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Hippomane Mancinella. Euphorbiaceae.

A poisonous tree, a native of West Indies, bearing a poisonous fruit, somewhat resembling apples.

The tincture is prepared from fresh leaves, bark and fruit.

Introduced and proved by Bute. See Hering's compilation, Allg. Hom. Zeit., 1850. Also proved by Mure and Ackermann. Toxicological reports are numerous.


- Affection of throat, Bute, MSS.; Post-diphtheritic affection, Bute, Raue's Rec., 1870, p. 152; Affection of stomach, Bute, MSS.; Pain in left hypochondrium, Bute, MSS.; Rumbling in abdomen, Bute, MSS.; Colic, Bute, MSS.; Cholera infantum, Howard, MSS.; Asthma, Howard, MSS.; Nervous affection, Bute, Hom. Clin., vol. 1, p. 283; vol. 4, p. 19; Typhoid fever, Bute, MSS.

MIND. [1]

Sudden vanishing of thought, forgets from one moment to next what she wishes to do.
Everything becomes irksome.
Fear of getting crazy; of evil spirits; of being taken by the devil.
Averse to work and answering questions.
Melancholy, homesickness; about midnight attacks of fear and trembling; afraid of evil spirits, of being taken hold of by the devil; sleeplessness; pressing in cardiac region, hard beats of heart, followed by faintishness, with darkening before eyes; tetters. ~ Mental derangement.
Bashful and taciturn; has a timid look.
Aggravation from anger and after eating.


Vertigo: stupefying; with loss of consciousness; in morning on rising from bed.
Sensation of lightness in head while walking about room.


Stitches: in temples; in head, with sleeplessness; over left eye.
Headache: with impatience; caused by candlelight.
Pulsating pains in head and neck, preventing one from writing.
Whole head feels sore, as if bruised or as if it had been exposed to sun.
Heaviness in head.
Headache, agg. from warmth of stove.


Itching of scalp; hair falls out after severe acute diseases.


Blue circles around eyes.
Sensation of heaviness and dryness of eyes and lids.
Burning: in eyes, headache from candlelight; of eyelids, only when closing them.


Ears feel as if closed.
Redness and heat of ears.


Pressure at root of nose.
Dryness of nose.


Face: swollen; pale; pale, yellow, bloated.
Heat rising to face, and soon thereafter painful itching, stitching and burning, continuing all day, next morning face swollen; towards noon vesicles, size of small pinhead and filled with a yellow fluid, next day desquamation.


Lips pale; pricking pains in lips.
Lower lip hangs down.
Large number of small vesicles on chin, which desquamate.


Very bitter taste in mouth.
Tongue coated white, except on several sharply defined clean spots.
Burning on tongue; dry.
Tongue coated white as in aphthae.
Taste: bloody; agg. after sleeping.


Unendurable burning and prickling in mouth, not amel. by cold water.
Whole mouth and tongue covered with small vesicles.
Increased flow of saliva; yellow saliva; fetid.
Burning at soft palate and roof of mouth.
Dryness of mouth.
Offensive breath, perceptible to herself.
Blister, size of hazelnut, on palate.
Inflammation in mouth; bleeds.


Great elongation of uvula.
Heat in pharynx and down esophagus, without thirst.
Great dryness of throat; on waking.
Choking sensation rises in throat when speaking.
Stitches in throat.
Sensation of constriction in throat, ascending from stomach, caused by accumulation of air, with palpitation of heart and great sensation of weakness, impeding speech.
Thirst for cold water, with inability to swallow on account of a choking which rises up from stomach.
Angina following scarlet fever, or during epidemic of latter.
Periodical thrusts (as if electric) in upper part of throat, waking from sleep.
Yellowish white ulcers, with violent burning pain.
Great swelling and suppuration of tonsils, with danger of suffocation; whistling breathing.
Sore throat during scarlet fever.
White yellowish burning ulcers on tonsils and in throat.
Diphtheria on left side; ever since, pains all over her body, mostly in chest, with a dry cough.
Menses irregular, profuse; heat in head, with vertigo; amel. when at rest; edges of eyelids burn when closing eyes. ~ Post-diphtheritic affection.


Thirst for cold water, but is prevented from drinking by choking sensation rising from stomach; with burning heat.
Aversion to meat and bread.
Longing for water and aversion to wine and alcoholic drinks.


Can take none but liquid food on account of soreness of mouth.
Drinking water, bloatedness and painfullness of region of stomach agg.
After drinking water: colic; pain in abdomen.


Ineffectual desire to eructate or gag with excessive nausea.
Continual choking sensation, rising from stomach like from pressure of wind, with weakness and palpitation of heart.
Repeated green vomit.
Sour, greasy vomit, with aversion to water; on vomit floats a white mass like coagulated fat.
Vomiting of food, followed by severe colic and profuse diarrhea.
Vomiting relieves headache.


Burning: in stomach and throat, with nausea; in pit of stomach.
Pit of stomach swollen and sensitive to pressure.
Distension and pain in region of stomach.
Bloatedness and painfullness of region of stomach. ~ Nervous fever.
Sensation as of flames rising from stomach.
Sensation as if stomach drew together in a lump and then suddenly opened.


Rumbling in left side when bending to right.
Sudden sticking in left hypochondrium.
Pain in left hypochondrium in a spot as large as a half dollar, compelling her to press there with hand; rumbling in left side when lying on right side, also with every respiration; no rumbling when lying on left side.


Wandering pains in abdomen.
Pains in abdomen through bowels, after drinking water.
Loud rumbling in abdomen.
Rumbling in abdomen renewed by every motion and when taking a deep inspiration, with headache which is much agg. near warm stove.
Colic: after drinking water; with diarrhea (at midnight); with fainting, constipation, alternating with diarrhea.
Distended abdomen.
Sensation of soreness, as if bruised, of abdominal walls.
Eruptions of rash on abdomen.


Fullness in rectum, with a hollow feeling in stomach.
Profuse diarrhea, with colic and vertigo.
Many bloody stools, with colic, inclination to sleep and vertigo.
Greenish stools, without blood.
Diarrhea: with burning in abdomen and anus; in alternation with constipation; with cutting in abdomen; with much discharge of flatus.
Sudden desire to go to stool (in morning), after stool tenesmus.
Bloody evacuations, with colic, sleepiness and giddiness.
Stools: painful, black, fetid, bloody, with tenesmus.
During afternoon, more than twenty evacuations, with pain in intestines as if fire was there.
Sensation of fullness in rectum.
After stool: pulsation in anus; discharge of fetid blood from hemorrhoidal tumors.
Frequent thin, watery discharges; vomiting; emaciation; great prostration; loss of appetite; aversion to food. ~ Cholera infantum.


Tired feeling in region of kidneys, with inclination to rub parts, and with frequent stretching back of body.
Sensation of weakness, as if bruised, in region of kidneys.
Stitches in bladder before and at beginning of micturition.
Burning in urethra.
Urine: brown; whitish, clouded on standing.


Increased sexual desire.
Itching on scrotum.


Pale menstrual flow; colic.
Before menses: congestion of head.


Nasal tone of voice.
Choking sensation rising up into throat, hindering speech.
In larynx: scraping; cutting as with a knife; tension.


Whistling breathing.
During breathing: rattling in left chest; loud rumbling in abdomen; severe pain in middle of sternum, agg. from pressure.
Asthma, chronic.

COUGH. [27]

Frequent hawking, with nausea.
Violent cough and painful stitches in trachea from slightest exertion.
Cough: agg. at night; after drinking.
Expectoration relieves oppression of chest.


Constriction of chest.
Oppression of chest; amel. after expectoration.
Rattling in left chest.
Suffocative attacks, with pulsation in chest, while coughing, or as soon as he begins to talk.
Stitches in middle of sternum.
Pain in centre of sternum, agg. from pressure and from breathing.


Stitches in heart as from needles.
Palpitation of heart: in evening, as from eating; weakness.
Pulse: weak and somewhat accelerated; 80.


Stitches in middle of sternum; agg. from breathing.


Painful stiffness of neck, especially after sleep, could scarcely move neck.
Stitches in left shoulder blade and left breast at intervals.
Backache with nausea and tenesmus.
Soreness in region of kidneys.
Painful stiffness of small of back.
Tired sensation in region of kidneys, desire to rub part; much stretching.
Painful stiffness of small of back and of finger joints which she could scarcely bend.


Trembling and heaviness of arms.
When waking, hands feel as if asleep and numb.
Trembling of hands.
Painful stiffness of finger joints.
Hands as if too thick, “asleep”, heavy and clumsy.
Hands icy cold.
Pain and stiffness of finger joints.
Blue finger nails.


Quivering and jerking in legs in attacks.
Trembling of legs.
Sudden, needle-like stitches in lower extremities.
Cramps in legs and feet.
Tingling in feet when sitting.
Stitches under heel, from without inward.
Burning in soles and dry feeling.
Desquamation of soles at end of fever.
Large vesicles, especially on soles.


Icy coldness of hands and feet.


Rest: heat in head amel.
Lying: head feels as if lying on something hard.
Must lie down: pulse irregular, limbs cold, great anxiety; severe headache.
Sitting: tingling in feet.
Frequent stretching back: of body, tired feeling of region of kidneys.
Every motion: renews rumbling in abdomen.
Slightest exertion: violent cough and painful stitches in trachea.
Could scarcely move neck: stiffness.
Walking: about room; lightness in head.

NERVES. [36]

Lassitude and indescribable uncomfortable feeling in limbs.
Much stretching, with tired feeling over region of kidneys.
Must lie down, pulse irregular, limbs cold, great anxiety.
Prostration and trembling in limbs.
Fainting with intestinal colic.
About midnight, attacks of fear and trembling, followed by feverish heat; afraid of evil spirits; of being taken hold of by the devil; sleeplessness; only somewhat relieved towards morning; fears she is getting crazy; anxious expression in face; dark brownish circles around eyes; throbbing in pit of stomach; pressure in region of heart, hard beats of heart followed by fainty feelings, with darkening before eyes; pulse slow and soft; frequent headache; desire for saltish food; smell of onions before nose; menses one week too early, with pains in chest; feet puffed up every morning; on chin, old, dark tetter with red pimples.
After typhoid fever: frequent shooting pain like a streak down right arm; constant soreness, extending from region of right kidney into back and around to liver; sometimes extending down to legs like rheumatism; head feels heavy, often as if it had been squeezed flat, sometimes as if hollow; when lying, her head feels as if lying on something hard; pain over right eye; feeling of weakness extending from forehead down into nose; appetite changeable, sometimes hungry without appetite; after eating, feeling as if hard pieces were lying in stomach, with some nausea; eating very little makes her immediately very full; constant desire for sour dishes, particularly for indigestible things (puddings, half baked bread, and the like); continual feeling of fullness in stomach, as if food would come up again; feeling in pit of stomach as of something alive; raw sensation extending down throat; speech often weak; palpitation on turning in bed; contracting sensation in different parts, mostly of abdomen; pain in region of bladder while urinating; menses a few days too late, sometimes very dark, sometimes bright, again greenish and offensive, with tearing pain in lower part of abdomen; much restlessness; crawling and digging on different parts of body; sometimes feels as light as though she could float or hover in the air; mind much depressed, weeps a great deal, particularly when alone; full of fear of getting crazy; amel. during evening. ~ Nervous affection.

SLEEP. [37]

Great sleepiness; ineffectual desire to yawn.
Wakes as from electric shocks on neck (above larynx).
When awaking hands “asleep” and heavy, and feel as if too thick.
After sleep: bitter mouth; dryness in throat; could scarcely move neck.

TIME. [38]

Morning: on rising, vertigo; sudden desire to go to stool; attacks of fear amel.
Towards noon: vesicles, size of small pinhead, on face, next day desquamation.
All day: painful itching, stitching, burning in face.
Afternoon: more than twenty evacuations.
Evening: palpitation of heart; nervous affection amel.
Night: cough agg.
Midnight: attacks of fear, trembling, diarrhea and colic.


Warmth of stove: headache agg.
Inclination to uncover himself: burning heat.
Cold water: does not amel. prickling and burning in mouth.
Amelioration from heat and when lying down.

FEVER. [40]

Chill; icy cold hands and feet.
Flushes of heat, with sensation as if flames rose out of region of stomach, on account of which threw off covering.
Burning heat, with inclination to cover himself in bed; with thirst.
Moderate fever, severe headache, must lie down.
Cold sweat.
Coldness of hands and feet.
Fever heat with tingling in skin and desire to uncover one's self, with loss of consciousness, painful deglutition, restlessness, profuse micturition.
Typhoid fever with tympanitis and sensitiveness of abdomen, agg. by drinking water.


Periodical: thrusts, as if electric, in upper part of throat.
Alternate: diarrhea and constipation.
Every morning: feet puffed up.


Right: frequent shooting pain down arm; soreness extending from kidney into back; pain over eye.
Left: stitches over eye; diphtheria on side; rumbling in side when bending to right; sudden sticking in hypochondrium; pain in hypochondrium; lying on right side, rumbling in other; lying on left side no rumbling; rattling in chest; stitches in shoulder blade and breast.
From without inward: stitches under heel.


As if head was bruised, or as if it had been exposed to sun; ears feel as if closed; thrusts, as if electric, in upper part of throat; as of flames rising from stomach; as if stomach drew together in a lump and then suddenly opened; abdominal walls as if bruised; as if fire was in intestines; region of kidneys as if bruised; stitches in heart as from needles; hands feel as if asleep and numb; hands as if too thick; head as if it had been squeezed flat; head as if hollow; head as if lying on something hard; after eating as if hard pieces were lying in stomach; as if food would come up again; in pit of stomach as of something alive.
Pain: in head; all over her body, agg. in chest; in abdomen; in region of stomach; in left hypochondrium in a spot as large as a half dollar; in intestines; in centre of sternum; in chest; over right eye; in region of bladder.
Severe pain: in middle of sternum.
Tearing pain: in lower part of abdomen.
Shooting pain: down right arm.
Violent burning pain: in throat.
Cutting: in abdomen; in larynx.
Stitches: in temples; in head; over left eye; in throat; in bladder; painful in trachea; in left shoulder blade and left breast; under heel.
Needle-like stitches: in lower extremities.
Sticking: in various parts of body.
Sudden sticking: in left hypochondrium.
Pulsating pain: in head and neck.
Pricking pains: in lips.
Contractions: in opposite directions.
Short, sharp stitches: here and there.
Wandering pains: in abdomen.
Severe colic: in abdomen.
Cramps: in legs and feet.
Aching: in back.
Unendurable burning and prickling: in mouth.
Painful itching, stitching and burning: in face.
Burning: in eyes; of eyelids; on tongue; at soft palate and roof of mouth; in ulcers on tonsils and in throat; in stomach and throat; in pit of stomach; in abdomen and anus; in urethra; in soles.
Soreness: of throat; of mouth; of abdominal walls; in region of kidneys; from region of kidney into back and around to liver, sometimes down to legs.
Heat: of ears; rising to face; in pharynx and down esophagus; in head.
Sore feeling: in whole head.
Painfullness: of region of stomach.
Raw sensation: extending down throat.
Crawling and digging: on different parts of body.
Painful stiffness: of neck; of small of back; of finger joints.
Pressure: at root of nose; in region of heart.
Pressing: in cardiac region.
Heaviness: in head; of eyes and lids; of arms.
Fullness: in rectum; in stomach.
Oppression: of chest.
Tension: in larynx.
Contracting sensation: in different parts, mostly abdomen.
Constriction: in throat, ascending from stomach; of chest.
Choking sensation: rises in throat.
Indescribable, uncomfortable feeling: in limbs.
Light feeling as though she could float or hover in air.
Lightness: in head.
Hollow feeling: in stomach.
Tired feeling: in region of kidneys.
Weakness: of heart; in region of kidneys; from forehead into nose.
Dryness: of eyes and lids; of nose; of tongue; of mouth; of throat; of soles.
Tingling: in feet.
Trembling: of hands; of legs; of limbs.
Pulsation: in anus; in chest.
Throbbing: in pit of stomach.
Quivering and jerking: in legs.
Itching: of scalp; on scrotum.
Icy coldness: of hands; of feet.


Sequela of scarlatina, diphtheria, typhus, etc.


Pressure: pit of stomach sensitive; with hand compelled by pain in left hypochondrium; pain in middle of sternum agg.
Inclination to rub region of kidneys: tired feeling.

SKIN. [46]

Redness of skin (hands).
Sequela of scarlet fever.
Small vesicles containing yellow serum desquamate following day.
Favors rapid healing of wounds.
Fungoid growths, particularly if syphilitic.


Boy, aet. 12, two years previously had measles and scarlet fever in rapid succession, since then has been sick, and confined much to bed; affection of stomach.
Girl, aet. 13; rumbling in abdomen.
Young woman, had diphtheria on left side; post-diphtheritic affections.
Woman, aet. 24, unmarried, after typhoid fever; nervous affection.
Mrs. R., aet. 31, dark hair, liver spots in face, mild, somewhat melancholic temperament, disposed to homesickness, mother of six children; nervous affection.
Woman, aet. 40; pain in left hypochondrium.


Compare: Canthar. in erythema and vesiculation of skin, and scarlet fever; Crot. tig., Yucca filam. and Euphorb. off. have similar skin symptoms.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 07, 1888
Description: Clinical materia medica of Mancinella
Remedies: Mancinella
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1888
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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