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Mercurius Corrosivus.

Bichloride of Mercury; Corrosive Sublimate. Hg CL.

Provings by Buchner upon himself, Forstner, Gerster, Held, Nusser and Pemerl (Allg. Zeit. fr Hom., 1849); Robinson (B. J. of Hom., vol. 25, p. 324); Haight (U. S. J. of Hom., vol. 1, p. 7); Brewer (Med. Inv., vol. 7, p. 160); and Berridge (Am. J. H. M. M., vol. 8, p. 126).

Toxicological reports are numerous; those mentioned by Hahnemann in his Materia Medica Pura are given prominence.


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MIND. [1]

Greatly depressed; very ill humored.
Stares at persons who talk to him and does not understand them.
Weakness of intellect.
Mind sluggish, with torpid digestion.
Anxiety preventing sleep.
Stupor and delirium.


Vertigo: with coldness, cold perspiration; with deafness, when stooping.
Head much affected, with coma.


Violent headache in forehead; stitches.
Violent rush of blood to head, with severe pain in forehead and temples; burning in cheeks.
Pain in head, like drawing in pericranium.
Tearing as if in bone above left eye, near root of nose, and in other parts of bone.
Heaviness of head.
Syphilitic tumors in brain; vertigo.


Profuse perspiration on forehead.
Swelling of head and neck.
Falling out of hair.


Excessive photophobia and acrid lachrymation.
Objects appear smaller; or double vision.
Pupils contracted and insensible.
Eyes painful.
Pain behind eyeballs, as if they would be forced out.
Retinitis hemorrhagica, or apoplexia retina.
Retinitis albuminurica; also with tearing at eyebrow, bones tender.
Nephritic retinitis during pregnancy; lids edematous, edges swollen, burning, smarting; albumen in urine.
Cyclitis; choroiditis; irido-cyclitis or irido-choroiditis.
Episcleritis, with much pain in and around eye at night.
Severe, burning, cramping pains. ~ Syphilitis iritis.
Iritis, especially if syphilitic; pains severe over eyes and through them, through head and in temples; agg. at night.
Kerato-iritis; posterior synechia; causes them to soften.
Hypopion occurring in abscess of cornea or iritis.
Small, unclean, red ulcer at edge of cornea, with much itching and burning.
Ulcers on cornea of scrofulous children; ulcer rapidly affects surrounding parts; ichorous discharge; intense pain and photophobia.
Phlyctenulae, deep ulcers on cornea; discharge ichorous, acrid, making surrounding parts sore; pimples around eyes like small boils.
Cannot look up and resists any attempt to open eyes; eyelids externally tumid; photophobia intense, when eyelids are separated, profuse lachrymation; conjunctival membrane red and injected, small ulcers on cornea. ~ Phlyctenular ophthalmia.
Photophobia and lachrymation; conjunctiva inflamed, bunches of vessels coming towards cornea and terminating in vesicles.
Photophobia, general injection of conjunctiva, pinkish zone around cornea, with small vesicles at its margin; child turns from light and keeps head down, resisting all attempts to examine.
Eye is very red, bunches of injected vessels terminating in vesicles; constant escape of scalding tears, intolerance of light, with spasmodic closure of orbicularis.
Chronic ulceration of cornea.
Pustular form of syndesmitis exanthematica.
Ophthalmia neonatorum, with acrid discharges; caused by syphilitic or gonorrheal leucorrhea.
Scrofulous inflammation of eyes, erysipelatous in character, with great edema; discharges thin; skin of surrounding parts excoriated; intense pain; spasm of lids; agg. at night.
Numerous, bright red, rather fine, injected bloodvessels, proceeding from larger trunks in conjunctiva sclerotica, run from conjunctiva bulbi over edge of cornea, in a very slightly tortuous course, and there divide into numerous branches, without forming many anastomoses, their disposition is arborescent; the finer vessels, without communicating much with each other, gradually decrease in calibre and are lost imperceptibly almost in centre of cornea, or in vicinity of small ulcers that are generally seated about centre of cornea. ~ Erithistic scrofulous ophthalmia.
Scrofulous inflammation of eyes, erethistic form; lids red, greatly swollen and spasmodically closed; great photophobia, child sits in a dark corner of room, or covers eyes tightly with hand or walks about with eyes closed and head sunk upon breast; on attempting to open eyes hot tears gush from them, causing redness, rawness and a pustular eruption on surrounding parts; intense redness of conjunctiva, palpebral and bulbar; on latter bundles of vessels run towards cornea and pass over edge which looks dim.
Burning in eyes.
Chronic catarrhal conjunctivitis, tending towards trachoma, with redness and excoriation of lids and a dull feeling, with itching in eyes in evening.
Blepharitis scrofulosa; margins of lids red and raw, with crusts and ulcers upon lids; tendency towards formation of ecor entropium.
Indurated lids; secretion thin and excoriating; nocturnal aggravation.
Lids: edematous or erysipelatous; red, excoriated; edges swollen, burning, smarting; edges covered with thick crusts or pustules; spasmodically closed.
Since childhood, twenty years ago, after abuse of calomel, highly inflamed lids, very much thickened and infiltrated; ciliae matted in bunches along upper and lower margins; profuse lachrymation of a muco-purulent nature; surrounding integument excoriated, presenting appearance as if burned; intolerable burning, conjunctivae, both palpebral and ocular portion, much injected, the former presenting a rough, granular appearance; vision more or less impaired, objects look dim, as if enveloped in a halo or mist, eyeballs feel tense, sensitive to both light and pressure; yearly attacks. ~ Ophthalmia tarsi.
Tearing as if in bone above left eye, near root of nose, and in other parts of bone.


Violent pulsation in ears, especially in left.
Inflammation, with stitches in ear.
Discharge of fetid pus from ear.


Frequent nosebleed.
Swelling and redness of nose; frequently sore nostrils.
Excessive fluent coryza; loss of smell.
Nose feels stopped up, at same time runs; rawness, smarting in nostrils.
Nose sore and stuffed up with gluey secretion.
Ozaena, discharge from nose like glue, drying up in posterior nares; perforation of septum.
Scrofulous ozaena; poorly nourished subjects.


Yellow color of face; countenance denoting exhaustion; paleness of distorted face.
Face: flushed and puffy, or pale and anxious, with pinched features; much swollen; puffy and bright red.
Swelling and turning up of upper lip; dark red.
Face and cheeks swollen, hard, red, bloated.
Edematous swelling of face, paleness; albuminuria.
Pain in side of face, darting along upper jaw, gums and roots of teeth; so intense as to impair general health and to compel her to remain in bed; face somewhat swollen; considerable tenderness on pressure over superior maxilla. ~ Prosopalgia.
Severe pain in left side of face, darting along both jaws and upward to temple; pain remits during day, agg. about 9 P. M.
Severe pain in face and side of neck, commencing at 4 P. M. and continuing all night until daybreak; pain gradually agg. until intolerable, her night's rest is completely destroyed, has to get out of bed and walk about in agony; pain shoots over face, is intense below malar bone and zygomatic arch, darts along gums and down neck from ear; some swelling of face.
For three weeks almost constant pain in right side of face, affecting chiefly upper and lower jaw, extending forward to middle line; pain abates, never entirely subsides, agg. from 4 till 10 P. M., after which it gradually amel.; pulse 80, weak; tongue coated with a creamy fur; breath very offensive.


Stiffness of jaws, and soreness.
Lips: dry, cracked, black; swollen and incrusted with a dry secretion; excessively swollen and tender.
Lower lip considerably swollen and a small blister inside of it.
Submaxillary glands enlarged; tender.


Looseness of teeth; they pain and drop out.
Sleep at night disturbed by toothache with anxious sensation.
Toothache with swelling of gums.
Much sordes about teeth.
Gums red and tender, with some swelling of glands beneath jaw.
Gums: swollen, pale and spongy; ulcerated; bleed easily; covered with false membrane; gangrenous; purple; red and detached from teeth.


Taste: bitter; slimy; salty; putrid in morning; astringent metallic.
Tongue: could not be protruded; red, with blackish coat; coated, moist, edges red; posteriorly pale, dirty yellow, rather thick, coating extending forward along sides; covered with a greyish white crust; white and so much swollen that he could not protrude it; white in forepart, posteriorly yellow; swollen, pale yellow, protruding from lips, which are swollen; very much swollen and extremely inflamed; coated with thick white mucus, or dry and red; papillae elevated, strawberry-like; stiff; and lips whitish, contracted.


Sensation as if mouth was scalded; burning extending to stomach.
Mouth dry, with unquenchable thirst.
Salivary glands very much swollen.
Ptyalism, with salty taste; saliva bloody, yellowish, tough, acrid.
Discharge of albuminous mucus from mouth.
Soreness of mouth and fauces.
Inflammation of mouth and gums, with constant discharge of clear water.
Buccal cavity and lips covered with aphthae; on lips they are surrounded by vesicles which burn.
Mouth terribly swollen; lips swollen and everted; ptyalism. ~ Aphthae.
Ulcers (phagedenic) in mouth, throat or on gums, with fetid breath.
Exudations on mucous membranes, extending to tonsils.


Pillars of velum palati swollen and dark red.
Uvula swollen, elongated and dark red.
Inflammatory swelling of uvula to size of half a finger, lying upon tongue and making swallowing very painful and difficult.
In tonsillary folds, on edges of pillars, soft greyish excrescences like sloughs or false membranes.
Tonsils swollen and covered with ulcers.
Greyish yellow ulcers as large as a pea on left nostril, sensitive to touch.
Sense of dryness in fauces.
Inflammation of fauces from taking cold after a bath; uvula much enlarged; entire fauces dark red, agg. on right side; no swelling of tonsils.
Swallowing attended with a violent spasm of glottis.
Act of swallowing even fluids produces great pain.
Retching and vomiting on attempting to swallow.
Throat intensely inflamed, preventing swallowing and causing suffocation.
Burning in fauces, throat and esophagus.
Raw, stinging, smarting pain on swallowing even fluids, which return through nose; sense of smell and taste impaired; thick yellow discharge from nostrils; nasal voice; much saliva in mouth, sometimes running out at night; pains along tibia agg. at night; uvula and nearly all of soft palate eaten away; pharynx and fauces ulcerated, covered with dirty looking pus and emitting very disagreeable odor. ~ Sore throat.
Constriction in throat.
Throat enormously swollen, threatening suffocation.
Pricking in throat as from needles.
Pain in throat on swallowing, and beneath larynx she experiences a quick pain from outward pressure.
Pharynx dark red, pressure externally excites pain.
Exudation covers entire fauces and extends into nose, from which profuse discharge; rapid destruction of parts. ~ Diphtheria.
Inflammation of throat; on second day diphtheritic exudation covered tonsils, uvula, velum palati and posterior wall of pharynx; high fever; delirium at night; burning thirst; deglutition almost impossible; can hardly open mouth; salivary glands swollen; lips dry, brown, cracked, bleeding; discharge of offensive smelling saliva from mouth, occasionally mixed with blood; very offensive smelling breath; offensive smelling acrid discharge from stuffed up nose; lachrymation. ~ Diphtheria.


Attacks of violent hunger. ~ Cancer of stomach.
No appetite.
Thirst: urgent; great; excessive; extreme; tense; violent; unquenchable; insatiable; burning; for cold water in large quantities.
Repugnance to hot food and great desire for cold food.


Spasmodic and very painful retching.
Vomiting: of green, bilious matter; incessant; streaks of blood in matter vomited; of albuminous matter; of tough or stringy mucus; of green, bitter substances; of bile; of blood; like coffee grounds with coagulated blood; of pus.
Drink regurgitates through nose.


Distension and soreness of pit of stomach, not permitting least touch, even of clothing.
Burning gnawing, darting pains in stomach.
Cramp in stomach and vomiting, after eating rye bread.
Distension and soreness of epigastrium, after eating rye bread.
Distension and soreness of epigastrium, cannot bear clothing tight or even close around waist, because it causes both oppression of breathing and pain; constipation; pain and distension in colon, especially transverse portion. ~ Chronic dyspepsia.


Pain in liver and right shoulder, with frequent nausea and obstinate chronic constipation; jaundiced.
Stitches: in hepatic region; as if in middle of liver.


Abdomen swollen, hard and sensitive to pressure, especially about umbilicus.
Cutting below navel.
Bloated abdomen, very painful to least touch.
Peculiar bruised sensation in abdomen, especially in cecal region and following course of transverse colon; painful to moderate pressure, as though bruised.
Intolerable cutting pains in abdomen and constant urging to stool, followed by slight discharge of blood and mucus; despondent, walks up and down.


Stools: hot, scanty, frequent; bloody; slimy; containing shreds of mucous membrane; offensive; yellow, green bilious followed by slime and blood; with tenesmus and insupportable cutting colicky pains; pasty, dark green, blackish, offensive; tenacious; agg. in Fall; agg. after midnight.
Frequent ineffectual urging to stool, violent pain.
Painful bloody discharges with vomiting.
During stool: burning in anus.
Before, during and after stool: urging and tenesmus; cutting colic.
Tenesmus, persistent, incessant.
After catching cold, lassitude in limbs, pains in abdomen in evening, continuing throughout night; thin, watery discharges of red color, as if purely of blood; stools especially copious at night and accompanied by pain, preventing sleep; very slight fever; no thirst; must lie in bed. ~ Diarrhea.
Diarrhea, with pain in abdomen and prolapsus ani; evacuations of mucus and undigested food; bleeding from prolapsed anus, blood escaping in drops; itching of skin with bleeding after scratching; eruption of vesicles and pustules.
Croupous enteritis; severe, burning, corrosive pain in circumscribed spots in abdomen; discharge of exudation and bloody mucus, accompanied by intolerable tenesmus.
After Acon. when urging and bloody discharges continue. ~ Dysentery.
Very much pure blood is passed with stool; much tenesmus. ~ Dysentery.
Stool yellow green; tenesmus; vomiting bile; cramps in calves; stitches in side; painful bloody stool with vomiting. ~ Dysentery.
Severe dysentery brought on by a draught of foul, cold water, when much heated; straining almost continuous, pain in bowels severe, evacuations of mucus and blood every quarter of an hour; extreme prostration, with clean tongue and some appetite.
Very frequent, small, bloody, slimy discharges, great pain, constant crying and rolling in bed. ~ Dysentery.
Constant heat of skin; quick, rather small pulse; tongue dry, with yellow coat; thirst not excessive; abdomen sore on pressure, somewhat distended; constant uninterrupted pressure to stool felt in sacral and hypogastric regions; this pressure though very distressing seems utterly ineffectual; stools of bloody slime in small masses; great tenesmus vesicae; urine scanty, hot and bloody; disposition quiet, slightly despondent. ~ Dysentery.
Cutting pains in rectum; twenty to thirty stools in twentyfour hours; greenish yellow masses mixed with bloody mucus; tenesmus, with constricting pain and prolapsus of rectum; tongue coated white; pulse weak, quick; great emaciation; dry, parchment-like skin. ~ Dysentery.
When discharges of cholera assume a dysenteric character and Phosphor. fails.
Constipation from pseudo-membranous inflammation of some portion of large intestines.
Hemorrhoidal colic with congestion of liver and abdominal venous stasis.
Violent burning in rectum.
Oozing of corrosive ichor from anus, excoriating external parts.


Tenesmus vesicae with intense burning in urethra, a discharge of mucus and blood with urine or after it.
Tenesmus of bladder; urine suppressed.
Burning in orifice of urethra.
Micturition frequent; urine in drops with much pain.
Urine: scanty or increased; hot; burning; bloody; passed in drops with great pain; scanty, brown, with brick dust sediment; pale and copious; containing filaments, flocks or flesh-like pieces of mucus; albuminous, abundantly coagulated by heat as well as by nitric acid; under microscope presented granular fatty tubuli in large numbers showing on their surface epithelial cells of tubuli uriniferi, also in a state of granular fatty degeneration; no longer limpid, rather thick, but acid as before, sp. gr. 1016; containing fibrin or fat globules.
Albuminuria; after diphtheria or in Morbus Brightii; acute early stages, particularly if caused by abuse of alcohol, cold or portal stasis; bilious diarrhea; collection of much mucus in mouth and throat.
Pinched and shrivelled appearance of face; weariness and melancholy; uneasiness in lumbar region; urine dark and scanty, looks as if mixed with blood, shows a thick cloud of albumen to test. ~ Albuminuria.


Violent erections during sleep.
Fine, painful stinging in left testicle.
Penis and testes swollen enormously.
Chronic balanitis; greasy, fatty, offensive smelling discharge; several excoriated places on corona, repeatedly healing and then becoming sore again.
Gonorrhea: greenish, agg. at night; burning, smarting on urination; at first thin, afterwards thick; biting pain on urinating; stitches extending back through urethra; suppuration between glans and prepuce; glans feels hot, painful when touched; burning, itching, stinging and throbbing in urethra; urine passes in feeble stream; discharge acrid, excoriating; mild ulceration about glans, prepuce or within meatus; throbbing in urethra.
Chancre: on inner surface of preputium or on corona glandis; margin of soft chancre dark red, painful and easily bleeding; neighboring parts edematous, hot and painful; thin pus stains linen, like melted tallow; assumes a phagedenic appearance and secretes a thin ichorous pus; ichor adhering to bottom of ulcer; indurated Hunterian, with lardaceous bottom.


Fibroid tumors, with profuse, muco-purulent, excoriating leucorrhea.
Aching pain, succeeding pressing or touching os uteri during an embrace.
Abrasion, ulceration arising from overstimulated, then broken down glandular structure. ~ Disease of uterus.
Menses too early and too profuse.
Leucorrhea: pale, yellow; smelling sweetish; tinged with blood; mucous discharge as thin as water.
Burning heat and pain in genitals.
Intense inflammation of vulva.
Primary, phagedenic syphilitic ulcers, with profuse and bad suppuration.


Nipples crack, bleed; severe pain when attempting to nurse.


Hoarseness quickly changing with normal voice.
Hoarseness or aphonia; burning and stinging in trachea; tightness across chest.
Larynx and epiglottis pain when swallowing food; pain agg. when depressing tongue; cutting in throat as from a knife.
Broad condylomata in larynx, nearly closing glottis; hoarseness and dyspnea (assisted by Nitr. ac.). ~ Syphilis.


Respiration very difficult; slow; interrupted, sighing; palpitation.

COUGH. [27]

Emaciation with hectic fever, accompanied by a phthisical condition; severe, short cough, at times with expectoration and gagging; cough affects him very much and threatens to rob him of his remaining strength.
Coughs up considerable amount of mucus tinged with blood.


Shooting pains in chest.
Frequent stitches shoot through thorax.
Sticking in upper part of right side of chest deep internally, scarcely agg. by deep inspiration.
Sticking pain in lower portion of right side of chest.
Great oppression of chest; attacks of dyspnea; difficult, sobbing, sighing respiration; hoarse voice; hollow; deep cough without expectoration, owing to weakness of lungs; cough asthmatic, agg. talking, with white, tough, occasionally greenish mucous expectoration, agg. at night; dryness in throat and trachea, causing constant desire to drink; transient stitches in various parts of chest; attacks of heat, with increased pulse, cold hands and feet and profuse sweat; great irritability of mind and frequent changing mood. ~ Phthisis florida.


Pain in precordial region.
Heart sounds dull and intermittent; tremulous undulating motion of heart; precordial anxiety.
Palpitation of heart in sleep.
Pulse: intermittent, 89; small, intermittent; irregular, intermittent; intermittent and uneven; small, weak, intermittent, sometimes trembling.


Painful glandular swellings about nipple.


Pains in head, back and limbs; kidneys affected.
Glands of neck hard and swollen.
Dorsal decubitus.
Lies on back with knees drawn up; Pott's disease.


Arm much swollen up to shoulder, red and covered with vesicles.
Rheumatic pains in left shoulder and shoulder blade.
Deltoid muscle feels relaxed.


Lower extremities drawn up in bed.
Sticking pains in hip joints during rest, amel. in motion.
Stitches in right hip joint.
Sensation as if legs had gone to sleep.
Muscles of thigh and calf feel relaxed.
Cramps in calves. ~ Dysentery.
Feet icy cold.


Rheumatic pains after suppression of gonorrheal discharge by large doses of Balsam copaiva; pains wandering from joint to joint, compelling him to stay in bed.
Coldness in extremities, they look purple; small, spasmodic, frequent pulse.
Paralysis of upper and lower extremities.


Rest: sticking pains in hip joints.
Must lie in bed: diarrhea; rheumatic pains in joints.
Could not lie comfortably on either side.
Child sits in dark corner of room or covers eyes tightly with hands or walks about with eyes closed and head sunk upon breast. ~ Ophthalmia.
Lower extremities drawn up in bed. ~ Pott's disease.
Stooping: vertigo, with deafness; heat.
Standing: lassitude in limbs and trembling.
Motion: pain in hip joints amel.; least, causes chilliness.
Swallowing: painful, swelling of uvula; causes retching and vomiting; raw, smarting, stinging pain.
Rising: coldness.
Must get out of bed and walk about: pain in face.
Walks up and down room: cutting pains in abdomen.

NERVES. [36]

Convulsive twitchings of muscles of face, arms and legs, and convulsions of limbs; convulsive contractions.
Great debility.
Lassitude in limbs and trembling when standing up and without moving.
Faintness, weakness and shuddering.

SLEEP. [37]

Somnolence; frequent yawning and stretching.
Night sleepless; could not lie comfortably on either side.
Sleepless on account of vertigo or anxiety.
Starting up suddenly when trying to go to sleep.
During sleep, violent hiccough.

TIME. [38]

Toward morning: fetid sweat.
Morning: taste putrid.
During day: pain in face amel.
At 4 P. M.: pain in face and neck commences, continues all night until daybreak.
Evening: itching in eyes; pain in abdomen; chilliness; stitches in forehead agg.
At 9 P. M.: pain in face agg.
Night: pain in and around eye; iritis agg.; inflammation of eyes; indurated lids agg.; sleep disturbed by toothache and anxious sensation; saliva running out; pains along tibiae agg.; delirium; pains in abdomen; stools copious; gonorrhea agg.; expectoration agg.; in bed chilliness; cannot rest in any place from heat and anxiety; profuse sweat.
After midnight: burning and tenesmus of rectum and bladder after stool agg.


Open air: chilliness.
Hot food: repugnance.
Cold water: thirst, in large quantities; draught of foul, cold water, when much heated, caused dysentery.
Cold food: desire for.
Taking cold after a bath: inflammation of fauces.

FEVER. [40]

Shivering during and after swallowing.
Chilliness: from least movement and in open air, generally with colic; in evening; especially on head, at night in bed.
Cold face and hands, with small, feeble pulse; extremities cold.
Cold skin, with very small, intermittent pulse.
Skin cold, pale, covered or dripping with sweat.
Great heat of skin.
Unable to rest in any place at night, on account of a feeling of heat and anxiety.
External heat, with yellow skin.
Burning, stinging heat in skin.
Heat when stooping and coldness when rising.
Extremities clammy and cold.
Sweat: profuse; at night or fetid toward morning; cold, often only on forehead, also general with anxiety.


Every quarter of an hour: stool of mucus and blood.
From 4 till 10 P. M.: pain in face agg.
In 24 hours: twenty to thirty stools.
For three weeks: almost constant pain in right side of face.
Fall: dysentery.
Yearly attacks: ophthalmia tarsi.
One year after appearance of chancre, which disappeared after local treatment; eruptions of red nodules over chest and upper abdomen.


Right: pain in side of face; fauces inflamed, agg. on side; pain in shoulder; sticking in upper and lower part of chest; sticking in hip joint.
Left: tearing above eye; violent pulsation in ear; severe pain in side of face; ulcers as large as a pea on tonsil; fine, painful, stinging in testicle; ulcer on inner surface of side of prepuce; rheumatic pains in shoulder and shoulder blade.
From within outward: stitches in forehead.


Tearing as if in bone above left eye; as if eyes would be forced out; as if mouth was scalded; pricking as from needles in throat; pain as if in middle of liver; abdomen as though bruised; cutting as from a knife in throat; as if legs had gone to sleep; tibiae as if broken.
Pain: in head; behind eyeballs; in and around eye; in side of face; in teeth; along tibia; in throat; in liver and right shoulder; in abdomen; in genitals; in larynx and epiglottis; in precordial region; in head, back and limbs; in tibiae.
Intense pain: in ulcers on cornea; in eyes; below malar bone and zygomatic arch.
Violent pain in forehead: caused by ineffectual urging to stool.
Severe pain: in forehead and temples, over and through eyes, through head and temples; in face and side of neck; in bowels; in nipples.
Much pain: during micturition.
Constant pain: in right side of face.
Tearing: above left eye, near root of nose and in other parts of bone; at eyebrow.
Insupportable, cutting, colicky pains: with stool.
Cutting pain: in throat; in abdomen; below navel; in rectum.
Shooting pain: over face; in chest.
Darting: along upper jaw; gums and roots of teeth; down neck from ear.
Stitches: in forehead; in ear; in hepatic region; in side; extending back through urethra; shoot through thorax; in various parts of chest; in right hip joint.
Sticking: in upper part of right side of chest; in lower portion of right side of chest; in hip joints.
Biting pain: on urinating.
Throbbing: in urethra.
Severe, burning, corrosive pain: in spots in abdomen.
Burning, gnawing, darting pains: in stomach.
Constricting pain: in rectum.
Aching pain: in womb during an embrace.
Drawing pain: in perineum.
Rheumatic pains: in left shoulder and shoulder blade; from joint to joint.
Aching: in teeth.
Cramp: in stomach; in calves.
Raw, stinging, smarting pain: on swallowing.
Intolerable burning: of lids.
Fine, painful stinging: in left testicle.
Burning: in cheeks; of eyelids; of ulcer at edge of cornea; in eyes; of mouth, extending to stomach; of vesicles on lips; in fauces; of rectum; in anus; in orifice of urethra; in genitals; in urethra.
Burning, itching, stinging and throbbing; in urethra.
Burning and stinging: in trachea; in skin.
Smarting: of eyelid; in nostrils.
Soreness: of nose; of jaws; of mouth and fauces; of pit of stomach; of epigastrium.
Pricking: in throat.
Painfullness: of eyes; of swallowing on account of swollen uvula.
Violent pulsation: in ears.
Dull feeling: in eyes.
Dryness: in fauces; in throat and trachea.
Great oppression: of chest.
Tightness: across chest.
Peculiar bruised sensation: in abdomen; in cecal region and course of transverse colon.
Constriction: in throat.
Stiffness: of jaws; of tongue.
Heaviness: of head.
Itching: of ulcer on edge of cornea; in eyes; of skin.


Swelling of glands; buboes.
Necrosis of upper jaw.
Exostoses on shin, sternum, ribs.
Drawing in periosteum, with heat in head; inflammation of periosteum; swelling and tenseness, rapid progress of disease. ~ Isteo-myelitis.
Ulcers or chancres with thin pus, leaving stains upon linen, as from melted tallow.
Morbus Brightii; general anasarca; face red and swollen, or sallow and puffed.


Touch: soreness of pit of stomach not permitting least, even of clothing; abdomen very painful; glans painful; on os uteri causes pain; stitches in forehead agg.; ulcers on tonsil sensitive.
Pressure: eyeballs sensitive; tenderness over superior maxilla; quick pain beneath larynx; pain in pharynx; abdomen sensitive; painfullness of cecal region and course of transverse colon; on os uteri causing pains.
Depressing tongue: pain in larynx agg.
Cannot bear tight or even close clothing around waist; soreness of epigastrium.
Scratching: causes bleeding of skin.

SKIN. [46]

Burning and redness of skin, with formation of small vesicles.
Grey color of nails.
Severe and stubborn eczema of sweating parts of body, exposed to fumes of poison.
Rash of secondary syphilis.
Ulcers which perforate or become phagedenic.
Blisters on arms and abdomen.
Scorbutic spots over whole body, mingled with itch-like eruptions, herpes and boils.
One year after appearance of chancre, which disappeared after local treatment, eruptions of red nodules as large as lentils, over chest and upper abdomen; stitches in forehead from within outward, agg. evening and on touching hair; vomiting after eating; swelling of tibiae and pain in them as if broken, particularly at night. ~ Syphilis.
Smallpox, with intense inflammation of throat, which prevents swallowing and threatens suffocation (1/10 grammes to 120 grammes of water, used as a gargle).


Child, aet. 18 months; phlyctenular ophthalmia.
Boy, aet. 2 1/2; scrofulous ophthalmia.
Boy, aet. 3, had eruption on head, cough and expectoration; prolapsus ani.
Boy, aet. 3; phlyctenular ophthalmia.
Child, aet. 4, suffering three weeks; dysentery.
Boy, aet. 4, scrofulous, pale, thin, suffering from chronic nasal catarrh; diphtheria.
Girl; aet. 5, suffering twenty-two months; syndesmitis exanthematica.
Boy, aet. 9, had eczema and itch, suffering three days; dysentery.
Boy, aet. 9, after drinking cold, foul water while overheated; dysentery.
Boy, aet. 9: phlyctenular ophthalmia.
Girl, condylomata and syphilitic ulcers in throat.
Girl, aet. 14; phlyctenular ophthalmia.
Boy, pale and feeble, suffering three months; sore throat.
Servant girl, aet. 16, sanguine temperament, slight build, suffering six days; dysentery.
Young woman, aet. 20, nursing two months; cracked nipples.
Man, aet. 20, one year ago had chancre; syphilis.
Girl, aet. 20; subacute laryngitis.
Man, aet. 24, had been given calomel in large doses in early childhood for sore eyes, suffering eighteen years; ophthalmia tarsi.
Woman, aet. 25; dysentery.
Woman, aet. 26; phlyctenular ophthalmia.
Coachman, had syphilis a number of years ago; condylomata in larynx.
Man, suffering six weeks; dysentery.
Man, athletic build, five days after suppression of gonorrheal discharge by large doses of Balsam copaiva; rheumatism.
Officer, lively, strong, black eyes and hair, had gonorrhea two years ago; ulcer on prepuce.
Woman, aet. 29, suffering three weeks; facial neuralgia.
Woman, aet. 29; neuralgia of face.
Man, aet. 29, robust, suffering seven days; dysentery.
Man, aet. 30, suffering two days; dysentery.
Woman, aet. 30, weak constitution, suffering two days; dysentery.
Woman, aet. 33; facial neuralgia.
Woman, aet. 38, pale, weak and ill from continued suffering; facial neuralgia.
Woman, aet. 35, after catching cold; diarrhea.
Man, aet. 55, suffering four years; balanitis.
Woman, aet. 60, dark complexion, grey eyes, nervo-bilious temperament; albuminuria.


Antidoted by Silica.
Compare: Canthar. (throat); Canthar. and Digit. (gonorrhea); Aurum and Kali hydr. (syphilitic iritis); Laches. (typhoid peritonitis).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 07, 1888
Description: Clinical materia medica of Mercurius corrosivus
Remedies: Mercurius corrosivus
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1888
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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