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Pareira Brava.

Virgin Vine. Menispermaceae.

A climbing plant, native of the West Indies and South America.

The tincture is prepared from the fresh root.

Proving by Foss, Med. Adv., Dec., 1885, from A. H. Z., vol. 113, p. 71.


- Renal colic (six cases), Turrel, Hah. Mo., vol. 10, p. 442; B. J. H., vol. 33, p. 591; Dysuria, Martin, T. H. M. S. Pa., 1883, p. 58; Enlargement of prostate gland and retention of urine, Foss, A. H. Z., vol. 113, p. 70; Catarrh of bladder, Hull, N. A. J. H., vol. 18, p. 491; Hastings, B. J. H., vol. 13, p. 591.


Excruciating pains in left lumbar region; pain radiates from left kidney to groin, following course of ureter. ~ Renal colic.
Black, bloody, foaming urine, depositing a brickdust sediment of uric acid; deep red and mucous urine.
Excessive pains in kidneys, shooting down left ureter; passes urine drop by drop, with violent tenesmus, nausea and vomiting of bilious fluids. ~ Nephritic colic.
Nephritic colic; patient suffering for seventeen days; attacks first appeared a year ago, come regularly now every three months, last longer and are more violent each time; several times passed uric calculi, and suffered from rheumatic attacks when traveling; dull pains in lumbar region; urine scanty, red, with brickdust sediment; dysuria; thirst; obstinate constipation.
Contusive pains in renal region; urine scanty, deep red, nearly black, passed with great tenesmus, depositing brickdust sediment.
Nephritic colic with hemorrhage of ureters provoked by passage of stones.
For last ten years nephritic colics; passes frequently small crystals of uric acid; attacks usually severe and obstinate.
Atrocious pains with strangury.
Almost touches floor with forehead in order to be able to pass urine.
Constant urging to urinate, violent pain in glans penis; straining; pain extorts screams; must get down on all fours to urinate; urine contains much viscid, thick, white mucus, or deposits red sand.
Pains down thighs during efforts at urination.
Paroxysms of violent pain with strangury; he cries out loudly and can only emit urine when he goes on his knees, pressing his head firmly against floor; remaining in this position for ten or twenty minutes, perspiration breaks out, and finally urine begins to drop with interruptions, accompanied by tearing, burning pains at point of penis.
Since confinement two weeks previously, could not pass urine in any position except on knees. ~ Dysuria.
Tormenting feeling after urination, with shooting pains in orifice of urethra.
Intolerable itching along urethra, with burning on urination.
Severe spasmodic pains while urinating.
Constant ineffectual urging to urinate; catheter had to be used four to six times in twenty-four hours; swelling of legs and feet; cramps on attempting to urinate, patient had to be put into a warm bath before catheter could be used; his last hour seemed to be approaching when found kneeling upon floor bathed in a cold sweat, head firmly pressed against floor, in which position alone he was enabled to pass a few drops of burning hot urine. ~ Enlargement of prostate gland.
Enlargement of prostate gland with retention of urine; two or three times a year patient is seized with severe and painful attacks, during which catheter had to be used for several weeks.
Severe pains at times in back and bladder with painful retraction of left testicle; pain in thigh extending down to big toe and sole of foot; frequently an irritable eruption on legs and great irritation on scalp; urine passed with great difficulty; feels a great desire to urinate, fancies quarts will come away, but finds the greatest difficulty to get any to pass, notwithstanding the severe pressive pains attending it; pains so severe that he is obliged to get on knees, press head firmly against something and remain in that position, forcing until he sweats profusely and “roars like a bull,” to use his own expression; after remaining in this situation ten or twenty minutes, urine dribbles away with great pain and frequent stoppages, scalding and lacerating at point of penis; urine has strong ammoniacal smell, and is loaded with thick, tenacious mucus; paroxysms generally occur from 3 to 6 A. M.; during day comparatively easy; cartilaginous condition of inner coat of bladder which felt very hard to the sound; sweats at night; hammering and buzzing noises in head. ~ Chronic catarrh of bladder.
Flow of mucus from urethra.


Urethritis with prostatic disorders.


Viscous matter lodged in and obstructing bronchi.


Edematous swelling of lower limbs.


Must get down on all fours to urinate.
Must get on knees and press head firmly against floor to urinate.


For ten or twenty minutes: must remain on all fours to urinate.
Every morning from 3 to 6: paroxysms of pain during urination.
Every three months: attacks of nephritic colic.
Two or three times a year: painful attacks of renal colic.
For last ten years: nephritic colics.


Left: pain in lumbar region radiating from kidney to groin, pain down ureter.


Pains: down thighs.
Excruciating pains: in left lumbar region; in kidneys.
Violent pains: in glans penis; in bladder; in back.
Severe spasmodic pains: while urinating.
Tearing, burning pains: at point of penis.
Shooting pain: down into left ureter into toes and soles.
Contusive pain: in renal region.
Dull pains: in lumbar region.


Rheumatic or gouty subjects suffering from renal colics.
Man, aet. 50, suffers from rheumatic attacks when traveling; renal colic.
Madame Beretta, aet. 51, two years ago menopause set in, since then suffering; nephritic colic.
Officer of navy, aet. 57, six months ago had first attack, which confined him to bed eight or nine days; renal colic.
Marine officer, aet. 58, suffering for last ten years; nephritic colic.
Man, aet. 60, temperate habits; catarrh of bladder.
Man, aet. 68, regular and temperate all his life, never had syphilis or gonorrhea, no profession or trade, suffering for years; catarrh of bladder.
Man, aet. 68, suffering many years; enlargement of prostate gland.
Mrs. P., primipara, confined two weeks ago, since then suffering; dysuria.
Mrs. M., suffering from marasmus for last ten years or since her climaxis, when she had an attack of albuminous nephritis, three years ago had pneumonia; now suffers from parenchymatous nephritis; renal colic.
Seafaring captain, suffering for years from rheumatism and later from endocarditis; renal colic.


Compare: Chimaphila and Uva ursi in spasm and burning in bladder, ropy urine; Hydrangea arb.; Berberis, which has pains more in back and hips, and has a loamy sediment.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 08, 1889
Description: Clinical materia medica of Pareira Brava
Remedies: Pareira Brava
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1889
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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