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Cebadilla. Liliaceae.

Indigenous to Eastern Mexico, Guatemala and Venezuela. It is a bulbous plant bearing greenish-yellow flowers on a spikelike raceme. The tincture is prepared from the powdered seeds.

Provings by Hahnemann, Gross, Hartlaub, Hromada, Langhammer, Rückert, Schultz, Schnke, Stapf, etc., Archiv fr Hom., vol. 4.


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MIND. [1]

No response to questions, loss of consciousness; afterward jumps up and runs recklessly through room.
Erroneous impressions as to the state of his body.
Imagines: himself sick; parts shrunken; that she is pregnant, when she is merely swollen from flatus; that she has some horrible throat disease which will end fatally.
Delirium during intermittents.
Mania; rage, quieted only by washing head in cold water.
Melancholy from deep-seated abdominal irritation.
Anxious sensation with restlessness and qualmishness.
Easily frightened; startled by noises.
Thinking produces headache.
Mental exertion aggravates headache and produces sleep.
After fright hysteric paroxysms.


Vertigo: things turn black before eyes, sensation of fainting; as if things were turning, especially when rising from a seat; more sitting than walking; felt stupid.
Dullness of head. ~ Influenza.
Beclouded, as after intoxication, without vertigo or pains.
Vertigo with sensation as if all things were turning around each other.
Attacks of giddiness coming generally in evening; in one attack fainted, then vomited food and bile; during attacks felt suddenly as if she would fall if she did not hold on to something; felt glad to get into open air; gastric disturbance, felt sick after meals.
Attacks of giddiness; of short duration, affected suddenly; everything seems to be whirling round her; she has to hold on to something, otherwise she would fall down; if in the house the whole house seems to be coming down upon her; if in the street the houses seem to be falling upon her, and unless she can hold on to some support she falls down; sometimes awakes at night with the whirling sensation; attacks come on without warning, last but a few moments, and are followed by a weak, tired feeling; at other times suffers from attacks of longer duration, sometimes lasting greater part of forenoon, accompanied by nausea and visual disturbance; brain seems to go round and round, and eyes move to and fro, as if they went round with the whirling sensation; if she shuts her eyes the whirling seems to go in the opposite direction and she becomes sick; she likes to lie perfectly still and to look fixedly at one object; if she turns her eyes to look at any other object, or if she shuts her eyes she becomes sick; feels agg. in mornings, very weak in forenoon and amel. in afternoon; the sudden giddy attacks come on at any time, the attacks with nausea mostly in the mornings; has a depressed, anxious look; appetite very poor; likes milk, feels soon satisfied; some nausea after meals; mouth when she wakes very dry and burning, tongue dry and thickly coated; bad taste; palms of hands dry and horny and inclined to scale; at night they are so burning that she has to keep them outside the bedclothes; the top of her head is hot; she feels best out of doors.


Pressure in head agg. in forehead and temples. ~ Hay fever.
Stitches in temples.
Headache after a walk; on returning to room a twisting, screwing pain from right side of head to both temples, spreading over whole head, after going to bed, returning daily.
Hemicrania with taenia.
Headache from much thinking or too close attention.
Stupefying, oppressive sensation in forehead, producing a reeling sensation.
Corrosive, burning point on top of head.
Head feels dull and heavy.
Painful heaviness, first in forepart of right side of forehead, whence it extends more and more toward left side.
Headache and vertigo, amel. while eyes are steadily fixed upon an object and while patient is thinking of one subject.
Stupefying headache with coryza, itching and burning of scalp, general heat of whole body; agg. in forenoon.


Fine prickling stitches in skin of forehead and scalp, when becoming warm.
Burning, crawling itching on hairy scalp, amel. from scratching, agg. from getting into a sweat while walking.
Burning and tingling itching on scalp, as from lice.
Burning itching most on front of head and behind ears; feeling of heat spreading thence over whole body; after scratching violent tickling and stinging; red spots, later with a scurf, agg. when overheated or sweating during day.
Forehead covered with cold sweat.


Lachrymation: when walking in open air, on looking at light, sneezing, coughing or yawning; as soon as least pain is felt in some other part of body, for instance in hand.
Pressure on eyeballs when looking upward.
Margins of lids red.
Blue rings under eyes.


Difficulty of hearing.
Severe stitches in left ear.
Tickling in ears.
Jerking pains with itching in ear.
Itching of ears, with worms.


Spasmodic sneezing. ~ Hay fever. ~ Influenza.
Fluent coryza. ~ Influenza.
Either nostril stuffed up, inspiration through nose labored, snoring.
Itching in nose; agreeable titillation in alae.
Profuse bleeding from nose.
Bright red blood comes from posterior nares and is expectorated.
Very sensitive to smell of garlic.
Violent sneezing from time to time, shaking abdomen; followed by lachrymation.
Coryza with severe frontal pains and redness of eyelids; violent sneezing; copious watery discharge from nose.


Face feels hot, as after wine, face and eyes are red. ~ Hay fever.
Face deadly pale and sunken, features distorted, great anxiety.
Beating and jerking in muscles of left upper jaw.
Intermittent neuralgia, beginning with a shaking chill of great severity; twitching, convulsive trembling.
Swelling of face, with spotted eruption.


Can hardly open mouth from pain in joints and muscles; with sore throat.
Lips hot, dry, burn as if scalded.
Cracking of articulation of jaw on opening mouth wide.


Remittent or intermittent toothache, often extending over whole side of face; agg. from hot or cold food or drink, from walking in cold air, even with closed mouth.
Dull, troublesome pain in carious teeth, with sore throat.
Gums: swollen; bluish.


Taste: bitter; sweet; lost.
Tongue: sore, coated thick yellow; white in centre; moist, during fever; feels sore as if full of blisters; burning on tip.
Cannot protrude tongue, with sore throat.
Pain in tongue and down throat, deglutition difficult.


Cannot bear anything hot in mouth.
Anything cold in mouth causes pain during sore throat.
Mouth dry; throat sore.
Saliva: seemingly hot during pyrosis; copious with nausea, vomiting and vomiturition; sweetish, collects in mouth; jellylike; ptyalism.
Frequent spitting of insipid water.


Sensation of a skin hanging loosely in throat, must swallow over it; as if uvula were down.
Much tough phlegm in throat; must hawk.
Hawks bright red blood from posterior nares.
Stitches in throat, only when swallowing; tonsils swollen and inflamed, nearly suppurating; left to right.
Tonsillitis after coryza; suppuration; right tonsil remains somewhat swollen and indurated.
Dryness of fauces and throat.
Constricted feeling deep in throat, as if esophagus would be closed, as after swallowing an astringent drink.
Continual desire to swallow, deeply cutting pains, whole body writhes.
Cannot swallow saliva on account of pain, must spit it out.
While swallowing, or not, feeling in throat of a body which he must swallow.
Can swallow warm food more easily, in sore throat.
Sensation of a lump in throat with inclination to swallow.
Sore throat, continual desire to swallow, pale redness and slight swelling of mucous membrane; in children affected with worms.
Roughness in throat, as if a morsel of food had lodged there, causing cough.
In an epidemic of sore throat, all cases which commenced on left and extended to right side.
Angina; hydrophobia.


Morbid hunger or loathing of food. ~ Intermittent.
Disgust: for all food; for meat; for sour things; for coffee; for garlic.
No relish for food until she takes the first morsel, when she makes a good meal. ~ Pregnancy.
Canine appetite, especially for sweets, farinaceous food, puddings, alternating with disgust for meat, wine or sour things.
No thirst, with moist tongue.
Desire for hot things. ~ Angina.
Great thirst. ~ Angina.
Thirstlessness, with exception of desire for milk.


Eructations: in intermittents; rancid; sour.
Pyrosis, heat comes up into throat; copious salivation, saliva seemingly as hot as the body, but it is not.
Constantly spits insipid water.
Nausea: before eating; with chilliness; regurgitation, vomiturition in intermittents; regurgitation of bitter mucus, leaving fatty taste; constantly spits insipid water.
Vomiting: of bile; with whooping cough; of lumbrici; or frequent nausea and vomiturition, with feeling of foreign body in esophagus.
Nausea and retching, with feeling of worm in esophagus.
Much nausea and vomiting, with heat in abdomen.


Coldness in stomach.
Empty feeling in stomach.
Spasm of stomach, with short breath and dry cough.
Troublesome bloatedness of stomach, with loss of appetite.
Beating in left side of gastric region toward back.
Burning in esophagus and stomach, vomiturition, cutting in abdomen; loose stool; nervous debility, twitchings.
Corroding, burning pain in stomach, when walking.
(In sick:) Heat in stomach and through whole body.
Burning pain in stomach and along chest, as high as pit of throat.
A peculiar pain as if a sore spot were pressed upon, below pit of stomach on pressure and during inspiration.
Gastric symptoms, agg. in morning.


Stitching pains in hypochondria.


Turning and twisting through whole abdomen, as from a lump.
Spasmodic contraction of abdominal muscles, left side, with burning pains; he bends over to left side.
Sensation as if a ball of thread were moving and turning rapidly through abdomen.
Cutting in bowels as with knives.
Burning, boring, whirling in region of navel. ~ Worms.
Bloated abdomen.
Sensation as if abdomen were sunken.
Rumbling in abdomen as if empty.
Colic: with sensation as if a ball were moving and turning through abdomen, cries out, “Oh my bowels, they go like a wheel;” with violent urging to stool and borborygmus; from worms.


Emission of much flatus.
Violent urging to stool with croaking as of frogs; sits a long time, then passes immense quantities of flatus, which is followed by an enormous evacuation; after that burning in abdomen; stool mixed with blood.
Diarrhea: stool fermented, brown, floating on water; liquid, mixed with blood and slime.
Very difficult stools, with much burning in abdomen and a sensation as of something alive in abdomen.
Before stool: pinching around umbilicus; loud rumbling; urging; emission of flatus; drawing in spermatic cords; burning in anus; shuddering.
After stool: burning in abdomen and rectum.
Crawling, itching in anus; ascarides.
Lumbrici; taenia; worm fever.
Vomiting of lumbrici, or nausea and retching, with sensation of a foreign body in esophagus.
Tapeworm with severe burning boring pains in abdomen, accumulation of saliva in mouth, great chilliness and sensitiveness to cold; sensation as if abdomen were sunken, or stomach gnawed; vomiturition and sensation of foreign body in throat.
Tenia; flushed face; one-sided headache with drawing extending into shoulders, and one-sided convulsive throwing about and involuntary rotations of arm of same side; Sabad. cured, and after a few weeks administration caused discharge of a large mass of tapeworm, with complete relief.


Urging to urinate, especially in evening.
Burning in urethra when urinating. ~ Gonorrhea.
Urine thick and turbid like muddy water.


Pollutions, followed by loss of power in extremities.
Lascivious dreams and emissions, with relaxed penis; afterward painful erections with extraordinary lassitude.


Nymphomania from ascarides.
Before menses: painful pressure downward.
Cutting pains, as from knives, in ovary. ~ Ovaritis.
Menses: too late, with painful bearing down a few days previous; decrease, flow by fits and starts, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, blood bright red.


Gastric symptoms during pregnancy.


Hoarseness when pressing on larynx, throat feels sore.
Influenza; violent spasmodic sneezing and lachrymation on going into open air; tonsillitis begins on left side and extends to right; pain agg. when swallowing empty; sensation as of a thread or string in throat, or a sense of constriction as if it were tied by a string.
Epidemic influenza: great sleepiness during day; chilliness, shivering and horripilations, particularly toward evening; chilliness running upward, from feet to head; lachrymation and redness of eyelids; pressure in eyes, particularly when moving them and when looking upward; pressing headache, particularly in forehead; sore pain in tongue, which is covered with a thick yellow coating; pain in tongue extends into throat; difficult deglutition; frequent sensation as if a skin were hanging loosely in throat; bitter taste in mouth; complete loss of appetite; nausea; dryness of mouth; thirstlessness; constipation with rumbling of flatus or diarrhea of brown fermented stool, which floats upon the water; urine yellow and turbid; cough with vomiting, headache, sharp stitches in vertex, pain in region of stomach; hoarse cough, often with haemoptysis; painful paralytic weakness of limbs, particularly of knees; all the symptoms agg. from cold; aggravation toward afternoon, reaching its height in evening; heat of face with chilliness and coldness of limbs or chilliness running up back, returning every ten minutes; skin dry as parchment; sleep restless; disturbed by anxious dreams; cough immediately on lying down.


Sensation of narrowness in throat.
Shortness of breath, cardialgia, dry cough.
Breathing: heavy; anxious, during heat.
Wheezing in chest.
Sudden oppression of breathing, in pit of stomach, with anxiety.

COUGH. [27]

Cough: dry, from scratching or roughness in throat; in children, with lachrymation; during chill, also during apyrexia; hoarse sounding with haemopto; nightly, dry; short, dry, produced by a scraping in throat; as soon as one lies down; dry, with perspiration and lachrymation; with stitch in vertex, vomiting and pain in stomach.
Cough agg. : from cold, or becoming cold; as soon as he lies down; violent spells recur at same hour or at new and full moon.
Expectoration: of tenacious, yellow mucus, of a repulsive sweet taste; of bright red blood, especially when lying down.


Pain and oppression in chest during apyrexia. ~ Intermittent.
Stitches in side of chest, especially when inspiring or coughing.
Pleuritis, great paralytic debility.
Complains of coldness, with hot flashes intervening. ~ Pleuritis.
Burning and stitches in chest.


Pulse small, spasmodic.
Sensation as if circulation were suspended.


Red spots on chest.


Spine affected; after pollutions excessive weakness shows itself in legs.
Bruised feeling in back and spine; also in sacral region.


Sweat in axillae.
Convulsions in arms.
Trembling of arms and hands.
Stitches in muscles of arms.
Red spots and stripes on arms and hands.
When writing trembling of hand; old people.
Thick, crippled nails.
Pain in right shoulder extending to chest, with sensation as if a tape prevented circulation of blood.
Blisters on hands and fingers from little work.


Rheumatic pains in hips; severe stitching; agg. during rest, amel. from motion.
Stinging sensation in both thighs at same time.
Smarting in right hypochondrium; shooting down in front of thigh and up to right scapula; pain makes her twist around; numbness and tingling down right leg and foot. ~ Rheumatism.
Loss of power in legs. ~ Spermatorrhea.
Boring, tearing in thighs.
Stitches in muscles of thighs.
Severe burning and inflammation of tibia.
Feet swell, are painful on walking; feels every pebble.
Heaviness of feet.
Thick, inflamed, crippled toe nails.
Horizontal fissures between and under toes.
Swelling of feet with tenderness or profuse sweating of soles.


Paralytic drawing through limbs.
Stitches in flesh of arms or thighs.
Weariness in limbs.
Continuous heaviness in limbs, obliging one to lie down all day, but especially in later hours of forenoon and toward evening.


Lying perfectly still: vertigo amel.
Lying down: cough immediately; expectoration agg.
Sitting: vertigo agg.
Rising from a seat: vertigo.
He bends to left side: contraction of muscles of abdomen.
Opening mouth wide: cracking of articulation of jaw.
Writing: trembling of hands.
Walking: vertigo; afterward headache, getting into sweat agg. itching of scalp; pain in stomach.

NERVES. [36]

Great debility of knees with relaxation or heaviness of body.
Great debility in intermittents.
Great paralytic weakness in pleuritis.
Intense but transient bruised pain in various parts of body.
Intense pain in all the bones, especially in joints, as if interior of bones were scraped and cut with sharp knife.
Hysteria after a fright.
Twitchings, convulsive tremblings, or catalepsy from worms.
Nervous diseases from worms or deeply seated abdominal irritation.

SLEEP. [37]

Sleepiness: in forenoon; all day; can hardly overcome the inclination; before chill; during heat.
Sleep disturbed by confused unremembered dreams.
Drowsy during day, restless at night.
Many ideas occupy mind, prevent sleep or make it light; evenings.
Sleep restless, tosses about; interrupted by frightful dreams.
In morning starts up from sleep as from a fright.

TIME. [38]

Morning: feels agg.; vertigo and nausea; gastric symptoms agg.; heat on rising, mouth dry and sticky; sweat.
Forenoon: attacks of giddiness last greater part; very weak; stupefying headache agg.; later hours, weariness of limbs; sleepiness.
Day: itching on front of head; great sleepiness; drowsy.
Afternoon: feels amel.; influenza agg.; chill.
Evening: attacks of giddiness, urging to urinate agg.; toward, shivering and horripilations agg.; influenza agg.; toward, heaviness of limbs; many ideas occupy mind, prevent sleep; chill.
At 9 P. M.: paroxysms of tertian ague.
Night: awakes with a whirling sensation; palms burn; restless; heat, only tertian ague paroxysms.


Hot drinks: toothache agg.; cannot bear anything hot in mouth.
When overheated: itching on head agg.
Warm stove: chilliness amel.
Warmth: stitches in forehead and scalp.
Returning to room: twisting, screwing pain from right side of head to temple.
Open air: vertigo amel.; feels amel.; when walking, lachrymation; spasmodic sneezing and lachrymation.
Anything cold in mouth causes pain.
Cold drinks: toothache agg.
Cold air: toothache agg. from walking.
Cold: agg. all symptoms; cough agg.; sensitive to.

FEVER. [40]

Chilliness and sensitiveness to cold.
Frequently recurring fits of shuddering, passing off quickly without being immediately followed by heat or thirst; suddenly feels hot, especially in face; feels as if a hot breath came out of mouth and nose and heated neighboring parts; no thirst; very comfortable feeling in whole body, and clearness of head; fits of shuddering recur eight or ten times at intervals; paroxysms of heat less frequent but last longer.
Chill without thirst, often without subsequent heat.
Violent chilliness, as if dashed with cold water, amel. by a warm stove.
Dry spasmodic cough with pain in ribs and tearing in all bones, during chill.
Thirst begins as chill leaves.
Thirst for warm drinks before heat.
Chill: afternoon or evening, returning at same hour; often without subsequent heat; predominates particularly on extremities, with heat of face; runs from below upward.
Evening fever with cold hands and feet and burning face.
Whole body feels hot during coryza. ~ Influenza.
Heat mostly of head and face, often interrupted by shivering, always returning at same hour.
Feverish; he feels sick, anxious, starts easily, trembles, breathes short and hot.
Febrile condition, an unwell, sick feeling, restless anxiety, easy startings, short hot breath, trembling, great orgasm of blood, eyes weak and unsteady, as if everything were in motion, as if air itself were in tremulous motion; irresistible desire to sleep, with yawning, icy-cold, shivering without shaking, constant nausea.
Heat: only at night and after rising in morning, more internally or only hands, forehead, lips and cheeks feel hot; hands are constantly dry and rough; mouth completely dried up and sticky, in morning; moderate thirst, desire for juicy food; no perspiration, daily for two weeks; head and face, as if he had taken wine, not perceptible to hand, for three hours.
Heat in head not felt externally; internal chilliness.
Sweat of soles of feet.
Apyrexia: constantly chilly; loss of appetite; eructations sour, rancid; vomiting of bile and bitter mucus; oppressive bloatedness of stomach; pain in chest; debility; sour eructations.
Sweat often during heat; in morning hours with sleep; on face, rest of body cold.
Tertian ague of several months' duration which had been treated with Cinchona; chill predominates; thirstlessness and bulimia alternating with aversion to food.
Violent shaking of limbs as in a severe chill, so that she could not stand and hardly speak, without any sensation of coldness, although surface was cold to touch; then heat and thirst followed by sweat; twelve to eighteen attacks during twenty-four hours, agg. every other day. ~ Ague.
Tertian ague, paroxysms at night, after use of household remedies paroxysms ceased for a short time; finally returned and set in daily, always at same hour; chill moderate, followed by thirst and severe long-continued fever with headache.
Stages not well marked, shivering often recurs after onset of heat, or there are heat and coldness at same time in different parts of body, thirst at one time present, at another absent, little alteration in pulse, sweat profuse but of short duration; transient nausea; aversion to food during paroxysm; accumulation of water in mouth; belching; scratching in throat as from something sharp, and sensation as if a soft body in throat must be constantly swallowed; paroxysms appear at 9 P. M. ~ Tertian ague.
Intermittent fever during Spring; severe chill without subsequent heat or sweat; during apyrexia great weakness of limbs.
Ague with regurgitation of food and nausea; thirst between chill and heat.
Paroxysms recur at same hour; chill predominates; thirst only between chill and heat; during apyrexia constant chilliness, cough, oppressed breathing and pain in chest.
Ague paroxysms consisting only of a cold stage; after abuse of Quinine.
Paroxysm invariably at 3 P. M., chill lasted two hours, with some thirst; heat violent of three hours' duration, and sweating for four hours; no thirst in heat or sweat. ~ Quartan ague.
Fever where gastric symptoms prevail, with dry, convulsive cough in cold stage. ~ Quartan ague.


Alternating: canine appetite and disgust for meat and sour things; thirstlessness and bulimia with aversion to food.
At intervals: eight or ten times fits of shuddering.
Every ten minutes: chilliness up back.
At same hour: cough; chill.
Invariably at 3 P. M.: paroxysms of chills.
Daily: twisting pain in head; for two weeks heat in head and face; twelve to eighteen attacks; shaking.
Nightly: cough.
Every other day: attacks of shaking agg.
At new or full moon: cough agg.
Ague: of several months' duration.
Spring: intermittent fever.


Right: screwing pain, in side of head; heaviness in side of forehead; pain in shoulder; smarting in hypochondrium; numbness and tingling down leg and foot.
Left: severe stitches in ear; jerking in muscles of upper jaw; beating in side of gastric region; spasmodic contraction of abdominal muscles; he bends to side.
Left to right: stitches in throat, sore throat; tonsillitis.
Upward: chilliness running from feet to head.
From below upward: chill.


As if things were turning around each other; as if she would fall if she did not hold on to something; as if eyes went round with the whirling sensation; lips as if scalded; tongue as if full of blisters; as of a skin hanging loosely in throat; as if uvula were down; as if esophagus would be closed; as of a body in throat which he must swallow down; as of a lump in throat; as if a morsel of food had lodged in throat; as of a worm in esophagus; as if a sore spot were pressed upon; as of a lump in abdomen; as if a ball of thread were moving and turning rapidly through abdomen; as if knives were cutting abdomen; as if abdomen were sunken; abdomen as if empty; croaking as of frogs in abdomen; as of something alive in abdomen; as if stomach were gnawed; as of a thread or string in throat; as if throat were tied with a string; as if circulation were suspended; as if tape prevented circulation in chest; as if interior of bones were scraped and cut with a sharp knife; as if hot breath came out of his mouth and nose; as if dashed with cold water; as if everything were in motion; as if air itself were in tremulous motion; as if he had taken wine; shaking as if in a severe chill; as of something sharp in throat; as if a soft body in throat must be constantly swallowed.
Pain: in joints and muscles, in tongue and down throat; in region of stomach; in chest; in right shoulder into chest; in ribs.
Intense pain: in all bones and joints.
Severe pains: in frontal region.
Boring, tearing: in thighs.
Tearing: in all bones.
Cutting pains: in throat; in abdomen; in ovary.
Shooting: down in front of thigh and up to right scapula.
Stitches: in temples; fine prickling, in skin of forehead and scalp; in left ear; in throat; in vertex; in side of chest; in muscles of arms; in hips; in muscles of thighs.
Stitching pains: in hypochondria.
Boring, cutting, or scraped feeling: in bones.
Twisting, screwing pain: from right side of head to both temples.
Pinching: around umbilicus.
Dull pain: in carious teeth.
Rheumatic pains: in hips.
Burning-boring pains in abdomen.
Burning pain: in stomach; along chest as high as pit of throat.
Burning: of mouth; of hands; in point on top of head; of scalp; of face; on tip of tongue; in esophagus and stomach; in region of navel; in abdomen; in anus; in rectum; in urethra; in chest; in tibia.
Burning itching: most on front of head and behind ears.
Smarting: in right hypochondrium.
Sore pain: in tongue.
Stinging: in both thighs.
Soreness: of throat; of tongue.
Bruised feeling: in back and spine and sacral region.
Drawing: in spermatic cords into shoulders; through limbs.
Stupefying oppressive sensations: in forehead.
Heat: spreading from head over whole body; of lips; in abdomen; in stomach; in head.
Tingling: down right leg and foot.
Tickling: in ears.
Scraping: in throat.
Roughness: in throat.
Jerking: in muscles of left upper jaw.
Beating: in muscles of left upper jaw; in left side of gastric region.
Pressure: in head; on eyeballs; in eyes.
Heaviness: of head; right side of forehead, then to left; of feet; of limbs.
Oppression: of chest.
Dullness: of head.
Sensation of narrowness: in throat.
Constricted feeling: deep in throat.
Turning and twisting: through whole abdomen.
Boring, whirling: in region of abdomen.
Weariness: of limbs.
Empty feeling: in stomach.
Dryness: of mouth; of tongue; of palms; of lips; of fauces and throat.
Crawling: of scalp; like ants in skin.
Numbness: down right leg and foot.
Itching: of scalp; in ears; in nose; in anus.
Coldness: in stomach; of limbs.


Boring, cutting or scraped feeling in bones.
Inflammation of internal organs.


Pressure: on larynx, throat sore.
Scratching: itching of scalp amel.; violent tickling and stinging on head and behind ears.

SKIN. [46]

Crawling sensation like ants in skin.
Red spots and stripes, more marked in cold.
Gray dingy color of skin.
Red spots on face or on chest.
Parchment-like dryness of skin.


Suited to persons of light hair, fair complexion, with a weakened, relaxed muscular system.
Children; old people.
Boy, aet. 6; ague.
Young man, aet. 16, plethoric; taenia.
Mrs. R., aet. 28, suffering more or less for about three months; she could only ascribe her condition to some extra strain, mental and physical, to which she had been exposed; there is a tendency to neurotic disease in her family; one brother has lately died in an insane asylum, and another has shown symptoms of mental weakness.
Man, aet. 48, suffering 8 days; ague.
Gardener, aet. 55, large, robust, jaundiced hue, suffering several weeks; quartan ague.


Antidoted by: Conium, Pulsat.
Compatible: After Bryon. in pleurisy; Arsen., Bellad., Mercur. and Nux vom. follow well.
Compare: Verat. alb., Colocyn. (ovaritis); Colchic., Lycopod., agg. 4-8 P. M.; Pulsat. amel. open air.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 09, 1890
Description: Clinical materia medica of Sabadilla
Remedies: Sabadilla
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1890
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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