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Marum Verum. (Teucrium.)

Cat Thyme. Labiatae.

Introduced by Stapf, proved by himself, von Gersdorf, Caspari, Bethmann and Hartmann (Beitrge zur Reinen Arzneimittellehre, p. 346).


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MIND. [1]

Great mental excitement and loquacity.
Irresistible desire to sing.
Indolence, mental and physical.
Great sensitiveness and excitability.
Irritable mood at and after dinner, with pressure in forehead.


Dullness and dizziness.


Pressing pain over eyes, agg. on stooping.
Very painful pressure in right temple, frequently alternating with same sensation in right frontal eminence and in left temple.


Skin of forehead sensitive to touch.


Look as after weeping; smarting in canthi and redness of conjunctivae.
Profuse smarting tears in open air.
Upper lids red and puffy.
Fibrous tumor inside of lower eyelid, one-third of an inch in diameter, preventing closing of lids; blurred sight; no pain.


Hissing sound when passing hand over ear, when talking, or forcibly inspiring through nose.
Fine ringing in right ear when blowing nose, squeaking as if air was forced through mucus.
Otalgia, with lancinating pain.
Dry herpes, with white scales, on and behind ears.
Tetter-like roughness of ears; behind or below ears.


Crawling in nose.
Violent crawling in right nostril, with lachrymation of right eye.
Sensation in right nostril as if it was partly stopped; is obliged to blow nose and sneeze, but could not thereby remove obstruction.
Both sides of nose very much obstructed on reading aloud, several times during day, and especially in evening.
Stinging, lancinating pain in upper part of nasal cavity.
Tingling in nose, frequent sneezing with or without coryza.
Coryza, with stoppage of nostrils.
Repeated attacks of pain in forehead, with stuffing up of nose, amel. by a thick, dirty yellow, offensive smelling discharge.
Large, irregular pieces, green scabs, clinkers, etc., discharged from nose, leaving it sore; foul breath. ~ Ozaena.
Nasal catarrh of both nostrils, discharge in green masses.
Continued stoppage of nose after removal of polypi.
After erysipelas of face, which extended to inner surface of nose, mucous membrane remained swollen, completely occluding nostrils; after fever, headache, etc., had been removed by various remedies, there remained a painless, protruding swelling of mucous membrane of left nostril.
Nasal polypus.
When blowing nose, squeaking as if air was forced through mucus. ~ Nasal polypus.
Polypus, with stoppage of nose on side he lies; large red pimples under right nostril, near septum, sore and smarting to touch.
Nasal polypus of one year's duration.
After repeated attacks of coryza, mucous polypus of nose, greenish white in color, not sensitive, attached to upper turbinated bone, and completely filling nasal cavity and causing occlusion.
Large polypus of nose after a severe, badly treated cold.
Mucous polypus of pale red color, on left side and of large size; mostly in anterior nares and in plain sight.
Polypus occupying entire right nostril, projecting slightly.
Painful formication and shooting at root of nose, in left frontal sinus. ~ Polypus.
Mucus flowed copiously from left nostril. ~ Polypus.
Could not blow her nose without acute pain and some bleeding. ~ Polypus.
Polypus enlarges in wet weather.
Loss of smell of twenty years' standing.
Both nares filled with polypi, apparently attached to spongy bones, of three years' standing; breathing difficult, cannot close his mouth during exercise; snores and chokes in sleep; attacks of nose bleed during past few years from slight causes; constant secretion of watery mucus from nose.
Fleshy polypi hanging from both nares, agg. during damp weather; entire obstruction of nose at times; much discharge of water and mucus from nose.
For thirty years, nasal polypi removed every two or three years by operative means; nasal bones on left side pressed asunder; judging from sensations complained of by patient, polypus extended up to ethmoid bone, into choanae and into antrum of Highmore; after two months' treatment could breathe freely through nose, and the sense of smell which had been impaired for last twenty years was restored, a small portion of polypus, however, remained high up in nasal cavity.


Pale face.
Frequent sensation of flushes of heat, but with paleness.
Burning, itching rash on forehead and upper part of face, agg. in evening and from warmth.


Deep furrow on either side of under lip, with elevated edges.


Violent tearing in roots and gums of right lower incisors.


Biting as from pepper on left, afterwards on right side of root of tongue.


Much mucus and saliva.
After hawking up mucus, mouldy taste in mouth.


Tearing and scraping in fauces, agg. left side.
Stinging or pressure, hindering swallowing.


A feeling of hunger, prevents falling asleep.


After nursing, jerking hiccough and empty belching.
After drinking, cutting colic.


Frequent, very violent hiccough.
Little children, emaciated, jerking hiccough after nursing, and belching without bringing anything up.
Gulping of bitter tasting food.
Vomits dark green masses; hiccough, with a stitch through stomach to back.


Anxious oppression or empty feeling and rumbling in stomach.


Colic, cutting pain, after drinking.
Dull pressing, as from incarcerated flatulence.


Very frequent emission of noiseless, but very warm flatus, often of a “hepatic” odor.
Diarrhea, with crying and emaciation in children.
Crawling in rectum after stool.
Crawling and at times violent fine sticking in anus in evening in bed.
Swelling, itching and creeping at anus as from ascarides.
Ascarides, with creeping and itching and nightly restlessness; agg. from warmth of bed.
Irritation produced by thread worms comes on at regular periods every day, and is followed by nightly restlessness and sleeplessness.


Increased discharge of watery urine.


Sexual desire decreased.
Pressing, drawing sensation from abdomen into cords and testicles.
After gonorrhea eight years ago chronic inflammation of urethra; two years ago four small, fleshy excrescences of bright red color, and with a moderately broad base, showed themselves on inferior wall; with increase of granulations and continual narrowing of channel, urinary tenesmus, urine passed with difficulty, with a sensation of heat and pain, also after coitus; the largest was excised, the smaller ones twisted, producing some hemorrhage; injections with Teucrium, once a day for a week, reached those in urethra, after which every vestige of excrescence was gone.


Smooth, pedunculated, pear-shaped polypus of vagina, protruding three inches beyond hymen.


Dryness, causing hawking; hissing sound when inhaling.
Dryness in trachea.


Stitches in right chest when inhaling; catarrhal asthma, especially in the aged.
Sensation of oppression (without affecting breathing).

COUGH. [27]

Dry, short cough, from tickling in upper part of trachea.


Pulse accelerated towards evening.


Rheumatic lameness of right upper arm as far as elbow, it sinks down on lifting it; drawing and tearing pain in whole arm.
Rheumatic pain in arms, especially in bones and joints.
Sudden dull, cutting pain transversely through muscle of right forearm, at a distance of a span from wrist.
Finger joints bend over easily.
Burning in finger tips; panaritium.
Eruption on index finger of right hand, covering a surface about two inches long and one inch wide, hard, hypertrophied and covered with thick, whitish scales. ~ Psoriasis dorsalis.


Pain as if nail had grown into flesh of right great toe.
Ingrowing toe nails (r. great toe), with ulceration; amel. moving.


Rheumatic pains mostly in bones and joints, agg. evenings, amel. moving.
Limbs go to sleep, with tingling, when sitting.


On side he lies: stoppage of nose.
Sitting: limbs go to sleep, with tingling.
Stooping: pressing pain over eyes agg.
Moving: rheumatic pain amel.
Passing hand over ear: hissing sound.
Lifting arm: it sinks down.
Disinclined to physical exertion.

NERVES. [36]

Nervous, irritable, trembling.
Great sensitiveness and excitability; pale face; frequent feeling of flushes of heat, without redness; nervous excitability; trembling sensation in whole body. ~ Nervous affections.
Very indolent; inclined to neither physical nor mental exertion.
Slight nervous asthenia of skin and prima viae.

SLEEP. [37]

Restless sleep; also from ascarides.
Restless at night on account of great excitement, with very vivid and in part anxious dreams, with starting up till after midnight.
Sleepless on account of intense itching at anus, causing one to toss and roll about all night.
Very vivid, mostly agreeable dreams.

TIME. [38]

Morning: not refreshed.
At midday: sensation of general debility.
Evening: nose obstructed; rash on forehead agg.; sticking in anus, in bed; towards, pulse accelerated; rheumatic pains agg.; increased heat and exaltation.
Night: restless, with starting up; till after midnight, tossing and rolling from intense itching at anus.


Desire to exercise in open air, which does not fatigue.
Warmth: burning rash on forehead agg.; ascarides agg.
Open air: profuse smarting tears.
Wet weather: polypus enlarged; fleshy polypus agg.

FEVER. [40]

Chill, after eating, which spreads as if from abdomen.
Chilliness from want of animal heat, after eating or talking about unpleasant things.
Increased heat and exaltation in evening with, great loquacity.


Several times during day: both sides of nose very much obstructed.
Every day at regular periods: irritation produced by thread worms.
Nightly restlessness.
At and after dinner: irritable mood.
One year's duration: nasal polypus.
During past few years: attacks of nosebleed.
Three years' standing: nares filled with polypi.
Twenty years' standing: loss of smell.
For thirty years: nasal polypi removed every two or three years by operative means.


Right: very painful pressure in temple and frontal eminence; fine ringing in ear; violent crawling in nostril; lachrymation of eye; as if nostril was partly stopped; large red pimples under nostril; polypus occupying entire nostril; tearing in roots and gums of lower incisors; biting as from pepper on side of tongue; stitches in chest; rheumatic lameness; cutting pain through forearm; eruption on index finger; pain as if nail had grown into flesh of big toe.
Left: painful pressure in temple; painless, protruding swelling of mucous membrane of nostril; mucous polypus on side of nose; painful formication and shooting in frontal sinus; mucus flowed copiously from nostril; nasal bones pressed asunder; biting as from pepper on side of tongue; tearing and scraping on side of fauces agg.


As if air was forced through mucus in ear; as if right nostril was partly stopped; as if nail had grown into flesh of right great toe; chill as if from abdomen; sensation as from fleabites.
Pain: in forehead.
Acute pain: in nose.
Violent tearing: in roots and gums of right lower incisors.
Stinging, lancinating: in upper part of nasal cavity.
Lancinating: in ears.
Tearing and scraping: in fauces.
Drawing and tearing: in whole arm; in bones.
Stitches: in right chest; through stomach to back.
Cutting colic: after meals.
Violent fine sticking: in anus.
Stinging: in throat.
Biting: on tongue.
Smarting: in canthi.
Burning itching: rash on forehead and upper part of face.
Painful formication and shooting: at root of nose, in left frontal sinus.
Tingling: in nose; in limbs.
Sudden dull, cutting pain: transversely through muscle of right forearm.
Very painful pressure: in right temple; in right frontal eminence and in left temple.
Pressing pain: over eyes.
Rheumatic pain: in arms, especially in bones and joints.
Rheumatic lameness: of right upper arm.
Sensation of heat and pain: after coitus.
Burning: in finger tips.
Flushes of heat: in face.
Tickling: in upper part of trachea.
Dryness: in larynx; in trachea.
Anxious oppression or empty feeling in stomach.
Oppression: in chest.
Pressing, drawing sensation: from abdomen into cords and testicles.
Dull pressing: in abdomen.
Pressure: in forehead; in throat.
Trembling sensation: in whole body.
Crawling: in nose; in right nostril; in rectum; in anus.
Intense itching: at anus.
Itching and creeping: at anus.


Polypi of all kinds, particularly nasal fibroids.
Polypi in ear and nose, especially among old and middle aged women.


Touch: skin of forehead sensitive; pimples under nostril smarting.
Injuries to head, concussion of brain.
After lesions where tetanus might be expected.

SKIN. [46]

Sensation as from fleabites.
Rash, burning, itching.


Old persons and children.
Suitable when too much medicine had produced an oversensitiveness condition and remedies fail to act.
Boy, aet. 11, after erysipelas; nasal polypus.
Boy, aet. 11, for three years; nasal polypi.
Girl, aet. 14, nervous temperament, quickened growth, slender, pale face, light hair, blue eyes; tumor on left lower lid.
Boy, aet. 15, nasal polypi.
Woman, aet. 19, mother of a scrofulous child, affection of nose.
Man, barber, thin, sandy complexion; rheumatism.
Man, aet. 30, strong constitution, gonorrhea eight years ago; urethral polypi.
Woman, aet. 25; polypus of vagina.
Man, aet. 56, music teacher, suffering two years; psoriasis dorsalis.
Man, aet. 59, for thirty-one years; polypus.
Man, aet. 60, strong, suffering thirty years; nasal polypus.


Compatible: Cinchon., Pulsat., Silica.
Compare: Cina (ascarides); Ignat. (hiccough, ascarides); Nux vom. (nervous phenomena); Kali bich. (nasal catarrh); Phosphor., Sanguin. Silica (nasal polypi); Valer. (nervous phenomena).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 10, 1891
Description: Clinical materia medica of Teucrium marum verum
Remedies: Teucrium marum verum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
year: 1891
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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