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Cuprum Arsenicosum.

Arsenite of Copper; Scheele's Green. Cu H As O3.

Provings, by Blakely (Hah. Mo., vol. 3, p. 571) assisted by Smedley, Boyce and Foster, and toxicological reports, contained in Encyclopaedia, vol. 4, p. 23. The pure arsenite of copper is prepared by trituration.


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MIND. [1]

A Kind of intoxication.
Confusion of ideas.
Intense anguish of mind and body.


Vertigo, confusion of ideas, and headache between temples.
Dullness and fullness of head.
Fullness in head; brain seems to expand and press against frontal bone.
Cerebro-spinal irritation; staggering gait.


Very severe headache all over forehead, but especially in temples.
Dull pain in forehead, but most severe in right temple.
Headache spreads over entire forehead, and finally settles in right side of forehead and over temporal bone, and becomes dull and throbbing.
Throbbing in right temple.
Soreness of right temple when pressed against pillow.
Sharp pain in temples agg. in left.
Persistent boring pain in small spot above left superior orbital arch, with soreness to touch.
Severe sharp pain in superior arch of right orbital bone.
Pain seems to meet in centre of forehead and pass down the nose.
Headache, particularly in forehead, but entire head feels as if bruised, agg. from motion, amel. from rest.
Headache between the temples.
Dull, heavy pain in head; bones of face very sore.
Dullness and soreness of head in morning, after waking.
Dull, heavy aching in back part of head.
Dull soreness in right occipital bone. agg. from pressure.


Soreness of bones of left side of head and face.
Itching of scalp.


Dark specks before eyes; eyes very sensitive.
Sparks before eyes.
Dimness of eyes, with profuse lachrymation.


Boring pain in right ear; sharp pain in temples, agg. in left; pain in lumbar region, and in anterior portion of right thigh; chilly feeling over entire body; skin sensitive to contact of clothing, which produces a chilly sensation.
Dull soreness in right internal ear.


Irritability of mucous membrane of nose with fluid discharge; abundant salivation.
Bones of nose very sore, especially on pressure.


Face: pale; anxious; sunken; edematous.
Violent twitching and jerking of facial muscles of left side, between eye and corner of mouth.
Soreness of bones of face.
Intermittent, throbbing, shooting pains in upper jaw.


Intermittent and throbbing pain in right half of inferior maxillary bone.
Lips bluish.


Shooting pain in upper molars of left side, extending upward into superior maxillary bone.
Twitches of pain in right upper and left lower posterior molars, more protracted in former, but more acute in latter.
Tenderness of gums.


Taste: bitter; metallic.
Tongue: coated white; brownish-white; tremulous, covered with mucus; cool.
Back part of tongue thickly coated.


Bad breath.


Burning along esophagus from stomach to mouth.
Rolling about floor in intense pain, which she described as burning her throat and bowels.
Soreness of throat.


No appetite.
Intense thirst.


Child refuses to take anything, probably from inability to swallow.


Hiccough, Belching, Nausea and Vomiting
Much eructation of wind.
Nausea: constant, violent; on awaking, with bitter taste; with headache between temples; with lameness of back; with unsteadiness of head, agg. after study.
Nausea, with burning pain in stomach and bowels; palpitation of heart with trembling of limbs; headache, particularly in forehead, but whole head feels bruised; jerking in limbs.
Suddenly seized with violent sickness, and vomiting of a light green substance, like bile diluted with water.
For five days, persistent vomiting of watery greenish fluid, accompanied by chills and thirst for cold water; agg. eating or drinking.
Violent vomiting.


Great sensitiveness of epigastric region to slightest touch.
Dull aching pain over epigastric and right hypochondriac regions, with nausea and paroxysmal vomiting; vomiting frequently a glairy froth.
Empty, vacant feeling in stomach.
Burning in stomach.
Stomach sore as if bruised.
Cutting pain in stomach while eating.
Cramps in stomach and bowels, followed by tonsillitis.


Whole abdomen meteoric, very painful to touch, but especially over region of liver.
Pains in abdomen like those of flatulent colic.
Rumbling in bowels; sharp, quick pains in lower bowels.
Sharp, cutting pains in abdomen, afterwards subsiding into a dull soreness, followed by an unpleasant warmth in abdomen, and a severe burning in stomach.
Severe burning, cramping pains in abdomen.
Violent colic; frequent vomiting, with purging; cold sweats; intense thirst.
Spasmodic and neuralgic pains in bowels, accompanied by screams, and cramps in fingers and toes; great debility and threatened collapse.
Crampy pains in lower bowels, accompanied by extreme vesical and rectal tenesmus; micturition frequent, causing great suffering.
Attacks of excruciating pains in bowels, occurring every two or three weeks.
Pains in hypogastrium.
Squeezed his abdomen with both hands.


Vomiting and purging, with cramps and collapse.
Pain in sacral region, with frequent urging to urinate; rectal tenesmus, with mucous discharges, so constant as to require a cloth to receive them as they flowed from the bowel. ~ Diarrhea.
Chronic, slimy diarrhea, during summer, with cramps in abdomen; tenesmus recti et vesicae; frequent and painful urination; pain in sacral region.
Choleraic diarrhea during summer; also useful in disturbed state of bowels during convalescence.
Asiatic cholera, with cramps in hands and feet.


Dark red urine; burning pain during and after urination.
Strong-smelling urine; urine has the odor of garlic.


White, purulent discharge from urethra; soreness of penis, with pain in prostate gland; tingling and burning in urethra.
Perspiration of scrotum, which is constantly moist and damp.
Boils frequently forming on scrotum.


About close of menses, worked out of doors during a moist, drizzly day; during night agonizing pain in lower abdominal region; tender spot over left ovary; tongue heavily coated white.


Constant nausea, rejects everything; so weak can hardly sit up; very nervous; pulse quick and feeble; spasmodic uterine pain; at one time tenesmus and dysenteric stools. ~ Vomiting during pregnancy.
Spasmodic uterine pains during pregnancy, with general debility.


Difficulty of speech.


Oppression of chest, as if constricted.
Sense of weight on chest and difficult breathing.
Soreness of a small spot in left scapula, extending into left lung, followed by dull sticking pain in left chest, between sixth and seventh ribs, agg. on deep inspiration; weak, numb feeling in left chest, left side of back, left shoulder and arm.
Dull soreness in right side of chest, with dull pains in back; agg. from deep inspirations.


Sudden debility, with dull pain in heart, and sensation of oppression; left chest feels too small; long involuntary inspirations; empty feeling in stomach, with vertigo, confusion of ideas, and headache between temples.
Palpitation of heart, with trembling of limbs.
Aberrations in rhythm of heart's action; at one time beats are very irregular and feeble, at another violent and irregular; attacks appear in paroxysms, with intermissions, during which nothing abnormal in action of heart can be detected. ~ Cardiac chorea.
Pulsation of heart moving wall of chest up and down.
Angina pectoris.
Pulse: frequent; small, rapid, very irritable; very feeble.


Soreness of glands of neck, with stiffness of neck; pain agg. on moving head.
Severe pain under lower angle of left scapula, agg. from motion or breathing; cannot take full breath.
Stiffness and lameness of back, agg. from motion. amel. during rest; returns after sitting awhile.
Lameness of lumbar region.
Pain in right lumbar region, and in anterior portion of right thigh.


Numb, weak feeling in left shoulder and arm.
Peculiar numb feeling in left arm and hand, with pain in internal surface of arm, and tingling of palm of hand and of fingers, agg. on motion.
Constantly moving arms up and down and from side to side, with trembling of fingers.


Limbs ache while walking; gait unsteady; increasing debility.
Pain in anterior portion of right thigh.


Left arm feels numb and powerless, and soon a similar sensation in left leg.
Spasms in extremities.
Extremities very cold.
Pustular tumors on wrists and ankles, and excessive sensitiveness and irritability of skin.
Itching of arms and legs.


Rest: amel. headache; amel. lameness and stiffness of back.
Motion: agg. headache; soreness and stiffness of neck agg. on moving head; amel. stiffness and lameness of back; tingling of hand and fingers agg.
Rolling about floor: with intense pain in throat and bowels.
Walking: limbs ache.

NERVES. [36]

General debility, want of energy, indisposition to do anything.
Feeling of weakness and extreme prostration.
Very restless; nervous.
Chorea; syncope; spasms; severe convulsions.
Epilepsy; death-like syncope.

SLEEP. [37]

Sleep disturbed and unrefreshing.
Persistent sleeplessness.

TIME. [38]

Morning: soreness of head after waking.


Moist, drizzly day: agonizing pain in lower abdominal region.

FEVER. [40]

Chilly feeling over entire body.
Creeping sensation produced by contact of clothing.
Cold and drowsy; skin cold.
Covered with a cold, clammy perspiration.


Frequent: vomiting of glairy froth; micturition.
Attacks: of irregular and feeble, or irregular and violent beats of heart.
Intermittent: pain in right half of inferior maxillary bone.
For five days: persistent vomiting.
Every two or three weeks: attacks of excruciating pain in bowels.
During summer: chronic diarrhea; choleraic diarrhea.


Left: sharp pain in temple; boring pain in small spot above left superior orbital arch; soreness of bones of face and side of head; twitching of muscles of side of face; pain in upper molars; pain in lower posterior molars; tender spot over ovary; soreness of small spot in scapula, extending to lung; dull, sticking pain in chest; numb feeling in chest, side of back, shoulder and arm; chest feels too small; pain under lower angle of scapula; numb feeling in shoulder and arm; numb feeling in hand; pain in arm; tingling of palm of hand; tingling of fingers; numb feeling in leg.
Right: pain in temple; side of forehead; soreness of temple; pain in superior arch of orbital bone; pain in ear; pain in anterior portion of thigh; soreness in internal ear; pain in half of inferior maxillary bone; pain in upper posterior molars; pain in hypochondriac region; soreness in side of chest; pain in lumbar region; pain in anterior portion of thigh.


As if brain expanded and pressed against frontal bone; sense of weight on chest; left chest feels too small.
Pain: between temples; seems to meet in centre of forehead and pass down nose; in lumbar region; in anterior portion of right thigh; in abdomen as of colic; in hypogastrium; in sacral region; in internal surface of arm.
Agonizing pain: in lower abdomen.
Excruciating pain: in bowels.
Violent colic: in abdomen.
Sharp pains: in temples; in superior arch of right orbital bone; in lower bowels.
Severe pain: all over forehead; in temples; under lower angle of left scapula.
Cutting pain: in stomach; in abdomen.
Cramping pains: in bowels.
Cramps: in stomach; in bowels; in fingers and toes.
Constricted feeling: of chest.
Shooting pains: in upper jaw; in upper molars of left side, extending into superior maxillary bone.
Neuralgic pain: in abdomen.
Throbbing pain: right side of forehead; over temporal bone; in right temple; in upper jaw; in right half of inferior maxillary bone.
Twitches of pain: in right upper and left lower posterior molars.
Sticking pain: in left chest.
Boring pain: persistent above left superior orbital arch; in right ear.
Burning: along esophagus from stomach to mouth; in bowels; in urethra.
Bruised feeling: in head; in stomach.
Dull pain: in forehead; in right temple; in back part of head; over epigastric and right hypochondriac regions; in left chest, between sixth and seventh ribs; in back; in heart.
Soreness: of right temple; of bones of face; of head; in right occipital bone; of bones of left side of head and face; in right internal ear; of bones of nose; of throat; in abdomen; of penis; of small spot in left scapula, extending into left lung; in right side of chest; of glands of neck.
Tingling: in urethra; of palm of hand; of fingers.
Numb feeling: in left chest; in left side of back; in left shoulder and arm; in left hand; in left leg.
Stiffness: of neck; of back.
Lameness of head; of back; of lumbar region.
Trembling: of limbs.
Dullness: of head.
Fullness: of head.
Creeping sensation: over body.
Itching: of arms and legs.
Chilly feeling: all over body.


Contact of clothing: skin sensitive to.
Touch: great sensitiveness in epigastric region; abdomen sensitive to; over region of liver, sensitive to.
Pressing against pillow: soreness of right temple.
Pressure: agg. dull soreness in right occipital bone; soreness of bones of nose agg.

SKIN. [46]

Skin sensitive to contact of clothing, which produce chilly creeping sensation.
Severe itching of skin.
Pustular tumors on wrists and ankles, and excessive sensitiveness and irritability of skin.
Vesicular and pustular eruptions, sometimes followed by very painful ulcers, and finally by erythematous swellings.


Miss M., aet. 20; pain in left ovary.
Young married woman, with one child; diarrhea.
Mrs. M., has three young children, second month of gestation; vomiting.
Mrs. W., aet. 30; vomiting.


See under Arsen. (Vol. II, p. 96) for suitable antidotes in cases of poisoning. Compare: Arsen., Cuprum, and other arsenical and copper preparations. Acon., Act. rac. (angina pectoris, numbness of left side of body and powerlessness of left arm); Merc. cor. (diarrhea and rectal tenesmus).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 05, 1887
Description: Clinical materia medica of Cuprum arsenicosum
Remedies: Cuprum arsenicosum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1887
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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