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Kreosotum. (Creosote.)

A product of distillation of wood tar.

Provings by Syrbius, Hartung, Sen. and Jun., Immisch, Lange, Koch, Heinemann, Lunderstadt, Wahle, Eichhorn, Thomas.

See Allen's Encyclopaedia, vol. 5, p. 408. Additional verified symptoms from provings by Hering and Kummer, MSS.


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MIND. [1]

Stupid feeling in head; vacant gaze; neither seeing nor hearing.
Frequent vanishing or failure of thought.
Weakness of memory; forgetfullness. ~ After nosebleed.
Thinks herself well. ~ Metritis.
Sorrowful mood, inclined to weep, or longing for death; music and similar emotional causes impel him to weep.
Anxious, apprehensive mood.
Ill humor; moroseness: peevishness, ill temper, obstinacy.
Fretful, irritable, agitated, screams nights. ~ Bronchitis during dentition.
Excited condition; ailments from emotions.
Confounding ideas; also in puerperal fever with putridity.
Seeks for unpleasant things and broods over them.


Stupefaction, dizziness and vacancy in head, with complete loss of thought, sight and hearing.
Painful dullness of head, as after a carouse.
Vertigo: mornings, in open air, with staggering like from drunkenness, must hold on to something; passes off in room; danger of falling on turning round quickly.
Roaring in head.


Throbbing and beating in forehead from left side of head.
Dull feeling in head as from a board across forehead.
Pulsation in forehead and vertex, when awaking in morning, with heat in face.
Chronic periodic headache in forehead, piercing pain; wheals or swellings on scalp.
Heaviness or pressure in various parts of head, with sensation as if brain would force through forehead.
Occipital headache; much pain and soreness.
Headache: after a carouse; with sleepiness; tearing, drawing and jerking pains; jerking, tearing, sticking, burning pains in anterior part of head; semilateral and extending to cheeks, jaws, teeth and neck; induced by talking, moving, sitting up or lying on side not affected, with great excitability and nervous irritability.


Eruptions on forehead, as with drunkards.
Falling off of hair.
Sensibility of scalp to touch, and when hair is combed.
Scales in large, indurated masses fall off freely.
Scald head.


Dim-sighted: as if looking through gauze; as if something was floating before eyes, obliging to wipe them constantly.
Staring, dull, lifeless and stupid look.
Itching and smarting sensation in eyes, on edges of lids; agg. rubbing.
Suggilation on conjunctiva of right eye.
Burning and redness of conjunctiva.
Acute aggravations of chronic keratitis; hot, smarting lachrymation.
Blenorrhea of conjunctiva, with moderately profuse discharge and much smarting in eyes.
Heat in eyes, with ulceration.
Burning heat in eyes, with tears, agg. by bright light.
Hot, acrid, smarting tears, like salt water; agg. in a bright light, on rubbing eyes and early morning.
Slight inflammation of Meibomian glands.
Eyes sunken, with blue rings around, or protruding.
Chronic swelling of eyelids and their margins; agglutination of lids.
Uncontrollable twitching of lids.


Hardness of hearing with buzzing.
Roaring in head; also humming and difficulty of hearing before and during menses.
Girl, aet. 9, syphilitic deafness; teeth wedge shaped; old looking; had snuffles when a baby; attacks of vomiting.
Stitches in ears; otitis.
Heat, burning, swelling and redness of left outer ear, proceeding from a pimple in concha, stiffness and pain in left side of neck, shoulder and arm.
Itching in ears.
Humid tetter on ears, with swelling of cervical glands and livid grey complexion.
Affections of external ear.


Subjective putrid smell with loss of appetite; in morning, on awaking.
Nosebleed: with heaviness and throbbing in forehead, sleepiness; thin, bright red blood.
Frequent sneezing: especially in morning; with stoppage of nose; rough and scraping sensation in throat; with dry, nasal catarrh.
Nasal secretion thick.
Catarrh fluent or dry, with much sneezing.
Chronic catarrh with old people.
Epithelial cancer on right ala nasi.
Lupus on nose; left side.


Sick, suffering expression; old looking children.
Complexion: wretched; earthy; livid; pale, green, with swelling of cervical glands; pale, bloated; coppery appearance.
Burning pains; agg. from talking or exertion, amel. lying on affected side; nervous, excitable.
Face cold, of pale, bluish tinge, especially on temples and around nose and mouth.
Flushes of heat, with circumscribed redness of cheeks.
Face hot, cheeks red, feet cold.
Great heat and brown redness of face (during siesta), with throbbing in cheeks and forehead, and frequent micturition.
Scaly herpes on eyelids, cheeks and around mouth.
Acne in face.


Dry lips, peeling off, easily cracked.
Wants to moisten lips frequently, without being thirsty.
Tumor, size of a pea, on lower lip, with acrid, watery ichor, making surrounding parts sore.
Eruption on under lip.
Pustulous pimples, with yellow scabs on chin and cheek.


Bad odor from decayed teeth.
Toothache: extending to temples and to left side of face; drawing, extending to inner ear and temples; caused by caries.
Teeth wedge shaped. ~ Syphilitic deafness.
Great restlessness, wants to be in motion all the time, and screams whole night. ~ Dentition.
Teeth show dark specks and begin to decay as soon as they appear.
Gums: bluish red, soft, spongy, easily bleeding, inflamed, ulcerated, scorbutic.
Protruding gums infiltrated with dark watery fluid.
After extraction of tooth, persistent oozing of dark, slightly coagulated blood, finally checked by application of alum; hemorrhage reappeared at shorter or longer intervals, at first only from teeth, later entirely from nose, continuing one year, and causing great debility.
Absorption of gums and alveolar process.


Bitter or flat taste.
Bitter taste, especially in throat.
Everything eaten tastes bitter; bitter taste of food, not perceived until just as it is being swallowed.
Tongue dry; with mucous coating; coated white.


Putrid odor from mouth.


Pressure on right side of throat when swallowing.
Scraping in throat, with roughness and dryness.
Small, round, bluish red spots (petechiae) on throat.
Diphtheria; malignant form, when confined to fauces, with terrible fetor oris.
Fever, vomiting, loss of appetite, restless sleep, general languor, swelling of glands; three days later, suddenly, very much exudate in fauces; fetor oris. ~ Diphtheria.
Scrofulous and lymphatic patients, with black softening and decomposition of mucous membrane, with atony and extension of softening, especially towards esophagus. ~ Diphtheria.


Greedy drinking followed by vomiting; great thirst.
Keen appetite, especially for meat; craves smoked meats.
Loss of appetite, aversion to meat, vomits after it.
Desire for spirituous drinks, weakening leucorrhea.
Stomach aches, from acid food.


Water, after it is swallowed, tastes bitter.
Worse from eating cold food; amel. from warm diet.
Dares not remain fasting.


Belching and hiccough, especially when sitting up or being carried.
Belching: sour; empty; after dinner, with throwing off of frothy saliva, and with scraping roughness in throat.
Deep and lasting disgust for food in convalescents.
Nausea: during pregnancy; constant inclination to vomit without doing so; with chilliness morning and evening.
Vomiting: of sweetish water; of undigested food; in evening of all food eaten during day; of undigested food two or three hours after eating; with dimness of vision; of everything eaten; of large quantities of sour, acrid fluid, or of white, foamy mucus.
Continuous vomiting and straining to vomit.
Sympathetic vomiting, as of phthisis, of cancer of liver or uterus, of pregnancy, and of chronic kidney disease.


Cold feeling at epigastrium internally, as if cold water or ice was there.
Feeling of fullness, as after having eaten too much.
Tension over stomach and scrobiculum; tight clothing is intolerable.
Painful hard spot, at or to left of stomach.
Malignant induration, fungus and ulcers of stomach; painless gastromalacia; pressing, gnawing, ulcerative pain in stomach, with hematemesis.
Gastromalacia, preceded by great restlessness and sleeplessness, and accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea.
Sudden vomiting of all food, soon followed by lienteric stools; slimy coating on tongue; rapid and extreme emaciation; constant whining; sleeplessness. ~ Gastromalacia.
For several weeks diarrhea, finally smelling cadaverous; vomiting; extreme blueness of face, as from nervous congestion. ~ Gastromalacia.
Rapid emaciation in children, vomiting, intense thirst, bloating in region of stomach, greyish white or chopped offensive stools. ~ Gastromalacia.
Very frequent and sudden vomiting of food; frequent hiccough, belching, especially when raised up; remarkably rapid emaciation of whole body, but particularly of neck and face; bluish pale appearance of face, especially about temples, nose and mouth; dull, staring, vacant look, eyes sunken, surrounded by blue rings; coldness of face and hands; drowsiness, with half open eyes; feeble whining; quick, scarcely perceptible pulse; red, slightly elevated eruption on left forearm. ~ Gastromalacia.


Stitches in region of liver. ~ Pregnancy.
Bruised pain in region of liver, with sensation of fullness.
Constriction of hypochondria, cannot tolerate tight clothing.
Pressure in region of spleen; spleen painful to pressure.


Ulcerative pain in abdomen.
Pain in region of umbilicus.
Sensation of contraction in abdomen, as if a hard twisted ball was lying in umbilical region.
Distension of abdomen, as after a copious meal.
Abdomen distended and tense, like a drum.
Burning in bowels.
Labor-like pains in abdomen, with drawing in upper abdomen, extending to small of back and pressing toward lumbar vertebrae, with flushes of heat in face, palpitation of heart, frequent pulse and ineffectual urging to urinate, finally small quantities of hot urine are passed; after paroxysm chill, and discharge of milky leucorrhea.
Sore pain in abdomen during deep inhalation.
Shattering sensation in abdomen.
Painful sensation of coldness in abdomen; icy coldness in epigastrium. ~ Dyspepsia.
Violent abdominal spasms, agg. in groins.
Colic, resembling pains of labor.
Tabes mesenterica, with hypertrophied glands in fleshy, flabby subjects.


Stools; watery; papescent; dark brown; watery, putrid, containing undigested food; greyish or white, chopped, very fetid; frequent, greenish, watery; cadaverous smelling.
Ineffectual painful urging to stool.
Constipation, stool hard, expelled after much pressing.
Cramplike pain in rectum during stool.
Children struggle and scream during act of defecation, and seem as if they would go into fits.
Diarrhea in nursing infants during dentition.
Diarrhea, with vomiting; continued vomiting, straining to vomit predominates; child resists tightening of anything around abdomen, which increases restlessness and pain; much thirst; gums hot; coldness of hands and feet.
Cholera infantum, second and third stages, with bloody, shreddy, mucous evacuations, with or without oppressiveness, gagging, dull, leaden countenance, somnolence; incipient hydrocephaloid.
Constant vomiting and greedy drinking; belching or hiccoughing when carried. ~ Cholera infantum.
Much blood, often in clots, in diarrheic, thin, fetid stools, which are always followed by great prostration. ~ Typhus.
Stitches in rectum, extending towards left groin.
Constriction of rectum in case of uterine cancer.


Frequent urgency to urinate, with copious, pale discharge; at night cannot get out of bed quick enough.
Diminished secretion, though drinking much.
Urine: chestnut brown; clouded; reddish, with red sediment; depositing white sediment; colorless; fetid; alkaline.
Wets bed at night, wakes with urging, but cannot retain urine, or dreams he is urinating in a decent manner.
Urine flows during deep, first sleep, from which child is roused with difficulty. ~ Enuresis nocturna.
Chronic enuresis; patient thin, emaciated.
Smarting and burning in pudenda during and after micturition.
Diabetes mellitus.


Sexual desire too weak.
Burning in genitals, during coition, with swelling of penis next day.
Prepuce bluish black with hemorrhage and gangrene. ~ Syphilis.


After chill menses suppressed for six months; unable to lie on either side; dull pain in region of ovaries, could not bear strong pressure; morning urine colorless; brownish yellow, acrid leucorrhea; constipation. ~ Chronic ovarian affection.
During coition, burning in parts, followed next day by discharge of dark blood.
Hard lump on neck of uterus; ulcerative pain during coition.
Ulcerative pain in cervix uteri.
Severe pain in small of back and uterine region, extending to thighs; deep in pelvis burning as of red hot coals; whimpering and whining; discharge of offensive blood in large clots; vagina swollen and burning hot, mucous membrane greatly puffed; uterus high up, neck hard and swollen; at orifice of uterus small, warty growths; parts extremely irritable and painful to touch; externally, fundus of uterus swollen, painful like a blood boil on slightest touch; pulse small and hard; great debility; sleeplessness.
Painful pressure towards genitals; stitches, from small of back through pelvis to external genitals; constant burning pain in small of back; bland leucorrhea finally acrid, watery, occasionally ichorous, bloody, with pungent, offensive smell; severe pain during coition, with fear and trembling at thought of it; general aggravation during menses; sick, suffering appearance; prostration from least exertion; amel. during rest; dwindling and falling away of mamma, with small, hard, painful lumps in them; cervix scirrhous, hard and very painful to touch; os open, almost everted, inner surface like cauliflower; pulse small, weak, 100; anxious, fearful.
Putrid state of womb after childbirth.
Inveterate ulcers on neck of uterus.
Uterine affections of middle aged women; long lasting leucorrhea, or frequently recurring uterine hemorrhages, both accompanied by pressing sensations; finally discharges become offensive, bloody and watery, acrid, ichorous or clotted; burning, occasionally stitching in back and lower abdomen; on standing sensation as if a load was resting in pelvis; coition painful; general aggravation during menses; examination painful; vagina hot, mucous membrane puffed and follicles often hypertrophied; at mouth of uterus warty or cauliflower excrescences.
Cancer of uterus (much improved).
Menses: too early, too profuse and too protracted; succeeded by an acrid smelling, bloody ichor, with itching and biting in parts; more or less pain during flow, but much agg. after it; flow intermits, at times almost ceasing, then recommencing; in third month of pregnancy.
Menses very profuse; blood clotted; sometimes with uterine pain, and always a week too late, with severe headache before and during menses.
Menorrhagia, agg. lying, amel. getting up and walking about.
Before menses; hardness of hearing; foamy eructation or vomiting of mucus; bloatedness; griping about navel; burning in back; leucorrhea; excitement and restlessness; looks swollen as if pregnant.
Buzzing in head, before, during and after menses.
Severe headache before and during menses.
Menses with uterine pain.
During menses: hardness of hearing; rushing sound in ears; humming and pressing outwards in head; stitches in side; cutting pain in abdomen; borborygmi; diarrhea; chills; sweat on chest and back.
Painful urging toward genitals.
Bearing down and weight in pelvis; as if something was coming out of vagina; agg. by motion.
She thinks she is almost well when the discharge reappears. ~ Menses. ~ Metrorrhagia.
Her hemorrhage seems to pass into a corrosive, ichorous discharge, and then to freshen up again and go on.
After menses: labor-like abdominal cramps; uterus tender; constricting pain in vagina, followed by fluor albus; prolapsus.
Metrorrhagia: blood dark and offensive; in large clots; fainting; pulseless.
Metrorrhagia continuing four weeks; fainting and pulseless; discharge dark and offensive.
Constant flow of thin, watery and offensive blood, agg. lying; emaciation; debility. ~ Menorrhagia.
Leucorrhea: putrid, acrid, corrosive; stains clothing yellow, stiffens like starch; mild or acrid, causing much itching; milky, after coccyodynia; agg. between menses; or for a few days before menses; with great weakness; agg. standing or walking, not sitting; flowing like menses.
Discharge from vagina frequently looks quite white, and then had odor of green corn.
Bland, yellow leucorrhea, preceding each urination, with frequent desire to micturate.
Drawing pains along coccyx down to rectum and vagina, where a spasmodic, contractive pain is felt; amel. when rising from sitting; subsequent milky leucorrhea.
Sterile from leucorrhea.
Electric-like stitches in vagina, seem to come from abdomen, always make her start.
Voluptuous itching deep in vagina.
Violent itching of vagina, so that she is obliged to rub it; posteriorly there is smarting; external genitals swollen, hot and hard; on urinating, vagina pains as if sore; in evening.
Corrosive itching in vulva; sore and burning after scratching.
Scirrhus of vagina, painful to slight touch.
Burning and swelling of labia.
Violent itching between labia and thighs.
Aphthous or inflammatory state of external parts, symptomatic of ovarian or uterine disease.


During pregnancy; nausea and vomiting; ptyalism; vomiting of sweetish water before breakfast; vomiting after supper; metrorrhagia threatening abortion (third month); leucorrhea; tightness across pit of stomach.
Lochia: blackish, lumpy, very offensive; excoriating; almost ceasing, freshen up again, persistent, brown and offensive.
Chill, then general heat, finally sweat; pulse soft and quick; trembling, anxiety, confusion of mind, weakness of memory, thinks herself well; lochia dark, lumpy and very offensive; vagina moist, not very hot; abdomen soft and sensitive; constipation. ~ Puerperal fever.
Mamma: stitches; dwindling away; small, hard, painful lumps in them; hard, bluish red and covered with little scurfy protuberances, from which blood oozes whenever scurf is removed.


Voice and Larynx Trachea and Bronchia.
Scraping and roughness in throat; hoarseness, ceasing in morning, after sneezing.
Perichondritis of larynx, septic form, with softening and degeneration affecting mucous membrane of larynx, and particularly that of esophagus.
Heavy pressure on sternum. ~ Bronchitis.
Bronchial irritation accompanying dentition; child extremely fretful, irritable, much agitated, and screaming in night.
Chronic bronchial and laryngeal catarrh, with hoarseness; hawking mucus from trachea and bronchi, sometimes bloody, especially that from trachea; heavy pressure on sternum when turning over in bed in morning; agg. on approach of warm weather; no cough.


Shortness of breath, heaviness, anxiety, frequent desire to take a deep breath; chest feels bruised, as if beaten; as if sternum was being crushed in. ~ Nervous asthma.

COUGH. [27]

Cough: whistling; dry; tormenting; evening, in bed; caused by crawling below larynx, or, as if in upper bronchi; with dyspnea; convulsive, with desire to vomit; dry, spasmodic, in morning, causing retching; concussion of abdomen and escape of urine; with easily detached white expectoration; scraping, with profuse, thick, yellow, or white mucous expectoration; dry, wheezing, hollow; during dentition; with pain in chest and sternum, compelling to press hand on it; stitches and soreness in chest.
Aggravation of cough; morning and evening; while exhaling; from motion; from music; when awaking, when lying on side or turning in bed.
During cough; scratching in throat; stitches and bruised pain in chest; asthma; jarring of abdomen; retching; discharge of urine; chills and heat; sleepiness.
After coughing spell, copious, purulent expectoration.
Periodical blood spitting, greenish yellow, pus-like sputa.
Expectoration: white; thick yellow; black coagulated blood.
Frequent blood spitting, severe pains in chest, afternoon fever, and morning sweat.
Fatiguing cough with old people, copious sputa.
Violent winter cough of old people, with spasmodic turns at night, and very copious light colored mucous sputa; pain or pressure referable to sternum.
Whooping cough.
Cough for several weeks; vomiting of tough, white phlegm with the cough, sometimes of a yellowish color; cough agg. in evening and morning; after lying down and from exercise; crawling below larynx, which excites cough; perspires after coughing and feels weak; stomach swells in evening, has to unfasten clothes; sometimes sneezes when he coughs.


Dreadful burning in chest; constriction.
Stitches: in left chest, just over heart; across chest, during morning till noon; first in left then in right chest; in right chest, interrupting breathing; under scapula.
Acute stitches in middle of chest, agg. during inspiration, attended with feeling of lameness and extending to elbow joint across right shoulder, where pains are most violent on lifting arms; chronic leucorrhea.
Pains in chest, amel. from pressure.
Anxious feeling of heaviness and oppression in chest.
Breath quick and labored, puffing of cheeks and violent working of nostrils. ~ Pneumonia.
Periodic attacks of blood spitting, with fever, and expectoration of greenish yellow pus; pains in chest; can lie only on one side. ~ Phthisis.
Suddenly seized with cough and expectoration of blood; lies in bed, greatly emaciated; is afraid to open mouth; heaviness and oppression of chest; constipation; during night coughed up much black blood; appetite lost; pulse weak, suppressed, intermittent; face greyish yellow.
Coughing spells every Autumn and Spring, with expectoration of yellowish green pus and blood, fever and inability to lie on one side. ~ Phthisis.
After whooping cough, accompanied by inflammatory affection of lungs and larynx, phthisis purulenta; with every paroxysm of cough, expectoration of a large mass of pus, followed by such great prostration that he can hardly speak; severe evening exacerbations; loss of appetite; emaciation; must stay in bed. ~ Consumption.
After neglected pulmonary catarrh, severe, persistent, spasmodic cough, often attended by vomiting; expectoration, profuse, slimy and purulent; must sit up nearly all night; constant stitches in left chest; bitter taste in mouth; fetor oris; frequent greenish, watery diarrhea; hectic fever. ~ Consumption.
Must stay in bed; face and body greatly emaciated; cough with profuse and frequent expectoration; frequent blood spitting; severe pains in chest; fever in afternoon; sweats in morning; consumption.
Emaciation; intense hectic fever; night sweats; shortness of breath; dry, teasing cough; great debility.
Gangrene of lungs.


Anxiety at heart; oppression of breathing.
Stitches: over heart: in heart.
Pulsation in all arteries, when at rest.
Pulse: small, weak and quick; soft, quick and trembling; small and hard; slow; rapid, scarcely perceptible; falls from eighty to sixty, even to forty-seven.
Pulse small and weak, with orgasm of blood.


Glands of neck swollen.
Pain in back: at night; agg. when lying.
Pain as if small of back would break; agg. during rest, amel. from motion.
Pain in small of back and sacral region, like labor pains; urging to urinate and ineffectual desire for stool.
Spasmodic drawing from behind forward, into genitals, or down into thighs; stitches. ~ Cancer uteri.
Drawing pain along coccyx to rectum and vagina, where a spasmodic, contractive pain is felt.
Continuous burning in small of back.


Pain in shoulders as if they had been uncovered all night.
Scapulae as if bruised.
Stitches in arm, from shoulder joint through to fingers, which feel as if asleep, without power or feeling.
Pain as if bruised when touched inner side of upper arm.
Pain in elbow joint, as if tendons were too short.
Slightly elevated red blotches on left forearm.
Pain in ulnar muscles, extending to little finger; cramplike in left arm; drawing, with lameness in right.
Fingers become white and insensible, especially in morning after rising.
Left thumb pains as if sprained and stiff.
Cracking of skin of hands.


Bruised pain on crest of ilium, as if from a heavy burden, or after running; stitches from same through abdomen; pain in same and in lumbar vertebrae, in morning, as if tired.
Pain in left hip joint, as if luxated; as if leg was too long when standing.
Boring pain in right hip, alternating with numbness and loss of sensation of whole thigh. ~ Rheumatic gout.
Tingling or buzzing sensation in lower limbs.
Pain in whole leg, as from an ulcer.
Sensation as if knee joint would suddenly give way.
Alternate swelling of knee joints and wrists, with sensation of numbness and rigidity of limbs.
Swelling and stiffness of feet; white, cold swelling.
Stitches in right ankle and left heel.
Ulcerative pain in soles; burning itching in soles.


Alternate swelling of knees and joints of hands, with disagreeable sensation of numbness and stiffness in limbs. ~ Rheumatic gout.
Pain in all limbs, as if beaten, or as after a long walk; lassitude or heaviness with drowsiness.
Stitches in joints.
Red, scaly skin on bends of knees, like herpes.
Skin on extremities dry and rough.


Rest: symptoms of female organs amel.; pulsation in all arteries; pain in back agg.; restlessness agg.; chill agg.; seems to increase pains.
During repose: a sensation as if all parts of body were in motion.
Lying down: cough agg.; pain in back agg.
Lying on side: cough agg.
Lying on side not affected: causes pains in anterior part of head; burning pains in upper face.
Can lie only on one side: phthisis.
Unable to lie on either side.
Sitting: leucorrhea amel.
Must sit up nearly all night: cough.
Sitting up: causes pains in anterior part of head; belching and hiccough.
Standing: sensation as if a load was resting on pelvis; leucorrhea agg.
Rising from sitting up: contractive pain in vagina amel.
Least exertion: causes great prostration; faintness.
Motion: causes pains in anterior part of head; bearing down and weight in pelvis agg.; cough agg.; pains in back amel.; restlessness amel.
Wants to be in motion all the time.
She cannot keep quiet after getting up from sleep.
Turning over in bed: heavy pressure on sternum; cough agg.
Turning around quickly: danger of falling.
Lifting arms: pains most violent.
Walking: leucorrhea agg.
Staggering, must hold on to something: vertigo.

NERVES. [36]

General weakness and prostration; great debility.
Faintness in morning, when rising earlier than usual.
Fatigue from least exertion.
Weariness, as if from too long a foot journey.
Prostration, with sleeplessness.
Great restlessness and excitation of whole body, agg. in repose than during motion.
Spasms during dentition; swelling over a tooth not quite through.
Child moans constantly, or dozes with half open eyes, or is cross and sleepless; during dentition.
Very severe, old, neuralgic affections, with tearing pain.
Perfect depression of trophic nervous system.

SLEEP. [37]

Great drowsiness, with frequent yawning.
Sleeplessness, agg. before midnight.
Will only sleep when caressed and fondled.
Tosses about all night, without any apparent cause.
Starting, when scarcely fallen asleep.
Laughs aloud during sleep.
Dreams: of crying; of falling from a height; of being out in a snow storm; of being poisoned; of bright fire; of very dirty (clothes) wash; that he is urinating, and awakes to find the dream a reality.
Very difficult to waken child out of sleep. ~ Enuresis.
Generally better after sleep.

TIME. [38]

Morning: vertigo; pulsation of forehead and vertex; hot, acrid tears; loss of appetite; frequent sneezing; chilliness after sneezing; hoarseness amel.; turning over in bed pressure on sternum; dry, spasmodic cough; cough agg.; sweat; stitches across chest; fingers white and insensible; pain in lumbar vertebrae; faintness; sweat.
Afternoon: fever.
Evening: chilliness; vomiting; vagina as if sore; cough agg.; stomach swells; exacerbations; itching drives him almost wild; herpes on palms of hands, in ears, elbows, knuckles and malleoli agg.
Before midnight: sleeplessness agg.
Night: screaming; cannot get out of bed quick enough to urinate; wets bed; spasmodic cough; coughed up much black blood; sweats; pain in back; tosses about.


Warmth: herpes amel.
On approach of warm weather: heavy pressure on sternum.
Open air: vertigo; herpes agg.

FEVER. [40]

Transient chill without thirst.
Chill, predominating when at rest.
Shaking chill, with severe flushes of heat in face, red face and icy cold feet; after the chill, thirst.
Chill: great bodily restlessness; alternating with heat.
Coldness of face and hands.
Heat mostly in face.
Flushes of heat, with circumscribed redness of face.
Sweat scant and only during morning, with heat and redness of cheeks.
Putrid fever.


Periodic: headache; blood spitting.
Two or three hours after eating: vomiting of food.
For several weeks: diarrhea.
Before and during menses: humming and difficulty of hearing; headache; buzzing in head.
For six months: suppression of menses.
Every Autumn and Spring: coughing spell.
Winter: cough.
For one year: hemorrhage from teeth and nose.
Day after coition: swelling of penis; discharge of blood.


Right: suggilation on conjunctiva of eye; pressure on side of throat; stitches in chest; lameness in elbow joint and shoulder; drawing and lameness in arm; boring pain in hip; stitches in ankle.
Left: throbbing and beating in side of head; heat, burning, swelling and redness of outer ear; stiffness of neck; lupus on nose; toothache extending to side of face; slightly elevated eruption on forearm; stitches in groin; stitches in chest; red blotches on forearm; cramplike pain in arm; pain in hip joint; stitches in heel.
First left then right: stitches in chest; pain in wrists.
From behind forwards: drawing into genitals.
Stitching downward; pressing inward.


As if a board was across forehead; as if brain would force through forehead; as if looking through gauze; as if something was floating before eyes; as if cold water or ice was in epigastrium; as if a hard twisted ball was lying in umbilical region; as if children would go into fits during defecation; burning as of red hot coals deep in pelvis; as if a load was resting on pelvis; as if something was coming out of vagina; vagina as if sore; chest as if beaten; as if sternum was being crushed in; as if small of back would break; as if shoulders had been uncovered all night; scapulae as if bruised; fingers as if asleep; inner side of upper arm as if bruised; as if tendons of elbow joint were too short; left thumb as if sprained; as of a heavy burden on crest of ilium; lumbar vertebrae as if tired; hip joint as if luxated; as if leg was too long when standing; pain in leg as if from an ulcer; as if knee joint would suddenly give way; limbs as if beaten, or as if after a long walk; weariness as if from too long a foot journey; sensation in skin as from ulceration.
Pain: in occiput; in left side of neck, shoulder and arm; in teeth extending to temples and left side of face; in region of umbilicus; in uterus; in vagina; in chest and sternum; in small of back and sacral region; in shoulders; in arm; in elbow joint; in ulnar muscles; in left thumb; in abdomen and lumbar vertebrae; in left hip joint; in whole leg; in all limbs.
Violent pain: elbow joint across right shoulder.
Severe pain: in head; in small of back and uterine region, extending to thighs; during coition; in chest.
Violent spasms: in groins.
Cutting: in abdomen.
Tearing, drawing, jerking pains: in head.
Piercing: in head.
Stitches: in ear; in region of liver; in rectum; from small of back through pelvis to external genitals; in side; in chest; just over heart; across chest; in right chest; under scapula; in middle of chest; in heart; from back into genitals; in arm from shoulder joint through to fingers; from crest of ilium through abdomen; n right ankle and left heel; in joints.
Electric-like stitches: in vagina.
Stitching: in back and lower abdomen; in chin and cheeks.
Ulcerative pain: in abdomen; during coition, in cervix uteri; in soles.
Pressing, gnawing, ulcerative pain: in stomach.
Drawing: in teeth, extending to temples and inner ear; in upper abdomen; along coccyx down to rectum and vagina; from behind forward into genitals or down into thighs; in right arm.
Griping: about navel.
Cramplike pain: in rectum; in left arm.
Labor-like pains: in abdomen.
Contractive pain: in vagina Colic: in abdomen.
Throbbing and beating: in forehead; in cheeks.
Burning pain: in right hip.
Bruised pain: in region of liver; on crest of ilium.
Shattering sensation: in abdomen.
Rheumatic pains: in joints.
Pulsation: in forehead and vertex.
Burning pains: in face; in small of back.
Sore pain: in abdomen.
Burning: of conjunctiva; of outer ear; in bowels; in pudenda; in genitals; in female sexual organs; in back and lower abdomen; of vagina; of labia; in chest; in small of back.
Soreness: in head; in chest.
Smarting: in eyes; in pudenda; in vagina.
Biting: of female organs.
Heat: in face; in eyes.
Constriction: hypochondria; rectum; vagina; chest.
Painful dullness: of head.
Dull pain: in region of ovaries.
Painful pressure: towards genitals.
Painful hard spot: at left of stomach; in mamma.
Scratching: in throat.
Rough and scraping sensation: in throat.
Dull feeling: in head.
Fullness: in stomach; in region of liver.
Tightness: across pit of stomach.
Contraction: in abdomen.
Bearing down and weight: in pelvis.
Pressure: on sternum; in region of spleen.
Anxious heaviness and oppression: in chest; at heart.
Heaviness or pressure: in various parts of head; of forehead; on right side of throat.
Stiffness: of left side of neck, shoulder and arm: in limbs.
Stupid feeling: in head.
Numbness: of thigh.
Roaring: in head.
Buzzing: in head.
Tingling and buzzing: in lower limbs.
Crawling: below larynx.
Burning itching: in soles.
Voluptuous itching: deep in vagina.
Itching: in eyes; in ears; of female organs; from leucorrhea; in vagina; between labia and thighs.
Painful sensation of coldness: in abdomen.


Hemorrhages; small wounds bleed much.
Profuse, passive hemorrhages, epistaxis, haemoptysis and haematuria.
Typhoid hemorrhages, with fetid stools, followed by great prostration.
Fetid evacuations and excoriation of mucous surfaces generally; skin wrinkled; restless and sleepless nights.
Profuse and offensive secretions of mucous membranes and ulcerations of same, with greatly depressed vitality.
Rheumatic pains in joints, also stitches, most of hip and knee; numbness of whole limb as if asleep.
Rapid emaciation.
Scrofulous and psoric affections.
Spongy, burning ulcers; pus acrid, ichorous, fetid, yellow.
Gangrenous, cancerous and putrefying ulcers.
Epithelioma; carcinoma ventriculi or uteri.
Tendency to decomposition; great irritability, agg. at rest. ~ Anthrax.


Touch: scalp sensitive; orifice of uterus painful; fundus of uterus painful like a blood boil; cervix scirrhus very painful; on inner side of upper arm, pain.
Pressure: region of spleen sensitive, in region of ovaries unbearable; of hand amel. pain in chest and sternum.
Rubbing: smarting in eyes agg.; hot, acrid tears.
Tight clothing is intolerable: constriction of hypochondria.

SKIN. [46]

Itching; toward evening so violent as to drive one almost wild.
Wheals like urticaria.
Sensation in skin as from ulceration, especially on face and chin.
Eruption of nodosities and blisters like bug bites.
Eruption dry as well as moist, in almost all parts of body, especially on backs of hands and feet, in palms, in ears, in popliteal region, and on knuckles of hands, with much itching.
Large, greasy looking, pock-shaped pustules, over whole body; skin tense, shining, deep red; greasy moisture.
Painless, pustular eruption all over body, especially on chin and cheeks; sticking pain.
Watery or sero-purulent herpes, on back of hands and fingers and joints, itching violently towards evening.
Herpes in palms of hands, in ears, elbows, knuckles and malleoli, agg. evenings and in open air, amel. from warmth.
Old ulcers, painful, putrid.
Skin remarkably pale.


Dark complexion, slight, lean.
Complexion livid, disposition sad, irritable.
Often indicated for old women.
Torpid, leuco-phlegmatic temperament.
Old looking children, hard to awaken.
Child, aet. 6 weeks, bottle-fed; gastromalacia.
Girl, aet. 3 months; gastromalacia.
Boy, aet. 6 months, bottle-fed; gastromalacia.
Boy, aet. 2 1/2, weak, delicate, irritable and willful; suffering nine months; diarrhea.
Girl, aet. 5, blonde, delicate; enuresis.
Child; daily attacks of vomiting.
Girl, aet. 8, two sisters sick with violent diphtheritis; diphtheria.
Girl, aet. 9, had snuffles when a baby, teeth wedge shaped, very old looking, syphilitic dyscrasia; deafness.
Boy, aet. 10, strong; hemorrhage after extraction of tooth.
Girl, aet. 13, tall for her age, fair, blonde, delicate; menstrual ailment.
Boy, aet. 18, dark complexioned, slight and lean, stature ill developed, suffering since childhood; enuresis.
Girl, aet. 18, suffering 3 months; consumption.
Man, aet. 18, weak, poor circumstances, suffering since childhood; incontinence of urine.
Girl, aet. 20; consumption.
Woman, aet. 25, brunette, with bright red complexion and not very mild disposition; chronic ovarian affection.
Woman, aet. 26, full blooded, after two abortions, a birth, then two more abortions; affection of uterus.
Young woman, after difficult labor, two years ago; attacks of vomiting.
Young woman, scrofulous; frequent attacks of pneumonia.
Woman, phlegmatic, mother of four children; puerperal metritis.
Man, aet. 30, tall, good constitution, cheerful disposition; hemorrhage from lungs.
Woman, aet. 32, married, suffering ten years; leucorrhea.
Woman, aet. 33, small build, childless; uterine affection.
Woman, aet. 40, mother of three children; menorrhagia.
Woman, aet. 41; rheumatism.
Tailor, aet. 46, weak, drunkard; consumption.
Woman, aet. 50; painful, hard spot in stomach.


Antidoted by: Acon. (vascular erethism); Nux vom. (violent pulsations in every part of body).
Compatible: before Sulphur; before Arsen., in cancer; frequently followed well by Bellad., Calc. ostr., Kali carb., Lycop., Nitr. ac., Rhus tox., Sepia.
Incompatible: Carbo v.
Compare: Ant. tart., Carbo an., Graphit., Hepar, Iodium, Ipec., Laches., Mercur., Petrol., Phosphor.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 06, 1888
Description: Clinical materia medica of Kreosotum
Remedies: Kreosotum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1888
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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