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Strontiana Carbonica.

Carbonate of Strontian. S2O2CO2.

Proved by Nenning, Schreter, Seidel, Trinks and Woost, Hartlaub and Trinks, R. A. M. L.


- Cardialgia, Hartmann, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 1, p. 664; Cramps in legs, Veith, Hom. Rec., vol. 3, p. 151; Sprain of ankle, Hg., A. J. H. M. M., vol. 4, p. 60.

MIND. [1]

Apprehensive and anxious, as from a bad conscience.
Ill-humored, angry, impetuous; is inclined to beat everything that comes in his way.
Great forgetfullness.
Disinclined to talk.


Vertigo: and nausea, in morning; at noon, with pressive headache in left side; in afternoon, with sticking headache in forehead; in evening, with weariness; with pressing sensation from within outward, in temples; as from drinking wine.


Burning in forehead.
Threatening apoplexy, with violent congestion of head; hot, red face every time patient walks; exertion increases circulation toward head; some erethism of chest; smothering feeling about heart; cannot rest; feeling as of a load on chest; during climaxis; amel. wrapping head up warmly, cannot bear least draft of air.
Tension from vertex to upper jaw, as if head were expanded from within, and as if scalp were too tight, agg. in evening when lying low with head, slowly increasing and decreasing, amel. from heat.
Stitches in head.
Dull or pressive pain in occiput.
Boring pain in a small spot in right side of occiput.
Headache amel. when wrapping head up warmly.


Chilliness over scalp and upper back; agg. at night and in cold air.
Tension on head (externally and internally), agg. in evening and from cold, amel. from warmth, especially in heat of sun.
Sensation of heat of head and face, with red face, anxiety and sleepiness.


Burning in eyes; agg. when moving them; followed by sticking; with lachrymation.
Pressing pain on upper surface of eyes.
Pressing in eyes after rubbing them, which causes one to see red and blue margins.
Green spots before eyes in dark.
Luminous vibrations before eyes; flickering.
Photopsia, remaining after an operation, particularly when objects appear covered with blood.
Twitching of left upper lid.
Itching in inner canthi.


Roaring and tearing pains in right ear, in paroxysms.
Sticking in front of left ear, extending into it.


Dark bloody scabs are blown from nose.


Itching of right cheek, becoming agg. after scratching.
Violent boring pain in right cheek bone.
Neuralgic, tearing pain in face.
Flushes in face and violent pulsation of arteries.


Face red, burning hot.
Tearing pain in right lower jaw.
Stitch in left side of chin, extending into articulation of jaw.


Front teeth feel on edge.
Violent clawing in teeth.
A screwing-together sensation in teeth.
Jerking, tearing pain in teeth and in roots.
Swelling, burning, and stitches in gums.


Taste: bitter, in morning; dry, earthy.
Tongue: tip painful; coated with mucus, feeling dry.


Bad odor from mouth.
Mouth slimy, or dry on awaking.
Sensation of numbness in mouth, early on waking.
Heat emanating from mouth and nose, with thirst.
Fauces inflamed and painful (stinging) during deglutition.


Rawness and dryness provoke hawking and hacking cough.
Pain in left side of throat on swallowing.
Itching in pharynx, on swallowing.


No appetite; meat disgusts him.
Hunger soon after dinner.
Violent thirst, especially for beer.


Hiccough, Belching, Nausea and Vomiting
Violent long-continued hiccough, causes pain in chest.
Empty eructations.
Nausea: with burning heat in face; with diminished appetite; with weakness and ill-humor.


Pressure in pit of stomach, aching in stomach, especially after a meal, with fullness.
Pressure in stomach; amel. by eating; agg. on walking.
Severe pressure in stomach, after eating; chronic.
Constriction in stomach, with uprisings of clear water.
Burrowing in stomach and upper abdomen.
Twinging feeling in stomach.
Cutting in epigastric region.
Stitches in stomach, now in right, now in left side.


Pressive bruised pain in hypochondria.


Colic with flatulent distension, diarrhea, and chilliness.


Diarrhea of yellow water.
Diarrhea, agg. at night, is scarcely off vessel before he must return, amel. toward morning, at 3or 4o'clock.
Stool retarded, compact and in large lumps; expelled with great effort and violent pain in anus.
After stool: contractive sensation in rectum; burning at anus.


Urine: pale, strongly smelling of ammonia; diminished.


Menses: too early, and of too short duration; retarded, discharge being serous at first, later clots of blood.
Leucorrhea while walking.


Hoarse voice.
Irritation in larynx causes violent dry cough at night.


Dyspnea, with hot, red face, while walking.

COUGH. [27]

Cough: constant, agg. at night; short, now and then with pressive pain in chest; dry, hacking, in evening; from irritation in larynx or trachea.


In chest: constriction; pressive pain, especially on motion.
Spasmodic drawing and clawing; stitches on coughing and inspiring.


Dull intermitting pressure in precordial region.
Violent beating of arteries and of heart.


Sternum painful to touch; burning in left side, extending upward; pressure; pressive pain beneath; lightning stitches from both sides through chest, in a vertical direction.
Stitches below ensiform cartilage.
Drawing pain in right pectoral muscles.


Tearing tension in nape of neck, as if tendons were drawn up.
Drawing, sticking pain in small of back.
Sensation as if bruised in back and sacrum, agg. from stooping and when touched.
Slight drawing pain along spine in afternoon, changes to a seated, dull tearing in joints of legs, agg. by walking.


Painful paralytic sensation in left shoulder, and elbow joint, at night.
Constant burning pain in right shoulder joint.
Tearing rheumatic pains in shoulders and arms, particularly in joints.
Veins of arms and hands injected and tense; prostration; ill-humor.
Weakness of right arm as if all power had left it, amel. on motion.
Violent tearing pains in joints of right arm, agg. in evening, in bed; left arm slightly affected.
Trembling and numbness of fingers.


Rheumatic, paralytic pain, tearing, drawing, jerking; gnawing as if in marrow of bones.
Swelling and caries of femur, usually in scrofulous children; diarrhea.
Cramps in calves and soles of feet, especially in persons who suffer from cold feet.
Chronic sprains, particularly of ankle joint, after failure of Ruta and Arnica; edema about joint.
Edematous swelling of right foot, sprained some years ago (Bovista in some cases).
Sensation of icy coldness on outer surface of calf, the length of a finger.
Icy-cold feet in evening.


Rheumatic pains, especially in joints, agg. in evening, and at night in bed.
Great emaciation.
Immovability of limbs (on one, right, side of body) like paralysis, in evening.
Most symptoms can hardly be determined as to locality, but seem to be in marrow of bones.
One side of body is generally only affected (r. side).


Lying: low with head, tension in head agg.
Stooping: bruised sensation in back and sacrum agg.
Walking: causes hot, red face; pressure in stomach agg.; leucorrhea; tearing in joints of legs agg.
Motion: of eyes agg. burning; pressive pain in chest agg.; weakness of right arm amel.

NERVES. [36]

Great weakness in morning; weak, tremulous sensation.
A single sudden jerk through upper part of body on falling asleep, makes her wide awake.
Pains appear like phantoms, can scarcely tell where they are.

SLEEP. [37]

Restless sleep, frequent waking.
When going to sleep: twitching and starting; jerk through body awakens her.
Dreams: of fire; grieving; filled with joy.

TIME. [38]

Morning: nausea; taste bitter; diarrhea agg. toward 2or 3o'clock; great weakness; perspiration; trembling sensation in body agg.
Forenoon: chill.
Noon: nausea, with pressive headache in left side.
Afternoon: nausea, with sticking headache; drawing pain along spine.
Evening: nausea, with weariness; tension over head agg.; dry, hacking cough; tearing in joints of arm agg.; icy-cold feet; rheumatic pains agg.; immovability of limbs, like paralysis; tension of skin on various parts; trembling sensation in body agg.
Night: chilliness over scalp agg.; diarrhea agg.; irritation in larynx causes cough; cough agg.; paralytic sensation in shoulder and elbow; rheumatic pains agg.; dry heat, with thirst; perspiration mostly on affected parts.


Heat of sun: amel. tension on head.
Heat: tension over head amel.
Wrapping up warmly: threatened apoplexy amel.
Desire to keep warm.
When uncovering: pains agg.
Cannot bear least draft of air: threatened apoplexy.
Cold air: chilliness over scalp and back agg.

FEVER. [40]

Pulse full and hard, with violent pulsation in arteries.
Chill in forenoon, descending from sacrum to posterior part of thighs.
Chilliness from head over shoulder blades.
Dry heat at night, with thirst.
Heat seems to stream from mouth and nostrils.
Perspiration during morning hours; at night, mostly on affected parts; pain agg. when uncovering.


Alternations: of pain and itching.


Right: boring pain in spot of occiput; boring in ear; itching of cheek; violent boring in cheek bone; pain in lower jaw; pain in pectoral muscles; burning pain in shoulder joint; weakness of arm; tearing pain in joints of arm; swelling of foot; immobility of limbs.
Left: headache in side; twitching of upper lid; sticking in front of ear; stitch in chin; pain in throat when swallowing; burning in side; paralytic sensation in shoulder and elbow joint.
One side of body is generally only affected (r. side).
Now right now left side: stitches in stomach.
From within: as if head were expanded.
From within outward: pressing in temples.


As of a load on chest; as if head were expanded from within; as if scalp were too tight; as if tendons of neck were drawn up; as if bruised in back and sacrum; as if all power had left right arm; gnawing as if in marrow of bones; symptoms as if in marrow of bones; as of phantoms, difficult to locate.
Pain: in left side of throat; in chest.
Violent pain: in anus.
Tearing pain: in right ear; in face; in right lower jaw; in teeth; in joints of legs; in joints of right arm; in limbs.
Cutting: in epigastric region.
Violent clawing: in teeth.
Lightning stitches: from both sides through chest.
Stitches: in head; in left side of chin into jaw; in gums; in right and left side; in chest; from ensiform cartilage.
Jerking pain: in teeth and in roots.
Tearing rheumatic pain: in shoulder and arms; in limbs; in joints.
Boring pain: in a small spot in right side of occiput; in right cheek bones.
Drawing pain: in right pectoral muscles; in small of back; slight, along spine; in limbs.
Burning pain: in right shoulder joint.
Sticking pain: in forehead; in eyes; in front of left ear; in small of back.
Dull pressive pain: in occiput.
Pressive pain: in left side of head on upper surface of eyes; in chest; beneath sternum.
Pressive bruised pain: in hypochondria.
Cramp: in calves and soles.
Aching: in stomach.
Stinging: in fauces.
Burning: in forehead; in eyes; in gums; at anus; in left side.
Heat: of head and face; seems to stream from mouth and nostrils.
Tearing tension: in nape of neck.
Burrowing: in stomach and upper abdomen.
Twinging feeling: in stomach.
Painful paralytic sensation: in left shoulder and elbow-joint.
Pressure: in eyes; in pit of stomach; in stomach.
Smothering feeling: about heart.
Contractive sensation: in rectum.
Screwing together sensation: in teeth.
Tension: from vertex to upper jaw; of various parts of skin.
Pulsation: of arteries.
Twitching: of left upper lid.
Weakness: of right arm.
Numbness: in mouth; of fingers.
Chilliness: over scalp and upper back.
Itching: in inner canthi; of right cheek; in pharynx; of pimples on skin; of sycotic eruption.


Symptoms seem located in marrow of bones.
Chronic sequela of hemorrhages; great forgetfullness; bright colors before eyes; semilateral (r. side) affections; rheumatic pains, debility, trembling, emaciation, desire to keep warm; old sprains.


Touch: sternum painful; bruised sensation in back and sacrum agg.
Rubbing: eyes causes pressing, and objects have red and blue margins.
Scratching: agg. itching of cheek; increases itching.

SKIN. [46]

Itching pimples on skin.
Sycotic eruption on face or other parts of body, is moist, itches and burns.
Tension of skin, on various parts, in evening in bed.
Itching grows agg. from scratching.
When pains cease, itching begins, and vice versa.
Rheumatic pains are agg. in evening, and at night.
Trembling sensation in body, and debility, agg. in evening (and morning).
Tension of skin in various parts.
Skin adherent to scar in forearm, becomes looser.


Compare: Baryta carb., Ferrum (congestion to head and chest); Silica and Mag. mur. (head symptoms better from wrapping up warmly); Arnica and Ruta (sprains of joints with edema).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 10, 1891
Description: Clinical materia medica of Strontium carbonicum
Remedies: Strontium carbonicum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
year: 1891
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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