular conjunctivitis, complicated with tinea capitis; with agglutination of lids in morning.
Whites of eyes have a yellow tint.
Burning and inflammation of inner canthi; dim, weak sight.
Stitches in inner canthus of left eye, as from a sharp-pointed body, lasting some minutes.
Itching in canthi.
Smarting and burning in eyes, especially in margins of lids.
Eyes inflamed, protruded, dim; eyelids badly ulcerated and secreting acrid water. ~ Syphilis.
Chronic irritable condition of lids, with swelling of meibomian glands, in young, scrofulous subjects.
An itching pimple of the arcus ciliaris, with coryza and moroseness.


Ringing in ears, as from bells.
Burning pain in auricles, with heat.


Violent coryza, with sneezing; discharge streaked with blood.
Dryness of nose, with heat and burning.


Pale and sickly countenance.
Aching in right side of face, which is tender to touch; amel. from smoking, agg. when lying on painful side.
Shooting, upward, in right side of face to eye, ear and temple.
Burning of face; cheeks red and hot, momentary flushes.
Moist eruption on face, preceded by stinging pain.
White blisters on face as if burnt by the sun.


Burning, cutting through lower lip.
Vesicular eruption on lip.
Pustular eruption about lips, tender to touch.
Lower lip swollen, deeply ulcerated and cancerous. ~ Syphilis.
Suppurative pimples on chin.
Swelling of submaxillary glands, with hard, little tubercles, throbbing, tight as if they would ulcerate; painful when touched and exciting a toothache.


Toothache: stitching and drawing agg. at night, amel. for short time from cold water, amel. when drawing in air, amel. in open air; agg. from warmth of bed; crumb of bread starts aching; agg. from smoking tobacco; from syphilitic affections, when mercurialized.
Toothache, tolerable during day, but as soon as he lies down in bed and assumes a horizontal position, it increases to an unbearable degree.
Toothache in a hollow tooth, only transiently relieved by drawing in cold air.
Dull pain in hollow tooth amel. by cold water or sucking it.
Decayed teeth feel too long; contact extremely painful; free flow of saliva.
Gums of left lower molars pain, as if sore, agg. while eating.


Tongue dry in morning, on awaking.
Small blisters on tongue and in throat, which soon become ulcers.


Breath offensive to others.
Heat and burning in mouth and throat.
Continued salivation. ~ Syphilis.


Sensation of roughness in throat.


Long-lasting satiety; can eat, and with relish, yet immediately feels it is too much.
Aversion to beer.


After eating, weakness in all the limbs, with pulsation in arteries.


Nausea, with weakness in legs, from smoking tobacco.


Disagreeable sensation of coldness in stomach.
Pressure on stomach, after dinner.


Bruised pain in hepatic region, when touched or bending.


Lancinating pains from belly to chest, agg. by breathing, also during micturition.
Increased sensitiveness of both inguinal regions.
Swelling and induration of inguinal gland, with jerking pains.
Sensation in abdominal ring and in inguinal glands as if a swelling would form.
Sensation of constriction in lower abdomen, which is hard.
Swelling of right inguinal region, painful to touch.
Swelling of glands in both inguinal regions, with sensitiveness while walking; right inguinal glands become more swollen, with prickling pain in them, agg. by walking and in bed; afterwards a tensive sensation in them, especially when walking.
Swelling of right inguinal gland, agg. than left, not painful when rising after walking.
Large pustules about loins.


Frequent stools, becoming more and more loose, without abdominal pain.
Loose stools, with burning at anus.
Diarrhea and dysentery.
Constipation: hard stool, very difficult to discharge (in evening).
Burning heat and itching at anus.
Hemorrhoids; itching, discharging mucus.


Urine frequent but scanty.
Urgent desire to urinate, without pain.
Spasmodic, urging and tenesmus.
Vesical neuralgia; the urethra or seminal cord most affected.
Long-lasting contraction or constriction of urethra, urine emitted by drops, as in spasmodic stricture.
Burning in urethra on urinating.
Sharp stitches in urethra.
Tingling in urethra, culminating at frenum.
Urethra painful to touch, agg. at night and from heat of bed.
Urethra painful to pressure.
Micturition remarkably slow.
Urine passes slowly and in a thin stream, as if urethra was constricted.
Interrupted flow of urine, with burning during, but most at beginning of micturition, or during the interruptions.
Acute pain (ardor urinae) and tenesmus while urinating, with aching pain in lower part of back; the forcing induces copious, involuntary lachrymation, and is most violent before 6 P. M.; not so troubled at night.
After great straining a few drops of urine pass, which is followed by a full stream without pain; after this sometimes dribbling of urine.
Involuntary flow, by drops, after micturition.
Heavy, aching pain in lower part of back, with sense of bearing down and heavy pain in chest; continual desire to pass water with inability to perform the act; urine comes away first in drops, as if something blocked up the passage, after this stream is full and continuous.
Inability to evacuate all the urine at once.
When beginning to urinate it burns the worst, while urinating it sticks in urethra, and after urinating it still continues to burn and bite.
The last drops of urine cause violent burning.
Flocculent, pale urine. ~ Stricture.
Urine turbid, milky dark, with flakes of mucus and froth.
Urinary deposit pus-like.
Discharge from urethra of thick pus. ~ Gonorrhea.


Sexual desire weak.
Involuntary erections by day.
Violent, long-continued erections, with stitches in urethra.
Burning in penis during seminal discharge in coitus. ~ Stricture.
Right spermatic cord sensitive, testicles drawn up.
Pain in testicles, drawing to spermatic cord.
Swelling of left testicle, with intolerable drawing pain in testicle and cord. ~ Suppressed gonorrhea.
Drawing pain in testes and spermatic cord from below upward.
Painful sensitiveness of testes.
Pinching pain in testicles, agg. from slightest touch.
Painful, inflamed and swollen testicles.
Testes painful to touch, as if bruised, with drawing and stretching in inguinal region, left thigh and scrotum; a clawing pain when touching it or when walking.
Severe and painful strangury, with enlargement and tenderness of left testicle and swelling in groin of same side; testicle hard and tender to touch; the swelling and pain extend along cord into groin, is shooting in character and agg. by motion; a slight gleety discharge present; no pain in micturition. ~ Orchitis after mismanaged gonorrhea.
Orchitis with much urethral irritation.
Swelling and induration of both testicles, or only of right; pain as if bruised on touching the testes.
Induration of testicles.
Swelling of right half of scrotum, which is thickened and hangs low down; testicle also relaxed and hanging down.
Itching about genitals.


Menses too early.
Softened scirrhus, with corrosive leucorrhea and lancinating pains running upward, agg. by breathing and during micturition.
Swelling and induration of breasts; cancer of breast; glandular induration above nipple, painful when touched.
Scirrhus, left mamma, with stitches in shoulder; the gland is very painful, agg. in cold weather and during night; agg. during growing moon; while perspiring she cannot bear to be uncovered.


Dryness and burning in throat.


Respiration impeded when ascending a hill or walking over an uneven road.

COUGH. [27]

Violent cough with irregular respirations, at times too slow, at times too rapid.
Barking cough with burning pain in sternum and stitches in both sides of lungs.
Cough usually dry.


Oppression of chest.
Aching or stitching pains in chest.
Tearing pain in forepart of chest, above heart.
Burning pain in sternum and stitches in both sides of lungs, with barking cough.
Left side of chest seems most affected.


Sharp stitches in region of heart, from within outward.
Pulse unchanged; excited, with throbbing in veins.
Distinctly perceptible pulsations in whole body, especially about heart.


Small of back; burning; pressure in; bruised pain; as if broken, with tension, agg. when stooping.
Moist eruption on neck extending to head.


Swelling of axillary glands.
Pressing or drawing in muscles of arms and hands.
Rheumatic pains in hands.
Arthritic nodes on finger joints.
Fiddling motion of left and right arm; slow bass viol movement.
Hands feel as if they were too large; they are dry and hot.
Spreading blisters on swollen hands and fingers, agg. by cold air.


Weakness in legs from smoking tobacco.
Scaly herpes on thighs.
Burrowing, boring, or pressive pains on tibiae.
Rheumatic pains in lower limbs.
Painful swelling in knee after gonorrhea.
Violent itching of toes, evenings, after lying down; sweat between toes.
Dry, scaly tetter on legs.


Weakness, heaviness, weariness and bruised sensation in limbs.
Great emaciation and relaxed muscles.


When lying down: in evening, hammering in head; toothache agg. to an unbearable degree.
After lying down: violent itching of toes, evenings; vibrating sensation through whole body.
Sitting: pressive, tensive pain in forepart of brain, agg. when walking than when sitting.
Closing eyes: agg. smarting in eyes.
On opening eyes: great sensitiveness to light.
Motion: agg. shooting along cord into groin.
When moving head: giddiness.
Bending head backward: agg. headache.
On lifting head up: giddiness.
While writing: letters momentarily run together.
Bending: causes bruised pain in hepatic region.
Stooping: agg. pain and tension in small of back.
When walking: pressive, tensive pain in forepart of head agg.; grinding in right half of brain; sensitiveness of inguinal glands; prickling, tensive pain in right inguinal glands; clawing pain in scrotum; over an uneven road, impeded respiration.
When ascending a hill: respiration impeded.

NERVES. [36]

Great debility.
Twitching of muscles.
Vibratory sensation through whole body after lying down.
After typhoid fever, while getting better, and in hydrocephalus, sudden stupor and look as if dying.

SLEEP. [37]

Sleepiness, great desire to sleep during day, even mornings early.
Sleeplessness, evening and night.
Uneasy sleep, dreaming and tossing about; rises unrefreshed from sleep in morning.
Restless, tossing about, vivid, lascivious dreams; profuse perspiration after midnight.
Feels exhausted on waking.

TIME. [38]

Before 6 P. M.: forcing to urinate, inducing copious, involuntary lachrymation.
In morning: heaviness of head; pustular conjunctivitis, with agglutination of lids; on awaking, dryness of tongue; rises unrefreshed from sleep.
During day: involuntary erections; great desire to sleep.
Early in morning: great desire to sleep.
In evening: hammering in head; constipation; after lying down, violent itching of toes; sleeplessness.
At night: toothache agg.; pain in urethra agg.; scirrhus, left mamma, with stitches in shoulder agg.; sleeplessness; dry heat, with general hot sensation; profuse sweat, most towards morning; herpes exedens, itching and burning agg.; ulcers agg.
After midnight: profuse perspiration.


Warmth of bed: agg. itching in eruption on scalp and neck; agg. toothache; agg. painful urethra; agg. moist eczema, itching terrible.
Heat: ulceration of cornea, eye sensitive to.
When drawing in ear: toothache amel.; toothache in hollow tooth, transiently amel.
When uncovering in bed: chilliness over whole body.
Open air: agg. pressing pain in eyes, photophobia, lachrymation; eyes sensitive to; amel. toothache.
Cold air: sensitiveness of eyes to; agg. spreading blisters on swollen hands and fingers.
Bathing: sensitiveness of eyes.
Cold water: amel. toothache for a short time; agg. moist eczema.
Moist poultices: agg. eczema and ulcers.
Cold weather: agg. scirrhus, left mamma.

FEVER. [40]

Chill, with shivering, followed by sweat, without intervening heat.
Chilliness over whole body, particularly when uncovering in bed. ~ Orchitis.
Dry heat, with general hot sensation only at night.
Heat of one side.
Profuse sweat at night, most towards morning, with aversion to uncovering.


Sudden: stupor, after typhoid and in hydrocephalus.
Spasmodic: urging and tenesmus.
Momentary: flushes to cheeks.
Lasting some minutes: stitches in inner canthus of left eye.
Frequent: stools; urination.
At times: double vision, with flickering before eyes; respiration too slow; respiration too rapid.
Continuous: salivation; desire to pass water with inability to do so.
Long-lasting: satiety; contraction and constriction of urethra; violent erections.
During growing moon: scirrhus, left mamma, with stitches in shoulder agg. : eruption looks inflamed.
During decreasing moon: eruptions look dry.
Chronic: irritable condition of lids with swollen meibomian glands; exanthematous eruption; constitutional herpes; tetter of hands.


Right: grinding in half of brain; inflammation in eye; aching in side of face; shooting upward in side of face, to eye, ear and temple; prickling in swollen inguinal glands; swelling of inguinal gland; spermatic cord sensitive; swelling and induration of testicle; swelling of half of scrotum, which is thickened and hangs low down, testicle also relaxed and hanging down; fiddling motion of arm.
Left: drawing pain in side of forehead; boring in temple; tight aching in whole of side of head, more in bones than in brain; pressure in middle of eyeball; spot on eye caused by gonorrhea; stitches in inner canthus of eye; gums of lower molars pain, while eating; swelling of testicle, with intolerable drawing pain in testicle and cord; drawing and stretching in thigh; enlargement and tenderness of testicle and swelling in groin, testicle hard and tender to touch; scirrhus of mamma, with stitches in shoulder, gland very painful; side of chest most affected; fiddling motion of arm; sore on side agg. from washing.
From behind forward: shocks in brain.
From within outward: stitches in heart.


As if fire was streaming from eyes; as if eyes were raw; as if little tubercles of swollen submaxillary glands would ulcerate; as if decayed teeth were too long; as if gums of left lower molars were sore; as if a swelling would form in abdominal ring and in inguinal glands; as if urethra was constricted; as if something blocked up passage of urine; as if testes were bruised; as if bruised on touching testes; as if small of back was broken; as if hands were too large; stitches in eyes as from sharp body.
Pain: in pimples on forehead; in eyes; acute, while urinating; in testicles, drawing to spermatic cord.
Lancinating pains: from belly to chest; with softened scirrhus.
Cutting: through lower lip.
Boring: in left temple; on tibiae.
Sharp stitches: in urethra; in region of heart, from within outward.
Stitches: in scalp; as from a sharp-pointed body, in inner canthus of left eye; in urethra; in left shoulder.
Stitching pains: with ulceration of cornea; toothache; in chest; in both sides of lungs.
Sticking sensation when touching skin.
Stinging pain: precedes eruption on face.
Stinging-itching: in eruption on occiput and neck.
Shooting: upward, in right side of face to eye, ears and temple; along cord into groin; in ulcer.
Jerking: in swollen and indurated inguinal gland; in ulcer.
Tearing: in forepart of chest, above heart.
Drawing: in left side of forehead; toothache; in left testicle and spermatic cord; in inguinal region, left thigh and scrotum; in muscles of arms and hands.
Burning: of face; through lower lip; at anus; in urethra on urinating; during, but most at beginning of urination, or during interruptions; after urinating; last drops of urine cause violent; in penis during seminal discharge in coitus; in throat; in sternum; in small of back; in skin; herpes exedens with; miliary eruption with; in ulcer; with ulceration of cornea; of inner canthi; in eyes, especially in margins of lids; in auricles; of nose, with heat and dryness; in mouth and throat.
Burning heat: in eyes; at anus.
Burning dryness: of eyes.
Smarting: of eyes; in eyes, especially in margins of lids.
Pressive pain: in forepart of brain; on tibiae.
Pressing pain: in eyes; in muscles of arms and hands.
Pressure: in middle of left eyeball; on stomach, after dinner; in small of back.
Oppression: of chest.
Tensive pain: in forepart of brain; in swollen inguinal glands of right side.
Tension: in small of back.
Stretching: in inguinal region, left thigh and scrotum.
Clawing pain: when touching scrotum or when walking.
Pinching: in testicles.
Grinding: in right half of brain when walking.
Burrowing: on tibiae.
Gnawing: in skin.
Biting: lachrymation; in urethra after urinating.
Constriction: in lower abdomen.
Hammering: in head.
Shocks: in brain from behind forward.
Rheumatic pain: in hands; in lower limbs.
Bruised pain: in hepatic region; in small of back; in testes when touched; in limbs.
Dull pain: in hollow tooth.
Tight aching: in whole of left side of head, more in bones than in brain.
Heavy aching: in lower part of back with sense of bearing down and heavy pain in chest.
Aching: in right side of face; of tooth from crumb of bread; in lower part of back; in chest.
Throbbing: in swollen submaxillary glands; in ulcer.
Pulsating: in eyes; in arteries, after eating.
Prickling: in swollen inguinal glands of right side.
Tingling: in eruption on back of head and neck; pains with ulceration of cornea; in urethra.
Creeping: in ulcer.
Crawling: in eruption on occiput and neck.
Itching: of scalp; of small crusts on scalp; in eruption on back of head and neck; of eyes; in canthi; in pimple over arcus ciliaris; at anus; hemorrhoids; about genitals; of toes; over whole body; terrible with eczema and chronic herpes; with miliary eruption; in and about ulcer.
Painful sensitiveness: of testes.
Sensitiveness: of both inguinal regions; of right spermatic cord.
Vibrating sensation: through whole body.
Roughness: in throat.
Heaviness: of head; in limbs.
Fullness: of head.
Dullness: in head.
Confusion: of head.
Cloudiness: in head.
Weakness: in all the limbs, after eating; in legs, from smoking.
Weariness: in limbs.
Feels exhausted on waking.
Coldness: in stomach.
Dryness: in eyes; of nose; of tongue; in throat; of hands.
Hotness: of cheeks; of hands.
Heat: in eyes; in auricles; of nose; in mouth and throat.


Inflammatory variety of stricture, terminating by serous infiltration into suburethral tissue and formation of a submucous callus.
Hot, painful swelling and induration of glands.
Skin and muscles lax.
Acts especially upon skin, lymphatic glandular system, and genito-urinary organs.
Rheumatic and gouty affections of joints; catarrhal and rheumatic affections of bladder; rheumatic affections of eyes and ears.
Obscure inflammatory conditions of some glands where infiltrations are the result, causing greater or less swelling of the affected organ without much pain.
Organic strictures, formed by infiltration of corpus spongiosum at some point, by coagulable lymph, and formation of a submucous callosity.


Touch: right side of face tender; pustular eruption about lips, tender; swollen submaxillary glands painful; toothache excited; decayed teeth extremely painful, bruised pain in hepatic region; swelling of inguinal region sensitive; urethra painful; pinching pain in testicles agg. from slightest; testes painful; clawing pain in scrotum; left testicle tender; glandular induration above nipple painful; causes shooting in ulcer.
Sticking sensation: when touching skin.
Pressure: headache in forehead amel.; urethra painful.
Scratching: slight and temporary relief of itching in eruption on scalp and neck; gnawing in skin not amel.
Aching in right side of face agg. when lying on painful side.

SKIN. [46]

Itching over whole body.
Sticking sensation when touching skin.
Gnawing sensation in skin, not amel. by scratching.
Skin inflamed, red, burning; eruption of blisters, which burst and form ulcers.
Eruption of vesicles and pustules, from former exuded a clear, watery secretion, from latter a purulent fluid, followed by formation of scales and scabs; this chronic exanthema, which extended almost over whole body, was always exuding and accompanied with tormenting itching.
Vesicular eruptions on body; herpetic eruptions; chronic constitutional herpes.
Eruption looks inflamed during increasing, and dry during decreasing moon; moist eczema, itching terribly, agg. from washing in cold water, from warmth of bed and from wet poultices.
Head and face a solid mass of scabs, dark and rough, adhering firmly, exuding a yellowish fluid when removed, which excoriates parts with which it comes in contact; body completely covered, front and back, and legs to knees. ~ Crusta serpiginosa.
Chronic, red, humid herpes, with intolerable itching in warmth of bed and after washing; tendency towards rupture and ulceration of vesicles.
Herpes exedens, secreting an acrid, purulent fluid; itching and burning agg. at night.
Dark, burning, miliary eruption, with violent itching.
Eruptions following suppressed gonorrhea.
Impetigo, especially after abuse of mercury, in psoric constitutions.
Burning, creeping, jerking, throbbing or shooting in ulcer; shooting pain in ulcer, only when touched; scabby, deep ulcers; indurated ulcers, with high, elevated edges, difficult to heal; itching in and around about ulcer; pus serous, sanious, yellow, acrid, corrosive or ichorous; scanty secretion, or total suppression of pus; at night, also from poulticing; agg. when washing sore, left side.
Ichorous, spreading, fetid ulcers. ~ Syphilis.
Eruption on neck and occiput.
Chronic tetter of hands.
Tetter: painful over whole body; moist; scaly, with thick crusts.
Scald head; psoriasis; scabies; varicella; acne indurata; cancerous ulcers.


Light hair.
Torpid, cachectic conditions; swelling and induration of glandular system; syphilitic taint.
Clara B., aet. 23, and Sarah F., aet. 25, servant; urinary difficulties.
Strong man, aet. 30, had gonorrhea; stricture of urethra.
Woman, aet. 50, of scrofulous habit; herpes exedens.


Antidotes: Bryon. (toothache, urinary symptoms), Camphor.
It antidotes: Mercur.
Compatible: Silic.
Compare: Arsen., Bellad., Bryon., Calc. carb., Canthar., Capsic., Conium, Caustic., Dulcam. (syphilitic ulcerations), Graphit., Mercur. (iritis, sensitive to cold), Petrol. (impetigo on neck and occiput), Pulsat. (orchitis), Sarsap. (syphilitic ulcers).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 04, 1884
Description: Clinical materia medica of Clematis erecta
Remedies: Clematis erecta
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1884
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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