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Tellurium. (Tellurium Metallicum.)

Tellurium. The Element.

Introduced by Hering in 1850.

The triturations are prepared from the precipitated metal.

Provings by Hering, assisted by Tietze, Kitchen, Gardiner, Whitey, Gosewisch, Dunham and Raue, Am. Hom. Rev., vol. 5, Metcalf, N. Am. Jour. Hom., vol. 2, 1852.


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MIND. [1]

Forgetful; when engaged in doing one thing, forgets and neglects others.
Fear of being touched in sensitive places.
Excitable and disposed to fly into a passion.
Rough, angular disposition.
Mind depressed.


Vertigo: morning after rising from bed; agg. when walking, sitting up, or turning head; pulse accelerated, nausea, vomiting of food; amel. lying perfectly quiet; when going to sleep.


Brain feels as if beaten on slightest movement.
Heaviness and fullness in head in morning.
Violent linear pain in small spot over left eye; pain short, sharp and defined.
Congestion to temples and forehead on awaking in morning; agg. on stooping, when there is a heavy full feeling.
Sudden rush of blood to head.
While sitting, face red.
Headache on being awakened toward morning.
Congestion to head and nape of neck, followed by weakness, faintness in stomach.


Tearing in left half of head.
Itching in scalp.
Red spots, with fine blisters on occiput, neck and behind ears, and on posterior surface of ears.


Deposit of chalky-looking white mass on anterior surface of lens. ~ Cataract.
Herpes conjunctivae bulbi; veins enlarged, running horizontally toward cornea, ending in little blisters near edge of cornea; agg. from crying.
Conjunctivitis pustulosa; with eczema impetiginoides on lids and much purulent discharge from eyes; offensive discharge from ears.
Scrofulous inflammations; agg. left upper lid; lachrymation; itching and pressure in lid.
Eyelids: thickened, inflamed, covered with pustules; itching; pale, red, edematous, oozing.
A feeling as if lashes of lower lid were turned in.
Palpebral swelling of upper lid, left side; ulceration on outer surface of lid near external canthus; pain agg. at night.


Left ear began to itch, burn and swell; aching and throbbing pain in meatus, followed by a copious, watery acrid discharge.
Dull throbbing pain in ears day and night; thin, watery, excoriating discharge.
Vesicular eruption on membrana; suppurating and perforating.
Membrana tympani permanently injured and hearing greatly diminished.
Itching and swelling, with painful throbbing in external meatus; in three or four days discharge of watery fluid smelling like fish-pickle, which causes vesicles wherever it touches; ear is bluish-red, edematous; hearing impaired.
Sensation as if something suddenly closed in ear, or as if air whistled through left eustachian tube; when snuffing or belching, air passes through.
Waked during night with dull aching deep in right ear, continued, with great depression of spirits, for three days.
Constant rather severe pain deep in right ear.
A transparent yellowish watery fluid constantly oozed from meatus, which was obstructed by amberlike crusts; discharge offensive, sometimes putrid, but generally of a musty smell like fish-brine; ears itched; outer ear swollen, inflamed; some pustules had arisen wherever discharge had touched any abraded surface of ear or face.
A girl, aet. 13; for nearly five years discharge of pus and blood from both ears; frequent attacks of intolerable otalgia; deafness with thunderous roaring in ears; frontal headache and frequent epistaxis.
Deaf, with a purulent offensive discharge from ears; bleeding from ear very profuse, provoked by slightest touch on meatus by finger; external ear swollen; bluish-red, shining and studded with vesicles; it exuded a thin watery fluid; whole ear looked as if water-soaked. ~ After scarlatina.
Ulceration in external auditory meatus.
Eczema behind ears, with formation of thick crusts; scrofulous conjunctivitis, blepharitis and catarrh of middle ear.


Fluent coryza, lachrymation and hoarseness when walking in open air, with short cough and pressure in middle of chest under sternum; after being some time in open air it goes away.
Nose dry, then becomes fluent with relief of headache; right eye becomes hot with profuse lachrymation.
Nose obstructed, must breathe through mouth.
Hawks from posterior nares dried yellowish-red phlegm tasting salty, mornings.


Sudden flushes of redness over face.
Twitching in left facial muscles, left corner of mouth drawn upward when talking.
Ringworms on face; barber's itch.


Salivation; gums bleed easily and profusely.


Taste earthy, metallic.
Tongue: somewhat swollen; furred white; shows prints of teeth.


Breath has a garliclike odor.
Coldness in mouth and pharynx on drawing in air.
Tenacious mucus runs from mouth; a dog.
Copious saliva.


Painful dryness of fauces.
In morning hawking from back of nose pieces of yellowishreddish phlegm of a saltish taste.
Rough, scratching sensation in throat; agg. toward evening.
Throat feels sore, with a prickly, rough sensation evening and morning; throat sore on empty swallowing; amel. after eating and drinking.
Pain in throat extends into ear.


Hungry at night; wants an apple in middle of night.
Longs for beer.


Eating or drinking: sore throat disappears.
After meals great drowsiness.
After eating rice was obliged to vomit.


Belching, with taste of what has been eaten.
Heartburn, with warmth in stomach as from alcohol.


Sensation of weakness, like faintness, in stomach after local congestion of blood to head and nape of neck, also with chest symptoms.
Fullness in pit of stomach, must lie down after dinner.
Constrictive feeling, as if strapped together.


Fullness and oppression in hypogastrium; her dress must be loosened.
Pressing, first left then right side, as from wind.
When lying on left side, throbbing under right ribs and vice versa.


Pinching in abdomen.
Frequent spasmodic pains in bowels as from incarcerated wind; mostly from 5 to 9 P. M.


Passes very offensive flatus.
Passes a large quantity of thread worms.
Spasmodic pains with urging to stool, copious stool with feeling of flatulence in bowels.
Tetter on perineum, itching.


Increased urination.
High-colored, acid urine.
A drop sticking at mouth of urethra.


Increased sexual desire, followed by long-lasting indifference.
A drop of viscid fluid glues meatus urinarius.
Secondary gonorrhea.
Herpes on scrotum and perineum.


Painful soreness in region of kidneys, extending downward like a weight, mostly to right, and in sacrum; agg. in morning, making her irritable.
Shooting deep in pelvis across to left.
Menses too early, in climacteric years.


Hoarseness in morning with fluent coryza, a rough, pressing, tickling sensation in larynx.


Coughing or laughing increases aching in small of back.

COUGH. [27]

Cough toward morning; after a few days looser.


Pain in region of clavicle.
Cutting in left nipple, across and through to scapula.
Pain in middle of chest: going through to back; from dorsal vertebrae through to sternum; in or behind sternum.
Shooting in left chest, fifth rib.
Feeling as if some fluid wanted to discharge, pressing downward in middle lobe of right lung.
For five days, bubbling in middle lobe of right lung for a few minutes, chiefly in afternoon.


Dull pain in region of heart when lying on left side; amel. lying on back.
Palpitation of heart, with throbbing through whole body, and full pulse, followed by sweat.


Eruption about nipple.


Painful sensitiveness of spine from last cervical to fifth dorsal vertebra; sensitive to pressure and touch.
Weak feeling in back.
Pain in sacrum passing into right thigh; agg. pressing at stool, coughing and laughing. ~ Sciatica.


Offensive smelling perspiration of armpit, smelling like garlic.
Pressing ache in right scapula, later in left.
Lump in anterior wall of left axilla, painful from pressure or motion.
Tearing near thumb joint.
Finger tips feel dead on stretching hand.
Rheumatism of right little finger, agg. moving finger.


Sciatica of right side; agg. when lying on affected side.
Sciatica accompanied by sensitiveness of vertebral column, pains radiating from sacrum to right sciatic nerve.
Fetid sweating of feet.
Tonic muscular contraction of long standing.
Contraction of tendons in bends of knees.
Bruised pain in hip joints after walking.
Feet sweaty, mostly on toes.


Sharp quick pains in elbows, ankles and other parts.
Aching all over, mostly in limbs, agg. right side and on walking.


Rest: pricking agg.
Lying: vertigo amel.; on left side, throbbing under right ribs and vice versa; on left side, pain in region of heart, amel. on back; on affected side, sciatica agg.
Sitting up: vertigo; face red.
Stooping: fullness on head agg.
Motion: brain feels as if beaten; lump in axilla painful; of finger, rheumatism agg.
Turning head: vertigo.
Coughing or laughing: agg. aching in small of back; agg. sciatica.
Walking: vertigo, followed by bruised pain in hip joints; aching in limbs.

NERVES. [36]

Lassitude and weakness.

SLEEP. [37]

Yawning and belching.
Drowsy after a meal.
Sleepless; restless turning from weariness and bruised feeling.
At night pains all over.
On going to sleep feels as if in air, quick drawing toward feet awakens him.

TIME. [38]

Toward morning: cough.
Morning: vertigo; heaviness and fullness in head; on being awakened, headache; hawking from posterior nares; soreness in region of kidneys agg.; hoarseness and coryza.
Toward evening: roughness and scratching in throat agg.
At 5 to 9 P. M.: pain as from wind in bowels.
Night: pain in left upper lid agg.; waking with dull aching deep in right ear; hungry; pains all over; itching of pimples agg.


Open air: fluent coryza and hoarseness.
In cold or cool air: itching agg.
Cool breeze: warm sweat.

FEVER. [40]

Chilly, with pains.
Sweat: on face; on spots, with increased itching of these places; after throbbing through whole body; generally warm, while sitting in a cool breeze.


Day and night: dull throbbing pain in ears.


Left: sharp pain in small spot over eye; tearing in head; scrofulous inflammation of upper lid; swelling and ulceration of upper lid; inflammation of ear; as if air whistled through eustachian tube; twitching in facial muscles; cutting from nipple to scapula; shooting in chest; lump in axilla; small, red, itching points on hand; foot itches more; herpes between ribs and crest of ilium.
Right: heat in eye with lachrymation; pressing downward and bubbling in middle lobe of lung; pain in thigh from sacrum; rheumatism in left finger; sciatica; aching in limbs agg.; herpes above eye.
Right to left: shooting in pelvis; pressing ache in scapulae.
Left to right: pressure in hypochondria.


Fear of being touched in sensitive places.
As if in air on going to sleep; brain as if beaten; as if lashes were turned in; as if something closed in ear; as if air whistled through left eustachian tube; as if strapped together in epigastric region; as if fluid wanted to discharge in lobe of right lung.
Pain: in region of clavicle; in middle of chest, through to back; in or behind sternum; in sacrum, extending into right thigh.
Spasmodic pains: in bowels; with urging to stool.
Violent pain: linear, in small spot over left eye.
Sharp, quick pain: in elbows, ankles and other parts.
Cutting: in left nipple through to scapula.
Tearing: in left half of head; near thumb joints.
Shooting: in pelvis; in left chest, fifth rib.
Stinging: in skin.
Prickly sensation: in throat; in skin.
Burning: in left ear.
Aching: in meatus auditorius; deep in right ear; in small of back; in shoulder blades; of limbs.
Soreness: in region of kidneys.
Bruised pain: in hip joints.
Pinching: in abdomen.
Dull pain: in region of heart.
Constriction: in epigastrium.
Pressure: in left upper lid; under sternum; in hypochondria; in larynx; in shoulder blades.
Scratching: in throat.
Roughness: in throat.
Bubbling: in middle lobe of right lung.
Throbbing: in ears; under ribs; through whole body.
Fullness: in head; in pit of stomach.
Heaviness: in head.
Weight: in back and sacrum.
Deadness: in finger tips.
Faintness: in stomach.
Weak feeling: in back.
Tickling: in larynx.
Itching: in scalp; in left upper lid; in ears; of sweaty places; in pimples; in small, red points; of feet.
Coldness: in mouth and pharynx on drawing in air.
Dryness: of fauces.


Touch: fear of, in sensitive places; provokes bleeding from ear; spine sensitive.
Pressure: lump in axilla painful.

SKIN. [46]

Ringworms: on face; barber's itch; cover whole body, more distinct on lower limbs; on single parts.
Stinging in skin.
Small red pimples, very bright red, and very sharply defined, with minute vesicles upon them, first on lower extremities, then also on upper, most on left side; they began first on outside of calves and then on inside of forearms, above wrist, and spread from that point, caused very severe itching day and night, but most at night, after going to bed.
On left hand, small red points shining through skin, which sometimes itch; feet also itch, especially left, as if there were some heat vesicles there.
Little stinging prickings in various parts of skin of whole body, continuing all afternoon and evening and forcing him to rub spot; came on like flea-bites here and there, lasting all day; pricking continued very troublesome at times, principally when at rest, for several weeks, but gradually subsided; a little spot of herpes circinatus made its appearance a few days since, on forehead, perpendicularly above external canthus of right eye, and about half an inch above brow; it was at first a little cluster of globular vesicles, on an inflamed base, which dried into thin scales and spread by circumference; itches and pricks slightly; the herpetic spot is now circular about half an inch in diameter, and consists of an elevated ring of vesicles, some larger than others, on an inflamed base, enclosing a depressed area of red skin, which desquamates but contains no vesicles, it continues to itch slightly and to furnish successive crops of thin, white scales; troublesome stinging, very annoying, in evening, when sitting still, wandering all over body; a herpetic spot similar to one on forehead made its appearance on left side, midway between ribs and crest of ilium, accompanied by very troublesome itching which changed to smarting on being rubbed; it forms about three-quarters of a circle and is irregular; there are indications of another spot just above it; stinging in skin succeeded by constant itching of scalp, which requires continual scratching; itching is apparently due to eruption of fine vesicles on a slightly inflamed base, which after remaining a few days dry up and fall off in little white scales; they are most plentiful on occipital scalp, on nape, in borders of hair, and on posterior surface of auricles; this itching has been constant and annoying for a week, and bids fair to continue; spot on forehead is breaking up, there being several gaps in ring, which is now three-quarters of an inch in diameter; just above it another spot has appeared, precisely similar but smaller; eruption has nearly disappeared from head and itching has almost ceased; spot on forehead is no longer to be discerned, skin being scarcely reddened where it existed; new one is slightly increasing and forms about twothirds of a circle, but not as vigorous as its predecessor; spots on side have disappeared.
Body thickly covered with elevated rings of herpes circinatus; eruption very marked, especially on lower limbs; vesicles quite perceptible at a glance; rings intersect each other and in some places so crowded as to obliterate specific character of affection; great heat of skin; restlessness; rapid pulse; thirst; headache.
Fetid exhalations from body.
Prickling itching all over skin, with papular eruption.
Skin dry, hot.
Itching more in cold or cool air.
Scrofulous eczematous eruption.


Boy, aet. 3; herpes circinatus.
Girl, aet. 4; conjunctivitis.
Boy, aet. 9, had scarlatina in infancy, since then suffering; otorrhea.
Girl, aet. 13, suffering five years; otorrhea.


Antidoted by: Nux vom. (epigastric oppression).
Compare: Arsen. (restlessness); Cepa (coryza); Pulsat. (otitis); Rhus tox. (restlessness); Sepia (ringworm); Sulphur, Selenium.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 10, 1891
Description: Clinical materia medica of Tellurium
Remedies: Tellurium
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
year: 1891
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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