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Ferrum Iodatum.

Iodide of Iron. FeI2.

Trituration of freshly prepared crystals. Proven by Fr. Müller, of New York, in 1851, and by Gosewisch, of Wilmington, Del., in 1854. The latter proving (Not contained in Allen's Encyclopaedia) was made with two half-drop doses of “Iodide of Ferri potency”, taken four days apart.

A proving conducted by E. A. Farrington, with Ferri Iod. 6th, upon a female prover (Not in Allen's Encyclopaedia), has also been inserted. For record of proving see Trans. Hom. Med. Soc. of Penna., 1874-78, p. 254.


- Scrofulous inflammation of eyes, Fischer, Raue's Rec. 1874, p. 74; Scrofulous affection of nose, Raue's Rec., 1870, p. 119; Ovarian dropsy, Forcke, Frank's Mag., vol. 1, p. 225; Uterine displacements, Preston, B. J. H., vol. 25, p. 497; Cough, Müller, Rck, Kl. Erf., vol. 5, p. 681; Tuberculosis, Altschul, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 5, p. 839; Scoliosis, distortion of spine (3 cases), Forcke, Frank's Mag., vol. 1, p. 226; Cancer, Schneider, Franck's Mag., vol. 1, p. 227.

MIND. [1]

Dullness of mind and general thickness in head, agg. when reading aloud.


Dizzy; agg. moving.


Headache, a confused sensation, with feeling of heaviness and pressure, especially in forehead, more on right side, agg. in warm room, by smoking, hat, reading, writing, motion; amel. in open air, sitting down or standing in a draft of air.
Sharp pain from below eye up through head to vertex.
Headache beginning under left eye and passing up through to top of head.
On going to bed slight throbbing pain in head on right side and upper part of forehead, also at back part on left side at junction of head and neck.
Headache felt as a cutting from bridge of nose through the occiput.


A phenomenon similar to nebula before eyes, except that the objects floating before eyes are bright as sparks of fire, instead of dark specks; after breakfast.
Eyes shut on account of pain and photophobia; lids swollen, discharging copious quantities of pus when forcibly opened; conjunctiva bluish-red and swollen; skin pale; nose thick; eczema of face; submaxillary and cervical glands swollen and hard; periostitis of one finger and two toes; body emaciated; abdomen large; no appetite. ~ Scrofulous inflammation of eyes.
After suppression of menses, protrusion of eyes, enlargement of thyroid gland, palpitation of heart and excessive nervousness. ~ Exophthalmic goitre.
Burning in eyelids.


Roaring in ears.


Nose dry, stopped as in coryza, more free towards noon.
Coryza, profuse discharge of mucus from nose, and frequent expectoration of mucus from larynx and trachea.
A chronic nasal catarrh becomes worse; discharge usually in mornings, now lasts all day, with a stuffed-up feeling at night; blowing nose gives no relief; discharge thick, yellow or green.
Nose thick. ~ Scrofula.
Scrofulous swelling of nose, with ulcers and crusts inside.


Injected, red face.
Cheek (right) itches, reddens when rubbed.
Vesicles form, which, when rubbed, become raw.


Offensive taste in mouth; burning on tongue.
Tongue coated thickly yellow.


Taste: metallic; bitter; flat, insipid; bad in morning; of peppermint.
Increase of saliva.
Unpleasant dryness of mouth and throat; burning.
Sudden bleeding of gums at 3 P. M.
Mucous membrane of mouth and pharynx bright red or dotted with red, presenting a fine, dense, bright red papular eruption.
Submaxillary and cervical glands swollen and hard. ~ Scrofula.


Violent tickling and scraping in throat and nose, with sensation as though he would suffocate; hawking of mucus and cough.
Frequent rattling of mucus in throat and expectoration.
Food seems to push up to throat as if it had not been swallowed.


No appetite. ~ Scrofula.
Very thirsty.


Sour and bitter rising from stomach.
Rising up in throat of greasy, acrid, stinging taste.
Violent eructations, some nausea and a qualmish sensation; nausea and vomiting.


Tenderness in pit of stomach; at same time a pinching pain in back, over spine, directly behind pit of stomach.
Fullness even after a little food, as if she had eaten too much, a sort of upward pressure; stuffed feeling as if she could not lean forwards.
Stomach full of wind; every breath gives pain as from a weight in epigastrium.
On rising, or at night when turning in bed, heart beats violently, with pain in epigastrium or lower end of sternum.
Uncomfortable feeling in epigastrium, with nausea and headache.
Digestion impaired; dyspepsia atonica.


Dull pain under short ribs.


Stuffed feeling in abdomen as if she could not lean forward.
Abdomen swollen. ~ Scrofula.
Abdomen bloated after food or drink; it seems to push upward; even a small quantity of food causes it; may or may not feel hungry, but food soon satisfies her.
Rumbling in abdomen, with slight colicky pains, before stool.
Abdomen when pressed feels like a rubber ball.
A feeling as of a cord drawn connecting anus and navel, with cutting pain every time he straightens up from bent position.
If she happens to pinch abdominal walls, or to crease them, the parts feel sore for a long time.
A feeling of numbness in fleshy part of abdomen, as if asleep, but without the tingling.
Inguinal pains extending across hypogastrium, sides feel stiff, as after a strain.
Feeling in sides, low down, as of needles pricking her; agg. raising arms and walking; inguinal region sore on walking.
Stitches in right inguinal region when walking.


Bowels not moved for a week; then stools loose; may have two movements, first costive, second sudden and loose, preceded by griping.
Small, hard stool, with sticking and pain as from constriction in anus on passage of feces through it.
Feeling in rectum and especially in anus as if it were compressed, a constriction, as if worms were in it; the stool is easy and painless.
A peculiar feeling in rectum and anus, as if something twisted and turned about in a circle, and something like drops of water flowed down, and as if a screw were boring upward and downward.


Pain in both kidneys, principally left.
A feeling in fossa navicularis as though the water remained in it and could not be forced out any further, in morning.
Urine dark-colored, depositing a thick, white sediment; urine scalds.
Frequent and profuse emission of light yellow urine, having a sweetish smell, and slight milky sediment.
Albuminuria with edema of lower extremities was in some cases temporarily relieved, in other cases entirely cured.
A hard drinker, aet. 45, after catching cold, who had, next day, fever, headache, nausea, vertigo, oppression of chest, edema of feet, and much albumen in urine, was entirely cured.
Albuminuria; diabetes.


Erections at night, with violent pain and burning in urethra; unable to urinate; tenesmus of neck of bladder.
Prickling itching in urethra, especially in forepart, with frequent urging to urinate, but very little flow.
Crawling tickling in urethra and rectum.


Severe hysterical attacks, with frequent spasms and syncope; great debility, cachectic appearance, leucorrhea, anorexia; finally hydrops of right ovary set in; enormous swelling under border of right ribs; menses scanty, preceded by painful swelling of right breast, and followed by an aggravation of the constant and profuse leucorrhea; three weeks after beginning of treatment there occurred sudden loss of consciousness and discharge of about two quarts of yellowish fluid from vagina, after which swelling subsided and health was entirely restored. ~ Hydrops ovarii.
Constant bearing down as if something was coming away; while sitting feels as if pushing something up; she can touch the cervix uteri.
On standing erect, disagreeable sensation of pressure and protrusion of rectum; could not walk across room, subject to dysenteric attacks with severe neuralgic and hysteric spasms, constant tenesmus, and white, slimy evacuations every four or five hours; sympathetic fever, tenderness of abdomen, urine high-colored and scanty, disagreeable and painful pressure high up in rectum; fundus and os tincae on a level. ~ Retroversion.
Complete prolapsus and inversion of uterus after mechanical replacement.
Uterine displacements, including ante and retroversion and prolapsus.
Itching and soreness of vulva and vagina; parts much swollen.
Leucorrhea like boiled starch; when the bowels move the discharge is stringy.


Shortness of breath: obliged to take a deep breath, with sensation of oppression of chest, and a pressure beneath sternum.

COUGH. [27]

Short hacking cough, with yellowish-white, rather thick expectoration, and at times with pains in chest.
Cough with expectoration of greyish-white, rather tenacious mucus drawn out in threads.


Great oppression of chest; is obliged to take a deep breath, which causes feeling of soreness in chest, together with a feeling of oppression, as though expansion of thorax were prevented.
Great debility and emaciation; in evening chilliness followed by heat and sweat all night; cough at first dry, later accompanied by greenish, purulent expectoration, containing small, cheesy particles; oppression of chest; inclination to lie on back; sides of chest tympanitic; under clavicle rales and bronchial breathing. ~ Tuberculosis.
Phthisis pulmonalis in subjects of relaxed fibre, especially in third stage.
Bronchorrea and chronic pneumonia.


Running up stairs causes violent beating of heart and pain on top of head.
Heartbeat so violent, it awoke her from sleep; throbbing all over.
Circulation excited; heart beats quickly and seems to force the blood violently through whole body.
Blood-vessels throb all over, even when quiet.


(OBS:) Indurated, painless swelling near right nipple as large as a hazel nut, finally becoming as large as a fist, scirrhous in character, with sharp, lancinating pains spreading from breast to axilla; pain in epigastrium; emaciation; swelling sensitive to touch, and threatens to develop from a cancer occultus to a cancer apertus.
(OBS:) Scoliosis and paralysis of muscles of inspiration on right side.


Sides of neck feel sore when touched or on moving.
Small of back as if broken; felt only at night: as if lying in a cramped position.
Dull pain in back on each side about six inches above kidneys, extending through chest.
Painful sensation in back and kidneys and lower portion of spine, starting from lumbar vertebrae.


A rheumatic, bruised, paralyzed feeling in right upper arm and shoulder.
Painful drawing in tendons and back of right hand and left foot.
Right arm weary and as if paralyzed, has to stop writing, in evening.


Rheumatic pain extending upward from back of left foot to pelvis, in evening.
Paralyzed and bruised feeling in all the limbs, especially in legs.
Bruised, paralytic sensation in thighs, extending to knees, which are heavy.


Weakness and bruised sensation in all the limbs, with great aversion to moving about.
Periostitis on one finger and two toes. ~ Scrofula.


As if lying in a cramped position.
Inclination to lie on back.
Turning in bed: heart beats violently.
Straightening from bent position: cutting pain from anus to navel.
Standing: in draft, heaviness in head amel.; erect, sensation of pressure and protrusion of rectum.
Sitting down: heaviness and pressure in head amel.; feels as if pushing something up.
Raising arms: agg. feeling in sides as if needle pricking her.
Rising: heart beats violently; abdomen feels sore; back stiff.
Motion: dizziness; heaviness in head agg.; side of neck feels sore.
Walking: as of needles pricking her agg.; inguinal region sore on walking; stitches in right inguinal region; weak, trembling feeling in limbs.
Could not walk across room.
Running up stairs: violent beating of heart and pain on to of head.

NERVES. [36]

Nervous; hand shakes while sewing; heart beats violently; each beat seems to go into stomach, and cause a nervous, trembling feeling across epigastrium; weak, trembling feeling in limbs on using hands and on walking.
Great weakness.
(OBS:) Epilepsy with dementia and paresis of right arm; bones of skull hypertrophied; scrofula.

SLEEP. [37]

Frequent starting in sleep and waking with a feeling as though paralyzed, the hands and feet could not rest.
Night restless, with frequent waking, many dreams, with easy erections.
Dreams: of long past events; of thieves and of fighting with them.
In his sleep it seemed as if he had grown exceedingly large and was thirty to fifty feet high; everything about him seemed small and insignificant.
At night in bed, feels as if back would bread; on getting up, abdomen feels sore.
Back stiff on getting up from bed, but amel. during day.

TIME. [38]

Morning: discharge from nose; bad taste in morning; a feeling in fossa navicularis as though the water remained in it and could not be forced out any further.
All day: discharge from nose; stiffness of back amel.
At 3 P. M.: sudden bleeding of gums.
Evening: chilliness followed by heat and sweat and has to stop writing; rheumatic pain from foot to pelvis.
Night: stuffed up feeling; cheek itches; heart beats violently; erections; violent pain and burning in urethra; heat and sweat; small of back feels as if broken; restless; frequent waking; easy erection; as if back would break.


Warm room: heaviness in head agg.
Open air: heaviness in head amel.
Draft of air: heaviness and pressure in head amel.


Every four or five hours: white slimy evacuations.


Right: feeling of heaviness and soreness; throbbing pain in side of head; stitches in inguinal region; hydrops of ovary; enormous swelling under border of ribs; painless swelling near nipple; scoliosis and paralysis of muscles of inspiration on side; rheumatic feeling in upper arm and shoulder; drawing of tendons and back of hand; arm weary as if paralyzed; paresis of arm.
Left: pain under eye; throbbing pain in back part of head on side; pain in left kidney; drawing of tendons of foot; rheumatic pain from back of foot to pelvis.


Sensation as though he would suffocate; food seems to push up in throat as if it had not been swallowed; as if she had eaten too much; stuffed feeling as if she could not lean forwards; pain in stomach as from a weight in epigastrium; abdomen when pressed feels like a rubber ball; as of a cord drawn connecting anus and navel; abdomen as if asleep; sides feel stiff as after a strain; in side as of needles pricking her; as if lying in a cramped position; feeling in anus as if it were compressed; as if worms were in anus; feeling in rectum and anus as if something twisted and turned about in a circle, something like drops of water flowed down; as if a screw were boring in anus; feeling in fossa navicularis as though the water remained in it; constant bearing down in vagina as if something was coming away, while sitting as if pushing something up; small of back as if broken; as though paralyzed; as if back would break.
Pain: in eyes; in stomach; in epigastrium; in lower end of sternum; in both kidneys; in chest; in top of head; painful sensation in kidneys; in back; in lower part of spine.
Violent pain in urethra.
Sharp pains: through head to vertex.
Lancinating pain: spreading from heart to axilla.
Cutting pain: from bridge of nose through occiput; from anus to navel.
Pinching pain: in back.
Griping: in abdomen.
Colicky pains: in abdomen.
Stitches; in right inguinal region.
Sticking: in anus.
Severe: neuralgic spasms.
Throbbing pain: in head; upper part of forehead; back part on side at junction of head and neck; all over.
Rheumatic feeling: in arm; in shoulder.
Bruised feeling: in upper arm; in shoulder; in thighs.
Inguinal pains: across hypogastrium.
Burning: in eyelids; in tongue; of mouth; of throat; in urethra.
Dull pain: under short ribs; in back.
Paralyzed feeling: in all the limbs.
Heaviness: in head; in knees.
Soreness: of abdominal walls; of inguinal cord; of vulva; of vagina; of abdomen.
Tenderness: at pit of stomach; of abdomen.
Uncomfortable feeling: in epigastrium.
Confused sensation in head.
Thickness: in head.
Pressure: in forehead; in rectum beneath sternum.
Oppression: of chest.
Scraping: in throat; in nose.
Dryness: of mouth; of throat.
Roaring: in ears.
Numbness: in fleshy part of abdomen.
Tickling; in throat; in nose; in urethra.
Crawling: in urethra; in rectum.
Itching: of cheek; in urethra; of vulva and vagina.


Symptoms of plethora; general turgescence of peripheric capillary system.
Body emaciated. ~ Scrofula.
Rheumatism without fever.
Scirrhus; early.
Anemic people, with indurated glands; constitutional syphilis.
Chlorosis, particularly in scrofulous subjects.
Scrofulous affections; rachitis; exostoses; periostitis; spinal curvature.


Touch: swelling sensitive; side of neck feel sore when touched.
Pressure: abdomen feels like a rubber ball.
Rubbing: reddens cheek; vesicles become raw.
Pinching: makes walls of abdomen feel sore for a long time.

SKIN. [46]

Skin pale. ~ Scrofula.
Short lasting cutaneous eruptions, like urticaria; eczema; lichen.


Scrofulous diathesis.
Mercurial cachexia.
Girl, weak and scrofulous; scoliosis.
Boy, aet. 11; scrofulous epilepsy.
Delicate woman, aet. 36, has only been pregnant once and then aborted, after coitus; ovarian dropsy.
Woman, aet. 44, widow, of psoric constitution; retroversion.
Woman, aet. 48, mother of several children, sanguine temperament, of slender, graceful build, during youth had three times inflammation of lungs, subject to epistaxis, catarrhal diarrhea, in thirty-second year cessation of menses, chest barrel-shaped and elongated, supra and infra-clavicular regions sunken; tuberculosis.
Single lady, aet. 50, suffered from metrorrhagia during climaxis; cancer of breast.


Compare: Alumina (anemia, profuse leucorrhea, prolapsus uteri); Alumen (swollen vagina, prolapsus uteri); Cauloph. (prolapsus uteri and leucorrhea from atony; fitful, crampy pains); Helonias (vulva itching, prolapsus, leucorrhea, albuminuria); Hydrast. (debility and atony; tenacious profuse leucorrhea; palpitation); Graphit. (chlorosis, leucorrhea profuse but watery); Iodium (red face, irritability; corroding leucorrhea, emaciation marked); Kali bich. (stringy, albuminous leucorrhea).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 05, 1887
Description: Clinical materia medica of Ferrum iodatum
Remedies: Ferrum iodatum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1887
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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