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Phytolacca. (Phytolacca Decandra.)

Poke Root. Phytolaccaceae.

This plant is indigenous to North America and grows abundantly in all parts of the United States.

It is also found in the north of Africa and south of Europe.

The fresh root is chopped and pounded to a pulp; from this is made the alcoholic tincture.

Provings by Burt, Fellows, Marshall, Hale's New Remedies, Cooley, Hom. Med. Soc., N. Y., 1870; toxicological reports are numerous. See Hering's Monograph.


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MIND. [1]

Indisposition to mental exertion; disgust for business of day, on waking early in morning.
Melancholy, gloom; indifference to life.
Great fear; is sure she will die.
Complete shamelessness and indifference to exposure of her person.
Irritability; restlessness.
Irresistible desire to bite teeth together.
Cannot be persuaded to take nourishment.
Remarkable nervous phenomena in diphtheria.
A form of insanity with albuminuria.
Oversensitiveness to pain; pain is unbearable.


Vertigo: cannot walk; staggering, with danger of falling; with dim vision; when rising from bed feels faint.


Headache: severe; violent; one-sided, just above eyebrows, with sickness of stomach; dull, heavy in forehead; dull, pressive, with vertigo and impairment of vision; in diphtheria; rheumatic, syphilitic or neuralgic.
Painful pressure on forehead and upper part of both eyes.
Dull pressing pain in forehead, accompanied by slight nausea, with cool perspiration in forehead and feeling of weakness.
Shooting pain from left eye to vertex.
Pain extending back from frontal region.
Sharp, shooting pains in right temple.
Pressure in top of head with dryness.
Pain in top of head and a feeling as if brain were bruised, when stepping from a high step to ground.
Heavy aching feeling in head at 1.30 P. M.
Sore pain over head, agg. right side.
Sensation of soreness deep in brain.
Sick-headache: in forehead; with backache and bearing down; weekly.
Pain in back of head and neck.


Rheumatism: of right frontal region, with nausea, agg. in morning; of scalp; dull pains, come on every time it rains, with depression of spirits; especially following diphtheria.
Scaly eruption on scalp.
Eczema capitis, moist, fearful itching, little raw tubercles on scalp, face and arms.
Tinea capitis; agg. washing it when he is warm.
Syphilitic nodes on skull.


Double vision with giddiness and headache.
Dimness of vision.
Pupils contracted; tetanus.
Eyes staring.
Blue around eyes.
Feeling of sand in eyes, with soreness and burning.
Burning and smarting in eyes and lids, with profuse lachrymation, amel. in open air.
Sharp pain goes through ball of eye on reading or writing.
Dull aching pains in eyes, agg. from motion, light, or exercise.
Rheumatic pain in and about eye.
Pressure around eyes in afternoon, as if eyes were too large.
Circumorbital pains in syphilitic ophthalmia.
Suppurative choroiditis (pan-opthalmitis) in right eye of a child, after a needle operation for cataract; lids enormously swollen, very hard and red, conjunctiva injected, chemosis, anterior chamber filled with pus and cornea tending towards suppuration; child pale, weak and restless.
Cellulitis: inflammation slow in its course and not attended by severe pain; infiltration of cellular tissue of orbit very pronounced, hard and unyielding to touch; eyelids reddish-blue, hard and swollen; eyeball pressed forward and its mobility impaired or lost entirely; chemosis; more or less dull aching pain; lachrymation; photophobia.
Eyes inflamed.
Rheumatic ophthalmia; lids much swollen.
Catarrhal ophthalmia; burning, smarting, tingling pain; itching agg. by gaslight, abundant flow of tears.
Gradual conjunctivitis, with circumorbital pain; soreness in periosteum and scalp, as of rheumatic origin.
Motions of one eye independent of the other.
Lachrymation, with coryza.
Fistula lachrymalis.
Lids feel as if granulated and tarsal edges have a scalded, hot feeling, as if raw; granulated, sandy sensation in lids, with same sensation upon edges.
Lids feel as if on fire. ~ Acute rheumatic ophthalmia.
Eyelids agglutinated and edematous.
Reddish-blue swelling of eyelids, agg. on left side and in morning; hard, unyielding cellulitis.
Scrofulous swelling of glands of eyelids.
Malignant ulcers on lid: lupus, epithelioma, etc.


Shooting pains through both ears when swallowing; right side worse.
Eustachian tubes feel obstructed.


Drawing sensation about root of nose.
Sensation in nostril as if tickled with a stiff feather.
Feeling in nose and eyes as if cold would come on.
Total obstructions of nose, when riding must breathe through mouth; not amel. by blowing nose; mucus discharged with difficulty; constant hawking. ~ Coryza.
Flow of mucus from one nostril, while the other is stopped; both stopped up while riding. ~ Coryza.
Wakes at 3 A. M., with nose stopped up, discharges clinkers from both nostrils in morning.
Thin watery discharge from nostril, increasing until nose becomes stuffed.
Coryza and cough with redness of eyes and lachrymation, photophobia; feeling of sand in eyes, with soreness and burning.
Acrid discharge from nose excoriating nose and upper lip. ~ Scarlatina.
Syphilitic ozaena, with bloody, sanious discharge and disease of bones.
Noli me tangere and cancerous affection of nose.


Stupid expression of face, enlarged pupils, violent headache, staggering.
Distortion of face.
Face: sunken; pale, hippocratic; blue around eyes; yellowish complexion; looking blue and suffering.
Cool sweat on forehead.
Heat in face (l. side), after dinner; with redness of face, cold feet, eruption on left upper lip.
Pains in bones of face and head, at night.
Prosopalgia in syphilitic and rheumatic subjects.
Blotches in face; agg. in P. M., after washing and eating.
Swelling around left ear and side of face, like erysipelas; thence over scalp; very painful.
Ulcers and eruptions (scaly) on face.


Chin drawn closely to sternum by convulsive action of muscles of face and neck. ~ Tetanus.
Lips everted and firm. ~ Tetanus.
Upper lip excoriated. ~ Coryza.
Eruption on upper lip.
(OBS:) Cancerous sore on upper lip and nose (application of leaf and root).
Ulcers on lips.
Parotid and submaxillary glands swollen.


Disposition to bite teeth together.
Teeth all ache: feel sore and elongated.
Rheumatic, neuralgic, mercurial or syphilitic toothache.
Difficult dentition; child crying, moaning, restless and feverish, particularly at night; in hot weather vomiting and diarrhea; retarded dentition; wants to bite on something hard continually and seems relieved by it.


Taste: disagreeable, metallic.
Great pain in root of tongue, fauces, etc.
Burnt feeling on back part of tongue.
Tongue: thickly coated at back; coated yellow and dry; furred; fiery red at tip; feels as if scalded; coated greyish-yellowish; hot, rough, tender and smarting at tip; small ulcers like those caused by mercury; thick; protruding.
Tongue and lips dry, much pain in fauces when swallowing.


Profuse saliva, sometimes yellowish, often thick, ropy, tenacious; mercurial ptyalism, with inflamed gums.
Salivation with metallic taste in mouth. ~ Diphtheria.
Sensation of dryness in mouth with cough.
Roof of mouth sore; profuse salivation.
Ulcerated sore mouth.
Small ulcers on inside of right cheek, very painful; he cannot chew on that side.
Inflammation of posterior nares, pharynx, tonsils and soft palate; uvula and tonsils ulcerated; extreme sensitiveness of mucous membrane; deglutition painful; tongue coated; fetor oris; eruption on face, arms and body; has taken much mercury. ~ Syphilis.
Severe glossitis; deep ulceration of tongue and gums; looseness of teeth; tonsils, uvula and velum palati ulcerated; in consequence of large doses of mercury. ~ Syphilis.


Fauces and pharynx look dry.
Dryness: of throat; in throat and posterior fauces; in upper part of pharynx, disposition to hawk and clear throat, without affording relief; in fauces provoking hacking, dry cough; in throat inducing cough; in throat agg. morning and evening; of throat soon produces soreness.
Throat: very dry, rough and sore; dryness, roughness, burning and smarting in fauces.
Hot feeling, as if a ball of red-hot iron had lodged in throat.
Sensation of a lump in throat, causing a continuous desire to swallow; like a plug in throat; agg. left side.
Sensation of throat being so full that it felt choked; hawking to rid throat and posterior nares of mucus.
Pressing pain in right side of throat.
Increased discharge of mucus from posterior nares, detached with difficulty, continually excited a disposition to hawk.
Uvula large, almost translucent.
Strings of mucus adhering to upper part of pharynx.
Deglutition: painful; difficult; with every attempt excruciating shooting pains through ears; regurgitation through nostrils; unable to swallow even water; almost impossible because throat felt so dry and rough.
Tonsils: and palate congested, bluish or dark-purple; sore, red and swollen; right much enlarged, dark-red, burning in fauces and whole length of esophagus; large, bluish, ulcerated; throat feels as after eating choke-pears; induration and ulceration; chronic enlargement; aphthous patches with rheumatic pain in lumbar region; follicular sore throat; quinsy.
Cannot drink hot fluids; choking; ulcers on tonsils. ~ Syphilis.
Feeling of rawness, scraping and excoriation in throat.
Throat sore; the isthmus congested and of a dark-red color; dryness of throat, with some swelling of tonsils.
General soreness of posterior fauces and apparent extension of irritation into Eustachian tubes.
Darkish-red inflammation of fauces, tonsils swollen; ulcerated; thick, white or yellow mucus.
Soreness of throat, and a feeling as of a lump when swallowing saliva; same sensation felt on turning head to left side.
Sore throat, with derangement of digestive organs; fetid breath and constipation; after diphtheria or scarlatina; tubercular; after syphilis.
Sore throat on right side; throat red and tumefied; no pain when swallowing food, but when swallowing saliva; low-spirited indifferent to his surroundings, wishes some one would knock him on the head and kill him; tongue coated white and slimy; has to drink often to keep throat moist; weight on back of neck; pressing pain going up back of neck, on right side only; right side of head feels as if firmly pressed, causing pain in eyes; pain in throat from root of tongue downward towards outer attachment of clavicle; cannot bear clothes on throat; drawing, stinging, pressing pain down right side of neck towards shoulder blade.
Scarlatina anginosa: tending to suppuration or ulceration; fever rages with unwonted severity; no eruption; nose and upper lip much excoriated by an acrid discharge; slight delirium; great prostration.
Hoarseness and persistent sore throat after diphtheria.
Chronic sore throat: fauces and pharynx look dry and of a dark color, with a few adherent strings of mucus high up; hawking of phlegm morning and evening; aphonia.
Pharynx dry, rough, feels like a cavern.
Chronic follicular pharyngitis; membrane lining fauces and pharynx as well as velum pendulum and uvula pale, puffed and flabby; uvula large, almost translucent; distressing sensation of enlargement of calibre of pharynx and esophagus from choanae to epigastrium, provokes a cough, paroxysmal, extremely distressing, and attended by very profuse and exhausting expectoration of thick starch-like mucus; whole chest feels like a big empty cask, as if its calibre were enlarged tenfold; great debility; patient, who is intolerant of stimulants, can take whisky to any extent and with great temporary relief.
Chronic granular pharyngitis; burning sensation as of a hot substance in throat; voice gives out; burning and soreness, greatly agg. by prolonged use of voice.
Catarrhal inflammation of head and throat, closely simulating diphtheria; tough, white mucus from posterior nares, clinging tightly to posterior wall of throat, resembling large patch of diphtheritic membrane.
Swollen glands; tonsils swollen and covered with greyish patches; dizziness and backache.
Diphtheritic inflammation and ulceration of throat.
Diphtheria: sick and dizzy when trying to sit up; frontal headache; pains shooting from throat into ears, especially on trying to swallow; face flushed; tongue much coated, protruded; thickly coated at back, fiery red at tip; breath fetid, putrid; vomiting; difficulty of swallowing; tonsils swollen, covered with membrane, first upon left, three or four patches; tonsils, uvula and back part of throat covered with ash-colored exudation; tonsils covered with dirty, white, pseudo membrane; small white or yellow spots on tonsils coalesce and form patches of membrane; membrane has appearance of dirty wash-leather; exudation pearly or greyish white; great thirst; agg. from hot drinks; dyspnea; ropy, offensive mucus lining mouth and throat; glands of neck very tender; pain in neck and back, body sore as if bruised, groans with pain, especially when trying to move or turn in bed; aching limbs; great prostration; violent chill, soon followed by high fever; fever without chill; pulse 120, 140, weak; rash on skin; remarkably nervous phenomena; consecutive paralysis; leaves vision impaired, hearing dull; in cold weather generally epidemic; usually of catarrhal or rheumatic origin, brought on by exposure to damp and cold atmosphere or sleeping in damp, ill-ventilated rooms.
Ulceration of mucous membrane of upper part of alimentary tract. ~ Diphtheria.
Scarlet fever, with diphtheritic complications.
Induration of parotid glands in diphtheria.
Parotitis: inflammation of submaxillary glands.


Great thirst.
Hunger soon after eating.
Loss of appetite.


Violent efforts to eructate to relieve restricted sensation in right hypochondrium.
Nausea: with eructations of flatus and sour fluids; with severe pain in umbilical region.
Vomiting: easy, without much nausea; of ingesta, bile and blood, with great accumulation of flatus in stomach and bowels; violent, every few minutes; comes on slowly, preceded by nausea and is excessive; of mucus, bile, ingesta, worms, blood; and purging with griping pains and cramps in abdomen, without relief; of food and milk, in teething children; in diphtheria.
Frequent vomiting, prostration, sometimes fainting, even convulsions, followed slowly by gripes, cramps, vomiting of dark bilious substance.
Violent vomiting of clotted blood and slime, with retching, intense pain and desire for death to relieve.


Bruised and sore feeling at pit of stomach.
Heat in stomach.
Pain in pit of stomach as from a heavy blow or concussion there, followed by cramps in abdomen and coolness.
Cutting in pit of stomach, which is tender to touch.
Pains in cardiac portions of stomach agg. by a full inspiration and by walking.
Pain in region of pylorus.


A sore spot in right hypochondrium not larger than a dollar, extremely sensitive to touch.
Digging pain in right hypochondrium, in upper and lower portions of liver.
Cannot lie on right side on account of penetrating pain in right hypochondrium.
Soreness and pain in right hypochondrium during pregnancy.
Chronic hepatitis, with enlargement and induration.


Griping and cramps in abdomen.
Burning, griping pains in umbilical region.
Great rumbling in abdomen and pain in umbilicus, with stools of mucus and blood; gastro-enteritis.
Bearing-down pains.
Violent pains in abdomen during menses in a barren female.
Chronic inflammation of bowels, of five years' standing.
Ulceration of mucous membrane of upper part of alimentary tract. ~ Diphtheria.
Rheumatism extending to abdominal muscles.


Continual inclination to go to stool, but passes constantly fetid flatus.
Diarrhea with sickly feeling in bowels; copious discharge of blood, mucus and what looked like scrapings of inner surface of intestines.
Diarrhea early in morning; after lemonade.
Stools: thin, dark brown; of mucus and blood; like intestinal scrapings; tenesmus; of bile.
Intense vomiting and purging, with prostration and cramps, as in cholera.
Feeling of fullness in abdomen before stool, which remains after stool as if all had not passed.
Constipation: hard stools; from torpor of rectum; habitual, says bowels will not move without aid of purgatives; of long standing, pain shooting from anus to lower part of rectum along perineum to middle of penis; of the aged or those with weak heart.
Ulceration and fissure of rectum.
Hemorrhoids: permanent and obstinate; bleeding and mucous.
Bloody discharge with heat in rectum.
Fissures of anus.


Weakness, dull pain and soreness in region of kidneys; most on right side and connected with heat; uneasiness down ureters; chalk-like sediment in urine.
Albuminuria: after scarlatina or diphtheria; chills at night without special fever, accompanied by a form of insanity.
Pain in region of bladder before and during urination.
Pain in region of bladder, dark red urine which stains vessel and is hard to remove, urine excessive in quantity, decidedly albuminous, with greatly increased specific gravity.
Urgent and painful inclination to pass water.
Copious nocturnal urination.
Urine: albuminous; excessive or scanty; dark red, stains vessel; color of coffee, stains clothes yellow.


Gonorrhea and gleet: orchitis.
Syphilis: chancres; ulcerated throat; ulcers on genitals; inguinal bubo; rheumatism.
Much soreness and rheumatic pains in spermatic cords, with rheumatic orchitis.
Orchitis: acute and chronic, with suppuration and fistulous ulcer.


Ovarian neuralgia and ovaritis; sometimes with rheumatic complications.
Uterine leucorrhea, proceeding from glandular portion of cervix; ulceration of os; scirrhus.
Menses: too frequent and too copious; mamma painful; increase of tears, saliva, bile and urine; rheumatic females.
Menorrhagia; involuntary straining and hemorrhage per vagina.
Shreds of membrane passed with menstrual flow.
Violent pains in abdomen during menses, in a barren woman.
Dysmenorrhea and costiveness from the time menses commenced; for several years has ben subject to attacks of colic, preceded by weakness, oppression, inclination to take a deep breath, soon followed by a sore spot, in beginning not larger than a dollar, in right hypochondrium, extremely sensitive to touch; spot enlarged and became very painful, with sensation of constriction or choking in part as if from flatus, which gave rise to violent efforts to eructate, frequently ending in vomiting, which gave no relief; slightly amel. by sitting up in bed and leaning forward; could lie in no position, except on stomach, when pain got easier she fell asleep in that position; sometimes painful inclination to pass urine the color of coffee, which stained her clothes yellow; disagreeable taste in mouth, as soon as pain moved downward she was amel.; attack generally commenced about an hour and a half after dinner, sometimes about an hour and a half after supper, never at any other time.
Dysmenorrhea, accompanying erosion or ulceration of cervix.
Amenorrhea, complicated with ovarian irritation or disease.
Leucorrhea: uterine, thick, tenacious and irritating; profuse, thick, tenacious from swollen Nabothian glands in women who have suffered from inflamed or broken breasts and various glandular swellings and abscesses.
Neuralgic affections of breast.
Irritable mamma: no swelling, induration or tumor, only a painfullness at menstrual period; during lactation.
Neuralgia of mamma.
Irritable tumor of breast; very sensitive and painful, agg. at menstrual periods; pain extended down arm of affected side, and at times caused sympathetic enlargement of a gland in axilla.
Mastitis (after Bryonia).
Inflammation, swelling and suppuration of mamma.
Abscesses or fistulous ulcers of mamma.
Tumors, scirrhus and cancer of mamma.
Hypertrophy of breast and uterus.
Left breast fearfully tumefied for six weeks.
Nipples cracked and excoriated.


Pain in sacrum, down to knees and ankles, then up to sacrum; jerks here and there, after confinement.
Suppression of lochia.
Every two or three hours sudden, severe stinging pains throughout breasts, lasting several minutes, amel. from pressure with hands; at same time milk began to ooze out; is nursing second child three months old.
On second day after confinement excessive flow of milk; nipples so sensitive that nursing produced intense suffering, seeming to start from nipples and radiate over whole body, going to backbone and streaking up and down it, causing unbearable pain; nipples excoriated and fissured.
Right breast seems full to overflowing, stony hard and painful; for several days excessive flow of milk, causing prostration; fever; indifferent to life; predicts death.
Hardness of mamma; breast hard as a stone, after weaning.
Four days after confinement severe chill, followed by fever; in a few hours both mamma hard, swollen and painful; nipples very sensitive.
Mamma hot, painful, swollen; third week after confinement.
Breast inflamed, tender, greatly swollen, hard, painful; on using breast-pump milk that came was thick and stringy; in former pregnancy suffered from mammary abscesses.
Mammary gland full of hard, painful nodosities.
Redness, tenderness and nodulated indurations of breast, with an acuminated appearance of nodules; chills and great tendency to early suppuration.
Few days after confinement breast suddenly became hard and inflamed and flow of milk ceased; blistered and poulticed for six weeks and finally lanced, but all to no purpose; left breast greatly swollen; sharp, lancinating pains.
Breast shows an early tendency to cake; especially useful when suppuration is inevitable; when child nurses pain goes from nipple all over body.
Inflammation of mamma; pus formed, was lanced; fistulous openings downward and backward; four inches in extent; emaciated, cold hands and feet and trembling.
Mammary abscess; several painful nodules and three fistulae discharging ichorous pus; erratic rheumatic pains, the two alternating in intensity.
Gathered breasts with large fistulous, gaping and angry ulcers, discharging a watery, fetid pus.
Enlarged mammary gland, with fistulous opening of five years' standing.
Fistulous ulcers and unhealthy granulation with fetid discharge.
Caked breasts; nipples cracked and excoriated.
Ulcer of breast, an inch in diameter, gaping, angry, filled with unhealthy granulations; probe passed obliquely downward until it reached a hard, sensitive tumor, about size of hen's egg; discharge offensive and sanious.
Nipples very sensitive.
Nipples sore and fissured, with intense suffering on putting child to breast; pain seems to start from nipple and radiate over whole body.


Hoarseness and aphonia.
Aphonia in consequence of a cold.
Dryness of larynx and trachea, agg. towards evening.
Tickling in left side of larynx with hacking cough.
Burning in larynx and trachea, with a sensation of contraction of glottis; labored breathing.
Laryngismus stridulus; frequent spasmodic closure of larynx; drawing of thumbs into palm; flexion of toes; distortion of face; muscles of eye affected so that motions of one eye were independent of other.
Dry bronchial cough, with sensation of roughness and slight increase of heat in trachea and bronchia; can only expectorate when pressing finger against sore spot in trachea.
Influenza with derangement of digestive organs; thin, watery discharge from nose, increasing till nose became stuffed; cannot breathe through nose; difficulty of swallowing; dry, hacking cough, with hawking, excited by tickling in larynx and dryness of pharynx.


Respiration difficult, oppressed; loud mucous rales.
Constant moaning and gasping for air. ~ Diphtheria.
Faint with sighing, slow breathing.
Panting for breath.

COUGH. [27]

Cough: hacking, dry, with hawking; excited by tickling in larynx or dryness in pharynx; agg. at night as soon as he lies down; hard, accompanied by scraping and tickling in throat; harassing, hacking after every cold; incessant, with sensation of na ulcerated spot in windpipe just above breastbone; could only expectorate (pus) by pressing on this spot; paroxysmal, distressing, with pharyngitis; with pain in chest and side; chronic, generally hard and dry.
Hoarse, dry, croupy cough; burning pain in larynx and trachea; agg. at night; pains have upward direction; breathing labored; cough became loose and ceased with copious expectoration of yellow mucus.
Barking, harsh, croupy cough; agg. out-doors and at night in bed; tonsils enlarged, fauces congested, dry and glazy-looking; the boy had had this cough for at least two years, as soon as damp, cold weather put in an appearance.
Cough with burning pains in trachea and larynx, with a sensation of contraction of glottis; labored breathing.
Expectoration: thick, tough; of thick, starch-like mucus, profuse and exhausting with pharyngitis.


Pains and suffocating feeling in throat and lungs.
Aching pains in chest and side, with cough.
Aching pain in right side of breast, passing through to back; agg. on taking a long breath and lying on right side.
Bruised feeling of muscles of chest and ribs.
Pain through midsternum with cough.
Stitch from chest to back.


Occasional shocks of pain in region of heart, as soon as pain in heart ceases a similar pain appears in right arm. ~ Angina pectoris.
Rheumatic diathesis; lame feeling in left side of chest near cardiac region, with much nervous restlessness, agg. from motion and particularly during expiration; pains and suffocating feeling in throat and lungs; pulse weak and soft or intermittent; weak heart's action, with constipation; constrictive feeling at precordium, with pressure on temples; feeling of lassitude and indisposition to move; great exhaustion and prostration; occasional shocks of pain in region of heart, and as soon as it ceases a similar pain appears in right arm; fatty degeneration of heart. ~ Angina pectoris.
Awakens with lameness near heart; agg. during expiration; cannot go to sleep again.
Fatty degeneration of heart; feeling of lassitude and indisposition to move.
Pulse: small, irregular, with great excitement in chest, especially in cardiac region; full but soft; intermittent; 110, soft; weak and soft; pulselessness.


Rheumatism of lower intercostal, extending to abdominal and lumbar muscles, from exposure to cold and dampness.
Stitch from right chest to back.
Spots size of a lentil on chest.
Hard tender swelling about midway between nipple and sternum, but nearer latter; restless nights; in a baby a few months old.


Convulsive action of muscles of face and neck. ~ Tetanus.
Stiff neck; agg. on right side and in bed, after midnight.
Awoke in morning with stiffness about neck.
Stiff neck; tonsils swollen.
Glands of right side of neck hard.
Bronchocele; swelling nodulated; great weight in parts.
Pale red spots on neck. ~ Syphilis.
Back very stiff, every morning and in damp weather.
Pain streaking up and down backbone.
Rheumatism: of spine; pain passes up neck to back of head; in small of back for several weeks; chronic of back and hip joint; in lumbar muscles.
Constant dull, heavy pain in lumbar and sacral regions.
Persistent, unremitting aching in lumbar region day and night (no position giving relief), with severe sore throat with numerous white ulcerated spots on both tonsils; thickly coated tongue and bad odor from mouth.
Lumbago; back is very stiff every morning.
Pains shooting from sacrum down both hips.
Aching in sacrum.
After confinement aching pain in sacrum, very suddenly down limbs to knees, like in bone, passing down gradually to ankle and returning again to sacrum, jerking pain in different parts of body.
Spinal irritation.
Backache with diphtheria.


Glandular enlargements in axillae.
Both scapulae ache continually.
Shooting pain in right shoulder joint, with stiffness and inability to raise arm; aching and tenderness along top of right trapezius; after dislocation.
Rheumatism of left shoulder without fever.
Rheumatic affections of shoulder and arms, especially in syphilitic subjects; pains fly like electric shocks from one part to another, agg. at night and in damp weather.
Pains in arms always about midway between articulations, especially about attachment of deltoid; pain dull, aching, agg. at night; had syphilis a year ago.
Pain in muscles of both arms.
Rheumatic pains in arms.
Pain from tumor in breast extending down arm.
Inability to raise arm.
Lame feeling in arms.
Pale red spots on arms, in syphilis.
Rheumatic drawing in both forearms.
Hands tremble.
Rheumatic pains in hands; sudden pricking.
Rheumatism for several years; past year joints of all the fingers badly swollen; very painful, hard and shining.
Bony growth on palmar aspect of one finger (internally and externally for three months reduced its size one-half).
Whitlow; felon.


Pains shooting from sacrum down outside of both hips.
Sharp, cutting pain in hip, drawing; leg drawn up, cannot touch floor; hip disease on right side after mercury or in syphilitic children.
Syphilitic and gonorrheal sciaticas, with sharp, lancinating pain, not inclined to remain in one part long at a time; often darting along whole length of limb in quick, successive impulses, rendering leg powerless, numb and heavy, even to extremity of toes.
Pain in outer side of thigh; soreness in left groin; pressing, shooting, drawing, aching in thigh; great lassitude and desire to lie down. ~ Sciatica.
Sciatica; periostitis; nodes on tibia.
Chronic rheumatism of left hip joint, use of which was lost; synovial membrane implicated; considerable tumefaction from effusion; no swelling of limb; pain obtuse, heavy, aching, agg. in damp weather; complained of coldness of limb; pain agg. in warmth; much emaciation; night sweats, acid in reaction; urine generally scanty, but sometimes very clear; enlargement of glands of neck and axillae.
Occasional spasms of stomach and diaphragm for some years, and for the last six months severe pain in hip joint, mostly behind trochanter major; pains sharp, cutting, drawing, and occurred from 4 to 5 A. M., driving him immediately from bed; on first rising leg drawn up so that only toe would reach floor; rubbing and heat would afford some slight relief, but energetic walking was the only means of rendering it endurable; after a few hours in morning severe pains passed off and only a soreness and dull pain disturbed him till next morning; pains sometimes appeared in middle of tibia and fibula an down great toe.
Neuralgic pain on outer side of thighs.
Tearing pains in front and exterior surface of right thigh, when standing; much agg. sitting down; amel. lying down; frequently in right heel alone. ~ Rheumatism.
Almost constant pain in outer and back part of right limb, agg. at night, but never absent entirely; unable to bear weight of limb or to move it without extreme pain, which is dull, aching, and at times lancinating; pain came first in hip and extended thence into lower portion of limb.
Periostitis of right femur after exposure to cold and wet; after five months limb greatly swollen, surface red and shining; inability to stir limb; much pain, agg. towards evening; chills occasionally and nearly constant fever; no appetite; furred tongue.
Dull heavy pain in joints, agg. from exposure to air, especially in damp weather; sensation like shortening of tendons behind knee when walking; pains extend either upward or downward along shafts of femur and tibia, right side, agg. from motion and pressure. ~ Synovitis.
Legs tremble.
Leg is drawn up.
Aching down limbs to knee and ankle and returning.
Severe rheumatic pains in lower extremities, with nightly bone pains.
Chronic rheumatism in lower extremities.
Ulcers and nodes on legs.
Rheumatic pain in right knee, agg. in open air and damp weather.
Rheumatism of left knee; hamstrings feel shortened.
Chronic inflammation of knee joints.
Rheumatic pain below knee and in feet.
Nightly pains in tibia. ~ Periosteal rheumatism.
Pain in middle of tibia and fibula.
Edema of ankles; swollen feet.
Pain on dorsum of right foot, 4 A. M.
Feet puffed, soles burn; severe pains through ankles, feet and on dorsa of feet.
Obstinate ulcers (probably syphilitic) on inner sides and bottoms of both feet; ulcers appear as if punched out, round, with sharp edges, smooth sides, lardaceous base and about one-sixteenth of an inch deep, five on one foot and several on other; feet swollen, ankles edematous; burning, aching pain, with soreness on pressure, agg. walking or using sewing machine; dark, knotted veins traversed sides of feet near ulcers.
Aching of heels of a dull, wearing character, making life almost intolerable; amel. elevating feet higher than body; subject to rheumatism.
Flexion of toes.
Neuralgic pain in toes.
Pain in great toe.


Pains in middle of long bones, or attachment of muscles.
Pain in joints with great heat tormented him for weeks, first in fingers of left hand, then in other joints, then in right side, changing locality continually; when it attacked one joint it increased for five or six hours to an unbearable height, as if joint were being chopped with an axe; then it decreased for five or six hours, but before it had fully abated it had begun in another joint; amel. from midnight till morning; after pain had left joint remained immovable for a long while.
Rheumatic pains below knees and in arms.
Severe pains in arms and legs from elbows and knees to fingers and toes; agg. from motion and contact; syphilis.
Ulcers on arm and leg from one-half of an inch to three inches in size, irregular in shape, with ragged edges and surface studded with minute granulations which bled readily; ankles and knees swollen and inflamed, skin over swelling glistening and exceedingly sensitive to touch. ~ Secondary syphilis.
Cold hands and feet.


Desire to lie down: soreness in groin and pains in thigh.
Lying down: at night, cough.
Lying on right side: pain in breast agg.
Cannot lie on right side: pain in right hypochondrium.
Can lie in no position except on stomach: pain in right hypochondrium.
When rising from bed: feels faint.
Elevating feet higher than body: aching of heels amel.
Cannot raise arm: pain in right shoulder joint.
Turning head to left side: feeling of a lump in throat.
Sitting up: sick and dizzy; and leaning forward pain in hypochondrium slightly amel.
Standing: tearing pains in thigh; faint and dizzy.
When stepping from a high step to ground: feeling as if brain were bruised.
Indisposition to move: fatty degeneration of heart.
Motion: pains in eyes agg.; groans with pain; rheumatic diathesis agg.; of limb causes extreme pain; of limb impossible, rheumatism; pains in joints agg.; pain in arms and legs agg.; complains of soreness; rheumatism agg.
Swallowing: pains shooting from throat into ears.
Cannot chew on right side: ulcers on inside of cheek.
Exercise: pains in eyes agg.
Walking: pains in cardiac region agg.; energetic, relieved pain in hip; sensation of shortening of tendons behind knee; ulcers on feet agg.
Cannot walk: vertigo.

NERVES. [36]

Feeling of soreness in all the muscles; aching of back and legs, feeling as if pounded all over, with prostration.
Restlessness and moaning from general pains.
Great lassitude and desire to lie down, with rheumatism.
Faint and dizzy from standing.
Weakness and oppression; great exhaustion.
General and rapid prostration, in diphtheria.
Great exhaustion, prostration, muscular paresis.
Legs heavy, weak; he staggers.
Paralysis in diphtheria.
Drawing of thumbs into palms.
Limbs stiff, hands firmly shut, feet extend and toes flexed, teeth clenched and lips everted, opisthotonos; chin drawn to sternum.
Tetanus; extremities stiff; hands firmly shut; feet extended and toes flexed; eyes bleared and dancing; pupils contracted; teeth clenched; lips everted and firm; general muscular rigidity; opisthotonos; respiration difficult and oppressed; convulsive action of muscles of face and neck followed by partial relaxation, which again was succeeded by same tetanic condition.

SLEEP. [37]

Frequent gaping; drowsiness.
Restlessness at night; pains drive him out of bed.
On awaking feels wretched.

TIME. [38]

Morning: rheumatism agg.; swelling of eyelids agg.; discharge of clinkers from both nostrils; dryness of throat agg.; diarrhea; awoke with stiff neck; pain in hip passed off.
At 3 A. M.: wakes with nose stopped up.
At 4 A. M.: pain in dorsum of right foot.
From 4 to 5 A. M.: pains in hip joint drive him out of bed.
Afternoon: pressure around eyes; blotches in face agg.
At 1.30 P. M.: heavy aching feeling in head.
Evening: dryness of throat agg.; pain in right femur agg.
Day and night: persistent aching in lumbar region.
Night: pains in bones of face and head; child restless and feverish agg.; chills without fever; cough agg.; rheumatism agg.; rheumatism in right limb agg.
From midnight till morning: pains in joints amel.
After midnight: stiff neck.


Heat: slightly relieves hip joint.
Hot drinks: diphtheria agg.
Hot weather: vomiting and diarrhea.
Warmth: pain in hip joint agg.
Exposure to air: pains in joints agg.
Open air: burning and smarting in eyes and lids amel.; cough agg.
Washing: blotches in face agg.
When it rains: rheumatism comes on.
Exposure to damp and cold weather: diphtheria; cough; rheumatism of lower intercostal extending to abdominal and lumbar muscles; stiff neck; rheumatism agg.; periostitis of right femur; pains in joints agg.

FEVER. [40]

Coldness, faintness, dyspnea; limbs cold, head and face hot.
Chill: every morning; sudden, followed by fever after confinement; at night without special fever.
Heat: with pain in joints; high fever.
Sweat: cold on forehead; toes sweat; night sweat, having an acid reaction.


Every few minutes: vomiting.
One hour and a half after dinner, sometimes one hour and a half after supper: pains in hypochondrium.
A few hours after chill: breasts hard, swollen and painful.
Every two or three hours: sudden severe pains throughout breasts.
For five or six hours: pains in joints increased, then decreased same length of time.
Every morning: back very stiff; chill.
Nightly: bone pains; pains in tibia.
For several days: excessive flow of milk.
Weekly: sick-headache.
Third week after confinement: mamma hot, swollen and painful.
For several weeks: rheumatism of spine.
For six weeks: fearfully tumefied tumor of left breast.
At menstrual period: tumor of breast agg.
For six months: severe pain in hip joint.
Five years standing: chronic inflammation of bowels; enlarged mammary gland with large fistulous opening.
For several years: attacks of colic; rheumatism; spasms of stomach and diaphragm.


Right: shooting in temple; pain over head agg.; rheumatism of frontal region; suppurative choroiditis in eye; shooting pains through ears when swallowing agg.; small ulcers on inside of cheek; pressing pain in side of throat; tonsil much enlarged; sore throat; pressing pain up back of neck; side of head feels as if firmly pressed; constricted sensation in hypochondrium; sore space in hypochondrium; digging pain in hypochondrium; cannot lie on side on account of pain in hypochondrium; soreness and pain in hypochondrium; pain in kidneys, agg. side; breast full to overflowing of milk; aching pain in side of breast amel. lying on same side; shocks of pain appear in arm; stitch from side to back; stiff neck agg. side; glands of neck hard; pain in shoulder joint; aching and tenderness along top of trapezius; tearing pains in thigh; rheumatism in heel; constant pain in outer and back part of limb; periostitis of femur; pains in joints agg.; rheumatic pain in knee; pain on dorsum of foot.
Left: shooting from eye to vertex; swelling of eyelids agg.; heat in face agg.; eruption on upper lip; swelling around ear; sensation of lump in throat agg.; turning head to side feeling of a lump in throat; tumefied tumor of breast; tickling in side of larynx; lame feeling in side of chest; rheumatism of shoulder; soreness in groin; chronic rheumatism of hip joint; rheumatism of knee.
First in fingers of left hand, then in other joints, then in right side, changing locality continually.


As if brain were bruised; as of sand in eyes; as if eyes were too large; lids as if granulated; edges of eyelids as if raw; lids as if on fire; nostril as if tickled with a stiff feather; nose and eyes as if cold would come on; tongue as if scalded; as if a ball of red-hot iron had lodged in throat; as of a lump in throat; as if throat were so full it felt choked; right side of head as if pressed firmly; pharynx feels like a cavern; as if chest were a big empty cask; body as if bruised; as if pounded all over; as if joint were being chopped with an axe.
Pain: from frontal region back; in back of head and neck; from root of tongue downward to outer attachment of clavicle in neck and back; in pit of stomach; in cardiac portions of stomach; in region of pylorus; in right hypochondrium; in region of bladder; in sacrum to knees and ankles, thence up to sacrum; in joints; in chest and side; in throat and lungs; through midsternum; in region of heart, streaking up and down backbone; up neck to back of head; small of back; in arms midway between articulations; in muscles of both arms; from tumor in breast down arm; in outer side of thigh; in outer and back part of right limb; in middle of tibia and fibula; on dorsum of right foot; in great toe.
Unbearable pain: from nipples radiating over whole body.
Violent pains: in abdomen.
Great pain: in root of tongue; fauces.
Severe pain: in head; in umbilical region; in hip joint; through ankles; in arms and legs from elbows and knees to fingers and toes.
Sharp pain: through eyeball.
Lancinating pain: in breast; in limb.
Cutting: in pit of stomach; in hip.
Tearing pains: in front and exterior surface of right thigh.
Shooting pain: from left eye to vertex; in right temple; through ears; from throat into ears; from anus to lower part of rectum along perineum to middle of penis; from sacrum down both hips; on right shoulder joint; in thighs.
Drawing: about root of nose; down right side of neck; in thigh; in cicatrices.
Shocks of pain: in region of head; then in right arm.
Jerking pains: in different parts of body.
Stitch: from right chest to back.
Digging pain: in right hypochondrium; in upper and lower portions of liver.
Griping pains: in abdomen; in umbilical region.
Neuralgic pains: on outer side of thigh; in toes.
Rheumatic pain: in and about eye; in lumbar region; in spermatic cord; of left shoulder; in arms; in hands; of left hip joint; lower extremities; in knees; below knee and in feet.
Aching pains: in eyes; in chest and sides; in right side of breast; in lumbar region day and night; in sacrum; down limbs to knees to ankles, returning to sacrum along top of right trapezium; in thigh; up and down limbs to knees and ankles; in feet; of heels.
Cramps: in abdomen.
Sore pain: over head.
Dull, pressive pain: in head; in right side of throat; going up back of neck.
Dull, heavy pain: in forehead; in lumbar and sacral regions; in joints.
Dull pain: in region of kidneys.
Heavy, aching feeling: in head.
Burning: in eyes; in fauces and whole length of esophagus; in umbilical regions; in larynx and trachea; in feet.
Heat: in face; in throat; in stomach; in rectum; in trachea.
Stinging: down right side of neck through breasts.
Smarting: in eyes and lids; at tip of tongue; in fauces.
Soreness: deep in brain; in eyes; in periosteum and scalp; of teeth; of roof of mouth; at pit of stomach; in right hypochondrium; in region of kidneys; in spermatic cord; in spot in right hypochondrium; in all the muscles; in left groin.
Excoriation: in throat.
Bruised feeling: at pit of stomach; of muscles of chest and ribs.
Burnt feeling: on back part of tongue.
Scraping: in throat.
Rawness: in throat.
Roughness: in trachea and bronchia Suffocating feeling: in throat and lungs.
Tickling: in left side of larynx; in larynx.
Dryness: in top of head; in mouth; of throat; in fauces; pharynx; of larynx and trachea.
Contraction: in glottis.
Pressure: of forehead and upper part of both eyes; in top of head; around eyes; on temples; on thigh.
Constriction: in right hypochondrium; at precordium.
Fullness: in abdomen.
Distressing sensation of enlargement: of calibre of pharynx and esophagus.
Sickly feeling: in bowels.
Lame feeling: in left side of chest, near cardiac region; in arms.
Stiffness: in back.
Coolness: in abdomen.


Loss of fat (animals); emaciation, chlorosis.
Ulceration of mucous membrane in any part of body, but particularly in nose, throat and rectum.
Feels sore all over from head to foot, especially muscular soreness; groans when he moves, he is so sore.
Swelling and redness, with rheumatism.
Swelling hard but tender; intensely hot.
Pains shifting rapidly; swelling pale, puffy, anemic; no appetite; constipation; agg. from motion and at night. ~ Rheumatism.
Rheumatism of back and hip joints; chronic form; obtuse; heavy, aching pain, generally agg. in damp weather.
Arthritis vaga, or wandering gout; passing from one joint and place to another, with swelling and redness.
Rheumatism affecting periosteum, sheaths of nerves and fasciae.
Rheumatism: of right frontal region, accompanied by nausea, pain agg. in morning; of shoulder and arm, pains fly from one part to another, like an electric shock, agg. at night; of several years' standing, joints of all the fingers badly swollen, very painful, hard and shining; chronic of left hip joint; pain obtuse, heavy, aching, generally agg. in damp weather; coldness of limb, pain agg. by warmth; pain in outer and back part of right limb, agg. at night but never going away entirely, unable to bear any weight on limb or to move it without extreme pain, which is dull, aching and at times lancinating; chronic, of lower extremities, and knee joints with or without effusion; periosteal, with syphilitic taint; enlargement of glands of neck and axilla.
Rheumatic and neuralgic affections after diphtheria.
Rheumatic or syphilitic affections of fibrous tissues and periosteum, it not only affects the fibrous coverings of muscles but the fibrous envelopes or sheaths of the nerves.
Syphilitic and mercurial rheumatism; nightly pains in tibia, with nodes and irritable ulcers on lower leg.
Gonorrheal rheumatism.
Rupial sores in great numbers all over body; depression. ~ Syphilis.
Sore throat, ulcers on genitals; severe pains in arms and legs, from elbows and knees down to fingers and toes, with edematous swelling of affected parts; pain agg. from motion and contact; feet and legs covered with pale, red spots, about size of dime; more scattered on arms, face and neck; previous use of mercury. ~ Constitutional syphilis.
Bones inflamed, swollen; nightly pains.
Hard and painful nodosities.
Tumors: irritable; fatty; glandular.
Suppuration of painless tumors.
Glands, inflamed, swollen, indurated.
Carcinoma mamma; shooting, lancinating pains, agg. after sleeping; great exhaustion and prostration.
Gonorrheal buboes, epididymitis and other inflammatory glandular swellings.
It hastens suppuration.
Fetid discharge from breasts.
Pus watery, sanious, fetid, ichorous.


Touch: abdomen tender; sore spot in right hypochondrium; pains in arms and legs agg.; skin on swelled ankles and knees sensitive.
Pressure: of hands amel. pain in breasts; of finger on sore spot of trachea the only way to expectorate; pains in joints agg.; on ulcers of feet causes soreness.
Rubbing: slightly relieves pain in hip joint.
When riding: total obstruction of nose, must breathe through mouth.

SKIN. [46]

Skin cool, shrivelled, dry, lead-colored.
Barber's itch (local application of tincture).
Itch (a salve made from the roots), old cases where Sulphur did no good.
Salt rheum and itch.
Tinea capitis; shingles.
Ringworm; herpes circinatus.
Squamous eruptions, pityriasis; psoriasis.
Tinea capitis; crusta lactea; lupus; ulcers.
Lichen-like eruptions, with great itching of skin.
Warts, whitlow, syphilitic sores, scarlatina; measles.
A very ugly, black-looking, tettery eruption, communicated from one person to others (decoction from roots).
Blackness like gangrene.
Boils: disposition to boils; especially near ulcers; painful, on back, behind ears.
Ulcers: looking as if punched out; lardaceous base; pus watery, fetid, ichorous; shooting, lancinating, jerking pains; syphilitic, cancerous (also on breast).
Cancer of mamma and other parts of body; large cancer on forehead, and one size of hen's egg in breast.
Scirrhus especially of mamma; cancer of lips and cancerous ill-conditioned ulcers of face.
Erythematous blotches, irregular, slightly raised, pale red, ending in dark red or purple spots.
Rash on body; measles.
Scarlet eruption all over body.
Scarlatina; high fever, headache, both sides of throat covered with membrane, with rash on body.
Eruption dry, of a shrivelled appearance; in passing hand over skin it feels like brown paper; urine suppressed; hands and feet burning hot, cannot keep them covered; restless and sleepless; tongue dry in centre; sides coated brown; throat covered with a diphtheritic deposit of an ash color. ~ Scarlatina.
Scarlatina; with angina; acrid coryza; delirium; non-appearing eruption.
Red spots. ~ Syphilis.
Drawing in cicatrices.


Patient is of a rheumatic diathesis, and is frequently afflicted with rheumatism of the periosteal and fibrous tissues, or is suffering from secondary or tertiary syphilis.
Child, aet. 3; scarlet fever.
Boy, aet. 4; diphtheria.
Henry —, aet. 4; diphtheria.
Boy, aet. 10, after exposure to cold and wet; periostitis of right femur.
Girl, aet. 20, servant, strong, healthy; diphtheria.
Miss B., aet. 20; diphtheria.
Mrs. G., aet. 21, nursing a babe; diphtheria.
Mrs. —, aet. 22, second child, delicate, nervous temperament; irritable breast.
Miss E., aet. 23, light complexion, sandy hair, black eyes, nervous temperament, became ill a few hours after death of a niece whom she had nursed during attack of diphtheria; diphtheria.
Woman, aet. 25, syphilitic, after large doses of mercury; inflammation and ulceration of mouth.
Miss H., aet. 25; diphtheria.
Mariner, aet. 25, bilious temperament, contracted syphilis two years ago, suffering for last eight months; rupia.
Man, aet. 26; diphtheria.
Man, aet. 30, tall, strong, muscular; diphtheria.
Mrs. B., aet. 31; diphtheria.
Mrs. L., aet. 32, confined eight weeks ago; mastitis.
Mrs. H., aet. 36, of good family, mother of several children; syphilis.
S. —, aet. 39; diphtheria.
Woman, aet. 40, one year previously, after birth of seventh child, suffered from an abscess which was neglected; ulcer of breast.
Man, aet. 40, had similar attack fourteen years ago, from which he did not recover for over a year; rheumatism.
Mr. H., aet. 40, blacksmith; chronic rheumatism.
Mrs. S., aet. 40, scrofulous diathesis, fifteen years ago had severe attack of inflammatory rheumatism which became chronic; rheumatism.
Mrs. S., aet. 43, suffering several weeks; rheumatism.
Man aet. 45, suffering several years; pharyngitis.
Mrs. B., aet. 45, suffering several years; rheumatism.
Rev. W., aet. 50, suffering many months; rheumatism.
Merchant, syphilitic, was given mercury until salivated; inflammation and ulceration of pharynx.
Primipara, very corpulent, in poor circumstances, few days after confinement had chills and fever; very improperly breast was poulticed for nearly two weeks, when several large abscesses opened; ulceration and fistulae of mammary gland.
Mrs. C., large, well-proportioned, sanguine temperament, strongly scrofulous diathesis, had mammary abscesses during former pregnancy; abscess of mamma.
Man, tall, splendid physique, suffering for years; sciatica.
Young girl, suffering several weeks; periosteal rheumatism.
Middle-aged woman; ulcers of feet.
Man, subject to rheumatism; aching in heels.


Antidoted by: milk and salt; Bellad., Coffea (vomiting), Ignat., Mercur., Mezer., Sulphur (eye symptoms), Opium (large doses).
Compare: Camphor., Arsen., Arum tri., iris vers., Guaiac., Kali bich., Kali iod., Rhus tox., Ipecac.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 08, 1889
Description: Clinical materia medica of Phytolacca decandra
Remedies: Phytolacca decandra
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1889
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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