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Lithium Carbonicum.

Lithia. Li2 CO3.

Introduced and proved by Hering, assisted by Neidhard and Geist. See Am. Hom. Rev., 1863, vol. 3, p. 485, 1863.

A proving of Gettysburg water, containing lithia, was made by Swan. See H. Mo., 1871, p. 389.


- Weakness of eyes, A. R., Raue's Rec., 1870, p. 110; Hemiopia, Dunham, Norton's Ophth. Therap., p. 111; Hom. Clin., vol. 1, p. 25; Ophthalmia, Kenyon, Hale's Therap., p. 413; Disease of right kidney and bladder, Fanning, Am. Hom. Rev., Jan., 1865; Disease of heart, Neidhard, Hale's Therap., p. 414; Gout with puffing and swelling of body and limbs, Org., vol. 2, p. 450; Arthritis, Falk, Raue's Rec., 1871, p. 174.

MIND. [1]

Difficulty in remembering names.
Disposed to weep about his lonesome condition.
Anxiety, hopeless all night.


Heaviness in sinciput, especially in frontal eminence.
Pain and heaviness over brows, agg. towards evening.
Headache like a stitch, superiorly on vertex.
Early on awaking, headache in vertex and temples, with nausea after sudden cessation of menses.
Pains in a small spot in right temple; pain in left temple.
Heavy weight upon vertex, with pressure upon left temple.
Pressure in temples from without inward, with a pressing pain in middle of chest.
Tension as if bound in temples, with half vision.
Tearing, sticking headache on right side, agg. on assuming erect position and on motion, amel. during repose.
Headache ceases while eating, but returns and remains until food is again taken.
Throbbing headache.
Pressure in right side of forehead.
Headache: agg. when lying down; it pains everywhere; amel. when sitting; amel. by going out.
Looking at anything makes headache agg.; can hardly keep eyes open; pain as if sore from morning till noon.
Trembling and throbbing in head, pains in heart extend to head.
Head seems too large.
Confusion of head.


Head externally sensitive.
Milk crust.


Asthenopia, with black motes before eyes and sensitiveness of eyes after using them by candlelight.
Entire vanishing of right half of whatever she looked at; or if two short words occurred in succession, that on right hand was invisible; second day of menses; pain over eyes.
After excessive use of eyes, with insufficient light, loss of use of left eye; vision with right eye incomplete; could only see left half of an object until he looked a second time and more intently; a similar perversion had preceded loss of vision in left eye.
Sunlight blinds him.
Eyes pain: during and after reading; as if dry; as if little grains were in them; as if sore.
Throbbing and drawing deep in right eye and around it.
Stitches in right eye.
Scrofulous inflammation of eyes with hardening of Meibomean glands.
Ophthalmia, with redness of sclerotica, muco-purulent discharge, sticking pains in eyes, photophobia and sensation as of a veil before them.


Earache left side, from throat, with prosopalgia.
Pain behind left ear, in bone, extending toward neck.


Nose, especially on right side, somewhat swollen, red, sore, internally, shining crusts form in it; dry as if inflamed; frequent urinating at night.
Nose obstructed above, agg. in morning and forenoon.
Blows nose very much in evening, much mucus remains behind in choanae.
Dropping from nose, in open air.
Soreness of end of nose.


Pain right side from root of tooth that has been sawn off, extending to temple; next day same on left side from throat to ear. ~ Prosopalgia.


Glandular swellings on left side of face, throat and neck, nearly all size of a hen's egg, some hard, some suppurating.


Teeth feel numb, dull and loose, cannot bite on them.


Sore throat in evening, right side.
Sore throat, extending into ear.
Solid lumps from choanae and fauces, agg. morning and forenoon.


After fruit: diarrhea.


Acidity of stomach.
Nausea, with gnawing in stomach, fullness in temples, headache.


Gnawing in stomach, agg. before a meal, amel. while eating.


Pressure in hepatic region.
Violent pain in hepatic region, between ilium and ribs. ~ Gall stones.
Sticking pain in left hypochondrium; pain in region of spleen.


Feels swollen, as if distended with wind.
Violent pain across upper part of abdomen.
Pain in left abdominal ring, like a pressing from within outward.
Indurated inguinal glands.
Syphilitic bubo in left groin, a longish swelling, as hard as a stone, uneven, rugged, like a scirrhus, at night violent lancinations, as if with red hot needles.
Buboes with decided fluctuation.


Emission of much offensive flatus on awaking from sleep.
Stools: soft, light, yellow in morning; offensive at night; stinking flatus in evening; agg. after fruit or chocolate.
Violent, painful, dull stitch in perineum near anus, from above downward, from within outward.


Soreness of bladder, and sharp sticking pains in neck of bladder, on right side, with soreness; frequent urination; pains in right kidney.
Flashes of pain in region of bladder, more toward right, before passing water; pain extends into spermatic cord after urinating.
Tenesmus vesicae with micturition; evening while walking.
On rising to urinate, pressing in cardiac region, not ceasing until after urinating; morning.
Urine: scanty, dark acrid; pain when passed, emission difficult; with dark, reddish brown deposit; turbid with mucous deposit; profuse, with uric acid deposit.
Burning in urethra.
Frequent copious urination; disturbing sleep.


Erection after urination at night.
Greenish yellowish discharge from urethra, thick and profuse, alternating with haematuria.
Burning in urethra.
Pain in right side, in urethra and spermatic cord, into testicle.
Pain in testes, and when sitting, stitches in penis.


Menses: late, scanty; cease suddenly and headache comes on.


On inspiring air feels cold, even into lungs. ~ Heart disease.
Constriction of chest when walking in open air after breakfast, hawking of much mucus, seemingly from middle of sternum.

COUGH. [27]

Violent cough, in quick shocks, evening while lying; must rise; no sputa; irritation to cough, starts at a small spot posteriorly and inferiorly in throat.


Pressure in middle of chest from within outward toward sides.


Pressing in region of heart, on rising to urinate, amel. after urinating.
Throbbing; dull stitch in cardiac region; sudden shocks.
Rheumatic soreness in cardiac region.
Violent pain in region of heart, as she bent over bed; morning after rising.
Pains in heart before and at time of urinating; also before and at time of menses.
Soreness about heart, agg. on stooping; pains in limbs; finger joints tender and painful; sleeplessness.
After mental agitation of a vexatious character, to which she is very subject, a trembling and fluttering of heart, distressingly painful in heart and as far as between shoulders; extends upwards into head where it is felt as painful throbbing; the air on inspiration seems so cold, that it is felt unpleasantly even in lungs. ~ Valvular insufficiency.
Heart disease, with induration of aortic valves; “bruit de scie,” followed by a bellows sound within a small space in region of aortic valves; sharp pains shooting through back, shoulder and arm; arm as if paralyzed.


Sore feeling right side near spine, on a small spot; agg. from pressure; morning on rising.
Feeling of prostration in sacrum at night.
Stitch in sacrum; pain when standing, with confusion of head.


Pain near point of right pectoralis major on margin of right shoulder.
Burning stitch in ball of left thumb.
Itching, throbbing, sensitive pains in all fingers, agg. second and third of left hand, as if in bones; extends from hands to finger ends, only during repose; amel. on pressure when grasping and during motion.
Left middle finger painful through and through.
Soreness at margin of nail, with redness and pain.


Pain in right hip, later in left.
Itching, burning pain in a small spot on right hip, then on thigh, then on little toe; all on external aspect of limb; also internally on left thigh and knee.
Rheumatic pains in lower extremities.
Pains in and above knees, especially when going up stairs; knees weak.
Syphilitic, bluish, deep old ulcer on calf of leg.
Painfullness of feet, ankles, metatarsus and toes, especially at border of foot and soles as if gouty.
Ankle joints pain when walking, first right more, then left; frequent urgent pains of moderate severity, of a striking character, from within outward, ending in a burning itching in a small spot.
Rheumatic pains in right foot on awaking at night, pass off on rising.
Burning in great toe, especially around corns; soreness of corns; itching of sole of left foot on inner margin.
Pain in little toes.


Swelling, tenderness, sometimes redness, of last joint of fingers, with general puffiness of body and limbs; increase of bulk and weight; clumsiness in walking at night, and weariness in standing; sometimes intense itching of sides, feet and hands, at night, from no apparent cause, amel. by very hot water.


Repose: headache amel.; itching, sensitive pain in all fingers.
Lying down: headache agg.; violent cough, must rise.
Sitting: headache amel.; stitching in penis.
Stooping: soreness about heart agg.
Standing: pain in sacrum; weariness.
On assuming an erect position: headache agg.
Motion: headache agg.; itching, sensitive pains in hands and fingers amel.
On rising: pressing in region of heart; rheumatic pains in right foot pass off.
After rising in morning: as she bent over bed violent pain in region of heart.
Going up stairs: pains in and above knees.
Walking: tenesmus vesicae with micturition; in open air constriction of chest; ankle joints pain; clumsiness at night.

NERVES. [36]

Prostration of whole body, especially knee joints and sacrum.
Paralytic stiffness in all limbs and in whole body.

SLEEP. [37]

Whole night anxiety and feeling of helplessness; restless.
Sleep disturbed by: pains in sacrum and feet; urination; offensive diarrhea; tenesmus vesicae; erections, which subside on urinating; voluptuous dreams.

TIME. [38]

Morning: soft, light, yellow stools; on rising to urinate, pressing in cardiac region; violent pain in region of heart; on rising, sore feeling near spine, right side.
From morning till noon: eyes pain; obstructed nose agg.; solid lumps from choanae and fauces agg.
Evening: pain and heaviness over brows agg.; blows nose very much; sore throat; flatus; tenesmus vesicae; violent cough.
Night: anxiety, hopelessness; urinating; violent lancinations in bubo; offensive stools; erection after urinating; feeling of prostration in sacrum; rheumatic pain in right foot; clumsiness in walking; itching of side of feet and hands.


Very hot water: itching of feet and hands amel.
Going out: headache amel.
Open air: dropping from nose; constriction of chest.
On inspiring air feels cold even into lungs.

FEVER. [40]

Shudder starting from thorax.
Cold feet, soles agg.; then sudden heat beginning in soles and extending over whole body.
General feeling of heat in body; sweat on back of hands.
Copious sweat.


Before and at time of menses: pain in heart.


Right: pain in a small spot in temple; headache; pressure in side of forehead; entire vanishing of half of whatever she looked at; vision incomplete; throbbing and drawing deep in eye; stitches in eye; nose swollen, red, sore; pain from tooth to temple; sore throat; sharp sticking pains in neck of bladder; pains in kidney; pains in side of urethra; sore feeling on side near spine; pain near point of pectoralis major near margin of shoulder; pain in hip; itching, burning in a small spot on hip, then on thigh, then on little toe; rheumatic pain in foot.
Left: pain in temple; pressure upon temple; loss of use of eye; earache; pain behind ear; pain from throat to ear; glandular swelling on side of face, throat and neck; sticking pain in hypochondrium; pain in abdominal ring; syphilitic bubo in groin; burning stitch in ball of thumb; itching, sensitive pains agg. in second and third finger of hand; middle finger painful; pain in hip; pain internally on thigh and knee; itching of sole of foot.
From within outward: pressing in abdominal ring; stitch in perineum near anus; pressing in middle of chest; urgent pains in ankle joints.
From without inward: pressure in temples.
From above downward: stitch in perineum near anus.


As if temples were bound; eyes as if sore; head as if too large; eyes as if dry; as if little grains were in them; as of a veil before eyes; nose as if inflamed; teeth as if numb, dull and loose; abdomen as if distended with wind; lancinations as if with red hot needles in bubo; arm as if paralyzed; pain as if in bones of hand; border of foot and soles as if gouty; whole body sore as if beaten.
Pain: over brows; in vertex and temples; in a small spot in right temple; in left temple; in heart to head; over eyes; in bones; behind left ear; from tooth to temple, right side; from throat to ear, left side; in region of spleen; in hepatic region; in left abdominal ring; in right kidney; on right side in urethra and spermatic cord into testicle; in testes; in heart; in limbs; in finger joints; in sacrum; near point of right pectoralis major on margin of right shoulder; through left middle finger; at margin of finger nail; in hips; in and above knees; in feet, ankles, metatarsus and toes; in ankle joints; in little toes.
Violent pain: in hepatic region across upper part of abdomen; in region of heart.
Violent lancinations: in bubo.
Violent, painful, dull stitch: in perineum.
Distressingly painful trembling, fluttering: at heart as far as shoulders and head where it is painful throbbing.
Sharp shooting pains: through back, shoulder and arm.
Tearing sticking headache: on right side.
Throbbing, dull stitch: in cardiac region.
Throbbing pain: in head; in right eye.
Stitches: in right eye; in penis; in sacrum.
Burning stitch: in ball of left thumb.
Stitchlike pain: in vertex.
Sticking pains: in eyes; in left hypochondrium; in neck of bladder.
Frequent urgent pains of moderate severity, of a striking character: in a small spot in ankle.
Gnawing: in stomach.
Drawing pain: deep in right eye and around it.
Rheumatic pains: in lower extremities; in right foot.
Pressing pain: in middle of chest.
Itching, burning pain: in a small spot in right hip, then on thigh, then on little toe; internally on left thigh and knee.
Burning: in urethra; in great toe; around corns.
Aching: in ear from throat.
Flashes of pain: in region of bladder, extending into spermatic cord.
Rheumatic soreness: in cardiac region.
Soreness: of end of nose; of throat; of bladder; about heart; at margin of finger nail; of corns.
Sore feeling: right side near spine.
Tenderness: of last joint of fingers.
Anxiety: all night.
Itching, throbbing, sensitive pain: in all fingers.
Heat: in body.
Pressing: as if with a dull point, here and there, internally, as if it were near bone, most in left side.
Burning stitch: from within outward, ends in itching.
Pressure: upon left temple; in temples; in right side of forehead; in hepatic region; in middle of chest; in region of heart.
Heaviness: in sinciput; over brows.
Heavy weight: upon vertex.
Fullness: in temples.
Constriction: of chest.
Weariness: in standing.
Feeling of prostration: in sacrum at night; of whole body, especially knee joints.
Paralytic stiffness: in all limbs and in whole body.
Trembling: in head.
Confusion: of head.
Itching: of sole of foot; intense on sides of feet and hands.


Scrofulous diseases, particularly swollen glands.
Bruised spots from falls or from being beaten.
Bones, joints, muscles, whole body sore as if beaten.
Heart affections; ossification.
Arthritis; gouty diathesis.
Obesity with gout; dyspnea.


Pressure: sore feeling near spine agg.; itching sensitive pains in hands and fingers amel.
From falls or from being beaten: bruised spots.

SKIN. [46]

Itching and burning.
Skin rough as a grater, harsh, dry.
Barber's itch, ringworm, circular furfuraceous patches on skin.
Rough rash over body. ~ Secondary syphilis.
Skin of whole body rough and dry; both cheeks covered with a thick crust like milk crust.


Man, aet. 20; from early youth glandular swellings of neck.
Girl, aet. 26, brown hair, excitable, thin; affection of right kidney and bladder.
Man, aet. 35, sight failing for more than a year; hemiopia.
Bookkeeper, aet. 44; hemiopia.
Professional man; weakness of eyes.
Woman, aet. 52; gouty diathesis, puffing, swelling and itching of body and limbs.


Compare: Am. phos., Benz. ac, Berber., Calc. and Lycop. in rheumatism or gout; Alumina in conjunctivitis; Gettysburg Springs in scrofulous joints; Coral rub. and Kali bich. in catarrh when inspired air feels cold; Sepia and Teucrium in post-nasal catarrh with chunky discharges; Aurum, Conium, Kalmia, Ledum and Zincum in heart disease.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 07, 1888
Description: Clinical materia medica of Lithium carbonicum
Remedies: Lithium carbonicum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1888
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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