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Palladium. (Palladium Metallicum.)

Palladium. Pd.

A metal accompanying Platina and Aurum.

Proposed as a remedy as early as 1833. See Stapf' Archives.

“This metal belongs with Mercury, Silver, Gold, Platina, and others occurring in small quantities, like Iridium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, and the very remarkable Osmium, to the so-called precious metals; that is, such as are reducible by themselves, more easily separable from oxygen than the others, but having greater affinity for Sulphur. If we classify the Sulphides according to their solubility in dilute acids, Palladium must be placed with Argentum, Rhodium, Ruthenium and Osmium, and Platina remains with the less soluble Mercury, Aurum and Iridium. The nature of solubility in dilute acids one would expect would show itself in the provings. Platina and Palladium both proved in dust form showed such similarity in their effects that the question arose whether corresponding differences might be found. These data can only be furnished by frequent use of Palladium in practice.” –C. Hg., N. A. J. H., vol. 9, new series, p. 129. Introduced and proved in 1850 by C. Hering, upon himself, Margaret C., Raue, Tietze, Pehrson, Coxe and family, and Neidhard. –N. A. J. H., vol. 9, new series, p. 129.


- Ovarian trouble with mental disturbance, Williamson, Hering's Report, N. A. J. H., vol. 9, No. 2, p. 146; Ovaritis, right side, with Leucorrhea, Lippe, N. A. J. H., vol. 9, p. 146; Chronic ovaritis, Cheney, Times Ret., 1877, p. 112, from Med. Inv., vol. 5, p. 586; Uterine and ovarian troubles, with pain in right groin, Hg., N. A. J. H., vol. 9, p. 146; Leucorrhea, Williamson, N. A. J. H., vol. 9, No. 2, p. 146; Sciatica, D. S. R., Organon, vol. 2, p. 236; Kimball, Organon, vol. 3, p. 113.

MIND. [1]

Extremely fatigued in evening; feels mentally gone; is averse to speaking a foreign language which at other times he speaks fluently; it is too much of an exertion, he is tired of it.
Time seems longer to him, as if it contained more; when he looks at the clock far less has been spent than he expected.
When walking in street in evening, it seems to him as if he had grown taller.
Great inclination to weep. ~ Prolapsus uteri.
They set great store on other people's opinion, and attach great importance to what others think, hence they are very excitable in company and their complaints are worse next day.
Apprehension as if something horrible would happen.
Undecided, in morning.
Imagines herself neglected; wounded pride. ~ Hysteria.
Irritable: in evening; and impatient, from headache, could “knock people's heads off.”
Very impertinent; makes a face like a savage.
All you say or do puts her out of humor, she trembles, her face changes expression, her eyes too, as if she were going crazy.
Greatly inclined to use strong and violent expressions.
Disagreeable mood; as if she could not bear or brook anything.
She tries to appear as amiable as possible, but is obstinate.
Depressing news makes all her symptoms worse.
Mental excitement, particularly company, also walking, aggravate her troubles in right ovary and groin; she is particularly agg. the day after a musical evening or party.
When fixing attention on it headache disappears.
Feels best in company and wants to be flattered.


Is so tired that he reels on coming into a room.


Sensation as if head were swung from behind forward; as if brain were being shaken.
Painful dullness in head with darting to and fro in left side of it; at noon.
Dullness in occiput in evening.
Dull sensation in forehead, as if a weight were lying in brain; each expiration is accompanied by a sensation as if this load were pushed from direction of occiput to forehead; it occupies central portion of brain, temples are free.
Headache in spots size of a fist, or a dull crooked stinging.
Constricting sensation in right side of head at noon; at 1 o'clock a different pain in left side of head extending through head.
On right side, on boundary of brain, a cooling or slight burning sensation, and pressure as from finger tips.
In “cautiousness”, right side, a fluttering pain, between a stinging and pressing, disappears when touching or fixing mind upon it.
Fullness in forehead, as if brain were shaken.
Pain first in right then in left temple, then in shoulder, finally returning to temple.
Pain in right temple after rising, preceded by bellyache.
Pain in left temple after drowsiness.
Pain in right eye, temple and region of ear, at 8 A. M., after walking; at dinner, 1 o'clock, pain in right temple near eye; at same time unpleasant sensation in left eye.
Pain in right temple and arm, after walking at noon.
Dull pain in left orbit while walking in morning.
The pain in eye extends to forehead and vertex.
Pain to left of vertex; at dinner it is in vertex, a violent pressure, produces numbness as from extreme heat or cold.
Dreamy headache in vertex and occiput, towards morning.
Pain in vertex and temples, in forenoon.
Headache across top of head from one ear to the other.
Headache agg. in afternoon, she had to lie down; could not get asleep for a long time; violent throbbing in body; sensation as if head were swung to and fro from behind forward; after sleep.
Headache: amel. after sleep, in afternoon and towards evening; after drinking coffee; and weak back in morning; acute, like neuralgia, in left side.


Sensation of roughness on forehead and slight itching.
Itching on sides of head.


Dull, heavy pain in left eye and back of orbit, in evening after walking, for one hour; after disappearing, pain spread with greater intensity over forehead and vertex.
Pain in right eye, temple and region of ear.
Violent itching on left eyebrow.
Pustule under right eyebrow near canthus, burns and bites when touched.
Pain around left eye extending beyond right eyebrow, while walking, at 10 A. M.
Disagreeable sensation around left eye.
Dryness and itching of eyes in evening, not amel. by rubbing.
Itching of lids, has to rub them, agg. on left side.
Dryness of edges of lids.
Small watery blisters on edges of lower lids.
Itching in face, first left eye, zygoma, ala nasi, then right side, extending close to eye.
Sallow complexion, blue half circles under eyes. ~ Ovarian troubles.


Pain in head just above and behind tip of right ear.
Acutely sore pimples behind and above left ear.


Slight feeling as of having taken cold in nose during day; in evening burning in nose as from horseradish, followed by running of water.
When sneezing and coughing, pain in abdomen.
A deep-seated red pustule on right cheek near wing of nose, neither painful nor coming to a head.
Painful pimple on point of nose maturing slowly; after being squeezed it bleeds for a long time.


Burning pain on small spot on right cheek bone necessitating rubbing.
Burning itching on small spot on right side of face in morning; very severe in left inguinal region in evening.
Itching pimples in face, on nose, behind ears.
Pimples back of right zygoma and on same place left side.
Itching pimples in whiskers, left side, in evening.
Growth of whiskers is noticeably slower.


Pain in right lower jaw.
Pain in back part of left lower jaw near articulation.
Constricting pain in left articulation of jaw, with fine pains in epigastrium.
Itching on upper lip on right side and on left wing of nose.
Pimples on inside of lower lip, near left corner.
Right corner of mouth sore and painful.


Sensation as if upper incisors were elongated and projecting, interfering unpleasantly with under lip.
Left upper and outer incisor is sensitive and feels like a foreign body.


Taste slimy.
Burning sensation on surface of tongue near tip, also in left ear and on various places on face.
Middle of tongue redder in morning.


Much tough mucus in mouth, and slimy taste.


Dryness of fauces and tongue without thirst.
Peculiar pain in throat; sensation when swallowing as if something were hanging in neighborhood of hyoid bone, or as if a bread-crumb had lodged there; disappears for some minutes, then suddenly returns; felt at noon and again after dinner.
Disagreeable sticking as if a crumb were lodged in throat.
Frequent hawking of small solid lumps which he must swallow.


No desire for beer.


At dinner and after drinking coffee, headache.


Nausea, in evening.
Tasteless eructations in forenoon.
Belching of wind, finally acid taste.
Acid eructations, with spasmodic pains in chest, back and abdomen, at 6 P. M. ~ Ovarian troubles.
Eructations which do not relieve; in headache.


Derangement of stomach. ~ Ovarian troubles.


Pressing pain in epigastrium.
Aching along edge of lower ribs.
Pains and soreness in liver; whitish stools.
Pain in left hypochondriac region, soon followed by belching and relief of pain.
Pain in region of spleen.


Sensation as if intestines were strangulated and twisted in different directions.
Crawling sensation in abdomen.
Bellyache in morning before rising, followed by pain in right temple.
Shooting pain from navel to pelvis.
Painful stitches in left side of abdomen, followed by cutting, more right than left side, almost unbearable, lasting for minutes, returns after intervals and lasts longer.
Stitches in left side, near hip bone, but more inward; in intervals peculiar pain as if air bubbles pressed forcibly through intestines and passed upward, forenoon; repeated several times an hour after dinner, first in left then less marked in right side; it somewhat resembles bites, as if an animal were snapping and tearing off small portion from inside; the stitches return next day in forenoon and extend to right side.
Violent sharp pains, like knives, in lower part of abdomen, she could not hold the child; disappeared after a stool, but returned after breakfast, with urging to stool, nothing but wind passed.
Violent cramp or colic in abdomen, principally right side, insupportable, accompanied by constant eructation; can only be borne by lying very quietly on left side; agg. from sneezing, coughing and urinating and in afternoon; returning next day at 3 P. M.; amel. by external warmth; cold hands and feet; constant chilliness; urine like blood and water mixed; after getting into bed cramps in legs, she could hardly move; cloths dipped in hot water relieved.
Unpleasant sensation in flanks as if viscera were gone, painful to pressure and when contracting abdominal muscles.
Soreness in abdomen and pressure downward. ~ Ovarian troubles.
Pain as if beaten in lower portion of abdomen right side.
Sensation as if abdomen were swelling; in forenoon, soon after taking drug.
Swelling and induration in right side of abdomen. ~ Ovarian troubles.
Anxious sensation in right groin with internal soreness; has to keep thigh flexed.
On a small spot on left groin, very severe burning itching.
With every step it hurts in left groin.
Stitches in groin.
Transient pain in lower intestines, right side, with sensation as if testicles were bruised; near noon.
Stitches in left side, near hip bone but deeper in.


Flatulency with distension of abdomen.
Frequent soft stool.
Diarrhea with very little pain, night and day; cured by Cinchona.
Stool at 10 P. M., hard, then pappy; copious at noon; in morning, thin, with quick, violent urging as if diarrhea would set in.
Costiveness, stools often whitish.
Stool in afternoon and evening, instead of morning.
Dull stitches felt at approach of a stool; dull aching twitches in left side of rectum; morning.
Better after stool, knifelike pains in uterine region.
Dull pains in rectum, as from too long retained stool, but without urging; at noon.


Pressing pain in region of left kidney, as from retaining urine too long, agg. when sitting, disappeared from pressure but more prominent afterwards; felt somewhat while sitting.
Stitches through bladder and painful weakness in it.
Pressing in bladder as if it were filled.
Frequent urging to urinate and aching in region of bladder.
Frequent urination, bladder feels full and but little urine passes, lasting a long time.
Worse when urinating, cramp in abdomen.
Stitches running through urethra to glans.
Urine like blood mixed with water; with colicky pains in abdomen.
Dark urine with red, sandy deposit, or staining vessel red.
Urine turbid, not dark.


In evening and at night no proper erection could be obtained; erections, however, in morning.
Testicles feel bruised, with pain in abdomen.
Extending to glans penis, stitches in urethra.


Affects principally right ovary.
Swelling and induration of right ovary, with soreness and shooting pain from navel to pelvis.
Right ovary swollen, sore to pressure, with bearing down pains. ~ Ovaritis.
A drawing in right ovarian region downward and forward, amel. by rubbing.
Pain in right ovary; urgency to urinate with scanty emission, and sensation of weight and bearing down in pelvis, amel. lying down; prolapsus uteri; forgets every pain in society, but is agg. next day; attaches great weight to other people's opinions; likes to be flattered.
Quick, excitable, fond of good opinion of others, disposed to use strong language; has two children; while nursing last, menses reappeared at eight months; pain in right ovary, drawing downward; agg. standing and on motion, amel. from rubbing and lying down; bearing down and weight in pelvis, as if uterus would prolapse; slimy mucus in throat, glairy leucorrhea; soreness in abdomen, especially on right side; pain in liver and spleen; flatulence; constipation; frequent micturition; stitches in urethra; rheumatic pains in different parts, changing frequently; great disinclination to any exertion; lassitude, cold hands and feet. ~ Chronic ovaritis.
Unpleasant sensation in sexual parts; heaviness like a load.
Heavy weight in pelvis, agg. when standing, amel. when lying on left side.
Pain in region of uterus and bladder, in evening after exertion.
Bearing down.
Weakness and pain with sense of falling in region of womb, all motions were painful, she could hardly walk or stand.
Symptoms of falling of womb, with weeping mood.
Right side of abdomen swollen; hard and painful as if beaten, occasional shooting pains from navel to pelvis, all on right side; heaviness as from a load, with pressure deep in pelvis; all gets agg. after exertion, feels amel. when standing, amel. when lying on left side.
Reappearance of menses, with pain in abdomen.
Menses appeared later, at full moon instead of new moon, and accompanied by headache and symptoms which were relieved by Glonoine and Bellad.
Pain in abdomen and region of spleen at return of menses.
Feels sore in abdomen after menses, with fear and apprehension that something horrible will happen.
Yellow leucorrhea, turned whiter and thicker, then disappeared.
Transparent, jellylike leucorrhea, agg. before and after menses.


Stitches in right breast near nipple, running in deep; agg. when taking a deep breath.
Sensation as if her menses would appear, in afternoon; a nursing woman.
Menstrual discharge while nursing.


Frequent hawking of small solid lumps which he must swallow.


When making an expiration, sensation as if something were pushed into head; when taking a deep breath, stitches in chest.

COUGH. [27]

Coughing and sneezing aggravate pain in abdomen.


Transient stitches on inner side of right clavicle.
Stitches from middle of chest to both shoulders; on bending body forward while sitting.
Violent pain like pricking with a dull stick in right chest in ascending portion of eighth and ninth ribs, two or three inches to right of epigastrium; later pressing pain in left side under ribs; afternoon.
Stitches in right side of chest through to back, agg. from taking a long breath, amel. when walking in open air.
Stitches in chest and lameness in arm disappear while walking in open air; but every step hurts him in left groin.
After sitting, slight congestion in right side of chest; forenoon.
Spasmodic pain in chest.


Pressing in left chest in cardiac region, comes in spells; forenoon and afternoon.
Pain in cardiac region; at 2 A. M.; with lameness in arm.


Frequent painful spasm in single muscles on right side of neck; particularly in morning.
Sensation as if neck were becoming stiff, particularly both sides of neck above first dorsal vertebra; then a pressing pain in lower portion of scapula and at same elevation under vertebral column a sensation as if a solid object were slowly pressing against it; towards noon.
Painful drawing in neck and shoulders and down left arm.
Violent itching in back of neck.
Pimple on right side of neck, burns and itches.
Spasmodic pain in back.
Pain in left trapezius, as from bending forward; agg. from turning head to left.
Pressing in lower portion of scapula and in spine.
Burning and itching on a place below and to right of point of shoulder-blade.
Dull pressing backache in afternoon, as from sitting too long in a stiff posture.
Backache around loins, from long sitting and when rising in night.
Crawling on back as of fleas.
Weak back and headache in morning.
Constant pain in back and hips, with cold limbs.
Pain in small of back extending to right hip.
Tired feeling in small of back.


In shoulder and neck drawing pains.
Painful drawing in right shoulder and fleeting stitches on inside of clavicle.
A few stitches, quick as lightning in right shoulder, making him cry out.
Towards both shoulders, stitches from middle of chest.
Pain as if sprained in anterior portion of right shoulder joint, painful to pressure; felt when stretching arm, dipping pen in ink, moving small objects, not when writing.
Rheumatic pains in right shoulder in evening.
Pains in right shoulder and arm.
Tickling on right shoulder.
Pain in right arm and temple; at noon, after walking.
In left arm, drawing downward from neck and shoulder.
Left arm feels as if paralyzed and numb, for several hours in forenoon; when sitting still, constant painless twitching, which bends fingers, particularly forefinger, disappears without experiencing peculiar sensation with which numbness generally passes off; accompanied by pain in region of heart; does not pass off fully until afternoon.
Sensation in left arm as if it would go to sleep.
Numbness of right arm and hand at night.
Crawling sensation in arm.
Violent itching on left arm and right elbow.
Drawing pain in left forearm, as if lame, near radial side.
Numbness of right forearm extending into fingers.
Pain in right wrist extending into forearm; in forenoon.
Sudden jerking pain in right wrist and metacarpal bones.
Violent pain in right hand, burning and boring inside and feeling as if shattered, he is awakened by it but goes to sleep again, towards morning has a similar pain on left side, but does not remember the spot.
Sudden boring, stinging pain in metacarpal bone of little finger of left hand.
Severe almost stinging pain in metacarpal bones of left hand, including thumb.
Stitches in fingers, first left then right hand.
Warts on knuckles.


Rheumatic pain in right hip, when walking; after 7 A. M.
Dull gnawing pain in left hip; in morning.
When pressing (as if for stool), but not when walking, a sensation as if heads of femurs were forced out of their sockets and expanded, agg. on left side.
Pain as if sprained in right hip joint, on inner anterior side.
Jerking pain in left hip joint, during morning and forenoon.
Rheumatic pains in left lower limb.
Darting pains from toes to hip, or from trochanter to hollow of knee.
Sciatica: right side; dull aching pain; agg. towards night and in evening, in cold and from motion; amel. by warmth and rest.
Itching on inner side of right thigh.
Crawling on different places on thigh and leg.
Tearing pain in legs and occasional short stitches, as from little pimples.
Pain above left knee, extending from there into chest; in morning.
Above knee small stings, as if a flea were biting.
Painful tension in right knee.
Tension in left calf; while walking in evening it becomes a tension in hamstrings.
Crawling sensation on ankles.
Itching on left ankle.


Neuralgic pains in various parts of body; in right thumb, then in forefinger, then in right temple, next in left, then in right shoulder and arm, and again in right temple; some pain in small of back, which extends to right hip; next in right wrist, in left hip, right hand and right lower jaw.


Rest: sciatica amel.
Lying quietly: colic can be borne; amel. pain in pelvis.
Lying on left side: abdominal symptoms amel.
Must lie down: headache.
Turning head to left: pain in trapezius agg.
Had to keep thigh flexed: pain in groin.
Stretching arm: sprained pain in it.
Sitting: pain in kidney; slight congestion in chest; backache around loins; in carriage very sleepy.
On bending body forward while sitting: stitches from chest to shoulders.
Standing: drawing in ovary agg.; weight in pelvis agg.; difficult, weakness in womb.
Motion: drawing in ovary agg.; sciatica agg.
Exertion: abdominal symptoms agg.
Walking: pain in eye, temple and ear; pain in temple and arm; pain around eyes; stitches in chest amel.; pain in hip; tension in hamstrings; very tired.
Every step painful in groin.

NERVES. [36]

Very tired in evening.
Heavy and tired in limbs in morning; inert and undecided.
So tired while walking in evening that he reels on coming into room.

SLEEP. [37]

Overpowering drowsiness at 3 P. M., lasting nearly an hour, passed off with a pain in left temple; unusually sleepy in evening; very much exhausted and indisposed to work, he takes first chance to lie down.
Could not fall asleep on account of headache.
Wakeful until 2 o'clock in morning.
Starting in sleep; afternoon.
Dreams every night, particularly towards morning, of houses or buildings, beside which he stands, or in which he stands before a window, or walks over wide stairs through many rooms.

TIME. [38]

At 2 A. M.: pain in cardiac region; wakeful until.
Morning: undecided; dull pain in orbit; towards, dreamy headache; weak back; itching on right side of face; middle of tongue redder; bellyache; stool thin; erections; spasms in muscles of neck; pain in hip; tired in limbs.
After 7 A. M.: pain in hip.
At 8 A. M.: pain in ear.
At 10 A. M.: pain around eyes.
Forenoon: tension in temple; pain in temples and vertex; tasteless eructations; as if abdomen were swelling; pressing pain in cardiac region for several hours; left arm as if paralyzed and numb.
Noon: darting in head; constriction in head; pain in temple and arm; peculiar pain in throat; pain in wrist.
Afternoon: headache agg.; headache amel.; pressure in epigastrium; stool; as if menses would appear, while nursing; pressing pain in cardiac region; backache; starting in sleep.
Day and night: diarrhea.
At 3 P. M.: overpowering drowsiness.
At 6 P. M.: spasmodic pains and eructations.
At 10 P. M.: stool.
Evening: extremely fatigued; when walking in street seems taller than usual; irritability; dullness in occiput; headache amel.; pain in left eye; dryness and itching of eyes; burning in nose; itching in left inguinal region; itching pimples in whiskers; nausea; stool; no proper erection; pain in uterus and bladder; rheumatic pain in shoulder; sciatica agg.; sleepy, lazy, out of humor; itching all over body.
Night: no proper erections; backache around loins; numbness of arm and hand; sciatica agg.


Warmth: amel. colic; sciatica amel.
Hot-water cloths: amel. colic.
Open air: stitches in chest amel. from walking; lameness in arm amel.
Cold: sciatica agg.
Undressing: itching all over body.

FEVER. [40]

Chilliness: cold hands and feet, with colic, relieved by hot cloths.
Coldness of limbs with backache.


Repeated several times an hour after dinner: peculiar feeling of air-bubbles in intestines.
Lasts three hours: weight in head.
Every other day: stool.
Day after party: symptoms agg.


Right: constriction in head; cooling sensation in boundary of brain; fluttering pain side of head; in temple; pain in eye; in temple and arm; in temple, eye and ear; pustule under eyebrow; pain behind tip of ear; pustule on cheek; burning pain on cheek bone; itching on side of face; pimples back of zygoma; pain in lower jaw; itching on upper lip; corner of mouth sore and painful; pain as if beaten in abdomen; anxious sensation in groin; swelling and induration of ovary; drawing in ovarian region; stitches in breast; stitches in clavicle; stinging pain in chest and epigastrium; pimple in side of neck, itching below point of shoulder blade; painful drawing in shoulder; stitches in shoulder; sprained pain in shoulder joint; rheumatic pain in shoulder; tickling in shoulder; pain in arm and temple; numbness of arm and hand; itching of elbow; numbness of forearm to fingers; jerking pain in wrist and metacarpal bone; violent pain in hand, pain in thumb; rheumatic pain in hip; sprained pain in hip joint; sciatica; itching inner side of thigh; painful tension in knee; pain in thumb, forefinger, temple, shoulder, arm, hip, wrist, hand; spots like flea-bites above lips.
Left: darting in head; pain in temple; unpleasant sensation in eye; dull pain in orbit; pain in vertex; neuralgia in head; itching in eyebrow; pain around eye; disagreeable sensation around eye; itching agg. on lid; pimples above ear; itching in inguinal region; pimples back of zygoma; pimples in whiskers; pain in lower jaw; itching on wing of nose; upper and lower incisor sensitive; burning in ear; pain in hypochondrium; stitches in abdomen; stitches in hip bone; lying on side, colic can be borne; burning itching in groin; twitches in side of rectum; pain in region of kidney; pressing pain in chest; spasms in side of neck; drawing down arm; pain in trapezius; drawing in arm; arm as if paralyzed and numb; arm as if it would go to sleep; itching in arm; drawing pain in forearm; violent pain in hand; stinging pain in bones of little finger; dull, gnawing pain in hip; pain in hip joint; rheumatic pain in lower limb; pain above knee, tension in calf; itching on ankle; spots like flea-bites on nostril.
First right then left: pain in temple.
First left then right: pain around eyes; itching on face; stitches in hip bone; stitches in fingers.
Downward and forward: drawing in ovary.
From behind forward: as if head were swung.


The pains are fleeting and transient and hard to describe.
As if he had grown taller; as if something horrible would happen; as if she were going crazy; as if she could not bear or brook anything; as if head were swung from behind forward; as if brain were being shaken; as if a weight were lying in brain and as if this load were pushed from direction of occiput to forehead; pressure on head as from finger tips; as of incisors were elongated and projecting; as if left incisors were foreign bodies; as if something were hanging in neighborhood of hyoid bone, or as if a bread-crumb had lodged there; as if intestines were strangulated and twisted; as if air bubbles pressed forcibly through intestines and passed upward; as if an animal were snapping and tearing off small portions inside of abdomen; sensation in flanks as if viscera were gone; as if abdomen were beaten; as if abdomen were swelling; as if testicles were bruised; as if parts of groin would tear; as if bladder were filled; as if uterus would prolapse; as if menses would appear; as if something were pushed into head during expiration; as if neck were becoming stiff; as if solid object were slowly pressing against vertebral column; as of fleas crawling on back; anterior portion of right shoulder joint as if sprained; left arm as if paralyzed; as if left arm would go to sleep; right hand as if shattered; as if heads of femurs were forced out of their sockets and expanded; right hip as if sprained; as if a flea were biting above knee.
Pain: first in right then in left temple, then in shoulder and then back to temple; in right eye; in ear; in arm; from eye to forehead and vertex; to left of vertex; around left eye extending beyond right eyebrow; in head above and behind tip of right ear; in abdomen; in right lower jaw; in back part of lower jaw; in liver; in left hypochondriac region; in region of spleen; in right ovary; in region of uterus and bladder; in cardiac region; in left trapezius; in back and hips; in heart; in right wrist to forearm; in right thumb, then in forefinger, then in temple; above left knee, thence into chest.
Severe acute pain: in left side of head.
Violent pain: in right hand.
Violent knifelike pains: in lower part of abdomen; in uterine region.
Violent pain, like stinging with a dull stick: in right chest.
Cutting: in abdomen.
Tearing pains: in legs.
Shooting pains: from navel to pelvis.
Darting: to and fro in left side of head; from toes to hips; from trochanter to hollow of knee.
Jerking pain: in right wrist and metacarpal bones; in left hip joint.
Spasmodic pains: in chest, back and abdomen; in back.
Severe, almost stinging pain: in metacarpal bones of left hand.
Stitches: in left side of abdomen; near hip bone; in groin; deep in left side through bladder; through urethra to glans; in right breast; in chest; in inner side of right clavicle; from middle chest to both shoulders; in right side of chest; quick as lightning in right shoulder; in fingers; in legs.
Transient pain: in lower intestines.
Small stings: above knee.
Sudden boring, stinging pain: in metacarpal bone of little finger of left hand.
Boring: inside in right hand.
Violent cramp: in abdomen.
Cramps: in legs.
Painful spasm: in single muscles on right side of neck.
Neuralgic pains: in various parts of body.
Rheumatic pains: in different parts; in right shoulder; in right hip; in left lower limb.
Aching: across top of head from one ear to the other; along edge of lower ribs; in belly; in region of bladder; in hip.
Dull gnawing pain: in left hip.
Dull pressing backache.
Dull pain: in left orbit; in left eye and back of orbit; in rectum.
Painful dullness: in head.
Dreamy headache: in vertex and occiput.
Drawing: in right ovarian region; in neck and shoulders; in left arm.
Painful tension: in right knee; in left calf; in hamstrings.
Pressing pain: in epigastrium; in region of left kidney; in left side under ribs; in left chest; in scapula.
Fluttering pain: in right side of head.
Fine pains: in epigastrium.
Tension: in temple.
Violent pressure: in vertex.
Pressure: on right side of head; in epigastrium; in abdomen downward; in bladder; in lower portion of scapula and spine.
Constricting sensation: in right side of head; in left articulation of jaw.
Violent throbbing: in body.
Pulsations: over whole body.
Dull, crooked stinging: in spot in head.
Burning: in nose; on small spot on right cheek bone; on surface of tongue; on left ear and various places on face; inside in right hand.
Slight burning: on right side of head.
Soreness: of pimples behind and above left ear; in liver; in abdomen; internally in groin.
Sensitiveness: of upper and lower left incisors.
Painful weakness: in bladder.
Anxious sensation: in right groin.
Disagreeable sensation: around left eye.
Unpleasant sensation: in sexual parts.
Tired feeling: in small of back.
Weakness: in region of womb.
Fullness: in forehead.
Weight: in pelvis.
Heaviness: in sexual parts.
Lameness: in arm.
Dullness: in occiput; in forehead.
Dryness: of eyes; of edges of lids; of fauces and tongue.
Roughness: on forehead.
Numbness: of left arm; of right forearm to fingers.
Tickling: on right shoulder.
Burning-itching: on small spot on right side of face; in left inguinal region; on spot on left groin; on eyelids; below point of shoulder blade; on thighs and legs.
Crawling: in abdomen; on back; in arm; on thigh and leg; on ankles.
Itching: on forehead; on sides of head; violent, on left eyebrow; of eyes; of lids; in face; of pimples on face, nose and behind ears; in whiskers; on upper lip and wing of nose; violent, in back of neck near point of shoulder blade; in left arm and right elbow; on inner side of right thigh; on left ankle; above left zygoma.
Cooling sensation: on right side of head.
Coldness: of limbs.


Touch: on “cautiousness” amel. headache; pustule under eyebrow burns and bites.
Pressure: flanks painful; amel. pain in kidney.
Rubbing: does not relieve itching of eyes; necessary on burning spot of right cheek bone; amel. pain in ovary.

SKIN. [46]

Crawling as from fleas and itching on various places on back, arms, abdomen, thighs and ankles; amel. by scratching, but soon appears in a place near the spot.
Tickling on right shoulder, then itching on inner side of left ankle, on inner side of right thigh, on right elbow, and more on back of neck, on left eyebrow and arm.
Itching: above left zygoma, around eyes and nostrils, later also on left side of face, near eyes and on side of head.
Burning itching: on face and left groin; on eyelids; pimples on face; on neck; below point of shoulder blade; on thighs and legs.
Spots like flea-bites, above lips on right side, on left nostril and on various other places on head and body; afternoon.
Small elevations here and there like nettlerash, red on a white base, whiter than surrounding skin.
Small pimples here and there, with terrible itching all over body when undressing in evening.
Vesicles on lids.
Pimples: beneath eyebrows; near wing of nose; above tip of nose; on zygoma; in whiskers; behind ear; on nether lip; on neck.


A girl, aet. 20, robust, blooming, intelligent; ovaritis and leucorrhea.
A married woman; ovaritis with mental disturbance.
Mrs. —, aet. 30, mother of two children; chronic ovaritis.
Mrs. W., aet. 30, not pregnant in seven years; ovaritis, with leucorrhea and dyspepsia.


Antidoted by: Cinchon. (diarrhea); Bellad. and Glonoine (headache).
Complementary: Plat.
Compare: Argent. met. and Lach. (left ovary); Podophyl. and Plat. (right ovary); Helon. (tired backache); Lil. tig. (sexual desire).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 08, 1889
Description: Clinical materia medica of Palladium metallicum
Remedies: Palladium metallicum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1889
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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