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Uranium Nitricum.

Uranium nitrate. UO22NO36H2O.

A salt prepared from pitch blende. The minerals which contain Uranium are found in the lead and silver mines of Bohemia and Saxony, Bavaria, and in France near Limoges.

The triturations are made from the pure nitrate.

Provings by Blake, Hah. Mat. Med., Part 2, 1871.

Toxicological experiments, Carniet, Glycoluries toxiques, Paris, 1891.


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MIND. [1]

Great despondency; ill-temper; cross; disagreeable.


Vertigo; heaviness of head; restless at night, with shivering.


Head heavy on waking; general languor; aching at occipital protuberance.
Pain shooting from right orbit to occipital protuberance in evening.
Frontal headache.
Dull aching in right temple.
Slight pain over left eye, with contracted feeling in throat, and eructations, followed by diuresis.
Heavy, burning pain in right side of vertex; fullness of head and sensation of blood flowing to that part, before eating.
Giddy, faint; flushing of upper body during menses.
Headache in left temple, with feeling as if he had taken cold.
Severe pain at posterior edge of right and left temporal bones.
Headache; dull, heavy pains in forehead, right temple and occiput.


Pain over left eye.
Eyelids inflamed and agglutinated; glands enlarged.
Child 12 days old, had from birth yellow discharge from left eye, causing adhesion of lids, left eye red and watery; afterward same kind of discharge from right eye, but less; discharge chiefly in inner canthus.


Nostrils sore with purulent, acrid discharge; chronic catarrh.
Dry coryza; left nostril stuffed.
Itching in nose, small scab in right nostril, purulent discharge from left nostril.
Scabbing of inner nostril, chronic.


Ulcers in buccal cavity, with copious salivation; nausea and great thirst.


Loss of appetite. ~ During menses.
Craves raw ham and tea; amenorrhea. ~ Diabetes.


Excessive thirst, emaciation. ~ Diabetes.


Much nausea; vomiting; intermittent vomiting, with great thirst.


Boring pain in pyloric region.
Dyspepsia, intermittent attacks of pain, with sinking at epigastrium and acid eructations, flatulency and copious urination.
Dyspeptic feelings quarter of an hour before dinner, with gnawing sinking at cardiac end of stomach; but without hunger or faintness.
Gastric and duodenal ulcers.
Recurring hematemesis. ~ Gastric ulcer.


Abdomen bloated; slight diarrhea; sharp colic and tenesmus, with burning in rectum.
Enteritis and peritonitis, with meteorism; great prostration.
Peritonitis followed by copious effusion.


A corpulent, temperate old man had constantly increasing debility and emaciation; edema of legs; great pain and weariness of legs; crawling and formication of limbs; clammy state of mouth and tongue; tongue coated with white fur; sensation of dryness in mouth and fauces, with intense thirst; severe acid dyspepsia; burning, cramps and faintness in pit of stomach; bowels constipated, feces pale, odorless and dry; constant desire to urinate; enormous quantity of urine (sixteen pints in twenty-four hours); perspiration and breath have a sweet odor; skin dry and hard; night sweats; pulse 90, small (greatly relieved). ~ Diabetes.
Profuse nocturnal urination; since six months, in a man aet. 40, accompanied by burning and scalding; urine milky at times, often straw-colored, fetid, voids ten to twelve pints in twenty-four hours; dispirited, morose; constipation; mouth dry; saliva tenacious; tongue coated white; good appetite, but distress after eating; constant faintness at stomach, even after a hearty meal; debility; renal pain.
Urination profuse, painful, pale, milky, with ammoniacal odor; nocturnal urination frequent; great debility; night sweats; constant pain and soreness in lumbar region; legs ache and feel heavy and weary; agg. toward evening; almost complete loss of sexual power, organs cold, relaxed and sweaty; afternoon fever; great thirst; canine hunger; bloated abdomen and constipation. ~ Albuminuria.
A delicate, nervous woman had sudden attacks of diuresis, followed by scanty urine, dark-colored, with fever.
Constipation; distressing thirst; canine hunger; tongue red; loss of sleep (improved). ~ Diabetes mellitus.
Diabetes: in two cases specific gravity decreased; in one from 1042 to 1030, in other from 1039 to 1031; thirst, hunger and quantity of urine decreased greatly.
Diabetes mellitus; five cases improved.
Incontinence of urine at night and frequency during day.
A boy, aet. 3, pale, dark circles around eyes; color in cheeks changes to deep red; exceedingly restless at night with fever; urine profuse and very pale; appetite capricious. ~ Diabetes mellitus.
A man, aet. 70, hale and hearty for his age; since three years has to urinate frequently and loses flesh; drinks a great deal to assuage his constant thirst. ~ Diabetes mellitus.
A man, aet. 52, fat and full-blooded, intense thirst, had to get up several times at night to drink; good appetite, loses strength; passes large quantities of urine, giving a specific gravity of 1044, and containing 85 grs. glucose per litre.
Commenced to decline five years ago and has been gradually growing agg.; could not walk; was entirely colorless, not slightest appearance of blood in lips, tongue, ears or over entire surface; eyes sunken; cheek bones prominent; emaciation; acidity of stomach; constipation; hemorrhoids; palpitation; inordinate thirst; roaring in ears, with fainting spells; tenderness of spine near and extending to kidneys; eight to ten quarts of urine in twenty-four hours. ~ Diabetes.
For three months getting thinner every day; cannot eat enough to satisfy craving; excessive thirst, especially at night, drinking four to six quarts of water in twentyfour hours; abundant flow of urine; has to empty pot de chambre two or three times a night; urine contains sugar.
Acute and chronic diuresis of children and adults.
Incontinence of urine at night, from worms; urine often excoriating.
Burning in urethra, with very acid urine; urinary tenesmus.
Nocturnal enuresis. ~ Albuminuria.
Urine greenish and smelling fishy.
Weakness of bladder from infancy; unable to retain urine without extreme pain, amounting almost to spasms during day; at night passed it freely without waking, and in cold weather in very large quantities; on taking cold, bloating of bowels and extremities, also of face; some tenderness of bowels, with frequent pain in left side; appetite poor, and extremely dainty, craving sweets; always complaining of deranged stomach; very thin and pale.


Completely impotent, with nocturnal emissions.
Almost complete loss of sexual powers, organs cold, relaxed and sweaty. ~ Albuminuria.


During menses: vertigo; faint; flushing of upper part of body.
No menstrual flow during diabetic attack; pale, anemic; craving raw ham and tea.


Excessive lacteal secretion.


Bronchitis, with copious mucous expectoration and much emaciation; old chronic cases.

COUGH. [27]

Cough, with purulent discharge from left nostril; loss of appetite and great prostration; lung infiltrated with grey tubercle.


Pain at lower angle of left scapula, agg. by taking a deep inspiration.
Hydrothorax and congestion of lungs.


Stiffness in loins.


White vesicles on hands and legs, with red areolae; burn and itch.


Walking: head heavy.

NERVES. [36]

Extreme languor on rising from bed.
Great prostration and drowsiness during menses.
Debility and cold feeling, with vertigo.
Debility, prostration resulting from severe organic lesion.

SLEEP. [37]

Sleeplessness. ~ Diabetes.

TIME. [38]

During day: frequent urination; shivering.
Afternoon: fever.
Evening: shooting from right orbit to occiput.
Night: restless; shivering; incontinence of urine; thirst.

FEVER. [40]

Shivering: alternately with heat; at night, and great restlessness.
Prostration, somnolence and shivering during day; restless at night during menstrual period.


Intermittent attacks: of pain with dyspepsia.


Left: pain over eye; headache in temple; adherence of eyelids; nostrils stuffed; purulent discharge from nose; pain at angle of scapula.
Right: aching in temple; burning in vertex; scab in nostril.


As if blood were flowing to head; as if he had taken cold with headache.
Pain: over left eye; in renal region; in left side; at lower angle of left scapula.
Severe pain: posterior edge of temporal bones.
Boring: in pyloric region.
Shooting: from right orbit to occiput.
Aching: at occipital protuberance; dull, in right temple; in legs.
Gnawing: at cardiac end of stomach.
Burning: in right side of vertex; in rectum; in pit of stomach; with urination; in urethra; in vesicles on hands and legs.
Dull pain: in head.
Cramp: in pit of stomach.
Contraction: in throat.
Heaviness: of head; in legs.
Faintness: at stomach.
Sinking: at epigastrium.
Stiffness: in loins.
Formication: in limbs.
Dryness: in mouth and fauces.
Itching: in nose; in vesicles on hands and legs.


Torpor; somnolency; coma.
Gastric and duodenal inflammation and ulceration.
Great emaciation; diabetes; tendency to general dropsy; effusion of serum from all serous membranes, especially pleura and peritoneum.
Diabetes mellitus and insipidus; Bright's disease, and kindred renal maladies; contracted, gouty kidneys, with gastric disturbances; irritable condition of renal plexus, of sympathetic.
Muscular paralysis.

SKIN. [46]

Epithelioma; lupus exedens; ecchymosis.


Child, aet. 12 days; ophthalmia.
Boy, aet. 3; diabetes.
Girl, aet. 12, suffering from infancy; incontinence of urine.
Man, aet. 70, hale and hearty; diabetes.


Compare: Phos. ac. (saccharine urine); Arsen. and Kali bich. (gastro-duodenal symptoms).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 10, 1891
Description: Clinical materia medica of Uranium nitricum
Remedies: Uranium nitricum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
year: 1891
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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