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Muriaticum Acidum.

Hydrochloric Acid. HCl.

Introduced by Hahnemann, proved by himself, Gutmann, Haynel, Hartmann, Langhammer, Nenning, Rummel, Stapf and Wislicenus (Chronische Krankheiten).

Our arrangement contains a MSS. proving by Hackett, not contained in Allen's Encyclopaedia.


- Cancer of tongue, Cooper, Gilchrist's Surg., p. 162; U. S. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. 4, p. 270; Stomacace of nursing children, Williamson, Raue's Rec., 1872, p. 7; Diphtheria, Pemerl, N. A. J. H., vol. 25, p. 80; Gastric disturbances, Kurtz, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 5, p. 273; Diarrhea, Berridge, Raue's Rec., 1871, p. 114; Passage of feces while urinating, Schleyel, Allg. Hom. Ztg., vol. 106, p. 165; Hemorrhoids, Gillet, Helfrich, Knorre, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 1, p. 999; Whooping cough, A. R., Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 5, p. 726; Use in phthisis, Cotton, B. J. H., vol. 19, p. 168; Swelling on tendo-achilles, Rückert, Org., vol. 3, p. 268; Typhoid fever, Gross, Müller, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 4, p. 754; Nash, Raue's Rec., 1875, p. 281; Trinks, B. J. H., vol. 29, p. 284; Scarlet fever, Lorbach, Lobeth, Hartmann, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 4, p. 57; Erysipelas, Thorer, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 4, p. 145; Eczema solaris, Neidhard, Hom. Times, 1852.

MIND. [1]

Unconsciousness; moaning. ~ Typhus.
Taciturn, introverted and quiet; anxious care about future.
Irritable, disposed to anger and chagrin; peevishness.
Restlessness, frequent changing of position.


Vertigo: agg. moving eyes; slightly agg. walking, though this amel. headache; with tottering gait; with tearing in vertex and feeling as if hair was drawn upwards, objects go around with her in open air; with nausea, 1 A. M., agg. lying on right side or back.


Headache in spells regularly every day, from 9 A. M. until 1 P. M.; begins with soreness over left eye, then in eyeball and left half of nose, forehead and temple, to back of head.
Feeling as if brain was loose.
Tearing and stitches in head, in periodical shocks.
Headache as if brain was torn or beaten to pieces; agg. moving eyes or sitting up in bed; amel. from moderate exercise.
Headache as if brain was clasped by a hand and was being twisted and torn.
Tearing in right parietal bone.
Heaviness in back part of head, with obscure sight, agg. by effort to see; swollen glands.
Steady, sharp pain in back part of head, with a heavy feeling, as if occiput was filled with lead.
Headache agg. on rising up in bed and from moving eyes; amel. by moving body; from walking in open air, especially in cold wind.
Distant talking causes headache.


Feeling of deadness and numbness of forehead.
Stiff and sore feeling in occiput, agg. when touched, and on left side of head and down spine, agg. in lying.
Tearing in right parietal bone.
Heat in top of head.
Feeling as if hair was standing on end.


Perpendicular half sight.
Obscured sight; pain in occiput.
Pupils contracted.
Sharp, burning pain, extending from left to right eye, in morning amel. by washing. ~ Muscular asthenopia.
Stitches out of eyes.
Itching in eyes; itching and smarting in canthi.
Lids red, swollen.
Worse from light, amel. from dark.


Overacuteness of hearing; sensitive to noise
Hardness of hearing; loud, cracking sounds during night; no cerumen, or dry, peeling off in scales, also dry, hard and of a brown red color or dark, with buzzing, agg. right ear.
Distant sounds (talking) cause headache; sound of voice unbearable.
Want of feeling in internal meatus.
Tingling, humming, whizzing in ear; beating or knocking.
Otalgia, with pressing pain.
Tingling, creeping, cold pain running from ears up to top of head, sharp boring in temporal regions.


Nosebleed. ~ Whooping cough.
Sore nostrils, with stinging pain; obstruction of nose.
Frequent sneezing.
Coryza: thin, acrid, making parts sore; thick, yellow discharge.
Discharge of thin pus from nose, excoriating parts.
Nose stopped up.


Heat in face, glowing red cheeks when walking in open air; no thirst.
Sudden red face with coma. ~ Scarlatina.
Face suddenly flushing or pale and sunken.
Red, itching pimples on forehead, cheeks and around mouth, whole face red; every Summer. ~ Eczema solaris.
Scabs on face, forehead, temples; pimples; freckles.


Lower jaw hangs down. ~ Typhus.
Pimples around mouth form a scurf.
Margin of lips raw, skin dry and cracked.
Burning on lips.
Bloated lower lip; feels heavy, burns.
Pain below left half of lower lip, from 4 P. M. till midnight.


Toothache: (pulsating) from cold drinks; with earache; tingling, amel. from warm applications.
Gums swollen, bleeding, ulcerating. ~ Scoroutis.
Teeth rise from their sockets.
Long lasting, severe inflammation of gums. ~ Scarlatina.


Everything tastes sweet; beer tastes like honey.
Taste: acrid and putrid, like rotten eggs, with ptyalism; in throat like rancid grease.
Tongue: heavy as lead, hinders talking; feels lame, sore; dwindles, atrophy; sore, bluish; deep ulcers, with black bases and vesicles; thick, dark, almost whole mouth and fauces covered with a greyish white membrane; painful blisters with burning.
Edges of ulcer and surrounding parts of a blue color. ~ Cancer of tongue.
Tongue sore and bluish; deep ulcer with black base and inverted edges; atrophy of tongue making him speak in a thick, hoarse voice; hard lump on side of tongue, growing into a hard, deep, warty ulcer, about size of a bean, presenting a slightly fissured appearance from above downwards and from before backwards, rather towards under surface of left side of tongue; no apparent discharge from it; but tongue is hard all around it, so much so that speaking and expectoration is very difficult. ~ Cancer of tongue.


Great dryness in mouth.
Redness of inside of cheeks and of arch of palate.
Mucous lining of lips inflamed, red and painful, stripped of epithelium to a considerable extent and dotted with whitish points. ~ Stomatitis.
Stomacace of nursing children; patch on right side of tongue large and irregular, but very deep; fetid breath.
Stomatitis, with extreme dryness, swollen gums, great adynamia.
Foul breath. ~ Scarlatina.
Mouth as if glued up with insipid mucus; much saliva.
Salivary glands tender, swollen.
Mouth studded with ulcers having a black or dark base and dipping deep in, tending to perforate; intermittent pulse; involuntary stool and urine; intense prostration. ~ Malignant scarlatina or diphtheria.


Rawness and smarting of fauces; burning.
Dry throat, with burning in chest.
Mucous lining of throat red and swollen.
Diffused deep redness of velum palati and throat.
Edema of uvula; tonsils swollen.
Fauces swollen, unable to swallow, attempt producing violent spasm and choking.
All the time pushing finger down throat, or keeps clawing mouth, as if some obstruction must be pulled out of throat.
Greyish white deposits on mucous membrane of throat, succeeded by ulcers.
Well defined dead white patches, varying in size, over velum and pillars of palate, tonsils and posterior portion of pharynx, similar to false membrane in diphtheritic angina.
Thin, excoriating discharge from nose, intermittent pulse and loss of appetite. ~ Diphtheria.
Gangrenous angina; internal parts bluish red, dark; aphthous ulcers; epithelium of tongue comes off in large brown pieces; fetor oris. ~ Scarlet fever.
During attack of scarlatina, on third day, tonsils and fauces covered with exudate; submaxillary glands swollen as large as pigeon's eggs; can only hold head bent forward; continual desire to hawk, with difficult expectoration of tough mucus; swallowing almost impossible. ~ Diphtheritis.
Hawks out continually tough, fetid phlegm; voice hoarse, nasal; rattling of mucus; submaxillary glands swollen as large as hen's eggs; head bent forward, because, when holding it erect or when lying down, phlegm in fauces causes difficult breathing and choking; entire back part a gangrenous ulcer, covered with tough mucus, which draws out in strings; fetor oris; swallowing of water very difficult, producing cough; pulse small, very fast; pale, anxious face. ~ Diphtheria.
Bleeding from nose, blood dark and putrid; sordes on teeth; sore and scabby condition of lips; putrid smell from mouth; great general prostration; typhoid condition. ~ Diphtheria.
Diphtheria with not much fever, but great prostration.


Excessive hunger and thirst, or no appetite.
Aversion to meat.
Morbid longing for alcoholic drinks.


After eating: is worse; diarrhea.
Better and after drinking.


Hiccough (before and after dinner).
Eructations: bitter, putrid.
Vomiting, with belching, coughing; involuntary swallowing; gulping up of contents of stomach into esophagus, sometimes going down again.


Feeling of emptiness in epigastric region, especially in esophagus, not amel. by eating.
Empty sensation in stomach extending through whole abdomen, no hunger; weak feeling in stomach from 10 A. M. until evening.
Stomach will neither tolerate nor digest food; gastric weakness agg. from about 10 to 11 A. M.
Acute gastric irritability often accompanied by biliary disturbances; great thirst, particularly after sour articles; bitter, oftener sour taste in mouth; biliary fever; bilious diarrhea.
Habitual difficult digestion; tongue slightly coated white; much belching and flatulence; eructations, offensive; thirst; transient attacks of faintness; tendency to constipation; confusion of head; drowsiness, particularly after dinner; tendency to herpes furfuraceous; in children tendency to aphthae and diarrhea, evacuations when first passed presenting white, later greenish spots, causing excoriation of anus.


Pressing and tension in hypochondria.
Cirrhosis of liver; drowsiness; emaciation; mouth dry or aphthous; stools often watery and involuntary; stomach so weak and irritable that no food can be retained; dropsy.


Fullness and distension of abdomen from small quantities of food.
Rumbling and feeling of emptiness.
Colicky griping in abdomen; cramps.


Stool: difficult as from inactivity of bowels; too thin, but round; thin, watery, involuntary, while urinating; greenish, in typhoid; thin, watery, passed unnoticed; watery, dark brown, preceded by uneasy pains in abdomen; discharged while urinating; with discharge of blood.
Diarrhea: with much wind; agg. morning and evening; intolerable anal itching, not amel. by scratching, smarting and burning in anus; agg. after a meal; after fruit; from drinking larger beer; during typhoid; agg. after abuse of opium.
As soon as he begins to move, strong urging, compelling haste; stools profuse, dark, brownish, green, gelatinous; followed by dragging, heavy sensation in abdomen.
Difficult speech; moaning and groaning in sleep; sliding down in bed. ~ Cholera.
Dysentery, blood and slime separated.
Before stool: rumbling, colic.
During stool: smarting and cutting in anus; burning in anus; colic; prolapsus ani.
After stool: burning in anus; intolerable itching, tenderness and soreness of anus; protrusion of dark purplish varices, somewhat amel. by application of warm water, much agg. from bathing with cold water.
Urging to stool while urinating, compelling him to cease lest a fecal discharge occur.
Prolapsus ani while urinating.
Itching in anus.
Diarrhea, with protrusion of blue or dark purple hemorrhoids, especially when occurring in feeble children suffering from gastric atony, muscular debility and threatened marasmus.
Every eight to fourteen days, discharge of bright blood from anus, with or without stool, often so profuse as to cause great weakness; is afraid to bend over; stitches low down in left side and biting in anus; menses regular, profuse, last four days, accompanied by general indisposition; headache, with congestion to head; nausea; coldness of limbs and falling asleep of same when sitting still. ~ Hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoids: swollen, blue; painful to touch; appear suddenly in children; protruding, reddish blue, burning; too sore to bear least touch, even sheet is uncomfortable.
Anal orifice surrounded by a thick, round swelling, which is separated into three unequal parts, one being as large as a hen's egg, the other two about as large as nutmegs; swelling bluish red, hard, hot, shining, very sensitive to touch; sore pain, itching, severe stitches, paroxysmal, making her cry out; cannot sit and can turn around only with great difficulty. ~ Inflamed hemorrhoids after labor.


Frequent scanty, or frequent profuse urination.
Passes large quantities of urine, accompanied each time by a small stool.
Slow emission of urine; bladder weak; must wait a long time; has to press so that anus protrudes.
Urine involuntary. ~ Typhus.
Urine: red; violet; milk-like.
Burning, cutting while urinating; straining in urethra afterwards.


Impotency; penis relaxed; desire weak.
Watery, bloody gleet.
Scrotum bluish red.
Itching of scrotum, not relieved by scratching.
Margin of prepuce sore.


Pressing on genitals as if menses would appear.
Menses too early and profuse; dejection of spirits, silent as if she would die; colic; sore piles.
Pricking pain in vagina.
Ulcers on genitals, with putrid discharge, much sensitiveness and general weakness.
Cannot bear least touch, not even of sheet on genitals.
Leucorrhea, with backache; sore anus from piles or fissures.


Puerperal fever.
Voice and Larynx Trachea and Bronchia.


Hoarseness; with sore feeling in chest; whooping cough.


Breathing deep, groaning; moaning; deep sighing.
Breathing seems to come from stomach.
Short breath, with rattling after drinking, talking, coughing.
Dyspnea and constriction of chest. ~ Whooping cough.
Oppression across chest (evening).

COUGH. [27]

Cough: rough, with rattling in chest, followed by cramp in stomach; short breath; with heat in face.
Whooping cough: after attacks, audible rumbling, gurgling down chest; excited by tickling in chest; in afternoon and evening without, in morning with a slight dislodgment of a yellow or watery mucus of a fatty taste, which must be swallowed; with expectoration of dark blood.


Stitches in chest and at heart, when taking a long breath and on violent motion; burning stitches.
Tension and pain on sternum.
Bursting pain in chest; pain as if beaten.
Pleuritis; stupor; playing with the hands; moaning; sliding down in bed.


Palpitation of heart felt in face.
Stitches in heart.
Pulse: slow and weak, sometimes intermitting; slow during day, more frequent at night; intermits every third beat; rapid and feeble; very small and frequent; very feeble.


Pressing pain in back; as from a sprain, or as if he had stooped long.
Pressing, drawing, tired pain in lumbar region.
Os coccyx pains.
Drawing, burning along back, beginning at coccyx, as if under skin; burning stitch in sacrum causing one to start.


Heaviness of arms, especially forearms.
Scabby eruption on back of hands and fingers.
Numbness, coldness and deadness of fingers at night.
Swelling and burning of tips of fingers.
Itching of palms.
Frequent, drawing tension in elbow joint.


Wavering gait from weakness of thighs.
Pain in right thigh, with itching in anus.
Edematous swelling of lower limbs, with shooting pain.
Lower limbs darker colored.
Putrid ulcers on legs, with burning around them.
Swelling on right tendo-achilles, about two inches long, so painful that it hinders walking; pain as if place was jammed in, with feeling of unusual heat therein; agg. when sitting, amel. when lying.
Cold feet.
Blue feet. ~ Scarlatina.
Chilblains (alcohol applied externally).
Swelling and burning of tips of toes.


Tearing pains in limbs during rest, amel. from motion.
All joints as if bruised.
Pressive drawing in upper arms and knees.


Rest: tearing pains in limbs agg.
Lying: stiff feeling in head and spine agg.; pain in tendoachilles amel.
Lying on right side or back: vertigo agg.
Lies motionless in bed: typhoid fever.
Wants to lie about: prostration.
Frequent changing position.
Erect position: tensive pain in head agg.
Is afraid to bend over: discharge of blood from anus.
Can only hold head bent forward: because when holding it erect or when lying down phlegm in fauces causes difficult breathing and choking spells.
Sitting still: falling asleep of limbs; pain in tendo-achilles.
Sitting up in bed: headache agg.
Cannot sit and can turn around only with great difficulty: inflamed hemorrhoids.
As soon as he sits down: his eyes close.
Legs flexed, feet drawn up: typhoid fever.
Sliding down in bed: cholera; pleuritis; typhus; scarlet fever.
Motion: of eyes, vertigo agg.; of eyes, headache agg.; causes strong urging to stool; tearing pains amel.; drowsiness passes off.
All the time pushing finger down throat or keeps clawing mouth.
Moderate exercise: headache amel.
Walking: vertigo agg.; pain in tendo-achilles hinders.
Violent motion: stitches in chest.

NERVES. [36]

Prostration and drowsiness all day; she wants to lie about.
Great debility: as soon as he sits down his eyes close; lower jaw hangs; slides down in bed.
Muscular debility following use of opium or soothing syrups.
Paralysis generally one sided.
Paralyzed tongue and sphincter ani.

SLEEP. [37]

Drowsiness during day, going off as soon as one moves about.
Sleepless before 12 P. M., delirious tossing.
Restless after going to bed, groaning, snoring, talking in sleep.
Anxious dreams; frequent waking; agg. on waking.

TIME. [38]

Morning: burning pain in eye; diarrhea agg.; whooping cough, with slight dislodgement of mucus; chill wakens him; sweat.
Day: pulse slow; prostration and drowsiness.
Before and after dinner: hiccough.
After dinner: drowsiness.
Afternoon: attacks of whooping cough.
Evening: diarrhea agg.; oppression across chest; attacks of whooping cough; chill, with coldness in back; cold sweat on feet; wants to be uncovered during scarlet fever.
Night: cracking sounds in ear; pulse frequent; numbness, coldness and deadness of fingers; heat, with palpitation; sweat.
Before 12 P. M.: sleepless; sweat.
At 1 A. M.: vertigo, with nausea.


Getting warm in bed: itching of pimples.
Warm applications: tingling in teeth amel.; protrusion of varices amel.
Open air: objects go around; walking, headache amel.; when walking, heat in face.
Wants to uncover: during exacerbation of fever.
Washing: burning pain in eyes amel.
Cold water: varices agg.
Cold drinks: toothache.
Cold wind: headache amel.

FEVER. [40]

Chill more than heat; awakens him in morning; evening with coldness in back, external warmth; burning face; dry mouth; shivering all over, with hot cheeks and cold hands; and heat without thirst, rarely there is thirst in cold stage.
Extremities quite cold.
Slow fever.
Internal heat, wants to uncover; bodily restlessness.
Heat at night, with palpitation of heart.
Burning, mostly in palms and soles.
Sweat: during first sleep, until 12 P. M., agg. on head and back; night and morning.
Cold sweat on feet, evening in bed.
Worse when sweating; taciturn; wants to uncover.
Intermittent fever, with periosteal pains.
Fever assumes a low type; great prostration; sinking down in bed; evidences of intestinal ulceration. ~ Infantile remittent.
Typhus: constant restlessness or stupid sleep; unconscious; loud moaning or confused talking; wishes to uncover; lower jaw dropped; aphthous ulcers in mouth, fetid, sour smelling; tongue coated at edges, shrunken, dry, like leather, paralyzed; thin, offensive smelling evacuations; involuntary stools while passing urine; rapid, weak, rattling respiration; sliding down in bed; urine dark but clear; bleeding from anus; hemorrhage of dark liquid blood; mouth full of dark bluish ulcers; pulse intermits every third beat; legs flexed, feet drawn up; skin hot and dry. ~ Typhoid fever.


Periodical shocks: tearing and stitches in head.
From 10 to 11 A. M.: gastric weakness agg.
From 10 A. M. until evening: weak feeling in stomach.
From 4 P. M. till midnight: pain in lower lip.
Every day: from 9 A. M. till 1 P. M.: headache.
On third day during attack of scarlatina: tonsils and fauces covered with exudate.
Lasting four days: menses.
Every eight to fourteen days: discharge of bright blood from anus.
Every Summer: red itching pimples on face, cheeks and around mouth.


Right: tearing in parietal bone; buzzing agg. in ear; patch on side of tongue; pain in thigh; swelling on tendo-achilles.
Left: soreness over eye and in half of nose; sore feeling on side of head; pain below half of lower lip; ulcer towards side of tongue; stitches low down in side.
From left to right: pain in eyes.


Loss of bodily irritability.
Tearing and stitches through whole body.
As if hair was drawn upwards; as if brain was loose, was torn or beaten to pieces; as if brain was clasped by a hand and was being twisted and torn; as if occiput was filled with lead; as if hair was standing on end; mouth as if glued up with insipid mucus; as if some obstruction must be pulled out of throat; as if menses would appear; as if she would die; pain in chest as if beaten; pain in back as from a sprain or as if he had stooped long; burning as if under skin of coccyx; as if place was jammed in in tendo-achilles; joints as if bruised.
Pain: in occiput; below left half of lower lip; in teeth; in abdomen; on sternum; in os coccyx; in right thigh; in periosteum.
Steady, sharp pain: in back part of head.
Tearing: in vertex; in head; in right parietal bone; in limbs.
Shooting pains: in lower limbs.
Stitches: in head; out of eyes; low down in left side; in chest; at heart; in anus.
Burning stitches: in chest; in sacrum.
Sharp, burning pain: from left to right eye.
Sharp, boring: in temporal region.
Cutting: in anus.
Stinging pain: in nose.
Bursting pain: in chest.
Pressing pain: in ear; in back.
Beating or knocking: in ear.
Pulsating pain: in teeth.
Cramp: in stomach.
Pricking pain: in vagina.
Sore pain: in anus.
Pressing, tensive pain: in head.
Painful drawing: in periosteum.
Pressing, drawing, tired pain: in lumbar region; in upper arms and knees.
Tingling, creeping, cold pain: from ears to top of head.
Biting: in anus.
Burning: on lips; of blisters on tongue; of fauces; in chest; of anus; of tips of fingers; around ulcers on lower extremities; of tips of toes; in palms and soles.
Drawing, burning: along back.
Smarting: of fauces; of anus.
Soreness: over left eye; in eyeball and left half of nose, temple to back of head; in a small spot on mucous membrane of palate; of anus; in chest.
Heat: in top of head; in face; of whole body.
Constriction: of chest.
Tension: in hypochondria; on sternum; in elbow joint.
Pressing: in hypochondria; in genitals.
Feeling of emptiness: in epigastric region; in esophagus; in stomach; in abdomen.
Dragging, heavy sensation: in abdomen.
Heaviness: in back part of head; of arms.
Deadness and numbness: in forehead; in fingers.
Dryness: in mouth.
Tickling: in chest.
Itching, smarting: in canthi.
Itching: in eyes; in canthi; of pimples on forehead, cheeks and around mouth; of anus; of scrotum; of palms.


Typhoid condition, scorbutis; hemorrhages.
Carbuncles in scorbutic individuals, with ulcers on gums and profuse emission of clear urine.
Painful drawing in periosteum; intermittent fever.
Dropsical swellings.


Touch: sore feeling in occiput agg.; hemorrhoids painful; swelling around anus very sensitive; unbearable on genitals; blood-boils pricking.
Scratching: does not amel. anal itching; itching of scrotum not amel.
Eczema solaris.

SKIN. [46]

Freckles; eczema solaris.
Eruption of pimples, forming scurfs on forehead, outer ear, lips, hands, or back of fingers; itching when getting warm in bed.
Blood-boils, pricking when touched.
Ulcers: painful, deep, putrid; covered with scurf; on lower legs, with burning at their circumference.
Black pocks.
Erysipelas ambulans, which remains stationary after Bellad. and Rhus.; pressing, tensive pain in head, agg. when being put in erect position.
Scarlatina; redness intense and rapidly spreading; eruption scanty, interspersed with petechiae; skin purplish.
Scarlet fever; at, or a few hours before appearance of eruption patient lies in a stupefied condition; eruption intensely red, rapidly spreading, face, neck and whole body being at once covered; great difficulty in swallowing (compatible Bellad.).
Scarlet fever; sliding down in bed; burning heat of whole body, with anxiety and constant desire to be uncovered, especially during exacerbation of fever in evening; constant restlessness of whole body, except feet, great restlessness of arms, must constantly move them; pulse regularly intermittent; dark redness of cheeks; eyes dull red; bluish color of skin; eruption scanty, interspersed with many petechiae; considerable angina, with great tendency to ulceration of tonsils and neighboring parts; groaning, sobbing respiration; putrid odor from mouth; discharge of acrid pus from nose, causing rawness and vesication of surrounding parts.


Black eyes, dark hair.
Girl, aet. 4, strong, healthy; erysipelas.
Boy, aet. 14, weak, poorly developed; typhoid fever.
Boy, aet. 15, Bellad. and Mercur. had been used for five days; diphtheria.
Young man, aet. 17, during scarlatina; diphtheritis.
Woman, aet. 30, brunette, suffering a long time; hemorrhoids.
Woman after sixth labor; hemorrhoids.
Man, aet. 40, strong; diphtheria.
Man, aet. 50; swelling on tendo-achilles.
Woman, aet. 60, unmarried, cachectic, has an eruption on lower limbs; typhoid fever.
Man, aet. 65, corpulent, plethoric, indulging in much food and drink, suffering from chronic bronchial catarrh, complicated by slight emphysema which Dulcam. removed; passage of feces while urinating.


Antidoted by: Carbonates of soda, potassa, lime, magnesia, and sapo medicinalis in poisoning by large doses; small doses by Camphor, Bryon.
It antidotes: Opium. Cures the muscular weakness following excessive use of opium.
Compatible: after Bellad., Bryon., Mercur., Rhus tox.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 07, 1888
Description: Clinical materia medica of Muriaticum acidum
Remedies: Muriaticum acidum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1888
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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