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Natrum Arsenicatum.

Sodium Arseniate. Na3AsO4 12H2O.

The arsenious acid becomes, during the process of preparation, converted into arsenic acid.

Introduced by Gourbeyre, who made proving with 6th trit. (L'Art Md., vol. 17, p. 440, 1863); more extensive provings were made by members of the Hom. Mat. Med. Club of Allegheny Co., Pa., Buffum, 30th and 3d dec.; Chapman, 30th and 12th; Crawford, 30th; King, 30th, 15th and tincture; Martin, 30th, 15th and 6th; Miller, 30th and 15th; Ramage, tincture; Shannon, tincture; Thomson, tincture (Hah. Mo., 1876); four provings (Hah. Mo., vol. 13, p. 599).


- Conjunctivitis, King, Hah. Mo., vol. 13, p. 603; Granular lids, Thompson, Hah. Mo., vol. 13, p. 601; Affection of throat, Thomson, Hah. Mo., vol. 13, p. 601; Diphtheria, Shannon, Hah. Mo., vol. 13, p. 604; Haematemesis, Haeseler, Raue's Rec., 1872, p. 137; Miner's asthma, Haeseler, Raue's Rec., 1872, p. 308; Tuberculosis, Gatchell, Haeseler, Raue's Rec., 1872, p. 118; Catarrh, King, Hah. Mo., vol. 13, p. 603; Catarrhal affections, Ramage, Hah. Mo., vol. 13, p. 606.

MIND. [1]

Nervous restlessness; as if something was impending.
Cannot concentrate mind; dull, listless; forgetful.


Confused feeling; head heavy, dull.
Feeling of heat and fullness in whole head.


Occasional shooting pains above right eye.
Severe sharp headache in forehead above eyes; agg. above right eye.
Boring headache in temples from without inward, agg. right side and extending to left, with nausea.
Head feels hot, on placing hands on forehead it seems cold.
Pain in right temple.
Dull pain over orbits, reaching into temporal region.
Dull aching in frontal region on awaking in morning; severe during day; indisposed to study or speak.
Aching across brown, over orbits and in eyeballs.
Fullness in forehead, with throbbing in top of head.
Vacant feeling in whole head, cannot concentrate mind on anything.
Feeling of heat and fullness in whole head.
Feeling of pressure over each side of posterior inferior part of occiput as from a photographer's head rest.
Every motion jars the head.
Headache agg. from heat, pressure and tobacco smoke, stooping.


Vision weakened from his condition of health; objects blur when he looks at them a short time; eyes sensitive to light.
Eyes soon tire and pain when he reads or writes.
Feels as if lids must be closed to protect weak eyes.
Eyes smart as from wood smoke; smarting and lachrymation on going into open air.
Bloodvessels of balls and lids much congested, whole orbital region swollen.
Edema of orbital region, especially of supraorbital.
Congestion of conjunctiva from least exposure to cold or wind; conjunctiva dry, painful.
Conjunctivitis after fever has subsided and when case tends to become chronic; eyes are weak; symptoms agg. in morning, as is often the case when eyes are subjected to night work.
Chronic conjunctivitis, membrane injected, small ruga running over it, whole eye dry and painful, all symptoms agg. in morning; granular lids from chronic inflammation of edges of lids, with agglutination.
Lids disposed to close; cannot open them as wide as usual.
Inner surface of (lower) lids granular.
Lids agglutinated on awaking, morning; edges chronically inflamed.
Aching through and over brows and orbits and in temples on awaking.
Eye symptoms agg. in morning.


Smell defective or lost.
Feels stuffed up, nose and chest.
Nose constantly stopped up, agg. at night and in morning; must breathe with mouth open at night.
Nasal discharge yellow, tough; hawks it or drops from posterior nares.
Pieces of hardened, bluish mucus flow from nose, after which mucous membrane feels raw.
Dry crust in nose, when removed blood flows.
Nasal mucous membrane thickened, can inhale air, but difficult to exhale.
Compressive pain at root of nose and in forehead; catarrh.
Dull, supraorbital headache; feeling of fullness of head and face; eyes heavy and at times soreness of eyeballs; burning of eyes and more or less congestion of conjunctiva; watery discharge from one or both nostrils, or stoppage of nose; dryness of fauces; dry cough; agg. in morning. ~ Catarrh.
Pain in forehead and root of nose; dry, bloody crusts in nose; dropping of tough mucus from posterior nares; hawking up of mucus from larynx, agg. from dust, smoke and cold; fauces feel dry on inspiration and deglutition. ~ Chronic naso-pharyngeal catarrh.


Face flushed and hot; feels puffed.
Malar bones feel large as if swollen.
Face swollen, edematous, more in orbital region, agg. mornings on awaking.
Puffing of face about eyes, glabella and forehead.


Corners of mouth fissured; also indurated.
Muscles of mastication stiff; painful to move jaw.


Tongue furred, coated yellow; deep red, corrugated, anterior part fissured; large, moist, fissured, flabby.


Hawking of tough, gelatinous, greyish yellow mucus from throat and posterior nares.
Uvula, tonsils and pharynx thickened; surface irregular, swollen, purplish red, covered with a yellowish grey mucus, which is hawked out.
Throat edematous and of a purple color; tonsils and fauces much pitted; at bottom of pits portions of diphtheritic formation; yellow coated tongue; no appetite; some obstruction of posterior nares; nasal sound of voice; surface of body cool and covered with cold, clammy sweat; feet cold; oppression about heart, especially on least exertion; pulse feeble, quick and intermittent; wishes to be let alone; mind without hope. ~ Diphtheria.
Fauces dry on swallowing and on inspiration, agg. A. M. and after a cold; pharynx looks red and glossy.
Tonsils, fauces and pharynx purplish and edematous, patched with yellow mucus. ~ Diphtheria.
After an attack of acute tonsillitis, which occurred three months previously, throat remained very much swollen; whole of fauces and upper part of pharynx swollen and of a dark red hue; tonsils greatly enlarged; uvula elongated; parts covered with a dirty looking mucus; constant dry sensation as if something lodged in throat; at times feeling as if a pin was sticking in throat; at others a feeling as of a lump, always agg. in morning.
Dark purplish hue of throat, great swelling and great prostration, but not much pain; uvula hangs down like a sac of water. ~ Diphtheria.


Appetite excessive.
Drinks often, but little at a time; very thirsty, but agg. drinking.


Belching and sour eructations.
Nausea agg. from cold drinks of water; vomits large quantities of sour water, agg. after eating.


Sinking sensation in epigastrium, with dull feeling in supraorbital and frontal regions.
Extreme tenderness in epigastric region.
Epigastrium tender, agg. just below ensiform.
Stomach feels sore, warm things cause a sensation of burning and can be felt entering stomach; moderate dinner lies heavy; feeling of fullness.


Pain from time to time, shifting through bowels; agg. by escape of gas or passage of feces.
Gas forms rapidly, agg. only when bowels move, colic from flatus and before stool.


Stool: thin, soft, dark, followed by burning at anus; yellowish, watery; copious, painless; hurries him out of bed in morning, preceded by colic, relieved after; weak and nervous, hands tremble.
Alternate relaxation and constipation.


Dull aching in kidneys.
Sore feeling in region of bladder, agg. urinating.
Urine: copious, frequent, clear; heat precipitates phosphates; contains a few epithelial scales, a cast, fat globules.


Dull cutting along Poupart's ligaments, followed by sickening sensation in left testicle as from a blow, testicle very sensitive while pain lasts.


Mucus scanty, dark, slate colored and detached with difficulty.
Roughness causing hemming, with spasmodic cough.
During morning irritation in bronchi, with slight cough.


Lungs feel as though smoke had been inhaled.
Respiratory sound very indistinct, especially in lower lobes; percussion normal.
Miner's asthma produced by inhalation of coal dust; pneumonia and consumption.

COUGH. [27]

Teasing dry cough through day.
Dry cough, with feeling of tightness and oppression in middle and upper third of chest.
Dry, hacking cough from an uneasy feeling and soreness beneath cartilages to right of fourth and fifth ribs, agg. from exertion.


Lungs feel full and clogged, agg. behind sternum and from larynx to epigastrium.
Feeling of fullness, oppression and soreness, agg. during exertion and on full inspiration.
Sharp, quick pain below seventh rib, anteriorly.
Supraclavicular regions sore on pressure.
Dry cough, with an oppressed feeling of chest; short, dry cough without expectoration; lungs feel as though smoke had been inhaled; nose dry and obstructed; patient feels stuffed up. ~ Catarrhal affection.
Woman confined to bed with advanced tuberculosis, hectic, few night sweats, amphoric respiration, emaciation, pulse 128, respirations 40, cough racking, expectoration greenish and profuse; mental symptoms of bluest remorse.


Can feel heart beat through chest distinctly.
Oppression about heart on least exertion. ~ Diphtheria.
Sounds heard through nearly every part of chest.
Pulse: irregular, variable in volume, slower than usual.


Neck stiff and sore.
Severe pain between scapulae; he inclines forward for relief; agg. from inspiration, it passes gradually around in front to ninth and tenth ribs.
Soreness at lower cervical vertebrae down to joints of and under both scapulae.


Neuralgic pains from axilla to little finger.
Rheumatic aching in right arm, agg. in shoulder and wrist.
Light, flying pains in fingers, palms and forearm.


Lower limbs feel heavy; weary feeling from ilium down outer side of thighs to knees, as from too much exertion; bruised feeling along left crural nerve, agg. from continued motion.
Aching anteriorly down legs, until restless, uneasy feeling is produced.
Pains shooting from acetabulum to knee, agg. moving about.
Pain, cramp-like, at junction of heads of gastrocnemius muscle, extending downwards.
Cramp in plantar surface of right foot.


Neuralgic pains recur frequently.
Joints feel stiff; pains erratic, agg. in joints and on left side.


Inclines forward for relief: from severe pain between scapulae.
Cannot sit still without great effort; restless.
Stooping: headache agg.
Motion: jars head; of jaw, painful; continued, bruised feeling along left crural nerve agg.; pains from acetabulum to knee agg.
Least exertion: oppression about heart; soreness beneath cartilages, right of fourth and fifth rib, agg.; feeling of fullness, oppression and soreness agg.

NERVES. [36]

Restless, nervous, cannot sit still without great effort.
Feels tired all over; desire to remain quiet.

SLEEP. [37]

Drowsy, heavy.
Restless sleep, when aroused awakes nervously as in affright.

TIME. [38]

Morning: dull aching in frontal region; eye symptoms agg.; lids agglutinated; nose stopped up; dry cough agg.; face swollen, edematous; fauces dry; throat symptoms agg.; stools hurry him out of bed.
Day: severe pain in frontal region; teasing dry cough.
Night: nose stopped up, must breathe with mouth open; chilly.


Heat: headache agg.
Disposed to wrap up, or get near fire.
Warm from exercise: itching of eruption agg.
Warm things: cause a sensation of burning in stomach.
Open air: smarting and lachrymation of eyes.
Cold drinks: nausea agg.
Cold: congestion of conjunctiva from least exposure; hawking up of mucus agg.; sensitive to air.
Wind: congestion of conjunctiva from least exposure.

FEVER. [40]

Chilly, disposed to wrap up or get near fire.
Chilly at night, then burning dry heat, skin hot and dry.
Surface cool, covered with cold, clammy sweat. ~ Diphtheria.
(OBS:) Intermittent fever.


Right: shooting above eye; headache agg. above eye; pain in temple; fourth and fifth ribs, soreness beneath cartilages; rheumatic aching in arm; cramp in plantar surface of foot.
Left: sickening sensation in testicle; bruised feeling along crural nerve; pains in limbs agg. on side.
Pains show preference for left leg.
From without inward: boring pains in temples.


As if something was impending; as if lids must be closed to protect weak eyes; eyes smart as if from wood smoke; malar bones as if swollen; as if something lodged in throat; as if a pin was sticking in throat; as of a lump in throat; sickening sensation as from a blow in left testicle; as though smoke had been inhaled into lungs; awakes nervously as in affright.
Pain: in right temple; in forehead and root of nose; in bowels; in joints; on left side.
Severe, sharp pain: in forehead.
Severe pain: between scapulae.
Sharp, quick pain: below seventh rib.
Shooting pains: above right eye; from acetabulum to knee.
Boring pain: in temples.
Neuralgic pains: from axilla to little finger.
Light, flying pains: in fingers, palms and forearms.
Rheumatic aching: in right arm.
Compressive pain: at root of nose and in forehead.
Cramp: in plantar surface of right foot.
Cramplike pain: at junction of heads of gastrocnemius muscle.
Aching: anteriorly down legs.
Dull cutting: along Poupart's ligaments.
Dull aching: in frontal region; over orbits and in eyeballs; in kidneys.
Throbbing: in top of head.
Smarting: of eyes.
Burning: of eyes; at anus.
Soreness: of eyeballs; of stomach; in region of bladder; beneath cartilages; of neck; at lower cervical vertebrae.
Raw feeling: of mucous membrane of nose.
Tenderness: in epigastric region.
Bruised feeling: along left crural nerve.
Irritation: in bronchi.
Heat: in whole head.
Clogged feeling: in lungs.
Pressure: over each side of occiput.
Heavy feeling: in lower limbs.
Oppression: about heart; in chest.
Tightness: in chest.
Fullness: in whole head; in forehead; of face; in stomach; in lungs.
Weary feeling: from ilium down outer side of thighs to knees.
Dull feeling: in supraorbital and frontal regions.
Sinking sensation: in epigastrium.
Vacant feeling: in whole head.
Dryness: of eyes; of fauces.


Marked emaciation after previous embonpoint.
Mucous membrane affected; sensitive to cold air, dust, etc., they give him cold or aggravate existing cough, etc.; symptoms of subacute gastritis, chronic diarrhea, nasal catarrh, etc.
Catarrhal troubles of nasal mucous membrane, fauces, trachea and bronchi.


Pressure: headache agg.; supraclavicular region sore.

SKIN. [46]

Squamous eruption, scales thin, white and when removed leave skin slightly reddened; if scales remain they cause itching; agg. when warm from exercise.


Woman, aet. 26; multipara; tuberculosis.
Woman, aet. 30, married, dark complexion, black hair and eyes, nervous temperament, scrofulous habit; diphtheria.
Mrs. M., subject to attacks of acute tonsillitis; affection of throat.


Compare: Arsen., Kali carb. in edematous swelling about eyes and face; Apis in diphtheria with sac-like swelling of uvula; Arum triph. in diphtheria; Kali bich. and Natr. mur. in nasal or faucial catarrh with sensation of an irritating hair; Lycop. In stuffy catarrh.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 07, 1888
Description: Clinical materia medica of Natrium arsenicosum
Remedies: Natrium arsenicosum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1888
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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