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Elaps Corallinus.

The Coral Viper. Elapidae.

The poison of the Brazilian Coral Snake was first proved by Mure, who used the 3d trit. of the venom, and again by Lippe, on a woman who took 4th dilution.

The poison is pressed from the venom sac of the living reptile, and triturated with sugar of milk. The cures reported by S. B. Higgins, however, were made with a preparation made from the gall of the snake, Fel Elaps Corallinus. Higgins, N. A. J. H., v. 24, p. 115, remarks: “The pathogenetic action of Fel E. C. is in many respects similar to Elaps Corallinus, but in almost every case its action will probably be found to be much more strongly marked than that of the latter”. These symptoms are marked '*'.


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MIND. [1]

Absence of mind.
Imagines he hears some one talking.
Depression of spirits, and desire for solitude.
Fearful and apprehensive of some fatal disease.
Fear of being left alone, as if something horrible might happen; horror of rain.
Angry about one's self, does not wish to be spoken to.
At the least contrariety, body shudders, blood boils, with prickling.


Vertigo, with tendency to fall forward.
Fainting, with vomiting of mucus, or fainting on stooping.
Fullness in the head, as if all blood were collected in it; cold hands; fears apoplexy.
Congestion of blood to head on stooping.


Severe stitching pains in forehead, with heaviness of head; occasionally pain intermits from 8-10 days; rumbling in left ear as of thunder, with impairment of hearing; lachrymation of eyes, pain and redness of left eye.
Weight and pain in forehead.
Pain in cerebellum, right side.
Lancinating headache, left then right side.
Violent pain in vertex (afternoon), as if brain were shaking, with nausea, which prevents her from keeping head quiet.
Frontal and occipital headache, agg. from motion and stooping.
Headache in occiput after mental exertion. ~ Chronic naso-pharyngeal catarrh.
Stinging headache, with sleeplessness.
Frequent headache. ~ Ozaena.


Aversion to light, desire to close eyes.
Everything seems white, even at night; grey veil before eyes; on stooping, rush of blood to head with vertigo and pain at root of nose; can scarcely distinguish light from dark.
Large red, fiery spots before eyes.
Red bar before eyes when opening them.
When closing the eyes everything looks red; dotted black points.
Sometimes dark spots, as large as a penny, before open eyes, which gradually diminish and disappear by keeping eyes still; they do not move with the eye, last two or three seconds at a time.
Dirty red spot before eyes, half the size of hand; sometimes, when eyes are closed, a dirty red appearance, covered with black spots.
Completely blind in left eye for three years, and nearly so in right for three months, following headache; now has severe headache with drawing, sometimes sticking pains from forehead to occiput; pain at root of nose, with vertigo; even with right eye can scarcely tell light from dark; everything seems white, even at night; some old rheumatic symptoms in legs. ~ Amaurosis.
Eyes red and inflamed; blear-eyed; glassy look.
Eyeballs feel sticky under lids and as if rough.
Dryness and burning in both eyes on waking; bloated around the eyes in the morning.
Violent itching in left eye.
Stye on left eye, with lancination.


Illusions of hearing; hears whistles and ringing.
Continued buzzing, as if a fly were enclosed in auditory meatus.
Crackling in ears on swallowing.
Dullness of hearing with buzzing in ears; no pain; slight discharge from ears, which leaves a green spot upon bed-linen; consequent upon otorrhea, from which he suffered during childhood.
Sudden deafness of right ear, after catching cold; no pain, no tinnitus; secretion of wax profuse but dry.
Hearing of both ears impaired; otalgia of right ear.
Sudden painless attack of marked deafness at night, with constant roaring and cracking in ears.
Offensive discharge from right ear, with deafness on that side; constant buzzing noise in diseased ear, subject to epistaxis and eruptions about nose and face; skin hot and dry, but constantly complains of feeling cold; pulse 120. ~ Chronic otorrhea.
Watery, yellow or yellow-green discharge with deafness.
Discharge of blood from ear.
Cerumen black and hardened.
Intolerable itching in ears; watery yellowish discharge.
Crusty eruption on ear and cheek.


Stoppage of both nostrils.
Nostrils plugged up with lumps of dry mucus; sleeps with mouth open.
Partial stoppage and stuffiness high up in nostrils, with dull aching in forehead; agg. in wet weather; occasionally bad smell from nose; offensive discharge; posterior wall of throat covered with a dry, greenish-yellow scab, wrinkled and fissured, extending up to nose; nose-bleed; pains from root of nose to ears on swallowing; sneezing at night; sense of smell gone; profuse and dark menses. ~ Ozaena.
Offensive discharge from nose; subject to epistaxis and eruption about nose and face; snuffles and pain from root of nose to forehead.
Discharge smelling like putrid herring pickle.
Coryza from least draft of air.
White and watery mucus discharged from nose.
Blood black, flows in a steady stream, copious.
Epistaxis: sudden, profuse, while walking; after a blow.
Nose bleeds when violently blown. ~ Nasal catarrh.
Arterial blood gushes from nose and ears.


Dark complexion.
Face of a dull yellowish color. ~ Ozaena.
Redness and swelling of right cheek, chilliness all over body.
Redness, heat and formication in right cheek.
Swelling of face, extending to right side of nose.
Red blotches on bloated face.


Taste as of blood; before haemoptysis.
Salty tasting saliva.
Tongue deep red, clean, black or dark red; swollen; whitish in morning; pricking at tip.


Sensation as if food turned like a corkscrew, on swallowing.
Constriction in pharynx, with pressure in throat.
The beverage is arrested in esophagus as from a spasmodic contraction.
Irritable throat, broken out with red blotches, about as large as half of a split pea; blotches also extended over soft palate and sides of cheeks, and bled upon slightest irritation; intolerable itching in ears.
Ulceration of throat, agg. left side, difficulty of swallowing liquids, occurring five or six times a year, lasting two or three weeks at a time; attacks brought on by exposure to rain or wind; dislikes wet weather apart from the throat affection, never feels happy in wet weather.
Exceedingly painful deglutition of both solids and liquids; sharp pain and soreness to touch across chest from right to left axilla; frontal cephalalgia; sides of throat sore to touch; sides of buccal cavity above fauces covered with numerous dark-red points, like incipient pustules.
Deglutition of solids or liquids almost impossible; throat exceedingly sensitive to touch; tonsils swollen so that no passage is visible.
Dull pain from nares to ears; when swallowing, pain goes to ears; posterior wall of pharynx dry, mucous membrane fissured and covered with crusts; offensive discharge from nose; skin dry and hot, but always complains of feeling cold.
Sore throat, offensive discharge from nose, epistaxis, discharge offensive, smelling like putrid herring pickle; posterior wall of throat covered with a dry, greenish-yellow membrane, wrinkled and fissured, extending to nares; occasionally portions are detached and expelled from nose or mouth, leaving a raw, corrugated surface; membrane dry and corrugated; stuffiness about root of nose, and dull aching from there to forehead; on swallowing, pain extends to ears; sense of smell gone; frequent headache; face dull yellowish; menses early, profuse, dark; skin hot and dry, pulse 140. ~ Chronic inflammation of naso-pharyngeal mucous membrane.


Canine hunger, yet unable to eat.
Hunger with violent headache if not satisfied at once.
Violent thirst; desire for sweetened buttermilk.


After eating: weight in stomach with nausea; oppression; fruit lies like ice.
After drinking cold drinks lie like ice in stomach, and cause cold feeling in chest.


Acidity of stomach, with nausea and faint feeling.
Sour belching.
Vomiting: of mucus, with fainting; of green bile; followed by diarrhea.


Cold drinks feel like ice in stomach; weight at stomach after eating; sinking, faint feeling at pit of stomach; pain in stomach amel. by lying upon abdomen; desire for sweetened buttermilk; fearful and apprehensive of some fatal disease; constipation.
Fruits and cold drinks lie like ice on stomach.
Burning in stomach. ~ Phthisis.
Sudden pain in stomach, as if she must sink down, agg. while sitting, amel. walking about.


Painful pressure in right side of liver.


Sensation as if blood in abdomen were flowing backwards.
Intestines feel twisted, as if by a cord and strung together in a knot, with strangulating sensation and black stool.
Lancinating from both groins to symphysis pubis.
Colic with urging to stool.


Diarrhea: blackish, frothy; yellow, watery; mucous and rumbling; bile; bloody mucus; in phthisis, black, liquid blood.
Bowels constipated.
Constriction of sphincter after bloody stools.
Formication at anus as from worms.
Prolapsus ani.


Red urine, with cloudy sediment.
Thick urine, with red sediment.
Suppression of urine; strangury.
Discharge of mucus from urethra. ~ Phthisis.


Weight and swelling of testes.
Discharge of prostatic fluid.
Skin of prepuce thick and inflamed.


Weight at uterus and vagina after an hysteric attack.
Menses every 2 or 3 weeks; flow profuse dark. ~ Ozaena.
Black blood between menses.
Metrorrhagia; discharge of very dark colored liquid and clots, but mostly liquid, and varies from half a pound to two or three pounds in twenty-four hours; is so weak cannot rise from bed or hold anything in hand; has the appearance of a corpse; sensation of soreness across lower abdomen; slight pain to urinate; dragging pain in both temples; at times slight pain in left pleura, almost always amel. by chewing a small piece of gum camphor.
Sensation as if something burst in womb, followed by a continuous stream of dark-colored blood, on attempting to urinate; flow very profuse, venous, and containing some clots. ~ Cancer uteri.
Itching in vagina; formication at vulva.


Complete aphonia; sibilant rales, wheezing; at night chokes and turns pale while sleeping; soreness in throat below fauces on swallowing; no respiratory sound in left lung, dull by percussion; rales very distinct in right lung at each inspiration; pulse 90, skin dry, but not hot.
Laryngeal phthisis.


Oppressed breathing in evening agg. on going up stairs.
Constriction of the chest.
Feeling of a heavy load on chest. ~ Phthisis.

COUGH. [27]

Dry cough, frequent and constantly recurring paroxysms, after suddenly catching cold.
Very violent attacks of dry cough, followed by expectoration of black blood, with severe tearing pains throughout whole chest and principally at apex of right lung.
Constant cough, with frightful pains throughout lungs, as if they were torn out, agg. upper part of right chest.
Cough with expectoration of masses of black blood, and often with sensation of laceration in region of heart; before cough, taste of blood in mouth.


Stitches in upper part of each lung; amel. when walking.
Stitches in left side of chest; agg. when breathing.
Very violent attacks of dry cough which terminate with expectoration of black blood, with severe tearing pain; throughout chest, and principally at apex of right lungs oppression after having eaten. ~ Phthisis.
Pain in right lung for eight days; cannot turn to either side nor sit up without assistance; sleeplessness; sibilant rales with crepitation in both lungs; right lung sounds dull under mamma and near armpit to percussion; each inspiration causes a crackling sound; respiration very difficult, almost agonizing; vomiting all forenoon; diarrhea all day; constant cough; urine like blood. ~ Pneumonia.
Pulmonary phthisis; agg. in right lung; rush of blood to chest and throat in morning.
Haemoptysis, expectoration of black blood, with sensation of laceration in region of heart.


Tearing as from region of heart; haemoptysis.
Palpitation with anxiety and trembling of hands.
Pulse 120. ~ Ozaena.


Sharp pain and soreness to touch across chest, from right to left axilla. ~ Sore throat.


Stiffness in right side of neck.
Lancinations in left side of neck, also whole spinal marrow.
Painful pressure at nape of neck.
Weight as of an iron bar pressing on small of back.
Pain in back with chilliness, cold feet and strangury.


Itching under axilla, with tetter.
Arms and hands are swollen, bluish, covered with red spots; also right leg and foot.
Arms cold by putting hand in cold water.
Yellow spots on hands and fingers.
Crampy constriction at bend of elbow, extending to hand, as if one had carried a heavy weight.
Pricking in left upper arm.
Hot rash on right wrist.
Right hand feels as if paralyzed.
Tips of fingers peel off.


Transient stitching pains at one time above, at another below right knee; agg. from motion or warmth of bed.
Sensation of spraining and stiffness in knee-joint.
Cramps in the calves.
Icy coldness of right leg.
Rheumatic pains in left leg.
Icy cold feet.
Left foot swollen and blue, with red spots.
Picking under toe nail.
Vesicles on feet.


Soreness of limbs agg. at night. ~ Rheumatism.


Lying on abdomen: pain in stomach amel.; change of position painful.
Breathing: stitches in left side of chest agg.
Sitting: pains in stomach agg.
Stooping: fainting; headache agg.; rush of blood to head; vertigo; pain at root of nose.
Cannot keep head quiet: with pain.
Cannot turn on either side without assistance.
Motion: agg. headache; pain about knee agg.
Walking: sudden, profuse epistaxis; pain in stomach amel.; stitches in lungs amel.
Going up stairs: oppressed breathing agg.

NERVES. [36]

Sensation of numbness, with great weakness and coldness in whole left side of body; deglutition impaired; at times, darkness before eyes with vertigo; dimness of vision; lachrymation of right eye; menses very scanty; pain in right side of chest and right shoulder. ~ Hemiplegia.

SLEEP. [37]

Drowsy all day; no sleep at night.
During sleep bites hand.
Sleeplessness from lancinating headache.
Dreams of business, of dead persons.

TIME. [38]

Morning: bloated around eyes; rush of blood to chest and throat; inability to rise.
All day: diarrhea; drowsy.
At 10 A. M.: fever lasts all night until.
Forenoon: vomiting.
Noon: chill.
Afternoon: pain in vertex, dry heat.
Evening: oppressed breathing; flushes of heat.
At 7 P. M.: fever.
From 7 to 9 P. M.: dry heat.
At 8 P. M.: chilliness and heat alternately.
From 9 to 10 P. M.: chill.
Night: Everything seems white; sudden attack of deafness; sneezing; chokes and turns pale while sleeping; soreness of limbs agg.; no sleep; fever lasting all night.
At midnight: dry heat.


Horror of rain. (Fear of)
Warmth of bed: pain about head agg.
Draft of air: coryza; sensitive to; chilly, with otorrhea.
Wind: exposure causes ulceration of throat.
Wet weather: dull aching in forehead agg.; never feels happy during.
Rain: exposure to, causes ulceration of throat.
Cold water: arms cold by putting hands in; coldness agg. from drinking.
Great sensitiveness to cold.

FEVER. [40]

Coldness in the back.
Terrible coldness after drinking, and as if ice water were rising and falling through a cylindrical opening in left lung.
Coldness agg. drinking cold water; shivering from head to foot with chattering of teeth after a drink.
Shaking chill, felt internally as if in bones, followed in half an hour by burning heat; skin hot, thirst, fever lasting whole night, and until 10 A. M. next day.
Chill followed by dry heat and burning redness of face.
Chill at noon, without thirst, followed by dry heat in afternoon, without perspiration.
Skin hot and dry, but constantly complains of feeling cold; pulse 120. ~ Chronic otorrhea.
Chilliness and heat alternately at 8 P. M.; chilly for a few minutes, then heat for a quarter of an hour.
Heat: with thirst; alternating with chilliness.
Flushes of heat in evening, with redness and heat of face and ears.
With the fever, oppression of breathing.
Fever at 7 P. M, with less chill, more violent heat, but little sweat; sleep interrupted by heavy dreams (of bad people), with difficult breathing the whole night.
Dry heat from 7 to 9 P. M., followed by chill till 10 P. M.
Dry heat, at midnight; cannot endure any cover.
Skin hot and dry; pulse 140. ~ Ozaena.
Sweat: cold; profuse; all over body; on forehead and nape of neck.
Intermittent fever; attacks 8 to 10 P. M., every day.


Constantly recurring paroxysms of cough.
Frequent: headache; attacks of cough.
At times: slight pain in left pleura; darkness before eyes; vertigo.
For 2 or 3 seconds at a time: dark spots before eyes.
For a few minutes: chill.
For quarter of an hour: heat.
Half hour: after chill, burning heat.
Every day: attacks of intermittent fever, from 8 to 10 P. M.
For 8 days: pain in right lung.
From 8 to 10 days: pain intermits.
Every two or three weeks: menses.
For two or three weeks at a time: ulceration of throat.
Five or six times a year: ulceration of throat.
Three months: blindness in right eye.
Three years: blindness of left eye.


Left: rumbling in ear; redness and pain in eye; blindness in eye; itching in eye; stye on eye; ulceration on side of throat; pain in pleura; no respiratory sound in lung; stitches in side of chest; lancinations in side of neck; pricking in upper arm; rheumatic pains in leg; foot swollen and blue, with red spots; numbness, weakness and coldness of whole side of body; as if ice water were rising and falling through cylindrical opening in lung; rheumatic pains commence on side.
Right: pain in side of cerebellum; blindness of eye; eye can scarcely tell light from dark; sudden deafness; otalgia; offensive discharge from ear; buzzing in ear; redness and swelling of cheek; heat of cheek; formication in cheek; swelling of side of nose; painful pressure in side of liver; rattling in lung; pain at apex of lung; upper part of chest lungs feel torn out; lung sounds dead; pulmonary phthisis agg. in right lung; stiffness in side of neck; leg and foot swollen, bluish, covered with red spots; hot rash on wrist; hand feels as if paralyzed; stitching pain about knee; icy coldness of leg; lachrymation of eye; pain in side of chest; pain in shoulder; phthisis agg. right side; side feels sensitive.
From left to right lancinating headache.
From right to left pain from one axilla to the other.
Rheumatic pains commencing on left side.


As if all the blood were collected in head; rumbling in ear as of thunder; as if brain were shaken; with nausea; eyeball as if rough; as if a fly were enclosed in auditory meatus; as if food turned like a corkscrew on swallowing; pain in stomach as if she must sink down; as if blood were flowing backwards in abdomen; intestines feel twisted as if by a cord and strung together in a knot; formication at anus as from worms; of a heavy load on chest; as if lungs were torn out; as of an iron bar pressing on small of back; constriction at elbow as if one had carried a heavy weight; hand feels as if paralyzed.
Pain: left eye; in forehead; in cerebellum; at root of nose; from root of nose to forehead; in stomach; in right lung; in back; in right side of chest; in right shoulder.
Frightful pain: throughout lungs.
Violent pain: in vertex.
Severe tearing pains: throughout whole chest; at apex of right lung; Tearing: as from the region of the heart.
Sensation of laceration: at region of heart.
Lancinating: headache; pain in left eye; from both groins; left side of neck; spinal marrow.
Sharp pain: across chest.
Stitches: upper part of each lung; in left side of chest.
Stitching pain: in forehead; about right knee.
Pricking: at tip of tongue; in left upper arm.
Sticking pain: from forehead to occiput.
Stinging: headache.
Picking: under toe nail.
Constriction: in pharynx; of the chest.
Crampy constriction: at bend of elbow, extending to hand.
Cramps: in the calves.
Drawing pain: from forehead to occiput.
Dragging pain: in both temples.
Burning: in eyes; in stomach.
Painful pressure: in right side of liver; at nape of neck.
Pressure: in throat.
Soreness: across lower abdomen; in throat.
Rheumatic pain: in left leg.
Dull pain: from nares to ears.
Dull aching: in forehead; from root of nose to forehead.
Slight pain: in left pleura.
Weight: in forehead; in stomach; of testes; at uterus; in vagina; on small of back.
Heaviness: of head.
Heat: on right cheek.
Faint, sinking feeling: at pit of stomach.
Sticky feeling: in eyeballs under lids.
Dryness: in eyes.
Crackling: in ears.
Spraining: in knee joint.
Stiffness: in right side of neck; in knee joint.
Roaring: in ears.
Rumbling: in left ear.
Buzzing: in ears.
Numbness: in left side of body.
Weakness: of left side of body.
Formication: on right cheek; at anus.
Itching on left eye; in ears; under left axilla; chill felt as if in bones.
Coldness: of left side of body.


Hemorrhages black, often fluid.
Touch, Passive Motion, Injuries


From a blow: sudden profuse epistaxis.
Touch: soreness to, across chest; sides of throat sore.

SKIN. [46]

Red pimples on tips of fingers.
The tips of the fingers peel off.
Little pimples, followed by desquamation.
Yellow spots on hands and fingers.
Red tetter from corner of right nostril to cheek.
Phlyctenae especially on extremities.


Woman, aet. 30, suffering for nine years; hemiplegia.
Hs., aet. 6, white, full habit, rosy-cheeked, after a blow upon nose; epistaxis.
Girl, aet. 7; croup.
Girl, aet. 16, for three years; otorrhea.
Girl, aet. 18, consequent upon an otorrhea occurring in her fifth year; dullness of hearing and otorrhea.
Man, aet. 18, after otorrhea, when he was two years old; otorrhea with deafness.
Woman, aet. 22, tall, robust, seamstress; sore throat with edema.
Man, aet. 24; chronic stuffing of nose.
Man, aet. 25, after catching cold; sudden deafness of right ear.
Man, aet. 26, foundryman, after sudden catching cold; cough.
Miss H., aet. 27, blonde; epistaxis.
Woman, suffered several years; inflammation of naso-pharyngeal mucous membrane.
Mrs. H., white, aet. 36, above medium size, full habit; sore throat.
Man, aet. 36, another, aet. 48; chronic ulceration of throat.
Woman, aet. 38, suffering for ten years; impaired hearing of both ears, with otalgia of right ear.
Woman, aet. 39, white, unmarried; confined to bed for a year with cancer uteri; uterine hemorrhage.
Man, aet. 44 pain about right knee.
Woman, aet. 44, suffering for 8 years; cephalalgia.
Octoroon, aet. 47, married, but childless, has been suffering for a year past; metrorrhagia.
Woman, aet. 49, black, has had lung trouble for three years; pneumonia.
Mr. B., aet. 50, mother and sister supposed to have died from cancer, believes himself to be troubled with a cancerous humor; itching in ears, blotches in throat.
Man, aet. 61, rheumatic symptoms in legs; amaurosis.
Man, aet. 61; sudden impairment of hearing.


Antidoted by: Radiated Heat, Alcohol, Arsen.
Compare: Arsen., Carb. veg., Crotal., Laches., Mur. ac., Nitr. ac., Rhus tox.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 05, 1887
Description: Clinical materia medica of Elaps corallinus
Remedies: Elaps corallinus
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1887
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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