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Nitric Acid. (Nitric Acidum.)

Nitric Acid. H N O3.

Introduced by Hahnemann; proved by himself, Bethmann, Foissac, Hartmann, Hering, Rummel, Stapf and others (Chronische Krankheiten). Later provings by Robinson (B. Jour. Hom., vol. 25, p. 235), Berridge (N. Am. Jour. of Hom. N. S., vol. 3, p. 101, and Amer. Jour. of Hom. Mat. Med., vol. 8, p. 128). Toxicological reports are numerous.


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MIND. [1]

Great weakness of memory, with aversion to mental exertion.
Has no ideas; comprehends nothing, does not understand what people tell her.
If she exerts herself to reflect upon important things, her thoughts vanish.
Fancies she will die soon, yet is not physically ill.
Raving, as if delirious, with coldness of body and inclination to fall.
Feels as though he had partly lost his will-power.
Taciturn, disinclined to communicate anything; moody in morning.
Very easily affected; inclined to weep.
Sadness, great fear of death, sensation of extreme weakness, even to trembling.
Indifference; tired of life; joyless; sadness before menses.
Depressed and very anxious in evening.
Hopeless despair.
Often anxious about his illness; constantly thinks about his past troubles; mind weak and wandering.
Anxiety as if he was engaged in a lawsuit or dispute, causing uneasiness.
Anxiety about his disease, with fear of death; morbid fear of cholera.
After continued loss of sleep, long-lasting anxiety, overexertions of mind and body from nursing the sick, great anguish of mind from loss of his dearest friend.
Satiety of life with fear of death.
Irritable disposition; headstrong; trembling while quarreling; fits of rage with curses and maledictions; inveterate ill-will, unmoved by apologies.
Nervous, excitable, especially after abuse of mercury.
Peevish, irritable, sad and obstinate; vexed at trifles.
Discontent with himself induces violent weeping.
Easily startled and frightened; starts up from fright on falling asleep.


Dizzy, dull, stupid and heavy.
Vertigo: in morning, must lie or sit down; with obscuration of sight; with nausea followed by eructations; with pulsation in head and pressure in middle of brain, in evening; when raising head after stooping; when walking or sitting, obliging him to lie down; in evening, after lying down, during climaxis (syphilitic).
When collecting his thoughts to reply to questions, drops what he is holding.


Head sensitive to rattling of wagons over paved streets or stepping hard.
Congestion to head with heat; painful sensation of fullness.
Pressure in forepart of head and upon eyes.
As if head was in a vise from ear to ear over vertex; as if someone was forcibly pressing head; as if head was tightly bound up.
Painful tension within head extending to eyes, with nausea.
Stitches in head: compel one to lie down; disturb sleep.
In temples: drawing pain in right; stitches in left or both; piercing.
Violent throbbing, hammering on left side of head, coming on gradually towards morning and going off about breakfast time.
Throbbing headache.
Headache: in morning on waking, amel. after rising; agg. by motion and succussion; agg. from noise; amel. on lying down or from riding in a carriage; with nausea and vomiting; arthritic, mercurial or syphilitic.
Headache began near vertex, descended to region of left ear, then went gradually over vertex to right side of head, but still agg. on left, not amel. by warmth of flannel.
Violent sticking pain in occiput.


Pain in skull, with sensation as if constricted by a tape.
Head very sensitive even to pressure of hat; agg. in evening and on part lain on; sensitive as if contused, either all over or in certain spots; whole right side of skull painful.
Pain like a gathering at left temple.
Head feels hot.
Profuse falling out of hair: particularly on top of head; from congestion of blood to scalp; from syphilis; nervous headaches, debility, emaciation.
On anterior boundaries of hair, and partly on temples, numerous intensely red and brownish pimples. ~ Syphilis.
Scabby, moist, itching, offensive eruption; paining as from splinters or when touched.
Humid, stinging eruption on vertex and temples, also in whiskers; bleeding easily when scratched and feeling very sore when lain on. Single, burning, moist sores on scalp. ~ Syphilis.
Inflammatory swellings on scalp, suppurating or becoming carious; agg. from pressure, or when lying thereon.
Caries of bones of skull.


Eyes dim, sunken, pale face; sight obscured while reading; black spots before eyes; objects appear dark.
Great sensitiveness to daylight, a kind of nyctalopia. ~ Scrofulous ophthalmia.
Double vision; shortsightedness.
Pupils dilated and dim.
On lying down or even inclining head from upright position, feeling as if warm water was flowing over and from eyes, first right then left, amel. by cold water. ~ Syphilitic iritis.
Iritis: pressing stinging as if an ulcer was being pressed; pains agg. in change of temperature, at night and on touching parts; acrid lachrymation; continual relapses; old cases spoiled by mercury; posterior synechia.
Cornea: spots; dark spots; dim and ulcerated (after Calc. or Puls.); superficial ulcers; phlyctenula which become flat ulcers; keratitis, to prevent staphyloma; pannus; herpetic pannus; proliferation of corneal lamellae.
Conjunctiva inflamed.
Scrofulous ophthalmia; lids much inflamed and swollen, intense photophobia, excessive lachrymation; great redness; complicated with shallow ulcers on cornea.
Ophthalmia: neonatorum; scrofulous; gonorrheal; syphilitic; from abuse of potash and mercury.
Burning in eyes; aching; pressure like sand; biting; stinging; stitches.
Burning in lids in morning.
Region of eyes painful, sore to touch.
Flow of irritating tears; also after injury to eye.
Lachrymation and agglutination of lids.
Fistula lachrymalis.
Difficulty in opening eyes and raising lids in morning.
Paralysis of upper lids.
Eyelids swollen, hard, livid, smart and burn.
Syphilitic inflammation and swelling of lids, with copious lachrymation. ~ Ectropium.
Small wart on upper lid.
On right lower lid a large condyloma, suppurating and bleeding easily when touched; it seemed to arise from a lens-shaped body on inner surface of lower lid; ectropion; eye and vicinity much inflamed with burning, sticking pain, profuse, hot lachrymation and agglutination mornings.
Eyelashes of right side all point stiffly towards nose.
Dermoid swelling on eyes.


One's speech echoes in ears; roaring; buzzing; beating; humming; cracking when chewing; stoppage with detonations.
Deafness: amel. when riding in a carriage or train; from induration and swelling of tonsils; after abuse of mercury; syphilitic.
Eustachian tubes obstructed.
Throbbing in ears.
Otorrhea: fetid, ichorous; purulent; post-scarlatinal.
Auditory canal nearly closed.
Swelling of glands behind and beneath left ear.
Redness, suppuration and violent itching behind ears.
Caries of mastoid process.
Auditory derangements depending on swelling of tonsils.
Cystic tumors in lobes of ears.


Smell: disagreeable on inhaling air; unpleasant evenings on lying down.
Nosebleed: mornings; at night; black, clotted; when weeping; blood acid.
Sneezing: frequent; without coryza; during sleep; unsuccessful attempts.
Coryza: nose dry and stuffed; with obstruction; dry, with dryness of throat; water drops out in open air; wings of nose inflamed, swollen, burning; nasal mucus discharged only from mouth through choanae; awakens frequently all stopped up with mucus, has to blow nose and expectorate; with difficult breathing even through mouth; stitches in throat when swallowing; with sore throat and cough.
Nasal catarrh: acrid, watery at night; yellow, offensive; corroding; with swelling of upper lip; with night cough; with scarlatina or diphtheria; syphilitic.
In nose: violent itching, burning, soreness; bleeding, scabbiness; stitches as from a splinter on touch; stitches in root which is distended, especially on sneezing and coughing.
Ozaena: green casts every morning; with ulcers; syphilitic, involving upper lip which is swollen and honeycombed with ulcers; offensive yellow mucus and pus; frequent epistaxis; dry coryza; throat dry; fetid.
Ulceration: of nostrils, scurfy; of inner nose, frequent bleeding; bloody matter blown from nose.
Hard plugs form in nares, hard to detach and leaving a raw sore.
Condyloma: on nose; on and in nostrils, bleeding on slight touch; lipoma-like.
Tip of nose: red; scurfy; vesicles.
Alae: itching herpes; feeling of soreness; large, soft protuberances, covered with crusts (syphilis).


Face: yellow; pale, eyes sunken; dark yellow about eyes, red cheeks; bloated around eyes on waking; scaly; rash; pimples; black pores; freckles or brown spots; small, elevated, pigmented warty spots upon forehead, rough to touch; erysipelas.
Right parotid greatly enlarged. ~ Ulcer on tongue.
Pricking; tearing in malar bones; bones painful.
Tension in skin of forehead.
Suppurating pustules, with broad red circumference, forming crusts. ~ Syphilis.


Cracking in maxillary articulation when chewing and eating.
Lips: swollen and itching; ulcerated and blistered; under lip dry and cracked, sore, peeling off; stitches as from splinters in upper lip when touched.
Corners of mouth ulcerated and scabby.
Blood-boils on chin.
Painful swelling of submaxillary glands.


Tearing in teeth; boring or shooting when touched by anything cold or warm; pain in hollow teeth.
Pulsating, stinging in evening in bed and all night, after abuse of mercury.
Teeth feel elongated; sensation of coldness in teeth.
Caries of teeth after abuse of mercury; teeth painful, loose; sensation as if teeth would fall out.
The teeth, previously very white, became yellow.
Sensation as if teeth were soft and spongy; did not dare to bite them together for fear they would fall out; on slightest sucking of teeth blood exuded from gum.
Gums: red and enlarged between teeth; white, swollen; bleeding; scorbutic; itching; tumor size of walnut.


Taste: bitter after eating; sour, with burning in throat; sweet.
Tongue: sensitive, even to soft food; bites it when chewing; sore pain; red like a beet; yellow; white, dry, mornings; green, with ptyalism; dry and fissured; white with sore spots; blistered, with burning pain; small painful pimples on sides; ulceration with tough, ropy mucus; deep, irregular-shaped ulcers on edge (syphilis).
Glossitis, mercurial cases.


Foul, cadaverous smell from mouth.
Dry mouth, no thirst, swollen, hot lips.
Sore mouth: intense stinging pain and burning, surface swollen, bright red; blisters and vesicles on and around lips.
Ulcers: sticking pains as from a splinter; within cheeks; on edges of tongue; deep eating; at first lardaceous, later discolored, dark, dirty; putrid; destructive; syphilitic.
Aphthae or stomatitis: mucous membrane swollen, ulcerated; profuse salivation, acrid, causing ulceration of lips, chin and cheeks; fetor from mouth as if mercurial; gums tender, could not chew solid food; syphilitic dyscrasia.
Mucous membrane: gets between teeth, easily bitten; swollen, ulcerated; with pricking pains, especially after abuse of mercury; aphthous; covered with white or thin, yellowish-grey membrane.
Saliva: profuse; fetid, acrid, makes lips sore; bloody.
Ptyalism: swelling of gums; fetor oris; teeth black, carious; with ulcers; scorbutic; mercurial; syphilitic.
Swelling of parotid and submaxillary glands, with loose teeth and bleeding gums, after abuse of mercury.
Tumor in mouth with a streak down neck.


While eating, small pieces of food are forced into choanae, producing a sickening sensation, they are afterwards drawn out covered with mucus.
A morsel sticks in pharynx while eating, as if pharynx was constricted.
Pressure in throat on swallowing food, as if it would not go down.
Swallowing: very difficult; distorts face and draws head down; cannot swallow even a teaspoonful of fluid; causes violent pain extending to ear.
Sensations: acrid, burning after eating; sore pain in pharynx; scraped feeling; pressure as if swollen; sticking; stitches; stitches in tonsils and burning in fauces, behind uvula; pricking as from a splinter, agg. when swallowing.
Much mucus in throat posteriorly; hawking.
Mucus only discharged through posterior nares. ~ Coryza.
Dry throat, heat; gums sore.
Arch of palate and tonsils swollen, painful, with injected vessels.
Painful soreness of soft palate, tongue and inside gums, stinging pain.
Uvula and tonsils edematous.
Fauces and posterior pharynx red, swallowing difficult.
Tonsils: swollen, red, uneven, with small ulcers; yellow streak; white patches.
Diphtheria: chilliness alternating with heat; pricking as from a splinter or piece of glass; acrid fluid from nose, with hoarseness; difficult, painful deglutition; salivation; fetor oris; great uneasiness; violent fever; excessive prostration; tonsils and uvula covered with exudate surrounded by a red areola; coating white at margin, yellowish in thicker portions and turning black at some points; exudate had disappeared, there remained symptoms of adynamia of a marked character, local surfaces, late seat of exudate, dark hue, verging on mahogany; membrane on tonsils and fauces extending to nose; intermittent pulse; swollen parotid and submaxillary glands; vomiting of ropy, greenish-yellow mucus; great prostration; profuse discharge from nostrils; frightful fits of coughing.
Ulcerated sore throat; three large, deep ulcers, having bluish margins, with red centres, near root of tongue; tonsils nearly sloughed off; great pain on taking least nourishment; fetor oris; syphilitic history.
Suddenly appearing, or slowly creeping ulcers on fauces and soft palate, after abuse of mercury; they destroy rapidly the bony wall of palate or whole soft palate.
Superficial ulcers on left palatine arch.
Flat, white, or greyish ulcers on tonsils; syphilitic ulcers in pharynx, flat, covered with pus; difficult deglutition; ptyalism; metallic taste in mouth; fetor oris.
Hypertrophy of tonsils, after angina.
Esophagitis (when Rhus tox. is insufficient.)


Excessive hunger: with languor, sweetish taste in mouth; weariness of life.
Appetite: variable or absent.
Thirst violent in morning. ~ Tuberculosis.
Longing for: fat; herring; chalk; lime; earth.
Averse to meat and bread.


Chokes while eating.
During eating and after: sweat.
After eating: bitter taste; fullness in stomach, debility after least exertion, heat, palpitation; heavy weight in stomach; sweat.
Food causes acidity; fat food nausea and acidity.
Milk disagrees.


Hiccough, especially in winter.
Eructations: before and after eating; sour, with nausea; empty.
Nausea: after eating; with heat in stomach, extending to throat; amel. from moving about or riding in carriage; vomiting of mucus and food, caused by cough.
Much nausea, cannot take food; vomits occasionally.
Vomiting: bitter and sour, with much eructation; yellow mucus; constant, tenacious, purulent and bloody mucus.


Stitches in pit of stomach.
Pain in cardiac orifice on swallowing food.
In stomach: pressing, gnawing, pulsating; burning; burning distress; pressure.
Sensation of a heavy weight in stomach after eating; strong-smelling urine; easy sweat. ~ Dyspepsia.
Dyspepsia from abuse of salt.
Vascular and organic cardialgia; erosions and ulcers of stomach.


Stitches in hepatic region.
Jaundice; pain in region of liver; urine scanty and strong-smelling; very restless after midnight.
Chronic affection of liver; hepatic cough; icterus.
Liver enormously enlarged; clay-colored stools.
Chronic hepatitis and the “liver-cake” of ague.
Spleen large after yellow fever.


In abdomen: uneasiness; fullness and tightness shortly after eating; pressure in left side; drawing pain with shuddering; pinching and rumbling; violent cramplike pains as if abdomen would burst, with constant eructations; pain when walking, must bend over; pain settles in ileo-cecal region, dull, sore, tender.
Awakened at midnight, with crampy pains in small intestines; chilly; pain agg. if he moved.
Colic: cutting, agg. in morning in bed; before stool; griping at night; from cold.
Borborygmus, as if a boiler was working within bowels; mucous or watery stools, great prostration.
Gurgling in left side of abdomen, cold feet; fetor oris.
Abdomen distended with flatus, very tender.
Incarcerated flatus in upper part of abdomen, agg. morning and evening.
Chronic intestinal catarrh; acute pain in abdomen during stool; agg. in morning; discharge brown and slimy.
Intestinal dyspepsia with constipation.
Burning over whole abdomen as from a hot, dry cloth; 2 to 3 P. M., several afternoons.
Stinging soreness of abdomen when touched.
Suppurating swelling in inguinal glands. ~ Syphilis.
Inflamed buboes after coitus, without any other indications of venereal infection; buboes after frequent and violent connection.
Inguinal hernia; also of children.


Stools: bloody, with tenesmus; of mucus; putrid, mucous; undigested; loose, much flatulence, rumbling; of yellow-white fluid, loose, mornings; green, slimy, acrid; pale from deficiency of bile; pasty and sour; green, curdled, mixed with mucus; green or bloody mucus; contain lumps of caseine or flakes of false membrane; putrid; acrid; sour-smelling; bloody, brown and slimy, with great exhaustion; of black, offensive blood.
Diarrhea: great straining, but little passes; as if stayed in rectum and could not be expelled; with soreness and rawness of anus; during typhoid; in children of syphilitic parents; in children, with putrid smell from mouth; copious flow of saliva; ulcers in mouth and on tongue; chronic, with soreness of intestines, discharge of serous liquid and symptoms of intestinal phthisis.
Dysentery: constant pressing in rectum without any stool, or patient evacuates mere mucus, after which tenesmus continues, followed by headache, dryness of throat, violent thirst, intermittent pulse; diphtheritic.
Disorders of bowels: after sharp northwest winds, sudden manifestation of symptoms after midnight or in morning hours; discharges from bowels from the first very offensive, dark green, watery, with pieces from an inch to an inch and a half long floating in them, resembling scrapings of intestines; lower part of abdomen distended, hard and painful to touch; tongue clean; appetite not impaired; head hot but without pain; pulse variable; soreness in extremities and general debility; cheerful mood.
Burning in rectum towards perineum, with ineffectual urging; straining without stool. ~ Diphtheritic dysentery.
Sero-croupous discharge, with much straining. ~ Dysentery.
Hemorrhage bright red, not clotted, or black and offensive; faint from least motion; ulcers in ileo-cecal region.
Ineffectual urging to stool, with sharp, splinter-like cutting pains in rectum during stool.
Desire for stool, but little passes; feels as if it stayed in rectum and could not be expelled.
Ineffectual urging to stool; colic.
Constipation: painful, hard, difficult, scanty, dry, irregular stool; stool in hard masses; with every stool protrusion of hemorrhoidal tumors with profuse bleeding, latter also occurring at other times; stools hard, preceded by great pressure, followed by mucous discharges; stool like sheep dung, accompanied by a mucous secretion; stools alternately firm and liquid; in patients of a bilious habit, suffering from tedious hepatic derangement, syphilitic affections, or suffering from effects of mercury; during convalescence from a protracted and severe fit of sickness; great pain during and after passage, as though there were fissures of anus, child fears to have a passage; and piles, with bearing down on standing; bread disagrees.
Discharge of prostatic fluid after difficult stool.
Before stool: colic; drawing pains; cutting; constant pressing in rectum; continual but fruitless desire.
During stool: nausea; colic; tenesmus; spasmodic contraction of anus; cutting in anus and rectum; acute pain in abdomen; prolonged straining (even with soft stool); sensation as if part of feces remained in rectum and could not be expelled; sharp, splinter-like pains in rectum (with ineffectual urging); burning in rectum towards perineum; tearing, spasmodic pains (fissures in anus); pressure upon rectum with desire for stool, but only a little passes.
After stool: continued urging; exhaustion; irritation, anxiety and general uneasiness; soreness and rawness of anus; violent drawing and cutting pains in rectum, continuing for hours; burning and shooting in rectum; painful prolapsus of rectum, and sensation of constriction of anus; colic and great prostration; painful hemorrhoids with hemorrhage; pain as though anus was fissured; nervousness and debility; sharp, stitching pains; scratching and stinging in anus and rectum; succus prostaticus.
Aggravation: on alternate days; during typhoid fever; after dinner; after milk; after abuse of mercury; in morning.
Amelioration: from riding (general condition).
Constant weight and pressure in rectum.
Burning in rectum: after micturition; extending to perineum; on waking at night and in morning; like coals of fire on attempting introduction of enemata.
Itching in rectum and anus; moisture.
For several years severe pain in small of back and periodical hemorrhage from rectum; pain in back so severe and continuous that he cannot assume erect posture but walks about bent; loss of appetite; two or three pappy stools a day; burning in anus; itching about genitals; many red pimples and spots in face.
Secondary hemorrhages from rectum, after removal of hemorrhoids.
Fissures in rectum: tearing, spasmodic pains during stools; lancinating, even after soft stools.
Painful prolapsus of bowels, and sensation of constriction of anus.
Fistula; fissures; polypi; cancer of rectum.
Hemorrhoids: constant pressing out; painful or painless, prolapsing with every stool, with loss of blood; swelling, burning, pricking; sharp, stitching pains after every evacuation; constant weight and pressure, agg. from exercise; dark complexion; brownish-red; bleeding at night in bed; pain and nausea during stool, which is very difficult, although not hard; great sensitiveness of anus; with chronic catarrh of rectum, diarrhea, and erythema around anus; old and pendulous hemorrhoids cease to bleed, but become painful to touch, especially in warm weather; old tumors, secreting much slime and bleeding profusely after stool; associated with fissures.
Constriction of anus almost daily.
Feeling as if sharp sticks were being pressed into anus, on slightest touch.
Constant weight and pressure in anus, agg. from exercise. ~ Hemorrhoids.
Moist soreness in anus and between nates, when walking.
Fetid discharge from anus.
Eczema ani.


Contracted kidney.
Albuminuria: excessive prostration; nausea; sour taste; bilious diarrhea or constipation; dry skin; fever; headache; dull systolic sound of heart; pressure in kidneys; turbid, fetid urine; edema of feet; agg. at night; especially in those who have had syphilis and have taken much mercury.
Diabetes mellitus.
Haematuria, urging after and shuddering along spine during urination; blood flows actively, bright red, not clotted; faint from least motion.
Cramplike contractive pain from kidneys towards bladder.
Painless retention of urine.
Incontinence of urine.
Frequent urging to urinate, with scanty discharge, particularly at night, with cutting in abdomen.
Difficult urination, must stand and press a long while before urine appears, when flow is established it passes in an uninterrupted stream.
Spasms of urethra; rectal fissure.
Burning in urethra and desire to urinate, with hope of relieving burning which, however, is increased.
Cutting in urethra; needle-like stitches in orifice.
Violent burning in urethra after urination; renewed desire; discharge of mucus.
Ulcers in urethra; bloody mucous or purulent discharge.
Very thin stream, as if from contraction of urethra.
Urine: extremely offensive; like horse urine; stains linen brown; orange-colored, containing bile; greenish; filled with mucus, pus and blood; cold when it passes; turbid, looks like remains in a cider barrel.


Sexual desire too strong; constantly excited; painful spasmodic erections at night; erections with burning or stitches in urethra; chordee.
Sexual desire wanting; want of erections.
Gonorrhea: discharge yellowish or bloody; bloody mucus; greenish; severe pain on urination; chancre on glans; bubo; fever; horrible pain, much swelling and tenderness in testicles; chronic or suppressed; condylomata about genitals and anus.
Discharge of prostatic fluid after a difficult stool.
Prostatitis due to suppressed gonorrhea; moisture of anus; pricking pains.
Bad cases of gleet.
Stricture resulting from gonorrhea or syphilis.
Ulcers in urethra, with purulent or bloody mucous discharge.
Chronic itching of urethra after gonorrhea.
Small itching vesicles on prepuce, open after a few days and become covered with small dry scabs or brown scurf.
Small blisters on orifice of urethra and inner surface of prepuce, forming chancrelike ulcers. ~ Gonorrhea.
Pimples on glans penis and perineum.
Inflammation and swelling of prepuce, with burning pain; on inner surface soreness and small ulcers secreting very offensive ichor, stains linen like bloody matter.
Ulcer near right side of glans perforating frenum; similar ulcer on left side; erections at night with severe bleeding from region of frenum.
Great swelling of prepuce with phimosis, without much redness; suppurating ulcers with flat edges, with inflammation of inner surface of prepuce and its margins, also of orifice of urethra, looking like chancres, with violent sticking, tearing, especially agg. towards evening, lasting through night and preventing sleep, still agg. by violent erections towards morning.
Ulcers: flat, with elevated, zigzag edges; painless; clean, looking like raw meat; spongy; discharge thin, copious, mixed with blood; generally appear upon prepuce, several usually appearing at same time; deep, fistulous, irregular, ragged; edges often raised, lead-colored; superficial on corona glandis, looking clean but exuding an offensive moisture; bleed easily when touched; exuberant, but pale and flabby granulations; on corona glandis, about frenum; on prepuce, or on scrotum, with sensation, on slightest touch, as if sticks were jagging them, hurting exceedingly.
Sloughing of entire integument of penis, leaving that organ perfectly denuded; at one inch posterior to corona glandis, on left side of corpus spongiosum, a fistulous ulcer extending into urethra, so that in micturition a portion of urine escaped through this orifice; integuments covering pubic region sloughed away, leaving muscular structure bare, and ulceration was extending upward under pubis; entire diseased surface in a very unhealthy or phagedenic ulcerated condition; urine emitted na intolerably strong odor on being voided, and caused much smarting and burning; sleep disturbed at night; appetite poor; considerable emaciation; frequent painful erections during latter part of night; chancre on glans, and buboes still in an ulcerated condition. ~ Syphilis.
Chancre: increasing very fast and bleeding easily; raised edges; inclined to spread in circumference, with tendency to fungous growths; pains as of splinters; corrosive discharge; buboes threaten to suppurate; old cases for which large doses of mercury have been given, or when homeopathic doses of mercury have proved ineffectual; soft, in weakly, scrofulous subjects.
Brown spots upon glans penis, disappear after exfoliation of skin; along raphe of scrotum, from penis to anus, brown, hard nodules, which become painless ulcers and discharge much pus.
Brown and red spots on glans penis, becoming covered with scabs.
Phimosis; paraphimosis; sharp stitches in prepuce.
Itching of prepuce and moisture around glans.
Burning of testicles; inflammatory swelling with painful drawing.
Inflammation and swelling of testicles, pain extending up spermatic cords.
Violent itching on scrotum.
Hard, brown nodules on scrotum, suppurating. ~ Syphilis.
Condylomata: fetid; bleeding when touched; moist, resembling cauliflower; on thin pedicles; oozing; after abuse of mercury.
Itching mercurial herpes preputialis.
Falling off of hair from genitals.
Secondary syphilis.


Excrescences on vaginal portion of uterus, as large as lentils; great voluptuousness of mucous membrane in genitals after coitus.
Uterine hemorrhages from overexertion of body.
Coffee-ground offensive discharge from uterus at climacteric period or after labor.
Before menses: throbbing in nape of neck and small of back.
Menses: too early and too profuse, blood very dark colored and thick; irregular, scanty and like muddy water.
Pressing down in hypogastrium and small of back, as though everything would protrude; pain down thighs; abdomen feels swollen. ~ Uterine displacement.
During menses: eructations, cramplike pain in abdomen, as if it would burst; very offensive urine; bruised pain in limbs; pain down thighs; labor-like pains in abdomen and back; eructation; palpitation, heat, anxiety and trembling; tiredness; burning in eyes; toothache and swelling of gums.
After menses: violent pains through abdomen and a sudden gush of “muddy water;” brown or thick leucorrhea, finally a thin, watery, flesh-colored, offensive discharge, sometimes acrid; greenish mucous leucorrhea.
Profuse, brown, offensive discharge between irregular periods. ~ Cancer uteri.
Leucorrhea: of ropy mucus; of green mucus; flesh-colored; acrid, brown, offensive; flows like water, clear and acrid, down legs; chronic, vaginal; in cachectic subjects; after mercurialization, gonorrhea or chancre; with suppurating bubo.
Stitches up vagina, or from without inward, when walking in open air.
Vaginal fistula; granular vegetations.
Vaginitis with cracks and ulcers on labia minora.
Itching, swelling and burning of vulva and vagina.
Tumors of vulva; syphilitic taint; itching of parts when walking or otherwise irritated.
Erectile tumors; much itching sticking pain.
Cold aggravates pruritus and leucorrhea.
Hard knots in mamma; atrophy; soreness of nipples; cancer.


Uterine hemorrhage in first half of pregnancy, after overexertion of body and mental depression.
Metrorrhagia after abortion or confinement.


Hoarseness: with coryza; from long talking; of singers or actors; scratching and stinging in throat.
Indistinct speech.
Croup: with violent coryza, hoarseness and cough; stitches in throat; shooting pains in region of larynx; sharp, scratching roughness in throat, like a file, not felt on swallowing, but on breathing, with oppression of chest and coryza; dry, barking evening cough; rough, dry cough before midnight, giving no rest, shaking whole body; stitches through chest; fever; shortness of breath; oppression; cough agg. at night, and troublesome during day, when reclining or slumbering.
Ulcers in larynx; toneless voice; previous mercurial abuse.
Large broad condylomata in larynx, which nearly closed glottis; great dyspnea and complete aphonia.
Syphilitic laryngitis.
Laryngeal phthisis; bronchitis.


Loss of breath and palpitation and anxiety on ascending steps.
Sudden loss of breath and palpitation, when walking slowly.
Loses her breath and speech, she is so weak. ~ Uterine displacement.
Oppression of breathing caused by cough.
Awakens often stopped up with mucus, must expectorate before he can breathe easily.
Shortness of breath, wheezing and panting, even asthma; panting during work.
Catching respiration.
Intermittent breathing. ~ Scarlatina.

COUGH. [27]

Cough: dry, barking, from tickling in larynx and pit of stomach; agg. at night, also in day when lying down; rough, dry; before midnight; dry, during sleep, before midnight; with general physical depression, loss of flesh, sleeplessness, fever, thirst, night sweats, dry paroxysmal retching; excessively hard, dry racking, with complete ptosis of both eyes, resulting from hard coughing; chronic dry laryngeal, with stinging, smarting, as if small ulcers were in larynx, generally felt on one side; dry, sputum raised with difficulty; in morning, followed by greenish-white casts as if from air cells (secondary syphilis); shattering, barking, spasmodic, excited by tickling in larynx and epigastrium, with expectoration in daytime of dark blood mixed with coagula, or of yellow, acrid pus of an offensive odor (whooping cough); in morning, with pain low down in lungs as though something was tearing away, followed by expectoration of greenish-dirty mucus causing gagging; loose, agg. in warmth, at bedtime and on rising in morning; with tendency for small ulcers to form in back part of throat; and symptoms of sluggish liver with tendency to diarrhea; with thirst in morning (bronchitis); chronic, in winter, awakens stopped up with mucus, short breath, panting during work; chronic, accompanied by gastric irritation and general cachexia; liver cough.
Sputa: can hardly be dislodged, seem to stick like glue; dirty yellowish-green; in morning after raising large lumps of mucus, greenish-white casts as if from air cells, sometimes hanging together and spreading out in vessel; yellow, acrid, bitter; sour; salt; offensive; of blood mixed with clots during day; brownish, bloody, with irregular pulse (typhus).


In chest: uneasiness; oppression; tightness; fullness; cramplike pains; sticking in right side; violent stitch in upper part of and within right ribs, through abdomen and back; stitches in right side; soreness when coughing or breathing; congestion, with anxiety, heat and palpitation; whistling and rales on inspiration.
Soreness at lower end of sternum.
Rush of blood to upper part of chest.
Pain suddenly abates, yet pulse becomes smaller and weaker; pneumonia and pleurisy of old and cachectic people; protracted cases.
Lungs attacked, rattling breathing, loose cough; threatened paralysis; sputum brown, bloody; pulse irregular ~ Typhoid.
Tuberculosis with colliquative night sweats.
Empyema, with considerable muco-purulent sputum.


Nervous palpitation of heart, caused by slightest mental excitement.
Palpitation and anguish on going up-stairs.
Pulse: irregular; one normal, followed by two small rapid beats; fourth beat intermits; alternate hard, rapid and small beats.


Swelling of cervical and axillary glands.
Neck stiff and sore from least cold.
Small warts on neck and sternum.
Stitches in and between scapulae; neck stiff.
Pain in small of back: drawing; as if stiff; from cold; burning, in a small spot.
Pain in back at night, allowing to lie only on abdomen; pulsations in it; agg. coughing.
Neuralgic pains up back, particularly left side.
Lightning-like pains of a sticking character. ~ Tabes dorsalis.
Cramplike stiffness of back and whole body.
Pain in back and down thighs.
Violent itching on back.
Stitches in sacral region.


Aching in right shoulder and arm; arm feels bruised, at times she cannot raise it.
Painful swelling and inflammation of axillary glands.
Drawing pains in arms and hands.
Upper arm painful as if beaten.
Numbness, trembling, tingling of right forearm.
Rheumatic pains mostly in forearms and fingers.
Syphilitic rheumatism of arms and fingers; joints much swollen.
Copper-colored spots on arms; wens.
Aching, powerless feeling in left hand, like rheumatism.
Falling asleep of hands, particularly in morning.
Chilblains on hands and fingers.
Cold, sweaty hands.
Numerous large warts on back of hands.
Large blue tubercles and spots on hands.
Eczema on inner side of left hand.
Numbness and swelling of fingers.
Swelling of finger joints, stinging pains.
Herpes between fingers.
Suppurating, spreading vesicles at tip of thumb.
Whitlow: intense pain agg. at night, great sensitiveness to touch and pressure; intense redness and swelling on one or both sides of nail; yellow stripe on edge of nail, threatening suppuration, extensive and violent inflammation, tendons, veins and cellular tissues affected, irritation extending up arm, all the way to axilla; fever; quick, tense, contracted pulse; skin burning hot; total want of appetite; violent thirst.
Hand is carried wrapped up, but finger exposed, from a sensation as if a splinter or piece of glass was in part, which friction of the wrappings aggravates. ~ Paronychia.
Paronychia (applied in its incipiency).
White spots and flaws on nails; misshapen, crumbling and discolored or yellow curved finger nails.


Pain across buttocks.
Hip as if sprained, with limping.
Pressive tensive pain in right hip joint.
Rheumatic and arthritic pains in hip joint from mercurial abuses; diseases of periosteum and necrosis of bones of joint; caries, putrid decomposition.
Bruised pain in legs, as from excessive fatigue.
Deep-seated feeling as if dogs were gnawing flesh and bones and as if sinews were being pulled up.
Tearing in bones of lower extremities, especially at night.
Sticking pains as from splinters, especially on touch.
Dry herpes on outer side of thigh.
Paralytic pain in leg, with excessive heaviness and lassitude.
Rheumatic pains in legs and feet.
Painful stiffness in knees, feeling as if bends of knees were swollen.
Pain in patella, impeding walking; stiffness and stitches in knees.
Soreness along periosteum of tibia.
Itching of shins, bleeding when scratched; small scabs form.
Syphilitic nodes upon shin bones, with severe nightly pains.
Violent cramp in calf, at night and when walking after sitting.
Cramps in calves and soles of feet at night.
Cracking in ankle while walking.
Spreading vesicles on feet.
Chilblains with itching, swelling and pain, especially in very cold weather; they inflame from a slight degree of cold; skin cracked.
Chilblains in irritable subjects with delicate skin; great redness of parts affected by the cold (locally, several drops in water).
Redness and heat of great toe and its ball, with sticking in it, as if it had been frozen.
Ingrowing toe nail; nail seems to have grown into flesh, but in reality has not, very sore, with more or less ulceration and feeling as if a sharp splinter was being stuck into part on contact.
Phagedenic blisters on toes.
Offensive, profuse sweat on feet, causing soreness, with sticking pains as if walking on pins.
Foul-smelling sweat on feet, in both sexes, when there is an impoverished state of blood, with weak vital powers.


Limbs restless in evening.
Dull pain as from weakness in extremities.
Drawing in all the limbs.
Rheumatic pains in limbs from taking cold.
Emaciation, especially of upper arms and thighs.
Feet and hands go to sleep.
Itching, especially in bends of extremities.
Contraction of joints; cracking in joints.
Hands and feet swollen.
From not very severe cold, frozen, inflamed, itching limbs; painful chilblains.
Crippled nails on fingers and toes.


Lying down: headache amel.; feeling as of warm water flowing over and from eyes; evenings, unpleasant smell; chill.
When reclining: cough troublesome.
Lying on parts: night sweats.
Sitting: vertigo, must lie down.
Standing: piles, with bearing down.
Must lie down: stitches in head.
Can only lie on abdomen: from pain in back.
Cannot assume erect position: pain in back.
Raising head after stooping: vertigo.
Rising: headache amel.
Cannot raise arm: pain in it.
Chewing: causes cracking in ears.
When ascending steps: loss of breath, palpitation and anxiety.
Least exertion: debility; faintness.
Motion: headache agg.; nausea amel.; agg. pain in abdomen; chill.
Walking: vertigo, must lie down; pain in abdomen; moist soreness in anus and between nates; stitches in vagina; itching of tumor of vulva; slowly, sudden loss of breath; after sitting, violent cramp in calf.
Exercise: hemorrhoids agg.; pressure in anus agg.
During work: panting.

NERVES. [36]

Excessive physical irritability; hysteria.
Twitchings in various parts; frequent starts in upper part of body.
Pains, even slight ones, affect him violently.
Easily takes cold.
A sick feeling over whole body; faint from least motion.
So weak, almost constantly obliged to lie down; loses breath and speech.
Great weakness; trembling; shocks on going to sleep; depressed in spirits.
Great debility, heaviness and trembling of limbs, especially in morning.
Excessive prostration, with diarrhea, especially in old people and those who sleep badly.
Epilepsy; fits relieved by riding in a carriage.
Syphilitic epilepsy and melancholia.
Left-sided paralysis.

SLEEP. [37]

Drowsy all day, from debility, with vertigo.
Difficulty of going to sleep; shocks on dropping off to sleep; starting up as if from fright.
Pains felt during sleep.
Sleep: anxious, with sobbing; restless, unrefreshing; frightful dreams; nightmare; very restless after 12; cannot sleep after 2 A. M.
On awaking feels as if he had not slept enough.

TIME. [38]

Morning: moody; vertigo; towards, headache going off a breakfast time; on waking, headache; burning in lids; difficulty in raising lids; nosebleed; tongue dry, white; violent thirst; in bed, colic; incarcerated flatus in abdomen agg.; acute pain in abdomen during stool agg.; sudden manifestations of symptoms; stools loose; aggravations during typhoid; burning in rectum; cough followed by greenish-white casts; cough with pain low down in lungs; cough agg. on rising; thirst; falling asleep of hands; heaviness and trembling of limbs; chill; perspiration.
After 2 A. M.: cannot sleep.
Afternoon: chill.
On bedtime: cough agg.
During day: cough troublesome; cough with expectoration of dark blood mixed with coagula; sputa of blood mixed with clots; drowsy.
Evening: depressed and very anxious; vertigo; head agg.; unpleasant smell; pulsating in teeth; incarcerated flatus agg.; tearing in ulcers on prepuce; barking cough; limbs restless; chill; sweat.
Night: iritis agg.; nosebleed; cough; pulsating in teeth; griping; burning in rectum; hemorrhoids bleed; urging to urinate agg.; erections with severe bleeding from region of frenum; sleep disturbed; painful erections; cough agg.; pain in back; whitlow agg.; tearing in bones of lower extremities agg.; cramps in calves and soles; dry, internal heat; blood seems hot.
Before midnight: rough, dry cough.
Midnight: awakes with crampy pain in small intestine agg.; chill.
After midnight: very restless; sudden manifestations of symptoms.


Warmth: of flannel does not amel. headache; cough agg.
Warm weather: hemorrhoids painful to touch.
On covering up: night sweats.
Least exposure, in room or at fire: chills.
Open air: water drops from nose; stitches in vagina when walking; itching nettlerash.
Cold or warm: causes tearing and shooting in teeth.
Change of temperature: iritis agg.; cicatrices pain.
Washing: causes warts to bleed.
Slight degree of cold: chilblains swell.
After sharp northwest winds: disorders of bowels.
Cold weather: chilblains agg.
Cold water: amel. feeling of warm water flowing from eyes.

FEVER. [40]

Chill: afternoon and evening; after lying down; from least exposure; in room or at fire, in waves up each side of spine and over chest; with aversion to heat; continuous; awakens at midnight; agg. from uncovering or moving; followed by heat and pricking as if from needles; morning in bed after previous heat: with internal heat.
Hands very cold.
Icy coldness of soles of feet.
Heat: on hands and face; flushes of single parts, or over entire body; with moisture of hands; with dryness of throat; dry, at night; dry, internal at night, wants to uncover; blood seems hot at night especially in hands, could not sleep; with sweat and debility after eating.
No thirst during hot or cold stage.
Sweat: with cold hands and blue nails; in axillae, offensive, of a strong odor; sour, offensive, like horse's urine; all over, after eating; most on upper part of body; of feet; on soles of feet, makes them sore; in morning; offensive for several nights.
Night sweat: every night, or profuse every other night; on covering up in bed; only on parts on which he has been lying; mostly on feet; copious (maltreated buboes); colliquative, with much emaciation (tuberculosis).
Long-lasting chronic cases of intermittent, where liver is involved and blood is anemic, with general cachexia.
Typhoid: hemorrhages; great sensitiveness of abdomen; green, slimy, acrid diarrhea; tenesmus; white-coated tongue with sore spots; inflammatory affection of lungs, with rattling cough and breathing; brownish, bloody expectoration and irregular pulse; after Calomel.
Hemorrhages of bright red blood, not clotted; tongue presents a deep red appearance, with a sort of velvety look; soreness of bowels with persistent diarrhea streaked with blood; fetid urine; burning, pungent skin; ulcers in ileo-cecal region, with gurgling in abdomen; raving delirium, getting out of bed; inflammatory affection of lungs, with rattling cough and breathing; brownish, bloody expectoration and irregular pulse, or quick, hard pulse, with suffocative respiration; prostration, listlessness; stupidity, with startling, wild looks, deafness, great weakness and trembling; faint from least motion; cold feet. ~ Typhus.


For hours after stool: pains in rectum.
Daily: two or three pappy stools; constriction of anus.
After dinner: aggravation during typhoid.
Every morning: green casts in nose.
Every night: night sweat.
Nightly: severe pain in nodes.
On alternate days: aggravation during typhoid.
Every other night: night sweat.
Several nights: offensive perspiration.
Several afternoons: burning over abdomen.
For several years: severe pain in small of back and hemorrhage from rectum.
Winter: hiccough agg.; chronic cough; chilblains.


Right: drawing pain in temple; side of head painful; on lower lid a large condyloma; eyelashes point stiffly towards nose; ulcer near side of glans; sticking in side and within ribs; stitches in side; aching in shoulder and arm; numbness, trembling, tingling of forearm; pressive-tensive pain in hip joint.
Left: stitches in temple; throbbing on side of head; pain like a gathering at temple; swelling of glands behind and beneath ear; ulcers on palatine arch; pressure in side; gurgling in side; ulcer on side of glans; on side of corpus spongiosum a fistulous ulcer; neuralgic pains agg. side of back; aching, powerless feeling in hand; eczema on inner side of hand; paralysis.
First right then left: feeling of warm water flowing over eyes.
From vertex to left ear, thence over vertex to right side of head: headache.


As if head were in a vise from ear to ear over vertex; as if some one were forcibly pressing head; as if head were tightly bound up; as if skull were constricted by tape; head as if contused; pain as of a gathering at left temple; pain as from splinters in eruption; as if water were flowing over and from eyes; as if an ulcer were being pressed, in eyes; as of sand in eyes; as of a splinter in nose; teeth as if elongated; as if teeth would fall out; as if teeth were soft and spongy; as of splinter in ulcers in mouth; as if pharynx were constricted; as if food would not go down throat; throat as if swollen; as if abdomen would burst; as if a boiler were working within bowels; as of a hot, dry cloth on abdomen; as if stool were stayed in rectum; as of splinters in rectum; as of fissures of anus; as if sharp sticks were being pressed into anus; as if urethra were contracted; as if sticks were jagging ulcers on scrotum; as if small ulcers were in larynx; as if something was tearing away in lungs; small of back as if stiff; upper arm as if beaten; as if splinter or piece of glass were in finger; hip as if sprained; pain in legs as from excessive fatigue; as if dogs were gnawing flesh and bones, and as if sinews were being pulled up; as if bends of knees were swollen; as if great toe and ball had been frozen; as if sharp splinter were being stuck into great toe; as if walking on pins; pricking as if from needles; as if splinters were running through carbuncles.
Pain: in skull; in hollow teeth; in cardiac orifice; in region of liver; in ileo-cecal region; down thighs; low down in lungs; in back; across buttocks; in patella; in chilblains; in bones.
Horrible pain: in testicles.
Intense pain: in whitlow.
Severe pain: in small of back; in nodes upon shin bones.
Acute pain: in abdomen.
Cutting pain: in abdomen; in rectum; in anus; in urethra.
Lancinating: in rectum.
Tearing: in malar bones; in teeth; in anus; in prepuce; in bones of lower extremities.
Piercing: in temples.
Shooting: in teeth; in rectum; in region of larynx.
Boring: in teeth.
Splinter-like pain: in ulcers in mouth; in rectum; in chancre; in finger; in great toe; in eruption.
Stitches: in head; in left temple; in throat; in nose; in root of nose; in upper lip; in tonsils; in pit of stomach; in hepatic region; in urethric orifice; in prepuce; up vagina; in chest; in right side; in and between scapulae; in sacral region; in knees.
Sticking pain: in occiput; in eyes; in ulcers; in throat; in prepuce; in erectile tumors; in right side; in upper part of chest and within ribs; through abdomen and back; in great toe and ball; in feet; in warts.
Pricking: in bones of face; in mouth; in hemorrhoids; in vulva; through carbuncles; in warts.
Pinching: in abdomen.
Gnawing: in stomach.
Griping pain: in abdomen.
Cramp: violent in calves and soles.
Cramplike pain: in abdomen; in small intestines; from kidney towards bladder; in chest; stiffness in back and whole body.
Hammering: on left side of head.
Throbbing: on left side of head; in ears; in nape of neck; small of back.
Biting: in eyes.
Stinging soreness: of abdomen.
Stinging: eruption on head; in eyes; in teeth; in mouth; corners of mouth; in anus; in throat; in finger joints; through carbuncles.
Sore pain: in tongue; in pharynx.
Soreness: in nose; of mouth; of anus; of intestines; of extremities; moist, in anus and between nates; of inner surface of prepuce; of nipples; of chest; at lower end of sternum; along periosteum of tibia; of feet; of tonsils.
Burning distress: in stomach.
Burning: of sores on scalp; in eyes; in lids; of wings of nose; in nose; in throat; of tongue; in fauces; in stomach; over whole abdomen; in rectum; in hemorrhoids; in urethra; of vulva and vagina; pain in small of back.
Smarting: in wart on upper lip.
Rawness: of anus.
Bruised pain: in legs.
Drawing pain: in right temple; in abdomen; in rectum; in small of back; in arms and hands; in all limbs.
Neuralgic pain: up back.
Paralytic pain: in leg.
Pressive-tensive pain: in right hip joint.
Rheumatic pains: in forearms and fingers; in hip joint; in legs and feet; in all limbs.
Dull pains: in extremities.
Bruised feeling: in arm.
Scratching: in anus and rectum; in throat.
Scraped feeling: in throat.
Aching: in eyes; in right shoulder and arm; in left hand.
Painfullness: of right side of skull; of bones of face; of soft palate, tongue and inside gums.
Pressure: in middle of brain; in forepart of head and upon eyes; in throat; in stomach; in left side; in rectum; in anus; in kidneys; down, in hypogastrium and small of back.
Heaviness: in legs.
Heavy weight: in stomach; in anus.
Stiffness: painful, in knees.
Oppression: on chest.
Constriction: of anus.
Tension: painful within head to eyes; in skin of forehead.
Fullness: painful in head; in abdomen; in chest.
Tightness: in abdomen; in chest.
Pulsation: in head; in teeth; in stomach; in back.
Tickling: in larynx; pit of stomach; in epigastrium.
Tingling: of right forearm.
Heat: in stomach to throat; of hands and feet.
Lassitude: in legs.
Numbness: of right forearm; of fingers.
Uneasiness: in abdomen; in chest.
Dryness: of throat; of tongue; of mouth; of skin.
Icy coldness: of soles of feet.
Cold feeling: in teeth.
Itching eruption: behind ears; in nose; in lips; of gums; in rectum; about genitals; in anus; of urethra; of vesicles on prepuce; of prepuce; of vulva and vagina; in erectile tumors; violent, on back; of shins; of chilblains; in bends of extremities; of skin; of frostbites.


Emaciation: gradual; to great thinness; especially of upper arms and thighs.
Easily takes cold.
Hemorrhages: bright; profuse; dark; from bowels, in typhoid; after miscarriage, or post-partum; from overexertion of body; uterine; epistaxis; haemoptysis; from rhagades.
Cracking in joints.
Inflammation of periosteum and of bones; feeling as if flesh were torn from bones.
Caries of bones, sloughing, phagedena and gangrene.
Bone tumors following mercury or syphilis.
Syphilitic bone-pains.
Acts very powerfully on mucous membranes and has a particular affinity for outlets of mucous surfaces where skin and mucous membrane join.
Pain in old scars on change of weather.
Post-scarlatinal dropsy with fetid breath.
Inflammatory swelling, enlargement or suppuration of inguinal or axillary glands, especially after abuse of mercury or in syphilitic subjects.
Discharges thin, offensive and excoriating, and, if purulent, are of a dirty yellowish-green color and not at all laudable.
Tedious suppurations.
Easily bleeding ulcers, looking like raw flesh, with zigzag edges, and exuberant granulations on base.
Diseases depending upon presence of syphilitic, scrofulous or mercurial poison; broken down, cachectic constitutions.


Touch: eruption on head painful; iritis agg.; region of eyes sore; condylomata bleed; stitches in upper lip; tearing, shooting in teeth; abdomen sore; abdomen painful; hemorrhoids painful; as if sticks were pressed into anus; ulcers bleed easily; pain, as if sticks were jagged into ulcers; whitlow very sensitive; pains as from splinters agg.; warts painful.
Pressure: of hat, head sensitive; on swelling on head agg.; whitlow very sensitive.
Lain on: head agg.; eruption on head very sore; swellings on scalp agg.
Friction of wrappings around hand: agg. feeling of splinter in part.
Scratching: eruption on head bleeds easily.
Riding in carriage: headache amel.; deafness; nausea amel.; amelioration of general condition; epileptic fits amel.
Rattling of wagons over paved streets or stepping hard: head sensitive.
Injury to eye: flow of irritating tears.

SKIN. [46]

Skin: sallow, yellow; dirty; brown-red, copper-colored and violet spots; blackness of pores; dark freckles; tight; dry; scaly; itching; dry and burning hot.
Scarlatina miliaria with very hot skin; intermittent breathing; tonsils swollen and sore, with great difficulty of swallowing; angina extends up to nares, with thin, purulent discharge; tongue dry and cracked; cachectic children.
Scarlatina; ichorous discharge from nose; neglected cases.
Itching nettlerash in open air.
Large boils on scapulae, nape of neck, thighs and legs.
Carbuncles; prickling stinging as if from splinters running through them.
Eczema around edge of calvarium, in meatus aud. ext. and on genitalia.
Herpes in whiskers, between fingers and on alae nasi,
Pityriasis versicolor.
Frostbites; itching, inflamed from slight degree of cold; skin cracked.
Painful chilblains and corns.
Cicatrices pain on change of weather.
Rhagades, deep, bleeding.
Ulcers: bleed when touched; stinging pains; feeling as of a splinter; edges hard, everted, irregular; exuberant granulations; inclined to spread in circumference rather than in depth, tendency to fungous growth; carious, mercurial or syphilitic.
Warts: sticking and pricking; wart on upper lip smarts and bleeds on washing, painful to touch; soft, with a thin epidermis, and moist; large, jagged, often pedunculated, exuding moisture and bleeding readily; syphilitic condylomata, elevated, exuberant, cauliflower-like.
Syphilitic eruptions of skin, in advanced stage, with superficial ulcers, and pains in bones.
Herpes, condylomata, tubercles, ulcers and syphilitic eruptions, with sore, prickling itching pains; especially soft chancres.
Fungoid or mucous tubercles. ~ Syphilis.


Suitable especially to lean persons of rigid fibre, dark, swarthy complexion, black hair and eyes; the brunette rather than blonde-nervous temperament.
Persons suffering from chronic diseases who take cold easily and are disposed to diarrhea; very seldom to those who suffer with constipation.
Old people, diarrhea with great weakness.
Hydrogenoid constitutions.
Child, aet. 1; pneumonia.
Girl, aet. 4, during illness of brother suffering with diphtheria; diphtheria.
Boy, aet. 4; swelling of cervical glands.
Boy, aet. 5; suffering since two years old; ptyalism.
Girl, aet. 6, after use of mercurial salve for eczema capitis; ulcerated mouth and tongue.
Boy, aet. 7; scrofulous ophthalmia.
Boy, aet. 7, deaf mute; otorrhea.
Boy, aet. 7, weak, suffering from amblyopia; diphtheria.
Boy, aet. 8; dysentery.
Boy, aet. 8; diphtheria and scarlatina.
Boy, aet. 7-8, thin, brunette, dark skin, when two years old had an attack of whooping cough which lasted five to six months, since then suffering; cough.
Girl, aet. 9; diphtheria.
Boy, aet. 10, frequent epistaxis; diphtheria.
Girl, aet. 10, after scarlatina; dropsy.
Girl, aet. 12, scrofulous, chlorotic; diphtheria.
Boy, aet. 15; haematuria.
Girl, aet. 17; diphtheria.
Young man, 18, phthisical, suffering one year; sycosis.
Young man, aet. 19, suffering three days; gonorrheal ophthalmia.
Young man, aet. 19; diphtheria.
Lady, aet. 20, sick in a family where four had died of diphtheria under allopathic treatment; diphtheria.
Girl, aet. 20, formerly anemic; typhoid fever.
G., aet. 20, good constitution, suffering for four years; warts and rhagades on hands.
Man, aet. 21, assistant in bookstore, small stature, weak constitution; diphtheria.
Girl, aet. 22; gonorrhea.
Man, aet. 23; after frequent and violent coitus; buboes.
Countryman, aet. 24; syphilis.
Woman, aet. 28, lively disposition, small stature; condyloma on eyelid.
Woman, aet. 30, after a return from India, had an attack of angina; chronic affection of throat.
Man, aet. 30, mild disposition, blonde, strong; pleurisy.
Man, aet. 30, blonde, phlegmatic, strong, several years had gonorrhea which was maltreated; difficult urination.
Man, aet. 30, joiner, strong, robust, had chancre three months previous, had taken calomel; syphilis.
Woman, aet. 30, married, dark complexion, jet black hair and eyes, nervous temperament; two months ago had an abscess in right broad ligament with severe peritonitis, which she thinks was induced by injections to cure leucorrhea; ague.
Baroness W., aet. 30; whitlow.
Man, aet. 31, ten years ago suffered from itch, three years ago had a chancre, has taken much mercury and copaiva; gonorrhea.
Woman, aet. 33; diphtheria.
Man, aet. 33, officer, had chancre which was cauterized; syphilis.
Officer, aet. 34, last eight years has had several attacks of gonorrhea and chancre; syphilis.
Man, aet. 34, strong, syphilitic history; syphilis.
Man, aet. 35, had syphilis four years ago; sore throat.
Man, aet. 35, had itch during childhood, syphilitic history; syphilis.
Mrs. S—, aet. 36, bilious temperament; married; mother of one child three years old; suffering for the last five years; chronic ulceration of bowels.
Man, aet. 38; hemorrhoids.
Man, aet. 38, syphilitic history; ulcer on penis.
Man, aet. 40, former strength greatly reduced; syphilis.
Man, aet. 44, strong constitution, suffering from chronic hemorrhoids, since nine years syphilis; rhypia.
Man, aet. 44, robust, intemperate; chancre.
Weaver, aet. 50; hemorrhoids.
Mrs. S., aet. 52, large size; boils.
Maiden lady, aet. 55, suffering for a year or more; tumor in mouth.
Woman, aet. 65, unmarried; verucae planae.
Woman, aet. 80; chronic diarrhea.
Young farmer; whitlow.
Young woman, brunette, badly formed throat and chest, menses profuse, disposed to catarrh and angina; angina.
Woman, thin, weak, after fourth confinement; pleuro-pneumonia.
Woman, poor, living in damp house; pleurisy.


Antidoted by: Calc. ost., Hepar, Mercur., Mezer., Sulphur.
It antidotes: Calc. ost., Digit., Mercur.
Compatible: is followed in many cases by Calc. ost., Pulsat., Sulphur; by Arnic. in collapse of dysentery, by Kreos. in diphtheritic dysentery, by Secale in gangrene of mucous membranes, by Sulphur in scrofulous ophthalmia.
It follows well: Calc. ost., Natr. carb., Pulsat., Sulphur; Carbo an. in bubo; Kali carb. in phthisis pulmonalis and other diseases; Aurum in abuse of mercury; Thuja in rupia; Mercur. in many manifestations of secondary syphilis; Hepar in throat and other affections.
Resembles Arsen. in morbid fear of cholera.
Incompatible: Laches.
Complementary: Calad., Arsen.
Compare: Mur. ac.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 08, 1889
Description: Clinical materia medica of Nitricum acidum
Remedies: Nitricum acidum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1889
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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