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Daphne Mezereum; Spurge Olive. Thymelaceae.

A hardy shrub, native of Great Britain and Northern countries; flowers early in Spring, sometimes in the snow. The fresh bark is gathered before the flowers appear, and from it is prepared the alcoholic tincture.

Introduced by Stapf and extensively proved by Hahnemann, Hering, Franz, Caspari, v. Gersdorff, Gross, Hartlaub, Rückert, etc., etc. (See Chronische Krankheiten).


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MIND. [1]

Weak memory and debility. ~ Prosopalgia.
Unable to recollect what has very recently occurred; every intercurrent remark of others disturbs and confuses his ideas.
Mental dullness; weakness of reasoning powers.
Irresolute; mind easily confused, unable to recollect; thinking is difficult.
No rest when alone; wants to be in company; ideas vanish while talking; unable to repeat what has been learned by heart; looks through window for hours, without being conscious of objects around; knows not what she is about; forgets what she is about to utter; looks ill humored, pale, wretched, fallen away; apprehensiveness at pit of stomach, as when expecting some very unpleasant news.
Aversion to talk, it seems hard work to utter one word.
Hypochondriacal mood, with low spirits and weeping.
Despairs of eternal salvation.
Indifference to everything and everybody.
Hypochondriacal and despondent, takes no pleasure in anything; everything seems to him dead and nothing makes a vivid impression upon his mind.
Inclined to get angry with others about trifles; everything vexes him, he wants to say annoying and vexatious things; is soon sorry for it.
Thought is difficult; takes no interest while reading or listening; whatever happens affects him less than usual; mental dullness.
Very much distracted; is unable to dwell long upon any subject.


Head feels dull or as if drunk; amel. after meals and by work.
Giddiness, with contracted pupils; vertigo and flickering before eyes; is inclined to fall to left side, with faintness.
Blood seems to leave extremities and make her feel weak and giddy, with inability to speak.


Right sided megrim.
Pressive pain from within outward in left temple.
Headache, extending from root of nose into forehead, as if everything would press asunder; pain in temples when touched; heat and perspiration on head, chilliness and coldness in rest of body, in morning.
Boring in bones of occiput.
Headache after moving about and talking much, especially in temples and side of vertex.
Very violent headache; head painful to slightest touch (after a slight vexation).
Headache: with chilliness; agg. in open air; amel. by stooping; of scrofulous or syphilitic origin; produced by suppression of eczema; accompanying exostoses, or nocturnal bone pains, or caries of jaw; with itching of whole body.
Sensation as if upper part of head was pithy.
Pressing pains as if skull would split.
Syphilitic affections of brain.


Numb feeling in top of head, or as if top of head was gone.
Pain in bones of skull, mostly agg. by touch.
Aching pain in vertex and occiput, agg. at night and amel. towards morning; while pain lasted she groaned, wept and sobbed; very sensitive and irritable; during violence of pain cold shudder down back, hands cool, feet as if bruised; simultaneously with head pains severe pains in bones of upper arm and shin bone; a distinct thickening of scalp could be felt in painful parts, which were sensitive to touch; pains agg. on entering room, on sudden changes of weather, from cold winds and cold, damp air; amel. when body began to perspire, but if she covered herself in order to get into a sweat, pains were agg. at once; when pains are agg. has a feeling of paralysis in limbs, cannot move them well, they feel very heavy; if she attempts motion pain is agg. ~ Cephalalgia periostitica.
Cranial bones pain, are swollen and sensitive to cold and contact; agg. from motion and in evening; caries; itching, burning of scalp.
Pains in bones of head, so severe as almost to cause fainting; skull bones in several places elevated and symptoms seem to indicate that brain was being pressed upon either by extravasation or an exostosis. ~ Syphilis.
Scalp numb, with drawing pain, generally only on one side.
Scalp on both sides of vertex painful to touch.
Burning, biting, itching on scalp, agg. on vertex; scratching changes locality, but increases itching, sore boils follow, agg. at night and when lying down.
Dandruff, white, dry; dry scurf on scalp.
Head covered with a thick, leather-like crust, under which thick, white pus collects here and there and hair is glued together. ~ Tinea capitis.
Scabs on head look chalky, and extend to eyebrows and to nape of neck.
Elevated, white, chalk-like scabs, with ichor beneath; breeding vermin.
Moist, itching eruption on head and behind ears.
Itching of scalp; pain in cranial bones, agg. at night, with itching and burning in skin, agg. by rubbing; burning in skin of vertex and temples; itching in eyebrows; burning, itching in nostrils and in side of ears; pimples on scalp. ~ Pityriasis capitis.
Eruption on scalp, preceded by violent headache for six months; scalp covered with scurf, hair comes out in handfuls; hair of eyebrows and eyelashes drop out; scalp and face itch violently, especially when she gets warm, and if she attempts to wash anything steam from warm water causes her nose, eyes and face to itch; desquamation; she dare not approach fire from intense itching caused by doing so; scurf comes off scalp when scratched “like fish scales;” spots of a similar nature come out on thighs, back and chest; terrible irritation in vagina, which has continued for a year unaccompanied by any abnormal discharge. ~ Pityriasis capitis.
A growth as large as a thaler on middle of forehead, projecting about four lines; came and went spontaneously and suddenly; scaly exfoliation of skin.
Dry eruption on head, with intolerable itching as if head was in an ant's nest. ~ Favus.


Staring at one spot; vacant look.
Inclination to wink or close eyes.
Dryness in eyes with pressure in them; they feel too large.
A feeling as if eyes were drawn backward into head.
Eyes feel strained.
Aching and tearing in and around eye, especially in orbits.
Aching, pressive pain about left eye.
Lachrymation; smarting in eyes; must rub them.
Eyes hot, inflamed on rising in morning; conjunctiva of ball very much injected, dirty red, especially near external canthus; left eye agg.; pressive pain and sensation of dryness.
Rheumatic ophthalmia and ophthalmia consequent upon abuse of mercury.
Annoying twitching of muscles of left upper lid.
Itching biting on margin of lids and skin near nose.
Itching in left upper eyelid, so violent at times that she had to cease her work; frequently after itching pressure appeared in outer angle of left eye, but soon passed off; agg. in evening.
Blepharitis from birth, with tinea capitis, which itches intensely.
Eczema of lids and head; thick, hard scabs, from which pus exudes on pressure.
Ciliary neuralgia, especially after operations on eye.


Ears feel as if too open, and as if air was pouring into them, or as if tympanum was exposed to cold air, with a desire to bore with finger into ear.
Sensation as if air was distending right external meatus, and as though roaring in ears would occur; afterwards in left meatus, with a stopped sensation in ear.
Boy, aet. 17, deaf from fourth year; when three years old had an eruption on head, which was removed by pitch plaster and touching sore with nitrate of silver; tympanum thickened, of an opaque whiteness, slightly convex only by inflation, it is impossible to recognize bloodvessels; Eustachian tube clear; former eruption consisted of whitish, hard, nearly horny incrustations and scales, fissured, and through these cracks oozing of thick, yellow, foul smelling pus, severely itching, especially at night, so that child scratched off the crusts.
Chronic diffuse otitis.
Itching behind ears, scratching causes small elevations, when scratched off spots feel sore.
Oozing eruption behind ears.


Sense of smell diminished, with dryness of nose.
Sneezing: ineffectual; coryza; sore pain in chest.
Discharge of yellow, thin, at times bloody, water from nose, causing soreness and burning.
Fluent coryza, soreness of and scabs in nose; soreness and burning of upper lip.
Constant excoriation of nose.
External margin of right nostril inflamed, swollen and painful.
Twitching (visible) on root of nose.


Grey, earthy complexion.
Looks ill humored, pale, wretched, fallen away.
Facial muscles drawn tense.
Frequent, troublesome, muscular twitching of muscles of right cheek.
Orbicularis palpebrarum spasmodically contracted; lachrymation; nasal voice; eruption on skin. ~ Neuralgia of right supraorbital nerve.
Sudden, very violent pain in face during sleep, similar to an old faceache, waking her up but soon disappearing, and not further disturbing sleep.
Constant violent tearing in face in morning.
Prosopalgia, right side; teeth feel too long.
Constant, fine tearing in left side of face, and in teeth after morning walk.
Neuralgic pains come quickly and leave parts numb, agg. from warmth.
Lightning-like pains coming from right infraorbital foramen and extending to temples and corners of mouth; pains come suddenly while talking or eating; during intervals twitching of muscles and numb pain. ~ Prosopalgia.
Prosopalgia, left side, from arcus superciliaris into eye, cheek and teeth, down to neck and shoulder; increased lachrymal secretion; injected conjunctiva; great sensitiveness of parts to touch; dry feeling in throat; some difficulty in swallowing; constant chilliness even in bed; weak memory and debility; agg. in evening until midnight, with moaning; amel. from wrapping up head and from quiet in a dark room; appetite poor; stool costive; menses regular but scanty, followed by irritating leucorrhea and pruritus vagina; hands and feet cold; nails blue; on a small place on top of head a sensation of heat.
Cramping, numbing pressure; beginning in left zygoma and spreading towards eye, temple, ear and down neck to shoulder; at times pressive pain in occiput, sudden stitches in side and sensation as of ants running over chest; agg. entering warm room and after warm food; appeared first on right side, later on left. ~ Prosopalgia.
Boring in bones of upper jaw.
Intolerable, nightly, burning pains, in abscess of antrum of Highmore; periosteum more affected than bones; dull, crampy pain, referred to malar bone; anguish, pale face, chilliness or cold sweat.
Face swollen, burning pains, confluent vesicles; nares closed; erysipelas bullosum.
Child continually scratches face, which is covered with blood; face and forehead hot and red; restlessness; irritability; itching agg. at night; tears off scabs, leaving spots on which fat pustules form; ichor from scratched face excoriates.
Deep, inflammatory redness of face; eruption fat and moist. ~ Impetigo.
Boils on face.
Group of vesicles on dorsum of nose, itching excessively and discharging a pale, somewhat cloudy lymph, which formed a yellowish brown acuminated scab, easily separated but reappearing; scab attained size of small bean. ~ Rupia prominens.


Luxatio spontanea of mandibula, with cracking in joint and movements of cond. max. inf.
Neuralgia of inframaxillaris.
Severe pain in lower jaw, in region of mental foramen, as if a hole was being bored, pain at one time on right side, then on left or both sides; pain irregular, coming day or night, lasting several minutes; runs along course of inframaxillary nerve; motion of jaw impeded; saliva runs from open mouth; a year ago contusion of left zygoma; hard palate insensitive, as if made of wood; pharynx red; burning in throat; varicose veins on legs; frequent appearance of round, red spots on neck; drawing in limbs while in wind. ~ Prosopalgia.
For many years considerable swelling of upper lip, with indurations on inside, and discoloration on skin (after scabies).
Lips: stick together; dry; scaly externally, painful in evening, sore, burning.
Ulcers on upper lip extending to nose.
Honey-like scabs about mouth.
Chin covered with elevated white scabs.
Red pustules on chin, painful when shaving; broke and formed a scab; hairy part of face covered with yellowish brown scab quarter of an inch thick, from cracks in which bloody lymph exuded, producing slight itching in edges; around edges a dark red, moist areola; lids inflamed, lower lids beset with crusts and somewhat everted. ~ Mentagra.
A small pustule in beard, left side of chin; also small pimples on chest at base of hairs.


Teeth feel dull, blunt and elongated; painful on biting on them or from fresh air.
Toothache: in carious teeth; agg. at night; when touched with tongue; amel. with mouth open and drawing in air; boring and stinging, extends to malar bones and temples; chilliness.
Drawing pains in upper and lower jaw, left side, alternating with boring in several teeth and stitches extending to zygoma; teeth feel dull, cold and too long; whole side of head as if cold, with sensitive drawing pains; agg. from motion or touch; chilliness in evening; despondent, morose. ~ Toothache.
Twitching, grasping, stitching pains in hollow tooth, and sensation as if tooth was being lifted out of socket. ~ Toothache.
Pain in right eyetooth, daily increasing; feels as if too long, agg. from pressure on crown and outside on root.
Woman approaching years of climaxis, suffering continually from extraordinary congestions to head, with burning redness of face, obstinate constipation; menses always very copious and too soon; was attacked with fearful pains in four hollow teeth, which deprived her of all rest.
Teeth decay suddenly, on side, above gums; crown remains intact; decaying roots.
Roughness from tartar on teeth.


Thick, white coating on tongue; large, red, elevated papillae; middle fissured.
Burning on tongue extending to stomach.
Swelling under right side of tongue, which in the course of two years became as large as a pigeon's egg; swelling painless, red, bluish at apex as from enlarged bloodvessels; on talking or chewing ejects a watery fluid. ~ Ranula.


Burning: in mouth, extending to stomach; in whole mouth, sometimes amel. by eating; of lips and tongue, as if quite sore.
Heat, scraping, burning, peppery sensation on palate and in fauces.
Saliva almost always increased.
Breath smells like rotten cheese.
Flat whitish ulcers on inner side of lips and corners of mouth.
Dark redness of fauces; burning dryness even into larynx; agg. every winter; syphilis.


Burning: in throat and pharynx; in throat, dryness in fauces, hacking cough; anxious oppression of breath, and loosening of scanty mucus on coughing.
Constriction in throat and stomach.
Scraping and burning in fauces and pharynx.
Rawness of fauces.
Swelling and sensation of narrowing in throat.
Constriction of pharynx, food presses during deglutition.
Dry feeling in throat; some difficulty in swallowing; constant chilliness, even in bed.
Burning in pharynx and esophagus.
Sensation as if posterior part of throat was full of mucus, the same after hawking.
Severe burning sensation and raw pain extending from pharynx half way down esophagus; deglutition even of fluids difficult and painful; on posterior pharyngeal wall slight redness and a considerable number of small ulcers. ~ Syphilis.
Syphilitic sore throat, agg. by former mercurial treatment, he had to keep indoors during Fall and Winter; dark redness of faucial mucous membrane; dryness and burning of fauces, larynx and pharynx, extending into chest, somewhat amel. by eating; voice hoarse, not clear, failing during a continuous discourse; cold air causes pain in gums, but amel. burning; expectoration of much mucus; hemorrhoids with stitching pains; tendency to diarrhea.


Canine hunger noon and evening.
Desire for ham fat, coffee, wine; beer tastes bitter and causes vomiting.
Loss of appetite.


Frequent, empty, tasteless eructations.
Nausea in throat and stomach; vomit bitter, sour; slimy; oily or greasy.


Apprehensiveness at pit of stomach as when expecting unpleasant news.
Burning and uneasiness in stomach; amel. by eating; canine hunger at noon and evening. ~ Gastrosis.
Burning in whole mouth, as from pepper, especially in afternoon after eating; in morning nausea and faintness; slight thirst; poor appetite; stool every third day; pressure in stomach and intestines; hot urine. ~ Gastric catarrh.
Constant, severe pain and pressure in stomach even after light foods; constricting, pinching pain with much belching, lasting one to two hours after eating; pain culminates and ends with retching and vomiting of all food taken; circumscribed redness of face; skin cool; pulse small and frequent; chilliness alternating with flushes of heat. ~ Ulcer of stomach.
Induration of stomach.
Burning, corroding pains, as if internal surface of gastric mucous membrane was raw, with sensation as if food remained for a long time undigested in stomach and caused pressure; bloody vomiting; great depression. ~ Chronic gastritis.
Great emaciation; cachexia; loss of appetite; disgust for all animal food; daily vomiting of chocolate colored masses, with hot burning in throat; vomiturition, with excessive anguish and uninterrupted nausea from morning until night; all food is immediately thrown up; stool only every eight or ten days; constant sleeplessness; touch clearly reveals two tumors of size of an orange, one in right hypochondrium, the other in scrobiculum the latter movable and sensitive to pressure (relieved). ~ Carcinoma ventriculi.


Dull pain in region of spleen; hardness and swelling, with pressive pain.


Burning and sensation of heat in abdomen.
Stitches in left side, in region of short ribs.
Loud flatulence in abdomen, and loud emissions of it.
Rumbling and noises in abdomen.
Flatus constantly passes, but in a short and interrupted manner.
Much short, very offensive flatus, especially before stools.


Many discharges of fetid flatus, more before stool.
Stool: watery, soft; brown, sour, fermented; contains glistening bodies; undigested; offensive; agg. in evening from suppressed eruption.
Small, white, shining grains in brown feces.
Stools dark brown, hard balls, much but painless straining.
Before stool: colic; creeping chills, languor and great sensibility to cold air; copious discharge of fetid flatus.
During stool: prolapsus recti; painless straining; anus becomes painful and constricted about fallen rectum; difficult evacuations, of consistency of thick broth, with pressing desire.
After stool: chill; constriction with tenesmus; weakness; sensitiveness to cold, open air; painful tenesmus, extending to perineum and urethra (male); chill over whole body; pain in fissure of anus.
Summer diarrhea of children (complementary Bellad.).
Chronic diarrhea, with psoric anamnesis.
Two days after labor, when defecating, painful burning in rectum, passing over into a kind of sore; tenesmus after discharge of a small quantity of pultaceous feces; gradually these stools increased and weakened her; greatly; four weeks after labor, paleness, general malaise and chilliness; abdomen tympanitic, sensitive to touch; over whole abdomen sensation of heat, with burning, cutting, gurgling and borborygmus, as when fluids pass from one part of intestines to another; constant severe tenesmus, and still she passes, notwithstanding the severity of the pains, only small quantities of fluid or pultaceous masses; after stool prolapsus recti, which is sore and burning until constriction has passed away; general chilliness before and after stool, with desire for acid drinks; no appetite; regurgitation of food; sleep only late at night; restless, throws herself about; morose and irritable.
Stools hard as a stone and large; feel as if they would split anus; they come in sections; becomes very much exhausted and trembles with weakness; stool preceded by chills and followed by long stitches up rectum. ~ Constipation.
Biting sore pain in anus on walking, and a burning in rectum.
Much itching about anus, several times during day and also in evening before going to sleep.


Sticking in kidney and pain as if torn.
Frequent and copious discharge of pale urine in morning and forenoon.
Itching and sensation of soreness in urethra when urinating, aroused or agg. by pressure; intense painful tenesmus; tearing and drawing in anus and perineum, from which it extends through whole urethra.
Urine: diminished; becomes flaky and has red sediment; burning; hot, with reddish sediment.
After urinating a few drops of blood are passed.
Haematuria preceded by crampy pain in bladder.


Violent erections and increased sexual desire.
Swollen testicles after maltreated gonorrhea.
Painless swelling of scrotum.
Heat and swelling of penis.
Fine prickling stitches in penis and at summit of glans.
Itching in glans penis.
Discharge of watery mucus; stinging and titillating through whole urethra and perineum; urethra sore to touch. ~ Gonorrhea. ~ Gleet.
Gonorrhea with haematuria.
Gleet; whitish, painless discharge, more towards morning; gouty pains through body.


Menses: too frequent; too soon, profuse and long lasting; scanty, with leucorrhea and prosopalgia; suppressed.
Uterine ulcer, with smarting, burning or prickling sensation; discharge albuminous, sometimes tinged with blood.
Leucorrhea: like white of egg; corroding; chronic malignant.
Mucous discharge from vagina and urethra. ~ Gonorrhea.


During pregnancy, diarrhea with prolapsus recti; anus after stool contracts around prolapsed rectum, which becomes constricted and sensitive to touch, painful like a sore.


Hoarseness, with cough and rawness in chest.
Voice failing or interrupted.
Burning and dryness in trachea, with hoarseness.


Dyspnea as if from adhesions or contraction of lungs.
On stooping, chest feels too tight.
Desire to take a long breath; afraid of suffocating.
Snoring, in children.

COUGH. [27]

Whooping cough; paroxysms agg. in evening and particularly severe at night.
Cough: spasmodic, caused by irritation from larynx to chest; sputa in morning of yellow, viscid mucus, tasting saltish or like an old catarrh. ~ Whooping cough.
Cough worse: evening until 12 P. M., or day and night, with tension over thorax; when eating or drinking anything hot must cough till food is vomited; from beer.
Violent inclination to cough, in evening in bed, and in morning lower in trachea than can be reached by cough.
Severe dry cough, agg. at night; burning in throat; oppression; stitching pains in chest and great anguish; paleness of face; constant chilliness even in bed; sometimes cold sweat, not followed by heat; thirst without drinking much at once; white coated tongue; loss of appetite; pale urine; frequent small pulse.
Yellow, salty expectoration during day; twitching of muscles of face.


Stitches in right chest, agg. drawing a long breath.
Stitches in left chest, beneath clavicle, going and coming with regularity of musical beats, extending deep into chest, shortly after only a simple aching, agg. by inspiration, and returning some days in succession.
Sticking pain from left side to back through chest, during an inspiration.
Sudden sharp stitches in evening near spinal marrow, through chest, extending into cartilages of left ribs.
Sore, bruised sensation in chest; traces of blood in loosening expectoration; oppression and anguish.
Cramplike contraction over both chest and back.
Constricting and contracting pains transversely across forepart of chest.


Pulse: full, hard, accelerated evenings; at times intermittent; frequent mornings, slow evenings.


Sore burning on bone of sternum.
Severe, constant shaking chill, with anxiety and stitches in right side, neuralgic in character; painful parts sensitive to pressure. ~ Neuralgia.
Intercostal neuralgia, following herpes zoster.
Red spots like fleabites on chest.


Pain and stiffness of nape and external cervical muscles.
Stiff pain in right side of nape of neck and throat, mostly on motion.
Violent itching rash on nape of neck.
Rheumatic pain in scapular muscles; they feel tense and swollen, motion difficult.
Rheumatic pain in right scapula, in morning after rising.
Mercurial cases, limbs feel as if shortened; pains darting like shocks of electricity. ~ Disease of spine.


Pain in right shoulder joint.
Pain in shoulder joint as if it would be torn asunder.
Sore feeling in right axilla.
Dry tetter, scabby, scabs small, occurring especially in bend of elbows, with red spots size of a dollar.
Eruptions on back of hands and wrists half way up to elbow; itching agg. by scratching; small burning vesicles, drying down into crusts, itching and burning after scratching, and becoming moist; agg. from application of water. ~ Eczema.
Right hand cold, left warm; or both cold.
Trembling of right hand.
Burning vesicles, surrounded by a red areola, on sides of fingers.
Paralysis of flexors of fingers; finger ends powerless, cannot hold anything.
Hands “go to sleep.”


Twitching pain from hip joint to knee.
Right hip joint feels sprained on walking.
Pain in hip, leg is shortened.
Pain in bones of thigh and leg.
Drawing pains, sensation of internal heat of limb, surface being cool; amel. in open air.
Since confinement, fifteen years ago, ulcer on right thigh, which only closed lately, leaving a small opening oozing a clear fluid; excruciating pains in tibia, agg. at night; skin at ulcerated part brown, dry, with bluish red spots around opening; slightest pressure of finger causes burning pain, and still she tried to alleviate the deep seated pains by constricting limb with a handkerchief; periosteum swollen; stepping on foot prevented by severity of pains; sleepless at night on account of pains and cramps in calves of legs. ~ Periostitis.
Right femur from knee to middle greatly swollen; soft parts not affected; periphery of affected leg 2 1/2“ larger, five inches above knee, than sound one; about middle of femur swelling ceased and formed a marked elevation, where it met the unaffected part of bone; tendons in popliteal space shortened, so that leg was flexed and it became impossible to extend it; internal and external condyles swollen, patella not affected; extreme pain at night and on slightest touch; severe stitching pains in leg; loss of appetite; coated tongue; thirst; constipation; turbid urine; small, quick pulse; night sweats; sleeplessness; great emaciation; despondency.
After healing of axillary abscess, large, irregular, sometimes confluent, distinctly defined, copper colored spots on inner side of thighs extending to groin; not elevated, not disposed to suppurate, but seat of distressing burning itching, agg. at menstrual epoch, at which time the spots assume a darker color, especially at edges; occasional hemicrania, stitches in spleen, frequent chills, trembling of limbs and morbidly fretful. ~ Pityriasis versicolor.
Cracking in right knee when rising in morning.
Acute jerking in left knee.
Pressive pain in right tibia.
Violent pain in tibia, as if beaten, or as if periosteum was torn off, after midnight, disturbing sleep.
Pain in periosteum of long bones, especially tibia, agg. at night in bed, least touch is intolerable; agg. in damp weather. ~ Syphilis. ~ Rheumatism.
Large syphilitic ulcer on left leg; tibia thickened throughout whole length, and periosteum swollen around ulcer; in evening, when much fatigued, slight oozing of serum at edges of ulcer; when thick crust was removed from ulcer, latter appeared shallow and secreted a sanguinous discharge; burning pain, agg. from heat of bed.
Ulcer on right tibia, three inches long, two wide, above internal malleolus; surrounding skin coppery red, covered with pustules.
Leg, from knee to instep, covered with thick, yellow scab from cracks of which thick, yellow matter oozes on pressure; scab falls off in pieces, leaving skin deep red, sore, itching violently and exuding a thin, clear fluid; forming a thin scab under which pus again collects; skin around scabs dark red, tense, hot, itching; foot swollen, with painful stitches on beginning to walk; at night intolerable itching and burning in eruption; foul odor. ~ Herpes crustaceus.
Legs and feet “go to sleep.”
Violent nightly pains in bones of feet; rheumatism.
Stitches in toes of right foot.
Violent tearing in ball of left little toe.


Trembling of extremities.
Pains in periosteum of long bones, especially tibiae, agg. at night in bed; least touch intolerable.


Lying down: itching of scalp agg.
Cannot extend limb: swelling of femur and shortening of tendons.
Stooping: headache amel.; chest feels too tight.
Motion: cranial bones pain agg.; toothache agg.; pain in nape agg.; difficult, rheumatic pain in scapular muscles; paralyzed feeling in limbs agg.
Stepping: prevented by severe pain in limb.
Walking: biting, sore pain in arms; right hip joint feels sprained; stitches in foot.

NERVES. [36]

Feeling of great lightness of body.
General sick feeling.
Subsultus tendinum.

SLEEP. [37]

Yawning, stretching; sleepiness during day.
Great inclination to sleep, from debility.
Inability to sleep.
Sleep disturbed by violent pain in face.
Awakens after midnight from vivid dreams and with nightmare; agg. on awaking.

TIME. [38]

Morning: chilliness and coldness in body; pain in vertex amel.; eyes inflamed; tearing in face; after walk, tearing in teeth; nausea and faintness; discharge of pale urine; gleet agg.; sputa agg.; inclination to cough; frequent pulse; after rising, pain in scapula; cracking in right knee.
From morning until night: anguish and nausea.
Forenoon: discharge of pale urine.
Noon: canine hunger.
Afternoon: burning in mouth.
After meals: dullness of head.
During day: expectoration salty; yawning, stretching.
Evening: pain in cranial bones agg.; itching in eye agg.; prosopalgia agg. till midnight; lips painful; chilliness; canine hunger; diarrhea agg.; itching about anus; whooping cough agg.; cough agg. till 12 P. M.; in bed inclination to cough; stitches near spinal marrow; accelerated or slow pulse; oozing from ulcer on leg.
Night: pain in vertex agg.; itching of scalp agg.; toothache agg.; sleep only late; whooping cough agg.; severe cough agg.; pain in tibia agg.; sleepless from pain in limb; pain in periosteum of long bones agg.; after midnight awakens from vivid dreams; rheumatism agg.; cystic osteoma agg.; exanthema burning; itching of eruption on finger joints agg.


Appears to be frequently indicated in January and February.
Heat of bed: burning pain in ulcer on leg; itching agg.
Warmth: itching of scalp and feet agg.; neuralgia agg.; chills amel.
Drinking anything hot: cough agg.
Warm food: cramping pressure in head agg.
Warm room: chilliness.
Entering room: pains in head agg.
Wrapping up: head, pains amel.
When covered: to perspire, pains in head agg.
Open air: headache agg.; teeth painful; drawing pain of limbs amel.; chilliness agg.
Sudden changes of weather: pains in head agg.
Application of water: eruption on hands and wrists.
Cold: cranial bones sensitive; drawing pain in scalp agg.; causes pain in gums; great sensibility after stool.
Cold, damp air: headache agg.
Damp weather: rheumatism agg.
Cold winds: pains in head agg.
While in wind: drawing in limbs.
Drawing in air: toothache amel.

FEVER. [40]

Sensitiveness to cold air.
Chill: from upper arms to back and legs; as if drenched with cold water; on single parts as if dashed with cold water.
External coldness, great thirst, no desire for warmth, no dread of open air; no subsequent heat.
Chill even in warm room, drowsy; lessened out doors; thirst; back of mouth dry, much saliva in forepart; cramp in chest, asthmatic constriction and oppression.
Chill lessened by heat.
Burning of internal parts, with external chilliness.
Hands and feet cold, nails blue; hot sensation on small spot on top of head.
Heat: in bed, mostly in head; one sided (l.); intense after chill, with sleep.
Skin dripping with cold sweat.
Apyrexia: headache; pale face; hardness and swelling of spleen, with pressive pain in left hypochondrium; loss of appetite; sensitiveness to cold air.
General weakness; great tendency to run into remittent or typhoid. ~ Ague.


Alternately: chilliness and flushes of heat.
From one to two hours: pinching pain and much belching.
Several times during day: much itching about anus.
Daily: vomiting of chocolate colored masses.
Nightly: bone pains; rheumatism.
Every third day: stool.
Every eight or ten days: stool.
Menstrual epoch: burning itching inner side of thigh agg.
Every Winter: dark redness of fauces, with burning dryness.


Right: megrim; as if air distended external meatus; nostril inflamed; twitching of muscles of cheek; neuralgia of supraorbital; prosopalgia; pains from infraorbital foramen; pain in eyetooth; swelling under side of tongue; tumor in hypochondrium; stitches in side of chest; stitches in side; stiff pain in side of nape of neck; rheumatic pains in scapula; pain in shoulder joint; sore feeling in axilla; hand cold; trembling of hand; hip joint feels sprained; ulcer on thigh; femur greatly swollen; cracking in knees; pressive pain in tibia; ulcer on tibia; stitches in toes.
Left: inclined to fall to side; pain in temple; aching pain about eye; conjunctiva injected; twitching of muscles of upper lid; itching in upper eyelid; pressure in outer angle of eye; as if air was distending internal meatus; tearing in side of face; prosopalgia; pressure beginning in zygoma; small pustule on chin; drawing pain in upper and lower jaw; stitches in chest; sticking pain from side to back; stitches into cartilages of ribs; hand warm; acute jerking in knee; large syphilitic ulcer on leg; tearing in ball of little toe; one sided heat; pressive pain in hypochondrium; herpetic eruption on foot.
From above downward: nightly bone pains.
From within outward: pain in left temple.
First right then left: prosopalgia; severe pains in lower jaw.


Head feels as if drunk; as if everything in head would press asunder; as if upper part of head was pithy; as if skull would split; as if top of head was gone; as if bruised; as if head was in an ant's nest; eyes as if too large; as if eyes were drawn backward into head; ears as if too open; as if air was pouring into ears; as if tympanum was exposed to cold air; as if air was distending right external meatus; as though roaring in ears would occur; teeth as if too long; as if ants were running over chest; as if hole was being bored in mental foramen; hard palate as if made of wood; whole side of head as if cold; tongue and lips as if quite sore; throat as if narrowing; as if posterior part of throat was full of mucus; burning as from pepper in mouth; as if internal surface of gastric mucous membrane was raw; as if food remained a long time undigested in stomach; stools as if they would split anus; pain in kidney as if torn; dyspnea, as if from adhesions; chest as if too tight; limbs as if shortened; as if shoulder joint would be torn to pieces; tibia as if beaten; as if periosteum was torn; chill, as if drenched with water; as if fire was darting through muscles; as if joints would give way; elevations like nettlerash burn as if bright coal lay upon them; sticking of rash as from needles; as if millions of insects were creeping on him.
Pain: extending from root of nose into forehead; in bones of skull; in gums; in anus; in fissure of anus; of nape; in right shoulder joint; in hip; in bones of thigh and leg; in calves of legs; in periosteum of long bones.
Excruciating pain: in tibiae.
Intolerable nightly burning pains: in abscess of antrum of Highmore.
Very violent pain: in head; in face; in tibiae; in bones of feet.
Extreme pain: in right femur.
Severe pains: in upper arm and shin bone; in bones of head; in lower jaw; in stomach; in face; in ball of left little toe; in and around eye; in anus and perineum.
Tearing, pressing pain: in humeri and tibiae.
Fine tearing: in left side of face and in teeth.
Lightning-like pains: coming from right arm to temples and corner of mouth.
Darting pains: like shocks of electricity through limbs.
Boring: in bones of occiput; in bones of upper jaw; extending to malar bones and temples; in several teeth.
Sharp stitches: near spinal marrow.
Stitches: in side; from teeth to zygoma; up rectum; in right side of chest; in left chest; in spleen; in toes of right foot; in hemorrhoids; in chest; in bony tumors of frontal and malar bones; in skin of vertex and temples; in face; in ulcer on right thigh; in seat of zona.
Severe stitching pain: in leg.
Flying stitching pains: along long bones.
Twitching, grasping, stitching pains: in hollow teeth.
Prickling stitches: in penis and summit of glans.
Drawing pain: in scalp; in upper and lower jaw; in side of head; in lower limbs.
Sticking: in kidney; from left side to back through chest.
Constricting, pinching pain: in stomach.
Painful constriction, tearing and drawing: at anus; perineum and through urethra.
Crampy pain: in bladder.
Biting: on scalp.
Neuralgic pains: in face.
Acute jerking: in left knee.
Twitching pain: from hip joint to knee.
Cramps: in calves of legs; in chest.
Constricting and contracting pains: across forepart of chest.
Rheumatic pains: in scapular muscles; in right scapula.
Gouty pains: through body.
Aching pain: in vertex and occiput; in and around eye.
Aching, pressive pain: about left eye.
Pressive pain: in left temple; in occiput; in right tibia; in left hypochondrium.
Cramplike contraction: over both chest and back.
Biting sore pain: in anus.
Raw pain: from pharynx half way down esophagus.
Sore pain: in chest.
Numb pain: in face.
Stiff pain: in right side of nape of neck and throat.
Heat, scraping, burning, peppery sensation: on palate and fauces.
Painful burning: in rectum.
Sore burning: on sternum.
Hot burning: in throat.
Burning: in skin of vertex and temples; in face; in ulcer on right thigh; in seat of zona; back of hands; of internal parts; in bones of thorax; of scalp; of skin of head; of throat; of lips; on tongue, extending to stomach; in mouth and throat; in pharynx; in fauces; in esophagus; in stomach; in rectum; in trachea; in vesicles.
Burning darting sensation: in muscles, like fire darting through them.
Burning dryness: mouth and larynx.
Hot sensation: on small spot on top of head.
Soreness: of nose; of upper lip; of lips; in bones of thorax.
Sore feeling: in right axilla.
Smarting, burning, prickling: in uterine ulcer.
Irritation: in vagina.
Smarting: in eyes.
Burning itching: in nostrils and inside ears.
Sore, bruised sensation: in chest.
Sprained feeling: in right hip joint.
Rawness: of fauces; in chest.
Dryness: in eyes; of nose; in throat; in fauces; in trachea.
Constriction: in throat and stomach; of pharynx; about fallen rectum.
Strained feeling: in eyes.
Drawing: in limbs; in anus and perineum.
Cramping, numbing pressure: left zygoma, towards eye, temple, ear and down neck to shoulder.
Pressure: in eyes; in stomach and intestines.
Tension: over thorax.
Stiffness: of nape and external cervical muscles.
Numb feeling: in top of head.
Feeling of great lightness: of body.
Paralyzed feeling: in limbs.
Uneasiness: in stomach.
Apprehensiveness: at pit of stomach.
Violent itching: rash on nape; eruption on leg; pruritus senilis; eczema; pimples; vesicles around ulcers.
Distressing burning, itching: in spots on inner side of thighs.
Itching, biting: on margin of lids and skin near nose.
Itching: of whole body; of scalp; of face; of skin of head; of eyebrows; eyes; in left upper eyelid; tinea capitis; eruption of head; behind ears; vesicles on dorsum of nose; about anus; in urethra; in glans penis; vesicles on back of hands, arms, legs, back; rash on arms, head and over whole body; ulcerative eruption on finger joints.
Emaciation of face; withering of diseased parts.
Scrofulosis, with excoriation in throat and at nose.
Soreness and burning in bones of thorax.
Bones feel distended.
Periosteal rheumatism; boring, pressing pains, coming like lightning, leaving parts numb.
Nervous rheumatism or rheumatic neuralgia, agg. at night, with flying, stitching pains along long bones.
Periostitis and swelling of bones, especially on tibia, with most violent nightly pains.
Swelling of bones; caries; nightly bone pains, going from above downwards; stitching pains in bony tumors of frontal and malar bones; bony tumors become cartilaginous and soften from inside out.
Exostoses; tophi.
Bones inflamed, swollen, especially shafts of cylindrical bones; after abuse of mercury and venereal disease.
Cystic osteoma, burning pains, swelling; agg. at night.
Joints feel bruised, weary, as if they would give way.
Engorged glands.
Abscesses of fibrous parts or of tendons.


Touch: on temples causes headache; slightest, causes pain in head; pain in bones of skull; scalp very sensitive; cranial bones sensitive; sensitiveness of eye, cheek, teeth; with tongue, toothache agg.; abdomen sensitive; urethra sore; anus sensitive; pain in limbs agg.; intolerable in rheumatic limb; itching agg., crusty eruptions bleed.
Pressure: limbs sensitive; pus exudes from scabs on eye; pain in toothache; tumor sensitive; painful parts of chest sensitive; causes burning pain around ulcer; on scab on leg, matter oozes.
Rubbing: itching of scalp agg.
Scratching: itching of eruption on hands and wrists agg.; burning and change of place of itching; nocturnal itching on arms, legs, back amel.; pruritus agg.

SKIN. [46]

Roughness and scaling here and there; skin of hands rough and dead.
Violent itching, agg. in bed, from touch; burning and change of place after scratching.
Dry, burning, itching herpetic eruption on both hands and left foot; skin peeled off.
Scrofulous ulcer of leg, with thickening of periosteum and a similar swelling on bone of forearm.
Skin wrinkled and in folds; sleepless on account of itching; cannot refrain from scratching; feeling as though millions of insects were creeping on him, compelling him to rub successively his arms, legs, abdomen and throat; on parts scratched are innumerable, insular, white elevations on a red or reddish base, as in nettlerash, which, when deeply scratched, display in centre a drop of blood, size of pin head, and burn as if a bright coal lay upon them; by day itching is intolerable and there is no visible trace of morbid alteration in skin; blood spots appear as small, brown points on surface of skin; during violent itching and burning complains of chilliness, feeling cold along spinal column and in extremities; where itching is most intense there is a sensible diminution of temperature. ~ Pruritus senilis.
Nocturnal itching on arms, legs, back, amel. by scratching, but immediately returning on some other place.
The usual liver spots on chest and arms become very dark, with much desquamation.
Brownish miliary rash on chest, arms and thighs.
Red itching rash on arms, head and over whole body.
Violent itching rash on nape of neck, back and thighs, always agg. and gnawing after scratching and sticking as from needles.
Itch-like eruption, after vaccination, depriving child of sleep.
Scurf like fish scales on back, chest, thighs and scalp.
Scabs thick, lamellated, like rupia, bloody secretion beneath; agg. on parts devoid of fat.
Distressing exanthema, burning at night, compelling to scratch until epidermis is removed and denuded part is covered with a scab or there is repeated exfoliation.
Eczema itching intolerably, copious serous exudation.
Herpes zoster, with severe neuralgic pains, itching after scratching turns into burning, agg. in bed, from touch; vesicles form brownish scab.
After zona (cured by Rhus) there remained great coldness of body, with burning pain in seat of zona.
Neuralgia and burning after zona.
Vesicles appear around ulcers, itching violently and burning like fire; after eight days these vesicles dry up, leaving scabs, the tearing off of which causes great pain and retards healing.
Large, irregular, sometimes confluent, distinctly defined copper colored spots on inner side of thighs, extending to groin; distressing burning, itching, agg. at menstrual period, at which time spots assume a darker color, especially at edges; occasional hemicrania, stitches in spleen, frequent chills, trembling of limbs; morbidly fretful. ~ Pityriasis versicolor.
Whole skin covered with elevated white scabs.
Ulcerative eruption on finger joints, itching most at night.
Moist, scabby eruption.
Crusty eruptions, white scabs, bleeding when touched.
Vesicular erysipelas.
Ulcers with areola, sensitive, easily bleeding, painful at night; pus under scabs; burning vesicles around ulcers.
Ulcers covered with thick, whitish yellow scabs, under which thick, yellow pus collects.
Cutaneous ulcers form over bony protuberances.
Linen or charpie sticks to ulcers, when it is torn away they bleed.
Vesicles appear around ulcers, itch violently, burn like fire; fiery red areola, shining like fire.


Phlegmatic temperament; light hair; irresolute.
Child, aet. 3, after vaccination; itch-like eruption.
Girl, aet. 12; neuralgia in side.
Boy, aet. 15; scrofulous ulcer.
Boy, aet. 17, healthy, when three years old had an eruption which was suppressed; deafness.
Girl, aet. 18, blonde, of sanguine temperament, with scanty, intermitting menses, suffering two years; pityriasis versicolor.
Girl, aet. 20, previously in good health, after catching cold; swelling of femur.
Man, aet. 22, sanguine temperament, weak after catching cold; toothache.
Man, aet. 23; suffering for a whole year from maltreated gonorrhea; swollen testicles.
Officer, aet. 25, robust, healthy; prosopalgia.
Man, aet. 30, strong, had chancre on penis three months ago; sore throat.
Woman, aet. 32, after instrumental delivery four weeks ago; tenesmus and prolapsus recti.
Vigorous countryman, aet. 32; mentagra.
Man, aet. 34, sanguine choleric temperament, delicate, weak build; toothache.
Woman, aet. 35; supraorbital neuralgia.
Woman, aet. 36, suffering many years; herpes crustaceus.
Nursing woman; constipation.
Laboring man, aet. 40; herpetic eruption.
Man, aet. 40; gastric catarrh.
Woman, aet. 42, suffering twenty years; eczema.
Man, aet. 43, nervo-bilious constitution, cachectic habit, leaden colored face, had lived the life of a tramp and had been several times syphilitic; pain and swelling in tibiae.
Woman, aet. 45, married, florid, has suffered with headache for three months; incipient pityriasis capitis.
Woman; prosopalgia.
Man, abdominal plethoric constitution, dark skin, had had several tumors on head removed several years ago, suffering one year; prosopalgia.
Woman, after a drive in an open carriage in which she had been exposed to a bitter cold wind; cephalalgia periostitica.
Woman, aet. 48, eruption preceded by violent headache for six months, suffering two years; pityriasis capitis.
Woman, aet. 50, delicate constitution, generous, good natured, subject to rapid changes of temperature, suffering two years; prosopalgia.
Widow, aet. 50, large, well developed sanguine temperament, since her confinement fifteen years ago suffered from an ulcer; periostitis.
Woman, aet. 55; tinea capitis.
Woman, aet. 60; ulcer on tibia.
Woman, aet. 63, unmarried, delicate, with weak digestion, addicted to use of coarse snuff, after great fatigue; rupia prominens.
Old man; shingles.
Man, aet. 74, weak and dyspeptic, a subject of marasmus senilis; pruritus senilis.
Man, aet. 74, hale and hearty for his age; pruritus.


Antidoted by: Acon., Bryon., Calc. (headache), Kali iod., Mercur., Nux vom. (neuralgia).
It antidotes: effects of spirituous liquors, Mercur., Nitr. ac., Phosphor.
Compatible: Calc., Caustic., Ignat., Lycop., Mercur., Nux vom., Phosphor., Pulsat.
Compare: Anac., Guaiac., Phytol., Rhus tox.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 07, 1888
Description: Clinical materia medica of Mezereum
Remedies: Mezereum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1888
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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