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Eupatorium Perfoliatum.

Boneset; Thoroughwort. Compositae.

It was recommended by Dioscorides for ill-conditioned ulcers, dysentery, and the stings of reptiles; chronic fevers, obstructions of liver. –Leadam., B. J. H., vol. 8, p. 381.


- Ophthalmia, Miller, Raue's Rec., 1873, p. 66; Cracks in corners of mouth, Williamson, Raue's Rec., 1874, p. 104; Cough (2 cases), Berridge, Organon, vol. 3, p. 114; Intermittent fever, Neidhard, Lippe, Williamson, Frost, Fisher, Allen, Miller, Allen's Int. Fever, p. 124-7; (3 cases) Ingersoll and Goodno, Organon, vol. 3, p. 370; Dunham, see Lectures on Mat. Med.; Swan, Raue's Rec., 1871, p. 195; Williamson, Raue's Rec., 1872, p. 21, and 1873, p. 20; Landesmann, Raue's Rec., 1873, p. 213; (3 cases) Frost, Raue's Rec., 1873, p. 213, and 1875, p. 271; (23 cases) Raue's Rec., 1875, p. 269; Bilious fever, Dunham, Hughes' Pharm., p. 359.

MIND. [1]

Feels at night as if he was going out of his mind.
Moaning: with the aching pain; during cold stage.
Anxious countenance.
Despondency, with fever.
Anxiety, despair, depression.
Headache amel. by conversation.


Faintness from motion, during fever.
Early in morning an attack of whirling around in brain, or, as he described it, “as if he had been placed in a coal screen and whirled around two or three times, repeated after a short cessation”.
Sensation as if falling to the left.
Vertigo on attempting to rise in bed.


Aching in forehead.
Throbbing headache, pain extending from forehead to occiput, agg. left side.
Beating pain in forehead and occiput, amel. after rising.
Darting pains through temples, with sensation of blood rushing across head.
Shooting from left to right side of head.
Thumping in side of head above right ear.
Painful soreness in right parietal protuberance.
Heat on top of head, with pain, amel. by pressure.
Distress on top and in back part of head.
Soreness and pulsation in back part of head.
Intense pain in occiput; distress.
Beating pain in nape and occiput; amel. after rising.
Pain in occiput after lying, with sense of weight, must aid with hand in lifting head.
Headache, with sensation of soreness internally, amel. in the house, agg. when first going into open air, amel. by conversation.
Violent pain in head and back before chill or during chill.
Throbbing headache during chill and heat.
Headache and trembling during hot stage. ~ Intermittent.
Headache and nausea every other morning, when awaking.
Nervous headache; hemicrania.
Sick headache: when first awaking, continuing all day; every other morning.
Suitable to bilious headache; also headaches of persons suffering from ague.
Headache arising from disordered stomach.


Heat on top of head, with buzzing in ears.
Right parietal protuberance sore.
Insupportable heaviness in head.
Head drawn spasmodically backwards. ~ Spotted fever.
Tinea capitis.


Great aversion to light.
(In sick:) Dimness over eyes when looking at small things; could not sew for a whole week, all being dark.
Intense pain darting through eyes, as from needles; eyes not inflamed.
Painful soreness of eyeballs.
Eyes glistened.
Sclerotica yellowish red.
Increased lachrymation, with cough.
Redness of margins of lids, with glutinous secretion from Meibomean glands.
Lachrymation and photophobia, left eye worse. ~ Conjunctivitis.


Buzzing in ears; heat on top of head.
Could hear everything while seemingly in profound sleep, but could not speak.


The smell of food, odors and cooking produced qualmishness.
(In sick:) Nose very dry and stopped up.
Fluent coryza; sneezing; hoarseness.
Coryza, with aching in every bone.
Catarrh, with sore fauces; with costiveness.
Influenza: with weakness of pulse and great prostration; with pain in bones; with pain in back and limbs; lassitude; skin bathed in perspiration; surface pale and morbidly sensitive; of old people and inebriates.
Epidemic influenza.


Anxious countenance with difficulty of breathing.
Sickly, sallow countenance.
Pale and stretchy.
Face: pale, sunken; cholera like.
Cough, with flushed face and painful eyes.
Flushed face: with dry, hot skin; during the fever; with cough; flushes of heat.
Redness of cheeks, with dry skin.
Face of a dull red color.
During heat face is of a dull mahogany-red color, and eyes glisten; sclerotica yellow.
Sudden severe contraction of muscles of right cheek.


Cracks in corners of mouth: yellow-coated tongue; thirst.


Taste: bitter; insipid.
Tastelessness of food; want of appetite.
Tongue coated yellow, or covered with white fur.


Paleness of mucous membrane of mouth.
Breath smells mouldy, sourish.


Fauces sore, dryness of throat.
Soreness of fauces, with catarrh.
Throat dry; at times becomes hoarse and loses her voice.


Good appetite every intervening day; other days sick headache.
Canine hunger with or before ague, or after quinine.
Longs for ice-cream.
Disgust for food.
Anorexia of drunkards.
Very thirsty during chill and heat; took only a little sip of water at a time.
Thirst for cold water.
Thirst throughout night before paroxysm. ~ Tertian ague.
Thirst a long time before chill, continues during chill and heat; no thirst during sweat.
Thirst, sometimes for warm drinks, from one to three hours before chill; knows chill is coming because he cannot drink enough.
Desire for acid drinks.


After eating: violent distressing pains; no ease until all is vomited.
Insatiable thirst, but drinking causes nausea and vomiting, and hastens the chill.
After drinking cold water: shuddering; vomiting bile.


Eructations: of bitter, tasteless wind, with feeling of obstruction in epigastrium.
Qualmishness from odors, the smell of food, cooking, etc.
Sick stomach, with headache.
Nausea from least motion, with chilliness.
Nausea with excessive trembling and chilliness.
Sick stomach, night before ague paroxysm.
Nausea and sense of extreme prostration, not real.
Distressing disposition to vomit, and weakness of stomach.
Nausea as the chill goes off.
Nausea and vomiting of food.
Nausea and sickness of stomach (in one case vomiting) at beginning of heat, with violent, throbbing headache.
Nausea and vomiting, with free perspiration and copious expectoration.
Vomiting preceded by thirst.
Vomiting immediately after drinking.
Vomiting: of whatever is taken into stomach, and of bile or mucus.
Vomiting if bile with great tenderness in epigastrium, and trembling.
Vomiting: preceding, during, or at conclusion of chill; during fever; of bile at close of hot stage.
Retching and vomiting of bile.


Extreme tenderness in epigastrium.
Beating in epigastrium at night.
Distressing pain in scrobiculum during chill and heat.
Sensation of something in stomach that ought to come up, without ability to raise it.
Weakness of stomach after the chill.
Sensation of fullness in stomach.
General shuddering proceeding from stomach.
Heat in the stomach.
Most violent pains in stomach after eating something; no rest until all is vomited up again, aided by drinking warm water.
Indigestion consequent on the use of alcoholic drinks.
Indigestion of old people.


Soreness in region of liver.
Fullness and tenderness in hepatic region, with stitches and soreness on moving and coughing.
Tightness in left hypochondrium.
Tight clothing is oppressive.


Soreness around waist; tight clothing oppressive.
Violent colicky pains in upper abdomen, with headache and other pains.
Abdomen full and tympanitic.


Tenesmus, with small discharge of loose stool.
Purging stools, with smarting and heat in anus.
Considerable griping, agg. after stool, with tenesmus.
Emission of fetid flatus, with relief.
Morning diarrhea.
Frequent green, watery stools.
Profuse bilious, watery stools, with nausea and severe colic; prostration.
Constipation, with catarrh.
Smarting and heat in anus. ~ Cholera asiatica, after subsidence of urgent symptoms.
Herpetic eruption, affecting anus and surrounding parts, scrotum and thighs.


Dark colored clear urine.
Urine: dark brown, scanty, depositing a whitish, clay-like sediment; profuse, pale, with gout; dark, in bilious disorders; watery, during intermittents.
Inflammation of meatus urinarius, in a woman.


Itching of the mons veneris.
Herpes on scrotum and thighs.


Throat dry, sore, hoarse; can hardly talk; agg. mornings, when he gets up.
Hoarseness; roughness of voice; cough agg. evenings; aching in all the bones; much sweat; lassitude; pale; sensitive; secretion passive. ~ Nasal catarrh.
Soreness, scraping and heat in bronchi, with cough.


Great oppression of chest; a full breath hurts; rattling on chest.
Difficulty of breathing, attended with perspiration and anxious countenance.
Dyspnea very great, obliging patient to lie with head and shoulders high.
Dyspnea, with hard, dry cough.
With a deep inspiration, grating in chest; on full inspiration, soreness.

COUGH. [27]

Disposition to cough, with dyspnea.
Hoarse, rough cough, with scraping in bronchia.
Cough with soreness and heat in bronchia; flushed face; tearful eyes.
Rough, scraping cough, chest sore; must support it with hands; flushed face, tearful eyes.
Violent cough, with soreness in chest.
After catching cold, cough, agg. 2 to 4 A. M.; excited by tickling in chest, causing tightness of chest; cough agg. lying on back, amel. kneeling with face towards pillow; scanty expectoration; painful fullness in head on coughing or blowing nose; lowness of spirits.
Stitches in liver when coughing.
Hacking cough in evening.
Cough at night with headache.
Nocturnal loose cough; particularly after eruptive stage of measles.
Cough preceding or following measles.
Fatiguing cough with heat.
During apyrexia, loose cough.
Hectic cough from suppressed intermittent fever.


Soreness and grating sensation in chest, at every deep inspiration.
Soreness in chest; worse from inspiration.
Pain and soreness behind sternum; heart feels as if in too small a place.
Oppression in middle of sternum; feels as if something was pressing against his heart; palpitation.
Cannot take a natural inspiration, or twist body either to right or left, because of soreness behind sternum.
Soreness in chest, with cough.
Pain through right nipple when breathing.
Aching pain under left breast, cannot lie on left side.
Deep-seated pain in left side and in right shoulder.
Supports chest with his hands during cough.
Painful irritation of pulmonary organs, with heat in chest.


Pain, soreness and heaviness behind sternum and in cardiac region; agg. by least motion or turning body around.
Palpitation of heart.
Heart feels as if in too small a place; as if something was pressing against it.
Beating pain in occiput, agg. by motion; pain and soreness of eyeballs.


Aching pain under left breast, and inability to lie on left side.
Pain through right nipple when he breathes.


Beating pain in neck and occiput; amel. after rising.
Pain in back of neck and between shoulders.
Creeping chills, principally on back.
Trembling in back during fever.
Weakness in small of back.
Intolerable aching soreness, as if beaten, in small of back.
Pain in back as from a bruise.
Pain in back before and during chill.
Intense aching in back and limbs; extremities as if broken.
Deep-seated pains in loins, with soreness from motion.
Severe pain and bruised sensation in sacrum and extremities; copious sweat without relief; spasms. ~ Intermittent.


Stiffness of arms and fingers during chill.
Aching pain and soreness, as from having been beaten in arms, above and below elbows.
Soreness and aching in arms and forearms; painful soreness in both wrists, as if broken or dislocated.
Hands icy cold.
Heat in palms of hands; sometimes with moisture.
Moisture of hands with chill.
Stiffness of fingers, with obtuseness of sense of touch.


Aching pain in right hip while sitting.
Lameness in right hip and leg when walking.
Pain above right ilium before chill.
Pain in spot not larger than a pea, over left hip; with soreness.
Pain with extreme sensitiveness in left glutei muscles, passing around in front of trochanter major.
Flagging of muscles of left thigh, as if they were falling off the bone.
Burning in skin on inner side of thighs.
Herpes on thighs.
Rheumatic pain on inside of left knee.
Soreness and aching of lower limbs; stiffness and general soreness when rising to walk.
Pains in joints of lower extremities.
Severe pains, like cramps, waken out of sleep; cold sweat follows.
Calves of legs feel as though they had been beaten.
Sprained ankle-joint.
Pain and soreness of upper part of left foot, with increased sensibility of big toe.
Pain in foot agg. by standing upon it.
Stinging in feet, as from pins, at beginning of chill.
Sharp burning pain in feet, could not keep her shoes on while pain in feet lasted; feet seemed swollen.
(In sick:) Soreness and swelling of both feet when standing on them, in a gouty subject.
Throbbing in right foot.
Pricking in soles of feet.
Feet icy cold.
Heat in soles of feet in morning.
Pain in heel, as if stabbed.
Dropsical swelling of feet and ankles.
Gouty swelling of big toe; profuse pale urine; dropsical swelling of ankles and feet, after gout, with profuse urinary discharge.
Pain in first joint of left great toe, which suddenly moves to corresponding joint of right one.
Intolerable pain under toe nails of both feet. ~ Intermittent.


Gouty inflammation of left knee and right elbow; pains agg. from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M.
Sharp pain in left ankle, hip and shoulder, came on instantly and went away as quickly.
Intense aching in limbs and back, as if bones were broken. ~ Influenza. ~ Ague.
Aching pain and soreness, as if beaten, in calves of legs, small of back, and in arms, above and below elbows.
Pain in bones early in morning, before paroxysm. ~ Intermittent.
Pains in bones accompanying influenza.
Aching in bones of extremities, with soreness of flesh; soreness in bones.
Aching pain, with moaning throughout cold stage.
Bones of extremities ache in latter part of chill, and beginning of heat.
Rheumatic affections, accompanied by perspiration and soreness of bones.
Syphilitic pains.
Stretching and pale, 9 A. M., before chill.
Walks about crouched up.


Must lie high with head and shoulders, on account of dyspnea.
After lying: pain in occiput.
While in great pain he lies quiet.
Lying on back: cough agg.
Could not raise head from pillow.
Kneeling with face towards pillow: cough amel.
While sitting, aching in hips.
Must support chest with hands during cough.
Cannot lie on left side.
Rising: in bed, vertigo; pain in forehead amel.; pain in neck and occiput amel.; stiffness and general soreness when rising.
Standing on foot: pain agg.; soreness.
Walks about crouched up.
Walking: lameness of right hip and leg.
Motion: faintness; nausea; stitches and soreness in hepatic region; pains in cardiac region and behind sternum; pain in occiput agg.; pains in loins and soreness; chilliness; sweat agg.
Cannot turn body because of soreness behind sternum.
Cannot keep still, although there is great desire to do so.

NERVES. [36]

Very restless, cannot keep still, although there is great desire to do so.
Trembling: with vomiting; with chill; internal; with external heat; during heat; in back; during fever.
Great weakness and prostration during fever, with faintness from motion.
During fever, weak, faint, nervous, trembling.
Hands have to assist the head in lifting it; with headache.
Weakness during fever; could not raise head from pillow.
General debility from intemperance.
General lassitude with influenza.
Great prostration, almost syncope.
Faintness from motion, during fever.
Cerebro-spinal meningitis, with intense soreness and aching all over, vomiting, pain in back of head and neck.

SLEEP. [37]

Stretching and yawning. ~ Intermittent fever.
Disposed to yawn before chill.
Sleepiness with difficult breathing.
Profound sleep at noon; could hear everything, but could not speak.
During sleep, some sweat in evening.
Has to lie with his head high.
Headache on awaking.

TIME. [38]

Morning: attack of whirling around in brain; attacks of chills; diarrhea; sore throat agg.; heat in soles of feet; pains in bones; chilliness; slight perspiration.
From 2 to 4 A. M.: cough.
At 7 A. M.: chill.
At 9 A. M.: stretchy and pale; chill.
Forenoon: fever.
At 2 P. M.: severe headache with chill.
From 10 A. M. to 4 P. M.: pains agg.
All day: sick headache.
Evenings: cough agg.; during sleep some sweat.
Night: feels as if he was going out of his mind; thirst; sick stomach; beating in epigastrium; cough with headache; chilliness; coldness during sweat; pungent heat and sweat.


Wants to be warmly covered during chill.
From uncovering: chilliness.
Better in house: headache.
Aggravated when first going in open air: headache.
After being in an ice-house: chill and fever.

FEVER. [40]

Chilliness in morning, heat throughout rest of day, no perspiration, or slight in morning.
Attacks of chills in morning, no fever; so chilly, could not get warm; throat dry, becomes hoarse at times and loses her voice; very great oppression in chest; sharp burning pain in feet, could not keep her shoes on while pain in feet lasted, feet seemed swollen; cough short and dry; sharp pains in left ankle, hip and shoulder, come on instantly and go away as quickly.
Chilliness through night and in morning, with nausea from least motion.
Chilliness, with excessive trembling and nausea.
A greater amount of shivering during chill than is warranted by the degree of coldness.
Coldness during nocturnal perspiration.
Alternate chilliness and flushes of heat.
Sick stomach, night before paroxysm.
Cough in night previous to paroxysm.
Paroxysm generally commences in morning.
Thirst several hours before chill, continues during chill and heat.
Chill preceded by pain above right ilium, with thirst and a disposition to yawn.
Pain in all the bones, as if broken, before commencement of chill.
Coldness and stinging or pricking, as from pins, in both feet at commencement of chill.
Violent pain in head and back before chill.
Chill induced or hastened by drinking cold water.
Chill at 7 A. M., preceded by thirst, and attended with moisture of hands.
Chill at 9 o'clock in morning.
Intermittent fever with a heavy chill, early in morning of one day, and a light chill about noon next day, and so on successively.
Chill spreads from back; begins between 7 and 9 A. M.
Severe headache, with slight chill at 2 P. M.
During chill: thirst, headache and backache; aching all over, as if in bones; more shivering than degree of coldness warrants; trembling, nausea; moaning with pains, wants to be covered.
Thirst during chill and heat, with vomiting after least drink of water. ~ Intermittent.
Distressing pain in scrobiculus cordis, throughout chill and heat.
At conclusion of chill: vomiting of bile; loose cough.
Fever, with despondency, morbid sensitiveness of skin, and sleeplessness.
Fever preceded by thirst, cannot raise head; cheeks red; throbbing headache; sleep and moaning; trembling, faint from motion.
Vomiting of bile at end of hot stage, followed by slight sweat and sleep.
During heat: trembling in back; headache; thirst continues; patient is very sensitive to the aggravation from drinking, “a swallow of water will make him shiver”; the less thirst the more severe the cephalalgia and bone pains; great weakness, cannot raise head; faintness from motion; cheeks mahogany red; dry, hot skin.
Fever in forenoon, preceded by thirst early in morning, but no chill; attended by fatiguing cough, and not followed by perspiration.
Pungent heat attending the perspiration at night.
During apyrexia, loose cough.
Sweat: light or wanting; amel. all pains but headache, which is agg.; profuse at night in old cases, agg. by uncovering or least motion, rarely debilitating.
Pains did not abate with the occurrence of the sweat.
Copious sweat with rheumatism.
Skin bathed in sweat; or sweat scanty.
Nightly sweat, with chilliness, from moving or uncovering.
Anteponing chill, with congestive throbbing, thirst and aching in bones.
Cold stage in afternoon each alternate day an hour earlier, never amounted to a chill; thirst before and during cold stage, which lasted three hours; vomiting much bile after drinking; muscles painful, agg. in cold stage, followed by intense heat, with perspiration; hot stage lasting six to eight hours, with thirst; during attack she would be warmly covered, then profuse perspiration, without heat, continuing during sleep all night; great debility even when free from fever; liver much enlarged and very sensitive to touch; urine extremely scanty, turbid, and of an offensive odor; no appetite.
Exceedingly severe chill followed by burning fever; face of a dull red color; glistening eyes, sclerotica yellowish red; tongue covered with thick, yellowish fur; intense headache in occiput and insupportable heaviness; nausea and frequent effort to vomit; extreme tenderness in epigastrium; fullness and tenderness in hepatic region, with stitches and soreness on moving and coughing; intolerable aching in back and limbs, “as if bones were broken”; urine scanty and of a dark mahogany color; hard, dry cough and some dyspnea. ~ Intermittent fever.
Intense headache with soreness of scalp, soreness of eyes, redness of face, nausea and prostration, soreness in region of liver, constipation, high colored urine, violent bone-pains. ~ Bilious fever.
Remittent fever, bilious and malarial; with severe gastric and intestinal irritation.
In first stage of yellow fever as an intercurrent remedy, when the bones ache as if broken, with headache and backache, thirst and vomiting.
Intermittent fever, quotidian, tertian and quartan.
Chill and fever after staying in an ice-house.
Fever attended with gastric derangement.
Hectic cough from suppressed intermittent.
Bilious fever; remittent fever; dengue; typhoid.


Frequent: green watery stools; effort to vomit.
At times: becomes hoarse.
Intermittents of any type, but especially the tertian.
Pains come quickly and go quickly.
Every other morning: headache and nausea; good appetite; alternate heavy and light chill.
Alternate afternoons: cold stage each day an hour earlier.


Right: thumping in head above ear; soreness of parietal protuberance; pain through nipple; pain in shoulder; pain in hip; lameness in hip and leg; pain above ilium; rheumatic pain on inside of knee; throbbing in foot; pain in joint of great toe; gouty inflammation of elbow; foot throbbing.
Left: as if falling to side; throbbing headache; eyeball, pain and soreness; lachrymation and photophobia; tightness in hypochondrium; aching pain under breast; pain in side; pain over hip; pain and extreme sensitiveness of glutei muscles; flagging of muscles of thigh; pain and soreness of upper part of foot; pain in joint of great toe; gouty inflammation of knee; sharp pain in ankle, hip and shoulder.
Left to right: shooting pain in head.
Left great toe to right toe: moving pain.


Feels as if he was going out of his mind; as if he had been placed in a coal screen and whirled around two or three times; as if falling to left; as if blood was rushing across head; sensation of weight; inner head feels sore; pain as if from needles; feeling of obstruction in epigastrium; as if extremely prostrated, not real; as if something were in stomach that ought to come up; heart as if in too small a place: as if something was pressing against heart; back as if beaten; pain in back as if from a bruise; extremities as if broken; wrists as if dislocated or broken; as if muscles were falling off bones of left thigh; calves of legs feel as if beaten; heel as if stabbed.
Bruised feeling, as if broken, all over body.
Pain: in occiput; in eyeballs; in bones; in back; in limbs; behind sternum; through right nipple; in cardiac region; in back of neck and between shoulders; in back; in right ilium; in small spot over left hip; in left glutei muscles, passing round in front of trochanter major; in joints; in upper part of left foot; in foot; in heel; in first joint of great toe.
Numbness: as if flesh was falling from bones.
Intolerable pain: under toe nails.
Intense pain: in occiput; darting through eyes.
Violent pain: in head and back; after eating; in stomach; in abdomen.
Severe pain: in sacrum; in extremities.
Sharp pain: in left ankle; in hip; in shoulder.
Shooting: from left to right side of head.
Darting pains: through temples.
Stitches: in hepatic region; in liver.
Colicky pains: in abdomen.
Griping: in abdomen.
Burning pain: in feet.
Pricking: in soles of feet.
Painful soreness: in right parietal protuberance; of eyeballs; in small of back; of wrists.
Distressing pain: after eating; in scrobiculum.
Deep-seated pain: in left side and right shoulder; in loins.
Beating pain: in forehead and occiput; in nape.
Throbbing: headache; pain from forehead to occiput; in right foot.
Beating: in epigastrium.
Thumping: in side of head above ear.
Aching: in forehead; in every bone; under left breast; in back and limbs; in arms above and below elbows; in right hip; of lower limbs.
Rheumatic pain: on inside of left knee.
Bruised sensation: in sacrum; in extremities.
Grating: in chest.
Scraping: in bronchi.
Stinging: in feet, as from pins.
Distress: on top and on back part of head; occiput; with pain after eating.
Heat: on top of head; in stomach; in anus; in bronchi; in palms of hands; in soles of feet.
Burning: in skin; on inner side of thighs.
Soreness: in back part of head; of scalp; in eyeballs; of fauces; in region of liver; around waist; in bronchi; of chest; behind sternum; in cardiac region; in arms above and below elbows; above left hip; of lower limbs; general; of upper part of left foot; of feet.
Smarting: in anus.
Painful irritation of pulmonary organs.
Sensitiveness: of big toe on left foot; of left glutei muscles.
Tenderness: of epigastrium; in hepatic region.
Pulsation in back part of head.
Trembling: in back.
Buzzing in ear.
Stiffness: of arms; of fingers; Faintness.
Lameness: in right hip and leg.
Tightness: in left hypochondrium; of chest.
Fullness: in head; in stomach; in hepatic region.
Oppression: of chest; in middle of sternum.
Heaviness: in head; behind sternum; in cardiac region.
Weakness: in small of back.
Itching: of mons veneris.


Acts upon gastro-hepatic system, fibrous tissues and bronchial mucous membranes, its most characteristic condition being a bilious derangement partaking of a malarial character.
Rheumatism and gouty affection.


Pressure: heat on top of head amel.
Tight clothing is oppressive.
Standing upon it, increases pain in foot; soreness and swelling of feet.

SKIN. [46]

Jaundiced color. ~ Intermittent and bilious fevers.
Anasarcous swellings of extremities, depending on general debility.
Surface pale and morbidly sensitive; morbid sensitiveness of skin, with fever.
Tardy development of eruptive diseases, and especially measles.
Measles preceding or following cough.
Petechial or spotted fever; head drawn spasmodically backward.
Spotted fever, with severe aching and soreness of limbs.
Ringworms and herpetic eruptions.


Cachectic condition of system from long continued or frequent attacks of bilious and intermittent fevers.
Adapted to diseases of old people; worn-out constitutions, especially from inebriety.
Old people suffering from indigestion.
Boy, aet. 8; tertian intermittent.
Boy, aet. 14, sallow face, sickly aspect; tertian ague.
Boy, aet. 18; intermittent fever.
Mrs. A. T., aet. 22; intermittent fever.
Strong man, aet. 27; second attack of tertian ague.
Miss —, caught cold ten days previously; cough.
Mrs. A., four months pregnant; intermittent fever.
RD., aet. 35, stout mechanic, dark complexion, after remaining in an ice-house for quarter of an hour, during a warm August morning; intermittent fever.
Miss W., aet. 50, corpulent; intermittent fever.


Compatible: Natr. mur. and Sepia, which follow well.
Compare: Chelid., Podoph. and Lycop., but especially Bryon, which is its closest analogue. These may be distinguished by Bryon. having free sweat, and pains keep patient quiet, and by Eupat. having deficient sweat, and pains make the patient restless.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 05, 1887
Description: Clinical materia medica of Eupatorium perfoliatum
Remedies: Eupatorium perfoliatum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1887
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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