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Rheum. (Rheum Palmatum.)

Rhubarb. Polygonaceae.

Provings by Hahnemann, Gross, Hornburg, Rückert, Teuthorn, etc. See Allen's Encyclopaedia, vol. 8, p. 303.


- Headache, Fuller, Hah. Mo., vol. 20, p. 539; Difficult dentition, Tuller, Hah. Mo., vol. 20, p. 538; Renal affections, Tuller, Hah. Mo., vol. 20, p. 542; Diarrhea, Hartmann, Tietze, Weigel, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 1, p. 846; Kirsch, Müller, Hartmann, Kafka, Weber, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 5, p. 430; Smalls, Raue's Rec., 1873, p. 122, from U. S. Med. and Surg. Jour., vol. 7, p. 428; Dysentery, Gauwerky, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 5, p. 447.

MIND. [1]

Child impatiently and vehemently desires many things and cries; dislikes even its favorite playthings.
Screaming of children, with urging and sour stools.
Not inclined to talk much; indolent; taciturn; morose.
Restless, with weeping.


Vertigo and heaviness, with beating in head; agg. while standing.
Sensation as if brain moved, when standing.


Beating headache.
Dull, light, dizzy sort of headache, extending over whole brain.
Dull, stupefying headache, with bloated eyes.
Heaviness of head; heat rising up to it.
Pulsation in head, ascending from abdomen.
Pulsative, crampy headache.
Sensation as if brain moved when stooping.
Headache due to gastric derangement; pain on top of head; sour, flat, slimy taste in mouth; bitter taste of food; hunger, but great repugnance to food after eating a little.


Sweat on hairy scalp, constant and very profuse; whether asleep or awake, in motion or quiet, the hair is always sopping wet; sweat may or may not be sour.


Weak and dull, especially when looking intently at any object.
Swimming eyes full of water, especially in open air.
Pupils dilated, with pressing headache; later contracted, with inward restlessness.
Contracted pupils.
Pulsation in eyes.
Convulsive twitching of eyelids.
Granulated upper lids.


Stupefying drawing in root of nose, extending to tip, where it tingles.


Pale; one cheek red, the other pale.
Muscles of forehead are drawn together and wrinkled.
Tension of skin of face.
Cool sweat on face, most around nose and mouth.


Painful sensation of coldness in teeth, with accumulation of much saliva.
Difficult dentition; restlessness and irritability; child is nervous, with temporary satisfaction after its whims are gratified; pallor of face; occasional twitching of eyelids, corners of mouth, lips and fingers; the child smells sour.


Taste: sour; flat, slimy; insipid or nauseous; bitter only of food, even of sweet things.
Tongue numb, insensible.


Salivation with colic or diarrhea.


Desire for various kinds of food, which become repugnant as soon as a little is eaten.


After eating prunes, colic.
After a meal, loose stool; colic, which is worse standing.


Nausea, as from stomach or abdomen, with colic.


Fullness in stomach, as after eating too much.
Throbbing in pit of stomach.
Disordered stomach in children; nervous, irritable, desiring many things, with repugnance to food, pale face, sour-smelling breath, nightly restlessness and crying during sleep.


Jaundice, in consequence of eating unripe fruit, accompanied by white diarrhea.
Duodenal catarrh and catarrh of biliary ducts, with jaundice; stools whitish, pasty, or clay-colored; skin, earthy, jaundiced.


Sensation of nausea in abdomen.
Abdomen bloated, tense; wind seems to rise into chest.
Like a lump around navel.
Cutting and rumbling as from flatulence.
Griping with great urging to stool.
Cutting in umbilical region.
Colic: violent pain with cutting; must lie doubled up; agg. when standing; immediately before stool, not amel. by stool; before and during stool, amel. after; a quarter of an hour after dinner; with very sour stools, acid children; in children made agg. at once by uncovering an arm or a leg, child smells sour; agg. by eating plums.


Frequent urging and ineffectual straining; agg. on motion and walking.
Colicky; ineffectual urging; altered fecal stools.
Desire for stool after a meal.
Stool: brown, slimy; loose, thin, curdled, sour-smelling, fermented; corroding anus; mucous and fecal; pasty; thin, brownish, fecal; whitish, curdy, turning green on diaper on exposure to air; of a pea-green; feces mixed with green slime; fetid; frothy.
Before stool: urging; ineffectual urging to urinate; cutting colic.
During stool: colic; chilliness, cutting and constricting pains in abdomen; pale face; salivation; screaming (teething infants), with drawing up of limbs or stiffening body.
After stool: tenesmus; renewed urging (when moving); constrictive cutting colic, agg. from motion.
Aggravation: when moving about; in infants and children; after eating; during dentition; in childbed; during inflammatory rheumatism; in hot weather; when uncovering (pains).
Amelioration: by bending double (colic).
Diarrhea, with sour, slimy stool and tenesmus after abuse of Magnesia.
Almost immediately after nursing child has a loose stool, which is sour-smelling, accompanied by colic.
Liquid slimy stools, as if fermented, with pale face, ptyalism, colic, crying and restlessness; child draws up legs, smells sour despite all washing.
Very severe diarrhea, with colic and tenesmus; alternate chilliness and heat; great thirst; general sweat; great prostration, restlessness, fear of death.
Diarrhea of teething children during Summer; extreme emaciation.
Diarrhea of children who have not cut any teeth; evacuations fluid, greenish, sour-smelling, as if fermented, accompanied by colic, with flexing of thighs upon abdomen; tossing about; paleness of face; ptyalism.
Sour, fetid discharge during dentition; always some congestion about head; fever and dark-colored, smarting urine and dysuria.
Dysentery; after bloody stools have ceased, tenesmus, with brown, mushlike, slimy, sour stools.
During phthisis, greenish diarrhea, of sour smell, containing much mucus, accompanied by colic and tenesmus.
Diarrhea during inflammatory rheumatism.
Chronic diarrhea, sour, frothy; with moist tongue, thirst, loss of appetite.


Burning in kidneys and bladder, before and during urination.
Bladder weak, must press hard to urinate.
Urine: increased; red or greenish-yellow.
Abdomen distended; urine scanty, burning, reddish, with a pink sediment; face pale and bloated; disposition irritable; very nervous; constant disposition to sweat upon slightest motion; hair wet all the time; severe cutting drawing in left loin below short ribs, with a drawing, aching, burning sensation in left ovarian region, sometimes agonizing. ~ Ascites.
Child lay in a stupor, from which he frequently roused and screamed; face pale and covered with cool sweat, forehead and hair sopping wet; lips, eyelids and fingers twitching; urine scanty, hot, with slimy shreds and strings of blood on diaper; renal region tender on pressure, causing child to wince and cry.
Eight months pregnant; face and eyes bloated; great pallor of countenance, irritable, nervous, easily startled by noises and apprehensive, twitching of facial muscles; great disposition to sweat on slightest motion; cool sweat on forehead; hair constantly wet; urine scanty and fragrant, high-colored.


Bearing down in uterine region, while standing.


After abortus, urinary complaints.
Milk of nursing women yellow and bitter; infant refused breast.
Diarrhea in first days after confinement, with colic, tenesmus, prostration, restlessness; fear of death; stools watery, offensive.
Stitches in nipples.


Dyspnea, as from a load on upper part of chest.
Snoring inspiration during sleep.


Pulse generally unchanged; only a little accelerated, especially in evening.


Stiffness in sacrum and hips; cannot walk straight.
Violent cutting, as if in lumbar vertebrae, agg. by stool.
Cutting, drawing in left lumbar region, beneath short ribs and in forepart of left side of lower abdomen, just above pubes; digging in intestines.


Darting pains in arms.
Twitching in arms, hands and fingers.
Bubbling sensation in elbow joints.
Veins of hand distended.
Cold sweat on palms of hands.


Twitching of muscles of thighs.
Sensation of fatigue in thighs, as after great exertion.
Tensive, pressing pain in hollow of left knee, extending to heel.
Stiffness in bend of knee, with pain on motion.
Bubbling sensation from bend of knee to heel.


Limbs fall asleep from lying on them, particularly the lower, in putting one over the other.
Simple pain in all the joints during motion.


Takes the queerest positions, in order to rest awhile; restless nights; cannot walk erect; flexes limbs; puts hands over head; must lie doubled up.
Lying on limbs: makes them fall asleep.
Must lie doubled up: colic.
Stooping: as if brain moved.
Standing: vertigo, as if brain moved; colic agg.; bearing down in uterine region.
Motion: urging and straining agg.; colic agg.; slightest disposition to sweat; stiffness in bend of knee painful, pain in all joints.
Walking: urging and straining.
Cannot walk straight: stiffness of limbs, hips and sacrum.

NERVES. [36]

Weakness, exhaustion also of children, with diarrhea.
Weakness and heaviness of whole body as if one were waking from a heavy sleep.
Child is pale, quarrels, frets in sleep; with convulsive startings in fingers.

SLEEP. [37]

Puts hands over head when falling asleep and in sleep.
During sleep: heat; jerking motion of muscles in face or eyelids; trembling; moving limbs; bending head backward.
Children cry and toss about all night; delirious talking; full of fear.
Vivid, sad, anxious dreams.
Walking in sleep.
On awakening from sleep, headache; bad odor from mouth.
Requires very little sleep and not much food.

TIME. [38]

Evening: pulse accelerated.
Night: restlessness; children cry and toss about.


General aggravation from uncovering, from cold.
Amelioration from wrapping up, from warmth.
Open air: eyes full of water.
Uncovering arm or leg: colic agg.
Hot weather: colic agg.

FEVER. [40]

Chilliness, alternating with heat; internal, with external heat.
Heat all over, mostly on hands and feet, with cold face; no thirst.
Perspiration from slight exertions.
Sweats easily without fever.
Perspiration on forehead and scalp after slight exertion.
Cold perspiration on face, especially about mouth and nose.
Sweat on scalp and forehead.
Cold sweat about nose and mouth.
Sweat stains yellow.


Alternate: chilliness and heat.


Symptoms mostly left-sided; going (in the sick) downward, or from right to left.
Left: cutting drawing in loin; drawing, burning in ovarian region; cutting drawing in lumbar region and in forepart of side of lower abdomen; pressing pain in hollow of knee.


As if brain moved; as of a lump around navel; as of a load on upper part of chest; cutting as if in lumbar vertebrae; heaviness, as if one were waking from a heavy sleep.
Pain: on top of head; in all joints.
Violent pain: in abdomen.
Cutting: in umbilical region.
Cutting drawing: in left loin; in left lumbar region.
Darting pains: in arms.
Digging: in intestines.
Stitches: in nipples.
Constricting pains: in abdomen.
Drawing, aching, burning: in left ovarian region.
Tensive, pressing pain: in hollow of knee.
Beating: in head.
Throbbing: in pit of stomach.
Pulsation: in head; in eyes.
Twitching: eyelids, corners of mouth, lips and fingers; in arms and hands; of muscles of thighs.
Burning: in kidneys and bladder.
Bearing down: in uterine region.
Stupefying drawing: in root of nose.
Dull, stupefying headache.
Dull, light, dizzy sort of headache.
Bubbling sensation: in elbow joints; from bend of knee to heel.
Fullness: in stomach.
Heaviness: in head.
Numbness: of tongue.
Painful coldness: in teeth.


Diarrhea during dentition.
Acute rheumatism, going from joint to joint, right shoulder to hip, left hip to right.
Lameness of wrists and knees after sprains and dislocations.

SKIN. [46]

Sour smell of whole body.
Child smells sourish, even if washed or bathed.


Often suitable for children, sucklings, or during dentition.
Sour-smelling children who cry a great deal Child, aet. 5 months, suffering four days; diarrhea.
Boy, aet. 6 months, after diphtheria; acute nephritis.
Boy, aet. 9 months, ill three days; diarrhea.
Girl, aet. 2; frothy diarrhea.
Woman, aet. 35, blonde, lively disposition, delivered several days ago, suffering three days; diarrhea.
Mrs. W., aet. 47, eight months pregnant; renal disorder.
Mrs. A., aet. 60; renal affection.


Antidoted by: Camphor., Chamom., Coloc., Mercur., Nux vom., Pulsat.
It antidotes: Canthar. and Magn. carb.
Compatible: Ipecac.
Complementary: after Magn. carb.
Compare: Arsen., Bellad., Chamom., Coloc., Dulcam., Nux vom., Podoph., Pulsat., Rhus tox., Sulphur.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 09, 1890
Description: Clinical materia medica of Rheum palmatum
Remedies: Rheum palmatum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1890
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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