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Kali Iodatum (Kali Hydriodicum.)

Potassium Iodide. KI.

Observations have been chiefly clinical, made on the sick with large doses of the crude drug. See Allen's Encyclopaedia, vol. 5, p. 331. It needs proving.


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MIND. [1]

Talkative, disposed to jest.
Starts at every noise.
Excited as if intoxicated.
Frantic excitation; catarrhal or mercurial headache.
Inclined to be vexed, vehement, quarrelsome.
Very great irritability and unwonted harshness of demeanor; his children, to whom he is devotedly attached, become burdensome to him; very passionate and spiteful temper; inclined to sadness and weeping, with constant apprehension of impending evil. ~ Melancholia.
Torturing feeling of anguish preventing sleep.
Whining; apprehensive as from threatened accident.
Sadness and anxiety.
Intellectual weakness and paroxysms of dementia, accompanied by headache.


Vertigo: with reeling, after meals.
On awaking, giddy, fluttering; must get up or smother.


Hyperemia in scrofula; also in weak or tubercular patients; hammering in forehead; head feels inflated; anxious, restless sleep.
Congestion of brain from suppression of long standing nasal discharge.
Heat in head, with burning and redness of face; beating in forehead and temples; amel. in open air.
Terrible hammering pains in forepart of head, with sensation as if brain was compressed from both sides, or as though head was enlarged to three times its size.
Violent pain in frontal region.
Feeling of heaviness in forehead.
Tearing or jerking stitches above left eye, in frontal sinus.
Lancinating and darting over left eye and in left temple.
Pains in sides of head, as if screwed in; amel. in open air.
Irritating, offensive discharge, accompanied by boring, tearing pains in temporal bone; during day a dull, tense, numb feeling in affected side of head, during night becomes intolerable; sudden shocks of pain.
Pain in upper part of head, as if it would be forced asunder; that part of head hot to touch, though he is generally chilly, and amel. by external warmth.
Tensive, stinging, darting, lacerating pain in head.
Headache and heaviness in head, 5 A. M.; amel. after rising.
Severe headache, with lachrymation.
Catarrhal headaches with inflammation of mucous membranes of frontal sinuses, eyes, throat and chest.
Syphilitic or mercurial headaches.
Headache, especially in occiput; coryza; pains in upper maxilla and teeth.
Acute hydrocephalus, with strabismus, labored respiration, convulsions; or with paralysis of right side; dilated immovable pupils; limbs of left side in constant tremulous motion, hand being often drawn to head with an undulatory, automatic movement; occasional convulsions and almost entire insensibility.
Hydrocephalus; effusion; blindness; dilated pupils; eyes staring, watery; crying out; vomiting.


Violent headache, hard lumps on cranium; after abuse of mercury; syphilis.
Periosteal syphilitic headache.
Scalp feels hot to touch.
Coldness of painful parts of head amel. by external warmth.
Scalp painful on scratching, as if ulcerated.
Great disposition for hair to change color and fall out.


Vision dim and foggy; sees objects indistinctly.
Mistiness before eyes; after scrofulous ophthalmia or abuse of mercury.
Complete blindness, from effusion of water on brain, with dilated pupils, staring, watery eyes; frequent crying out and vomiting.
Sunken eyes, surrounded by blue rings.
Incipient glaucoma in syphilitic subjects; dull, discolored state of iris; burning in eyes, lachrymation, dilated pupils, amaurotic symptoms.
Irido-choroiditis, especially if syphilitic.
Choroiditis disseminata, especially if of syphilitic origin.
Fundus of right eye shows extensive white patches (atrophy of choroid) and deposits of pigment; optic nerve hyperemic, slight haziness of vitreous; commencing atrophic spots in choroid of left eye and hyperemia of nerve; R. v. 20/200, improved to 20/30.
Syphilitic choroiditis; excessive and variable amount of haziness of vitreous.
Syphilitic iritis, especially if inflammation is very severe and unyielding to influences of atropine; inflammatory process in iris so high, that pupil tends to contract, notwithstanding frequent instillation of strongest solutions of atropine; iris much swollen and aqueous more or less cloudy; ciliary injection very marked and of a bright angry appearance; pain may be severe, but is agg. at night; photophobia and lachrymation are variable.
Iritis syphilitica after abuse of mercury; aqueous cloudy; ciliary injection bright, angry looking; pains agg. at night.
Pupils dilated; eyes in constant motion.
Pustules on cornea; no photophobia, pain or redness.
Photophobia; constantly shields his eyes, and yet light does not seem to affect them much.
Conjunctiva of one or both eyes often affected; attack commences by more or less general or more or less rapid vascular injection, to which is speedily added a tumefaction of mucous membrane, and an infiltration, generally well marked, of submucous cellular tissue; considerable chemosis of eye and edema of lids.
Chemosis; purulent secretion; eyes burn and are red from lachrymation; scrofulous ophthalmia, especially after mercury.
Edema of lids with lachrymation; lower lids twitch.
Injection of conjunctivae.
Injection and tumefaction of conjunctiva.
Great redness of mucous membrane of eyes, nose, throat and palate, with profuse lachrymation. ~ Acute coryza.
Awoke in morning with dizziness, and afterwards had three similar attacks; had had a severe cold; for two days had noticed blurring of vision and diplopia which had been steadily increasing and was only noticed when looking to left; examination showed only slight action of left external rectus; syphilitic history. ~ Paralysis of left nervus abducens.
Several tumors on entire upper border of left orbit, firmly adherent to bone and appearing to extend into orbit; growths hard and encroached considerable upon upper lid, especially at inner corner; painless, no inflammation and softening; syphilitic history.
Periostitis of orbit, especially if syphilitic; more or less swelling extending even to temple, with edema of lids; pain may be intense or entirely absent.
Syphilitic affections of eye.


Singing in ears.
Boring pain in ears; darting in ears (right).
Tearing in right ear, which becomes sensitive; evening.
Otitis in rickety children with great tenderness of head.
After scarlet fever; right and left membrana tympani depressed and adhesions firm; throat tissues thick; tonsils hypertrophied with excessive catarrh, tympanum dilatable.


Sensation of a leaflet at root of nose, obstructing the smell.
Throbbing and burning pains in nasal and frontal bones, with swelling.
Sensation of fullness in nose; beating pains in nasal bones.
Gnawing sensation in nasal bones, with lancinating and boring pains, extending to forehead.
Acute coryza; great redness of mucous membrane of eyes, nose, throat and palate, with profuse lachrymation, violent sneezing, and running of water from nose; frequent irritation to cough and swelling of upper lids.
Repeated attacks of violent, acrid coryza, from least cold; violent sneezing, eyelids bloated, profuse lachrymation, stinging in ears, nose very tender; face red, expressing anguish and uneasiness; tongue white; nasal voice; violent thirst; alternate heat and chill; urine dark, hot; hammering in frontal region; sides of head as if compressed, almost frantic; after much mercury.
Catarrhal inflammation of Schneiderian membrane in all its continuations, frontal sinuses, Highmorian cavities and fauces; red, swollen nose with continual secretion of a watery, colorless, acrid fluid and violent painful sneezing; swelling of eyelids; injected conjunctiva, lachrymation; sticking pain in ears; red face, with anxiety and restlessness; terrible, hammering pain in forepart of head, with a sensation as though brain was compressed from both sides, or as though head was enlarged to three times its size; throwing about in bed; frantic excitation; shaking for loathing; white coated tongue; talking through nose; great thirst with fever, which is marked by alternating hot and dry skin, and then again body is drenched with sweat; heat preponderates with intermitting shuddering and dark, hot urine.
Ozaena syphilitica.
Discharge of watery, corroding mucus.
Nose red, swollen; discharge acrid, watery; tightening root of nose. ~ Syphilis.
Accumulation of very tenacious mucus in nostrils.
Purulent nasal secretion.
Discharge from nose of greenish black, or yellow matter, of foul and sickening smell; decomposed greenish red blood.
Chronic catarrh: chilliness and nightly rheumatic pains in limbs; of frontal sinuses; scrofulous or syphilitic.
Ulceration of septum. ~ Ozaena.
Ulceration of internal nose, involving frontal sinuses and antrum Highmori.
Syphilitic ozaena after abuse of mercury with pain in shin bones, especially at night. ~ Ozaena.
Violent epistaxis, after mercury.


Anxious expression with restlessness.
Paleness of face; face colorless during spasmodic attacks.
Face red, burning. ~ Congestion to head. ~ Pneumonia.
Stinging darting in left cheek with coryza; after abuse of mercury; antrum of Highmore affected.
Swelling of face and tongue, especially after mercury.
Eruption on face; subcutaneous cellular tissue swollen, forming small tumors like tubercles; violent pain in both orbital processes, and across forehead; left nostril ulcerated within and excoriated without, with occasional troublesome yellow discharge which concretes upon it; pallid, leaden hue of face; slightly curved concavity down centre of nose, from ulceration of septum.


Upper lip, nose, mouth and fauces hypersensitive.
Dry, chapped lips.
Lips covered with viscid mucus in morning.
Blotches: on cheeks, surrounded by swelling and redness; at corners of mouth.
Gnawing in both sides of lower jaw.
Small pustule on chin, discharging water.
Chin drawn to right side, a running sore under ramus of jaw, bleeding easily and profusely if scab is removed; dizziness, head feels full at times and then nose bleeds; eyes weak; stinging pain in right ear and right submaxillary gland; sharp pain in chest when moving about, amel. by sitting down; cramp pains in stomach; constipation; menses scanty, pale, regular; breath fetid; sweats much; restless at night; has been salivated. ~ Diseased submaxillary gland.
Enlargement and suppuration of submaxillary gland.


Grumbling in teeth and face; copious saliva; thirst; violent darting in ears; abscess of antrum.
Teeth feel elongated; painful in evening.
Teeth decayed; gnawing pains; gums swollen; amel. from warmth; agg. from cold; evening, and 4 to 5 A. M.
Gums ulcerated as after mercury; bloody saliva, smells like onions, with sensation as if a worm was crawling at root of tooth.
Ulcerative pain and swelling of gums; decayed teeth; gumboils; gums recede from loose teeth.


Food has no taste or tastes like straw.
Rancid taste in mouth, after eating or drinking.
Bitter sweet taste; morning after waking.
Bitterness in mouth and throat, going off after breakfast.
Tongue white.
Impression of teeth on swollen tongue; after mercury.
Burning on tip of tongue; vesicles.
Ulceration of tongue and mouth.
Epithelioma of tongue.


Numbness of mouth; morning on waking.
Dryness of mouth.
Dryness and bitterness in pharynx and mouth.
Heat in whole mouth, with swelling.
Very offensive odor from mouth.
Copious salivation.
Violent ptyalism, with irregular, superficial ulceration of mucous lining of mouth; surface looks white, as if covered with milk.
Viscid, saltish saliva during pregnancy.
Bloody saliva, with sweetish taste in mouth.
Ulceration of mucous membrane of mouth.
Irregular ulcers, looking as if coated with milk; burning vesicles; on tongue, after mercury; stomacace.


Ulceration of velum palati; in scrofulous subjects.
Uvula swollen and elongated; mucous membrane as if edematous.
Feeling of dryness and itching in throat with burning at epigastrium, copious salivation; running from nose; intense injection of conjunctivae, and lachrymation.
Roughness and dryness of throat; cough.
Pain and dryness in throat and stomach.
Dryness of throat, enlarged tonsils and papula on face; copious salivation, especially if from mercury.
Stinging and a sort of painful pressure when swallowing or talking.
Increased mucus; choking sensation as if something had lodged in throat; going off after hawking up piece of thick mucus.
Terrible pain at root of tongue, night before going to sleep; pain extends to both sides of throat, with fear of death; sensation as if spasm would close pharynx.
Follicular inflammation; laryngeal irritation, dry cough; burning tickling in throat; secondary syphilis or tertiary, with deposits in throat.
Chronic pharyngitis.
Chills; fever; pain in throat; pulse, 135; skin hot; exudate on both tonsils. ~ Diphtheria.
On second day, headache; general indisposition; languor and fever; fauces very red; uvula swollen and elongated; tonsils covered with exudate. ~ Diphtheria.
Hard lump from right angle of lower jaw to larynx and trachea, intermittent beating of carotid; face pale, anxious; dyspnea; mucous rales; submaxillary gland enlarged with purulent infiltration around.
Goitre (sensitive to contact).
Submaxillary glands swollen, suppurating.


Food has no taste; tastes like straw.
Loss of appetite; emaciation.
Thirst; excessive day and night; with nausea, vomiting and bloated abdomen.


After eating: bitter taste amel. (after breakfast); emptiness and qualmish feeling not going off.
After food or drink: rancid taste.
Cold milk makes all symptoms worse.


Hiccough; evening.
Gulping up of large quantities of air.
Eructations momentarily amel. burning and pressure in stomach.
Heartburn with flatulence.
Violent vomiting, with accumulation of saliva.


Burning in pit of stomach.
Empty, cold feeling, not amel. by eating.
Throbbing, painful burning in stomach; cutting and burning around navel like a coal of fire; rumbling and shrill noises in stomach; belching. ~ Gastritis.
Degeneration of mucous membrane of stomach, with vomiting, heartburn, emaciation and diarrhea.
Phlegmasia of stomach and intestines.


Darting in right hypochondrium, and a similar dart in side of abdomen, when talking.
Syphilitic affections of liver.
Swollen spleen after intermittent fever.


Sudden, painful bloating of abdomen or about navel, followed by diarrhea.
Cutting and burning around umbilicus.
Abdominal sufferings extend into groins and thighs.
Inguinal glands swollen; gonorrhea or chancre.
After mercurial treatment; ulcerating bubo, with fistulous openings, and discharge of dark, thin, offensive, corroding ichor.


Light green, yellow, watery stools.
Diarrhea and tenesmus, with pain in small of back, as if in a vice; after mercury.
Chronic diarrhea in syphilitic or mercurial subjects.
Obstinate constipation; stools hard and scanty.
Serous mucus from rectum.
Syphilitic affection, like cancer, of rectum.


Morbus Brightii, with gout or mercurio-syphilis; granulated kidney.
Urine dark, scanty; painful; sediment dirty yellow; heat in head; malaise; chilliness from small of back up over body; flushes; small of back feels bruised; darting pains in renal region. ~ Nephritis.
Burning pain in kidneys, and bladder feels swollen.
Urine suppressed. ~ Pneumonia.
Retention of urine; prostate enlarged.
Painful urging to urinate; disappears when menses come.
Urine: increased, unquenchable thirst; copious, frequent, pale and watery; red as blood; streaked with blood.
Enuresis at night, in scrofulous and syphilitic children.


Sexual desire diminished; testes atrophied.
Penis swollen, inflamed; constant semi-erections and sexual desire.
Muco-purulent discharge from urethra, with burning in urethra, and sometimes discharge of blood.
Thick, green gonorrheal discharge; no pain.
Chronic urethritis, with secretion.
Gangrenous chancre.
Extensive swelling of glans penis with paraphimosis.
Obstinate vegetation on glans penis.
Spermatic cords thickened; secondary syphilis.
Orchitis and syphilitic ulcers on scrotum.
Syphilis; especially with indolent, swollen glands; deep chancres, hard edges; buboes ulcerating with fistulous openings; thin, offensive, corrosive, ichorous discharge or suppuration slow, difficult, curdy, after abuse of mercury.


Severe burning, tearing and twitching pains in ovarian region, especially right side; sensation of swelling and congestion of ovaries, with pain as from a corrosive tumor there.
Fibroid tumors, subinvolution, hypertrophy and enlargement of uterus, predisposing to hemorrhage; dysmenorrhea, constant leucorrhea; emaciation; prostration.
Before menses: frequent urging to urinate.
During menses: thighs feel as if squeezed; pains go into thighs; chilly, “goose flesh” all over with heat in head; bruised pains in groins and small of back, agg. sitting.
Dysmenorrhea with great urging to urinate, disappearing with onset of flow; agg. from cold milk; pressing in groins obliging her to bend double.
Menses: too early; late and more profuse than usual; too scanty, in fleshy women; suppressed.
Ulcerated mucous tubercles, or thick, scabby eruption on labia; chancre.
Itching and burning of vulva and thighs.
Discharge of mucus from vagina.
Leucorrhea: watery, acrid, corrosive, with biting in pudendum; milky white; like washings of meat; green or yellow; putrid.
Tumor of breast.
Atrophy of mamma.




Voice nasal. ~ Catarrh. ~ Bronchitis.
Loss of voice.
Hoarseness, pain in chest, oppressed breathing, pain in eyes with cough; coryza; pains in limbs; influenza after abuse of mercury.
Mucous membrane of rima glottidis and upper part of larynx, edematous.
Raw pain in larynx, as if from granulations.
Arytenoids of purplish color, tumefied and granular; follicular ulceration; voice hoarse; sounds above middle key impossible; dry cough; sensation of dryness, burning and tickling in larynx.
Awakened, especially 5 A. M., with dry throat, oppression, loss of voice; glands swollen. ~ Spasmodic croup of scrofulous children.
Awakens with choking, can scarcely breathe; choking spells, edema of larynx.
Rough feeling in trachea, compelling hawking.


No air enters lungs; epigastrium sunken; face livid; laryngeal obstruction.
Had to get up, thinking he would be smothered.
Oppression of breathing, awaking patient in morning hours, especially in edema of lungs.
Asthma in young people that have not gotten their growth, with many rheumatic symptoms about chest, and sleeplessness.

COUGH. [27]

Cough from constant irritation in throat; suffocative; larynx swollen; short, dry, occasioned by roughness; dry, with feeling of soreness in larynx, evening or several successive mornings; with expectoration of mucus; syphilitic cases.
Cough dry, hacking; later copious, green sputum.
Deep, hollow cough, with whitish and greenish expectoration, and tearing out pain, starting from ensiform cartilage.
Hoarse cough, with pain through breast.
Expectoration greenish, copious; looks like soapsuds. ~ Pneumonia. ~ Edema pulmonum.


Fine transient stitches deep in middle of chest.
Violent stitches in middle of sternum, extending to shoulders.
Stitches through sternum to back, or deep in chest, while walking.
Pleuritic stitches; effusion. ~ Pneumonia. ~ Bright's disease.
Pain as from soreness, with sticking deep in chest, in region of right lower rib, in evening.
Sharp pain through right lung from nipple.
Pains through lungs; tired and weak; fluttering at heart; nervous. ~ Ulcer on leg.
Pains in chest as if cut to pieces.
After a cold; great difficulty of breathing, inability to lie down in comfort, and not at all on right side; heart displaced, beats violently; left side filled with fluid; complete dullness and great resistance on percussion; left chest enlarged and bulging; absence of respiratory sounds. ~ Dropsy of chest.
Pleuritic effusion in left chest, in front extending up to third rib, behind as far as spine of scapula; absolute dullness on percussion and entire absence of respiratory sounds; heart pressed to right side; catarrhal inflammation in upper portion of right chest; despite the great compression of left lung dyspnea is not very great when lying quietly; great weakness, cannot sit up without assistance, and must be held during examination; night sweats; loss of appetite; thirst; fever; pulse 108; great mental depression, anemia and emaciation.
Subacute pleurisy and effusion into chest; left side of chest nearly two-thirds filled with fluid.
Pneumonia, first stage; also later for congestion of brain; face bloated, bluish; lower jaw dropped; pulse irregular, intermittent; limbs as if paralyzed; urine suppressed; complete hepatization; awoke suddenly with great oppression; apoplectic congestion to head.
Hepatization of right lung; bronchial respiration, bronchophony, dullness on percussion; abundant expectoration of white froth, resembling soapsuds. ~ Pneumonia.
Upper part of left lung infiltrated, spreading to right lung; face collapsed; constant delirium. ~ Pneumonia.
After great bodily exertion, shaking chill; deep sleep, out of which he could not be roused; lies upon back, snoring loudly, eyes closed, injected conjunctiva, hot head, dry tongue, bluish lips, sunken lower jaw; bluish finger nails; irregular, intermitting pulse; extremities, when raised, fell back as if paralyzed; dull percussion sound in both clavicular region, on right down to third, on left down to second rib; bronchial breathing, crepitation; no cough, but on putting ear to chest, loud snoring appeared to come out of these parts as if through a tube; urine suppressed. ~ Bilateral croupous pneumonia.
Lobular pneumonia; fever, localized pain, painful breathing.
Ptyalism, ulcerated lips and tongue, sordes excessive; great prostration; short breathing; must lie on back; serous effusion in right pleura; hepatization of lower two-thirds of right lung. ~ Pleuro-pneumonia.
Phthisis pituitosa, with purulent or green sputum; exhausting night sweats and loose stools.
Edema pulmonum: with pneumonia; secondary to morbus Brightii; sputum like soapsuds, green.


Fluttering on awaking, giddy; must get up, fearing otherwise he will smother.
Fluttering of heart and nervousness; feels very weak.
Palpitation, agg. while walking.
Darting pains in heart, when walking; after abuse of mercury; after repeated endocarditis.
Valvular defects after repeated endocarditis, especially affecting right ventricle, which gradually becomes dilated; stupor, and loss of breath; greatly annoying palpitations; pulse quick, but varying every moment; tumultuous, violent, intermitting and irregular action of heart and pulse, with tensive pain across chest.
Pulse accelerated; frequent.
(OBS:) Aneurism: of arch of aorta; of carotid; at point of origin of carotid and subclavian; of innominate artery.


Glandular swellings on neck; rachitis.
Swelling of whole thyroid gland, increasing very rapidly, sensitive to touch and pressure.
(OBS:) Bronchocele; when enlargement of thyroid is due to hypertrophy, not to cystic formation or other causes.
Submaxillary glands swollen, suppurating.
Small of back feels as if in a vice, very painful, not allowing to lie still at night or in daytime; has to sit in bent position.
Darts in small of back; meningitis; abuse of mercury.
Stitches in small of back when sitting.
Moving produces intense pain in small of back; chronic rheumatism of chest and back.
Bruised pain in lumbar region, agg. sitting bent; stitches.
Chills from sacrum up over back.
Pain in os coccygis, as from a fall.
Meningeal inflammation after abuse of mercury, or secondary syphilis.


Left shoulder feels bruised.
Pain in shoulder as if lame, only during motion.
Tendons of right shoulder feel stretched, swollen, agg. during motion or from touch.
Tearing in shoulder and then in ear.
Tearing pain in elbows, shoulders, and right wrist.
Tearing and contraction in inner surface of ring finger; it remains some time bent; also in thumb and index finger. ~ Rheumatism. ~ Gout.
Tip of thumb ulcerates and turns yellow.


Gnawing in hip bones; darting in left hip at every step, forcing him to limp.
Gnawing, aching, tearing pains in right thigh and leg; a darting from point where sciatic nerve leaves pelvis, to within ten inches of popliteal space, then interrupted to appear about middle and outer side of calf, continuing to external malleolus and heel; motion at first painful, is after a moment more bearable; she walked, leaning toward affected side, as much as though femur had been dislocated above acetabulum, when standing an inch and a half from floor; agg. at night, not able to remain in bed; pain in thigh, leg and knee joint, excruciating when lying down, eliciting screams; gave up bed for several weeks, occupying a chair, in a semi-reclining position; emaciated and prostrated from want of rest and pain; pains bearable during day, agg. in evening, amel. in open air; violent jerking of limb and muscles of thigh; pain agg. in knee, tearing and lacerating.
Pain amel. by walking and flexing leg; agg. from standing, sitting or lying in bed. ~ Sciatica.
Tearing and pain in left femur.
Tearing darting in thighs, joints, big toe; agg. at night and lying on right or suffering side, or on back.
Tearing in right thigh and knee, awakens him at night, agg. lying on affected side or back. ~ Sciatica.
Tearing in left knee, as if in periosteum; knee feels swollen during night.
Knee doughy, spongy, no fluctuation; skin red in spots and hot; gnawing, boring or tearing, agg. at night, must often change position; white swelling.
Violent gnawing pain in left leg, as if in periosteum.
Cramps in calves; after mercury.
Acute gout in both feet.
Pain as if bruised in left instep.
Ulcerative pain in heels and toes.


Tearing, darting pains; periosteum attacked; from mercurialization or syphilis; rheumatism; gout.
Violent rheumatic pains in limbs every evening and night, with preceding chilliness.
Rheumatism agg. at night, and lying on suffering side or on back; jerking of tendons; contractions; restless sleep; loss of appetite; emaciation; tearing; darting pains.
Lies upon back with bent knees; arms drawn to thorax; immovable and stiff in all joints; joints of knees; feet, shoulders and elbows filled with solid exudate; tendons as hard as bone and stiff; fingers drawn tightly to palms of hands and joints all swollen; involuntary jerking of limbs, agg. night; completely helpless, must be fed like a child; emaciated to skin and bone; loss of appetite; could not sleep without opiates; pain in back and gouty pains in joints. ~ Gout.


Lying down: difficult breathing; excruciating pains in lower limbs.
Lies upon back, snoring loudly.
Must lie on back: short breathing.
Lies on back with bent knees; arms drawn to thorax; immovable in all joints.
Lying on right side or on back: pains agg.
Cannot lie still: on account of pain in small of back; pain in lower limbs.
Must get up or smother.
Sitting: pain in chest amel.; pain in back; stitching in small of back; pain in leg agg.
Sits up chair in semi-reclining position, on account of pains in lower limbs.
Cannot sit up without assistance; great weakness.
Sitting bent: agg. bruised pain in lumbar region.
Obliged to bend double: on account of pain in groins.
Has to sit double: on account of pain in back.
Standing: pains in leg agg.
Must change position: on account of tearing in knee.
After rising: heaviness and pain in head amel.
Motion: at first painful in lower limbs after a moment is more bearable.
Moving: sharp pain in chest; intense pain in small of back; pain in shoulders; tendons of shoulders feel stretched.
Throwing about: in bed.
Restless: moving about.
Walking: stitches in back, sternum and chest; palpitation agg.; darting pains in heart, pain in leg amel.
Great bodily exertion: shaking chill.

NERVES. [36]

Subsultus tendinum, or contractions of muscles and tendons.
Restless moving about.
Great general debility: exhaustion.
Chorea of rheumatic origin.
Paralysis of any of muscles dependent upon syphilitic periostitis.
Hemiplegia; paralysis; spinal meningitis.

SLEEP. [37]

Frequent yawning without drowsiness.
Sleepy and drowsy.
Sleepless from anguish; restless; horrid dreams.
Loud weeping in sleep, but unconscious of it.
Awaking: suddenly, pneumonia, croup; as it smothering; heart fluttering; bitter taste.

TIME. [38]

Morning: awoke with dizziness; lips covered with viscid mucus; bitter taste; numbness of mouth; awakening with dry throat, oppression, loss of voice; awakes with choking; soreness of larynx.
At 5 A. M.: heaviness of head.
Afternoon: chill, sweat.
During day: dull, tense, numb feeling in affected part of head; thirst; pains bearable.
From 4 to 7 P. M.: chilly with thirst.
From 6 to 8 P. M.: drowsy.
Evening: tearing in right ear; teeth painful; hiccough; soreness of larynx; sticking in region of lower rib; pains in limbs agg.
Night: pain becomes intolerable; pain in eye agg.; syphilitic ozaena with pain; restless; terrible pain at root of tongue; thirst; enuresis; sweats; pain in lower limbs agg.; pains agg.; knee feels swollen; tearing in knee; rheumatism; jerking of limbs; chilly; pains make him frantic.


Irresistible desire for the open air; walking in open air does not fatigue.
Warmth: external, amel.; general chilliness; teeth amel.; lumps on cranium amel.; coldness of scalp amel.
Can get warm in bed, but not from heat of stove.
Open air: heat in head amel.; pains in head amel.; pains in limbs amel.; coryza agg.
Cold: teeth agg.

FEVER. [40]

Chilly, with thirst (4-7 P. M.), or all night, with shaking and frequent waking; can get warm in bed, but not from heat of stove.
From lower part of back upward and through whole body; 6-8 P. M.; drowsy.
Shaking chill at night, sleepy, with frequent waking; so chilly at night that she could not get warm.
Chilliness predominates, fever marked by hot flushes, but little perspiration, very much aggravated at night.
At times chilly, with dry skin; at others profuse sweat.
Flushes of heat, with dullness of head.
Heat then sweat; afternoon.
Sweat in afternoon; skin at times dry; at others profuse sweat; night sweats.
Intermittent fever; thirst with chill; chill not amel. by warmth; mouth dry; anasarca; scrofula.
Catarrhal fevers.


Every evening: violent rheumatic pains in limbs.
Every night: rheumatic pains in limbs.


Right: paralysis of side; fundus of eye; tearing in ear; membrana tympani depressed; chin drawn to side; stinging pain in ear and submaxillary gland; darting in hypochondrium; pain in ovarian region; sharp pain through lung; cannot lie on side on account of difficulty of breathing; heart pressed to side; catarrhal inflammation in upper part of chest; lung infiltrated; serous effusion of pleura; hepatization of lower two-thirds of lung; valvular defects; tendons of shoulder feel stretched; tearing in wrist; pain in thigh and leg; lying on side pains agg.; tearing in thigh and knee.
Left: stitches above eye; darting over eye; in temple; limbs of this side in constant tremulous motion; atrophic spots in choroid of eye; diplopia only noticed when looking to slight action of external rectus; paralysis of nervous abducens; several tumors on upper border of orbit; membrana tympani depressed; nostril ulcerated within, excoriated without; side of chest filled with fluid; chest enlarged; pleuritic effusion of chest; lung compressed; lung infiltrated; shoulder feels bruised; darting in hip; pain in femur; tearing in knee; knee feels swollen; violent pain in leg; pain in instep.


Excited as if intoxicated; as if brain was compressed from both sides; as though head was enlarged to three times its size; head as if screwed in; as if head would be forced asunder; scalp as if ulcerated; as if a leaflet was at root of nose; as if a worm was crawling at root of tooth; surface of mouth as if covered with milk; as if something had lodged in throat; as if spasm would close pharynx; back as if in a vice; pain in ovaries as from a tumor; thighs feel as if squeezed; pain in larynx as if from granulations; pain as from soreness in chest; chest as if cut to pieces; limbs as if paralyzed; loud snoring appeared to come out of chest as if through a tube; shoulder as if lame; pain in os coccygis as from a fall; tearing in knee as if in periosteum; as if bruised in left instep.
Pains: in sides of head; in upper part of head; in upper maxilla and teeth; in throat; in stomach; in small of back; in ovarian region; into thighs; in chest; in eyes; through breast; in region of lower ribs; through lungs; in shoulder; in os coccygis; in thigh, leg and knee joint; in left femur; in back.
Terrible pain: at root of tongue.
Intense pain: in small of back.
Excruciating pain: in thigh, leg and knee joint.
Intolerable nocturnal bone pains.
Violent pain: in frontal region; in both orbital processes; across forehead.
Severe: headache with lachrymation; pain in eyes.
Sharp pain: in chest; through right lung from nipple.
Tearing: above left eye; in right ear; in shoulder; in elbow; in right wrist; in inner surface of ring finger; in thumb; in index finger; in right thigh and leg; in knee; in left femur; in thighs, joints, big toe; in left knee.
Severe burning, tearing, twitching pain: in ovarian region.
Tearing out pain: starting from ensiform cartilage.
Boring, tearing pains: in temporal bone; in knee.
Boring pain: in ears; in nasal bones.
Ulcerative pain: in gums; in heels and toes.
Beating: in forehead; in temples; in nasal bones; of carotids.
Throbbing pain: in nasal and frontal bones; in stomach.
Hammering: in forehead.
Darting: above left eye and in left temple; in ears; in left cheek; in right hypochondrium; in side of abdomen; in renal region; in heart; in small of back; from where sciatic nerve leaves pelvis to within ten inches of popliteal space, then interrupted to appear about middle and outer calf, and to external malleolus and heel.
Lancinating: over left eye and in left temple; in nasal bones to forehead; in throat.
Lacerating pain: in knee.
Cutting: around navel.
Violent stitches: in middle of sternum.
Stitches: through sternum to back; deep in chest; in small of back.
Jerking stitches: above left eye; in frontal sinus.
Fine transient stitches: deep in middle of chest.
Sticking pains: in ears; in larynx.
Jerking: violent, of limb and muscles of thigh.
Acute gout: in both feet.
Violent rheumatic pains: in limbs.
Sudden shocks of pain: in head.
Gnawing: in nasal bones; in both sides of lower jaw; in teeth; in right thigh and leg; in knee; in left leg.
Cramp pains: in stomach.
Cramps: in calves.
Rheumatic pains: in limbs; in chest and back.
Gouty pains: in joints.
Bruised pains: in groins and small of back; in lumbar region; in shoulder.
Tensive, stinging, darting, lacerating pain: in head.
Tensive pain: across chest.
Aching: in right thigh and leg.
Grumbling: in teeth and face.
Stinging: in ears; in left cheek; in right submaxillary gland; in throat.
Painful burning: in stomach.
Burning tickling: in throat.
Burning: of face; in eyes; in nasal and frontal bones; on tip of tongue; at epigastrium; in stomach; in pit of stomach; around navel; in kidneys; in urethra; in larynx.
Biting: in pudendum.
Soreness: of larynx.
Heat: in whole mouth; in head.
Painful bloating: around navel.
Pressing: in groins; in stomach.
Tightening: at root of nose.
Stretched feeling: in tendons of right shoulder.
Painful: urging to urinate; syphilitic nodes; breathing.
Numbness of mouth.
Dull, tense, numb feeling; in affected part of head.
Rough feeling: in trachea.
Dryness: of mouth; of pharynx; of throat; in stomach; in larynx.
Fullness: of nose.
Heaviness: in forehead.
Itching of throat; of herpes on face.


Emaciation and loss of appetite.
Purpura hemorrhagica.
Hemorrhage from nose, lungs, rectum.
Discharges from mucous surfaces thin, ichorous, corrosive, or green.
Chronic periosteal rheumatism of syphilitic or mercurial origin; intolerable nocturnal bone pains, driving patient to despair.
Chronic arthritis, with considerable spurious anchylosis.
Swelling of bones and periosteum, with nocturnal pains.
Diseases of periosteum and capsular ligaments of joints.
Bony tumors; interstitial distension of bones; pains agg. at night.
Caries and necrosis after syphilis and abuse of mercury.
Gout and rheumatism; synovitis.
Painful syphilitic nodes.
Glands: swollen; goitre; bronchial, submaxillary, ulcerating; atrophied; interstitial infiltration.
Glands suppurate; discharge thin, corrosive, or curdy; indolent, with hard edges.
Glands atrophy; especially testes and mamma.
Dropsy from pressure from swollen glands.
Distends all tissues by interstitial infiltration; edema; enlarged glands; tophi; exostoses; swelling of bones.
Ulcers: vegetations bleed easily and are unhealthy; canceroid; deep; involving bone structure.
Rupia syphilitica.
Condylomata of long standing in cachectic subjects.
Condyloma accuminatum after chancre.
Bubo very hard with curdy, offensive discharge, if suppurating; thickening of spermatic cord; ulceration of nose, mouth and throat, with corroding, burning discharge; lancinating pains in throat; system depressed; effusion of serum into cellular tissue; induration of liver. ~ Syphilis.
After abuse of mercury: tuberculous pustules in face; roseola on chest and extremities; discolored, large ulcers on skin; bone swelling; nightly bone pain; bloody stools, with tenesmus; falling out of hair. ~ Syphilis.
Secondary syphilis, especially after abuse of mercury or combined with scrofula; buboes, chancres, with hard edges, thin, corrosive or curdy pus; deep eating ulcers.
Especially useful in tertiary syphilis.

SKIN. [46]

Itching herpes on face.
Purpura hemorrhagica.
Roseola spots. ~ Syphilis.
A kind of erythema nodosum, in three cases, consisting of red, urticaria-like elevations, appearing on face, neck, arms and legs, and preceded by itching, leaving, after disappearing, infiltrated spots; they were observed only during the winter.
Papulous eruption; with dryness of throat.
Papula worse on face, shoulders and back; dry throat.
Tubercles on face.
Tubercular syphilitic skin eruption.
Itch-like pimples and vesicles.
Herpes, size of dime, on cheek.
Eczema cruris; pityriasis capitis.
Small boils on neck, face, scalp, back, chest, suppurating; often leaving scars.
Pustulous eruption often umbilicated and leaving scars.
Syphilitic eruptions, chiefly in cachectic persons, pustular or squamose.
Furuncular eruption, epidemic, of various sizes, from a small pustule to a large boil; often this latter becomes carbuncular and is generally surrounded by little pustules.
A kind of hard tumors, especially on legs, dark color, yellow pustules interwoven; basis hard and painful to pressure, only their navel-like centre is not painful; surrounded by a red halo; after discharging they gradually sank in space of a month or even a whole year, when they finally covered themselves with thick crusts which remained for a long time.
Rupia; impetiginous eruption; herpetic eruption; eruption simulating acne.
Ecthymatous eruption.


Scrofulous patients; especially if syphilis or mercurialization is super-added.
Girl, aet. 5; dropsy of chest.
Girl, aet. 10; diphtheria.
Boy, after scarlet fever; adhesions of middle ear.
Girl, aet. 15, rapid growth, small chested; pleuritic exudation.
Girl, aet. 18; disease of submaxillary gland.
Girl, aet. 20; sciatica.
Young lady, no history of syphilis; disseminate choroiditis.
Man, aet. 23; pleuritic exudation.
Woman, aet. 25, in good circumstances, in fifth month of pregnancy; pleurisy with exudation.
Man, aet. 32; pneumonia.
Man, aet. 36, thin and delicate; pleurisy.
Man, aet. 38; diphtheria.
Colored women, syphilitic history; tumors of orbit.
Man, aet. 40, had syphilis; paralysis of nervus abducens.
Woman, aet. 46, weak constitution; pleuritic exudation.
Man, aet. 50, suffering one week; pleuro-pneumonia.
Man, aet. 85; bilateral croupous pneumonia.


Antidoted by: Hepar.
It antidotes: Mercur., lead poisoning.
Compare: Arsen., Bellad., Conium (knee). Hepar, Iodium, Laches., Mercur., Mezer., Pulsat., Silica, Sulphur.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 06, 1888
Description: Clinical materia medica of Kalium iodatum
Remedies: Kalium iodatum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1888
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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