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Gambogia. (Gummi Gutti).

Gamboge. Guttiferae.

Tincture of the resinous gum obtained from a tree native to China.

Proved by Nenning, see Allen's Encyclopaedia, vol. 4, p. 373, and Jacob Jeanes in 1840 (Not included in Allen's Encyclopaedia), also by Hering and Husmann.


- Diarrhea, Berridge, Raue's Rec., 1871, p. 114; Knerr, Organon, vol. 2, p. 115; (2 cases) Conant, Times Retros., 1877, p. 25; Chronic diarrhea, Boyce, Raue's Rec., 1875, p. 147; (5 cases) Hilberger, Kafka, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 5, p. 416; Lienteria, Brigham, Organon, vol. 2, p. 134; Cholera infantum, Hunt, Raue's Rec., 1871, p. 119; Wells, Raue's Rec., 1873, p. 122.

MIND. [1]

Irritable mood.
Cheerful, talkative, feeling of ease, great lightness of all his motions.
Despondency; sadness.


Vertigo during rest or motion; morning when rising.
Confusion of head with a feeling of reeling or motion from side to side.
Heaviness in whole head, with dullness, sleepiness and pain in back.


Pain in whole head and beating in forehead towards nose.
Oppressive headache with heaviness in forehead, amel. in open air, or with heat in whole head and body.
Transitory tearing in left temple.
Feeling of great coldness in left temple as from a wet cloth.
Sharp stitches in right side of head and in temples.
Compressive pain in head from both sides.
Pain in vertex, as if bruised, in forenoon; amel. in open air.
Heaviness in whole head, with inertia, drowsiness, and pain in small of back.
Heat rises to head, with perspiration.
Gastric headaches.


Pain in the coronal suture.


Violent burning of eyes and photophobia, evening or afternoon, amel. from walking in open air, but returning in morning.
Pain in left eye succeeded immediately by sickness of stomach, and dull, heavy aching and pain in tibia below insertion of tendon from patella, then by pain above patella on left side.
Violent itching of eyes in evening.
Itching of inner canthi, with discharge of acrid, corrosive tears after rubbing; amel. in open air.
Smarting of eyes with increased flow of tears.
Pain in both eyes; very severe in eyeballs; sometimes agg. in one eye, with severe pain in adjoining temple, most in left.
Catarrhal affection of eyes.
Feeling of stickiness and dryness of eyes.
Nightly agglutination of lids, burning in morning, photophobia through day, and frequent stitching pain in eyes.
Frequent itching on skin over outer and lower edge of orbit of left eye.


Ringing in left ear all the time; sometimes hissing.
Lancination in ears.
Pain in both ears, most in left; also in left molars, afterwards in right and in region of articulation of jaw.


Tendency to hemorrhages from nose and lungs.
Violent chronic sneezing in daytime only; feeling of coldness in points of incisor teeth; extremely painful burning in region of liver.
Dryness of right nostril.
Smarting as if a sore pimple existed immediately below right nostril.
Ulceration of right nostril, with burning pain.
Much mucus in nose, smelling like pus.


Smarting, itching on right cheek, chin and upper lip.
Swelling of face, especially of eyelids, nose and lips; upper lip remained swollen for twelve hours.


Tearing in all the right molars.
Sensation of coldness at edge of incisors.


Bitter taste in mouth.
Tongue and gums sensitive.
Smarting of tongue; raw, sore feeling.
Burning of tongue.
Burning of anterior half or only of tip of tongue, which feels hard.


Dryness of mouth; clammy, adhesive state of mouth.
Burning vesicles on inner side of lips.
Aphthae; deep ulcers in mouth, inner side of lips and cheek.
Raw, rough feeling in fauces and at root of tongue.


Pain as from soreness in throat.
Sore pain in throat, which is felt when even touching outer side of neck.
Rawness and burning in throat, constant hawking.
Violent stitches in right side of throat.
Stinging in right side of throat during and between acts of deglutition.
The throat feels swollen.
Difficulty in swallowing.


Appetite good, but a little food satisfies.
Diminished appetite; aversion to food.
Thirst after dinner, and especially evenings.


Frequent violent empty eructations.
Nausea from stomach, when walking in open air.
Nausea, inclination to vomit, accumulation of saliva in mouth; gulping up of sour water.
Nausea and vomiting, after taking drink or food.
Frightful vomiting and purging, with fainting.


Empty feeling in stomach and abdomen.
Gnawing in stomach.
Constant sore pain in stomach.
Ulcerative pain in stomach, passing off after eating.
Acute stitches in stomach.
Cutting pain in stomach.
Dartings in stomach, causing one to start.
Sticking pains in region of and below cardiac orifice.
Sensation of heat in stomach and abdomen, also at times a feeling similar to a cool and refreshing wind blowing on face when overheated.


Burning in region of liver.
Sharp cutting in left hypochondrium.


Pinching in abdomen immediately after eating.
Frequent severe pinching in entire abdomen without urging, or, with diarrhea and burning in anus, with relief of pain.
Gnawing in a small spot below umbilicus.
Feeling of fermentation in abdomen.
Rumbling and rolling in bowels.
Gurgling in abdomen, as of fluid running from a bottle.
Rushing sounds in abdomen as from motions of air and fluid feces, as occurs before diarrheic stools.
Inflation and tension of abdomen, with pinching in umbilical region.
Peculiar itching sensation in umbilicus.
Ileo-cecal region painful and sensitive to pressure.
In groins sticking, tension; pinching.
Pressing pain at left inguinal ring.


Stool and Rectum
Profuse discharge of flatus, especially evening and night.
Yellow and green diarrheic stool, mixed with mucus, preceded by excessive cutting around umbilicus.
Diarrhea of watery mucus, with colicky pains in umbilicus during stool.
Profuse watery diarrhea, with colic and tenesmus.
Stool expelled all at once, with a single, somewhat prolonged effort.
Stools of dark green mucus, offensive, corrosive.
Stools very fetid, and come away with a gush all at once; or mucus and blood, with great tenesmus.
Fecal diarrhea, stools evacuated with great force.
Great relief after stool as though an irritating substance were removed from bowels.
Diarrhea: agg. forenoon, or during day; after drinking ale; amel. from pressing abdomen (cutting pains).
Profuse yellow watery diarrhea in hot weather, particularly old people.
Acute and chronic diarrhea; infantile diarrhea; dysentery.
Summer complaint.
Bloody stools in dysentery.
Lienteric stools.
Diarrhea, with burning pain and tenesmus of rectum protrusion of anus and constant pinching around umbilicus, sometimes with mucous stools.
Burning in anus after stool; anus sore and excoriated.
Diarrhea alternating with constipation.
Hard, insufficient stool, with strong urging, pressing and protrusion of rectum.
Hard stool, succeeded by burning at anus.
Before stool: sudden urging, with hot pinching through-out abdomen; darting stitches in anus; sensation of fullness in abdomen.
During stool: strong urging, causing stool to pass quickly; much flatus; burning and heat in anus; tenesmus; prolapsus ani; cutting about navel; cold sweat on limbs.
After stool: great relief, thinks she is well, but is soon seized with urging again and stool.
Thin, watery, yellow stool, coming out all at once; agg. morning and forenoon; before and during stool some pain and urging; after stool great relief. ~ Diarrhea.
Stools copious, watery, yellow, or like curdled milk, of offensive, sickening smell, expelled with much force; vomits food undigested. ~ Diarrhea during hot weather.
Soon after eating irresistible desire to evacuate bowels, which continued as long as there was anything to pass; after these passages great pain in lower bowels, lasting an hour; emaciation; prostration; stools consist of yellow mucus and undigested food. ~ Chronic diarrhea.
Chronic diarrhea consequent upon exposure; evacuations occur principally at night, if they occur earlier they are preceded by colicky pains and much rumbling in abdomen; finds relief only after four or five passages; stools are of a chocolate-brown color, containing lumps of mucus, often streaked with blood or mixed with undigested food; great lassitude.
Constant urging to stool with colicky pains; abdomen distended with flatus, and very painful and sensitive to pressure, particularly in ileo-cecal region; food passes undigested, diarrhea watery and often mucous; fever towards evening; night sweats; anorexia; great thirst; mind much depressed; twelve to fifteen stools occur daily. ~ Chronic diarrhea.
Painful, muco-serous, odorless diarrhea; evacuations occur every hour, preceded and followed by severe pains, causing him to draw up limbs and cry out; tenesmus during each stool causes rectum to protrude about one inch, which, however, returns again in ten or fifteen minutes, after which he is free of pain for about twenty minutes and can sleep; face pale, showing evidences of suffering; skin cool; meteorism; hypogastrium sensitive to pressure; during attack limbs are cool and covered with cold sweat, face red, head hot. ~ Diarrhea.
Diarrhea coming on at night; stools mixed with lumps of mucus and blood.
Watery, greenish stools mixed with mucus; griping before forcible and profuse stool. ~ Cholera infantum.
Lienteria for a month; emaciated almost to a skeleton; bowels seemed to hold nothing; stools very fetid, and come away with a gush, nearly all of stool at a time; often gurgling sounds are heard as if water were passing through a bunghole.
Dysentery with tar-like discharge; dark blood with menses; general weakness of whole body.
Itching, smarting, as from a pustule three-quarters of an inch from anus on left.


Stitches in left kidney.
Increased secretion of urine, or diminished in dropsy, with emission of a few drops at a time.
Emission of a few drops of urine at a time, then intermitting, and finally returning, with burning at orifice.
Urine smells like onions, scenting the room.


Gleety discharge agglutinating orifice of urethra.


Menses too early and too profuse; long lasting.


Tickling in larynx and trachea from epiglottis to pit of throat.
Sensation of scratching in larynx.

COUGH. [27]

Dry cough, hoarseness and hawking of phlegm.
Severe cough at night, compelling him to sit up, with easy expectoration of mucus.


Pressure in middle of chest.
Sensation of pressure and weight in chest, dull pains or sharp stitches in chest, oppression of chest.
Repeated, extremely painful, stitches in sternum.
Feeling of fullness and soreness under upper third of sternum.
Stitches going from both sides of chest towards each other.
Pain in chest as if it were all raw.
Sensation of soreness in every part of chest.
Congestion of blood to chest; expectoration of blood.


Pain in right clavicle.
Weight on chest, causing sleeplessness.
Repeated extremely painful stitches in sternum.
Painful stitch from ribs to axilla, arresting the breathing.
Pain cutting and heavy in right side, about the sixth rib, apparently in integuments.
Pain about fourth and tenth dorsal vertebrae and cutting pain in right side below edge of pectoralis major, before it leaves the thorax to pass to humerus, subsequently in nearly same situation on left side.


Pain down right side of neck.
Pain and itching between the shoulders.
Stitches in left kidney.
Pain in small of back, as if bruised or as if sprained.
Pain across lumbar vertebrae.
Cutting pain across top of sacrum and in left hip, also in muscles just above sacro-iliac symphysis on left side.
Repeated gnawing in coccyx. ~ Coccyodynia.


Pain in shoulders; tearing.
Stitch on top of right shoulder.
Pain in right shoulder, clavicular junction.
Stitching pains in upper limbs, come on or are agg. in evening.
Aching of right arm and biceps flexor cubiti.
Stinging and numb feeling in ball of right thumb.
Severe aching pain in upper joint of little finger of left hand.
Papula on both hands, at first pale, afterwards red.


Severe aching pain deep in hip, and severe cutting pain about trochanter major.
Aching in and about the knees.
Sharp cutting pain in right shin, midlength of tibia.
Pain in right fibula just above ankle-joint.
Cramp in calf, with contraction of toes.
Heaviness and languor of feet.
Pulsating pains in three middle toes at night in bed.
Sticking pains and soreness in integuments over large joint of great toe left side, and afterwards of skin on back of great toe, same side.


Many symptoms come on while sitting, and pass off during motion in open air.
Rest: vertigo.
Cough compels him to sit up.
Pain causes him to draw up limbs.
Motion: vertigo.

NERVES. [36]

Much lassitude and debility; emaciation.

SLEEP. [37]

Sleepiness, great inclination to sleep.
Sleep broken by anxious dreams.
Anxious, vexatious dreams.

TIME. [38]

The conditions are especially apt to occur toward evening or at night.
Day: photophobia; chronic sneezing; diarrhea agg.
Morning: vertigo when rising; burning of eyes; sharp cutting in hypochondrium: thin, watery stools agg.
Forenoon: diarrhea agg.; thin, watery stools agg.
Afternoon: burning of eyes.
From 6 to 8 P. M.: internal and external coldness lasting from a quarter to two hours.
At 7 P. M.: paroxysm of intermittent fever.
From 7 P. M. till 4 A. M.: violent shaking.
Evening: burning of eyes; itching of eyes; thirst; profuse discharge of flatus towards evening; fever; stitching in limbs agg.; violent itching.
Night: agglutination of lids; profuse discharge of flatus; evacuations; sweats; diarrhea comes on at night; severe cough; pulsating pains in toes in bed; biting as of ants; coldness lasting all night; shaking chill at night; paroxysm of fever; violent itching.


Open air: headache amel.; pain in vertex amel.; burning in eyes amel.; itching of inner canthi amel.; nausea when walking.

FEVER. [40]

Chilliness is accompanied by empty eructations, yawning, thirst, pain in small of back, biting as of ants over whole body (by night), excessive stitches in ears, sensation of elongation of incisors.
Internal and external coldness from 7 to 8 P. M., lasting from a quarter to two hours, or whole night to 5 A. M.
Violent chill, beginning in back.
Violent shaking at 7 P. M., beginning in back, with external coldness of whole body, continues till 4 A. M.
Sudden shaking chill at night, waking him from sleep, and as suddenly disappearing.
Chill for two hours with chattering of teeth and violent thirst; skin in warm to touch.
Increased heat with anxiety, flushes and perspiration.
Heat always slight, often wanting. ~ Intermittent fever.
Sweat over whole body on awaking at 4 A. M.
Night-sweat all over.
Intermittent occurs while diarrhea is prevalent; paroxysm consists almost wholly of cold stage; the others being light or wanting.
Fevers of intermittent or remittent type, consisting of chill, fever and sweat.
Paroxysm 7 P. M.; evening 6 to 8 P. M., lasting all night.
Type. -Quotidian; tertian; double tertian; intermittent often becomes remittent; postponing oftener than anticipating.


At times: feeling of cool wind blowing on face.
Every hour: evacuations.
Every day: twelve to fifteen stools.
For one hour: great pain in bowels, after stool.
For two hours: chill.
For twelve hours: upper lip swollen.
For one month: lienteria.


Right: sharp stitches in temple and side of head; pain in molars; dryness of nostril; smarting as of a pimple below nostril; ulceration of nostril; smarting, itching of cheek; tearing in molars; violent stitches in side of throat; stinging in side of throat; pain in clavicle; pain in side; pain below pectoralis major; pain down side of neck; pain in muscles just above sacro-iliac symphysis; stitch on shoulder; pain in shoulder, clavicular junctures, aching of arm; cutting pain in shin; pain in fibula.
Left: tearing in temple; coldness in temple; pain in eye; pain above patella on left side; itching of orbit of eye; pain in eye and temple; ringing in ear; pain in ear; pain in molars; pressing pain in inguinal ring; stitches in kidney; pain on side; cutting pain in hip; aching pain in upper joint of little finger; sticking pains in joint of great toe.


Feeling as of reeling; vertex as if bruised; coldness in temple as from a wet cloth; as if a sore pimple existed immediately below nostril; pain as from soreness in throat; gurgling as of fluid running from a bottle; rushing sounds in abdomen as from motions of air and fluid feces; as if chest were raw; small of back as if bruised or sprained; biting as of ants over whole body; incisors as if elongated.
Pain: in back; in whole head; in vertex; in coronal suture; in left eye; in tibia; above patella on left side; in both eyes; in both ears; in molars; in region of articulation of jaw; in throat; in ileo-cecal region; in chest; in right clavicle; about fourth and tenth dorsal vertebrae; down right side of neck; between shoulders; small of back; across lumbar vertebrae; in fibulae.
Severe pain: in eyeballs; in temple; in bowels; before and after evacuations.
Lancinating: in both ears.
Cutting pain: in stomach; in left hypochondrium; around umbilicus; in right side; across top of sacrum; in left hip; about trochanter.
Tearing: in temple; in right molars; in shoulders.
Pinching: in abdomen; in groins; around umbilicus.
Dartings: in stomach.
Sharp stitches: on side of head; in temples; in chest.
Stitches: in ears; in right side of throat; in stomach; in anus; in left kidney; in sternum; from both sides of chest towards each other; from ribs to axilla; on top of right shoulder.
Stitching pain: in eyes; in mouth; in upper limbs.
Sticking pains: in region of and below cardiac orifice; in groins; in integuments over great toe.
Stinging: in right side of throat; in ball of thumb.
Gnawing in stomach: below umbilicus.
Colicky pains: in umbilicus; before evacuations.
Griping: before stools.
Cramp: in calf.
Ulcerative pain: in stomach.
Violent burning: of eyes.
Burning: in eyes; very painful in region of liver; ulceration of right nostril; of tongue; of anterior half or only of tip of tongue; in vesicles: on inner side of lips; in region of liver; in rectum; in anus; at orifice of urethra when urinating.
Pressing pain: at left inguinal ring.
Dull pains: in chest.
Aching: in tibia; in right arm; upper joint of little finger; deep in hip; in and about knees.
Pulsating pains: in three middle toes.
Beating: in forehead.
Compressive pain: in head.
Smarting: of eyes; below right nostril; of right cheek; of chin; of upper lip; of tongue; on left of anus.
Sore feeling: of tongue; in throat; at stomach; in anus; under sternum; in every part of chest.
Sensitiveness: of tongue; of gums.
Heat: in whole head and body; in stomach.
Raw feeling: in fauces; at root of tongue.
Stickiness: of eyes.
Dryness: of eyes; of nostril.
Ringing and hissing: in ears.
Pressure: in middle of chest; in chest.
Weight: in chest.
Heaviness: in whole head; in forehead; of feet.
Oppression: of chest.
Fullness: under sternum.
Tension: of abdomen; in groins.
Contraction: of toes.
Empty feeling: in stomach and abdomen.
Weakness: of whole body.
Numb feeling in ball of right thumb.
Tickling: in larynx; in trachea, from epiglottis to pit of throat.
Biting as of ants: over whole body.
Scratching: in larynx.
Itching: on skin over outer and lower edge of orbit of left eye; of eyes; of inner canthi; of cheek; of chin; upper lip; in umbilicus; on left of anus; between shoulders.
Coldness: in temple; in points of incisor teeth.


Feeling of soreness all over body; rheumatism.
Pain as if bruised.
Congestion to head, lungs and female sexual organs.
Profuse watery diarrhea, particularly with old people.
(OBS:) Anasarca, ascites.
Swelling and redness of affected parts.


Touch: outer neck sensitive; abdomen sensitive.
Pressing abdomen: amel. cutting pains; abdomen sensitive to pressure.
Gentle rubbing: amel. itching.

SKIN. [46]

Itching on various parts of surface pleasantly amel. by gentle friction.
Violent itching on various parts of body; burning after scratching, agg. evenings and nights.
Itching and formication here and there all night.
After scratching, burning and ulcerative pain, with swelling and redness of parts, agg. evening and night.
Biting like from ants over whole body agg. evening and night.
Itching blisters on both hands, first pale, then red.


Diarrhea of old people.
Boy, aet. 14 months, suffering for four days; diarrhea.
Boy, aet. 2, has suffered 10 days; diarrhea.
Woman, aet. 30, slight build, has suffered 8 months; diarrhea.
Man, aet. 30, has suffered a years; diarrhea.
Fisherman, has suffered 1 1/2 years after being drenched in a storm; diarrhea.
Captain, aet. 46, strong, well built, after a long ride during which he caught cold; chronic diarrhea of six months' standing.


Antidoted by: Camphor., Coffea, Coloc., Kali carb., Opium.
Compare: Aloes, Podoph., Pulsat. (cough, amel. sitting up; general symptoms, amel. open air).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 05, 1887
Description: Clinical materia medica of Gambogia
Remedies: Gambogia
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1887
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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