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Lachesis. (Lachesis Mutus.)

The Surukuku Snake of South America. Ophidia.

The first trituration, and first dilution in alcohol, of the snake poison, Trigonocephalus Lachesis, was made by Hering, on July 28th, 1828.

The first cases were published in the Archives, in 1835. In 1837 this remedy was introduced into our Materia Medica. See Effects of Snake Poison, by C. Hering, Denkschriften der Nordamerikanischen Akademie der homopathischen Heilkunst, Allentown, Pa.

Provings by Hering, and under his direction by Stapf, Bute, Bauer, Behlert, Detwiller, Gross, Kummer, Reichhelm, Roenig, Wesselhoeft, Kehr, Koth, Matlack, De Young, Helfrich, Schmoele, and Lingen. Later provings were made by Robinson, Fellows (Fincke, not contained in Encyclopaedia), Bartlett, Metcalf and Berridge. See Allen's Encyclopaedia, vol. 5, p. 432.

[Note. -A circular letter issued by Dr. Hering, in 1878, soliciting contributions of clinical matter, provings, etc., for a full collection of reports wherewith to celebrate the Fiftieth Anniversary of the introduction of Lachesis, was freely and generously responded to by numerous members of the profession, whose names appear in the list of Clinical Authorities, followed by the abbreviation MSS. The author did not live to finish his intended Monograph, but all that is essential and of guiding value in Lachesis is embodied in our arrangement. –Eds.]

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MIND. [1]

Loss of consciousness.
Weakness of memory; makes mistakes in writing; confusion as to time.
Great dullness of mind with bodily weakness. ~ Typhus.
Mind confused and wandering. ~ Diphtheria.
Quick comprehension; mental activity, with almost prophetical perception; ecstasy; a kind of trance.
No sooner does one idea occur to him, than a number of others follow in quick succession while he is writing.
Visions and delirious talk as soon as he shuts eyes; agg. noon till midnight.
Thinks: she is somebody else and in the hands of a stronger power; she is dead, and preparations are made for funeral, or that she is nearly dead and wishes some one would help her off; herself pursued by enemies, or fears medicine is poison; there are robbers in house and wants to jump out of window; herself under super-human control; visions real; he will die.
Imagines he is followed by enemies who are trying to harm him; attempts to leave room as if frightened by visions behind him. ~ Fistula.
Delirium at night, muttering, drowsy, red face; slow, difficult speech and dropped jaw.
Violent delirium especially after sleeping. ~ Typhoid.
Delirium; fears she will be damned.
Constant delirium which changes rapidly from one subject to another. ~ Diphtheria.
Delirium from overwatching, overfatigue; loss of fluids; excessive study.
Delirium tremens, attacks come most in afternoon, or after sleep; loquacious, jumps from subject to subject, cannot bear shirt or neckband to touch throat.
Most extraordinary loquacity, making speeches in very select phrases, but jumping off to most heterogeneous subjects; at same time proud, full of mistrust. ~ Mania.
Religious monomania, fear of being damned.
One word often leads into midst of another story.
Insane jealousy.
His mind is disturbed before the attack. ~ Epilepsy.
After operation for fistula in ano, complained of his head, particularly pain in left temple and occiput; aching pain in lumbar region; came home from work dizzy, faint and nauseated; talked incoherently, talked as it were in a strange language; since then quite without mind; will frequently cry and whine, then laugh in silliest manner; does not sleep at night; sleeps only a minute or two at a time during day; is often violent, only with difficulty can be kept in bed; endeavors to climb up bedpost; has an idiotic expression; articulation imperfect; tongue lolling about in mouth; eyes rolling vacantly; frequently rises, with great effort and awkwardness; body when standing bends toward left, must be supported; drags his feet in walking, direction of steps toward left; entirely unable to feed himself; seems indifferent to food; imagines he is followed by enemies who are trying to harm him; attempts to leave room as if frightened by visions behind him. ~ Mental disorder.
She is tempted to commit suicide. ~ Mania.
Loquacity; much rapid talking; wants to talk all the time. ~ Fevers.
Inclination to be communicative; vivid imagination; extremely impatient at tedious and dry things.
Is morbidly talkative and gives a rambling account of her ailments.
Jealousy, with frightful images, great tendency to mock, to satire and ridiculous ideas.
Exceptional loquacity with rapid change of subject; jumps abruptly from one idea to another.
Talks, sings or whistles constantly; makes odd motions with arm. ~ Diphtheria.
Violent laughing for one hour; dyspnea.
Undertakes many things, perseveres in nothing.
Disinclined to his own proper work; complains of trifles.
Aversion of woman to marry.
(In sick:) Perfect happiness and cheerfullness, followed by gradual fading of spirituality; want of self control; lascivious; felt as if she was clear animal right through, whilst all mental power was dormant; sensation as if in hands of stronger power, as if charmed, and as if she could not break the spell.
Quiet, sorrowful, lowness of spirits, amel. by sighing; repugnance to society and dislike to talk; solicitude about future, with disgust for life; inclination to doubt everything; mistrusts and misconstrues; indolence; aversion to every kind of labor and motion. ~ Melancholia.
Feels extremely sad, unhappy and distressed in mind on waking in morning.
Sad; loathing of life; suspicious and peevish; moaning and complaining; skin shriveled and livid; nose, ears and forehead cold; as soon as he shuts his eyes he is delirious. ~ Traumatic delirium.
Fainting fits with great and almost unconquerable sadness and gloom; dreads society; persistent constipation with sensation as though anus was closed.
Great sadness and anxiety, agg. in morning on awaking.
Weak and unhappy, particularly in morning, when she feels, on awaking, friendless and forsaken; same symptoms if she awakens at night; appetite poor; constipated; feeling of constriction of anus; urine scanty and dark colored; has had domestic troubles. ~ Melancholia.
Dread of death, fears to go to bed; fears of being poisoned.
Discouraged, loathing life. ~ Melancholy after confinement.
Weary of life, looks at everything from dark side; agg. morning, amel. through day; least noise disturbs sleep.
Satiety of life with longing for death.
She is tormented by idea that her better principles might be overcome by irresistible desire to suicide. ~ Mania.
Voluptuous, irritated state, fights it. ~ Epilepsy.
Amorousness; amativeness.
Great sensitiveness and anxiety. ~ Liver complaint.
Irritability; ill humor; sensitive disposition.
Peevish, disposed to be morose or quarrelsome.
Proud; jealous, suspicious; developing into mania.
Malice; thinks only of mischief.
Sensitiveness, or general aggravation after mental exertion.
A girl, after excessive study, uses exalted language; exceedingly particular about language she uses, often correcting herself after using a word, and substituting another of very similar meaning; talks about being under influence of a superior power. ~ Mania.
Nightly attacks of anxiety; afraid of cholera, gets cramps in calves from fear; nausea, heavy feeling in abdomen, rolling in umbilical region.
Chronic complaints after long lasting grief or sorrow.
After domestic calamity; sleepless, or, when overcome by exhaustion, short naps disturbed by frightful dreams; springing up in bed with terror, and suffocation of chest and palpitation; irritability alternating with loquacious delirium; nightly hallucinations causing mental suffering; conscious of her state. ~ Mental disturbance.
Mental derangement after vexation.
Ailments from fright, disappointed love or jealousy.
After a jealous quarrel, she put both hands to her chest and cried out “Oh! my heart!” then fell down and was in an asphyctic state for nearly twenty-four hours; no pulse could be felt, breathing hardly perceptible; lay on her back.


Left sided apoplexy, especially after mental emotions, or abuse of alcohol; blowing expiration, cannot bear neck touched.
Stupefaction or loss of consciousness, blue face and convulsive movements, tremor of extremities. ~ Apoplexy.
Stupid state; complaining of pain and weight in head at school, on being brought home he generally lies dozing or waking for three or four hours; frequent waking at night; vomiting on alternate nights; face heavy, pupils slightly dilated, forehead hot, pulse 90; tongue clean; head pains through day. ~ Irritation of brain.
Vanishing of thought, with blackness before eyes, in paroxysms.
So giddy he could not stand; could not see letters, fell against wall; severe pains all over head.
Rush of blood to head; with heat in head; after alcohol; suppressed or irregular menses; climacteric period.
Vertigo with heaviness of head, dullness like lead in occiput. ~ Typhoid.
Dullness of cerebral function. ~ Diphtheria. ~ Scarlatina.
Vertigo: early in morning; on waking; in evening; on looking up; on looking at any object closely; from walking in open air (at climaxis); from suppressed erysipelas; with pale face; migraine; momentary on closing eyes; with falling to left side; before menses; on stooping; after lying down; on reaching up; with nausea, vomiting, headache; stupefying; as before apoplexy.


Frontal headache; faint on rising.
In forehead: aching; with stitches; dull pain (angina faucium); pressing from without inward; violent headache when nasal discharge suddenly dries up.
Violent darting, stabbing pains, from upper part of forehead down to centre of head, as if knives were being thrust into brow; agg. least motion; violent pressure from above downwards. ~ Headache.
Heavy pain in forehead extending to back and sometimes all over head, coming on at any time of day; pain in back part of hip and left side, region of spleen, occasionally on right side; abdomen sore, cannot bear least touch; costive; dull pain in legs.
Headache over eyes and in occiput, morning on rising.
Dull pain over and in eyes; nausea; pain top of head; giddiness on rising.
Pain over eyes, mostly left, with nausea. ~ Sick headache.
Headache extending into nose.
Heat in forehead between attacks. ~ Epilepsy.
Throbbing pain in temple with heat in head. ~ Migraine.
Violent throbbing pain in left temple, particularly before menses.
Temporal nerves on one side painful, with throbbing in temples; heat in head; vertigo with paleness of face; pain in left ovarian region; bloatedness of stomach.
Headache frightfully severe, brain feels as if it would burst skull, especially at temples; generally begins on rising in morning, seldom in afternoon; lying down amel. pain, but as soon as she raises head, pain is equally severe whether she sits or walks.
Pressing or bursting pains in temples, agg. from motion, pressure, stooping or lying down.
Severe, oppressive pain in one or the other temple, agg. on right side; nausea; mouth clammy; cannot swallow the saliva; pain comes on at night and lasts till end of next day; usually amel. after vomiting; after eating, food rises in mouthfuls; frequent risings of frothy phlegm.
Drawing pain in left temple with redness; soreness to least touch; fever; pulse full and quick.
Headache: pain from superciliary ridge to occipital protuberance, intolerable; could not sleep; slightly delirious; pupils dilated; pain intense; cold water externally amel. somewhat; at midnight, partly insensible; tongue stiff and protruding; speech incoherent, or saying same thing over and over; talks like a lunatic; idiotic look; does not comprehend what is said to him; whenever he rises staggers backwards; walks backwards until he comes in contact with wall, bed or table; takes hold of some furniture, and with greatest difficulty pulls himself forward; afraid of everybody, thinks everybody conspires to kill him; afraid of medicine, won't take any; partial paralysis on right side.
Headache in left frontal eminence, deep internally.
Left sided orbital neuralgia; lachrymation; previous to paroxysm rising of heat to head; during intervals a weak, nauseous feeling in abdomen.
Semilateral headache on right side, creeping gradually towards left, until it goes around head; twitching in eyes when they are fixed upon an object; menses irregular, one week ahead of time; tardy digestion; constipation; frequent nausea; pain deep in orbit and over eyes, which are red and injected. ~ Cephalalgia.
Every three or four days intense headache; pain throbbing and oppressive, chiefly in right half of head, extending down same side of neck, which generally feels stiff and sore; pain agg. at mensesl period, which is attended with much aching across loins; menses dark and profuse, lasting eight to nine days.
One sided tensive headache, drawing from neck over head to eyes; vomiting; stiffness of neck; tenderness of scalp.
Headache on right side, extending to neck and shoulders, with tension in muscles.
Tearing pain in whole left side of head, from temple to collar bone; tears flow continually; pain without intermission; some nightly aggravations; amel. from warm applications; paralytic state of tongue; it inclined to affected side; could hardly speak; painful weariness of face, head and neck; tongue feels as if bound or tied up. ~ Neuralgia.
Cutting headache as if a part of right side of head was cut off, agg. after rising or ascending; amel. from heat and after belching.
Hemicrania with giddiness, paleness of face, general sensation of stiffness and pain in left side of abdomen.
Tearing on top of head from within outward; dizzy, face pale; faint, numb; face sunken, or bloated and red.
Pressure on top of head with hot throbbing of temples; constipation; any excitement causes headache; no menses for two months. ~ Climaxis.
Boring pain on vertex, nausea and vomiting. ~ Itch.
Beating headache with heat, agg. on vertex and right side, or over eyes; preceding a cold in head, with stiff neck.
Headache which had lasted six weeks; pain at first began in vertex, then extended over right side of head and over face, with pricking as from needles in limbs of same side; agg. in afternoon.
Violent pressing, burning pain in top of head, from within outwards.
Burning vertex headache during menopause.
Boring and sticking on vertex.
Dull aching in sinciput.
Beating throbbing in vertex; with every movement.
Weight and pressure on vertex.
Congestion to head with other complaints.
Throbbing in head from least movement; red face.
Headache, with rush of blood to head.
Pressive headache, with nausea.
Dizzy, pressive headache; agg. on stooping.
Violent headache, with flickering before eyes.
Headache in sun, glimmering sight.
Headache preceding coryza.
Headache: catarrhal; congestive; from sunstroke; hysterical; rheumatic; menstrual; epileptic.
Terrible headache; nightly pain in limbs. ~ Syphilis.
Pain as if swollen in angle in front of styloid process, agg. from pressure.
Heaviness like lead in occiput; can scarcely raise it from pillow, in morning after waking, with vertigo.
Boring pain behind left ear, with nausea and vomiting.
Feeling in back of head as if pressed asunder.
Numbness in occiput, with pain in forehead; on touching throat, darting from throat to occiput; chest feels dry.
Headache from occiput to eyes.
Headache every eight or ten days; toward evening pain in back of head, at first dull and gradually concentrating, acute boring behind left ear, apparently at juncture of temporal, parietal and occipital bones; when boring pain reaches its height, generally towards morning, vomiting of food and slime; stitches in chest.
Soreness at vertex, gradually spread over right side of head and face; same sensation, with pricking pains like pins and needles, in upper and lower extremities of same side; mouth very sore; cannot masticate food without great pain; after desire to micturate cannot retain urine; coughing produces flow of urine; agg. in afternoon, when soreness frequently changes to a sudden, darting pain in arm; drops things; slight vertigo.
Inflammatory conditions of brain; great vascular and nervous erethism.


Numbness and crawling on left side of head, as in whole left side.
Painful sensitiveness in left temple from vertex down, and in left half of face, when touched, or on moving muscles; sensation as if skin had been burnt by heat of sun.
Wants head closely wrapped up.
Tumors which perforate skull.
Sudden backward throwing of head. ~ Epilepsy.
Bettered by shaking head.
Purplish swelling; delirious talk when closing eyes. ~ Erysipelas of scalp.
Hair falls off, agg. during pregnancy; averse to sun.
Does not like hair touched; itching of scalp.


Oversensitive to light.
Flickering before eyes, as from threads, or rays of sun.
Flickering and jerking in right eye, with congestion to head.
Flickering in peculiar angular zigzag figures, with headache.
Bright blue ring about light, filled with fiery rays.
Fog before eyes; in evening a bluish grey ring, about six inches in diameter, around light.
Dimness of vision: much black flickering before eyes, that seems very near; on waking.
Defective sight, after diphtheria.
Unsteady look, eyes roll vacantly.
Eyes weak and dull, or distorted. ~ Typhus.
Variety of pains and sensations in and around eyes, especially, left; very nervous; agg. thinking of eyes, using them, and waking in morning. ~ Asthenopia.
Amblyopia, with lung or heart affections.
Hemorrhages into interior chamber, vitreous, retina and choroid.
Pupils at first contracted, then dilated. ~ Fever.
Retinitis apoplectica; absorbs hemorrhage, controls inflammatory symptoms and diminishes tendency to retinal extravasation.
Phlyctenular keratitis, especially chronic recurrent; moderate redness of eye; photophobia.
Scrofulous keratitis with eruption on face, considerable photophobia and pains in eye and head, agg. in morning and after sleeping.
Ulcers on cornea; haziness.
Sharp, shooting pains from eyes to temples, top of head and occiput.
Stitches as from knives in eyes, coming from head.
Sticking drawing pain in right eye, extending to vertex.
As if a thread was drawn from behind eye to eye.
Eyes feel as though they had been taken out and squeezed, and then put back again; pains agg. after sleep; wakens patient from sleep. ~ Supraorbital neuralgia.
Pressure in orbits, with sensation of drawing from eyes to occiput.
Feels when throat is pressed, as if the eyes were forced out.
Stitching, burning and pressing pains in eyes.
Itching and burning of eyes.
Severe pains in and above eyes.
Intense and constant pain in left eye, pain sharp and sticking, and sometimes extending to brow; uncertain, numb feeling on left side of head; marked dimness of vision; terrific headache over eyes; wide awake in evening and very talkative; could not get to sleep until late, and when she did, would dream all the time; alternately dreaming and awakening; agg. after sleep, anxiously inquires why it is so; great prostration; seems exhausted mentally and physically; constantly laying aside bedclothes to get relief, they seemed to oppress her; seems as if she would die of exhaustion in morning; amel. in evening; intense pain in thigh, coming on after sleeping, and when gone, leaving a paralyzed feeling; confused feeling in head with vertigo.
Whites of eyes yellow. ~ Jaundice.
Orbital cellulitis, following operation for strabismus; eye protruded; conjunctiva chemosed; purulent discharge; retina hazy and congested; point of tenotomy sloughing and a black spot in centre; agg. at night.
Redness of eyes. ~ Mania. ~ Angina faucium. ~ Fevers.
Inflammation of eyes and lids, with pain in them.
Painful inflammation of left eye, frequently recurring, characterized by a bundle of congested vessels extending from inner canthus toward cornea.
Eyes watery. ~ Catarrhal headache. ~ Neuralgia.
Fistula lachrymalis, accompanied by long standing eruption on face.


Sensitive to sounds; rushing and thundering in ears.
Painful beating, cracking, whizzing, drumming, with reverberation.
Whizzing as from insects in ears.
Ears feel as if closed from within. ~ Angina syphilitica.
Ears as if stuffed up.
Hardness of hearing, with dryness in ears, want of was; numbness about ear and cheek.
After otorrhea ear remained dry and obstructed, with almost entire deafness.
Diminished hearing.
Partial deafness, with dry wax in left ear; noise in ear like tea kettle; sensation of numbness about ear and down left cheek; sense of hunger every day at eleven.
Stoppage or stricture of Eustachian tube.
In evening, pain deep in left ear; agg. from motion of temporal or masseter muscles; left in a few minutes and appeared just above left external malleolus, agg. on stepping.
In night earache in right ear, amel. by external warmth and lying on right side.
Annoying pulsations in ear. ~ Carotid aneurism.
Tearing extending from zygoma into ear.
Pains in ears with sore throat.
Earwax too hard, pale and insufficient; whitish, like chewed paper.
Polypus of ears.
Soreness and crusts around ears.
Threatened abscess of parotid gland. ~ Typhoid.
Ears excessively sensitive to wind.


Nosebleed: dark; with amenorrhea; before menses; typhus; blowing of blood, mostly in morning; trickling on blowing; from both nostrils; on swallowing, sensation as if tonsils were sore, like a wound, with stinging through ears.
Nasal, indistinct speech. ~ Typhoid.
Coryza preceded by headache; discharge watery, with red nostrils, herpes on lips.
Coryza preceded one or two days by a feeling of soreness, rawness and scraping in throat.
Scabs in nose; redness of point of nose.
Catarrh with sticking headache; stiffness of neck.
Swollen nasal mucous membrane; discharge of blood and pus. ~ Coryza.
Feeling of lump in throat; on swallowing, lump descends but immediately returns. ~ Coryza.
Mucous membrane of nose thickened, much sneezing; dry, stuffed feeling through front of head; gradually passes to fauces and chest; constant cough short and dry, with wheezing, face red and puffed, while eyes seemed almost pressed out. ~ Hay asthma.
Many symptoms end with nasal catarrh.
Obstruction of nose, with buzzing in ears; headache; ill humor and inability to drink.
Complaints after suppressed coryza.
Undeveloped coryza with headache and mental worry.
Thick, yellow discharge in morning, sometimes streaked with blood, offensive; hawking; falling of mucus from posterior nares; left side only; discharge of hard plug of mucus. ~ Chronic nasal catarrh.
Pus and blood from nose.
Discharges offensive, sanious, corroding nostrils and lips.
Sudden discharge of pus and blood from nose, as from a bursting abscess, seems to come from frontal cavities. ~ Ozaena syphilitica.
Soreness of nostrils and lips.
Internal soreness of nose, and nose filled with scabs. ~ Mercurio-syphilitic cases. ~ Drunkards.
Inflammation of nose with pimples and blisters.
Nose pointed, reddish, as if sore, and always some fluent coryza. ~ Angina syphilitica.
Red nose of drunkards.
Vesicular eruption about nose.


Expression: of pain, with sopor; idiotic; epileptic; distorted; haggard.
Features distorted, face dark and much swollen, appeared almost in an apoplectic fit; had removed everything from his neck, saying he could bear nothing to touch it; could hardly breathe. ~ Bee sting.
Haggard, face of unnatural color, cheeks yellow, with traces of red vessels visible and spots of circumscribed red; nose pointed and red, as if raw from a sore; nose always stuffed up.
Face pale: fainting; headache; before epileptic attack.
Blue circles around eyes.
Countenance deeply sallow. ~ Scarlatina.
Yellow complexion, vermilion redness of cheeks, or small red bloodvessels shining through skin. ~ Syphilis.
Earthy, livid, cachectic complexion. ~ Abdominal troubles.
Bluish, purplish appearance of face, inability to bear anything around neck; cerebral symptoms. ~ Scarlatina.
Face not red, but very livid and bluish. ~ Puerperal fever.
Blue face and lips. ~ Emphysema.
Livid face. ~ Metritis.
Face puffed. Mania.
Red face, as in apoplexy; bloated, red, with headache, pains in limbs, stomach, etc.
Flushes of heat. ~ Drunkards. ~ Climacteric period. ~ Constipation. ~ Suppressed menses.
One cheek flushed, the other pale.
Severe pain commencing in right inner canthus, and extending upwards and outwards in a semicircle, just above superciliary ridge; dull, heavy, and prevents him working; commences 9 A. M. and goes off in afternoon; skin extremely sensitive to touch. ~ Neuralgia.
Neuralgia, left side, orbital; rising of heat to face before, and weak feeling in abdomen after attack.
Neuralgia of trigeminus; horrible; heat running up in head previous to attack; weak, nervous feeling in abdomen during intervals.
Tearing pain in whole left side of head, from temple down as far as collar bone, so severe as to cause tears to flow continually; agg. at night; articulation almost impossible; when tongue is put out it inclines to affected side; painful weariness of head, neck and face; tongue feels as if bound or tied up. ~ Neuralgia.
Sensation of warmth rising into head, followed by tearing pain beginning in forehead, but particularly affecting left malar bone and parts under left eye, and occasionally extending into eye, causing lachrymation; attack lasts several hours, then disappears for a day or two, and then returns without any cause; weak sensation in abdomen during free days.
Feeling of stiffness in malar bone from cervical glands.
Left side of face and lower jaw swollen, sensitive to touch.
Cheeks swollen, skin tense, hot and crisp, as if it would crack. ~ Peritonitis.
Enormously swollen upper lip and nose; surface not changed from natural color; appearance that of puffiness, but hard to feel, much like swelling from a bee sting, or from a blow; vermilion border of lip a trifle more blue than natural; no pain or heat; menstruating.
Erysipelatous eruption beneath left eye, which first itches at night; she was awakened with fright about trifles; in morning skin began to redden and swell, and became agg. after midday nap; next morning very thick and red, with incessant itching scarcely to be endured; whole lower lid swollen, red and itching.
Erysipelatous swelling of face; right eye almost closed.
Erysipelas began close to left side of nose, in a red, sore spot, then it became redder and extended up and down left side of face; extends up as far as left eye and is dusky; she feels languid.
Facial erysipelas, in a child a year old; inflammation partly involving scalp; on second or third day threatened metastasis to meninges; convulsive stiffening of child's penis.
Face swollen, bluish red or leaden hue; tongue dry, glossy, tremulous; agg. from noon until midnight. ~ Erysipelas from a dissecting wound.
Erysipelas of face, with burning and itching, agg. after siesta; hammering headache.
Eruption in face followed by bluish spots.
Burning, swelling, redness and violent itching in face at night; later tetter-like cracks with oozing.
Facial herpes.
Itching in face.


Drawing, tearing, throbbing, boring pain in jawbones.
On opening mouth, cracking in submaxillary joints and sensitive as if swollen.
Great difficulty in opening jaws. ~ Angina faucium.
Lower jaw hangs down. ~ Coma. ~ Typhus.
Frothing at the mouth. ~ Epilepsy.
Lips dry, black, cracked, bleeding. ~ Diphtheria. ~ Fevers.
Enormous swelling of lips.
Furuncular formation on lips, pain and erysipelatous areola; rapid and excessive loss of strength, patient being reduced from vigor to absolute prostration in twenty-four to thirty-six hours. ~ Malignant pustule.
Mumps, particularly on left side; enormously swollen, sensitive to least touch; least possible pressure causing severe pain; shrinks always when approached; can scarcely swallow; excessively peevish; throat sore internally; face red swollen; eyes glassy and wild.
Threatened abscess of submaxillary gland. ~ Typhoid.
Submaxillary and cervical glands swollen. ~ Diphtheria.
Red suppurating blotches under jaw.


Teeth feel too long when biting them.
Racing, jerking, tearing, dull sticking in roots of lower teeth, through upper jaw to ear; periodic, after waking from sleep; soon after eating; from warm and cold drinks.
Boring, jerking, twitching, drawing, tearing, cutting, piercing, beating, pulsating pains in teeth.
Toothache: from eating; biting; something warm; drinking warm things or cold; during menses; when awaking; from getting wet; in the Spring; in Summer; amel. from external warmth; from cleaning teeth; with chilliness, heat, thirst; in persons who have taken too much mercury; with headache; with swelling of cheek; teeth too long, blunt.
Hollow teeth feel too long.
Pain in all decayed teeth during rush of blood to head.
Crumbling of teeth.
Gums swollen and spongy; easily bleeding.
Protruding gums, dark purple. ~ Dentition.
Gums bluish, swollen, bleeding; aching agg. from warm drinks. ~ Yellow fever.
Hemorrhage from gums.


Sour taste; everything turns sour.
Slow, difficult speech, tongue heavy cannot open mouth wide; cannot pronounce some words.
Worse from speaking.
Stammering: letters s, b, t, and w.
Stammering in a child, aet. 4; in talking draws face awry; closes right or both eyes, opens mouth wide or closes it.
Stammering comes with second or third word or not in a whole period; it seems p, v and a had the most influence.
Puts tongue out with difficulty; tongue trembles.
Difficulty of moving tongue, with impossibility of opening mouth wide.
Tongue: lolling about in mouth; swollen, coated white; papillae enlarged; dry, red, cracked at tip; red tip and brown centre; mapped; sensation as if it was going to peel; dry, black and stiff; tip cracked and bleeding; a deep red color; a dry stripe in middle; anterior half red, smooth and shining; black and bloody; sore on left side, with sticking here and there; tickling at root, exciting cough; blistered about tip.
Blisters on inflamed tongue, change into ulcers, threatening suffocation; gangrene of tongue, on both edges.
Canker sores on tip of tongue; aphthae.
Glossitis with titillation inducing cough.
Cancer of tongue.


Bad odor, stench, from mouth. ~ Stomatitis.
Sensation on roof of mouth as if mucous membrane was peeling off.
A bagging just in front of uvula, very soft, as if containing pus. ~ After diphtheria.
Burning pain in mouth with swelling of lips and gums.
Dryness in mouth with thirst.
Dryness of mouth and throat, accompanied by continued sensation in velum palati as if desquamation was about to take place. ~ Hysteria.
Much slime in mouth, with flakes of blood of disgusting taste and smell.
Saliva abundant and tenacious. ~ Scarlatina.
Constant salivation, which often interferes with speaking; cough; expectoration; if the latter occurs after dinner she frequently vomits her food.
Salivation with hawking and coughing. ~ Syphilitic ulcers in throat.
Much slimy saliva, especially in back part of mouth.
Aphthous and denuded spots in skin and flesh of mouth, preceded by burning pain and rawness.
Mouth very sore, parched and dry, and tongue somewhat swollen and covered with blisters on each side.
Cannot swallow food after masticating it, because it rests on back part of tongue and produces a thrilling pain there. ~ Cancrum oris.
Nursing sore mouth; swelling of tongue and lips, particularly lower lip; redness and burning sensation of tongue and lips; redness and swelling of gums; at times, dry, shining appearance of inflamed surface, at others the parts were moist with increased secretion of saliva on lower lip, small white spots soon coalescing, and forming a continuous white patch; ulcers on sides of tongue; finally nausea and vomiting, followed by loose stools; loss of appetite; inability to take food from extreme sensitiveness of mouth and tongue, and distress at stomach after food had been taken; emaciation; debility; at times profuse perspiration; pale, sunken face.
Sore mouth in last stage of phthisis.
Syphilitic ulceration of mouth and throat.


Throat and neck sensitive to slightest touch or external pressure; everything about throat distresses, even the weight of the bedcovers.
If in evening on lying down anything touches throat or larynx, it seems as though he would suffocate and pain is much agg.
Can endure nothing tight on throat; nausea is at times caused thereby.
Pain in throat on taking hold of it, extending even to nape of neck, with sticking always on swallowing, and scraping on swallowing bread, as if everything was raw; dryness of throat, without actual dryness of tongue.
Uvula elongated; fauces purplish, swollen, ulcerated.
Uvula elongated, constant inclination to hawk and scrape; hacking cough; purplish hue of fauces; tonsils but slightly enlarged; emaciation; face pale and haggard; sleep interrupted; appetite and strength impaired; feeling as if parts were swollen; some soreness on swallowing and a frequent sensation as if a small crumb was lodged in throat. ~ Chronic irritability of fauces.
Soft palate, roof of mouth and tonsils much swollen and bright red. ~ Angina faucium.
Constant feeling as of something in throat to swallow.
Feeling of lump in throat; suffocative sensation; on swallowing, lump descends, but returns at once.
Sensation as of a lump in throat; awakes from sleep distressed and unhappy, as if from loss of breath; ~ Hysteria.
Feeling of a ball in throat, or as if a button was stuck fast in pit of throat; not perceptible on swallowing food, but on attempting deglutition, and during this it seems to rise and sink, as if it was turned around; it always feels as if she could bring it up, but it will not come; must have whole neck bare.
Pain as if something lodged in right side, stinging; lump moves towards stomach.
Spasmodic contraction of esophagus.
Constant tickling in throat.
Something sticks in throat, causes a hemming, but will not loosen.
A great deal of phlegm in fauces, on opening mouth it forms big bubbles.
Much hawking up of mucus, which is excessively painful.
Fullness and soreness in throat. ~ Tonsillitis.
Sensation of a painful contraction, as if tied, on attempting to eat. ~ Angina faucium.
Feeling as if a crumb of bread remained sticking in throat, obliging her to swallow, somewhat amel. by hawking.
Sensation in throat as if a morsel had remained sticking on swallowing.
Feeling of a ridge in both sides of throat; constant desire to swallow saliva; sides of throat externally tender.
Feeling like a snake in throat, soreness in left side of throat, with choking like a ball; dryness agg. after eating; tickling and regurgitation of food; eructations of wind; stitch in right side when walking; throat agg. by draught of air.
Spasmodic stricture on swallowing solids, causes a struggling “goes the wrong way”, gagging follows.
Throat feels ulcerated on swallowing.
Constant pain swallowing empty, not swallowing food.
Difficulty of swallowing saliva, not food.
Liquids cause more difficulty in swallowing than solids, they escape through nose.
Cannot swallow sweet or acrid things. ~ Syphilis.
Sensation of dryness in throat, with inclination to swallow.
Constant desire to swallow. ~ Tonsillitis.
Much inclination to swallow, although it is very painful, with spasmodic contraction of throat; agg. on left side and after sleep; cannot bear any pressure about neck.
Pain in throat, extending to ears; desire to swallow; agg. on deglutition; pharynx swollen, dark red.
Dryness in throat: without thirst, at night on waking; sticking as with a thousand needles that threatens to suffocate her; impedes swallowing.
Pain in small spot in throat at one side of larynx, somewhat posteriorly.
Throat and larynx painful on bending head backward.
On lying down, pain in top of throat.
Pain in left side of throat, extending to tongue, jaw and into ear.
Pains in throat, in connection with those in ears.
Sensitiveness of throat as if sore, as after taking cold, with pain in left side, agg. in evening.
Hawking of mucus, with rawness in throat, after a nap in daytime.
Much phlegm in fauces, with painful hawking.
Everything seems raw in throat.
Burning sensation of swelling; dryness in throat.
Constriction, dryness, stinging and great rawness of throat, especially of pharynx and larynx, with chills and rigors. ~ Pharyngitis.
Mouth and throat get so dry that the act of trying to moisten them, after sleeping, with make patient scowl and cause tears to start. ~ Typhoid.
Sudden feeling as if a fishbone had struck in throat, and some days after felt with increasing discomfort as if a sponge was hanging in throat; seemed to impede breathing, felt as if he could hawk it up, but attempt gave pain and did no good; felt as if there was a small, dry spot from which pain extended to ear; continual inclination to swallow, no pain on swallowing food but during empty deglutition and on applying external pressure; when he presses throat feels as if eyes would spring out of head, and externally as if he had got a blow on neck; between sternum and glottis a throbbing, choking sensation; throat amel. in morning, begins two or three hours after rising and continues till evening.
Feeling of obstruction in throat on swallowing, every other day, first on right side; heat and smarting in left throat, with hoarse voice, every day about 11 P. M.; agg. on waking in morning, goes off about 11 A. M.
Sore throat, with hoarseness, sensation like a lump in throat, inflammation very deep red; slight cough.
Right tonsil first affected, then left.
Pain, especially in right side of throat, agg. by pressure, as if a thick substance was there, it feels very dry, no difficulty in swallowing solid food, but cannot easily swallow liquids, which get forced into nose on swallowing; pains agg. when she washes in morning and after sleeping in daytime; pain amel. in afternoon, at this time throat trouble becomes so prominent, without being painful, as to prevent speech.
Rawness and difficulty in swallowing, with sensation of spasmodic stricture about throat. ~ Epidemic pharyngitis and laryngitis.
Swallowing increases pain in ears or it sends pain into ears. ~ Tonsillitis.
On attempting to swallow fluids pass through nose. ~ Angina faucium. ~ Tonsillitis. ~ Syphilis.
Chills and nausea, followed by hot flushes and terrible choking, as though some one was pressing his windpipe between thumb and fingers. ~ Pharyngitis.
Pain in head, agg. by light, noise and heat; eyes red and painful; great pain in back and limbs, did not permit her to lie, stand or sit quiet, must change position frequently; fever, with dry mouth; sore throat on right side, with redness and swelling of right tonsil, finally passing to left side; pain in limbs.
Soreness of throat, commencing on right side and passing to left, where it becomes fixed.
Boy, aet. 8; very sore throat, horrid pains all over head, back and front, so giddy could not stand, had to be carried from school, could not see letters in his look, fell against wall.
Pain in throat extends to ears, which feel stuffed.
Inflamed swelling left side of throat, extending over ear, threatening sphacelus.
Phlegmonous inflammation of throat.
Angina crouposa or nervosa with children or climacteric women.
Chronic angina with periodic exacerbations.
Children spit much saliva with sore throat.
Empty swallowing is agonizing. ~ Angina.
Sore throat and mouth following scarlet fever; almost total inability to swallow; fluids swallowed easier than solids.
Feeling of large lump at back of throat; sometimes feels as if some one grasped him by throat, causing feeling of suffocation; nausea, retches as if to vomit up lump; slight soreness of back of throat on swallowing saliva; right side of neck tender to touch; swallows saliva frequently, which makes lump seem to increase and rise higher; feeling of pressure in middle of throat; must clear throat before he can talk; all symptoms agg. on waking in morning. ~ Angina.
Inability to swallow, liquids being returned through nose; fauces bright red, tonsils much swollen; face pale; small, hard and very frequent pulse; complete aphonia, incessant effort to cry being heard only as a gasping sound; great exhaustion, head hanging loosely backward, could hardly move a limb; mucous membrane of throat extremely pale and covered with white shreds of exudation; dysphagia, apparently paralytic.
After catching cold, inflammation and swelling of tonsils; velum palati and root of tongue inflamed; salivation and fetor oris; swallowing almost impossible, everything escaping through nose; can hardly speak; sensation as if throat was filled with a lump threatening suffocation; recumbent posture impossible; no sleep.
Angina, sudden in onset, appearing every year, causing great pain and ending with suppuration of tonsils; velum palati, uvula and posterior wall of pharynx red, swollen and inflamed, protruding from both sides; constant desire to swallow, which is difficult.
Sensation of fullness and rawness in throat; frequent desire to swallow, which causes pain, extending deep into ear; fluids ejected through nose, with great fear of suffocation; gums, tonsils and uvula dark red and swollen, latter looking as if squeezed and crowded back; large collection of mucus in mouth, which forms large bubbles when mouth is opened. ~ Tonsillitis.
Fauces inflamed; right tonsil swollen; left tonsil first attacked. ~ Tonsillitis.
Tonsils swollen, left agg. with a tendency to right; inability to swallow, threatening suffocation; or, on swallowing, pain shoots into left ear; cannot bear anything to touch neck.
Swollen, congested tonsils, with yellow, small patches on each; great difficulty to swallow, with pain on left side, shifting to right and upwards to ear; heat and chills, alternating; commencing to get agg. at 4 P. M. ~ Tonsillitis.
Left side; choking when drinking, fluids are driven out through nose; agg. in P. M., after sleep, from slightest touch; cannot bear bedclothes near neck. ~ Quinsy. (Obs In quinsy there is no remedy so often effective in breaking up the attack at its inception, nor in promoting resolution in its later stages. –C. Hering.)
Chronic enlargement of tonsils.
Sloughing ulcer in fauces, from an abscess in left tonsil.
Numerous white spots on pale red surface in left throat; ulcers on mucous membranes; both parotids much swollen, without much pain; pulse frequent and hard.
Right tonsil swollen; uvula elongated and clinging to right tonsil; between the two a yellowish white, part liquid exudation, with no especial tendency to formation of membrane; fauces red; headache; fever; thirst; painful deglutition; enlarged submaxillary glands; distressing thirst. ~ Diphtheritis.
Pale, distressed face, blue rings around eyes; extreme prostration; speech and deglutition difficult; fauces pale red; white shreds of exudation on fauces and roof of mouth; also ulcers with white edges distinct from exudation patches. ~ Diphtheritis.
Roof of mouth, tonsils and buccal cavity pale red; tough, yellow white membrane on left tonsil.
Pain and soreness begin on left side of throat. ~ Tonsillitis. ~ Diphtheria.
Excessive tenderness of throat to external pressure. ~ Tonsillitis. ~ Diphtheria.
Aggravation by hot drinks; liquids pain more than solids while swallowing. ~ Tonsillitis. ~ Diphtheria.
Face sickly, pale; dark rings around eyes; swallowing exceedingly painful; speaking difficult; weakness extraordinary; fauces pale red; white exudate on tonsils and velum, looks like ulcers of mucous membrane with white edges; mind depressed. ~ Diphtheria.
Severe pain in forehead, changing to beating pain in vertex on assuming upright position; dizziness on fixing eyes on any spot on wall; severe pain in limbs, agg. about knees and elbows; flesh sore, agg. moving limbs; lassitude; nearly faints on rising; tenderness and pain in epigastrium; nausea, anorexia, tongue coated with yellow, dirty fur; unpleasant taste; tonsils swollen; patches of diphtheritic membrane half an inch wide, dirty grey color, on tonsils and extending down out of sight; began on left side, which is most painful, agg. after sleeping or talking; skin at times hot and dry, at other times moist; pulse 90. ~ Diphtheria.
Constant delirium, changes rapidly from one subject to another; talks, sings, or whistles constantly; makes odd motions with right arm, as if reaching for something; throat filled with membrane of dark color, which developed from left to right; no sleep for seventy-two hours, but during last twelve hours has occasionally fallen into a light sleep, which was followed by aggravation of all symptoms; badly smelling stools; urine high colored and of strong smell; body covered with bluish red eruption, round and elevated. ~ Diphtheria.
Inflammation and membrane beginning on left side; external swelling of throat; unbearable fetor; besotted expression; temperature 104 to 105 degrees; pulse 140; epistaxis, several times a day, of venous blood; diarrhea of blackish feces; could drink nothing hot; constant muttering delirium; discharge of yellowish mucus from nose, left nostril first. ~ Diphtheria.
Sore throat, hurts to swallow, with difficulty in swallowing; fluid; fluid runs out through nose; dislike to have throat touched or examined; flushed face; quick pulse; breathing oppressed; membrane commences on left tonsil and pharynx, extending to uvula and right side. ~ Diphtheria.
Violent pain in throat, swollen tonsils, fever, heat; considerable exudate in choanae; in sneezing a tough, skinny substance is blown out of nose. ~ Diphtheria.
Diphtheritic deposits first show themselves on left tonsil, from there extending to right side and then spreading further; neck is stiff, or external throat sore and quite tender to touch; patient coughs and feels agg. when awaking from sleep; expectoration very difficult and scanty; great loquacity, is only kept in check by hoarseness. ~ Diphtheria.
Throat greatly swollen internally and externally; discharge from nose and mouth of intensely fetid and excoriating fluid; fauces covered with diphtheritic membrane; pulse 110, small; extremities mottled and livid; swallowing almost impossible. ~ Diphtheria.
Purplish appearance of mucous membrane of lips, buccal cavity and throat; diphtheritic spot as large as a pin head on left tonsil; tongue pointed and purplish; pulse weak, 132; skin hot; urine scanty, dirty colored and containing albumen; bowels constipated; four days later submaxillary glands on both sides much swollen; running of acrid secretion from nose and mouth; diphtheritic stench; throat and even lips covered with thick, grey membranes. ~ Diphtheria.
Diphtheria; membrane covering tonsils and posterior portion of throat; considerable pain on swallowing; pain agg. turning head, touching neck and on awaking from sleep; sleep disturbed by dryness of mouth and a feeling as if he would suffocate.
Tumefaction of throat slight and redness of mucous membrane hardly noticeable; diphtheritic deposits of two or three little patches hardly larger than a pin's head; prostration of strength quite alarming; pulse slow, feeble and compressed; a cold, clammy sweat frequently covered forehead and extremities; breath fetid; appetite gone; patient passed with alarming rapidity into a completely asthenic condition-sometimes prostration quite considerable before local evidence of disease could be detected. ~ Epidemic diphtheria.
Diphtheritic patches in throat, spreading from left to right; fetid breath; agg. after sleep; great debility, feeble pulse; clammy sweat; headache and faintness.
Purple livid color of affected parts, with dull, dry appearance and little swelling, also pain out of all proportion to amount of inflammation. ~ Diphtheria.
Throat rapidly sloughed and presented a bluish hue.
Girl, aet. 8, throat greatly swollen internally and externally; discharge from nose and mouth of an intensely fetid and excoriating fluid; fauces covered with diphtheritic membrane; pulse 110, very quick and small; extremities mottled and livid; swallowing nearly impossible; fetor almost overpowering. ~ Diphtheria.
On left side of throat several white exudate spots; mucous membrane pale red; parotids swollen; pulse frequent, hard; great apathy; somnolency, drooping eyelids.
Very difficult swallowing; complete aphonia; wheezing, hissing sound, in place of natural crying; excessive weakness; lets head hang; scarcely lifts limbs; fauces pale, covered with white exudate. ~ Diphtheria.
Velum, tonsils and posterior wall of fauces pale red; on left tonsil tough, yellowish white exudate. ~ Diphtheria.
Peculiar hard ache all over, in head, back and legs; could not lie still, but constantly changed position. ~ Diphtheria.
Membranous deposit in choanae; discharge of a skinny substance from nose when sneezing. ~ Diphtheria.
A greyish ulcerative crust appeared first on tonsils, spread over arch of Amigdala into posterior nares, sometimes downward into larynx, causing strangulation. ~ Diphtheria.
Tonsils swollen so that they almost meet, and covered with a tough, cheesy looking substance; feverish and very low. ~ Diphtheria.
Left tonsil one complete black slough, disease passing to right side. ~ Diphtheria.
Pulse 130; skin hot and dry; face very red; drowsy; muttering delirium; greyish membrane developed from left to right ~ Diphtheria.
Subjective symptoms much more prominent than objective; complaints, especially swallowing, much more violent than one would suppose from extent of disease; sensation as of foreign body in throat, with stinging extending into ear; urging to swallow and desire to hawk up something, with attacks of choking; voice weak and hoarse; cough, causing pain in throat, was restrained, therefore it sounded short and suppressed. ~ Diphtheria.
Constitutional symptoms out of all proportion to local manifestations, prostration considerable even before any local evidences of disease could be detected. ~ Diphtheria.
Diphtheritic inflammation of throat; ulcers on tongue; suppuration of glands of neck; pleuritic, pericarditic and general dropsy in delayed desquamation, with great oppression; urine almost black; stools badly smelling; fever agg. in afternoon. ~ Scarlatina.
Sensibility of affected parts increased and their motility essentially diminished. ~ Diphtheria.
After diphtheria speech disturbed, some words she could not articulate, because after a few minutes conversation a curtain seemed to fall down in front of her pharynx; teeth feel as if wedged; tongue feels scalded, cannot yawn because of sharp pain about root of tongue; if eating fast food stays in her throat; pain over eyes and sore feeling in eyeballs.
Ulcers in throat: agg. in wet weather; after mercury; from syphilis; extend into posterior nares; throat dry, awakens choking; soft palate full of cicatrices, with greenish yellow ulcers between; pains shooting; fetid breath.
Mercurial syphilis, with ulcerated sore throat, causing a constant provocation to cough, with retching; painful deglutition; regurgitation of drink through nose; earthy, yellowish appearance of face, with small red bloodvessels shining through skin; coryza, nose sore; terrible headache; nightly pains in limbs. ~ Syphilis.
Syphilitic phagedena of soft palate and fauces.
Gangrenous sore throat.
Secondary ulceration of throat, extending into posterior nares; obstruction of nose; offensive smell from mouth; stinging and shooting pains in ulcers; excessive dryness of throat, in spots; throat feels entirely “parched up” on waking; touching throat produces sensation of suffocation; sensitive to slightest movement of neck; symptoms somewhat amel. after eating. ~ Syphilis.


Hunger, cannot wait for food.
At one time good appetite, at another none at all.
Constant thirst, with dry tongue and skin.
Great longing for drinks, but afraid to drink, as it brings on a discharge. ~ Diarrhea.
Thirst insatiable, with disgust for drink.
At 10 o'clock every night, with urgent and unquenchable thirst, dryness in throat and mouth, can scarcely breathe for thirst, must continually moisten mouth; drinking does no good and she dreads it; fever begins with rigor on going to bed, and the heat continues till about 4 A. M., with intervals of shivering; sweat toward morning; tearing pain in temples during hot stage, with burning heat in epigastrium; very sleepy day and night, but cannot sleep, except a little towards morning.
Desire: for oysters; for wine and spirituous liquors; for coffee, which agrees (dysmenorrhea).


Generally improved when eating.
After eating: gnawing in stomach amel., but returns in a few hours. ~ Cancer of stomach.
After eating: vertigo, languor, drowsiness; gagging and suffocating; dyspnea; pressing, like a load in stomach; stomach puffed; eructations; diarrhea; flashes of heat.
Craving hunger; amel. after eating; agg. after acid drinks; constipation; abdomen sensitive to weight of clothes; flushes of heat; flushes after eating, after mental or physical effort.
Better from eating fruit.
Fluids go down, but solids, even well chewed, cause a sensation of choking.
Complaints from wine or tobacco.
Worse from alcoholic drinks (except the snake bite).


Eructations: affording relief; amounting to vomiting; before epilepsy; at every menstrual effort.
Everything sours; heartburn.
Always thirsty, but nausea after drinking. ~ Itch.
Nausea after drinking.
Nausea: want of appetite in forenoon; in attacks, weakness, even to syncope; dyspnea, palpitation, cold sweat; nosebleed (typhus); with great flow of saliva (cholera).
(In sick:) Sick stomach, with terrible retching, but no vomiting; great fullness in head, with a confused, half conscious feeling; flashing before eyes; numb feeling about head; thinks she is going to die.
Vomiting: of bile or mucus; of food; in organic affections, with hardening of abdominal viscera; of greenish matter; renewed by slightest motion (cholera); of blood and pus.


Pit of stomach sore to touch.
Pressure in pit of stomach causes dull, stinging pain.
Tickling in pit of stomach causes tormenting cough.
Bloatedness of stomach, with belching of masses of wind.
Stomach bloated; no appetite; costiveness.
Violent pressure in stomach after eating, with feeling of weakness in knees.
Stitching extending from stomach to chest.
Feeling as though something was gnawing in stomach, though without pain; followed by gnawing in both sides, extending across under ribs deep in abdomen.
Gnawing pressure amel. after eating, but returning as soon as stomach is empty. ~ Cancer of stomach.
Cardialgia; body stiffened from pain, came on slowly and passed off slowly; brought on by overwork.
At every menstrual effort cardialgia.
Appetite at one time good, at another poor, sometimes such a gnawing that he can hardly wait for his meal; after eating, vertigo, heaviness, lassitude, shortness of breath and heaviness in stomach; smothered feeling in chest, stomach full of wind, must belch much, with relief; regurgitation of food; when he cannot belch becomes deathly sick; severe and annoying pressure in a small spot between epigastrium and navel, which takes away his breath, amel. by belching; during day several attacks of nausea with shortness of breath, weakness almost to loss of consciousness, palpitation of heart and cold sweat; at night when in bed if least thing touches mouth or nose respiration seems interfered with and suffocation threatening; sleep disturbed by dreams, frequent waking; in morning heaviness and dejection; constipation; pale and emaciated; face grey, pale yellow; after sitting, pain in thighs and stiffness of knees. ~ Dyspepsia.
Dyspepsia, agg. as soon as he eats; costive; after mercury.
Cancer of stomach: gnawing pressure amel. after eating, returns in a few hours; sensitiveness to contact, especially of clothes, with drunkards.


Acute pain in liver, extending towards stomach.
Inflammation and chronic obstruction of liver, sensitive to pressure or touch.
Catarrhal affection of liver.
Abscesses in liver; pain when coughing, as if ulcerated; excessively offensive stools, whether formed or not.
Liver complaints: at climaxis; after ague; pain as if something had lodged in right side, with stinging.
Gallstones. (After Calcarea.)
Nutmeg liver; cannot bear tight clothing, loosens jacket, arms molest; contractive tightness in region of liver.
Cannot bear any pressure about hypochondria.
Contractive feeling in region of liver.
Ulcerative pain about liver.
Pain as if from suppuration under ribs.
Fullness and heaviness in region of liver, and at same time pain in left hypochondrium; coppery taste in mouth; hard morning cough.
Liver swollen and painful in anterior and superior aspect.
Sensation of coldness over whole body; fainting spells; pale, dirty yellow color of face; appearance of suffering; thick, yellow coating on tongue; dryness of mouth; great thirst; bitter taste; nausea; diarrhea; great debility; nervous and despondent; great aversion to talking; climaxis. ~ Bilious attacks.
Shooting pain in region of spleen, particularly on exercise by walking; skin brown near region of stomach; brown spots on hand; constipation.


Painful distension, flatulence; can bear no pressure, the surface nerves are sensitive.
Abdomen distended and hard.
Is obliged to wear clothes, especially about stomach, very loose, they cause uneasiness; even in bed obliged to loosen and pull up nightdress to avoid pressure; dare not lay arm across abdomen on account of pressure.
Great sensitiveness to contact, especially to that of clothes. ~ Cancer of stomach. ~ Typhlitis. ~ Metritis.
Sensitive over lower abdomen, can scarcely allow her clothes to touch her. ~ Melancholy after confinement.
Distension of abdomen, with gurgling and rumbling in bowels before diarrhea. ~ Typhoid fever.
Abdomen distended, much annoyance from flatulence.
Bloated abdomen. ~ Mania. ~ Megrim. ~ Epilepsy. ~ Fevers.
Sensation of incarcerated flatus.
Feeling of emptiness in abdomen.
Pain as if something was lodging in right side; stinging sensation; sensation as if a ball was rolling from that side towards stomach.
Squeamishness in abdomen, alternating with facial neuralgia.
At a small spot between navel and epigastrium a sense of unpleasant pressure, taking away breath, amel. by eructations, an hour after a meal.
Three months after weaning a six months old child menses had not returned; severe aching in small of back; every two or three days acute colicky pains low in abdomen, resembling labor pains, coming at various times of day; hard aching pain in uterus; sinking, fluttering feeling in epigastrium; stools loose; great sleepiness, constant desire to lie down, sleep in daytime agg. abdominal pains; milk very thin before weaning.
Tearing pain in abdomen. ~ Dysmenorrhea.
Cutting pain in right side of abdomen throwing her into fainting fits; painful distension of abdomen; urging to urinate, but inability to do so except at long intervals.
Cramplike pains in abdomen, which feels hot. ~ Dysentery.
Spasmodic colic, amel. by bending forward.
At times pains as if knife was thrust through abdomen.
Colic: stomach distended; incarceration of wind, belching relieves; pains change locality; sensitive to light pressure; with restlessness and fever.
Excessive griping, as though about to have diarrhea.
Burning like fire in hypogastric and lumbar regions.
Coldness; thirst; abdomen very hot. ~ Dysentery.
Abdomen hot and sensitive to touch; painful stiffness from loins down into thighs; scanty, turbid urine with reddish sediment; strangury; constipation; must lie on back with drawn up knees; especially in complications with typhilitis. ~ Peritonitis.
Acute cutting, stinging pains, radiating from navel over upper portion of abdomen, excruciating from slightest touch as well as by motion, with tympanitic distension. ~ Peritonitis.
Lies on back with knees drawn up; tenderness, pain and swelling in region of cecum; pain extending from right lumbar region through sacrum, through inguinal region and forepart of thigh, more especially when swelling is examined; urine scanty, high colored; strangury; bowels costive. ~ Inflammation of cecum.
Strangulated umbilical hernia; sloughing.
Tenderness in left iliac region, intolerance of pressure.
Ileo-cecal region very sensitive to touch; after great straining discharges a mass of croupous exudation. ~ Chronic intestinal catarrh.
Threatened gangrene in strangulated hernia; skin covering hernial tumor mottled and dark; pain across abdomen; contractive sensation in abdomen; cutting, lacerating, burning pains; hernia exceedingly sensitive, will not admit handling.
For years violent pains over right groin, drawing from ovary to uterus; pus passing with stool.
Violent pain of long standing in right groin, extending either towards genital organs or upwards towards liver or chest.
Extreme nervous debility; great fear of death; hopeless of recovery; despair of salivation; desire to pick her fingers raw, or arms, or face, or pick threads from shawl, clothing, etc.; menses delayed, with general aggravation of symptoms; always agg. every four weeks for four or five days; fibrous tumors, size of orange, in left groin.
Contraction of psoas muscle, drawing knee towards abdomen; hectic fever. ~ Bubo.
Large hard swelling, with fistulous openings in inguinal region, extending towards abdomen; hectic fever. ~ Bubo.
Long lasting, suppurating buboes of mercurio-syphilitic origin.


Tormenting urging, but not to stool.
Wants to pass stool, but pain is so increased thereby, he must desist.
Fetid flatus.
Very offensive stools, whether formed or not.
Sensation as if feces ascended to chest. ~ Puerperal fever.
Stools: fetid; cadaverous smelling; frequent; corrosive; purulent; thin; pasty; bloody, watery; watery, light yellow, fecal; dark, chocolate colored; of decomposed blood, looking like charred straw; mixed blood and slime; agg. at night, after acids; during warm weather; thin, offensive; thin, slippery lumps; involuntary.
Sudden diarrhea, with great urging, about midnight, thin, pasty, excessively offensive, ammoniacal.
Diarrhea every evening for a week, preceded by transient pain in rectum, followed by throbbing as with little hammers, in anus.
Watery stools, with burning in anus, in evening.
Painless, brownish yellow diarrhea, smelling like carrion; fluid mixed with small fragments of feces, like millet seeds; diarrhea brought on by least quantity of food; had eighteen to twenty stools during night; tongue red and dry; longs for drinks, but is afraid of aggravation it causes of the diarrhea; sleep restless and full of dreams; hands shriveled and cold; slight twitching of hands; despondent; speech affected (sermo abdominalis); great emaciation and prostration, cannot sit up in bed without assistance.
Great inclination for acids; discharges black and frothy; sometimes vomiting of bile in morning.
Chronic diarrhea, with gnawing and pressure in pit of stomach. ~ Syphilis.
Diarrhea: of mixed blood and slime in warm weather, agg. by acid fruits; agg. at night and after sleep; with frothy urine; a few days before or after menses, with colic; during climaxis; of drunkards, with languor and exhaustion, very excessive in hot weather and with large hemorrhoidal tumors, which protrude after each pappy, offensive stool, with constriction of sphincter and continued desire to evacuate.
Stool and urine involuntary. ~ Fevers.
Hemorrhage from bowels; decomposed blood. ~ Typhus.
Flakes of decomposed blood, having form and appearance of perfectly charred wheat straw, in longer or shorter flat pieces, portions more or less ground up.
Discharges have a penetrating, fetid smell and assume a purulent character; great heat of abdomen. ~ Summer complaint.
Discharges chocolate colored, of a cadaverous smell; during evacuation burning in anus; cramplike pain in abdomen; coldness; thirst; abdomen very hot; tongue red and cracked at its point, or black and bloody. ~ Dysentery.
Could not protrude tongue, which caught on teeth; during a nap, restlessness, dyspnea, distress and then stinking stool. ~ Dysentery.
Dysentery; shivering without coldness.
Vomiting renewed by slightest motion, and nausea attended by great flow of saliva. ~ Cholera.
Painful straining, with discharge of croupous exudate.
Pressive pains in umbilical region; violent gripes, with contracted abdomen, or abdomen hard and tympanitic; fetid stools. ~ Enteritis.
Chronic intestinal catarrh.
Soft stools of bright yellow color.
Alternate diarrhea and constipation.
Costive, ineffectual urging; anus feels closed; stools offensive.
Long lasting constipation with pressure in stomach and unsatisfactory belching.
Stools: scanty, greyish, like potter's clay; hard like sheep dung; hard and difficult; frequent and hard; hard, scanty and insufficient.
Constipation with black tongue and lips. ~ Scarlatina.
Constipation without other symptoms.
Feeling of unhappiness on awaking; sensation of constriction of anus. ~ Constipation.
Absence of stool in persons suffering from hydrothorax.
Weight, fullness and pressure in bowels, with much flatulence. ~ Chronic constipation.
Constipation, with ineffectual effort to evacuate.
Costiveness, with very hard stools, between menses; stool omitted twenty days. ~ Angina syphilitica.
Stools in pieces, frequent, yellow, orange, sometimes tinged with blood. ~ Gastric nervous fever.
Long lasting costiveness, with pressure in stomach and unsuccessful eructations.
Chronic constipation in a young lady, of ten years' standing, was obliged daily to use warm injections; weight, fullness and pressure in bowels, accompanied with a good deal of flatulency.
Fecal obstructions; intussusception threatening sloughing.
No stool nor urine. ~ Metritis. ~ Puerperal fever.
Before stool: rumbling; ineffectual urging; constant and very painful pressure in rectum, without stool; constriction in rectum or sensation of plug in anus.
During stool: cramplike pain in abdomen; burning in anus; tenesmus; pain as if sphincter was torn with effort; tearing pains in rectum from below upward and backward, to point of producing eructations; feces remain at anus; aggravation of pains, so that it is necessary to cease all efforts.
After stool: burning at anus; tenesmus; protrusion of large hemorrhoidal tumors, with constriction of anus and continued desire for stool.
Child always awakens in distress. ~ Diarrhea.
Stool lies in rectum, without urging.
Full feeling in rectum, and a sensation of little hammers beating. ~ Fistula in ano. ~ Climaxis.
Rectum prolapsed and tumefied.
Burning, cutting pains in rectum, agg. while standing morning till afternoon.
Constant and painful pressure in rectum, without stools.
Beating sensation in rectum; throbbing. ~ Stricture of rectum.
Stitch in rectum or hemorrhoids when coughing or sneezing.
Uneven or tuberculated and indurated mass, surrounding and protruding from anus, through centre of this mass was an irregular, ragged and ulcerated fissure (the outlet from rectum), from which issued a sanious mucous discharge; stool almost impossible on account of obstruction and pain; soft and yielding tumors (hemorrhoidal) nearly filling rectum, as far as touch extended; constant throbbing with itching, shooting and burning in affected region; all symptoms agg. after sleep; had been diagnosticated as scirrhus of anus and rectum. ~ Affection of anus and rectum.
Piles for four years, came on first month of pregnancy; discharge of mucus, excoriating passage; sore, burning pain after every evacuation; very irritable nervous system; craving for pickles; acrid waterbrash.
Piles protruding or strangulated, or, with stitches upward at each cough or sneeze. ~ Climaxis. ~ Drunkards.
Hot, bleeding hemorrhoidal tumors.
Hemorrhoids: with scanty menses; in climacteric years.
Drawing pains from anus to umbilicus.
Spasmodic pains in anus internally, short time before and after stool.
Visible spasmodic tenesmus in paroxysms, from two to five minutes, extorting cries, passes blood and mucus.
Itching at anus, agg. after sleep.
Anus feels closed; sensation of a plug.
Painful constriction of anus, following prolapsus of rectum.
Fistulous abscess opened near anus. ~ Scarlatina.


Stitches in kidneys, extending downward and apparently through ureters. ~ Cystitis.
Pressure upon bladder; dull pain.
Feeling as of a ball rolling about in bladder or abdomen, when turning over. ~ Uterine displacement. ~ Cystitis.
Discharge of offensive mucus during micturition. ~ Catarrh of bladder.
Ineffectual urging to urinate; burning when it does pass.
Urgent desire to urinate, with passage of much urine.
Frequent micturition, urine scanty, dark brown, turbid.
Violent burning when passing urine. ~ Angina syphilitica.
Painful pressing and burning when making water.
Dribbling after urinating.
Constant sticking and cutting in forepart of urethra.
Urine of strong ammoniacal odor, involuntary; lying on back. ~ Gastric nervous fever.
High colored urine of strong smell. ~ Diphtheria. ~ Scarlatina.
Urine dark, with a brown, gravely sediment, passing with a sharp, cutting pain.
Urine: almost black; frequent, foamy, dark.
Urine like coffee grounds. ~ Scarlatina.
Urine dark or scanty, as in typhus. ~ Diphtheria.
Black, scanty urine, with edema, after scarlatina.
Urine red and hot. ~ Angina faucium.
Scanty urine with red sediment. ~ Typhlitis.
Urine heavily loaded with albumen.
Albuminuria with hydrothorax and dropsical enlargement of left side and leg.
Strangury. ~ Typhlitis.
No urine, no stool.
Urine almost suppressed. ~ Scarlatina.


Great excitement of sexual desire.
Epilepsy after suffering by lewdness, or morbid excitement of sexual organs, onanism, frequent emissions of semen, or jealousy.
Nocturnal emissions, with thrill of delight.
Excessive sexual desire, constant erections at night; emissions, with profuse night sweats; cheerful disposition and feeling of ease on awaking, succeeded by increased mental concentration; semen has a pungent smell.
Sore pain in urethra, in forepart of penis.
Indurated foreskin, after chancres.
Mercurial syphilitic ulcers on penis.
Scrotum swollen to enormous size. ~ Scarlatinal dropsy.
Sycotic ulcers, with bluish areola.
Paraphimosis when constriction causes gangrene, or threatened gangrene, eruption on glans and mons veneris.
Gangrene of glans.
Phagedenic chancres.
Buboes: with sore throat and headache; indurated or with fistulous openings and hectic; after mercury; suppurating a long time.


Sexual desire excited to the highest pitch; perfectly insatiable; luxurious convulsive thrills run all through her.
Tickling and jerking extending from thighs to genital organs. ~ Nymphomania.
Ovarian neuralgia, particularly left side; tensive, pressing, burning or stitching pains.
Frequent, troublesome, drawing pain in right ovarian region, from near hip bone down to os pubis, sometimes burning. ~ Swelling of right ovary.
Pain in right ovarian region increasing more and more until relieved by a discharge of blood. ~ Climaxis.
Terrible pain in right ovarian region, with swelling.
Induration and suppuration of ovaries.
Right ovary size of a fist; 1 1/2 inches thick, painful when pressed, attached to uterus by a string as thick as a finger.
Sharp, shooting pain in left ovary; constipation; feels agg. in morning and after sleep. ~ Ovaritis.
Tensive, pressing pains and stitches; inability to lie on right side, on account of sensation as if something was rolling over to that side; swelling of ovary; suppuration; left side. ~ Ovaritis.
Painful, oblong swelling and induration in right ovarian region, agg. by moral emotions, rapid movements, prolonged walks and overexertion. ~ Uterine displacement.
Ovarian tumors; left ovary first affected, tending to right.
Swelling, induration, tumors, neuralgia, suppuration, etc., of left ovary.
Menses irregular, dark, dirty looking and offensive; looks like a pregnant woman at ninth month; abdomen hard, some parts more so than others; in left ovarian region and directly under navel, extending up to stomach, very hard, as though fibrous, all other sections tense and more or less painful; at times dyspnea and wheezing almost approaching suffocation; tongue red and glazed; appetite fickle; great thirst; scanty, high colored urine, with hematin and ten per cent. of albumen; constipation, with occasional discharge like horse dung in size, causing pain and weakness from which she would not recover for half a day or more; constant malaise. ~ Sacculated ovarian disease.
Uterine and ovarian tumors, with profuse and prolonged menses; great sensitiveness of lower abdomen; severe, aching pain, anteriorly, in thighs, in branches of anterior crural nerve.
Uterine region feels swollen, with bear no contact, not even of clothing; bearing down pains.
Pains like a knife thrust into abdomen.
Uterus feels as if os was open.
(In sick:) Genital parts much distended, swollen and red, everything seemed to be rolled out and mouth of womb open; nymphomania.
Labor-like pains as if everything would issue from vulva, followed by a slight discharge of blood.
Menstrual colic beginning in left ovary.
Sensation as if pains from uterus and abdomen ascended towards chest.
Pain in uterine region as if swollen; displacement.
Violent, labor-like pressing from loins downwards during menses, which are scanty. ~ Displacement.
Pains in uterine region, increase at times more and more till relieved by a flow of blood from vagina; after a few hours or days the same again, and so on.
Uterus does not bear contact and has to be relieved of all pressure; frequently lifts clothes, they cause an uneasiness in abdomen, no tenderness.
Womb enlarged, retroverted, hot and sensitive to touch; os open and sensitive; menses irregular; fundus found to be larger posteriorly.
Chronic metritis: with hypertrophy; menses too scanty and difficult: soreness about pelvic region. (Complemented by Nitr. ac.)
Congestion of womb with prolapsus.
Displacement in connection with or in consequence of change of life.
Prolapsus during climaxis, with flashes of heat, hot vertex; metrorrhagia and fainting; pain in left hypogastric and ovarian region.
Chronic uterine catarrh, staining linen, rendering it stiff, accompanied by a severe pain in lumbar region. ~ Sterility.
Uterine cancer, developing at climaxis, or as a consequence of change of life; pains increase rapidly, until relieved by profuse discharge of blood; violent pains, as if a knife was thrust through abdomen, which has to be relieved of all pressure.
Uterine hemorrhages of the menopause.
Menses: suppressed at regular time, but too short and feeble; scanty, with labor-like pressure from loins downwards; irregular; scanty, blood black; late, scanty and difficult; every two or three months, then profuse; reappearing during climaxis; blood lumpy, black or acrid.
Tenacious and acrid menstrual flow, with labor-like pains. ~ Cancer of uterus.
Menorrhagia with chills at night, flashes of heat by day.
Amenorrhea: the smaller the discharge the greater the pain; with vertigo, headache and bleeding from nose; with pain in stomach, chest and eructations at every menstrual time; swelling in region of left ovary.
Persistent congestions at menopause.
Nosebleed and cardialgia instead of menses.
Strangulation of prolapsed vagina, parts deep purple.
Erectile tumors; hemorrhage vicarious; pain agg. until amel. by flow of blood; if bleeding returns; pain returns.
Fistula vagina; gangrene.
Before menses: desire for open air; vertigo; nosebleed; labor-like pains, agg. in left ovarian region; bruised feeling in hips; amel. when flow begins; sudden attacks of cardialgia; oppression or spasms of chest; eructations; diarrhea, with violent straining; colic, with sense of malaise; nervous distress; mucous sediment in urine; leucorrhea three days before, discharge copious, smarting and slimy, stiffening linen and leaving a greenish stain; pain in back, with abdominal cramps and throbbing headache.
The day before menses irresistible desire to go in open air and run about. ~ Dysmenorrhea.
Menstrual colic on first day of menses.
Labor-like pains with menses.
During menses beating in head and burning in vertex; labor-like pains, as if everything was being pressed out, followed by a slight show; uterus feels as if os was open; violent pains first day in small of back and abdomen; tearing pain in abdomen; bruised feeling in hips; amel. as flow becomes free; violent cramps in bowels as if cut with knives; pressing pains from loins to privates; uterine pains running up; colic beginning in left ovary; toothache agg. in proportion to diminution of flow; fainting in nervous women; cardialgia, oppression of chest and eructations; ovarian pain; discharge of blood or mucus from anus; epilepsy agg.
Jealous disposition; craves coffee and feels amel. after drinking it; ulcers on legs with a purplish circumference. ~ Dysmenorrhea.
With menses a throbbing in rectum and violent pains; greatly troubled with wind; slime passes, sometimes blood as from an ulcer; pressure; feels as if a stricture was there.
Menses flow but one hour every day, on stopping, violent pains follow in region of left ovary, alternating with gagging and vomituritio. ~ Dysmenorrhea.
Dysmenorrhea of eighteen years' standing.
After menses: diarrhea; common, acrid leucorrhea; palpitation, with pain, as if heart was hanging by a thread, and every beat would tear it off.
Leucorrhea: from three to eight days before menses; green or thick yellow; copious, smarting, stiffening linen, staining it greenish, milky.
Redness and swelling of parts, with mucous discharge.
Fungus hematodes on right mamma as large as a peony; blood poured out all over it as from a sponge.
For last four years stitching and cutting pains in left breast, more or less severe, but always agg. before, during and after menses; at first pain limited to affected part, but finally extended to left axilla, and thence down arm to hand; peculiar painful sensation of weakness and lameness in left shoulder and arm, agg. using arm; occasionally left mamma and arm become so painful that use of latter becomes impossible, and she is compelled to lie down; on examination no visible swelling, but upon pressure with finger a three-lobed tumor, each lobe about as large as a pigeon's egg, can be detected lying about two inches above and somewhat to left side of nipple; tumor movable and painful to pressure; examination causes pain which extends to shoulder and down arm, lasting 5-6 hours; shoulder and arm sensitive to pressure, the pain extending back into mamma; pale and emaciated; menses regular, lasting 3-4 days, with much pain on first day and day previous to their appearance; chronic fluor albus.
Breast has a bluish or purplish appearance; chills at night and flushes of heat by day.
Cancer having bluish or dark base, interspersed with black streaks of coagulated or decomposed blood.
Cancer of breast, with lancinating pains.
Scarlet, shining, herpetic, eruption, under mamma, agg. from scratching; odor offensive.
At menopause; flashes, hot vertex; metrorrhagia; fainting; uterine displacement; cancer; capillary circulation affected.
Suitable at beginning and close of menses.


Persistent vomiting in pregnancy, occurring late in afternoon and evening.
Convulsions commenced on left side, in face, and continued longer, and were more severe about neck and throat than elsewhere; sixty-five distinct convulsions. ~ Puerperal convulsions.
Violent convulsions in lower limbs, with coldness of feet, stretching backward of body, and screaming; puerperal.
From sunstroke two years previous to confinement had been ever since in bed; two hours after delivery convulsions; after twelve hours comatose, great heat in occipital and cervical regions; mouth dry; pulseless.
Face turgid; mouth filled with foam and blood; jaws convulsively set, tongue shockingly lacerated; pulse full and hard; respiration irregular; complete coma interrupted by frightful convulsions; sudden and forcible protrusion of tongue. ~ Puerperal convulsions.
Face livid, bluish; abdomen swollen; urinary and fecal evacuations suppressed; lochial discharge thin and fetid; unconsciousness with violent chills daily. ~ Puerperal peritonitis.
Lochial discharge thin, ichorous; tympanitis. ~ Metritis.
Phlegmasia alba dolens.
Pains in ovaries after confinement.
Sore mouth of nursing women, edges of tongue red and cracked, with smarting and aching pains.
Lancinating pains in mamma; pains down arm; breast bluish, with blackish streaks. ~ Mastitis.
Breast has a bluish or purplish appearance; chills at night and flushes of heat by day.
Thin, blue milk discharging involuntarily; child does not want to nurse; after child has sucked awhile milk becomes natural in color.
Milk thin, blue; she awakens sad, despairing.
Mamma swollen; nipples swollen, erect; painful to touch.
Extreme sensitiveness of nipples.


Loss of voice caused by paralysis or edema of vocal cords.
Paralysis of vocal cords, particularly the left.
Unable to utter a loud word for a week; a spot tender to touch on anterior portion of neck. ~ Menstrual irregularities.
Aphonia in phthisis; sputum tough and green.
Something hinders speech; hoarse; hawks constantly.
Hoarseness and cough; heart beat accelerated by quick motion or after drinking beer.
Hoarseness; rough, dry cough caused by scratching in larynx and trachea. ~ Heart disease.
Increased hoarseness while speaking; voice will not come because something in larynx prevents it, which cannot be hawked loose, though mucus is brought up.
Hoarseness, rawness, dryness; larynx sensitive to touch.
Sensation as from a skin in larynx.
Feeling as of talons sticking into larynx, agg. by coughing.
Larynx sensitive to least touch, which causes suffocation; feeling of a lump in throat.
Larynx and whole throat painful to touch.
Great sensitiveness of larynx; hoarseness; a thick lump is felt in throat, as from accumulated mucus. ~ Chronic bronchitis.
Feeling of a small lump in pit of throat, like a button; feels as if it might loosen, but does not.
Larynx and throat painful on bending head backward.
Pain in pit of throat extending to root of tongue and to hyoid bone, and to left tragus, behind which it shoots out; painful to touch.
Feeling as if something was swollen in pit of throat and would suffocate him; it cannot be swallowed; soreness in throat.
Constriction, dryness, stinging and great rawness of throat, especially of pharynx and larynx, with chills and rigors. ~ Epidemic pharyngitis.
Larynx swollen, sore, raw, scraping, somewhat also on pressing upon it; at same time is obliged to swallow.
Catarrh, with little secretion and much sensitiveness; dry cough, coming from sense of tickling in larynx, provoked by deep inspiration, speaking and pressure; sense of fullness in trachea and painful aching in os hyoides. ~ Laryngitis.
Chronic affections of larynx, where parts, without being actually inflamed, are very sensitive; hoarseness; sensation as if a large mass of mucus had accumulated in throat.
Impending croup during diphtheria; awakens suffocating, grasps throat; fears he is dying.
Croup agg. after sleep; seemingly sleeps into croupy spell.
Child seems as if it would choke while sleeping; breathes amel. after waking. ~ Croup.
Awakened from sleep, apparently in a dying condition. ~ Membranous croup.
Croup in children subject to inflammatory rheumatism.
Child arouses with a paroxysm of choking, almost loses its breath, and sometimes goes into convulsions. ~ Croup.
Membranous croup, last stage; membrane coughed up in pieces like a glove finger; very sore throat.
Membranous croup with diphtheritic sore throat, or malignant scarlet fever; breath very offensive; glands of neck swollen; soreness of neck to touch.
Suddenly something runs from neck to larynx, stopping breathing, it awakens him at night. ~ Spasmus glottidis.
Constriction of larynx, attended with dryness of whole throat and mouth, invariably after sleeping.
Nightly attacks of spasm of glottis after first sleep; suffocation and livid face; during day sensation of foreign body in throat, with difficulty in swallowing.
Paroxysms recur as often as child gets into a sound sleep. ~ Laryngismus stridulus.
(In sick:) Frightful gasping or grasping at larynx, almost suffocated at night in an attack; she thought she was dying from inability to breathe; rolling from side to side in bed.
Sensation as if something was in trachea which might be raised, comes partly up and then goes back again.
After attack of influenza dry, harassing, concussive cough; agg. after sleep. ~ Bronchial catarrh.
Mucous membrane of nose thickened; much sneezing; dry, stuffed feeling through whole front part of head; gradually passing to fauces and chest; constant dry, short cough, night and day, sitting, lying or walking; wheezing breathing; face red and puffed; eyes seem almost pressed out. ~ Bronchial catarrh.
Cough excited by even light pressure on larynx, or as soon as he falls asleep, often with choking, as if suffocation was inevitable; after a long, dry and wheezing paroxysm of cough there is suddenly a profuse expectoration of frothy, tenacious mucus, which gives great relief. ~ Chronic bronchitis.
Continued fever, agg. at night; pulse 150; respirations 70 per minute; red spot on one cheek, frequently changing sides; left lung impervious to air; constant cough, agg. at night; later right lung affected; uneasy and restless; throws itself in all positions in efforts to breathe; face dark; constant spasmodic cough with labored breathing; on falling asleep for a few moments throat became so dry that a condition like croup came on, and all suffering increased. ~ Bronchial catarrh.
Can only breathe in upright position, and that with great labor; thickening of mucous membrane seems to fill lung completely; constant cough from titillations behind sternum, seemingly at bifurcation of trachea; no expectoration, yet chest seems full of fluid when coughing. ~ Bronchial catarrh.
Dry cough, squeaking rale and aphonia; external throat sensitive to touch; soreness, tenderness, sensation of weight in left ovarian region; agg. after sleep; pale, scanty menses, with loss of sexual instinct. ~ Bronchitis.
Bronchial attacks in subjects of cyanosis and cardiac disease.


Constantly obliged to take a deep breath.
Desperate fits of suffocation, must sit up in bed; cutting pain in abdomen.
Obliged to sit up and lean right side against a pillowed rocking chair that pain in left chest with dyspnea, night be amel.; frequent small pulse; diminished strength of heart's action; could not bear neck and waistbands fastened.
Difficulty of breathing amel. when sitting bent forward; agg. when talking and after eating.
Oppression and want of breath: agg. when walking and after spirituous liquors; heart disease; at every menstrual effort.
Shortness of breath and suffocative attacks caused by touching larynx and agg. on moving arms.
The least thing coming near mouth or nose interferes with breathing; lying in bed at night slightest covering over mouth or nose produces suffocating dyspnea.
In morning when sitting up quickly, breathing slow, difficult, whistling. ~ Asthma.
Oppression of chest during sleep.
Lays hand upon upper third of sternum and declares she cannot get her breath below there.
Chest stuffed as it were; cannot lie down from a sense of suffocation and must open doors and windows to obtain air; a suffocating short cough, with scanty and difficult expectoration; head must always be high, and she generally rests in on her hand.
Great dyspnea, agg. in afternoon and after sleep; left side; badly smelling stools even it formed. ~ Pneumonia.
Chest feels constricted.
Suddenly something runs from neck to larynx and interrupts breathing completely; it wakens at night. ~ Spasmus glottidis.
Cannot sleep, as soon as he falls asleep breathing is immediately interrupted. ~ Acute rheumatism.
Suffocating fits, waking from sleep with throwing arms about; cyanotic symptoms; swelling of liver; black urine. ~ Hydrothorax.
Awakes with fear of suffocation in middle of night.
During heat as of orgasm of blood he is obliged to loosen clothes about neck; sensation as though they hindered circulation of blood, with a kind of suffocative feeling.
Asthma: agg. from covering mouth or nose, touching throat, moving arms, on awaking, after eating or talking; amel. sitting bent forward.
Sharp pain through lungs, great dyspnea; agg. sitting erect, or lying down, amel. bending forward and throwing head back; feeling of intense constriction in all parts of chest, as if lungs were being pressed up into throat, causing extreme agony, so that she despaired of life; feeling as though heart a cord was tightly tied around neck; must loosen clothes at neck and epigastrium; at times sensation as though heart turned over and ceased beating for a moment, then commenced again with increased force; lung seems full of mucus, yet none can be raised; face almost purple during paroxysms.
Edema pulmonum; emphysema.
Threatening paralysis of lungs, greatest difficulty in breathing with long lasting attacks of suffocation.
Hay asthma.
Itching disappears, she is very short of breath and full of anxiety. ~ Itch.

COUGH. [27]

Constant dry, hacking cough. ~ Ovaritis.
Dry, hacking cough, caused by touching throat or in morning after sleep.
Every contact with open air causes a violent tickling cough, accompanied by expectoration of mucus.
Fluttering, nervous, slight cough, apparently excited by a tickling in larynx.
Cough caused by pressure on larynx or by any covering on throat; by a tickling in pit of throat and sternum; when falling asleep; from ulcers in throat.
Cough, with rawness of chest, difficult expectoration and pains in throat, head and larynx.
Constant titillation in throat inducing cough; constant hawking going on to empty retching, without nausea; seldom any expectoration, but when there is it is brought up with extreme difficulty and at risk of suffocation.
Crawling in ulcers, irritation to cough. ~ Angina syphilitica.
Short, gagging, very fatiguing cough from tickling in pit of throat, cannot get anything loose.
Frequent attacks of short cough from tickling in pit of stomach, dry during night; difficult, sometimes watery, salty mucus, which has to be swallowed again.
Cough: agg. during day; after sleeping; changes in temperature; alcoholic drinks; acids and sour drinks.
Short, superficial, tickling cough, very exhausting, sometimes causing vomiting; difficult expectoration of thin, tough mucus, or thick, roundish lumps; often coughs, hawks, spits, without bringing up anything; coughs only during day; cough in open air and after speaking, which seems to make everything dry; in damp weather and after eating fish; cough seems to originate in epigastrium, where it produces a tickling sensation and severe pain.
(In sick:) Superficial, nervous cough from tickling in larynx, at 9 P. M. until going to bed.
Cough after rising from a lying position.
Cough during sleep, without being conscious of it.
Bronchial cough, agg. after sleeping.
Cough after sleep; breath fetid; complete loss of appetite.
Dry cough, squeaking rale and aphonia; throat sensitive to touch; soreness, tenderness, sensation of weight in left ovarian region; agg. after sleep; pale, scanty menses, with loss of sexual instinct. ~ Bronchitis.
After influenza, dry, harassing, concussive cough; agg. after sleeping, lasting all Winter and following Spring.
After occasional attacks of haemoptysis, dry, sore cough, agg. at night and in early morning, and also by reclining. ~ Phthisis pulmonalis.
Cough as if some fluid had gone into wrong passage.
With every cough feeling as of an ulcer in stomach.
Gagging, persistent cough, from tickling in throat, under sternum, or in stomach; agg. on falling asleep or during day, from change of temperature and alcoholic drinks.
Hard, racking cough and profuse expectoration. ~ Hepatitis.
Child coughs in evening on lying down, afterwards during sleep, sometimes awakened thereby; faint and weak.
Cough most during day.
Cough excited by increased secretion of fluid in larynx.
Feels pretty well when she gets up; thinks she will be able to do a good day's work, until 11 A. M., when she becomes weak and faint; tongue sore across middle from side to side, and beats; throat seems to swell and beat; fits of coughing, expectoration of tenacious mucus; amel. after two o'clock; perspires at night, starts up suddenly with choking; cannot bear bonnet strings tied tight; no appetite; flatulence; to be costive; amel. out of doors and when moving about.
Coughing or sneezing causes stitching pains in affected parts. ~ Cancer of uterus.
Sympathetic cough of cardiac affections.
During cough: tension in head; pains in epigastrium, abdomen and anus; burning in chest; ulcerative pain above and along ribs; stitches in chest; running of water from the mouth; vomiting; discharge of urine; pain in hemorrhoidal tumors.
Constant provocation to cough, with retching and gagging.
With every single cough a stitch in hemorrhoidal tumor.
Pain in anus when coughing or sneezing.
Cough with hoarseness.
Paroxysms of suffocating, spasmodic cough, with tickling in larynx.
Dyspnea and cough, with slimy, blood streaked, very copious sputa. ~ Gastric nervous fever.
Sharp pain through lungs with great dyspnea; agg. sitting erect or lying down; amel. bending body forward and throwing head back; feeling of intense constriction in all parts of chest, as if lungs were pressed up into throat; constriction in throat as if cord was tied around, necessitating loosening of covering; sensation as if heart turned over and ceased beating for a while, after which pulsations increased in force. ~ Spasmodic asthma.
Must cough hard and long before he can raise.
After a long, wheezing cough, suddenly spits up profuse, frothy, tenacious mucus.
Spitting large quantities of ropy mucus. ~ Diphtheria.
Expectoration: scanty, difficult, watery, saltish; must be swallowed again; straining and vomiting.


Oppressive pain in chest, as if full of wind, amel. by eructation.
Full feeling of chest and a pushing pressing from within outward. ~ Heart disease.
Contraction of chest waking him after midnight, with slow, heavy, wheezing breathing, compelling him to sit up bent forward.
Pain in chest as from soreness; burning in chest.
Stitches in left side of chest, with difficult breathing.
Stitching pain through right side of chest. ~ Hepatitis.
Chest feels as if stuffed; cannot lie down, from sense of suffocation; must open doors and windows to obtain air; suffocating, short cough, scanty and difficult expectoration; fever at 10 P. M., unquenchable thirst, dryness in throat and mouth, can scarcely breathe for thirst, must continually moisten mouth, drinking does no good, and she dreads it; fever begins with rigor on going to bed, heat continues till 4 A. M., with intervals of shivering; sweat towards morning; tearing pain in temples during hot stage, burning heat in epigastrium; sleepy, day and night, but cannot sleep, except a little towards morning; frequent micturition, urine scanty, dark brown and turbid; abdomen distended, flatulence; cannot bear anything upon abdomen; little appetite; frequent coryza; feeling of ball in throat, as if a button was fast stuck in pit of throat; not perceptible on swallowing food, but on attempting deglutition, and during this it seems to rise and sink, as if it was turned around, feels as if she could bring it up but it will not come; must have whole neck bare, cannot endure bedclothes, nor even tie cap strings. ~ Chest affection.
Burning, stinging, like coals of fire from chest through to shoulders.
Hepatization, particularly of left lung; great dyspnea on awaking. ~ Pneumonia.
Pulse very quick, wiry, excited and strong; frequent chills and fever; no appetite; constipation; sputa as if mixed with brick-dust; discouraged, homesick and despairing; covers his head with bedclothes, and sighs and laughs by turns, and always thinks there is something wrong. ~ Pneumonia.
Threatened paralysis of lungs with great dyspnea and long lasting suffocative paroxysms. ~ Pneumonia.
Dropsy of chest; awakens suffocating; liver swollen; scanty, dark urine; palpitation. ~ After scarlatina.
Sibilant rales.
Chronic pleuro pneumonia; hepatization; difficulty of breathing; dyspnea particularly on right side.
Measles, followed by whooping cough, inflammation of lungs, bloody expectoration, high fever and terrible coughing spells; intense capillary bronchitis; pulse 135; dry crepitation over both lungs, somewhat veiled by co-existing coarse bronchial rales; finally suppuration of both lungs supervened, with following symptoms; great emaciation, cadaverous appearance, eyes sunken and glassy, rattling in bronchi, expectoration of cream colored pus, hectic flush, pulse rapid, cannot be counted correctly, picking and boring left nostril, until it is raw and bleeding; lips parched and dry, tongue dry, dark brown coating at root, tip red; trembling of tongue when attempting to protrude it; cannot put out tongue, it sticks to front teeth; sordes on teeth; great prostration; can bear nothing about throat; plaintive moaning; after every coughing spell such exhaustion it seems she will die.
Useful when tubercles follow pneumonia.
Woman, aet. 26, tall and slender, tuberculous tendency of family; cough for more than two months; frequent dry, short and sharp, or harsh sound; loss of appetite and strength; emaciation; prominent clavicles; no respiratory murmur in posterior superior half of left lung.
Afternoon fever, chills and flushes alternating; pulse 112; copious night sweat wakes him from first sleep, violent titillating cough, sensitiveness of larynx; difficult expectoration, in hard lumps, of offensive taste, sometimes salty; burning deep in chest, pleuritic pains, agg. from coughing; morning cough, vomiting; dullness in left infra-clavicular region, sensitiveness to touch; shortness of breathing, a sense of constriction of chest. ~ Tuberculosis.
Difficult expectoration of offensive, purulent sputa, with straining even to vomiting. ~ Tuberculosis.


Heart feels as if too large for containing cavity.
Feeling of constriction about heart.
Cramplike pain in precordial region, causing palpitation, with anxiety.
Great pain in heart.
Palpitation: with numbness of arm; choking from slightest exertion; amel. by sitting down or lying on right side; with fainting and anxiety; chronic with young girls.
Irregularity of beats of heart.
She feels beating of heart, with weakness, to sinking.
Palpitation after exertion or sudden excitement amel. by lying down; feels sick and faint; his face becomes white, but on lying down symptoms pass off in two minutes; for some time has been unable to lie on left side because it caused pain at heart or dull oppression; lying on right side weight of left arm is painful; fullness at heart, as if pressing against side or had not free play. ~ Heart disease.
Wakes from a troubled sleep of a few moments with a violent shock in precordia and a sensation of suffocative constriction of chest; extreme distress for breath; face livid and covered with warm sweat; visible palpitation of heart; heart seems to stand still and then start with a tremendous bound, followed by rapid tremor; pulse irregular, intermissions growing more protracted. ~ Functional disturbance of heart.
Restless, trembling; anxiety about heart; hasty speech; suffocation on lying down; weight on chest; heart feels constricted. ~ Rheumatism of heart.
Restless and trembling; hasty talking; great oppression; anguish about heart in rheumatism; irregularity in beats of heart. ~ Pericarditis.
Tremulous irritability of heart after scarlatina or fevers.
Constant dyspnea; sense of suffocation in chest and cardiac region, uninfluenced by position, exercise, etc.; pulse 160, feeble, small and occasionally intermittent; heart's action ditto; a mouthful of food or drink causes distress, burning and pain till vomited; believes she will not recover, but without anxiety. ~ Heart affection.
Obliged to sit up and lean right side against pillowed chair, that pain in left chest, with dyspnea, might be amel.; frequent small pulse; could not bear neck and waistbands fastened. ~ Heart disease.
Hypertrophy of left ventricle, with sensation as if heart was too large for its containing space.
Suffocative attacks on touching larynx or moving chest; fainting and anxiety from slightest motion of child; purple color of skin; coldness of extremities. ~ Cyanosis.
Pericarditis, or endocarditis, after scarlatina or diphtheria.
Favors resorption of exudate in pericarditis.
Weight in chest with anxiety; spasmodic pain in heart, palpitation, feels constricted; sensation as if heart intermitted a single beat, produces slight cough which seems to re-establish circulation; shortness of breath after every motion, especially of hands; great weariness; inability to lie down on account of a suffocating sense of fullness in chest, necessity of removing all pressure from neck and chest and gasping for breath, when amel. of this lies on left side with head high; most adapted to cases where fibrin is deposited on surface of heart, valves or investing membrane. ~ Rheumatism of heart.
Dilatation of right ventricle.
Woman, aet. 50, fleshy; dilatation of left ventricle, aorta and carotid; when quiet she could lie down and sleep for an hour or two; when excited must sit by open window; bronchia are readily affected by cold; lungs fill up; could only breathe in upright position with great labor; constant cough from titillation behind sternum, at bifurcation; no expectoration, yet chest seems full of fluid.
Ebullitions in chest.
Cyanosis neonatorum.
Surface of body mottled; every effort to lift or move babe would cause it to cry out with pain; child's breathing after a crying spell so labored as to almost amount to asphyxia; extremities and feet cold; face and limbs puffed. ~ Cyanosis.
Pulse: small, weak and accelerated; unequal; intermittent; alternately full and small; weak, slow, small.
Pulse weak and empty. ~ Infiltration on back.
Induration of veins and surrounding cellular substance.
Atheromatous condition of arteries in old people.
Capillaries fill quite slowly after pressure on skin. ~ Scarlatina.


Blueness of skin.
Sensation of heat like from a hot stove on outer chest.
Burning pain as if in flesh of chest, two or three inches below left nipple.
Swelling from above clavicle down to below pectoralis major, smooth and elastic, not painful, not red.


Blueness of external throat from distension of veins.
Intolerance of tight neckbands.
Pain in nape of neck to distraction. ~ Werlhoff's disease.
Stiff neck, moves jaw with difficulty; tearing from nape of neck up either side, to top of head.
Nape of neck painful to touch, and stiff.
Stiffness of neck, on right side, sore to touch, giddiness with choking in throat.
Nape of neck sensitive to external pressure.
Stiffness of nape of neck, with catarrh.
Swelling entirely on left side; smooth, livid appearance; suffocative sensations produced by touching neck or swelling. ~ Bronchocele.
Glands of throat and neck badly swollen. ~ Scarlatina.
Swelling on left side of neck from angle of jaw downward to near clavicle, suppurated and abscess was discharged with lancet; after this patient declined and became much exhausted in strength; face pale, of dirty, dingy hue, with puffy aspect; appetite nil; restlessness day and night; constant hot, dry skin; extremely peevish and whining; abscess formed a large cavity from which there was sloughing of cellular tissue; no sign of healthy granulations; discharge foul and copious; pulse 140 and small; could not eat solid food on account of soreness of neck; extremely sensitive to all motions of head; profuse hemorrhage from abscess, at least a pint of blood; great prostration, refused food, discharges more foul, pulse rapid and feeble; constant leakage of dark colored blood from sore. ~ After scarlatina.
Abscess near left clavicle, another on left side of neck. ~ After scarlatina.
Stitches in upper part of back, or along spine from below upward, or in whole back and in nape of neck, with stinging in right arm and sensation as if it had gone to sleep, with itching on arms, hips and lower limbs.
From cervical vertebrae down to lumbar, whole right side of back; width of three or four inches, much swollen, elastic, painless to pressure; dull pains intolerable after exertion, has to lie down in a kind of tetanic state. ~ Infiltration of cellular tissue.
Pain in back, with great restlessness, with yawning and stretching of arms and legs; weariness, as from too great exertion, with awkward, tottering gait, with jerks, taking away breath or going into abdomen; small, painful spot, low down in back.
Intolerable drawing in small of back and down into legs, especially noticed in ischia, frequently in evening; drawing extending from small of back up back; drawing extending from back to hips, with urging to urinate.
Pain in small of back: as if lame and weak; intermittent fever; palpitation; dyspnea; constipation; dysmenorrhea.
Aching pain in lumbar region. ~ Fistula.
Stiffness in sacrum, bending or beginning motion, extending to hip joint and thigh as if sinews were too short.
Continual pain in sacrum and coccyx.
Pain in os coccygis, when sitting down, feeling as if sitting on something sharp.
Continual pain in os sacrum and coccyx; drawing pain, as if sprained, in small of back, preventing motion; agonizing pain when rising from a seat. ~ Coccygodynia.
Tenderness in whole spine, most in neck, below occiput; headache in occiput and forehead; on turning or moving head pain in spine of neck into brain; pressure of finger on spine of neck sends pain to brain; pressure on dorsal spine sends pain to stomach; cannot bear to be raised up, and cannot raise herself in bed because of severe pain; little sleep. ~ Affection of spine.
Girl, aet. 5 years, since two years of age affected with caries of dorsal vertebrae resulting in deformed chest, leaving child feeble; lost control of both legs; toes moved sometimes involuntarily; she coughs some during day, but particularly at night on going to bed; much thirst; pain in spine, lies only on back; much wheezing and rattling of mucus; fever and thirst at night; respiration feeble and difficult, with blueness of face; each coughing fit produced sweating; expectoration impossible; sleep much interrupted.
Boils half an inch in diameter near spine, with violent burning, throbbing pain.
Carbuncle in back of neck, purple or gangrenous.


Pain in right shoulder joint with headache.
Lameness in left shoulder.
Soreness of right shoulder, agg. when lying on it. ~ Hepatitis.
Left shoulder and arm weak and lame, agg. lying on arm.
Painful feeling of weakness and lameness in left shoulder and arm, agg. by using arm; shoulder and arm sensitive to touch. ~ Tumor in left mamma.
Axillary glands swollen, painless, purplish.
Garlic-like smell of sweat in axillae.
Left arm nearly double its size, from elastic cellular infiltration.
Arms so weak that she is unable to raise them.
Makes odd motions with right arm as if reaching for some object. ~ Diphtheria.
Tetters on arms and hands.
Brown spots on elbow joint.
Wrists very painful and swollen; could not study by day or sleep at night, for burning pain. ~ After bee stings on both wrists.
Left hand and arm numb while pain and redness in foot disappeared; pain and redness returned to foot, and hand and arm were well. ~ Rheumatism complicated with epilepsy.
Pain in wrist joints as if sprained.
Twitching of hands. ~ Diarrhea.
Tingling and pricking in left hand; hands go to sleep.
Trembling of hands. ~ Drunkards.
The hands are cold as if dead.
Swelling of hands.
Phlegmonous inflammation of hand with great swelling and tendency to extend up arm.
Dark blue, blackish, hard swelling of back of hand and fingers, icy cold with a burning feeling, sensitive to touch in attacks every day, come suddenly, disappear slowly; rubbing upwards hastens disappearance; after touching ice.
Livid swelling of back of right hand and fingers; began with severe itching and “creeping;” hand becomes blue and gradually darker, mottled, very hard; cold, but seems to him burning hot; sensitive to pressure; burning and pricking in finger ends; heat of stove amel. pain, but agg. creeping sensation; throbbing pain at outside of wrist; sharp pain extending to elbow; spasmodic pain in elbow, when carrying arm in a sling; pain in one small spot under shoulder, pricking and burning in hand as it slowly goes away.
A laborer had been working among lumber three days before and thought he must have been poisoned; hand commenced swelling two days ago until it was three times its size; very red, pits on pressure, between first and second knuckle, opening as large as a three cent piece, looking like dirty soft soap; around this and along first three knuckles skin bluish black and inflated by gas; skin under black skin looked rotten, separated on opening first and second fingers, showing same soapy appearance, hand burnt (deep in) terribly; pain in red streaks that ran up from wrist; constant thirst; pulse not rapid, but soft.
Thumbs bend inwards. ~ Epilepsy.
Rheumatic swelling of index finger and wrist.
Panaritium, bluish swelling; stinging, pricking pains intense; erysipelas; necrosis, with fistulous openings; assumes purplish hue, becomes gangrenous.
Finger much swollen, looks bluish, has fistulous openings from which bony splinters have been discharged, three months in this state, during which time woman twice suffered difficulty in swallowing. ~ Sore finger from bite of a drunken man, cauterized.
Pricking in extremities of fingers. ~ Panaritium.
Whitlow with necrosis of tendon, and much discoloration.
Right index finger atrophied; fetid sanious discharge from beneath nail; integument about root of nail tawny brown, bordering upon purple in parts. ~ Onychia.
Warts and excrescences on hands and fingers.
Numbness of finger tips (morning).
Cold, sweaty hands.
Bluish, mottled appearance of hands.
Panaritium, pricking, tingling, more than stinging; blue far around.
Felons, with proud flesh.


Painful stiffness from loins down to sacrum and thighs.
Contraction of psoas muscle, after abscess.
Coxalgia, agg. 3 P. M. and after sleep.
Bruised feeling in hips. ~ Dysmenorrhea.
Sciatica for five days, with intolerable shooting pains, extending from left hip down to foot, followed by sensation of intense heat as from a hot iron in parts affected, and afterwards by perspiration and general prostration; pains extorted cries, agg. after sleeping.
Feet and legs edematous, right leg agg.; pale face; tongue yellow; sclerotic yellow; right sided sciatica at night, awaking him; pains come suddenly and disappear gradually.
Pain constantly changing locality, now in head, now in teeth, now in sciatic nerve, attended with nervousness, palpitation of heart; burning like fire in hypogastrium, lumbar region and behind sternum. ~ Sciatica.
Pain in thighs, as if swollen, in back part.
Gressus gallinaceus.
Weakness, especially of legs.
Uneasiness in lower limbs.
Feeling of weakness in knees after eating, with pressure in stomach.
Feeling as from a sprain in right knee.
Stinging tearing in knees, with swelling.
Aching in knees on waking in morning.
Sensation as if hot air was going through knee joints, which were shaky.
Left knee feels as if sprained.
Swelling of knees, tension in bend, difficulty in stretching.
Pain in legs and stiffness in knees after sitting.
Near left knee joint a bunch of varicose veins size of a fist; veins as thick as a thumb and hard as a rope.
Contraction of hamstrings, after popliteal abscess.
Synovial fluid dried up; pain in knee day and night.
On external side of knee bluish redness. ~ Erysipelas of leg.
Much pain of an aching kind, in shin bones only.
A half painful sensation of a sore place immediately below lower edge of patella of left leg, this trifling thing almost driving him wild; great distress of mind, as if some terrible evil was impending, the evil dreaded being in some way connected with the pain, but how, he could not tell.
Pains as if burnt in different places on tibia, at first itching, but after rubbing there appeared rather sensitive spots as large as a quarter dollar, with dark blue red margins and dry scurf.
Caries of tibia.
Erysipelas with pustules; leg swollen bluish red, discharged matter from several holes, presenting appearance of a large carbuncle, with itching.
Erysipelas of leg; restless, could not sleep, least movement or touch on leg almost throwing child into convulsions; very angry appearance, dark blue spots on upper part just below knee, rest of limb of a dark, glossy redness.
Ulcer on right leg, with varicose swelling, after a fall.
Leg below knee terribly swollen, black and spotted. ~ Rattlesnake bite on toe.
Phlegmasia alba dolens.
Hard red patch, with scabs on calf of left leg; tender; thin, yellow fluid discharge from under scabs; itching, especially in cold weather.
Legs, from knees to end of big toes, covered with scales, circular or elliptic, raised and free on circumference, attached in centre and of horny consistence, resting on a purple bluish colored base; agg. every Spring; itching and burning, especially during warm weather, and when heated, or when warm in bed. ~ Eczema.
Flat ulcers: with thin, offensive discharge and bluish areola; become erysipelatous from motion.
Ulcers of legs; bottom of ulcers uneven and dirty; discharge thin, odor offensive.
After scratching legs at night until raw, rapid suppuration, followed by a large, dirty looking, painful ulcer.
After running nail into foot, for which a salve was given, small ulcer where nail had pierced, soon followed by others, until whole plantar surface was covered; very little moisture from ulcers, which soon began to dry up, forming a thick, dry scale which covered sole of foot, in some places being a half inch thick.
Had been using washes of sulphate of copper, sulphate of zinc, sugar of lead, etc., for a year; ulcer at last dried up and patient was discharged as cured; on taking cold, a few weeks after, her entire foot and ankle broke out into small ulcers, resembling original sore; great pain in ulcers, itching of feet and ankles, almost unbearable; leg agg. after sleep and amel. from warmth.
Chronic indolent ulcers of legs, flat with purple skin; many small sores around main ulcer, which has an uneven bottom, burning and bleeding, even when lightly touched; ichorous, offensive discharge.
Virulent phagedenic ulcers.
Black, gangrenous ulcers and wounds on legs.
Chronic ulcers of lower extremities (probably of syphilitic origin) in which discharge ceased; extremity edematous and hard, slightly red, swelling extending up along course of principal veins; great and sudden prostration of strength; low, muttering delirium and general typhoid symptoms. ~ Phlebitis.
Lacerating, jerking, rheumatic pains in legs as soon as he falls asleep; irregular action of heart and valvular murmur from rheumatic metastasis; deadly pallor of face. ~ Rheumatism.
Uneasiness in lower limbs.
Trembling of legs.
Convulsions particularly violent in lower limbs, coldness of feet, stretching backward of body and crying out.
Swelling of left leg and foot.
Rose red swelling of ankles. ~ Erysipelas.
Injured ankles; severe contusions and lacerations; gangrene; bluish purple vesicles covering a dirty looking ash grey ground.
Woman, aet. 40, who had not menstruated for one year, sprained her foot; after exercise ankle greatly swollen, erysipelatous to knee; sticking pain in ankle when walking; upper part of foot covered with dark lentil shaped pimples.
Pain in second toe of right foot; by evening livid swelling to knee, more painful when he walked; pain in both knees; cannot stretch out foot; toe painful on pressure.
Foot like marble from varicose swellings.
Swelling of feet, agg. after walking. ~ During pregnancy.
Icy coldness of feet; cold before epileptic attack.
Tingling in toes.
Gangrenous ulcers on legs and toes; rhagades of toes.
Proud flesh about ingrown toenails or in old wounds stinging; purplish appearance.
Inflammation and suppuration of old chilblains.
Rheumatic swelling of index finger and wrist joint; rheumatic pains in knees, stinging, tearing and sense of swelling; swelling of knees with tension in bends of knees, difficulty in stretching limb and pain of thigh (posteriorly as if swollen; bluish red swellings; pains agg. after sleeping; after profuse sweats left side most affected; or the affection commences on right and goes over to left; arthritic contractions of limbs after abuse of mercury and quinine. ~ Rheumatism.


Erysipelas of legs or arms; surface bluish, swelling glossy, impending gangrene.
Rheumatism, with swelling of wrists and ankles.
Three years ago, after great mental emotion, sudden cessation of menses, since then, headache, toothache, pain in joints, sciatica; for last year erratic pains in joints, particularly in morning on awaking; nervous irritability, palpitation, burning as from fire in hypogastrium, loins and behind sternum; transient flushes of heat in face, without sweat; loss of appetite; white coated tongue; pressure in stomach; constipation; several dry, painless varices in anus.
Acute or chronic rheumatism, recurring every year.
Bluish swelling of joints, after sprains.
Dark bluish swelling of cellular tissue, on hands, arms, legs, very sensitive; impending gangrene.
Boils on thighs and fingers.
Nightly burning in palms and soles.
Limbs stiff, straight or curved, after abuse of mercury.
Arm and leg paretic; crawling as if asleep. ~ Infiltration on back.


Lying down: vertigo; pain in head amel.; pressing or bursting pains in temples; anything touches throat seems as if he would suffocate, pain much agg.; pain in top of throat; constant coughing; slightest covering over nose and mouth produce suffocating dyspnea; pain in lungs agg.; stiffness in sacrum.
Lying on right side: amel. earache in right ear; palpitation amel.; weight of left arm on left side is painful; as if something was rolling to that side of abdomen.
Cannot lie on left side: causes pain at heart.
When lying on right shoulder: pain agg.
Lying on left side, with head high: amel. suffocating.
Lying on left arm: shoulder and arm weak and lame.
Lying on back: involuntary urine; pain in spine; mouth open; must lie on back with knees drawn up, peritonitis, typhlitis.
Constant desire to lie down: acute pain in abdomen.
Must lie down: pain in back intolerable.
Cannot stand, has to lie down: child loses consciousness.
Lying with body and limbs doubled up: during chill.
Recumbent position impossible: from sense of suffocation; inflammation and swelling of tonsils.
Cannot lie, stand or sit quiet: pain in back and limbs.
Rising from lying position: cough.
Must change position frequently on account of pain in back and limbs.
Head always must be high: generally resting on hand.
Sitting: causes pain in thighs and stiffness at knees; constant cough; difficult breathing; pain in lungs and dyspnea agg.; palpitation amel.; pain in coccygis; pain in legs; stiffness in knees.
Assuming upright position: pains in head change to beating in vertex.
Can only breathe in upright position.
Could not sit up without assistance.
When sitting bent forward: difficulty of breathing amel.; contraction of chest amel.
Bending forward: spasmodic colic amel.; stiffness in sacrum.
Bending head backward: throat and larynx painful.
Bending and throwing head back: pain in lungs amel.
On reaching up: vertigo.
Stooping: vertigo; pressing, bursting pains in temples; dizzy; pressive headache agg.
Standing: body bends towards left; cutting pains in rectum agg.
Could not stand: vertigo.
Stretching backwards of body: during convulsions.
Cannot stretch out foot: pain in knee.
Rising: faint; pain in top of head and giddiness; staggers backwards; pulls himself forward with greatest difficulty; cutting headache agg.
Rising from seat: agonizing pain in small of back.
Cannot raise herself up in bed: because of severe pain.
Could scarcely raise head from pillow.
Unable to raise arms: on account of weakness.
Cannot use arm: on account of pain in left mamma; compelled to lie down.
Using arm: pain agg.; shortness of breath and suffocative attacks agg.; weakness and lameness in left shoulder and arm.
Raising head: pain in head agg.
Turning head: pain in throat agg.; pain in spine of neck into groin.
Bettered by shaking head.
Turning over: feeling as of a ball rolling about in bladder or abdomen.
Rolling from side to side in bed: suffocating attacks; from hour to hour.
Makes odd motions with right arm.
Throws arms about: in suffocating fits.
Throws herself in all positions: to get breath.
Sudden backward throwing of head.
Motion: aversion to every kind; pain in head agg.; pressing or bursting pains in temples; beating in head; of temporal and masseter muscles agg. pain in ear; of limbs; flesh sore; slightest, renews vomiting; causes excruciating pain in abdomen; rapid, pain in right ovary agg.; causes heart beat; symptoms of chest amel.; causes suffocative attacks; stiffness in sacrum.
Every movement: throbbing in head; causes fainting and anxiety; of hands, causes shortness of breath; of leg, almost throws girl into convulsions; flat ulcers become erysipelatous.
Cannot move: nervous aches all over.
Cannot stand or move legs: except an involuntary drawing up of toes.
Difficulty of moving tongue: with impossibility of opening mouth wide.
Stepping: agg. pain in ear.
Walking: drags his feet; vertigo; backwards; stitch in right side; shooting in region of spleen; constant cough; oppression and want of breath agg.; sticking pain in ankle; swelling of knee painful; feels like falling forwards; before chill became blind and giddy.
Overexertion: pain in right ovary agg.

NERVES. [36]

Nervous irritability; restlessness; jerking.
Restless tossing, moaning; children with sore throat.
Nervous exaltation; hysteria.
Trembling in whole body, thinks she will faint or sink down from weakness.
Trembling of limbs and internally, with fever and faintness, evenings. ~ Typhoid.
Nervous aches all over; hysterical spells of trembling; cannot move, work or sleep; dark forebodings of future; any news, excitement, or a harsh word makes agg.; agg. after sleep. ~ Nervous affection.
Cramps in chest and abdomen; with crying and loud complaining; dryness in mouth and throat; sensation as if epithelium was peeling off gums. ~ Hysteria.
Child now and then loses consciousness and sight for a second, turns and twists eyes like one who fights with sleep; closing lids, sinking of head all in a moment; cannot stand, has to lie down.
Crawls upon floor, laughs and is very cross by turns; attacks last from half an hour to an hour; child acts strangely, will not play with other children; exhibits no love for mother; seems to hate her mother and friends, hides; runs away from strangers, looks at them through her fingers; bites and spits at other children; six years ago was frightened by a snake.
Spasms of legs.
Convulsions, particularly violent in lower limbs; coldness of feet; stretching backwards of body and crying out.
Convulsions and other spasms, with violent shrieks.
Severe pains in back of head; violent convulsions, requiring several strong persons to prevent her from injuring herself; attempts to pull hair out of back part of head.
Unconscious; hands clenched; left hand, left foot and right eyelids in constant motion; painless abscess on inside of right wrist, one inch in diameter.
Delirium and convulsions from night watching, overfatigue and solicitude.
Sudden and forcible protrusion and retraction of tongue.
After having ears pierced, chorea; agg. left side; left side of body in continual motion; cross, irritable; throws away anything she has in her hands at time; ears sore and ulcerated where they had been pierced; finally motion very violent, partial paralysis of left side; could hold nothing in hand; when walking frequent stumbling and dragging of left foot; unnaturally loquacious; agg. after sleep.
Great depression of spirits and apprehension of death; neck stiff and sensitive to touch; blue spots or blisters on skin; epistaxis; hemorrhage from bowels, of decomposed blood; great prostration. ~ Chorea.
Epilepsy; from onanism or otherwise connected with sexual function after great lewdness, jealousy, fluor albus, or seminal emissions; during menses; during climacteric period; during sleep.
Epileptic convulsions; eyeballs turned upward; cries falling down unconsciously, foam at mouth, sudden and forcible protrusion of tongue; hands clenched; limbs twitching; deep sleep.
Creeping sensation beginning at back of neck, moving slowly down spinal column. ~ Epilepsy.
Before attack: cold feet; palpitation of heart; bloating of abdomen; belching; heaviness of head; vertigo; headache; paleness of face. ~ Epilepsy.
Headache and congestions of blood to head; before attack absentminded, confused; throws head back, froth at mouth, clenches hands, throws arms and legs about; between attacks, severe vertigo; constant headache; sensation of heat in forehead; trembling of limbs, agg. left side; curious dreams at night. ~ Epilepsy.
Striking about with hands and feet. ~ Epilepsy.
One week after frostbitten toe which had ulcerated, rigors; shooting pains in back; opisthotonos, in twenty-four hours trismus; remission midnight till noon; after midnight profuse sweat and agitated sleep; throat sensitive to contact, swallowing painful. ~ Tetanus.
Peculiar tetanic look, half closed eyes and stiffness of neck; partial lockjaw; rigidity and pain in muscles of back; after cutting off two outer phalanges of third right toe, by being run over by a carriage wheel; soft parts of toe look gangrenous nine days after accident.
Stitches in cardiac region, in paroxysms, three or four times a day; hacking cough with blood spitting; pains take away his breath while they last, but cease suddenly; cough during day and after lying down, none in the night; raises blood in morning; opisthotonos with loss of consciousness only for a moment; trismus with constriction of throat, pulls and tears at throat; several paroxysms in quick succession.
Climaxis; menses irregular; blood scanty, dark, fluid, and sometimes lumpy; for a year past frequent cataleptic attacks, preceded by cold, stiff feeling of upper lip, as if she had a mustache of ice. ~ Catalepsy.
Feeling of weariness; languor; exhaustion as from warm weather; inclination to lie down, especially after eating.
Great weakness in back, extending into limbs.
Great physical and mental exhaustion, constantly sinks down from weakness; agg. in morning.
Weakness of whole body, in morning on rising, especially in arms and feet.
Weakness in morning in sleep; on waking general sick feeling, vertigo, feeling of lead in occiput, can scarcely raise head from pillow; all joints seem sprained.
Feeling as though body was overwhelmed by a disintegrating tendency, with sinking of all forces.
Trembling all over; exhausted, faint.
Fainting, with pain in heart, nausea, pale face, vertigo.
Muscular prostration. ~ Diphtheria. ~ Scarlatina.
Heaviness and dullness in head, particularly in occiput; sensation of heat in head; hands numb; heaviness agg. from motion, amel. sitting still; if head is placed ever so high, she thinks it too low; drowsiness in afternoon every other day; starting on falling asleep; heat in head and arms at night, with weakness in epigastrium; sleeps little, and fullness and heaviness in head are agg. in morning; restlessness, driving from place to place; symptoms change place; now more in left arm, now in foot, which is cold as ice; every cold gives her a sore throat; swelling and stiffness, painful when swallowing and to touch; now and then a sudden stitch in region of heart, which makes her weak; hemorrhoidal tumors, very painful during stool; frequent urging; menses too late and profuse, with throbbing headache.
No sleep until after midnight; great despondency and sadness, weakness of memory; headache in sun, with glimmering of eyes; swollen and easily bleeding gums; sore throat, with sensation of fullness, or as of a plug in throat; tonsils enlarged; constant dryness of throat; frequent entire loss of voice; burning pain in region of left ovary, menses irregular; corrosive leucorrhea for ten days after menses; everything sours in stomach, heartburn incessantly; pressing, burning pain in top of head, from within outward; dry, hacking cough; palpitation; constipation; cold limbs below elbows and knees. ~ General breakdown after repeated attacks of pneumonia.
Menses irregular; suppressed for eight months; swelled abdomen; restless, nervous, morbidly talkative complaining, yet giving a very rambling account; no sleep for three nights, partly owing to nervous restlessness, partly to what she calls shivering and shaking fits which come over her; for some time sleep broken, followed by headache and despondency; least worry and excitement puts her into heat and fever; urine scanty, high colored, offensive, passed with much pain; bowels inclined to be loose; nervous and discouraged after eating; nausea and load at stomach; dress unfastened and quite loose at upper part of chest, says she cannot bear it tight, nor can she bear things tight around her waist; faintness and hunger about 11 A. M. ~ General prostration after childbearing.
Suddenly eyesight nearly gone; speech disturbed, after a few minutes conversation a curtain seemed to fall down in front of pharynx; teeth feel as if wedged; tongue feels scalded; cannot yawn because of sharp pain about root of tongue; when eating fast, food stays in throat; pain over eyes and sore feeling in eyeballs; has to read and sew with glasses of an octogenarian; bagging just in front of uvula, which is very soft and feels like pus; at apex of bag a whitish prominence, as if an abscess was about to discharge. ~ Post diphtheritic affection.
Lying with body and limbs doubled up; nose, ears and forehead very cold; giddiness and blindness; skin shriveled, cold, livid; pulse thready, dying away; rapid gaping, incessant sighing; blue rings around eyes; increasing stupor. ~ Shock from injuries.
Awkward gait; left side weak.
Gressus gallinaceus.
Left side of body numb, cold; abdomen and feet also cold; sparks before eyes; on walking feels like falling forward, pain from top of head downwards. ~ Incipient paralysis.
Progressive locomotor ataxy.
Palsies depending on apoplectic condition of brain, exhaustion or extremes of temperature.
Body when standing bends towards left, must be supported; drags feet in walking, direction of steps towards left.
Paralysis: left sided; after apoplexy, or cerebral exhaustion; painful.
Child, muttering delirium; yellowish red, dry, tremulous tongue; moderate thirst; pulse 70; rational for a little time when awake, then subsides into delirium; paralysis of motory nerves of left limbs.
After exposure entire paralysis of both legs, cannot stand, or move legs with exception of an occasional involuntary drawing up of toes; cough agg. during night and on going to bed; thirst during meals, drinks much at a time; pain in spine, lies only on back at night; finally cough more severe and accompanied by fever and thirst; respiration feeble, difficult, with blueness of face; each coughing turn produced perspiration; expectoration impossible; sleep interrupted.

SLEEP. [37]

Great drowsiness.
Sleepiness without being able to sleep.
As soon as he falls asleep the breathing stops.
When falling asleep is awakened by tickling cough.
Could not sleep on account of strangulation. ~ Scarlatina.
Sleepy and weak after dinner.
Persistent sleeplessness.
In evening very wide awake and talkative; lively as soon as the gas is lit.
Sleepless: from anxiety; especially before midnight, with talkativeness; on account of internal restlessness; abdomen and chest seem swollen; restless and nervous, burning in soles of feet, stinging all over.
Afraid to go to sleep for fear he will die before he wakes.
Tossing about, moaning, during sleep; children.
Restless sleep, with dreams and frequent waking.
Awakens at night and cannot sleep again.
Troubles come on during sleep, and patient wakes in distress or pain; cough, asthma or spasm.
Awoke in a fright about something trifling.
On waking: vertigo; dry, hacking cough; all symptoms worse.
Not refreshed after a good sleep. ~ Heart disease.
Restless sleep, with many dreams and frequent waking.
Constant dreaming, frequent waking, and again dozing and dreams, in morning is heavy and out of sorts.
Amorous dreams.

TIME. [38]

Morning: unhappy and distressed in mind; great sadness; heaviness and dejection; vertigo; on rising, headache over eyes; heaviness in occiput; vomiting of food and slime; epistaxis; thick, yellow discharge from nose; on awakening eyes agg.; pains in eye and head agg.; as if she would die of exhaustion; blowing of blood; skin began to redden and swell; throat amel.; hard cough; vomiting of bile; pain in rectum agg. till afternoon; ovaritis agg.; difficult breathing; numbness of finger tips; aching in knees; feels bruised.
At 9 A. M.: neuralgia in face begins.
Forenoon: want of appetite.
Noon till midnight: visions and delirious talk agg.; swollen face; erysipelas agg.
Day: sleeps a minute or two at a time; symptoms amel.; head pains; short, dry cough; after a nap, hawking of mucus and rawness in throat; after sleeping, pains in throat agg.; very sleepy but cannot sleep; several attacks of nausea, with shortness of breath; sleep agg. pains in abdomen; flushes of heat; sensation of foreign body in throat; constant cough; cough agg.; restlessness; pain in knee; talks too much; itching in paroxysms.
Afternoon: attacks of delirium tremens; headache agg.; soreness of vertex changes to darting; facial neuralgia goes off; tonsillitis agg.; fever agg.; dyspnea agg.; violent chill; intermittent fever, agg. 2 P. M.
At 3 P. M.: coxalgia amel.
Evening: vertigo; pain in back of head; bluish grey ring before eyes; wide awake and talkative; feels nearly well; pain deep in left ear; if anything touches throat, seems as though he would suffocate; pain much agg.; sensitiveness of throat agg.; watery stools with burning; cough on lying down; drawing in back and legs; trembling of limbs; violent chill; heat in hands and feet; burning in palms and soles.
From 9 P. M. until going to bed: nervous cough.
Night: loquacity; delirium; does not sleep; pain comes on and lasts till end of next day; short, dry cough; tearing pain in side of head agg.; orbital cellulitis agg.; earache in right ear; eruption beneath eye itches; itching on face; dryness in throat; comatose; very sleepy, but cannot sleep till towards morning; least touch on mouth and nose causes threatened suffocation; stools bloody and slimy; eighteen or twenty stools; constant erections; menorrhagia with chills; something runs from neck to larynx, stops breathing and awakes him; almost suffocated; constant cough; fever agg.; awakens with fear of suffocation; dry cough; perspires very much; restlessness; fever and thirst; pain in wrists; sciatica in right leg; pain in knee; constant dreaming; chills; burning in palms and soles; heat as from orgasm of blood; itching intense; burning in ulcers.
Before midnight: sleepless.
Midnight: became insensible; sudden diarrhea; wakened by contraction of chest.
After midnight: no sleep.


Worse during Spring and Summer, or from extremes of temperature; agg. from the sun's rays.
Open air: vertigo, from walking; desire for, before menses; causes violent, tickling cough; symptoms amel.; after scarlet fever swelling of whole body; must open doors and windows; during suffocating attacks.
Draft of air: throat agg.
Must sit by open window: heart disease.
In sun: headache.
Heat: headache; ulcers amel.
Warm weather: diarrhea agg.; legs burn and itch.
Warm room: chill abates.
Warmth of bed: itching of legs agg.; cannot keep limbs quiet.
External warmth: desire for; toothache amel.; pains in head amel.; earache amel.; wants head closely wrapped up.
Hot drinks: throat symptoms agg.; cause toothache; bleeding of gums agg.
Heat of stove: pain in hands amel.; creeping sensation agg.
Change of temperature: cough agg.
Damp weather: cough agg.
Wet weather: ulcers in throat agg.
Getting wet: causes toothache.
Exposed all day to cold, wet weather, at night comatose.
Washing: pains in throat agg.
Cold water: headache amel.; burning in ulcer amel.
Cold or warm drinks: cause toothache.
Cold weather: itching of scabs on calves of legs.
Complaints in damp, warm Spring weather.

FEVER. [40]

Shivering without coldness. ~ Dysentery.
Cold shudders ascending.
Single paroxysms of shivering.
Icy coldness of feet.
Cold feet, with oppression of chest.
Numbing coldness.
Violent chill in evening, chattering of teeth and feeling as in trismus.
Chills in afternoon, pains in limbs, pleuritic stitches, oppression of chest and convulsive movements.
Chill runs from hollow of back upwards over shoulders, nape of neck, back of head as far a vertex, with a sensation as if drawn at base, goose flesh on parts affected.
Chill: commencing in small of back; runs up back to head; beginning across back and shoulders; amel. in warm room; desires external warmth.
Shaking chills in several attacks daily, the almost unconscious woman is thrown about in bed. ~ Puerperal fever.
Shaking chill for two hours. ~ Erysipelas of leg.
Unconscious; livid face; shaking chills; skin hot or cool. ~ Metritis.
Rigors, nausea, subsequent fever. ~ Epidemic laryngitis.
Wants to be near fire and lie down; heat makes him feel amel., but chill continues.
Child must be held firmly to amel. pain in head and chest and prevent shaking; feels amel. if held or pressed down.
After icy cold calves, shaking chill with warm sweat; then strumming through limbs, intermingled with flushes of heat.
Chill and heat alternate and change place.
Chills at night, flushes of heat by day. ~ Menorrhagia.
Shivering during heat.
Heat, particularly on hands and feet, in evening.
Burning in palms and soles, evening and night.
Heat at night, as from orgasm of blood; throat sensitive.
Internal sensation of heat, with cold feet.
Dry, burning skin.
Heat: with violent headache; livid complexion; oppression of chest; deep breathing and sleep; great loquacity.
Great inclination to sweat.
Sweat: profuse, with most complaints; cold, stains yellow; brownish yellow; bloody, staining red; between paroxysms of fever; at night; affords relief.
Sweat about neck after first nap. ~ Phthisis.
Strong smelling perspiration in axilla, like garlic.
Intermittent fever; severe pain and soreness on pressure in region of spleen, shooting to breast or left side of neck.
Intermittent fever recurs every Spring, or after suppression in previous Fall by quinine; agg. in afternoon, 2 P. M.; face red, headache, feet cold; talking during hot stage; excessive burning and rending pain during relapse into bilious intermittent after quinine.
Intermittent fever in Spring or beginning of Summer.
Intermittent fever for eight years, suppressed by large doses of quinine in Summer, to return every Spring; complexion when fever was present a grey, ash color.
Chills for six months in Summer and Fall, suppressed with blue mass and quinine, returned following May; convulsions during chill.
Sinking chills annually, in August, for nine years, has always been dosed heavily with morphine, brandy and quinine to prevent “fatal third chill;” drenched in sweat for many days after each attack, takes months to recuperate; fever always tertian.
Restlessness; pain in lumbar region; constipation; tongue coated thick, brown, furrowed and tending to dryness; soreness across bowels; chill comes on at 2.30 P. M.; body drawn up in a heap; tip of nose and ears cold and icy; forehead cold; skin shriveled and livid; pulse filiform, dying away; rapid yawning, incessant sighing; dark areola around eyes, fast becoming darker as she sinks into stupor. ~ Tertian ague.
Intermittent fifth day after confinement; chills daily, with great violence, for a week (sewer gas in house); inflammation of left ovary; shuddering; prostration; at end of fourth week discharge of pus and blood through abdominal wall.
Typhus: delirium; tongue red or black, dry or in fissures, especially on tip; trembles when put out, or tip remains under lower teeth or lip.
Stools, with sediment of flakes of decomposed blood, having appearance and form of perfectly charred wheat straw, in longer or shorter flat pieces, together with portions more or less ground up; violent epistaxis in morning. ~ Typhoid.
After prolonged quiet; loquacious mood; talks day and night, if not to those in room, to imaginary persons; jumping from subject to subject; desire to lie in bed with clothing away from neck. ~ Typhoid.
Great prostration daily increasing, until twenty-three days had passed without any crisis; complete delirium with muttering, and complete prostration; the only position was upon back; if placed on side rolled at once upon back; tongue dry, black and cracked; patient evidently sinking. ~ Typhoid.
On ninth day, profuse, sour sweat without relief; delirium; headache; eyes strongly injected, gaze unsteady; loss of consciousness; constant unintelligible mumbling; pulse hard, small, 120-140; tongue dry, black, cracked and bleeding, can be protruded only with great difficulty, then trembles; lips cracked, black, bloody; unquenchable thirst; hardness of hearing; abdomen soft, but in all places painful; stools (lumpy) crumbling frequent, yellow, orange colored, or tinged with blood; urine suppressed; profuse sweats; finally, involuntary escape of stool and strongly smelling ammoniacal urine; will lie only upon back; dyspnea and cough with copious expectoration of blood streaked mucus. ~ Typhoid.
Case had run into fifth week, became thoroughly dyscrasic, death seemed imminent from asthma. ~ Typhoid.
Typhoid fever, third week, with delirium; tongue dry, black, cracked; throat dry and cracked; unable to put tongue out.
Muttering delirium; yellowish red, dry, tremulous tongue; moderate thirst; pulse 70; rational for a little time when awake, then subsides into delirium; paralysis of motory nerves of limbs. ~ Typhoid.
Exposed all day to cold, wet weather; at night comatose; high fever; tongue dry, red at tip, soon becoming brown in centre; pupils contracted, then dilated; vomiting of greenish water; restless from colic, requiring three attendants to keep him on bed; continually throws off bedcovers; unconscious of external impressions; pulse about 120, four beats to one respiration; involuntary stools and micturition.
Fever agg. in afternoon, sweat without alleviation; symptoms agg. after sleep; loss of consciousness; muttering; stupor; sunken countenance; dropping of lower jaw; dry, red or black tongue, cracked on tip and bleeding; in attempt to protrude it, it trembles, or tip remains under lower teeth and does not come out; dry lips, cracked and bleeding; stools very offensive, whether formed or loose; dyspnea and cough, with slimy, bloody expectoration. ~ Typhus.
Yellow fever: delirium at night; loquacious, disposed to quarrel; slow, difficult speech; drowsy; rush of blood to head; red face; yellow conjunctiva; yellow or purplish tint of skin; blood dark, non-coagulable; small wounds bleed much; perspiration stains yellow; lips dry, cracked and bleeding; tongue heavy, trembling, dry and red, cracked at tip; tip red, centre brown; difficult speech; sour eructations; heartburn; nausea after drinking; vomiting, with palpitation; dyspnea; anxiety about heart; cannot lie on left side; irregular weak pulse; urine almost black; persistent sleeplessness; fainting; trembling all over; sudden flushes of heat; sensitiveness about neck and pit of stomach against any pressure; agg. when waking; amel. after nourishment.
Blood dark and does not coagulate. ~ Yellow fever.
Cellulitis, particularly of rectum and anus, with burning and blue color of skin. ~ Yellow fever.


Periodic: raging through upper jaw to ear; exacerbations with chronic angina.
Attacks: of weakness, even to syncope; of sensitiveness to touch in hands; of itching.
After every evacuation: sore, burning pain.
Alternate: heat and chills; squeamishness and facial neuralgia; diarrhea and constipation.
After few minutes conversation: a curtain seems to fall down in front of pharynx.
At long intervals: urination.
For one hour: violent laughing.
For one hour every day: mensesl flow.
For two hours: shaking chill.
A few hours after eating: gnawing in stomach.
Every few hours or days: flow of blood from vagina.
For several hours: tearing pain in head then disappears for a day or two.
For five or six hours: pain in arm and shoulder.
Several times a day: epistaxis of venous blood; most violent shaking chill.
At 4 A. M.: heat continues from bedtime.
At 10 A. M.: fever.
Until 11 A. M.: feels well, then faint and weak.
Afternoon: delirium tremens; vomiting; fever.
Evening: persistent vomiting.
At 2.30 P. M.: chill.
Nightly attacks: of anxiety; hallucinations; pain in limbs; at 10 o'clock dryness of throat and thirst; of spasm of glottis; burning in palms and soles; burning in ulcers.
Towards morning: sweat.
First day of menses and day previous to appearance: pain.
Every day at 11 A. M.: hunger; throat amel.; violent chills.
Every day at 11 A. M.: heat and smarting in left throat.
Alternate nights: vomiting.
Every other day: feeling of obstruction in throat on swallowing; chill ascending back.
On second or third day: threatened metastasis to meninges.
Every two or three days: acute colicky pains.
For three nights: no sleep.
Three days before menses: leucorrhea.
Every three or four days: intense headache.
From three to eight days before menses: green, thick yellow leucorrhea.
For five days: sciatica.
On ninth day: profuse sour sweat without relief.
Every eight or ten days: headache.
For ten days after menses: leucorrhea.
For twenty days: no stool.
Twenty-three days passed without crisis: typhoid.
For many days, after each attack of chill: sweat.
Third week: typhoid fever with delirium.
The day before menses: great desire to go in open air.
Every four weeks, for four or five days, nervous debility agg.
For several weeks: partial deafness.
Every two or three months: menses late.
For three months: fistulous opening in fingers, during this time she suffered twice with difficulty in swallowing.
At every menstrual effort: eructations amounting to vomiting; cardialgia; oppression of chest.
For eight months: no menses.
Lasting all Winter and Spring: cough.
In the Spring: toothache; diarrhea.
In the Summer: toothache.
Every Spring: lower extremities covered with scales agg.; intermittent fever, or after suppression in previous Fall, by quinine; eruption.
Every Fall: eruption.
Every year: angina; acute or chronic rheumatism; in August, for nine years, sinking chills.
For one year: no menses.
Sunstroke two years previous to confinement, in bed ever since; two hours after delivery convulsions.
After twelve hours comatose.
Three years ago: after great mental emotion, sudden cessation of menses; erratic pains in joints.
For four years: piles; stitching, cutting pains in left breast.
For eight years: intermittent fever.
For ten years: constipation.
Eighteen years' standing: dysmenorrhea.
For last twenty years: eruption on left forearm and on left lower abdomen.
For years: violent pains over left groin; succession of carbuncles.


Right: pain in side; oppressive pain agg. on side; partial paralysis; semi-lateral headache; as if part of side of head was cut off; soreness of vertex to side of head; pricking pain in limbs; severe pain commencing in inner canthus, extending to superciliary ridge; jerking in eye; sticking, drawing pain in eye; pain in ear amel. lying on side; pain as if something was lodged in side of throat; stitch in side; feeling of obstruction in throat; pain in side of throat; tonsil swollen; uvula clinging to tonsil; makes odd motions with arm; as if something was lodged in side; as of a ball rolling from side to stomach; tearing in abdomen; cutting in side of abdomen; pain from lumbar region through sacrum; violent pain over groin; swelling of ovary; pain in ovarian region; ovary size of a fist; induration in ovarian region; fungus hematodes on mamma; lung affected; must lean to side to amel. pain in chest; stitching pain through side of chest; dyspnea agg.; lying on right side weight of left arm is painful; dilatation of ventricle; stiffness of neck on side; stinging in arm; side of back swollen; pain in shoulder joint; soreness of shoulder; makes odd motions with arm; livid swelling of back of hand and fingers; index finger atrophied; leg edematous; sciatica in leg; knee as if sprained; ulcer on leg; pain in second toe of foot; stitching pain in side of chest; thick patches of exanthem on side from spine to sternum; immense carbuncle side of spine; rheumatism commences.
Left: pain in temple; body bends toward direction of steps; apoplexy on side; falling to side from vertigo; pain in side; pain over eye; drawing pain in temple; headache in frontal eminence; neuralgia on side; tearing pain in whole side of head; pain behind ear; numbness and crawling on side of head; painful sensitiveness in temple and in half of face; discharge from nose; pain in eye; orbital neuralgia; tearing pain in head; tongue inclined to side; tearing pain in malar bone and parts under eye; side of face and lower jaw swollen; uncertain numb feeling in head; painful inflammation of eye; dry wax in ear; sensation of numbness down cheek; pain deep in ear; erysipelatous eruption beneath eye; erysipelas began close to side of nose extending up and down side of face up as far as eye; tongue sore on side; soreness in side of throat; heat and smarting side of throat; inflamed swelling side of throat; tonsil swollen; pain shoots from tonsil to ear; abscess in tonsil; numerous white spots on pale red surface in throat; yellow white membrane on tonsil; pain and soreness begin on side of throat; inflammation and membrane beginning on side; diphtheritic spot as large as a pinhead on tonsil; side of throat several white exudate spots; tonsil one complete black slough; pain in hypochondrium; pain in side of abdomen; tenderness in iliac region; fibrous tumor in groin; dropsical enlargement of side and leg; pain in ovarian region; ovarian neuralgia; swelling, induration and other anomalies of ovary; sharp, shooting pain in ovary; suppuration in ovary; enlargement of ovary; ovarian region hard; menstrual colic beginning in ovary; pains in breast; pain in axilla; painful weakness and lameness in shoulder and arm; convulsions on side of face; pain in tragus; lung impervious to air; soreness, tenderness and sensation of weight in ovarian region; stitches in side of chest; dyspnea; hepatization of lung; constant picking and boring of nostrils; no respiratory murmur in posterior superior half of lung; dullness in infraclavicular region; lying on side causes pain at heart; weight of arm on side is painful; hypertrophy of ventricle; lying on side with head high amel. suffocating; burning pain below nipple; swelling on neck; abscess near clavicle; abscess on side of neck; lameness in shoulder; weakness of arm and shoulder; arm nearly double its size; tingling and pricking in hand; shooting from hip to foot; knee as if sprained; near knee joint a bunch of varicose veins; sore place below lower edge of patella; hard red patch with scabs on calf of leg; flat ulcers on leg; swelling of leg and foot; rheumatism agg. side; side weak; side of body numb and cold; paralysis of motory nerves of limb; severe pain shooting up side of neck; veins in whole side of thorax up to throat much dilated; eruption on forearm and side of abdomen; index finger quadrupled in size; hand and forearm much swollen; side partially paralyzed; granular swelling on side of throat; parotid enormously swollen; flat open ulcers on leg; paralysis of leg; sensation absent in arm; side of pharynx sore.
First right then left: semilateral headache; tonsils affected.
From above downwards: violent pressure in head; stitches in kidneys; pressure from loins; pain from top of head.
From below upward: stitches in spine.
From below upward and backward: tearing pain in rectum.
From without inward: pressing in head.
From within outward: tearing on top of head; violent pressing, burning pain in top of head; puffing pressure in chest; cardiac pressure.
From left to right: pain in throat; diphtheria developed; discharge from nose; legs edematous; erysipelas spreads; ulceration in throat; ovarian tumors; rheumatic pain.
Changes locality: rheumatic pains; sciatica.


Sensation as if she was somebody else; as if frightened by visions behind him; as if knives were being thrust into brow; as if brain would burst skull; tongue as if bound or tied up; as if a part of right side of head was cut off; as if swollen in angle in front of styloid process; back of head as if pressed asunder; as if skin had been burnt by heat of sun; flickering before eyes as from threads; stitches as from knives in eyes; as if a thread was drawn from behind to eye; eyes as if they had been taken out, squeezed, and then put back again; as if eyes were forced out, when throat is pressed; whizzing as from insects in ears; ears as if closed from within; as if had mustache of ice; ears as if stuffed up; as if tonsils were sore like a wound; as if sore; skin as if it would crack; submaxillary joints as if swollen; teeth as if too long; as if tongue was going to peel; as if mucous membrane was peeling off; as if desquamation was about to take place in velum palati; as though he would suffocate; as if everything was raw in throat; as if parts of throat were swollen; as if a small crumb was lodged in throat; as of something in throat to swallow; as if lump, ball or button in throat; distressed as if from loss of breath; as if something was lodged in right side of throat; throat as if tied; feeling like a snake in throat; choking like a ball; throat as if ulcerated; sticking as of a thousand needles in throat; as if two lumps as large as fists came together in throat; throat as if sore; throat as if raw; as if fishbone had stuck in throat; as if a sponge was hanging in throat; as if he could hawk it up; as if there was a small dry spot from which pain extended to ear; as if he had had a blow on neck; as if a thick substance was in throat; feeling of large lump at back of throat; as if some one grasped him by throat; retches as if to vomit up lump; uvula looked as if squeezed and crowded back; as though some one was pressing windpipe between thumb and fingers; odd motions with right arm as if reaching for something; teeth feel as if wedged; tongue feels as if scalded; pain in liver as if ulcerated; as if something had lodged in right side; as if a ball was rolling from right side to stomach; as if a knife was thrust through abdomen; griping as though about to have diarrhea; as if feces ascended to chest; throbbing as with little hammers in anus; as if from suppuration under ribs; arms feel as if closed; as of plug in anus; as if sphincter was torn with effort; as of a ball rolling about in bladder or abdomen; uterine region as if swollen; as if a knife was thrust into abdomen; uterus feels as if os was open; as if everything would issue from vulva; as if pains from uterus and abdomen ascended toward chest; as if everything was being pressed out; as if bowels were cut with knives; as if a stricture was in rectum; as if heart was hanging by a thread, and every beat would tear it off; as of a skin in larynx; as of talons sticking into larynx; as of a small lump in pit of throat, like a button; as if a large mass of mucus had accumulated in throat; choking as if suffocation was inevitable; as if something was in trachea which might be raised; chest as if stuffed; as though clothes hindered circulation; as if lungs were being pressed into throat; as though a cord was tightly tied around neck; as though heart turned over and ceased beating for a moment; as if some fluid had gone into wrong passage; as though there was an ulcer in stomach; as if lungs were pressed up into throat; as if chest was full of wind; chest as if sore; like coals of fire from chest through to shoulders; as if heart was too large for cavity; as if heart was pressing against side or had not free play; as if heart intermitted a single beat; heat as from a hot stove on outer chest; burning as if in flesh of chest; as if right arm had gone to sleep; back as if lame and weak; as if sinews in sacrum were too short; as if sitting on something sharp; small of back as if sprained; wrists as if sprained; hands cold as if dead; as of a hot iron from hip to foot; thighs as if swollen; as of a sprain in right knee; as if hot air was going through knee joints; left knee as if sprained; as if burnt in different places on tibia; burning as from fire in hypogastrium, loins and sternum; crawling as if asleep in arm and leg; as if epithelium was peeling off gums; as of a plug in throat; teeth feel as if wedged; tongue feels as if scalded; head as if drawn at base; skin around carbuncle as if too short; as if flesh was being torn from bones.
Pain: in left temple and occiput; in forehead; in back part of hip and left side; region of spleen; over eyes; top of head; in left ovarian region; from superciliary ridge to occipital protuberance; deep in orbit of eyes; in left side of abdomen; in back of head; in eye; deep in left ear; in ears; in limbs; in stomach; in throat to nape of neck; on swallowing; in small spot in throat at one side of larynx; in top of throat; in left side of throat extending to tongue, jaw and ear; in epigastrium; as though something was gnawing in stomach; in liver; in left hypochondrium; in abdomen; in region of cecum; from right lumbar region through sacrum and inguinal region and forepart of thigh; in rectum; in right ovarian region; in uterine region; in hypogastric region; in stomach; from left breast to axilla down arm to hand; down arms; in pit of throat to root of tongue and to hyoid bone and to left tragus, behind which it shoots out; in left chest; pain in hemorrhoidal tumors; in chest; in heart; in nape of neck to distraction; in small of back; in coccygis; in os sacrum; in spine; in right shoulder joint; in wrists; in wrist joints; in one small spot under shoulder; in red streak that ran up from wrist; changing locality, now in head, now in teeth, now in sciatic nerve; in thighs; in legs; in knee; in a sore place below lower edge of patella; in second toe of right foot; in joints.
Sensitiveness of internal and external parts.
Intolerable colic.
Tension: from neck to eyelids; and thread, along arms and legs; in external parts.
Ulcerative pain: in internal parts.
Burning as from fire: in hypogastric region; in loins; behind sternum.
Agonizing pain: in back when rising from seat.
Intense pain: in head; down neck; in left eye; in thigh; in arm and hand.
Violent pain: in head; in throat; over right groin, extending either to genital organs or to liver and chest.
Severe pain: all over head; in and above eyes; from inner canthus upward and outward in a semicircle just above superciliary ridge in forehead; in limbs; in lumbar region; in epigastrium.
Terrible pain: in head; over eyes; in right ovarian region.
Acute pain: in liver and towards stomach.
Great pains: in back and limbs; in heart; in ulcers on foot.
Anguish: about heart.
Horrid pains: all over head.
Sharp pain: at root of tongue; through lungs; extending from wrist to elbow.
Raging: in roots of lower teeth.
Violent, darting, stabbing pains: from upper part of forehead down to centre of head.
Lancinating pains: in breasts.
Lacerating pain: in legs.
Cutting, lacerating, burning pains: in abdomen.
Acute cutting, stinging pains: radiating from navel over upper portion of abdomen.
Cutting: in head; in teeth; in right side of abdomen; in rectum; in abdomen; in left breast.
Sharp, cutting pains; when passing water.
Tearing pain: in temples; in whole left side of head from temple to collar bone; in top of head; from zygoma into ear; in forehead and left malar bone and under left eye; in jawbones; in roots of lower teeth; in temples; in abdomen; in rectum; from nape of neck up either side to top of head; in knees.
Sharp, shooting pains: from eyes to temple; in left ovary.
Shooting pain: into left ear; in throat; in region of spleen; in rectum; from left hip down to foot.
Piercing pains: in teeth.
Sticking cutting: in forepart of urethra.
Sticking: on vertex; in head; in ankle.
Stitching pain: in eyes; from stomach to chest; through right side of chest; in back.
Stitches: in forehead; in chest; in eyes; in right side; in rectum; in kidneys, downward and apparently through ureters; in ovary; in hemorrhoidal tumors, with cough; in left side of chest; in upper part of back; in whole back.
Painful beating: in ears; in rectum.
Bursting pain: in temples.
Beating pain: in head; in vertex; in teeth.
Ulcerative pain: about liver; above and along ribs.
Boring: on vertex; behind left ear; in jawbones; in teeth.
Pleuritic pains: in chest.
Throbbing pain: in temple; in vertex; in head; in jawbones; at outside of wrists.
Darting: from throat to occiput; in arm.
Hammering: in head.
Pulsating pains: in teeth.
Thrilling pain: at root of tongue.
Neuralgia: left side orbital; horrible of trigeminus; in face; ovarian.
Rheumatic pains: in head; in legs; in knees.
Aching pain: in lumbar region; in forehead; in left frontal eminence; right side of head gradually going to left; across loins; from occiput to eyes; in right ear; in small of back; in thighs anteriorly; in branches of anterior crural nerve; in os hyoides; in knees; in shin bones.
Hard aching: all over; in head; back and legs; in uterus.
Dull aching: in sinciput.
Violent labor-like pressing from groins downward.
Acute colicky pains: low in abdomen.
Excessive griping: in abdomen.
Labor-like pains: in uterus.
Bearing down pains: in uterine region.
Gnawing: in stomach; in sides and deep into abdomen.
Cramps: in abdomen; in chest.
Cramplike pains: in abdomen; in precordial region.
Menstrual colic: beginning in left ovary.
Spasmodic colic.
Sensation of incarcerated flatus.
Sticking, drawing pain: in right eye; in left eye; in throat.
Dull sticking: in roots of lower teeth.
Stinging, burning pains: in panaritium.
Burning stinging: of skin.
Burning, throbbing pain: in boils on spine.
Burning pain: in top of head; in vertex; in eyes; in mouth; in rectum; in left ovary; in wrists.
Burning heat: in epigastrium; in hypogastric and lumbar regions; from hip to foot; behind sternum.
Stinging: through ears; in throat; in right side; in right arm; in tips of fingers; in knees; all over.
Sore pain: in urethra; in forepart of penis.
Smarting: in left throat.
Burning: in vertex; of eyes; of erysipelas in face; of face; of tongue and lips; of swelling of throat; in anus; in rectum; when urinating; in chest; in icy cold hands; in finger ends; in hands; terrible deep in hand; of eczema on legs; in palms and soles.
Pricking pain: in upper and lower extremities.
Dull, stinging pain: in stomach.
Heat: in forehead; in left throat; in occipital and cervical regions.
Heavy pain: in forehead to back and all over head.
Dull pain: in forehead; in legs; over and in eyes; in bladder.
Pressing pains: in eyes; in umbilical region; in left ovary; from loins to privates.
Tensive pain: from neck over head to eyes; in left ovary.
Drawing pain: in left temple; from eyes to occiput; in jawbones; in teeth; from anus to umbilicus; in ovarian region; intolerable in small of back and down into legs; up back; from back to hips.
Spasmodic pains: in anus internally; in heart; in elbow.
Throbbing: in anus; in rectum.
Soreness: of neck; at vertex; of mouth; in throat; of nostrils and lips; of internal nose; of internal throat; in left side of throat; of external throat; about pelvic region; of larynx; of right shoulder.
Soreness: in region of spleen; across bowels.
Sore feeling: in eyeballs.
Scraping: in throat.
Rawness: of throat.
Bruised feeling: in hips.
Painful pressure: in rectum; when making water.
Gnawing pressure: in stomach.
Labor-like pressure: from loins downwards.
Violent pressure: on top of head; in stomach.
Pressure: in orbits; in stomach; severe in a small spot between epigastrium and navel; in bowels; upon bladder.
Oppressive pain: in one or other temple; in chest.
Painful contraction: in throat.
Painful sensitiveness: in left temple, from vertex down and in left side of face.
Great sensitiveness: of lower abdomen.
Tenderness: of scalp; in left iliac region; in epigastrium; in whole spine; of body.
Peculiar painful sensation of weakness and lameness: in left shoulder and arm.
Distress: at stomach.
Painful weariness: of face, neck and head.
Extraordinary weakness: diphtheria.
Weak feeling: in abdomen; in knees; in left shoulder and arm; in legs.
Sinking, fluttering feeling: in epigastrium.
Uneasiness: in lower limbs.
Contractive tightness: in region of liver; in abdomen.
Throbbing, choking sensation: in throat.
Choking sensation: in throat.
Suffocative sensation: in throat.
Dry, stuffed feeling: through whole front of head.
Stuffed feeling: in ears.
Feeling of obstruction: in throat.
Smothered feeling: in chest.
Strumming: through limbs.
Twitching: in eyes; of hands.
Jerking: in right eye; in lower teeth; in teeth; from thighs to genitals; in legs.
Trembling: in whole body; of limbs and internally; of tongue.
Pricking: in left hand; in finger ends; in extremities of fingers; Crawling: on left side.
Titillation: behind sternum.
Tickling: after blowing nose; at root of tongue; in throat; in pit of stomach; from thighs to genital organs; in larynx; in pit of throat and sternum.
Tingling: in left hand; in toes.
Dryness: of mouth; of throat.
Weight: in head; on vertex; in bowels; in left ovarian region; on chest.
Heaviness: of head; in occiput; in stomach; in region of liver.
Confused feeling: in head.
Full feeling: of chest.
Fullness: in throat; in head; in region of liver; in bowels; in trachea; at heart.
Dull oppression: in breathing.
Oppression: of chest.
Constriction: of anus; in rectum; of throat; of chest; about heart.
Dullness: in occiput; in left infraclavicular region.
Paralyzed feeling: in thigh after pain has gone.
Lameness: in left shoulder.
Numbness: in occiput; of left side; about ear and cheek; of arm.
Numb feeling: on left side of head; about head.
Stiffness: of neck; in malar bone; of knees; painful from loins down into thighs; in sacrum; in knees.
Emptiness: of stomach.
Coldness: over whole body; of limbs; of upper lip.
Itching pain: in left ovary.
Itching: of scalp; of eyes; of eruption under eyes; of lower lid; of facial erysipelas; of face; of rectum; of anus; on arms, hips and lower limbs; in hands; in different places on tibia; of eczema on legs; of feet and ankles; of pustules in palms of hands; in internal parts.


Emaciation, with muscular relaxation; skin and muscles lax.
Great tenderness of all flesh; it is exceedingly difficult to handle the child at all; the least touch seems to hurt it, and to leave a deeper blueness, like a bruise.
Hemorrhages, blood dark, incoagulable; typhoid.
Affections produced by blood poisoning; pyaemia.
Venous stasis with a direct paralytic-like affection of medulla spinalis combined with general anemia.
Bluish color of affected parts; cyanosis.
Small wounds bleed much.
Purpura. ~ Scorbutic purpura.
Inflammation of internal organs with suppuration.
Veins on whole left thorax up to throat much dilated.
Menopause troubles, especially when capillary circulation is affected.
Dropsy; from liver, spleen and heart disease; after scarlatina; urine black, legs edematous, first left then right
Cellulitis, with burning and blue color of skin.
Ulcers sensitive to touch; ichorous, offensive discharge; many small pimples surround them; areola purple; amel. from warmth.
Gangrene, or carbuncles from blood poisoning.
Malignant local inflammations, with secondary blood infection and nervous prostration.
Circumscribed gangrene; idiopathic and traumatic; of tongue; of foot.
Suppuration, particularly in internal parts.
Traumatic gangrene, restores vitality to parts apparently dead and induces renewed circulation without sloughing.
Malignant pustule.
Gangrena senilis.
Melanosis, colloid and encephaloid cancer; violent burning, gangrenous spots.
Ulcers and wounds bleed readily and profusely.


Touch: cannot bear shirt or neckband on throat; can scarcely bear clothes to touch lower abdominal region; temple sore; on throat causes darting; face sensitive; lower jaw sensitive; throat swollen and sensitive; pit of stomach sore; liver sensitive; stomach sensitive; slightest, causes excruciating pain in abdomen; ileo-cecal region sensitive; uterine region sensitive; womb sensitive; nipple sore; a spot on anterior portion of neck tender; larynx sensitive; pit of throat painful; neck sore; on larynx causes suffocative attacks; on throat causes cough; infraclavicular region sensitive; nape of neck painful; shoulder and arm sensitive; hands sensitive; ulcers on legs bleed and burn; ulcers sensitive; produces black and bluish spots.
Taking hold of throat causes nausea.
Cannot bear bonnet strings tied tight.
Does not like hair touched.
Hernia will not admit handling.
Pressure: bursting pains in temples; pain in front of styloid process agg.; on throat causes sensation as if eyes were forced out; on throat causes severe pain; pain in right ovary; tumor in breast painful; larynx sore; cough agg.; on larynx causes cough; capillaries fill quite slowly; nape of neck sensitive; of finger on spine of neck sends pain to brain; on dorsal spine sends pain to stomach; swelling on hand sensitive; toe painful.
Cannot bear pressure: about neck, hypochondria, abdomen, stomach and left iliac region.
Abdomen sensitive to weight of clothes.
Uterus does not bear contact and has to be relieved of all pressure; frequently lifts clothes, they cause uneasiness.
Feels amel. if held firmly or pressed down.
After scratching at night on calf: an ulcer.
When effort is made to lift or move babe it cries out.
Shock from injuries.
After a fall: ulcer on right leg, with varicose swelling.
After running nail into foot: small ulcer.
Gangrene of hand, ten days after a bullet wound in hand.
Wound in hand from explosion of a pistol; fifth day gangrene.
From dissecting wound in finger that member very much swollen, hand and forearm much swollen and edematous; a hard red line extended from wrist to axilla; axillary glands swollen; arm and hand intensely painful; whole left side partially paralyzed; extreme prostration; low muttering delirium at night; marked aggravation on waking; abscesses formed under deep fibrous tissues of finger and hand.
Dog bite (seven cases); in two adult males who used alcoholic drinks there were shudderings and flushes of heat at intervals of a few weeks for two years.
After compound fracture of leg six or eight gangrenous spots, as large as a dime, and each point marked by a black blister which broke and revealed circular spots of gangrene; livid appearance of skin; delirium on closing eyes; agg. after sleep. ~ Gangrene.
Compound comminuted leg fracture, terminating in gangrene and threatening speedy destruction of limb.
Gangrene of finger which had been mashed; on fourth day after injury shooting pains from finger to wrist and up arm; on fifth day fetid odor and some grey blisters indicated gangrene; next day line of demarcation formed entirely around finger; patient restless, cheerful beyond reason; by twelfth day all traces of gangrene had disappeared; no tissue lost by sloughing.
A man a week ago was struck by corner of a heavy box on inner surface of leg and cutting down into calf; leg much inflamed; leeches were applied; severe chill; since chill nothing has remained on his stomach; severe pains set in, whole of wound and two leech bites gangrenous; very severe headache; breath very fetid; sleepless, his shining eyes constantly in motion; tongue trembling; pulse 110, small and irregular.
Elderly lady was bitten by a pet cat through ball of thumb; whole hand and arm swollen and painful; thumb suppurated and for months resisted all efforts to heal. ~ Carbuncle.
Bedsores in typhoid fever; ulcers red and inflamed, with black edges.
Small wounds bleed much.
Old chronic flat ulcers on lower limbs, with discolored areola.

SKIN. [46]

Itching over whole body, burning; yellow or purplish blisters; scabies.
Itching intense, almost driving to distraction, mostly at night, but also by paroxysms in daytime; often changing to a severe, burning stinging sensation. ~ Pustular eruption.
Skin dry and burning. ~ Diphtheritis. ~ Scarlatina.
Jaundice. ~ Hepatitis. ~ Typhoid.
Red lumps and tubercles.
Rash all over; small smooth spots size of a needle point.
Yellow, red and copper colored spots.
Ecchymosis; purple or black spots.
Purpura hemorrhagica.
Bluish black swellings; dark blue blisters.
Body covered with bluish red eruption, round and elevated. ~ Diphtheria.
Child, aet. 1, had gums lanced, bled five days, finally flow arrested, but child became cachectic and dropsical; black and blue spots appeared all over him; least touch or pressure produced them; much agg. after sleeping; extreme deathly paleness.
Small reddish spots on face, neck and arms.
Miliary eruption; rash appears slowly or turns livid or black; comatose.
High fever; stitching pain on right side of chest and back; thick patches of exanthema on right side, from spine to sternum, and from fifth to ninth ribs; at first eruption vesicular, then pustular; whole surface of skin occupied by eruption, very red and swollen, especially intense around margin of each patch; high fever, adynamic in character, slight morning remission; on fifth day pains in back unbearable; several groups of pustules near spine have a hemorrhagic appearance, gradually spread from one group to another until it reached axillary line; sufferings of patient almost unendurable; will take no food except a small quantity of soup and wine; great prostration from loss of sleep, from pain. ~ Herpes zoster after external application of Rhus tox.
For last twenty years, eruption on left forearm and on left lower abdomen; eruption begins as a small boil which disappears, leaving a dry, scaly, itching eruption; then other boils appear successively, all going through same process; this goes on until most space between elbow and wrist, and a space as large as palm of hand on lower abdomen is covered with itching dry eruption; amel. for a few weeks, when little boil reappears and same process is gone over.
Old reddish herpes, with thick scurf in region of whiskers; reappearance of suppressed herpes in face.
Pale, chlorotic, emaciated; blackish or bluish blisters with sanious, fetid contents. ~ Herpetic ulcers.
Vesicles large, usually of yellow color first, and then turning dark with much pain; vesicles break and leave an excoriated surface, which burns when touched; eruptions every Spring and Fall; agg. from acids. ~ Herpes.
Vesicular eruption, with a red crown.
Red spots, with vesicles on fingers and thighs.
Eruption of yellow or purplish blisters.
Bulla dark from bloody serum within. ~ Pemphigus.
Gangrenous blisters.
New pustules and at same time many of older ulcers and scabs surrounded by blue halo; veins of legs enlarged from pregnancy, unusually blue and knotty, almost appearance of incipient gangrene; itching, burning and stinging pains.
Pustules size of pea to five cent piece, on back, legs and particularly about ankles; isolated pustules, rapidly filled with sero-purulent matter and surrounded by an inflamed halo came in small crops; these pustules soon dried into hard, dry scabs easily knocked off, leaving red moist surface sensitive to contact with atmosphere or bedclothes.
Confluent smooth, round, white pustules of size of a mustard seed in palms of hands; they contained a white fluid and itched intolerably.
Index finger of left hand quadrupled in size; hand and forearm much swollen and edematous, a hard red line extending from wrist to axilla; axillary glands swollen; arm and hand intensely painful; whole left side partially paralyzed; extreme prostration, causing disease to be at first mistaken for typhus, low muttering delirium at night; marked aggravation of suffering and prostration on awaking from sleep; abscesses forming under deep fibrous tissues of finger and hand. ~ Septicemia, result of dissecting wound.
Swelling assumes a purplish hue, and patient commences to be delirious as soon as he closes his eyes; bloated red face, attended by heat; coldness of extremities; tendency to faint, with numbness; swelling of part is not great, but firm; suppuration occurs in spots, does not discharge, but dries up into cheesy mas, which is revealed by skin covering it drying up and peeling off; sometimes bullae containing dark colored serum. ~ Erysipelas.
Erysipelas contracted while dissecting; has been sick a week; face swollen, bluish red, or leaden hue; tongue dry, glossy, tremulous; agg. from weight of clothes, from noon until midnight.
Dark red, very large and thick swelling, soft as dough when touched.
Varicose veins ulcerate.
Bedsores in typhoid fever; ulcers red and inflamed, with black edges.
Furuncular formation, generally upon lower lip, attended with severe pain and frequently surrounded by erysipelatous areola; rapid and excessive loss of strength, reduced from vigor to absolute prostration within twenty-four hours. ~ Epidemic malignant pustule.
Bluish color of pustule, and red streaks along lymphatic vessels. ~ Malignant pustule.
Immense carbuncle, six inches in diameter, appeared in dorsal region to right of spine, attended with rigors, nocturnal sweat, fever and prostration. ~ After bite of a cat.
Dark redness around sore, which discharges dark, bloody pus; tension of skin around carbuncle, as if too short; nightly burning in ulcer, obliging one to rise and wash it with cold water. ~ Anthrax.
Black and blue spots; ecchymoses all over body; least touch or pressure produces them; tenderness of body; deathly paleness of face; agg. after sleep. ~ Anasarca.
After scarlet fever, upon going out into air before desquamation had occurred, swelling up of whole body, scrotum as large as child's head, urine diminished, respiration oppressed; on left side of throat glandular swelling, extending up behind ear.
Inflammation slow; skin over dead cellular tissue little disposed to ulcerate, and when finally perforated in three or four places, discharge scanty, thin, sometimes bloody; great prostration. ~ Carbuncle.
Man, had suffered for several years from a succession of carbuncles and indolent boils; lately four successive carbuncles, none of which ran a complete course; after each of these carbuncles patient's health deteriorated, until, after last, took to bed, with hectic fever; an abscess deep in adductor muscles of thigh being opened, discharged about a quart of pus; formation and discharge of pus continued profuse; patient rapidly growing feeble, with severe hectic; loss of appetite; great local suffering. ~ Carbuncle (seven weeks afterwards remnants of four carbuncles inflamed, abscesses formed and sloughs were discharged; abscesses occurring in inverse order of original appearance of carbuncle).
Purplish color of affected part; erysipelas spreads from left to right ~ Erysipelas neonatorum.
Marked swelling and redness of throat, with difficulty of swallowing, elevated papillae on tongue, severe pain in head, flushed and turgid appearance of face, great restlessness, eruption of miliary character, or when it fails to come to the surface. ~ Scarlet fever.
Sore throat and great difficulty in swallowing; fever; pulse 120, quick and small; throat sore to touch externally; as yet no eruption. ~ Scarlet fever.
Pleuritic, pericarditic and general dropsy in delayed desquamation, with great prostration. ~ Scarlatina.
Scarlet fever and scarlet eruptions, with swelling of cervical glands, black lips and reddish tongue.
Throat symptoms assume a virulent character; signs of blood poisoning and prostration. ~ Scarlatina.
Lies on back with open mouth; left parotid enormously swollen; tongue dry and loaded with drying, offensive mucus, extending back upon pharynx, obstructing passage of throat; nose stopped with bloody mucus, having dried down, thoroughly impacting both nasal passages, high up; eyes turned back; could not be aroused in least from most profound stupor; pulse compressible and small. ~ Malignant scarlatina.
Cankerous ulcers spread from mouth to near chin, with sanious discharges from nostrils and throat; constantly recurring spasms of almost entire muscular system; vibratory movements in spasms, short and tremulous. ~ Scarlatina.
Scarlatina maligna, advanced stages, typhoid states, threatening gangrene; destructive decomposition of both fluids and solids.
Boy, aet. 9, had scarlet fever under allopathic treatment, survived swelling on left side of neck followed, which suppurated, abscess opened with lancet, afterwards boy declined in flesh, strength and appetite; much exhausted; face pale, dirty, dingy; puffy, no appetite; restless, hot, dry skin; peevish and whining; abscess discharging foul and copious pus; very sensitive to all motions of head; a large cavity, no appearance of healthy granulations; pulse 140 and small; motions of jaw in masticating solid food could not be borne.
Alternate delirium and stupor; irrational, slow muttering delirium; pulse soft, wavy, quick; calor mordax; respiration attended by moaning; rapid, whistling; occasional single cough; grasping at throat, as if to tear away clothing from it; pupils widely dilated; urine scanty, constipation; countenance cadaverous; breath putrescent. ~ Repercussion of measles.
Girl, aet. 9, had, during previous winter, scarlatina very severely; it left her delicate and deaf; was exposed to measles; six days after, rash appeared with a copious discharge from ears; two days later, discharge suddenly ceased and rash disappeared; immediately became feeble and prostrate; wild, muttering delirium; great thirst, drinking little at a time; singularly biting heat of skin next day; pulse soft, wavy; hardly to be counted; calor mordax; moaning respiration, rapid, whistling; occasionally a single cough with a moan after each cough, and a grasping at throat, as if to tear away clothing from it; pupils widely dilated; no stool for two days; urine scanty and seldom passed; countenance cadaverous; breath putrescent.
Livid eruption; countenance almost black; tongue coated dark brown, sordes on teeth, inability to protrude tongue. ~ Measles.
Black measles.
Itching on whole body, hands and feet; after burning pains there appeared vesicles, with much itching, throbbing, heat, there formed a diffuse, red swelling, some vesicles as large as a nut, at first filled with water, but afterwards containing pus; a good deal of inflammation about parts; some pustules dark blue, with burning, throbbing pain in swelling, as if flesh was being torn from bones; pains attack head, teeth, breast, back; severe, burning pain in head, causing sense of sickness and nausea; throbbing in head at every movement; stupefied sleep after attacks; pains agg. at night; constant thirst but drinking makes her sick; sometimes itching goes off, then she is short of breath and full of anxiety. ~ Itch.
After scratching at night on calf, an ulcer size of a dollar, discolored, very painful.
Peculiar bluish red or livid appearance of ulcers.
Malignant ulcers; bleed readily; discharge bad smelling ichor; deep, filthy suppuration; gangrenous; indolent, with blue color.
Flat open ulcers on left leg, with erysipelas.
Ulcers, surrounded by pimples, vesicles and smaller ulcers.
Areola of ulcer assumes a bluish color. ~ Sycosis.
Ulcer dried up by washes; on taking cold a few weeks after her entire foot and ankle broke out into small ulcers, resembling original sore; great pain in ulcers; itching of feet and ankles, almost unbearable; leg agg. after sleep and amel. from warmth. ~ Indolent ulcer.
Chronic indolent ulcers of legs, flat, with purple skin; many small sores around main ulcer, which has an uneven bottom, burning and bleeding, even when lightly touched; ichorous, offensive discharge.
Ulcers small and scattered about upon neck and face.
Skin around ulcers and wounds is yellow, green, lead colored, bluish red or black.
Superficial ulcers, foul at bottom, with red crowns.
Brownish red areola about ulcer became blackish blue.
Flat ulcers with a bluish white base.
Spreading, superficial, shallow ulcer; paralysis of left leg.
Burning in ulcers at night.
Chronic indolent ulcers, with an uneven bluish bottom and offensive odor.
Painful ulcers, sometimes with proud flesh.
Pain in old cicatrices of ulcers; old red scars reopen.
Spongeous ulcerations of syphilitic origin.
Cancerous ulceration, putrefaction, flesh falls off piecemeal.
Boy, aet. 10, large sore on centre of forehead, covered with a hard black scab, tissue around hard and inflamed; puffy swelling extended down on both sides of neck, which was much swollen, as were his lips; on taking a swallow of water grasped throat and evinced greatest pain; face very red but mottled white; ears burning hot to touch yet pulse but 85; irregular and softish; picked at hair continually; every few minutes twitching of arms; throat swollen and red; next morning tonsils covered with dirty white membrane; in evening abundant scarlet rash; bleeding of dark blood from nose and mouth.
Chronic ulcers of legs (probably of syphilitic origin); discharge ceased, extremity edematous; a hard, slightly red swelling, extending up course of principal veins; great and sudden prostration; low muttering delirium, general typhoid symptoms. ~ Secondary phlebitis.
Carbuncles, with purple surroundings and many small boils around them; must rise at night and bathe to allay burning; also when suppuration is tardy and systemic weakness obtains; cannot bear bandages.
Malignant furuncles, very painful, turn blue and spread.
Sore spots become fungoid, dark red to brownish, with whitish spots; burning on wiping.
Fungus hematodes.
Spots yellow, green, red, lead and copper colored, pale, livid; hard and pale swelling; ulcers surrounded by nodes and vesicles; muscles fall off in shreds from bone; loss of sensation; toes fall off. ~ Leprosy.
Sensation absent in left arm; toes fall off; left side of pharynx sore, with suppurating ulcers; menses alternately profuse and absent. ~ Leprosy.
Bedsores, with black edges.
Scars redden, hurt, break open and bleed.


Affections of meagre, weak, melancholy persons, or of those who are chlorotic, with sickly complexion; women at climacteric period, with frequent metrorrhagia and hot flushes, burning vertex, headaches, pain in back, or hot flushes by day and cold flashes by night, insomnia, agg. in afternoon, evening and after sleep; throat diseases commence on left side rheumatism on right.
Better adapted to thin and emaciated than to fat persons; or adapted to those who have been changed both mentally and physically by their illness.
Suits people with a vivid imagination.
Melancholic or choleric temperament, with phlegmatic constitution; with dark eyes and disposition to lowness of spirits and indolence.
Bilious temperament.
Women of choleric temperament, freckles and red hair.
Dark eyes, disposed to sluggishness and indolence.
Climacteric ailments; hemorrhoids, hemorrhages, hot flushes, burning vertex headaches; especially after cessation of flow.
Women who have not recovered from change of life, “have never felt well since that time”.
Drunkards; headaches, hemorrhoids; prone to erysipelatoid inflammations.
Erysipelas of old people.
After onanism. ~ Epilepsy.
People injured by mercurial treatment.
In all syphilitic mercurial diseases. ~ Tertiary syphilis.
Infant, aet. 2 months; cyanosis.
Girl, infant, aet. 6 months; malignant erysipelas.
Girl, aet. 9 months; diphtheria.
Child, aet. 9 months, scrofulous; diphtheria.
Boy, aet. 1, scrofulous, apparently healthy, had incisors lanced, obstinate hemorrhage ensued, which was finally stopped by perchloride of iron; anasarca.
Child, aet. 21 months, light complexion, blue eyes; bronchial catarrh.
Boy, aet. 2; membranous croup.
Girl, aet. 3, blonde, spare built.
Child, aet. 3; typhoid fever.
Girl, aet. 4, light hair, blue eyes, slight build; suppuration of lungs.
Boy, aet. 4; diphtheria.
Boy, aet. 5, attends school, previous good health, suffering six weeks; brain irritation.
Girl, aet. 5, dark straight hair and blue eyes, when two years old had caries of dorsal vertebrae; paralysis of legs and chest affection.
Boy, aet. 5, in good health and spirits, has abscess on wrist; convulsions.
Girl, aet. 6; diphtheria.
Boy, aet. 6, epileptic, with thick head, pale, bloated look, delicate constitution, suffering fourteen days; diphtheria.
Child, after being frostbitten; tetanus.
Boy; post-diphtheritic eye affection.
Boy, sick five days; diphtheria.
Girl, after excessive study; mental disorder.
Girl, aet. 6; ague.
Girl, aet. 6; diphtheria.
Boy, aet. 8, suffering five days; diphtheria.
Boy, aet. 8, cold contracted in wet weather; bronchial catarrh.
Girl, aet. 8; diphtheria.
Boy, aet. 8; diphtheria.
Boy, aet. 8; affection of throat.
Boy, aet. 8, scrofulous; scarlatina.
Girl, aet. 8, light red hair, nervous and sensitive, bright and cheerful when well, after having ears pierced; chorea.
Girl, aet. 9, a few months ago had scarlatina, which left her delicate and deaf, nine days ago exposed to measles, two days ago rash appeared along with copious discharge from ears, now rash and discharge both disappear; repercussion of measles.
Girl, aet. 9, frightened when three years old by snake; affection of mind.
Boy, aet. 9, fair skin, dark eyes, short stature, well developed, healthy; after scarlatina abscess on left side of neck.
Boy, aet. 9, pale, weakly, subject to epileptiform spasms; diphtheria.
Girl, aet. 9; diphtheria.
Girl, aet. 10; pharyngitis.
Boy, aet. 10, suffering from scarlatina, upon going out before desquamation; dropsy.
Boy, aet. 10; scarlatina.
Boy, aet. 10, highly nervous temperament, psoric taint; scarlet fever.
Girl, aet. 10; diphtheria.
Boy, aet. 12; affection of knee.
Girl, aet. 12, healthy looking, suffering eight days; affection of throat.
Girl, aet. 13; typhoid fever.
Boy, aet. 14, tonsillitis.
Boy, aet. 16, strong and active, red hair, dark eyes, freckled complexion; peritonitis.
Girl, aet. 16, light complexion; typhoid.
Girl, aet. 16; tonsillitis.
Boy, aet. 17, subject to inflammation of throat; angina.
Girl, aet. 18, governess, robust constitution, suffering a week without perceptible cause; neuralgia.
Girl, aet. 18; diphtheria.
Girl, aet. 20, blonde, slim, mild disposition; erysipelas.
Weakly girl, aet. 20; diarrhea.
Girl, aet. 20, bilious temperament, full habit, from sitting on stool and practicing at piano, suffering four years; affection of spine.
Woman, aet. 20, after giving birth to child which died on fourth day of erysipelas; peritonitis.
Girl, aet. 20, blonde, thin, mild temperament; erysipelas on leg and foot.
Woman, aet. 20, strong; angina.
Young man, tall, active, dark hair and eyes; diphtheria.
Young man, scrofulous, weak, has had for several years eczema on arms and leg ulcers; tonsillitis.
Young lady, bilious lymphatic temperament, suffering ten years; constipation.
Young woman, delicate, nervous temperament; diphtheria.
Young woman, married, refined sensibilities; mental disturbance.
Young man, phthisical habit, had been coughing two months; pulmonary tuberculosis.
Young man, weakened by disease and medicine and further by fracture of clavicle; affection of right hand.
Strong young man; affection of second toe of right foot.
Young man, after excessive study; glossomania.
Young man, phthisical habit, emaciated, six months ago had pneumonia; lung affection.
Young, robust sea captain, previously suffered from abscess of throat; affection of throat.
Girl, aet. 20, after taking purgative medicine for some digestive troubles; diarrhea.
Man, aet. 21, scrofulous; angina.
Man, aet. 22; pharyngitis.
Man, aet. 22, physician, result of wound incurred during post mortem examination of a case of puerperal peritonitis; septicemia.
Man, aet. 23; pneumonia.
Girl, aet. 23; epilepsy.
Woman, aet. 23, slender build, premature labor; puerperal convulsions.
Woman, aet. 24, multipara, small, fair, nervous, sanguine temperament; puerperal convulsions.
Man, aet. 24, wears glasses; asthenopia.
Woman, aet. 24, brunette; facial neuralgia.
Man, aet. 25, medium height, fair complexion, muscular, and accustomed to outdoor exercise; chronic irritability of fauces.
Girl, aet. 26; diphtheria.
Man, aet. 28, small, brown hair, during childhood frequent convulsions, after being cured of caries; epilepsy.
Woman, aet. 28, sunstroke two years previous to confinement, from which she had ever since been confined to bed; puerperal convulsions.
Woman, aet. 28, suffering several weeks; partial deafness.
Man, aet. 29, suffering since fourteenth year; epilepsy.
Woman, aet. 30, medium height, dark complexion, black hair, subject to swelling of glands and morbid discharges from mucous membranes, had three abortions, now in eighth month of pregnancy; pustular eruption.
Woman, aet. 30; chronic affection of larynx.
Woman, aet. 30, brunette, nursing 5 months; thin milk.
Woman, aet. 30, married, weak constitution, tuberculous tendency; tumor in breast.
Man, aet. 30, another 23; fever.
Man, aet. 30, laborer, after injury; gangrene of leg.
Woman, aet. 30, single; pharyngitis.
Married woman, aet. 30, tuberculous, weakly constitution, somewhat emaciated and pale, skin dry; since ten years no child; tumor in left mamma.
Woman, aet. 31, unmarried, suffering for many years; headache.
Woman, aet. 32, married, after night watching; convulsions.
Woman, aet. 32, brunette, choleric temperament; mania.
Man, aet. 32, sanguine nervous temperament; ague.
Countess V., aet. 33, after rubbing a mixture of Rhus tox. and alcohol upon abdomen for a strain of uterine ligament; herpes zoster.
Man, editor; typhoid fever.
Man, plethoric, tendency to hydrothorax; periodic asthma.
Man, after mercurial treatment; syphilis.
Lady, worn out with solicitude and care of a sick friend, had delirium followed by convulsions.
Woman, aet. 40, one year without menses; erysipelas on foot joint.
Woman, slender form, menstrual irregularities; aphonia.
Woman, married; effects of domestic troubles; melancholy.
Woman, weakly, sensitive mind, during climacteric, after grief at death of husband and loss of fortune; affection of throat.
Woman, after taking charge of child with itch; itch.
Woman, married many years, but never pregnant; chronic uterine catarrh. (Afterwards bore a child).
Woman, post diphtheritic affection.
Woman, subject Spring and Fall to acute pneumonia; had been treated for many years allopathically; ovaritis.
Woman, wasted, slim, pale; ulcers on legs.
Woman, aet. 35, sickly and weak, slim, strong bones, bilious constitution, mild temper; infiltration on the back.
Man, aet. 35, pharyngitis.
Man, aet. 35; diphtheria.
Man, aet. 39, dark complexioned, emaciated, eight weeks ago operation for fistula in ano, suffering four weeks; mental disorder.
Woman, aet. 40, single, large and fleshy, subject to attacks of catarrh for fifteen years; bronchial catarrh.
Woman, aet. 40, suffering 20 years; hysteria.
Man, aet. 40; gangrene of hand.
Man, aet. 40, after receiving wound on head by falling off horse; gangrene of wound.
Woman, aet. 40, has not menstruated for one year; erysipelas.
Woman, aet. 40, tall, slender, pale; ulcers on legs.
Woman, aet. 40; indolent ulcer.
Man, aet. 40, phthisical; ulcers on legs.
Man, aet. 40; bee sting.
Woman, aet. 42, mother of two children, sanguine bilious temperament; asthma.
Woman, aet. 42, sanguine bilious temperament; asthma.
Woman, aet. 43, married; irritation of meninges of brain and spinal cord.
Woman, aet. 43; ulcers on leg.
Lady, aet. 43, slim, large, cachectic, scrofulous; intestinal croup.
Woman, widow, aet. 43; catalepsy during climaxis.
Woman, aet. 45, full habit, nervous, light hair, blue eyes, lively disposition, suffering for years; headache.
Married woman, aet. 45; chronic nasal catarrh.
Woman, aet. 48, 18 months after climaxis, menses had been copious, very dark, had been subject to congestion towards head and chest; swelling of right ovary.
Woman, aet. 48, bilious, nervous temperament, has for many years, every Spring and Fall, had acute pneumonia, for which she was salivated, bled, blistered and purged; general breakdown.
Woman, aet. 49, seamstress, for three years; cephalalgia.
Woman, climacteric period; anal fistula.
Man, aet. 45, suffering three weeks; spasm of glottis.
Man, aet. 45, full habit and bilious temperament; functional disturbance of heart.
Man, aet. 48, subject to follicular pharyngitis; pharyngitis.
Man, aet. 49, light complexioned, suffering five days; sciatica.
Woman, aet. 50, just passed critical period, suffering six months; affection of anus and rectum.
Woman, aet. 50; itch.
Woman, aet. 50; chronic affection of larynx.
Woman, aet. 50; foreign body in esophagus.
Woman, aet. 50, phlegmatic, sanguine temperament, small stature, father and brother died of heart disease; attacks of dyspnea and palpitation of heart.
Woman, aet. 50, large and fleshy, at critical period, had suffered several years with dilatation of left ventricle, aorta and carotid artery; bronchial catarrh.
Woman, aet. 51, after sudden suppression of menses by a mental emotion; rheumatism of vagus.
Woman, aet. 52, married, leuco-phlegmatic, very fat, suffering for twenty years; eruption on arm and abdomen.
Woman, aet. 52; sacculated ovarian disease.
Woman, aet. 53, plethoric, robust, choleric; ulcer on leg.
Woman, aet. 56, passing through climacteric period; affection of liver.
Man, aet. 57, nervous bilious temperament, dark hair and skin, suffering thirty-five years; eczema.
Man, aet. 60, married, subject five years to occasional attacks of severe pains in back of head; convulsions.
Man, aet. 60, strong, well built, full chest, blue eyes, suffering since he was six years old; headache.
Elderly woman, thin and cachectic; phthisis pulmonalis.
Lady, aet. 60, tall, dark, leathery skin, feeble, thin, nervo-bilious, fond of good living; tertian ague.
Man, aet. 60, strong, well built, blue eyes; headache.
Woman, aet. 65, stout, fleshy, for many years periodical attacks from hepatic apostema.
Woman, aet. 69; ulcers on legs.
Woman, aet. 70, suffering six months; bronchial catarrh.
Woman, aet. 76, suffering a long time from suffocative cough; chest affection.
Man, aet. 80; vertigo.
Man, aet. 86; sciatica.


Antidoted by: Radiate heat outwardly, alcohol inwardly; salt. The dilutions are antidoted by: Alum., Arsen., Bellad., Coccul., Coffea, Hepar, Mercur., Nitr. ac., Nux vom., Phos ac., according to effects.
It antidotes: effects of Bufo, Crotal., Rhus tox.
Compatible: Acon., Arsen., Bellad., Bromium, Carbo v., Cinchona, Hepar, Hyosc., Kali bich., Lac c., Lycop., Mercur., Nitr. ac., Nux vom., Olnd., Phosphor., Pulsat., Silica, Sulphur, Tarent.
Incompatible: Acet. ac.
Complementary: Hepar, Lycop., Nitr. ac.
Compare: Crotal., Naja trip., Elaps. cor. and Bothrops can., in their general effects on the blood and nervous system; Sulphur and Lycop. in aphasia; Theridion and Moschus, vertigo agg. closing eyes, sun headaches; Arsen., Hydr. ac., Lauroc., Digit. and Veratr., fainting from cardiac weakness; Kali carb, heart hangs by a thread; Glon, Bellad., Camphor, Natr. carb., and Therid., effects from heat of the sun; Stramon., Agaric., Mephitis, Act. rac. and Paris quad., loquacity; Opium, Hyosc., Arnica, Alum., Lycop., Rhus tox., typhoid fever; Mercur., Cinchona, Pulsat., Bryon., Gelsem., catarrhal and rheumatic headache; Silica, desire to have head wrapped up; Crotal., Phosphor and Arnica in retinal apoplexy; Crotal. and Elaps, otorrhea; Apis, Arsen., and Kali carb., edema of face; Cicut., dyspnea from spasm; Apis, Rhus tox. and Euphorb., erysipelas, herpes, etc.; Phytol., sore throat, debility, etc.; Lac can., Crotal. and Naja, diphtheria; Cinchona, Carbo veg., Hepar, Kreos., Kali bich., Nux vom. and Lycop., dyspepsias and abdominal diseases; Colchic. and Elaps, cold feeling in stomach; Bellad., Caustic., Natr. mur., Nitr. ac., Ignat., Kali bich., Opium, Plumbum, Mez. and Coccul., constriction of anus, anal tenesmus and dysentery; Anacard., sensation of plug in rectum; Hepar, Asaf., Lycop., Mur. ac., Silica, Sulph. ac. and Arsen., ulcerations; Apis, Arg. met., Platin., Murex, Pall., Lycop., and Graphit., ovarian and uterine diseases; Crotal., Helleb., Digit., Tereb., Apis and Colchic., vesical and renal affections, with haematuria; Calc. ostr., gall stones; Phosphor. and Thuja fungus hematodes; Natr. mur. and Ledum, effects of bee sting; Lact. ac., fullness of throat and constriction; Tarent. cubensis., painful carbuncles.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 06, 1888
Description: Clinical materia medica of Lachesis
Remedies: Lachesis
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1888
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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