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Tuberculinum. (Tuberculinum Bovinum.)

The Nosode.

Fragmentary provings by Swan, upon M. B. B. with cm.; Edna Rose, with cmm. Authorities:- Refer to New Organon, July, 1879, pp. 342, 439, 449; Swan's Morbific Products, 1886; Burnett's New Cures, 1885 to 1890; J. A. Biegler's Report; C. F. Nichol's paper in Popular science News, April, 1891.


- Tubercular meningitis, Biegler, Org., vol. 2, p. 439; Hom. Phys., vol. 11, p. 187; Burnett, Consumption, pp. 9, 13, 31, 53; Chronic headache, Swan, Org., vol. 3, p. 41; Vomiting, Kent, MSS.; Tabes mesenterica, Burnett, Consumption, pp. 52, 82; Cholera infantum, Swan, MSS.; Cough, Boardman, Org., vol. 2, p. 448; Burnett, Consumption, p. 15; Threatened phthisis, Incipient tuberculosis, Burnett, Consumption; Tubercular synovitis of knee, Burnett, Consumption, p. 47; Spasms, Swan, Organon, vol. 2, p. 342; Hom. Phys., vol. 11, p. 187; Ringworm, Burnett, Consumption, pp. 96-100.

MIND. [1]

Although naturally of a sweet disposition, became taciturn, sulky, snappish, fretty, irritable, morose, depressed and melancholic, even to insanity. ~ Tubercular meningitis. Burnett.
Fretful, ailing, whines and complains; mind given to be frightened, particularly by dogs. ~ Hydrocephaloid. Burnett.


(In sick:) Severe headache, agg. on second day, lasting until third, recurring from time to time for many weeks and compelling quiet fixedness. Burnett.
Headache, with frequent sharp, cutting pains passing from above right eye through head to back of left ear. Rose.
Headache of great intensity preceded by a shuddering chill passing from brain down spine; with attack a feeling as if head above eyes were swollen; became unconscious with screaming, tearing her hair, beating her head with her fists or trying to dash it against wall or floor. Swan.
Headache of forty-five years' standing, pain passing from right frontal protuberance to right occipital region. Swan.
Terrible pain in head, as if he had a tight hoop of iron around it; trembling of hands; distressing sensation of damp clothes on his spine; almost absolute sleeplessness; profound adynamia; was thought by his friends to be on verge of insanity; most of his brothers and sisters had died of water on brain; right lung solid, probably from healed-up cavities, as he at one time suffered from pulmonary phthisis. Burnett.
Sullen, taciturn, irritable, screams in his sleep, is very restless at night, costive; sister died of tubercular meningitis. Burnett.
Fretful and ailing, whines and complains, indurated glands can be felt everywhere, child hot, drowsy, urine red and sandy, much given to be frightened, particularly by dogs; was vaccinated and had a very bad arm for four months thereafter; would not smile, whimpers when spoken to, skin dingy, skull hydrocephalic. Burnett.
Boy, aet. 20 months, ill for days with head, high fever, restlessness and constant screaming; finally no sleep for forty hours, followed by a condition of collapse; peculiar smell of body; family history of tuberculosis. Burnett.
Tubercular meningitis, with effusion; head greatly enlarged; alternately wakeful and delirious at night, talked nonsense by day, at intervals; nocturnal hallucinations and fright; delirium; pyrexia; had eczema which almost disappeared after two unsuccessful vaccinations, and which were soon followed by above condition; after administration of remedy there occurred a severe pustular eruption, then patches of a lepra and eczema appeared. Burnett.
Basilar meningitis. Sinker.
Tubercular meningitis. Sinker.
Acute cerebral meningitis, with intense strabismus. Biegler.


Soreness inside of nose, commencing as watery pimples, which, suppurating, form scabs; nose and lips somewhat swollen; itched slightly. Rose.


Slight swelling and itching of lips. Rose.


Nausea before breakfast, with sudden diarrhea. M. B. B.
Frequent vomiting. Kent.


Windy dyspepsia, with pinching pains under ribs of right side in mammary line. Burnett.


Fever, emaciation, abdominal pains and discomfort, restless at night, glands of both groins enlarged and indurated; cries out in sleep; strawberry tongue. ~ Phthisis. Burnett.
Tabes mesenterica; swelling on left side, also on right; complains of a stitch in side after running; languid and indisposed to talk; nervous and irritable; talks in his sleep, grinds his teeth; appetite poor; hands blue; indurated and palpable glands everywhere; a drum belly, spleen region bulging out. Burnett.
Inguinal glands indurated and visible; excessive sweats; chronic diarrhea. ~ Tabes mesenterica. Burnett.


Sudden diarrhea before breakfast, with nausea.
Diarrhea, furious fever, burning hot skin, great heat in head, red, flushed face, eyes turned upward, quivering and rolling; peculiar fetid smell of body. ~ Incipient tuberculosis. Burnett.
Cholera infantum. Swan.
Severe hemorrhages from bowels, cough; emaciation; family history of phthisis. Burnett.

COUGH. [27]

Slight tedious hacking cough, which had lasted for months in a girl of a distinctly phthisic habit. Burnett.
Hard, dry cough, sometimes slight, but generally no expectoration, slightly feverish. Boardman.
Hard, dry cough, shaking patient, more during sleep, but did not waken him. Boardman.
Expectoration of non-viscid, very easily detached, thick phlegm from air passages, followed after a day or two by a very clear ring of voice. Burnett.


Slight hacking cough, continuing all day, agg. at bedtime and on rising; emaciation; dullness on percussion at apex of right lung. ~ Threatened phthisis. Burnett.
Girl, aet. 15, tall for her age; tonsils enlarged; chronic discharge from nose, agg. early morning on rising; speech thick; thorax of pigeon-breast type; menstruated freely; perspires much across nose; very bad perspiration of chest, armpits, palms, nose and feet; feels very chilly; spleen swollen; distinct dullness on percussion at apex of right lung; suffered badly from vaccination; gets chilblains. ~ Incipient tuberculosis. Burnett.
Hectic flush of cheeks; shortness of breath; slight hacking cough; several strumous scars on neck; dusky skin; large, moist rales in both lungs; increased vocal resonance of right lung; amphoric sounds in right lung; large, soft-feeling gland in left side of neck; very pronounced endocardial bruit, best heard at apex beat (Iodoformum 3x in four grain doses for two months, with improvement, followed by Tuberculinum c. in very infrequent doses). Burnett.
Incipient phthisis in a boy aet. 7; loss of flesh; great prostration; morbid timidity; glands of groins and on both sides of neck very much enlarged and indurated, particularly glands over apex of right lung; as he had suffered much from vaccination, Thuja 30 and Sabina 30 were first given, then Tuberculinum c. Burnett.
Nocturnal perspirations; notched incisors; indurated glands everywhere, very large and numerous; drumbellied; grinding of teeth at night; great susceptibility to taking cold, perspiration agg. at back of lungs and on head; big head, with bulging forehead; subject to attacks of fever and diarrhea. ~ Incipient phthisis. Burnett.
Incipient tubercular disease; restless at nights; sleepless; grinds teeth; tendency to diarrhea; want of appetite; foul breath; notched teeth; pain after food; vomiting of food; indurated glands; strawberry tongue; naughty; very irritable temper; puny growth; very thin; girl, aet. 6. Burnett.
A nasty little cough for seven weeks; much expectoration; pains in right lung; evening fever; liver and spleen enlarged; cough agg. morning after breakfast; neck slightly goitrous; eats hardly any breakfast. Burnett.
Cough, agg. 6 A. M.; notched incisors; thin and puny; cervical and inguinal glands much enlarged and indurated; strawberry tongue; girl, aet. 7. ~ Incipient phthisis. Burnett.
No respiratory sounds at top of right lung, and vocal resonance slightly increased; pain in left side; profuse perspiration; girl, aet. 18. Burnett.
Much fever, agg. evenings; restless and terribly irritable; much depressed and in almost constant agitation; tongue very red; chronic diarrhea; has lost fourteen pounds during last six weeks; has no appetite; evacuations discharged from bowels as from a pop-gun. ~ Threatened phthisis. Burnett.
Bad cough of about twelve months' duration; expectoration of blood; one of apices was audibly diseased; has had pneumonia; chest flat; respiration accelerated; tanned unduly in sun. Burnett.
Anemic, sickly, pale; profound debility; dyspnea, cannot mount or hurry; menses irregular. ~ Phthisis pulmonum. Burnett.
Lady, aet. 26, in first stage of consumption; dyspnea and rapid breathing; loss of flesh; greasy, dingy skin. Burnett.
Stout man, bright, florid complexion, mother died of phthisis, with which disease her sister is suffering; gets pneumonia very often in cold weather; hence travels from place to place to avoid colds; coughs much, brings up much phlegm; perspired profusely and drank great quantities of fluids; wretched sleepless nights, with almost constant fever; glands of neck much enlarged. ~ Phthisis. Burnett.
Complains that she has been in consumption for many years; is very thin and consumed with fever; lungs very flat; respiration almost imperceptible; fever; poor appetite; languid. Burnett.
Ringworm on scalp; lymphatic glands everywhere palpable; ribs very flat; strawberry tongue, bad cough, agg. at night; although 11 years old she had practically no teeth, they were rudimentary, and not above level of of gums. Burnett.
Pronounced phthisical habit; severe piles; constipation; brown cutaneous affection on abdomen. Burnett.


Indurated cervical glands.
Lump size of a walnut on cord of neck, is movable and occasionally itches. Rose.


Lame feet for three weeks, would walk or stand on sides of feet to rest them. M. B. B.
Cramps in calves. M. B. B.
Tubercular swelling of knee; intermittent attacks of pain in it; has expectorated clots of blood and suffered from exhausting sweats; family history of phthisis. Burnett.
Tuberculous disease of left knee; for eleven months had been limping; knee much enlarged and very tender; teeth dirty and carious; strawberry tongue. Burnett.
Tubercular synovitis of left knee. Burnett.

NERVES. [36]

Suddenly became unconscious while sewing or talking, began screaming, tearing her hair, beating her head with her fists, or trying to dash it against wall or floor; attacks daily, for a month, then spasms set in, with rolling of head from side to side and moaning; continuing five weeks, followed by a recurrence of fainting fits, at least twice a week; a few hours before an attack of fainting, a shuddering like a chill seemed to go from brain down spine; when questioned about an attack, she said head would suddenly seem to swell over eyes and pain became “horrid”, and she knew no more; between attacks she was free from all complaints except fatigue and an ever-present frontal headache. Swan.

SLEEP. [37]

Disturbed, distressful sleep. Burnett.

TIME. [38]

Morning: before breakfast, sudden diarrhea; on rising, hacking cough agg.; on rising, discharge from nose agg.; after breakfast, cough agg.
At 6 A. M.: cough agg.
Evening: at bedtime, hacking cough agg.; fever.
All day: hacking cough.
Night: wakeful and delirious; restless; grinding of teeth; cough agg.

FEVER. [40]

Fever. ~ Phthisis. Burnett.


Intermittent attack: of pain in tuberculous knee.
For forty hours: no sleep.
Twice a week: fainting fits.
For three weeks: lame feet.
During six weeks: lost fourteen pounds.
For seven weeks: a nasty little cough.
For eleven months: limping, from tubercular knee.
For about twelve months: a bad cough.
For forty-five years: headache.


Left: enlarged gland on neck; pains in side; tuberculous knee.
Right: sharp pain above eye, through to left ear; pain from forehead to occiput; pinching pains under ribs; dullness in apex of lung; increased vocal resonance in lung; amphoric sounds in lungs; pain in lung.


As if head, above eyes, were swollen, followed by unconsciousness; as if he had a tight hoop of iron around head; as of damp clothes on his spine; a shuddering like a chill seems to go from brain down spine.
Terrible pain: in head.
Cutting: from above right eye, through head to back of left ear.
Stitch: in left side, after running.
Pinching: under right ribs.
Cramps: in calves.
Itching: of nose and lips; in lumps on neck.

SKIN. [46]

Very bad tempered; very much pigmented where sun's rays impinged upon him; teeth dirty, greenish. ~ Phthisical habit. Burnett.
Eruption of itching blotches all over body, with exception of face and hands. Rose.
Ringworm. Burnett.


Boy, aet. 15 months, dark, fat, sister died of consumption of brain; incipient tubercular meningitis.
Boy, aet. 20 months; threatened tubercular meningitis.
Boy, aet. 2 years and 8 months, brother of two children who died of tubercular meningitis; tuberculosis.
Boy, aet. 3; incipient tuberculosis.
Girl, aet. 6, daughter of a country squire who was suffering from chronic phthisis; phthisis.
Girl, aet. 7; incipient phthisis.
Girl, aet. 7, family of phthisis; tubercular affection of knee.
Boy, aet. 7, family history of phthisis; incipient phthisis.
Boy, aet. 8, family history of consumption; threatened phthisis.
Boy, aet. 10; tabes mesenterica.
Girl, aet. 11, family history of phthisis; ringworm, carious teeth, cough, etc.
Girl, aet. 13, overgrown; phthisis.
Boy, aet. 14; phthisis.
Girl, aet. 15; incipient tuberculosis.
Girl, aet. 17, sister died of consumption; phthisis.
Girl, aet. 19; pulmonary phthisis.
Girl, aet. 20, phthisic habit, tall for her age, long fingers, almond-shaped nails, long neck, indurated glands in neck; cough.
Lizzie R., aet. 21, when three years old was frightened into a fit, which was followed by chorea, which continued until she was thirteen; has never been in good health; for the last four or five years passed through a variety of conditions, at one time being confined to bed for sixteen months, during nine months of this time could eat nothing but ice-cream; then had an attack of trismus, followed by severe ulceration of mouth; finally spasms set in, and after these ceased she passed through a condition simulating last stage of phthisis; spasms.
Lady, aet. 22, single, delicate habit of body, brother has consumption of bowels; threatened phthisis.
Lady, aet. 26, single, family history of consumption; phthisis.
Merchant, aet. 26, tall, slim, long, thin neck, bends forward, both parents died of lung disease; incipient phthisis.
Man, aet. 30, married, ten of his relations died of phthisis; tubercular swelling of knee.
Woman, aet. 38, mother of seven children, three sisters died of consumption; threatened phthisis.
Lady, aet. 40, single; phthisis.
Lady, aet. 40, married, family history of consumption; threatened phthisis.
Man, aet. 50, family history of phthisis; hemorrhage from bowels.
Man, aet. 50, an author of eminence, well known in theological circles, brother and sister died of water on brain, right lung solid, probably from healed-up cavities, he having by treatment and travel “grown out” of his pulmonary consumption; tubercular meningitis.
Lady, aet. 56, florid, mother and six brothers and sisters died of consumption; tubercular synovitis.
Gentleman, very big and stout, of bright, florid complexion, family history of consumption; phthisis.


Complementary: Hydrastis to fatten patients cured with Tuberculinum.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 10, 1891
Description: Clinical materia medica of Tuberculinum
Remedies: Tuberculinum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
year: 1891
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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