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Balsam Copaiva. Leguminosae.

Mentioned by Hahnemann in Fragmenta de Vir. Proved by Teste in the 6th dilution.


- Epistaxis, Carl Müller, N. A. J. H., vol. 11, p. 454; Chronic nasal catarrh, E. M. Hale, Hom. Rev., vol. 4, p. 163; Acne of face, Hughes, p. 325; Gastric catarrh, E. M. Hale, Hom. Rev., vol. 4, p. 163; Intestinal catarrh, E. M. Hale, Hom. Clinics, vol. 1, p. 21; Dysentery, E. M. Hale, Hom. Rev., vol. 4, p. 165; Fistula in ano with chronic cough, Cp. K., Frank's Mag., vol. 1, p. 202; Dysuria, Denker, Frank's Mag., vol. 2, p. 347; Urinary difficulties after catching cold, Wolf, B. J. H., vol. 30, p. 584; Induration of prostate gland, mentioned by Lippe, Am. Hom. Rev., vol. 3, p. 154; Gonorrhea, Hartmann, Attomyr, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 1, p. 82; Gollman, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 5, p. 542; Z. Friedreich (three cases), Frank's Mag., vol. 4, p. 794; Velpeau, Frank's Mag., vol. 3, p. 112; Gonorrheal rheumatism, Rehfuss, Raue's R., 1870, p. 239; Gonorrheal neuralgia, D. K. Gutherz, Frank's Mag., vol. 4, p. 794; Pruritus vulvae, Ruan, Archiv, vol. 9, p. 156; Burning red spots in vulva, Berridge, MSS.; Bronchial and vesical catarrh, Hale, Hom. Rev., vol. 4, p. 163; Cough during measles, MSS; Blennorrhagia, Lisle, Frank's Mag., vol. 3, p. 710; Urticaria, Weil, Raue's R., 1874, p. 291; Turrell, Raue's R., 1875, p. 290.

MIND. [1]

General sense of uneasiness; depression.
Delirium. ~ Urticaria.


Delirium, intense headache, drowsiness, embarrassed speech. ~ Urticaria.


Violent headache. ~ Urticaria.
Headache as from congestion, with heat in face and sensation of trembling in head; delirium.
Headache and general malaise, with chills. ~ Nettlerash.


Inflammation and itching of eyes; dim-sightedness.


Severe spontaneous epistaxis of small boys, lasting several days.
Epistaxis; hemorrhages after wounds.
(OBS:) Profuse, yellow and green, thick, fetid discharge from nasal passages of several years' duration; at night the discharge runs down posterior nares, causing choking and other disagreeable symptoms. ~ Chronic nasal catarrh.


Flushed face, interspersed with rose-colored spots. ~ Urticaria.
Red face and urticaria over whole body; face, eyelids, lips, ears and hands swollen.
Acne which had for a long time disfigured face. ~ Urinary troubles.


Speech embarrassed, cannot talk well. ~ Urticaria.
Tongue coated white. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh.


Pain in mouth, throat and joints.
Slight but painful swelling of lips and mouth.
Dryness of tongue, with inflammation of throat and mouth.
Increased flow of saliva.


Chronic inflammation of throat.
Marked inflammation of throat with great swelling of submaxillary glands and threatened suffocation.


Loss of appetite. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh. ~ Urticaria.
Great thirst. ~ Urticaria.


Eructations, excessive nausea; nausea in throat; gagging and vomiting.
Great nausea with severe colic, somewhat amel. by sweat.
Spitting up of ingesta, with large quantities of mucus; sometimes vomiting of mucus. ~ Gastric catarrh.


Heartburn; pressure and uneasiness in stomach.
Pain in stomach and limbs.
Distension and fullness after eating; spitting up of ingesta, with large quantities of mucus; stools coated with mucus; frequent mucous diarrhea. ~ Gastric catarrh.
Gastric troubles during menses, or following urticaria.


Borborygmus; rumbling in abdomen so loud that it is heard by others; abdomen distended as if it would burst.
Pressure and burning in abdomen in umbilical region.
Severe colic with great nausea, somewhat amel. by sweat.
Colic, with flatulency, indigestion and looseness.
Colic, with watery diarrhea; colicky tearing pains in abdomen, preceded by drawing pains in bones of thighs.
Hypogastrium sensitive. ~ Dysentery.
Painful swelling of inguinal glands.


Diarrhea, with loss of appetite; nausea and vomiting; copious, involuntary, watery stools; agg. in morning; colic, amel. by bending double.
White, diarrheic stools, generally in morning, with chilliness and colic, obliging one to bend double.
Greenish passages, mixed mucous flocculi. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh.
White, diarrheic, mucous stools in morning, mucus is not tenacious or stringy, but comes away in masses. ~ Intestinal catarrh.
Stools often coated with mucus; frequent attacks of mucous diarrhea. ~ Gastric catarrh.
Debilitating diarrhea, with tenesmus.
Chronic diarrhea and dysentery, with or without fever.
Diarrhea alternating with obstinate constipation.
Constipation, with large red blotches over whole body, and fever.
Stools: white, fecal; bloody; watery; copious; involuntary.
During stool: chilliness, tenesmus, drawing, tearing colic.
Stitches in rectum and intolerable burning at anus.
Hemorrhoidal tumors lasting for years disappeared under its use, in a case of gonorrhea.
(OBS:) Fistula in ano of ten years standing, with a chronic cough.
Sensation of weight in perineum.
Expulsion of several yards of tapeworm.


Inflammation of kidneys. ~ Bright's disease.
Chronic vesical catarrh; excessive irritation of bladder.
Spasmodic pains in bladder every morning, at nearly same hour. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh.
Frequent calls to urinate, with violent pains in neck of bladder on attempting it, occasional retention of urine; after catching cold.
Pressure on bladder, with fruitless urinary tenesmus and passage of urine in drops.
Tenesmus of bladder and urethritis.
Irritation of urethra and neck of bladder, occurring in old women.
Burning in neck of bladder and urethra.
Induration of prostate gland, and great pain in it on urinating.
Inflammation of urinary organs; swelling, dilatation and tickling at orifice of urethra, with pulsative pain throughout penis. ~ Gonorrhea.
Urinary difficulties with haematuria.
Copious secretion or retention of urine.
Constant ineffectual desire to urinate; contraction of urethra; emission of urine in drops.
Great dysuria.
Urine can only be discharged after great effort; stream thinner than usual, causing great pain under fourchette, when reaching glans penis. ~ Dysuria after gonorrhea.
Itching, biting and burning in urethra, both before and after urination.
Urine emitted in drops. ~ Induration of prostate.
Urine: foaming; greenish; turbid; with odor of violets.
Urine scant and full of sediment, with burning in urethra after micturition. ~ Urticaria.
Urine high colored and thick, depositing abundant reddish sediment. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh.
Dark red, scanty urine, with brick-dust sediment. ~ Urticaria.
Urine hot and scalding, red, depositing thick, mucous sediment. ~ Dysentery.
Evacuations of thick, brown, tenacious mucus, tinged with blood; tormina and tenesmus; sensitive hypogastrium. ~ Dysentery.
Large amount of viscid mucus, some blood and detached portions of mucous tissue in urine. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh.
Haematuria in women.
Frequent copious discharges of urine, with diabetes.


Violent emotions, with lascivious thoughts, constant excitement of sexual desire.
Long-continued weakness of sexual organs with absence of sexual desire, and irritation of the parts.
Chronic cystitis.
Induration of prostate with no increase in size, or slight augmentation with extreme hardness.
Burning and sensation of dryness in region of prostate gland, and in urethra.
Soreness, smarting, itching and swelling of urethra; purulent discharge; urine smells of violets; eruption like measles or urticaria with great itching.
Biting pain, burning and itching in urethra before and after urination; meatus swollen and inflamed, with soreness and discharge of pus. ~ Gonorrhea.
Swelling and dilatation of orifice of urethra, with pulsative pains throughout penis.
Gonorrhea in the early stage, no strangury.
Gonorrhea: mild cases, or in first part of second stage, when discharge is moderate; much urinary irritation, but no particular difficulty.
Yellow, purulent, or mucous discharge from urethra.
Chronic gleet with muco-purulent discharge.
Swelling and induration of testicles.
Aching-drawing in testicles.
Redness and acrid humor on scrotum and between it and thighs, swelling and tenderness of inguinal glands.
Gonorrheal rheumatism.


Throbbing and pains in ovaries.
Forcing down in bladder and uterine region; drawing in uterus, neck of bladder and vagina; burning and itching in urethra and vagina.
Wandering uterine pains.
Uterine hemorrhages.
Discharge of bloody and thick, purulent mucus from uterus with pressure.
Leucorrhea arising from gonorrhea; yellow, purulent gonorrhea; haematuria; strangury.
Milky, acrid, sore-making discharge, with painful micturition.
Profuse, green gonorrheal discharge, with distressing burning and sensation of warmth in vagina, particularly when urinating.
Burning red spots in vulva.
Itching of vulva.


Dryness and roughness in larynx.
Constant irritation in larynx, exciting cough.
Hoarseness, especially in morning.
Excoriating pain in larynx.
Bronchial catarrh, soreness of chest and cough.
Bronchitis, with profuse expectoration.
Chronic bronchorrhea (dilated bronchi), with profuse expectoration of greenish, purulent, fetid mucus.


Oppression of chest, with labored breathing, while working in a stooping position, as when digging; pressure on sternum; slow respiration.
Respiration quick and panting; could breathe easily when bolstered up in bed, mucous rales in whole chest, most in left lung. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh.

COUGH. [27]

Cough, with soreness of chest.
Mucous cough; cough, with shortness of breath.
Dry, painful cough, with dryness in larynx and huskiness.
Cough during measles.
(OBS:) Chronic cough, with fistula in ano.
Profuse expectoration of greenish-grey, purulent mucus, of a disgusting odor, sometimes mixed with blood.
Severe, harassing cough, with profuse expectoration of thick, heavy masses of yellow or greenish and putrid tasting mucus, sometimes bloody and in such quantities as to cause choking and vomiting. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh.
Increased expectoration in phthisis pulmonalis.
Spitting of blood.


Oppression of chest, with labored breathing as if respiratory passage was filled with mucus.
Pressure and anxiety in chest, with transient flushes of heat to face and burning in palms of hands and soles of feet.
Burning in chest; soreness and cough.
Dyspnea, soreness and rawness in chest and occasional stitches in left side. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh.
Mucous rales in whole chest, most in left lung; dullness under left clavicle and want of normal resonance on whole of left side. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh.
Chronic pulmonary catarrh, with profuse expectoration of a greenish-grey, purulent mucus, of a disgusting odor, sometimes mixed with blood.


Heart's action tumultuous, pulse irritable and 100 per minute. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh.
Quick pulse.


Pain and swelling of knees and malleoli.
Gonorrheal rheumatism, especially if located in fibrous part of knee joint.
(OBS:) Neuralgia of nervus pudendus internus, in consequence of gonorrhea; pains begin in scrotum and anus, and extend down to right side of foot, with severe cramps.


Great restlessness of extremities. ~ Urticaria.
Pain in limbs, stomach and joints.


When bolstered up in bed: can breathe easily.
Unable to sit up: weariness, debility.
Bending double: colic amel.
While working in stooping position: pressure on sternum, slow respiration.

NERVES. [36]

Greatly excited during night. ~ Urticaria.
General malaise. ~ Nettlerash.
Weariness; debility, unable to sit up. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh.
Involuntary trembling and movements of head, trunk and extremities.
Hemiplegia after disappearance of a measle-like eruption which had covered whole body.

SLEEP. [37]

Drowsiness or sleepiness. ~ Urticaria.
Restless nights. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh.

TIME. [38]

In morning: diarrhea agg.; white diarrheic stools, with chilliness and colic; hoarseness; chilliness.
In afternoon: heat and thirst.
At night: discharge runs down posterior nares, causing choking and other disagreeable symptoms; greatly excited; restless; sweating.


After catching cold: pains in neck of bladder on attempting to urinate, occasional retention of urine.

FEVER. [40]

Violent chills, with headache and general malaise. ~ Nettlerash.
Chilliness and coldness in forenoon, with pain in dorsa of feet; in afternoon, heat and thirst for water.
Uneasiness during two days, followed by a very hard chill, which is succeeded by heat and an eruption; on third day, fever subsides and eruption grows paler.
Fever and burning sensation, insomnia and nocturnal agitation. ~ Urticaria.
Fever with large red blotches over body, constipation.
Perspiration profuse, of a pungent smell.
Sweat somewhat relieves nausea and colic.
Night sweats. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh.
Febrile disturbance during inflammatory stage of gonorrhea.


Frequent: mucous diarrhea; calls to urinate.
Spasmodic: pains in bladder, every morning at same hour.
Occasional: stitches in left side of chest.
Long-continued: weakness of sexual organs.
During two days: uneasiness, followed by chill, heat and eruption, which subside on third day.
Constant: ineffectual desire to urinate; excitement of sexual desire; irritation in larynx, exciting cough.
Lasting several days: epistaxis of small boys.
Chronic: nasal catarrh; inflammation of throat; diarrhea and dysentery; hemorrhoidal tumors; cough with fistula in ano; vesical catarrh; cystitis; gleet; bronchorrhea; pulmonary catarrh.


Right: pains from scrotum and anus extend down to side of foot.
Left: mucous rales in lung; occasional stitches in side of chest; dullness under clavicle and want of normal resonance on whole side.


As if abdomen would burst; as if respiratory passage was filled with mucus.
Pain: in mouth, throat and joints; in stomach and limbs; in bladder every morning; in neck of bladder on attempting to urinate; in prostate gland on urinating; under fourchette when urine reaches glans penis; in knees; in scrotum and anus, extending down right side of foot, with severe cramps; in dorsa of feet; in ovaries.
Stitches: in rectum; in left side of chest.
Tearing: colicky pains in abdomen.
Drawing-tearing: colic during stool; in abdomen; in thighs.
Drawing: in bones of thighs; in uterus, mouth of bladder and vagina.
Aching-drawing: in testicles.
Itching-drawing: in testicles.
Burning: in abdomen and umbilical region; intolerable, at anus; in neck of bladder and urethra; in urethra; in region of prostate gland; in vagina; red spots in vulva; in palms of hands and soles of feet; in chest.
Forcing down: in bladder and uterine region.
Throbbing: in ovaries.
Pulsative: pain throughout penis.
Twitching: in skin, urethra.
Biting: in urethra; of skin.
Pricking: in skin.
Excoriating pain: in larynx.
Smarting: of urethra.
Soreness: of urethra; of meatus urinarius; of chest.
Rawness: in chest.
Roughness: in larynx.
Wandering uterine pains.
Pressure: in stomach; in abdomen and umbilical region; on bladder; in uterus; on sternum; in chest.
Trembling: in head.
Fullness: after eating.
Oppression: of chest.
Weight: in perineum.
Anxiety: in chest.
Uneasiness: in stomach.
Tickling: at orifice of urethra.
Dryness: of tongue; in region of prostate gland, and in urethra; in larynx.
Warmth: in vagina.
Itching: of eyes; in urethra; of measle-like eruption; in vagina; of vulva; of skin; of nettlerash.


Blennorrhagia or profuse discharges from various mucous surfaces; chronic catarrh.
Inflammatory affections of intestinal canal, genital and urinary systems.
Vesical and urethral catarrh of both sexes.
Emaciation. ~ Bronchial and vesical catarrh.
Post-scarlatinal dropsy.
Dropsy from liver and heart.
Ascites, general anasarca from renal disease, especially albuminuria after scarlatina.
Gonorrheal rheumatism.


Touch: urticaria, skin disagreeable.

SKIN. [46]

Violent itching. ~ Urticaria.
Itching and pricking in skin; annoying itching with severe inflammation in parts denuded of epithelium.
Nettlerash, isolated patches, pale red or bright red, with violent itching.
Urticaria over whole body, face red; dry, hot and biting skin (calor mordax), especially disagreeable to touch. ~ Urticaria.
Urticaria from gastric irritation with fever and intolerable itching.
Acne of long duration, with much disfigurement of face.
Papular or pustular skin eruption occurring in groups, with pain in limbs and disordered stomach.
Large red blotches all over body, with constipation and some fever.
Dark-colored or bright red, elevated, intolerably itching, lentil-sized, measle-shaped exanthema, in clusters, flowing one into another.
Uneasiness during two days, followed by a very hard chill, which is succeeded by heat and an eruption of very circumscribed lenticular patches; this eruption gives rise to intense itching and pricking of skin; it is like measles, but without any catarrhal symptoms; on third day fever subsides, and eruption grows paler; on seventh skin has a mottled appearance; the eruption does not wholly disappear for five days; no desquamation.
Violent chill, headache and general malaise; red, hot skin, nettlerash all over body, delirium, drowsiness, scanty urine, which is dark, with brick-dust sediment.
Eczema, consisting of small vesicles, smaller and flatter than the mercurial eczema.
Tormenting eruptions only between fingers, and on both forearms as far as bend of elbow; pustules like the itch, with red areola, containing a red, watery fluid, with itching pain, desquamation after a few days.
Measles, scarlet rash, roseola; miliary eruption; itch.


Girl, aet. 4, scrofulous; dysuria.
Boy, aet. 12; urticaria.
Mr. R., aet. 12; urticaria.
Miss G., aet. 15; lymphatic-sanguine temperament; caught severe cold; bronchial and vesical catarrh.
Miss B., aet. 24; urticaria and gastric disturbances.
MS., aet. 25, teacher, delicate health, and frequently suffering from throat affections, neuralgic toothache, gastralgia, with constipation; all her ailments are more on right side; urticaria.
Young German girl; gonorrhea.
A mason, suffering a year with urinary difficulties arising from catching cold and indulgence in beer and spirits.
Man, aet. 48, with tendency to hemorrhoids, had gonorrhea several times, in consequence of which he suffered from strictures and dysuria, he was relieved by caustics, nevertheless great irritability or urethra remained; dysuria.
Man, aet. 50, suffering ten years from fistula in ano conjoined with a chronic cough; had an attack of gonorrhea, for which large doses of balsam copaiva were given, which resulted in curing the fistula and cough.
Mrs. B., aet. 62; nettlerash.


Antidoted by: Bellad., Calcar., Mercur., Sulphur.
Compatible: After Acon., when acute symptoms of gonorrhea have been subdued.
Compare: Cannab., Canthar., Cubeba, Erig., Kali brom., Pulsat., Kali iod., Sepia., Senec. grac., all of which cause analogous symptoms of mucous membrane, especially of urinary organs.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 04, 1884
Description: Clinical materia medica of Copaiva officinalis
Remedies: Copaiva officinalis
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1884
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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