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Dioscorea Villosa.

Wild Yam. Dioscoreaceae.

A perennial creeper, growing wild in this country, principally in Southern States, on bushes and fences. Introduced and proved extensively by Cushing (see Monograph); also proved by Woods, Burt and Nichols (See Allen's Encyclopaedia, vol. 4, p. 123).

The tincture is prepared from the root. Dioscorein is obtained by precipitating the tincture with water. Both preparations have been proved and used clinically, in various potencies.


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MIND. [1]

Calls things by wrong names; writes down right arm or leg when he means left, and must correct it in evening.
Feels tired; yet still keeps walking around room.
Company is disagreeable, conversation troublesome.
Great depression of spirits.
Irritable; feels cross and troubled.


Vertigo: with heat in head; with great faintness at stomach; from onanism.
Dull, confused, dizzy; mouth dry and bitter.
Dizzy, dull feeling; goes to right while walking; inclined to fall backwards.
Faintness agg. by sitting up in bed; numbness agg. by lying down.


Dull frontal headache.
Pain in front of head and temples as if top of head was lifted up.
Sharp pains over eyes.
Pains in temples, and occiput, dull pressure of sharp stabbing, causing a dull stupid sensation; neuralgia in temples, agg. from least change of position.
Vertigo and giddiness, with heat in head; with sharp cutting pains in right side of forehead, extending to ears; a remittent pain, agg. by pressure.
Violent throbbing in temples and forehead; 9 A. M.
Squeezing pains in head; temples as if in a vise; nausea, dry mouth, belching of wind.
Headache in vertex and down into both shoulders.
Vertex pains seem to be deep-seated, all but central Dragging pain in right side of occiput, making him feel quite stupid.
Dull pain in back of head down into shoulders and back.
Fullness in head, speedily followed by spasmodic pain in abdomen.
Head feels as if tied with a band.


Feeling as of a round or a large smooth substance, or as of sticks, dust or lashes in eyes.
Sharp pain from right eye to occiput.
Lachrymation, hot tears, eyes fill in open air, smarting; wants to keep eyes closed.
Eyes weak, sore, smart; right eye smarts agg.; seems as if hot air streamed out, evening; lids glued together.
Eyelids stiff or gummed in morning.


Ringing, buzzing in ears with headache.
Small balls of wax drop out of right ear almost daily.
Both ears feel suddenly stopped up, and are sore to touch.
Pains in ears, agg. blowing nose.
Hard pain in front of both ears, and behind left ear.
Itching of right internal ear, agg. than in left


Nose stopped up, dry, or watery discharge.
Bright red blood from left nostril, followed by a dark clot, while sitting writing.
Watery discharge from left nostril and eyes, with smarting in fauces.
Bad smell in nose, as from bilious fever or bilious dysentery; dryness of nose.
Nostrils sore inside.


Sharp pain in left cheek or lower portion of temporal region.
Hard aching in left side of face (parotid), extending to neck.
Little pimples with black heads.


Corners of mouth sore.
Lips dry.
Spasmodic closing of jaws, biting tongue, when neither eating nor drinking.
Stiffness of jaw; sore pain at angle, left side.


Pain in front teeth and burning in mouth and fauces.
Sharp aching in an upper right molar, a filled tooth, as if the bare nerve was touched.
Soreness of gums, extending to roof of mouth.
Gums on inner side of front upper teeth swollen.


Taste: bitter, nasty; rough; sweetish or flat, pappy.
Awakes 4 A. M., with bitter taste, dry mouth and dizziness.
Dry tongue, in morning, with heavy brown coating, without thirst, and with bitter taste.
Tongue white, dry; yellowish white; brown and sore on tip, agg. in morning.
Tongue sore on sides, or as if burnt.
Bites tongue, spasmodic closure of jaw.


Mouth bitter and clammy; dry in morning.
Dry, yet full of sticky mucus; no thirst.
Mouth dry and bitter, tongue heavily coated, no thirst.
Saliva runs out while asleep.


Fauces dry, burning, smarting, sore.
Fauces rough dry; frequent inclination to swallow.
Left tonsil smarts and itches, with inclination to cough.
Pain on back and right side of throat causing choking sensation.
Constant desire to swallow, but it causes nausea and irritated feeling in throat, left side.
Sharp stitching pains seemingly in tonsil up to ear.
Constricted feeling in throat as from something tight about neck, makes breathing difficult.


Disgust for food, with flat clammy, bitter or sweet taste.


After eating: nausea, faint, distressed at stomach, it burns; dull, heavy pain, amel. by belching; can taste food eaten; relief of symptoms.
Eating amel. sharp pain in stomach.
Flatulence after meals; wind colic, with little or no hepatic derangement.
Several hours after eating patient is attacked with violent colicky pains, causing desire to bend double, which makes him agg.; must walk erect; distension of stomach, tasteless eructations (except after long attack when they may be sour); cold extremities; pulse feeble.
Dull pains in head, agg. after dinner.
After excess in eating, errors in diet, or in tea drinkers, excessive flatulent colic.


Sharp cramping pain in pit of stomach, followed by raising, belching and gulping enormous quantities of tasteless wind, for fifteen minutes, followed by hiccough and discharge of flatulence from bowels.
Belching large quantities of wind, tasteless, sour, bitter, or like rotten eggs, with only partial relief of pains.
Inordinate belching of gases.
Vomiting and purging; watery stools, painful cramps in stomach, bowels and extremities.


Faintness at epigastrium.
Distressing pain at epigastrium, amel. by raising sour, bitter wind; with shuddering.
Sharp pain in epigastrium amel. by standing erect, agg. from stooping.
Sharp pain in epigastrium, extending to left hypochondrium.
Dull, heavy pain in pit of stomach, agg. after eating, amel. by frequent eructations of air; pains radiate from stomach in all directions, and at times appear suddenly in head and feet; belching large quantities of wind, with sensation as if both temples were in a vise; must unfasten clothing, amel. by stretching body or by walking about; sharp, prickling pains in stomach, faintness; flatulent distension after meals in persons of weak digestion.
Sharp cramping pain in pit of stomach, followed by raising, belching and gulping of enormous quantities of wind, then hiccough and discharge of flatulence from bowels.
Constant, dull, weary pain in cardiac region of stomach, extending to left side and dorsal region.
Stomach painful on pressure, faintness; burning distress with sharp, pricking pains; forenoon and evening.
Cutting pains in stomach; gastrodynia.
Distress at stomach all day, at times so sharp he had to walk around room to get breath.
Burning, jerking pains in stomach, with faintness.
Distress and burning at stomach.
Sensation as of a stone in stomach.
Continued distress at stomach, with frequent very sharp pains, at 7 A. M., must unfasten clothing.
Hard pain in region of stomach.
Neuralgic pain in stomach. ~ Angina pectoris.
Gastralgia; cramps in stomach.
Pyrosis in pregnant women.
Stomach painful on pressure, with faintness.


Sharp pain in left hypochondrium.
Hard dull pain in region of gall-bladder, at 7 A. M.
Dull, heavy, grinding pain in region of liver, quite severe, in evening.
Cutting, squeezing and twisting pain in region of liver.
Sharp pains in liver, extending to nipple.
Aching in left hypochondrium, with faint feeling in stomach.
Neuralgia and spasmodic affections of liver and gall-ducts.
Digging in left hypochondrium.


Rumbling of bowels and discharge of large quantities of flatulence.
Tenderness or soreness of bowels on pressure; much belching.
Constant aching distress in whole of bowels, with frequent sharp cutting pains in stomach and small intestines.
Remitting, griping pain in epigastric and umbilical region.
Severe cramping pain just above umbilicus.
Pain and spasm arising from umbilical region and radiating all over abdomen, extending into stomach, pelvic organs, and even extremities.
Constant, dull, aching pains in whole umbilical region, with frequent sharp, cutting pains all through small intestines.
Constant distress in umbilical and hypogastric regions, with severe cutting, colic-like pains every few minutes in stomach and small intestines.
Severe remitting, griping pains above and near umbilicus; constipation; vomiting; abdomen tympanitic and very sensitive to pressure; great prostration; pale, cold, clammy skin; pulse 30; respiration 5 per minute.
Intense cutting, twisting, agonizing pains in abdomen, commencing in umbilical region radiating all over abdomen, amel. or not by pressure, with distension, soreness and sensitiveness of abdomen; vomiting, cramps.
Griping pain in bowels; agg. at umbilicus; in lower portion.
Severe cramping pains beginning just below umbilicus, extending into back, thence flying to fingers and toes, where the pain is intense (in pregnant women).
Sudden attack of constant heavy pressing pain, two inches below umbilicus.
Violent, cutting, lancinating, pains in bowels, eliciting shrieks from patient. ~ Dysentery.
Sharp cutting pain in bowels, agg. by walking.
Severe pain in bowels, with discharge of large quantities of flatulence.
Violent twisting colic, occurring in regular paroxysms, with remissions.
Twisting pain in all parts of bowels, agg. in lower part, continually changing.
Constant pains, worse in paroxysms, of a violent twisting character, with constipation, thirst, and sensitiveness of right side of abdomen. ~ Enteralgia.
Twisting pains, agg. by lying down, amel. by pressure, unless abdomen is tender. ~ Enteralgia.
Severe colic and heat in stomach and abdomen, agg. from doubling up and at rest, pains compel him to keep in constant motion.
Severe pain in left iliac region, running upwards to left kidney, amel. from crouching together with hands clasping knees. ~ Colic.
Pain beginning suddenly at a small spot in right iliac region, continuing sometimes for two days, ending always in an attack of vomiting, and leaving as suddenly as it commenced. ~ Flatulency.
Crampy, spasmodic pain, commencing near crest of ilium (r. side) extending into lumbar region and hypogastrium; gradually increasing for days; ending in an attack of vomiting or headache; agg. by physical or mental labor, and by lying on affected side; amel. lying on back, and left side; always leaving suddenly.
Spasmodic, very sharp pains in umbilical and right iliac regions, not modified by pressure, although pressure causes rumbling.
Pain in both sides of bowels, going round and back to lumbar region, with much rumbling of wind; pain agg. as soon as lying down at night, when going to sleep, when it becomes acute; amel. by gentle rubbing and passage of inodorous flatus; gets still more relief by walking about room; pain in region of ascending, transverse, and descending colon; bowels loose. ~ Colicodynia.
Severe constant pain, greatly aggravated every three or five minutes, near head of colon; pain in a small spot, which feels as if it were drawn forcibly upward and backward to spine; constant desire to defecate and urinate, but without accomplishing much; cannot remain in any one position. ~ Colic.
Cramps-like pain in region of sigmoid flexure of colon, extending to back, with vomiting.
Pain in left inguinal region.
Pain in both inguinal regions extending to testicles.
Bilious colic, pain extremely severe and remitting.
Flatulent colic, occurring every night.
Flatulent colic, chiefly in persons of feeble digestive power.
Spasmodic colic.
Hyperesthesia of the abdominal nerves; neuralgia of the bowels.
Abdominal pain suddenly shift and appear in distant localities, as the fingers or toes.
Pains begin in a small spot and radiate, may early in attack extend to stomach, liver, spleen or uterus; pains often jump from place to place, especially to a distant part.
With the colic patient has a tendency to bend double, and feels as if pressure would amel., but, as a matter of fact, it agg., and most solace is obtained by stretching body out.
Colic agg. by sitting, or lying, or bending double; amel. by currant-wine, pressure, and walking.


Very offensive flatulence from bowels.
Expulsion of flatus difficult and with violence; often with watery evacuations, but with only partial relief of pains.
Sudden urging to stool, especially early in morning.
Driven hurriedly out of bed in morning, with hurried desire for stool, which is loose and offensive and followed by straining and burning at anus.
Painful diarrhea, with much straining early in morning.
Morning diarrhea with profuse, deep yellow, thin stools, followed by very weak, faint feeling, without relieving the constant twisting pains in bowels.
Bilious colic and diarrhea early in morning.
Loose stools, with much straining.
Constant desire to defecate and urinate, without accomplishing much. ~ Colic.
Stools: profuse, deep yellow, thin, bilious, watery; white, slimy, jelly-like.
Black, hard, dry, lumpy stool, last part of it soft, white and mushy, followed by prolapsus. ~ Piles.
Only about once during week, desire for stool, although she eats heartily; abdomen feels full and distended; face red; eyes heavy; confusion of head. ~ Constipation and dysmenorrhea.
Sensation as if feces were hot; hot flatus.
All the abnormal alvine discharge are attended by twisting writhing, severe pain around, and extending from region of umbilicus.
During pregnancy, alternate constipation and relaxation of bowels; pyrosis, and burning, aching pain in stomach; just before and during each fecal evacuation, severe pain in sacral region of bowels, of a writhing, drawing character, which radiates upward and downward until whole body and extremities become involved, the fingers, hands, feet and toes feeling as if they were about to be cramped, from the severe, drawing, darting pains in them; great anxiety, faintness and palpitation of heart.
Spasmodic pains in bowels, with unusually severe tenesmus; stools like albumen, but lumpy, with straining and burning in rectum, and sensation as if feces were hot; during the stool nearly fainting.
Before stool: much straining even with loose stool; sudden urging, hurried out of bed in morning; burning in rectum; severe writhing pain in sacrum and back, radiating up and down until the whole body and extremities are involved (also during stool).
During stool: severe tenesmus; burning in rectum; emission of much offensive flatus.
After stool: hemorrhoids; prolapsus ani; weak, faint feeling in abdomen; colic.
Stool in morning, followed by protrusion of four hemorrhoidal tumors, size of large red cherries, with great pain and distress in anus.
Piles, like grapes, around anus, not bleeding; involuntary discharge of slimy mucus from anus; darting pain, from old hemorrhoidal tumor, to liver; hemorrhoidal tumors of livid color prolapsed, with great pain and distress in them.
Itching of rectum.
Griping and tenesmus of dysentery.
Spasmodic pains in abdomen, with severe tenesmus in dysentery.
Cholera morbus with vomiting, diarrhea, painful cramps in stomach, bowels and extremities.
Cholera morbus, cholera infantum; dysentery; diarrhea.


Writhing, twitching and crampy pains with passage of renal calculus.
Agonizing pain in small spot over crest of right ilium; pains radiate from this spot up to renal region, and down right leg and into right testicle; patient writhes about in bed, with loud, tremulous moaning; skin bathed with cold, clammy sweat; pulse feeble and quick; retching; frequent desire to urinate. ~ Renal colic.
Spasmodic stricture of urethra, with pain about umbilicus, amel. by pressure; pressure on rectum, paroxysmal colic pains.


Constant excitement of genital organs, with frequent erections night and day, amorous dreams.
Emission of semen during sleep, sometimes without erections.
Sexual desire greatly diminished; no erections for many days.
Nocturnal emissions, with erections and amorous dreams when asleep, or without erections, sensations, or dreams, but with great weakness of knees; depression of spirits; pain in lumbar and inguinal region, extending to testicles; desire to be alone.
Nocturnal emissions, with lameness of back; weakness of knees; can appear happy, but looks down when on street.
Amorous dreams and erections when asleep; no torpidity of the genitals.
Frequent nocturnal emissions, with great despondency.
Nocturnal emissions, with vivid dreams of women all night; great despondency; knees very weak.
Frequent emissions in sleep, without erections or dreams.
Frequent involuntary emissions, without dreams or excitement, by day as well as night; memory impaired and energy gone.
Pain and spasm of spermatic cord when the pains commence in inguinal region, and extend to testicles and penis.
Genitals relaxed and cold; cold and almost insensible.
Strong-smelling perspiration on scrotum and pubes.


Dysmenorrhea; spasmodic uterine colic; pains suddenly fly to distant parts.


Vomiting, pyrosis and gastralgia of pregnant women, or when occurring during menses.
Severe pains with cramp in flexor tendons of fingers and toes, alternating with false labor pains.
After pains; false pains of pregnancy.


Constant tickling in larynx causing cough.


Laborious breathing. ~ Angina pectoris.

COUGH. [27]

Irritating hacking cough, caused by constant tickling sensation in larynx and bronchia.
Cough with pain in epigastrium; dull pain in temples, brownish-yellow tongue, weak knees.
Frothy, profuse expectoration seemingly from posterior nares.


Tightness across upper part of chest; distressed feeling.
Pain in region of nipples.
Sharp pain in left lung near nipple, with an occasional stitch in region of heart, with numbness of left arm, extending whole length as if asleep; left leg also numb.
Pains through lungs to back and vice versa.
Pains through side of chest, with headache in temples.


Sharp cutting pain in region of heart arresting breathing and motion, with faintness. ~ Angina pectoris.
Neuralgic pain in stomach; cannot speak; laborious breathing; sudden severe pain in middle of sternum, extending to both arms and hands; cannot move; cold clammy sweat all over; impulse very feeble; pulseless. ~ Angina pectoris.
Angina pectoris; sharp pain in left chest, region of heart, takes his breath, agg. lying on left side.
Pulse intermitting every eight or ten minutes after the attack for weeks. ~ Angina pectoris.


Sharp pains, cutting in region of nipples, arrest breathing; amel. by pressure.
Pain through from back to front of both lungs, or vice versa.
Sharp cutting from left axilla to nipple and down side deep in lung.
Burning behind top of sternum.


Lame and stiff; weakness in small of back.
Back, in region of liver so lame it is almost impossible to turn in bed; amel. by motion.
Dull pain in back of neck, extending to head and shoulders.
Sharp deep pain in lower portion of left scapula, followed by sharp pain through centre of right lung.
Dull pain in lumbar region, agg. bending spine; sharp, extending to testicles.
Lameness of back, cannot sit up without support.
Severe, drawing, writhing pains in sacral region and bowels, radiating upward and downward, until whole body and even fingers and toes become enveloped in spasms, so severe as to elicit shrieks.
Itching over right scapula and over left ribs.
Hyperesthesia of spinal cord, or reflex irritation.
Drawing pains in sacrum.
Dull, heavy pain in region of sacro-iliac symphysis and a dull pain in region of liver.


Pain in left shoulder.
Sharp jerking pains in shoulder, left elbow stiff.
Numbness of left hand and forearm, agg. in little finger as if asleep, arms and hands numb.
Dull grinding in middle of left forearm, at intervals during evening.
Grinding in elbows.
Panaritium, early when pains are sharp and agonizing, or when pricking is felt; nails brittle.
Disposition to paronychia.


Painful affection of right hip completely impairing use of right leg; pain only during motion, rest bringing complete relief. ~ Sciatica.
While lying, sharp pain like an electric shock from left hip to head.
Pain about region of exit and along course of sciatic nerve down right leg; pain only when moving limb, or on sitting up; entire relief when lying still. ~ Sciatica.
Cramping pain in back side of legs; dull pain whole length of right leg posteriorly agg. at buttock and heel.
Pain in left popliteal space, then right knee, then right popliteal space.
Right hip lame as if gluteal muscles were too short.
Neuralgic rheumatism of extremities.
Knees weak and trembling; painful walking, but amel. from continued walking; weak in morning.
Feet and legs feel numb and strange.
Pains in legs and knees, amel. by motion, and by rubbing.
Sharp pain in left knee while right feels lame and stiff; both feel weak, walking is difficult, but is compelled to walk.
Sharp pain in right ankle joint, soon drifting into toes; amel. from motion; agg. evenings.
Pain and soreness in fourth toe of right foot.
Toes stiff, especially in morning, fourth toe of right foot sore, painful.
Jumping darting in corns.


Rheumatic pains agg. at night and early morning.
Sharp pains in various parts of body and limbs; darting from place to place.
Severe pains, with cramp in flexor tendons of fingers and toes and pregnant woman, alternating with false labor pains.
Aching pain in elbow, alternating with pain in knees.
Limbs feel weak, especially knees.
Sharp pain in ankles and wrists on awaking, shifting to toes and fingers.
Nails seem unusually brittle.


Rest: pain in hip and leg amel.
Lying down: numbness agg.; twisting pain in abdomen agg.; on affected side, pain in ilium agg.; pain in both sides of bowels agg.; colic agg.; sharp pain in left hip to head; pain along sciatic nerve down right leg amel.
Lying on left side: pain in right ilium amel.; sharp pain in left chest; region of heart agg.
Lying on back: pain in ilium amel.
Rising: chill, could not get warm.
Sitting up: in bed, faintness agg.; colic agg.; impossible from lameness of back; pain in sciatic nerve down right leg agg.
Standing erect: pain in epigastrium amel.
Change of position: neuralgia agg.; desire to change position.
Pains except headache are usually amel. by motion.
Motion: constant, compelled by pain; lameness of back amel.; pain in hip and leg during; pain in legs and knees amel.; pain in right ankle joint amel.; must move, yet hurts him.
Cannot turn in bed: back so lame.
Blowing nose: pain in ears agg.
Crouching: with hands clasping knees amel.; pain in left iliac region.
Desire to bend double; agg. colic.
Stooping: pain in epigastrium agg.; dull pain in lumbar region agg.
Stretching body amel. pain in pit of stomach.
Walking: keeps on even though tired; erect amel. pains; distress at stomach amel.; cutting pain in bowels agg.; pain in both sides of bowels amel.; colic amel.; continued walking amel.; difficult walking on account of weak knees, but is compelled to walk.
Physical labor: cramp pain in ilium agg.
Writhes in bed.

NERVES. [36]

Strengthens nerves; later trembling, languor, faintness, numbness and tingling.
Great weariness and loss of strength.
Chorea, with seminal emissions.
Many cases of reflex nerve action, neuralgia, colic, etc.
Disorders of male genitals.
Paralyzed, numb sensations.

SLEEP. [37]

Could not sleep from too intent thinking.
Went to sleep in his room in the afternoon; awoke with bitter mouth and pains in the bowels.
Sleep heavy, full of dreams awoke; lame and weary.
Restless sleep; dry, bitter mouth on awaking.
Aroused suddenly with slow, but hard beating of the heart.
Restless after 2 A. M.; must move, yet hurts, he is so sore.
Goes to sleep late, awakens early.
Very sleepy after dinner, but on lying down could sleep but a few minutes; tired and lame, agg. after the nap.
Awoke 2 A. M., with sharp piercing deep in vertex, with frequent cutting cramp, like pain in epigastrium down to navel, with a faint distressed feeling as if diarrhea would come on; bitter taste; mouth dry.
Worse on awaking; mouth dry, bitter; urging to stool and eyes gummed, etc.

TIME. [38]

At 2 A. M.: restless after; sharp, piercing pain in vertex.
At 4 A. M.: wakes with bitter taste, dry mouth and dizziness; chill; slimy stool.
At 7 A. M.: distress at stomach; pain in region of gall-bladder.
At 9 A. M.: throbbing in temples.
Morning: eyes stiff or gummed; dry tongue; tongue sore on tip agg.; dry mouth; sharp pains in stomach; sudden urging to stool; driven out of bed; painful diarrhea; bilious colic; after stool, protrusion of tumors, pain in anus; rheumatic pains agg.; toes stiff.
Evening: eyes feel as if hot air streamed out; sharp pain in stomach; pain in region of liver; dull grinding in middle of left forearm; pain in right ankle joint agg.
At night: pain in both sides of bowels agg. when lying down; flatulent colic; emissions with erections and amorous dreams; rheumatic pains agg.


Generally amel. in open air.
Open air: eyes fill with tears.
Chills: could not get warm.

FEVER. [40]

Chill commences over left scapula, spreading over back.
Chilliness: with bitter mouth; with aching bones, backache, pains in lungs, sore throat, etc.; pains in bones of legs.
Chill 4 A. M., with slimy stools; could not sleep again because of chills running down back; on rising, chills, could not get warm.
Cold extremities, feeble pulse, but no fever; with colic.
Sweats easily while chilly, from least exertion.
Cold, clammy sweat all over. ~ Angina pectoris.


Pains remit, are spasmodic.
Sudden attack: constant heavy pain below umbilicus.
Every few minutes: colic-like pains in stomach; pain near head of colon agg.
Frequent: sharp pain in intestines; desire to urinate; erections night and day; nocturnal emissions; emissions without erections; cutting cramp-like pains in epigastrium.
Regular paroxysms: violent colic.
Attacks: of vomiting and headache following pain in right iliac region.
At intervals: dull grinding in middle of left forearm.
Fifteen minutes: belching lasts.
Daily: small balls of wax drop out of right ear.
Two days: pain in right iliac region.
For days: pain in right side of ilium.
Once a week: desire for stool.


Left: pain behind ear; itching in internal ear; watery discharge from nostril; sharp pain in cheek; aching in side of face; sore pain at angle of jaw; tonsil smarts and itches; irritating feeling in side of throat; pain in hypochondrium; dull, heavy pain in side; severe pain in iliac region extending to kidney; pain in right side of ilium amel. from lying on side; pain in inguinal region; sharp pain in lung; numbness of arm and leg; sharp pain in chest; sharp cutting from axilla to nipple; sharp, deep pain in lower portion of scapula; itching over ribs; pain in shoulder; elbow stiff; numbness of forearm and hand; dull grinding in forearm; sharp pain from hip to head; pain in popliteal space; sharp pain in knee; chill commencing over scapula.
Right: he goes to side while walking; sharp pain side of forehead; pain in side of occiput; pain from eye to occiput; eye smarts; small balls of wax drop out of ear; itching in internal ear; pain in upper molar; pain side of throat; side of abdomen sensitive; pain in small spot in iliac region; crampy pain in side of ilium; pain in testicle; sharp pain through lung, following pain in left scapula; itching over scapula; pain in leg; painful affection of hip, impairing use of leg; lameness of hip; pain along sciatic nerve down leg; pain in knee; pain in popliteal space; knee feels lame and stiff; sharp pain in ankle joint; pain and soreness in fourth toe of right foot.
Frequent sharp darting pains from one part to another.
Pains spread, especially from abdomen to distant parts.
Pains go downwards; often fly to remote parts.
Both sides: pain in bowels; pain in inguinal regions; in testicles.
Radiating upward and downward: severe writhing pain in sacral region.
Changes position: pain in bowels; pains suddenly shift and appear in different localities.


As if top of head was lifted up; temples as if in a vise; head feels as if tied with a band; feeling as of a round, or a large smooth substance, or as of sticks, dust, or lashes in eyes; seems as if hot air streamed out of eyes; ears feel suddenly stopped up; tooth feels as if bare nerve was touched, tongue feels as if burnt; as if something tight were about neck; as of a stone in stomach; in a small spot in abdomen, feels as if it were drawn forcibly upward and backward to spine; as if feces were hot; arm as if asleep; little finger as if asleep; as if gluteal muscles were too short; fingers, hands, feet and toes as if they were about to be cramped.
Pain: in front of head and temples; in occiput; in vertex, deep-seated; into both shoulders; in ears; in front teeth; on back and right side of throat; radiates from stomach in all directions, suddenly into hands and feet; in left hypochondrium; in epigastrium; from umbilical region and radiating all over abdomen, into stomach, pelvic organs and extremities; beginning at a small spot in right iliac region; in both sides of bowels to lumbar region; in region of ascending, transverse and descending colon; left inguinal region; in both inguinal regions, extending to testicles; in anus, with diarrhea; of spermatic cord; in penis; in region of nipples; through lungs to back; and vice versa; through side of chest; in left shoulder; in right hip; about region of exit, along course of sciatic nerve down right leg; in left popliteal space, and right knee; in legs and knees; in fourth toe of right foot; in joints.
Agonizing pain: in abdomen; in small spot over crest of right ilium, radiates to renal region down right leg and into right testicle.
Cutting pain: in stomach; in region of liver; in small intestines; in abdomen; in region of heart; in region of nipples; from left axilla to nipple and down side deep in lung.
Stabbing pain: in head.
Writhing pain: extending from region of umbilicus; in sacrum and back extending through body and extremities.
Lancinating pain: in bowels.
Severe pain: in bowels; in left iliac region running up to left kidney; near head of colon; in sacral region of bowels extending to extremities; with cramp in flexor tendons of fingers and toes; in middle of sternum, extending to both arms and hands.
Sharp pain: over eyes; in head; in right side of forehead, extending to ears; from right eye to occiput; in left cheek; in upper right molar; in tonsil and ear; in stomach; in pit of stomach; extending from epigastrium to left hypochondrium; in liver, extending to nipple; in left lung near nipple; in left chest; in region of heart; in lower portion of left scapula; through centre of right lung; in shoulders; like an electric shock from left hip to head; in left knee; in right ankle joint, extending to toes; in ankles; in wrists; to toes and fingers; deep in vertex.
Grinding pain: in region of liver; in middle of forearm; in elbows.
Darting pain: from old hemorrhoidal tumor to liver; in corns.
Stitch: occasionally in region of heart.
Twisting pain: in region of liver; in abdomen.
Cramp-like pain: in region of sigmoid flexure to colon.
Cramping pain: in pit of stomach; in bowels and extremities; just above umbilicus; extending to back, flying to fingers and toes; near crest of ilium; extending into lumbar region and hypogastrium; in back part of legs.
Colicky pain: with flatulency; in stomach and small intestines; spasmodic uterine colic.
Griping pain: in epigastric and umbilical region; in bowels.
Digging: in left hypochondrium.
Squeezing pain: in head; in region of liver.
Jerking pain: in shoulders.
Burning, jerking pain: in stomach.
Dragging pain: in right side of occiput.
Drawing pain: in sacrum.
Distressing pain: at epigastrium; in whole of bowels; in umbilical and hypogastric region.
Hard pain: in front of both ears; behind left ear; left side of face; extending to neck; in region of stomach; in region of gall-bladder.
False labor pains.
Neuralgia: in temples; in stomach; in liver; in gall ducts; of bowels; of extremities.
Spasmodic pain: in abdomen; from abdomen to stomach, pelvic organs and extremities; near crest of ilium, extending into lumbar region and epigastrium; umbilical and right iliac region; in abdomen.
Paroxysmal pains: in urethra.
Aching pain: in elbow.
Violent throbbing: in temples and forehead.
Prickling pain: in stomach.
Burning: in mouth; in fauces; in stomach; in rectum; behind top of sternum.
Smarting: in eyes; in fauces; left tonsil.
Rheumatic pain: in limbs.
Dull pain: in head; in temples; in back of head; shoulders and back; in stomach; in pit of stomach; in cardiac region of stomach, extending to left side and dorsal region; in region of liver; in umbilical region; in back of neck, extending to head and shoulders; in lumbar region; in region of sacro-iliac symphysis; along right leg.
Heavy pain: in pit of stomach; in region of liver; two inches below umbilicus.
Dull pressure: in head; on rectum.
Soreness: of nostrils; corners of mouth; at left angle of jaw; of gums, extending to roof of mouth; on tip and sides of tongue; of fauces; of abdomen; of fourth toe of right foot.
Heat: in head; in stomach; in abdomen.
Constricted feeling: in throat.
Tightness: across upper part of chest.
Irritated feeling: in left side of throat.
Distressed feeling: at stomach.
Faintness: in stomach.
Lame feeling: in back; right hip; right knee.
Stiffness: of toes.
Numbness: of left arm; left leg: left hand; of feet and legs.
Weakness: in small of back; of limbs; of knees.
Fullness: in head; in abdomen.
Ringing, buzzing: in ears.
Tickling: in larynx.
Dizzy, dull feeling.
Itching: right internal ear; left tonsil; of rectum; over right scapula and over left ribs.


Acts through the ganglionic nervous system, particularly affecting the umbilical region, giving, as its most characteristic effect, severe pain, simulating a so-called bilious colic.
Acts, probably, chiefly upon the nerves, especially upon solar plexus and upon spinal nerves, causing pain over body and in viscera, also reflex pains.
Myalgic and neuralgic pains.
Joints painful; weak, especially knees.


Touch: ears sore to.
Rubbing: gently, amel. pain in both sides of bowels; pain in legs and knees amel.
Pressure: pain in forehead agg.; stomach painful; bowels sensitive to; abdomen sensitive; intense pain amel.; pain agg.; twisting pain in abdomen amel.; pain in umbilical and right iliac region not modified by pressure; causes rumbling; colic amel.; pain about umbilicus amel.; sharp pain in region of nipples amel.

SKIN. [46]

Little pimples with black heads.
Itching and burning of various parts.


Persons of feeble digestive powers, old or young, with flatulence after meals, in stomach or bowels, but unattended with any hepatic derangement or irregularity of bowels; these persons, from some excess in eating, or from fasting, or from some error in diet, as eating old cheese, uncooked fruit, pastry, etc., especially if they are great tea-drinkers, may be suddenly seized with violent colic.
Biliousness with neuralgic pains as reflex symptoms.
Disposition to felons, possibly with a tendency to colic.
Young man; involuntary emissions.
Man, aet. 22, onanist; nocturnal emissions.
Young lady, aet. 23; constipation and dysmenorrhea.
Man, aet. 25; nocturnal emissions.
Mrs. C., aet. 25, worn out by nursing sick child; constant pain in cardiac portion of stomach.
Mrs. D., aet. 30, has phthisis pulmonalis, with hectic night-sweats, etc.; dull, heavy pain in pit of stomach.
Mrs. A. V., aet. 30, nervous temperament; flatulent colic coming every night, except during summer, when attacks are not so regular or severe.
Widower; nocturnal emissions.
Man, aet. 35, married, father of three children; nocturnal emissions.
Mrs. D., aet. about 35, five months pregnant, has been lying in bed for a month on account of pain; sciatica.
Man, aet. 50; cholera morbus.
Man, aet. 50; renal colic.
Old lady, aet. between 50 and 60, who had been walking with crutches for nearly a year; sciatica.
Mrs. B., an old lady, aet. 78; colicodynia.


Compare: Bismuth, Bryon., Nux vom. (stomach); Cham., Coloc., Ipec., Kali bich., Podoph., Rhus tox., Rumex, Sulphur (abdomen and stool); Aescul., Aloes, Collin., Nux vom. (hemorrhoids); Sarsap. (urinary symptoms;) Calc. ostr., Cann. ind., Nux vom., Phosphor., (sexual organs); Act. rac., Aescul., Aloes, Bryon. Nux vom. (headaches); Silic. (paronychia).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 05, 1887
Description: Clinical materia medica of Dioscorea villosa
Remedies: Dioscorea villosa
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1887
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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