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Cornus Circinata and Florida.

Dogwood. Cornaceae.

From the numerous indigenous species of dogwood, the Circinata and Florida are the only ones proved. Cornus sericea has been given clinically in intermittent fever by the old school.

The Circinata was proved by Marcy, Crane, Fllgraff and Freeman (see Encyclopaedia, vol. 3, p. 565), and the Florida (potentized to the 30th in pure snow water) by G. H. Bute in the Summer of 1838; also proved and used by J. Walker, M. B. Roche and M. Macfarlan.

The symptoms of the Florida are marked “*”, and are not in the Encyclopaedia.


- Inflammation of chest *, MSS.; Cough with stitches in chest *, Bute, MSS.; Ague (three cases), E. J. Bates, Am. Hom. Obs., vol. 1, p. 29; Intermittent fever * (four cases reported), A. A. Roth, Raue's Rec., 1875, p. 270.

MIND. [1]

Forgetful of familiar matters.
Indifference with respect to subjects which usually interest.
Drowsiness with indifference.
Feeling of indolence and loss of mental and physical energy.
Inability to fix mind upon any subject; reads without being able to appreciate the ideas of the subject.
Mind confused; particularly on rising in morning.
Depression of spirits and petulance.


Constant dizziness. ~ Inflammation of chest.
Dullness and sense of fullness in head, with distension of stomach amel. after stool.
Dullness and weight in head, particularly in temples, amel. by coffee.
Heaviness of head, with nausea.


Aching and throbbing pain over right eyebrow.
Dull pains over eyeballs; unusual pulsations, extending from front to back of head.
Pulsating headache in temples.
Throbbing headache mostly in temples, amel. by coffee.
Drawing sensation from back of head to nose.
Deep seated pulsating pains in occipital and parietal regions.
Heaviness of head, with great disposition to sleep, succeeded by severe cutting pains in whole head, and extreme mental and physical prostration, amel. by cup of strong coffee.
Headaches, with drowsiness and confusion of ideas; semilateral headaches; deep seated pains under vertex; dull heavy pains over whole head, with drowsiness, lassitude, nausea and general sweat.
Shooting, aching or throbbing pains in head.
Tensive, aching pains throughout whole head.
Severe headache, with quick pulse and violent pains in bowels. *
Fullness and pains in head, with gastric derangement. *
Cerebral fullness, with constant tendency to sleep. *
Congestion of blood to head and face.
Bilious cephalalgia.
Headache agg. by walking, stooping or shaking head.


Left eye weak, like a cloud over it; elbows and wrists painful; pains at waist, as if she would break in two; sighs very often; gagged, as if to vomit, very often in morning; chilly sensations come on frequently, although she is warm; pains run up side of trunk or body like lightning, seems as if they would give her a twist while running up.
Eyes sunken, hollow; dull and heavy as after a debauch; dark circles under them; yellowish tinge of conjunctiva.
Sense of weight or a feeling of contraction around eyes.
Soreness of eyeballs; aching pains through them.
Eyeballs and lids feel heavy, as if pressed down by a weight; great inclination to close eyes in sleep.
Scrofulous ophthalmia, herpes of eyelids.


Ringing in ears.


Pricking in nose and nasal bones.
Drawing sensation from back of head to nose.
Itching of nasal mucous membrane.
Coryza early in morning.


Heat and burning in face.
Burning of cheeks without redness, but feel flushed.
Countenance yellow or pale, sallow, sunken, and indicative of suffering and debility.


Pungent, bitter or insipid taste; yellowish or white fur upon tongue.
Ulceration of tongue, gums and mouth.


Smarting in mouth and throat.
Aphthous ulceration of mouth in children.
Ulceration of buccal mucous membrane from a cold or gastric derangement.


Smarting and burning in mouth, throat and stomach, with desire for stool.


Thirst for cold drinks.
Drinks little and often; hunger soon after eating; desire for sour things, pickles, pastry, cakes, etc. ~ Inflammation of lungs. *


Acid pyrosis; painful and slow digestion.
Gagging as if to vomit, in morning.
Nausea with confused and heavy pain in head.
Nausea, with bitter taste, and aversion to all kinds of food, and desire for sour drinks.
Nausea, sticky sweat and feeling of exhaustion.
Nausea, vomiting and pain in stomach, with headache. *
Nausea, vomiting and violent pains in bowels. *


Sensation of faintness in stomach and bowels.
Sense of emptiness in stomach.
Distension of stomach and bowels with wind.
Burning sensation in stomach.
Fullness and oppression in stomach, with bad taste and dry mouth.
Pulsative pains in stomach, head and bowels.
Pain in pit of stomach.
Indigestion and heartburn. *


Chronic hepatitis and bilious derangements; jaundice.


Constant working of bowels, as if they were all in motion.
Borborygmus; large emission of very offensive flatus.
Distension of bowels from wind, amel. by a loose fecal discharge.
Griping in umbilical region, with much rumbling of wind.
Contraction and shooting pains from centre of chest (thoracic muscles) down to lower part of abdomen, pains coming on severely at intervals and then remitting.
Bearing down feeling in abdomen and rectum; creating an urgent desire for stool.
Violent pain in bowels, with purging. *
Abdominal pains more acute during stool.


Urging to stool; early in morning in bed; with fullness and uneasiness of bowels; frequent but ineffectual.
Diarrhea, with excessive debility and nervous excitability.
Diarrhea of a dark and bilious, or watery and mucous character, with griping, burning and tenesmus, nausea, drowsiness, dullness of head and general perspiration.
Stools: dark, bilious, very offensive; dark green, thin and offensive; greenish, slimy; mucous, bilious or watery; frequent and scanty; discharge of offensive flatus.
Bearing down pains in rectum and bowels, with urgent desire to go to stool.
Hard, dry and scanty stool with pressing in rectum.
Ulceration of mucus membrane of rectum.
Bowel complaints generally, with pains in bowels before, during and after discharges.
Dysenteries and diarrheas, accompanied by inactivity of liver.
Cholera infantum, bowel complaints of infants while teething; bilious diarrhea; bilious colic; jaundice; biliary derangements generally.
Chronic diarrhea.


Frequent inclination to pass water.
Difficult urination in morning in old men. *
Urine scanty and high colored.


Increased sexual desire, but lack of power.
Frequent strong and persistent erections during night.




Frequent inclination to expand chest by taking a long breath.

COUGH. [27]

Cough with sharp stitches in chest.
Dry, spasmodic cough, or tedious chronic cough, with mucous expectoration. ~ Scrofulosis.


Stitches in region of left clavicle extending towards right side, agg. by taking a deep breath; constant tickling in chest compelling him to cough, with difficult expectoration; constant dizziness; chilliness followed by heat with thirst and finally sweat; drinks little and often; hunger soon after eating. ~ Inflammation of lungs. *
Choking sensation in upper part of thorax.
Soreness of chest on rising in morning.
Stitch in right chest as from a knife thrust, with vertigo. *
Sore, bruised feeling or stitches in chest or back.
Sensation of dragging, or bearing down, on each side of chest.
Shooting pains from centre of thorax to lower part of abdomen.
Intermittent shooting pains in chest and abdomen.
Rheumatic or neuralgic pains in chest, back and limbs.
Ineffectual urging to stool, followed by cutting pains in ribs of left side, with pain under left scapula as if a piece of flesh was being forcibly twisted out; later, copious stool. *
Perceptible pulsations in chest.


Palpitation of heart.
Increased strength and frequency of pulse, with fever heat; pulse quick and hard. *
Acceleration of circulation.


Dragging pains in sides of thorax and in lumbar region, agg. by motion, bending over and turning in bed.
Griping and shooting pains from centre of chest (thoracic muscles) to lower part of abdomen, pains severe at intervals.
Fine scarlet rash upon chest, with itching.


Sensation like a jerk or shock in nape of neck. *
Pains at the waist as if she would break in two; pains run up whole left side of trunk or body like lightning, seems as if they would give her a twist while running up; pain in elbows and wrist.
Boring pain in shoulder blades.
Dull pain in small of back, with drowsiness and lassitude.
Sore pain in lumbar region, agg. when bending over, or to either side.


Neuralgic sharp pains begin in right elbow, extending to hand and shoulder, passing down right side and then up left; pain settled about heart, causing feeling of pressure and palpitation; could not use arm because of pain and lameness; hands and feet swollen, pains of a darting, needle-like kind, very severe; difficulty of passing water. *
Sense of weakness and fatigue of arms.
Burning and itching sensation in hands and arms.
Numbness and stitches in wrist joints. *
Coldness of hands, following a loose stool.
Blueness of fingers. *


Pain in right hip while lying in bed.
Legs weak and tremulous, particularly when ascending; sensation of weariness in legs.
Itching on legs and thighs; burning sensation in feet.
Coldness of feet following a loose stool.


Weakness of extremities.
Cramps in popliteal spaces, with tension in flexor muscles, also in left arm. *


Lying: pain in right hip.
Motion: pain in sides of thorax and lumbar region agg.
Turning in bed: pains in sides of thorax and lumbar region agg.
Shaking head: headache agg.
Bending over: pains in sides of thorax and lumbar region agg.; pain in lumbar region agg.
Bending to either side: soreness in lumbar region agg.
Stooping: headache agg.
Walking: headache agg.
When ascending: legs weak and tremulous.
Exercise: sweat and great fatigue from slight.

NERVES. [36]

General debility and impaired mental energy, with great drowsiness; in heat of Summer.

SLEEP. [37]

Great disposition to sleep, with entire loss of mental and physical energy; heavy feeling in head.
Drowsiness, with great depression of spirits and deep-seated pains in head; disposition to perspire.
Sleepy and weak during day, with dull pains in head, back and limbs.
Sleep unrefreshing and disturbed by unpleasant dreams.

TIME. [38]

In morning: on rising, mind confused; gagging; coryza early; urging to stool, early in bed; difficult urination, in old men; soreness of chest on rising.
Symptoms generally agg. on waking in morning.
During day: sleepy and weak, with dull pains in head, back and limbs.
At night: frequent erections; sleepy but cannot sleep, must get up and look out of window; itching in paroxysms agg.


Cold drinks: thirst for.
From catching cold: ulceration of buccal mucous membrane; inflammation of chest.
Summer: debility, impaired mental energy, and great drowsiness in heat of.

FEVER. [40]

Chilliness, accompanied by nausea, dull pain in head and feelings of debility and languor.
Chill with cold, clammy skin. *
Chilly sensation, succeeded by transient flushes of heat.
Chilliness, followed by heat with thirst and finally sweat. ~ Inflammation of lungs. *
Chill followed by heat with thirst, drinks often, but not much at a time, then sweat; constant giddiness; hungry soon after eating; desire for sour things, later for sweets. *
First moderate heat, then light perspiration, ending with a crawling sort of chill, beginning in back and going upward. ~ Intermittent fever.
Increased temperature of body, hot sweat, fullness in head. *
Flushes of heat and coldness in alternation, followed by cold perspiration.
Transient flushes of heat, pervading whole body, with shooting pains through brain.
Heat: with violent headache; thirst; hot, but moist skin; stupor. *
Paroxysm preceded for days by sleepiness, dull, heavy headache, sluggish flow of ideas; slight exercise causes sweat and great fatigue; during apyrexia, debility and painful diarrhea; first moderate heat, then light perspiration, ending with a crawling sort of chill; when all the stages seem aborted and the patient says his chills amount to nothing; weak, languid, loss of appetite.
General perspiration, with nausea, drowsiness and heavy pain in head.
General clammy sweat, with headache, nausea, pain in back, lassitude and confusion of ideas.
Sweat rolls down from her; chilly but warm; cramps from sides of her waist, running towards pubes; sleepy, but couldn't sleep all night; had to get up and look out of window, she was so sleepless; could not sleep in daytime, sweating all the time. *
Bilious remittents, and the characteristic gastric and intestinal symptoms present.


Frequent: sighing; gagging; chilly sensations; ineffectual urging to stool; diarrhea; inclination to urinate; erections; inclination to expand chest, by taking a long breath.
Constant: dizziness; tendency to sleep; working of bowels; tickling in chest; sweating.
Daily: paroxysms of ague.
Chronic: hepatitis and bilious derangement; diarrhea; cough.


Right: aching and throbbing over eyebrow; stitch in chest; pain in hip.
Left: eye weak; stitches in region of clavicle extending towards right side; cutting in ribs, with pain under scapula; tension in arm.
From front to back: pulsations in head.


As if a cloud was over left eye; as if she would break in two at waist; as if pains would give her a twist while running up body; as if eyeballs and lids were pressed down by a weight; as if bowels were all in motion; as if a knife was thrust into right chest; as if a piece of flesh was being forcibly twisted out under left scapula; as of a jerk or shock in nape of neck.
Pain: deep seated, under vertex; in bowels; in elbows and wrists; in stomach; in pit of stomach; in right hip; in back; in chest, abdomen and legs; at waist.
Stitches: sharp, in chest, in region of left clavicle extending towards right side; in right chest; in wrist joints.
Darting, needle-like pain: in arm.
Prickling: in nose and nasal bones; heat of whole surface with; in skin.
Cutting: in whole head; in left ribs.
Shooting: in head; from centre of chest down to lower part of abdomen; in brain.
Lightning-like pains: run up side of trunk or body.
Boring: in shoulder blades.
Drawing: from back of head to nose.
Tensive pain: throughout whole head.
Tension: in flexor muscles, also in left arm.
Burning: in face; of cheeks; in mouth, throat and stomach; in hands and arms; in feet; heat of whole surface with; in skin.
Contraction: around eyes; from centre of chest down to lower part of abdomen.
Bearing down: in abdomen and rectum; on each side of chest.
Dragging: on each side of chest; in lumbar region; in sides of thorax.
Rheumatic or neuralgic pains: in chest, back and limbs.
Neuralgic pains: begin in elbow, extend to hand and shoulder, pass down right side, then up left and settle about heart.
Throbbing: over right eyebrow; in temples; in head.
Pulsating: headache in temples; deep-seated pains in occipital and parietal regions; pains in head, stomach and bowels.
Pulsations: from front to back of head; in chest.
Griping: in umbilical region; from centre of chest to lower part of abdomen.
Cramps: in popliteal spaces; from sides of waist running towards pubes.
Colic: pains.
Smarting: in mouth and throat; stomach.
Bruised feeling: in chest and back.
Soreness: of eyeballs; of chest; in chest and back; in lumbar region.
Aching: over right eyebrow; in head; through eyeballs.
Choking: in upper part of thorax.
Confused pain: in head.
Dull pain: over eyeballs; over whole head; in small of back; in back and limbs.
Heavy pain: in head.
Pressure: about heart.
Pressing: in rectum.
Oppression: in stomach.
Weight: in head, particularly in temples; around eyes.
Heaviness: of head; of eyeballs and lids.
Dullness: within head.
Weakness: of arms.
Weariness: of legs.
Faintness: in stomach and bowels.
Uneasiness: of bowels.
Fullness: within head; in stomach; of bowels.
Emptiness: in stomach.
Numbness: in wrist joints.
Tickling: in chest.
Itching: of nasal mucous membrane; of rash upon chest; in hands and arms; on legs and thighs; heat of whole surface with; in skin; of scalp, legs and feet; of external genitals.


Its chief action appears to be upon the liver and the intestinal canal; a marked influence is likewise exerted upon the brain.
Accelerated action of heart and arteries, accompanied by hot skin, burning of face, great drowsiness, headache, inability to fix the mind, nausea, depression of spirits, pains in back, chest, abdomen and legs, lassitude, debility, sunken eyes, yellow tinge of conjunctiva, sallow countenance, diarrhea of dark, bilious matter, or slimy and watery fluid, tenesmus, colic pains, throbbing pains in temples, distressing dreams, tympanitic distension of abdomen, constant desire to sleep.
Intermittent fevers, with chills and sweat predominating; the last stages of remittent and typhoid fevers, when diarrhea sets in, with profuse sweats and general physical and mental exhaustion.


Scratching or rubbing: agg. itching.

SKIN. [46]

Yellow or earthy appearance of skin.
Heat of whole surface, with itching, burning or prickling sensations.
Prickling, burning and itching sensation of skin.
Itching of scalp, legs and feet, agg. by scratching or rubbing.
Itching in paroxysms, agg. at night.
Eczema, pruritis or similar affections of external genitals.
Skin covered with copious clammy perspiration.
Fine scarlet rash on breast, with itching.
Dry or moist eruption; scrofulosis with cough.
Dry or moist tinea; itching of scalp.
Vesicular eruptions; urticaria; miliaria; roseola.


Young man, aet. 18; daily paroxysms of ague.
Young man, aet. 20, sick seven or eight weeks, had taken usual remedies without effect; ague.
George Schafer, after catching cold; inflammation of chest. *
Man, aet. 35, sick seven weeks with chills, fever and vomiting of blood; remedy given in alternation with Tart. emet.


Compare: Cinchon., Eup. perf., Hydrast. and Nux vom.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 04, 1884
Description: Clinical materia medica of Cornus circinata
Remedies: Cornus circinata
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1884
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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