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Iris Versicolor.

Blue Flag. Iridaceae.

Provings by Rowland, Burt, Holcombe, Berridge, Croker, Wesselhoeft, etc. See Allen's Encyclopaedia, vol. 5, p. 153.


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MIND. [1]

Low spirited; discouraged.
Fears approaching illness.
Easily vexed.
Dullness of mental faculties; cannot fix mind on studies.


Head full, heavy.


Constriction around forehead.
Sensation as of a band around head.
Dull, heavy frontal headache with nausea.
Severe frontal headache, constant nausea and occasional vomiting; sleepless from pain; no appetite; great weakness.
Headache in forehead and eyes, agg. right side; with distressing nausea and vomiting of intensely sour or bilious matter; agg. in rest.
Dull throbbing or shooting in right side of forehead; nausea; agg. toward evening, from rest, from cold air, or coughing; amel. from moderate motion.
Habitual headache; violent throbbing on either side of frontal protuberance, agg. in evening or after exertion.
Chronic frontal headache; agg. sitting down, studying or sewing; amel. standing up or working; could not attend school.
Headache with violent pains over eye, in supraorbital region, on either side, but only on one side at a time.
Severe pain in head, through temples and over eyes, with vertigo, nausea and vomiting.
Shooting pains in temples, generally right, with constricted feeling in scalp.
Headache affecting right side, agg. at rest, amel. by constant motion, accompanied by nausea, vomiting and low spirits.
Hemicrania of right hemisphere.
Pain shoots like an electric shock from right temple to left side of occiput; depression of spirits, debility.
Slight dull pain at situation of posterior fontanelle.
Severe pain in occiput, agg. right side.
Stitches in lower cerebellum, right side.
Violent, stunning headache, with facial neuralgia, followed by copious, limpid urine and vomiting.
Sick headache, every eighth day.
Sick headache, of gastric or hepatic origin, always beginning with a blur before eyes.
Sick headache, seemingly the result of intense gastric and abdominal disturbance; dull, throbbing, or hammering, and also shooting or acute boring pains in one side of forehead, generally left, or passing from right to left, with nausea; pain begins in morning and grows more violent towards afternoon and night; agg. from violent motion; amel. from moderate exercise in open air; sometimes paroxysmal, through day, or at intervals of many days, so as to become periodical; agg. in cold air and from coughing.
Headache, vomits sweetish mucus, occasionally with a trace of bile.
Sick headache in bilious subjects, with gastric derangement and dyspepsia, tenderness in region of stomach and liver.
Headache reflex from acid stomach, or irritation of that organ from acid secretions.
Neuralgia, facial or cephalic, with nausea and vomiting.
Neuralgia of head, eyes and temples; pains cutting, of short duration, with acid vomiting; bilious vomiting, or vomiting of sweetish water; great despondency.
Tired headache, from mental exhaustion.
Chronic headaches with asthenopia and fullness in stomach.
Sharp, cutting pains of short duration, changing often.


Shooting in temples, mostly right, with constrictive feeling of scalp.
Pustular eruptions on scalp in children.
Twenty-six pustules on top of head, some as large as a three cent piece.
Whole top of head one complete scab, yellow matter oozing from under crust, which has matted hair together; left ear covered with eruption, it also gathers every two weeks and discharges a yellow greenish pus; numerous yellow pustules scattered over scalp, each pustule containing a hair. ~ Tinea capitis.


Redness of conjunctiva, as from a cold; eyes feel dull, with neuralgia; burning in internal canthus, with effusion of tears.
Inflamed eyelids; simple palpebral inflammation, apparently arising from cold.
Chronic inflammation of eyelids.


Constant sneezing; sharp pains in centre of temples; tickling cough; light, mushy stools.


Sunken eyes with blue circles.
Neuralgia, involving supra and infraorbital, superior maxillary and inferior dental nerves; begins after breakfast every morning, with a stupid, stunning headache; copious urine; disposition to stool; burning at anus.
Neuralgia in head, temples and eyes, attended with most distressing vomiting of sweetish mucus, and occasionally when much straining, with a trace of bile.
Waked with neuralgic pains in right side of face; darting stitches in two carious teeth; infraorbital nerves especially affected.


Dry, cracked lips.
Pustular eruptions on face, around nose, lips and cheeks; secreting a sanious, irritating matter.


Toothache in warm room; dental neuralgia.


Taste: lost; flat; bitter or putrid.
Tongue feels as if scalded; greasy feeling on arising in morning.
Tongue white.


Burning in mouth and fauces, as if on fire.
Mouth and tongue feel as though they had been scalded.
Salivation after diphtheria, with swelling of parotids.
Profuse flow of saliva.
Constant discharge of ropy saliva, dropped from mouth during conversation.
Salivation, first of tough mucus hawked from throat, which presented a dark appearance, and afterwards a profuse, watery discharge from whole buccal cavity; clammy, greasy sensation in mouth, with bilious coating on root of tongue; lethargy; hunger, with inability to eat; general “bilious” condition; constipation, succeeding a profuse, watery, offensive pancreatic diarrhea.
Salivation with profuse flow; gums and tongue feel as though covered with a greasy substance.
Stomatitis, with painful burning in mouth and fauces.
Ulcers on mucous membrane of cheeks.


Pain in tonsils, shooting into ears.
Smarting, burning sensation, with feeling of enlargement, like a burning cavern, while throat is dry injected, and of bright red color.
Peculiar irritability of throat, palate and pharynx, coming on without any appearance of inflammation, and sometimes attended with cough.
Spasms of pharynx while swallowing food.


Loss of taste and appetite, nausea and empty eructations.


Headache after breakfast; aching in stomach before breakfast and after a cold drink.
Chronic indigestion of milk; it sours and is vomited.


Eructations: of tasteless gas; of wind from stomach with considerable force; tasteless; acid of sour food.
Nausea: from riding, from overexertion or from irregularities of diet; and retching.
Nausea and vomiting: of sour food, whole person smells sour; of thin, watery fluid of an exceedingly sour taste.
Vomiting: an extremely sour fluid which excoriates throat; with burning in mouth, fauces, esophagus and stomach; of sweetish water; of ingesta; of soured milk in children; of food an hour after eating; of bile, with great heat and sweat.
Bilious vomiting, with great heat of head and perspiration.
Violent pain with every fit of vomiting.
Periodical vomiting spells, coming on once every month or six weeks, lasting two or three days.
Vomiting of ingesta, then sour fluid, and at last bile yellow and green, with great heat of head, some general fever, and great prostration; perspiration warm, caused by efforts of straining and vomiting.


Great burning distress in epigastrium; can hardly endure it.
Violent pains in epigastric region, coming on at intervals.
Pain in stomach before breakfast, and from drinking water.
Beating, throbbing, in and about heart and sternum, then fearful cramps or spasms from middle of sternum to pit of stomach, with repeated vomitings.
Everything sours in stomach.
Dyspepsia; food vomited an hour or so after meals.
Gastric symptoms predominate with headache.
Burning distress in stomach and pancreas, with watery diarrhea and great prostration.
Burning distress in pancreas, sweetish vomit.
Shocks of pain in umbilical region up to epigastrium; nausea, straining and belching of wind.


Cutting in region of liver.
Pain in right hypochondriac region; agg. from motion.
Acute and chronic disorders of liver.
Increase of bile, then deficiency of, with jaundice.
Anxious look; vomits almost constantly a greenish yellow matter, very bitter; great tenderness in region of liver; urgent desire for stool; bowels torpid; pulse 130, temperature, 103.2; great pain in abdomen, agg. on pressure; tongue dry, coated on each side, red streak in centre; dull and stupid. ~ Bilious colic.
Acute affections of pancreas, inflammation or salivation.
Pains above crest of ilium, right side, then left.


Colicky pains, intermittent about navel, before each spell of vomiting or purging.
Pains in umbilical region and loud rumbling in bowels.
Pain in region of umbilicus, agg. from motion; diarrhea threatening or actually existing; general headache, agg. in anterior half, in individuals subject to headache; nausea and vomiting.
Sharp, griping pains in bowels.
Colicky pains, must bend forward for relief; amel. after discharges of flatus.
Great prostration; pulse frequent and feeble; expression of great anguish in face; much mental depression; frequent and violent efforts to vomit, resulting, however, in little more than an enormous discharge of air, which seemed to roll off her stomach with great force; intense pain in umbilical region, passing in successive shocks, like effects of a galvanic battery, upward to epigastric region, followed or accompanied by nausea, straining and belching of wind; great commotion and rumbling of bowels above seat of pain, little or none below; no desire for stool. ~ Colic.
Abdomen very prominent; severe rumbling of gas; excessive watery discharges, preceded by soft and more substantial evacuations and intense aching, cramplike pains; excessive nausea and vomiting.
Rumbling and cutting pain in lower part of abdomen, amel. by pressing flatus.
Periodical night colic, amel. by two or three free discharges before morning.
Colic of infants with flatulency and constipation.
Abdominal complaints of children occurring in Spring and Autumn.
Syphilitic sinus in left groin, result of a bubo, discharge ichorous.


Diarrhea: with colic and rumbling in bowels; with pain in bowels, with or without vomiting; cramps in bowels; thin, watery; with frequent bilious stools; brown and very offensive, with cutting, colicky pains, nausea and vomiting.
Stool: thin, watery, tinged with bile, copious, in a continuous stream; green, undigested; mushy, pappy, with fetid flatus; bloody mucus, with great straining; black, with fever, hot sweat, white tongue, severe headache, despondency; yellow, watery, corrosive; copious, watery, with or without tenesmus; frequent, very green and watery; watery, mixed with mucus; thin, yellow, fecal; fetid or coppery smelling; containing undigested food.
Watery stool; anus feels on fire; disposition to strain and bear down; great burning in anus.
Watery diarrhea and colic pains precede the bloody, mucous discharges.
Bloody, mucous discharges, with severe tenesmus and rectal prolapsus.
Very soft, yellow stools, with great rumbling in bowels.
Stool of scybalous matter, together with fluid mucoid feces of offensive, putrid and coppery color.
Before stool: rumbling in abdomen; cutting in lower part of abdomen.
During stool: cutting; severe cramplike pains; tenesmus; burning at anus; fetid, coppery smelling flatus.
After stool: pricking as of points in anus; burning of anus, as though on fire; prolapsus of rectum.
Periodical spells of diarrhea, always at night about two or three o'clock.
Burning from mouth to anus. ~ Diarrhea.
Acute mucous enteritis.
Stools brown, slimy, or watery, frequent and generally very offensive; attacks sudden and characterized by uncommonly severe tenesmus, prolapsus of rectum, frequently piles, and very intense feeling of exhaustion from very commencement; appetite not much affected; generally no pain in bowels. ~ Diarrhea.
Cholera infantum, with profuse, sour discharges from stomach and bowels, and pain in head.
Cholera morbus: occurring in hottest part of season; vomiting; grumbling pains in bowels, watery, green stools.
Severe pain in bowels, with much rumbling; constant nausea; vomiting and purging every few moments; limbs and body cold; occasional cramps in lower extremities; vomited matter was glairy mucus with some bile at times; stools thin and colorless. ~ Cholera morbus.
Autumnal bilious diarrhea.
Bilious dysentery; body cold; skin blue; vomiting with prostration.
Constipation: succeeded by thin, watery diarrhea; with flatulent colic; migraine; nervousness; irregular menses; colic and sick headache; headache affecting forehead and eyes; hemorrhoids.
Prolapsus of rectum.
Anus feels sore, or as if sharp points were sticking in it.
Premonitory diarrhea for two or three days, then purging suddenly became agg., with vomiting, cramps in body and lower limbs; two hours later diarrhea profuse and involuntary, evacuations being wholly of rice water character; vomiting frequent and severe, the matter ejected consisting principally of small white flocculent bodies, with bodies of undigested food; crampy pains in abdomen and lumbar region, also less severely in legs; intense and urgent thirst; difficulty and oppression of breathing; choleraic expression; face limbs and body cold; tongue slightly bluish, furred and icy cold to touch. ~ Cholera.
Asiatic cholera, with rice water discharges, cramps, etc.


Cutting and pricking in urethra while urinating.
Urine: scanty, red; burning length of urethra after passing it; clear, profuse; copious, watery in nervous headache; very high colored and scanty.


Nocturnal emissions, with amorous dreams.
Coldness and itching of parts.
Excitement of generative organs reflex from an excessively acid stomach.
Heavy, dragging gait and excitable sexual desire.
Coldness and relaxation of scrotum.
Spermatorrhea, with pale face, sunken eyes; depression.
Secondary gonorrhea or gleet; syphilis; mercurial syphilis.


Neuralgia and rheumatism of uterus.
Menses regular but excessive.
Uterine leucorrhea.


Morning sickness during pregnancy; vomit sour or bitter.
Protracted nausea and vomiting during pregnancy; profuse flow of saliva.
Inflammation and soreness of uterus, very sensitive to touch; pain across umbilicus, with severe griping at short intervals; nausea and vomiting of green or yellow bile, with eructations of a great deal of flatus during and between times of vomiting; diarrhea of a yellow, bilious character. ~ Miscarriage.


Dry, tickling cough, with smarting burning in throat.

COUGH. [27]

Short, dry cough, excited by excessive tickling in larynx, preceded or accompanied by dry, smarting, or burning sore throat.


Pain in left side of chest, as if ribs were pressing against lungs.


Crampy pain in right lumbar region.


Acute rheumatic pain right shoulder agg. from motion, especially on raising arm.
Shooting burning pain in right shoulder; gastralgia or enteralgia.
Pains shift rapidly in phalanges and metacarpal bones.
Fingers pain on writing.


Slight coxalgia in left hip.
Sciatic pains, as if left hip joint was wrenched.
Painful drawing and lameness behind left trochanter, extending down to popliteal space.
Shooting, burning, laming pain, affecting posterior femoral muscles; shooting along left sciatic nerve to foot, agg. by motion; moderate motion aggravates, violent motion makes no difference; shooting, burning pains in right shoulder.
Pain confined to left leg, shooting, burning, laming, affecting posterior femoral muscles, and shooting along left sciatic nerve to foot; agg. by motion. ~ Sciatica.


Shifting pains in right hip, both knees, agg. right and in right foot, especially, and first joint of great toe.
Tearing, shooting and rapidly shifting pains in joints and extremities, especially smaller joints, but more particularly in right shoulder.


Rest: headache agg.
Sitting down: chronic frontal headache agg.
Must bend forward for relief: from colicky pains.
Standing up: chronic headache amel.
Raising arm: pain in shoulder agg.
After exertion: headache agg.
Overexertion: causes nausea.
Constant motion: headache amel.
Motion: pain in right hypochondriac region agg.; pain in region of umbilicus agg.; pain in shoulder agg.; pain along sciatic nerve agg.
Moderate motion: headache amel.
Violent motion: sick headache agg.; pains along sciatic nerve not affected.

NERVES. [36]

Great debility; faint, weak knees, trembling; sunken eyes; after protracted or severe serous or bilious stools, as in summer diarrhea.

SLEEP. [37]

Sleeplessness; starts in sleep.

TIME. [38]

Aggravation in evening and at night; from rest, also from motion; amel. from continued motion.
Morning: pain in head grows more violent towards afternoon and night; sickness.
Towards evening: headache and nausea agg.
Evening: headache agg.; much itching of eruption.
Night: emissions; chilliness; great itching of eruption; great itching of eczema.


Warm room: toothache.
Open air: headache amel.
After cold drink: aching in stomach.
Cold air: headache and nausea agg.

FEVER. [40]

Chilliness all night.
Chills, with sleepiness.
Head and face cold.
Heat followed by chill, with cold hands and feet.
Chills over whole body, even when well covered; fever with muttering delirium and bilious diarrhea.
Skin hot; dry, black stool.
Sweat over whole body, particularly in groin.
Bilious fever after Bryon. or Acon.
Typhoid fever, with symptoms similar to Baptis.
Muttering delirium; yellow, watery, stinking diarrhea; involuntary passage of urine and feces; coated tongue, dry, brown, crusty, edges red, sordes on gums and teeth, and foul breath. ~ Typhoid.
Fever; stupor; black, stinking, involuntary diarrhea, tongue dry and brown; fetid breath. ~ Typhoid.
Fever, intense headache, pain in small of back, black dysenteric passages, nausea and efforts to vomit. ~ Typhoid.


Paroxysmal: headache through day.
Every few moments: vomiting and purging.
At short intervals: severe griping in abdomen.
An hour after eating: vomiting of food.
After breakfast every morning: neuralgia of face; headache; pain in stomach.
Periodical nightly colic, diarrhea 2 or 3 A. M.
Every eighth day: sick headache.
At intervals of many days, so as to become periodical: headache.
Every two weeks: ear gathers and discharges.
Once every month or six weeks: periodical vomiting spells, lasting two or three days.
Spring and Autumn: abdominal complaints.


Right: headache in forehead and eyes agg.; dull throbbing or shooting in side of forehead; shooting in temple; hemicrania; severe pain in occiput agg.; stitches in lower cerebellum; neuralgic pain side of face; pain in hypochondriac region; crampy pain in lumbar region; acute rheumatic pain in shoulder; shooting, burning pain in shoulder; shifting pains in hip, in foot; herpes zoster on side of body.
Left: acute, boring pains on side of forehead; ear covered with eruption; syphilitic sinus in groin; pain in side of chest; slight coxalgia in hip; sciatic pain in hip joint; painful drawing and lameness behind trochanter; pain along sciatic nerve to foot; in leg vesicular eruption on knee.
From right to left: pain shoots like an electric shock from temple to occiput; acute, boring pains through forehead; pain above crest of ilium.


As of a band around head; tongue feels as if scalded; as if mouth and fauces were on fire; mouth as if it was scalded; gums and tongue feel as though covered with a greasy substance; feeling of enlargement like a burning cavern in throat; pain like effects of a galvanic battery upward to epigastric region; arms feel as if on fire; pricking as of points; as if ribs were pressing against lungs; as if left hip joint was wrenched.
Pain: in head, in forehead and eyes; in tonsils; in stomach; in right hypochondriac region; above crest of ilium, right side, then left; in umbilical region; in bowels; across umbilicus; in left side of chest; shifts rapidly in phalanges and metacarpal bones; in fingers; in left leg; in small of back.
Pain: like an electric shock from right temple to left side of occiput.
Intense pain: in umbilical region.
Violent pain: over eyes; in supraorbital region on either side, but only on one side at a time.
Violent pain: with every fit of vomiting; in epigastric region.
Great pain: in abdomen.
Severe pain: in head, through temples and over eyes; in occiput agg. right side; in bowels.
Severe frontal headache.
Violent stunning headache with facial neuralgia.
Great burning distress: in stomach; in epigastrium; in pancreas.
Fearful cramps: from middle of sternum to pit of stomach; in bowels.
Sharp, cutting pains of short duration in head.
Cutting: in head; in region of liver; in lower part of abdomen; in urethra.
Tearing, shooting and rapidly shifting pains in joints and extremities, especially smaller joints, but more particularly in right shoulder.
Shooting, burning pain: in right shoulder; affecting posterior femoral muscles.
Shooting pains: in temples; into ears; in right shoulder; along sciatic nerve to foot.
Acute, boring or shooting pains: in one side of forehead, generally left.
Sharp pains: in centre of temples.
Darting stitches: in two carious teeth.
Stitches: in lower cerebellum, right side.
Violent throbbing: in either side of frontal protuberance.
Beating, throbbing: in and about heart and sternum.
Dull throbbing or shooting: in right side of forehead.
Dull throbbing or hammering: in forehead.
Severe griping: in abdomen.
Sharp, griping pains: in bowels.
Intense aching, cramplike pains: in abdomen.
Colicky pains: about navel.
Neuralgic pains: in right side of face.
Neuralgia: facial or cephalic; of head, eyes and temples; involving supra and infraorbital, superior maxillary and inferior dental nerves.
Acute rheumatic pain: in right shoulder.
Sciatic pains: in left hip joint.
Shifting pains: in right hip, both knees, in right foot and first joint of great toe.
Grumbling pains: in bowels.
Shocks of pain: in umbilical region, up to epigastrium.
Habitual headache.
Chronic headaches with asthenopia.
Chronic frontal headache.
Slight dull pain: at situation of posterior fontanelle.
Dull, heavy frontal headache.
Sick headache: of gastric or hepatic origin.
Cramps: in lower extremities; in body.
Crampy pains: in abdomen and lumbar region; in right lumbar region.
Aching: in stomach.
Pricking: in urethra.
Smarting burning: in throat.
Burning: in internal canthus; at anus; in mouth and fauces; esophagus and stomach; from mouth to anus; in urethra.
Soreness: of uterus.
Painful drawing and lameness behind left trochanter, extending down to popliteal space.
Tenderness: in region of stomach and liver.
Tired headache.
Full, heavy feeling in head.
Fullness: of stomach.
Greasy feeling: in mouth.
Very intense feeling of exhaustion.
Constriction: around forehead.
Constricted feeling: in scalp.
Great heat: of head.
Tenderness: in region of liver.
Excessive tickling: in larynx.
Coldness: of male sexual organs.
Itching: of male sexual organs; of eruption.


Excites secretion of glands, salivary, pancreatic, intestinal, etc.
Acts powerfully on gastro-intestinal mucous membrane.
Ascites and anasarca of hepatic origin.
Scrofula; eruptions on skin; glandular swellings.
Will abort felon.


Touch: uterus very sensitive.
Pressure: great pain in abdomen agg.
Riding: causes nausea.

SKIN. [46]

Small blood-boils on face, hands and back.
Fine eruption, showing black points after scratching, great itching at night.
Herpes zoster on right side of body.
Vesicular eruption, becoming pustular, on arms, abdomen, back, nates and left knee; much itching in evening.
Vesicular eruption, becoming pustular.
Pustular eruption on scalp, face, around mouth and other parts of body.
Eczema, with great itching, especially at night; small, fine eruptions, which show black points after scratching.
Irregular patches on knees, elbows and body, with shining scales, edges slightly raised. ~ Psoriasis.
Psoriasis in relievo, skin fissured and irritable.
Tinea capitis; crusta lactea; porrigo; eczema of face.
Impetigo capitis, with gastric complaints, nausea and vomiting.
Impetigo figurata, eruption dry, distinct and of dark hue.
Obstinate lepra vulgaris on arms.


Scrawny, scrofulous child, few weeks after birth; impetigo.
Baby, aet. 5 months; diarrhea.
Baby, aet. 8 months, suffering for two months; diarrhea.
Baby, frequently troubled with boils, mother had itch; tinea capitis.
Girl, aet. 11, suffering for three or four years; headache.
A boy, aet. 12; typhoid fever.
Man, aet. 20, has had syphilis and taken mercury, suffering three months; syphilitic sinus.
Woman, aet. 20; cholera morbus.
Woman, aet. 30; bilious colic.
Woman, aet. 30, nervo-sanguine, suffering from phlegmasia alba dolens succeeding an abortion; salivation.
Lady, aet. 31, debilitated by overlactation; cholera.
Man, health good, subject to sudden and often unaccountable attacks; diarrhea.
Widow, aet. 42, tall, light complexion and hair, blue eyes, suffering three weeks, sciatica.
Woman, aet. 43, small in stature, black hair, blue eyes, active disposition, slight icteric taint, uses strong tea and coffee to excess; constipation.
Middle aged woman; typhoid.
Woman, aet. 60; cholera morbus.
Woman, aet. 65, nervous bilious temperament, wife of farmer, works very hard; colic.
A woman, aet. 83; typhoid.


Antidoted by Nux vom.
Antidotes: Mercur., Nux vom., Phytol.
Compare: Ant. crud., Ant. tart., Arsen., Colchic., Eup. perf., Ipecac., Juglans cin., Leptandra, Mercur., Pulsat., Sanguin., Veratr.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 06, 1888
Description: Clinical materia medica of Iris versicolor
Remedies: Iris versicolor
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1888
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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