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Daphne Odora. (Daphne Indica).

Daphne Indica (Sweet scented Spurge laurel). Thymolaceae.

This remedy, not to be confounded with Daphne mezereum, another species from the same natural order (See Mezereum), was introduced by Dr. G. Bute, whose symptoms, pathogenetic and clinical, were first published in the Correspondenz-Blatt, the journal of the Allentown Academy, in 1837.

This evergreen is a native of the West Indies and China (not India), while the Daphne mezereum grows in Great Britain.

The tincture is prepared from the fresh bark.

MIND. [1]

Very peevish, absent-minded, he walks about the room, cannot make up his mind to anything.
Timorous and trembling, with pain about heart.
Any effort at thinking causes pain or soreness in brain.




Sensation as if external portion of brain was inflamed and beating painfully against skull.
Feeling of fullness in head, as if head would burst.
Pain in head on rising in bed, as if head would burst.
Sensation as if head was separated from body.
Head feels as if screwed together, from below upward, as if chin and vertex were in a vise, with great heat in head.
Head feels as if too thick, with dull sticking in left temple.
Painful pulsation in temples, with soreness when touched.
Violent pain in left temple.
Pain in temples extending to back part of eyes.
Sharp momentary pains in left side of head and under left scapula.
Pain in vertex, extending toward forehead.
Heat in head, especially in vertex.
Pain from nape of neck to forehead.
Pain in back part of head.


Soreness on pressure with painful throbbing of temples.
Pain and burning on vertex.
Heat on back part of vertex.
Nodular swellings on bones of head about vertex, soft as if containing water; pain agg. at night preventing sleep; agg. from touch.
Hard swelling of whole left side of upper portion of head, as if in the bone, with numbness and sharp, transitory, shooting pains.
Itching on scalp.


Sensation as if a membrane extended across eye.
Black spots float before eyes.
Weakness of eyes; while reading, the letters fade and appear as a black line.
Contraction of pupils.
Eyes dim and watery, weak, inflamed, without lustre; filled with tears.
Glassy appearance of eyes.
Pain in eyes; sensation as if they were forcibly pressed out, or were too large.
Severe pains in eyeball, with great nervous excitement, in evening.
Scratching in eyes.
Pain above right eye.
Itching in left eye.
Indescribable sensation about eyes and lids; the latter feel heavy next morning and have a dry appearance.


Roaring and humming in ears.
Burning about ears and on vertex, with constant inclination to yawn.


Nostrils scurfy, with some heat.


Heat and burning of cheeks, extending to ears and hands.
Sensation of swelling; rigidity and tension in articulation of jaw.


Sensation of tension and swelling in region of maxillary joint, with severe burning in skin.
Stiffness of maxillary joint on chewing.


Pulsation in roots of teeth; in gums.
Tearing, gnawing pain in all the teeth.
Toothache: with chilliness; with tendency to sweat; with erections; after coitus; with or without salivation.
Pressure upon swollen gums causes crackling, as if a collection of air had formed there.


Dryness of tongue as if burnt; after sleep.
Foul-smelling tongue.
Tongue coated on one side.


Ptyalism; saliva hot.
Salivation with toothache.


Inflammation of throat and suppuration of tonsils.


Loss of appetite, moderate thirst.
Great desire for tobacco.


After each meal burning in stomach and sensation of soreness, with much belching of wind, the pain often extends through left hypochondriac region and around to back; frequent cramps in stomach.
Nausea and vomiting after breakfast; vomiting with cough.
Pressure in stomach after drinking.
Gouty pains, agg. by drinking of alcohol.


Pyrosis and sour vomiting.


Burning and soreness in stomach.
Sensation of fullness and heaving in pit of stomach.
Pit of stomach as if contracted.
Qualmishness in stomach.


Sensation as if something smooth was gliding from right to left hypochondrium, lying on back.
Pain under left floating ribs.
Sudden stitch in region of spleen.


Arthritic pains, which suddenly wander from extremities to abdomen.
Colic with chilliness.
Trembling in abdominal muscles.
Painfullness of left groin.


Stool scant, at termination bloody.


Cutting pains in kidneys.
Soreness of urethra; at beginning of micturition.
Frequent desire to urinate with forcible passage of large, clear stream.
Frequent and copious micturition.
Frequent urination at night.
The urine is turbid, thick, yellowish, contains pus.
Red sediment of urine, which adheres to sides of vessel.
Fetid smell of urine, like rotten eggs.
Urging to urinate, with mucous discharge.


Discharge of prostatic fluid after urination, agg. by smoking.
Sweating of scrotum.
Disorders resulting from suppression of gonorrhea.


Feeble voice.


Offensive breath.
Suffocating feeling with throat complaints.

COUGH. [27]

Cough from tickling in throat, with yellow, often frothy, blood-streaked expectoration, accompanied by retching and vomiting; coughs until he sinks down completely exhausted; causes sleeplessness at night.
Cough, with pain in sternum.
Copious, thin, slimy expectoration.


Stitches in heart and cardiac region going through to back.
Palpitation and fluttering; cannot lie on left side; pains about heart.
Timorous and trembling, with pain about the heart.
Pulse: quick, frequent; accelerated, often 100 or more; very slow.


Pain in pectoral muscles.


Back. At night sensation as if cervical glands were greatly swollen, and arteries distended with blood; a suffocative feeling, as if head were separated from body.
Soreness in left side of throat on pressure.
Screwing pain from ear to shoulder.
Beating in nape of neck, with painfullness to touch.
Pain in nape of neck, with headache.
Sharp pain under left scapula.
Pain and downward drawing in spinal cord, agg. stooping or bending.
Burning and itching down back.
Cold feeling on buttocks.


Lightning-like pain in right shoulder.
Small vesicles on hands and arms itching violently.
Burning of hands.
Sudden violent painful boring in bones of fingers.
Gouty pains flying about in hands.
Sticking-tearing pain in throat and fingers of right hand.


Itching of legs every evening; they are covered with a red rash.
Sharp pain down right hip, spreading towards back, and lasting about ten minutes.
Screwing pain in right hip, and from hip to knee.
Rheumatic pain in muscles of left thigh, just above knee, as after catching cold, agg. walking.
Dull pain in thighs.
Pain in thighs and knees.
Sensation of coldness of knees; cold knees, cold feet.
After pain leaves foot it is insensible to touch, and feels very large.
Toes and forepart of foot extremely cold.
Sensation as of a bruised pain in left toes.
Empty feeling in big toe.
Ball of right great toe swollen and very painful; the pain suddenly shoots into the body, to region of heart, or some other part of body.


Gout-like, pinching pain on back of left hand, mostly on side of little finger; after five minutes the pain darted to outer side of right hand, and so for several hours alternately went from hand to hand, after lasting 4-5 minutes; the pain then suddenly changed to ball of left great toe, soon passed to back of toe, from thence to back of right great toe, and then back again to left; after passing from one foot to the other several times, it went to the muscles of right arm, just above elbow, thence to inner side of left thigh, just above knee, and from there to abdomen, below precordial region.
Sticking-shooting pains, first in one, then in other arm, which seem to go into hands and feet, where they end suddenly with a slight electric shock; when he thinks they have passed by, he suddenly feels same pain in left foot, which, however, remains in no one place for any length of time; in the great toe (in which he formerly had gouty pains), sensation as if there were an emptiness, then lightning-like, shooting pains in left great toe, in balls of toe and soles of feet; the same in right foot, but less severe; the left foot, after pains have become very violent, is quite insensible to touch, and feels as large as whole body.
Stiffness of limbs.
Great weakness, a bruised feeling in limbs.


As soon as he lies down: gouty pains.
Lying down: agg. backache.
Rising: pain in head.
Stooping or bending: agg. pain in spinal cord.
Walks: about room.
Walking: rheumatic pain in thigh agg.; coughs until he sinks down completely exhausted.

NERVES. [36]

Great lassitude and weakness, limbs feel bruised.
Great restlessness, with nervous headache; sharp pains sweep over whole body, appear at times to rest in the joints, the same were felt in cardiac region causing trembling and fearfullness.
Great nervous excitability with the pains in eyes.

SLEEP. [37]

Entire sleeplessness: from pains in bone-swellings; from cough.
Great drowsiness, but complains of being unable to sleep.
Restlessness, unrefreshing sleep.
Starting on falling asleep, with chilliness and clammy sweat.
Dreams: of black cats; of a vicious black cat seizing him by the hand; of fire.

TIME. [38]

Morning: eyes feel heavy; lids feel heavy.
Evening: pain in eyeballs; itching of legs; red rash in spots on legs; pains agg.
Night: pains agg.; nodular swellings on bones of head agg.; sleeplessness; sensation as if cervical glands were greatly swollen; as if arteries were distended with blood; exostoses with stitching, pressing dull pain agg.


Cold air: wandering gout agg.
Warmth of bed: pain agg.

FEVER. [40]

Toothache, with attacks of chilliness and sweat.
Violent shaking chill, lasting 12 hours, followed by heat of moderate duration, as in typhoid, with clammy sweat over whole body, followed by some thirst and complete loss of appetite.
Glowing sensation in cheeks, followed by burning, extending to ears and vertex, hands and tips of fingers.
Stretching and yawning, with chilliness.
Heat and sweat at short intervals.
Tendency to sweat.
Viscid perspiration, sometimes having a putrid smell.
Gastric nervous fever.


Sudden lightning-like dull jerkings in different parts of the body.
Erratic stitches.
Attacks: of chilliness.
Frequent: cramps in stomach; desire to urinate; urination at night.
Short intervals: heat and sweat.
10 minutes: pain in right hip.
12 hours: chill lasts.
Feels worse while the moon is on the wane.


Left: sticking in temple; hard swelling side of upper portion of head; itching in eye; burning pain in hypochondriac region; pain under floating ribs; painfullness of groin; cannot lie on side; heart symptoms agg. lying on side; soreness of throat; sharp pain under scapula; rheumatic pains in thigh; bruised pain in toes; gouty pain on back of hand; gouty pain on side of little finger; pain in ball of great toe; shooting pain in foot; after pain ceases, foot is insensible to touch; foot feels as large as whole body.
Right: pain above eyes; pain in shoulder; tearing pain in fingers; pain down hip; great toe swollen; pain in great toe; pain in arm.
From right to left: sensation as if something smooth was gliding from right to left hypochondrium.
One side: tongue coated.
From below upward: head feels screwed.
Extremities to abdomen: arthritic pains suddenly wander.
Changing locality: pains in limbs.
As if external portion of brain was inflamed and beating painfully against skull; as if head would burst; as if there was not enough room in head; as if head were separated from body; as if head were screwed together; as if chin and vertex were in a vise; head feels as if too thick; as if a membrane extended across eye; as if eyes were forcibly pressed out; as if eyes were too large; as if face were swollen; pressure upon swollen gums causes crackling as if collection of air had formed there; tongue as if burnt; pit of stomach as if contracted; as if something smooth was gliding from right to left hypochondrium; as if cervical glands were greatly swollen; as if arteries were distended with blood; as if there were an emptiness in foot; foot feels as large as whole body.
Pain: about heart; in brain; in head; in temples, extending to back part of eyes; in vertex; from nape of neck to forehead; in back part of head; in eyes; in eyeballs; above eyes; in teeth; through left hypochondriac region and around to back; under left floating ribs; in left groin; in sternum; in pectoral muscles: in nape of neck; in spinal cord; in knees; in thighs; in right great toe; pain suddenly goes into body to region of heart or some other part of body; in bone swellings; in teeth.
Indescribable feeling: about eyes and lids.
Violent pain: in left temple.
Cutting pain: in kidneys.
Tearing pain: in teeth; in throat; in fingers.
Bursting: headache.
Sharp momentary pain: in side of head; under scapula; down hip to back.
Shooting pains: in head; arms; hands; feet; left great toe.
Stitch: in region of spleen; in heart; in cardiac region, through to back.
Lightning-like pain: in right shoulder; in left great toe; soles of feet.
Pinching pain: in back of left hand; in little finger; in right hand.
Gnawing pain: in all the teeth.
Screwing pain: from ear to shoulder; in hip to knee.
Boring pain: in bones of fingers.
Gouty pains: in hands; on back of left hand; toes; arms; thigh; knee; abdomen; from extremities to abdomen.
Rheumatic pains: in thigh.
Burning: on vertex; about ears; cheeks; in skin of jaw; in stomach; down back; of hands.
Soreness: of brain; in temples; of stomach; of urethra; left side of throat.
Heat: in head; in vertex.
Dull sticking: in left temple; in throat; in fingers.
Dull pain: in thighs.
Throbbing painful: in temples; in roots of teeth; in gums.
Beating: in nape of neck.
Bruised feeling: in limbs; in left foot.
Pressure: in stomach.
Heavy feeling: in eyelids.
Fullness: in head; in pit of stomach.
Drawing down: in spinal cord.
Tension: in region of maxillary joint.
Roaring: in ears.
Humming: in ears.
Cold feeling: on buttocks.
Scratching: in eyes.
Tickling: in throat.
Itching: on scalp; in left eye; down back; of legs.


Erratic stitches in muscles.
Rheumatic and arthritic pains, especially after suppressed gonorrhea.
Wandering gout, agg. from cold air.
Rheumatic and gouty affections in muscles and bones.
Exostoses with stitching, pressing, or dull pain, especially agg. at night.


Touch: pain agg. in bones of head; painfullness in nape of neck; foot insensible to, after pain ceases.
Pressure: on temple, soreness; on gums causes crackling; soreness of left side of throat.

SKIN. [46]

Clammy skin.
Red rash in spots on legs, in evening.
Leprosy (Daphne oleoides).


Mercurio-syphilitic affections.


Antidoted by: Bryon., Digit., Rhus tox., Silica, Sepia, and Zincum.
It antidotes: pains of Chromic acid, and Mercurius.
Compare: Mezereum its side relation; Aurum and Mercur. in bone affections; Staphis. in mercurio-syphilitic affections; Thuja in results of suppressed gonorrhea; Benz. ac. in fetid urine; Jambos in desire for tobacco; Pulsat. in erratic pains; Veratr. in electric-like pains.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 05, 1887
Description: Clinical materia medica of Daphne indica
Remedies: Daphne indica
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1887
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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