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Valeriana. (Valeriana Officinalis.)

Valerian. Valerianaceae.

A native of Europe, where it grows in damp woods and meadows, or on dry, elevated ground. The root is collected in Spring or Autumn.

The alcoholic tincture is prepared from the powdered dry root.

Introduced by Franz.

Provings by Hahnemann, Franz, Gross, Stapf, etc., Stapf's Beitrge; Jrg, Provings, 1825; Abell, Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., 1856, p. 117.


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MIND. [1]

Easy comprehension; intellect predominates over mind.
Passes quickly from one subject to another; hysteria.
Intellect confused; replies incoherently.
Erroneous ideas; thinks she is some one else, moves to edge of bed to make room; imagines animals lying near her which she fears she may hurt. ~ Typhoid fever.
Mild delirium, with great excitement and trembling. ~ Typhoid.
Fear, especially evening in dark, palpitation, trembling.
Changeable; hypochondriacal anxiety, or trembling excitability.
Hysteria, overexcitable, changeable disposition and ideas.
Great melancholy and irritability; morose, easily exasperated.
Hallucinations, particularly at night; sees figures, animals, men, etc.


Feels light as if flying in air.
Vertigo, with a sensation as if flying.
Vertigo when stooping.
Oversensitiveness of all senses.


Headache appearing suddenly or in jerks.
Pressing as from a stupefying constriction in forehead, drawing into orbits; face pale; agg. evenings, at rest, and in open air; amel. from movement, in room, and from changing position.
One-sided drawing headache from a draft of air.
Headache in sun.
Violent pressure in forehead, followed in a few minutes by sticking in forehead, and especially over orbits; soon sticking changes into pressure, and so on in constant alternation; sticking is like a darting tearing, as if it would pierce eyes from within outward.
Sensation in head of great coldness; hysterical subjects.
Nervous headaches.


Sensation of icy coldness in vertex when pressing firmly with hand, or when covering it with hat.


Vivid light like lightning, accompanied by dark spot to side of line of vision.
Frequent flashes of light before eyes, with dilated pupils.
Luminous appearance before eyes in evening, in dark.
Better from light; agg. in dark.
Expression of eyes peculiarly wild; hysterical neuralgia.
Edges of lids inflamed, with biting stinging.
Pressure in eyes only in morning on rising; margins of eyelids seem swollen and sore.
Smarting in eyes as if occasioned by smoke.
Long-lasting nervous diseases of eye; eye has a wild look and sight is much confused. ~ Hysteria.


Nervous affections of ears, with ringing and hissing; jerking and cramping pains; hyperesthesia.


Cheeks red and hot, especially in open air.
Fierce pains through left side of face, darting into teeth and ear; muscles twitch; hysterical neuralgia.
Facial pains appearing suddenly and in jerks.
Spasmodic twitching and drawing in cheek bones.
White blisters with elevated red base on cheek and upper lip, painful to touch.
Twitching of muscles of face. ~ Hysterical neuralgia.


Lips incrusted.


Stinging pain in teeth.


Taste as of rancid tallow.
Tongue thickly coated, foul.
A greasy taste in mouth, with uneasiness in throat. ~ Neuralgia of limbs.


Flat, slimy taste in mouth on waking.


Nausea, mostly in throat.
Sensation as if a thread were hanging down throat, with salivation and vomiting. ~ Hysteria.


Voracious hunger, with nausea.
Worse on an empty stomach, amel. after breakfast.


Eructations: like putrid eggs, morning on waking; frequent, empty.
Heartburn, with gulping up of rancid fluid, which, however, does not rise into mouth.
Nausea: with sensation as of a string hanging down throat; beginning in umbilical region, rising into pharynx; with faintness, lips white, body icy-cold.


Pressing aching in pit of stomach, as from something forcing a passage through it. ~ Neuralgia of limbs.
Cardialgia, with sleeplessness and migrating pains.
Sudden warm rising from epigastrium, with difficult breathing. ~ Hysteria.


Spleen affections.
Pain about lower ribs.


Abdomen bloated, distended, hard.
Colic: hysterical, especially evening in bed; after dinner; from hemorrhoids; from worms.
Involuntary inclination to draw abdomen in, on account of cutting and pinching pain.
Hysterical cramps in abdomen, most frequently evenings in bed, and after dinner; not amel. in any position.


Discharge of ascarides.
Thin, watery diarrhea, with lumps of coagulated milk; diarrhea of children.
Greenish papescent stool, passing with blood; constant pressing and violent screaming; diarrhea of children.
Nightly itching; muscular spasms; sleeplessness. ~ Worms.
Bubbling pressure above anus in region of coccyx.


Urine increased and more frequent.
During urination, much straining and prolapsus recti.
Sediment of urine red or white.


Menses too late and scanty.
Neurasthenia of sexual organs of women.


Child vomits as soon as it is nursed, after mother has been angry.
Child vomits curdled milk, in large lumps, the same in stools.


Choking in throat pit on falling asleep; wakens as if suffocating.
Inspirations grow less deep and more rapid until they cease; then catches her breath by a sobbing effort, in spells. ~ Spasmodic asthma.
On sitting down to meals a sensation of constriction in pharynx, as if in chest, with a suffocating feeling, followed by frequent yawning.
A sensation as if something warm were rising from her stomach, arresting breathing, with tickling deep in throat, and cough.
Paroxysm commences with a very rapid, convulsive movement of diaphragm, giving rise to extreme inhalations somewhat resembling panting of a dog. ~ Spasmodic asthma.


Frequent jerks and stitches in chest, with a sensation as if something pressed out, agg. in lower part of chest.
When walking, feels a pressure over lower half of chest, with oppression of breathing.
Sudden stitches in chest and region of liver, from within outward.
Stitches in left side and arm.


Stitches in region of heart.
Pulse rapid, somewhat tense, or small and weak.


Spine irritated, in beginning of typhoid fever.
Pain in loins as from cold or overlifting.
Bubbling pressure above anus, in coccygeal region.
Intense pain in left lumbar region above hip, as if he had strained part, agg. standing, especially sitting.


Rheumatic pains in scapulae.
Darting along arms, shoulders and face; hysterical neuralgia.
In muscles of left arm from shoulder to fingers, a very painful drawing mixed with single stitches; a sort of tearing.
Crampy darting tearing, like an electric shock, repeatedly through humerus, in bone, intensely painful.
Crampy drawing in region of biceps, in right arm, from above downward, when writing.


Pain in hip and thigh intolerable when standing, as if thigh would break. ~ Sciatica.
Crampy tearing (tearing-darting) pain in outer side of thigh, extending into hip.
Twinging pain in outer side of calf when sitting.
When laying right limb across left, tearing in left calf.
Acute crampy tearing pain in posterior muscles, especially those of calf, amel. in morning and when rubbing affected part; agg. toward evening and when quiet.
Violent drawing, darting, jerking pains in limbs, which appear suddenly; agg. sitting; amel. from motion; strained feeling in lumbar region; lumbago.
Pulsative tearing in right calf when sitting, in afternoon.
Drawing and weak feeling along tendo-Achillis, toward heel, as if part had lost all strength, when sitting; disappearing when rising from a seat.
Transient pain as if strained in right ankle; pain came on after running up stairs fast; it was most felt when standing; amel. when walking.
Sudden pain as if bruised in outer malleolus of right foot; feels pain more when standing.
Drawing in tarsal joints when sitting.
When sitting, heels, especially right heel, feel painful.
Constant pain in heels.
Sciatica of right side; agg. when straightening out limb, especially while standing, could stand at her work with comparative comfort if she stood with foot of affected side upon a chair.
Obstinate coxalgia of nine months' duration; pain greatly agg. by standing, with feeling as if thigh would break.
A feeling of lightness in leg after walking.


Rheumatic pains in limbs, rarely in joints; agg. during rest after previous exertion; amel. from movement.
Arms and legs move normally, but when at rest, jerk and twitch. ~ Hysteria.
Slow painful drawing and jerking, as if in bones of upper and lower extremities, when sitting quietly.
Constant jerking of limbs. ~ Hysterical neuralgia.
Heaviness like lead in limbs, a drawing, feels as if he must move limbs, but cannot.


Rest: headache agg.; cramp in calf; rheumatic pain agg.; arms and legs twitch.
Sitting: pain in lumbar region agg.; twinging in calf; pain in limbs agg.; pulsative tearing in right calf; drawing, weak feeling along tendo-Achillis; drawing in tarsal joints; pain in heels; drawing and jerking in bones of limbs.
Stooping: vertigo.
Standing: pain in lumbar region agg.; pain in hip and thigh intolerable; pain in right ankle agg.; sciatica agg.; coxalgia agg.
Changing positions: headache amel.
Laying right limb across left: tearing in left calf.
Motion: headache amel.; pain in limbs amel.; rheumatic pain amel.
Straightening out limb: sciatica agg.
Writing: crampy drawing in right biceps.
Walking: pain in right ankle amel.; lightness in leg, after.
Running up stairs: pain in right ankle.

NERVES. [36]

Ecstasy, overexcitable, changeable disposition and ideas; jerking, twitching, trembling; a sensation as if something warm were rising from stomach, arresting breathing, with tickling deep in throat, and cough; feels a sensation as if a thread were hanging down esophagus from pharynx; fearfullness, tremulousness and palpitation of heart. ~ Hysteria.
Agitation of all nerves; jerks, twitches, trembling.
Oversensitiveness of all senses.
Hysterical complaints.
Drawing in many places, now here, now there, like transient jerks.
Restlessness and spasmodic movements of limbs; staggering gait.
Spasms after slight injuries.
Nervous affections when apparently well-chosen remedy fails; defective reaction; slightest exertion causes violent headache, slightest pain fainting; warm sensation rising from stomach into throat, with globus hystericus; pains simulating rheumatism in limbs, agg. sitting, amel. walking about; hysterical women.
Severe shooting pains in left side of face, teeth, ear and arm; complete sleeplessness; convulsive tossing about of limbs; twitching of muscles of face; lips covered with a crust; thick dirty-looking coating on tongue, edges of which were torn by teeth during convulsions; gloomy expression; eyes staring, restless, wild; during conversation, eyes wander from object to object, and she does not understand questions; menses normal; wanders about house.
Great excitement and trembling. ~ Typhoid fever.

SLEEP. [37]

Sleepless, restless tossing, cannot sleep before 12 P. M.; nightly itching, muscular spasms; falls asleep only toward morning, when he had vivid dreams.
Worse on awaking.

TIME. [38]

Morning: eructations.
Toward evening: cramp in calf.
Evening: headache agg.; in bed, colic; heat agg.
Night: profuse sweat.
At 12 P. M.: cannot sleep before.


Open air: headache agg.; cheeks red and hot.
Draft of air: headache.

FEVER. [40]

Chill: of short duration; followed by long-lasting heat, with dullness of head and thirst; begins in neck and runs down back; fainting during cold stage.
Chill almost wanting, heat exceeds considerably in intensity and endurance, followed by perspiration.
Heat: in whole body, with uneasiness; flushes over cheeks; long-lasting; with sweat on face; agg. evenings and when eating; with thirst; predominates.
In evening spells of fugitive heat with thirst, no shivering. ~ Neuralgia of limbs.
Sweat: profuse, agg. at night, or from exertion, with violent heat; on face with heat; frequent, suddenly ceasing, mostly on forehead; amel. after.


Suddenly, or in jerks: headache; facial pains; pain in limbs.
Alternation: of sticking pain and pressure in forehead.
Now here, now there: transient jerks.


Left: prosopalgia; stitches in side and arm; pain in lumbar region as if strained; drawing in arm.
Right: drawing in biceps; strained feeling in ankle; bruised pain in outer malleolus; sciatica.


As if flying in air; as if eyes would be pierced from within outward; as of smoke in eyes; as if a thread were hanging down throat; as of something forcing a passage through pit of stomach; as if suffocating on falling asleep; as if something warm were rising from stomach; as if something pressed out in lower chest; as from cold or overlifting, pain in loins; as if he had strained left lumbar region; as of an electric shock through humerus; as if thigh would break; as if strained in right ankle; as if bruised in outer malleolus of right foot; lightness in leg; like lead in limbs.
Pain: about lower ribs; in hip and thigh; in heels; in eruptions.
Jerking: headache; in ears; in face; in chest; in limbs; in bones of limbs.
Darting: in forehead; from face into teeth and ears; in face; in shoulders; along arms; in humerus; from thigh to hip; in limbs.
Cutting: in abdomen.
Stitches: in chest; in region of liver; in left side and arm; in region of heart; in left arm.
Shooting: face, teeth, ear and arms.
Sticking: in forehead; over orbits.
Stinging: in edges of lids; in teeth.
Tearing: in forehead; in left arm; in humerus; in thigh to hip; in left calf; pulsative; in right calf.
Drawing: headache; in cheek bones; in muscles of left arm; in right biceps; in limbs; along tendo-Achillis; in tarsal joints; in bones of limbs.
Rheumatic pains: in scapulae; in limbs.
Aching: in pit of stomach.
Smarting: in eyes.
Biting: in edges of lids.
Pressure: in forehead; in eyes; in pit of stomach; over lower chest; bubbling, above anus.
Pinching: in abdomen.
Cramping: in ears; through humerus; in right biceps; in thigh to hip; in posterior muscles, especially in calf.
Constriction: in forehead; in pharynx.
Twinging: in outer side of calf.
Heaviness: in limbs.
Tickling: in throat.
Weakness: in tendo-Achillis.
Coldness: of head; in vertex.


“Nervous affections occurring in excitable temperaments; in hypochondriasis, it calms the nervousness, abates the excitement of the circulation, removes the wakefullness, promotes sleep, and induces sensations of quietude and comfort; sadness is removed; in globus, in all asthmatical and hysterical coughs, and nervous palpitation of heart, profuse flow of limpid urine.”
Excessive nervous excitability; exaltation; hysterical spasms; fearfullness and tremulousness with palpitation; hysterical element predominates.
Red parts become white.


Touch: blisters on cheek and lip painful.
Rubbing: amel. cramp in calf.
Pressure: of hand or hat, icy coldness in vertex.
After slight injuries: spasms.
Decubitus: early in typhoid.

SKIN. [46]

Painful eruptions.
White miliaria on chest and back. ~ Typhoid.
Skin too dry and warm. ~ Hysterical neuralgia.


Hysterical women who have taken too much chamomile tea.
Nervous, irritable, hysterical subjects, in whom the intellectual faculties predominate, and who suffer from hysterical neuralgia.
Woman, aet. 24, tall, dark hair and eyes, mother of a 9 months old child; spasms.
Woman, aet. 50; hysterical hallucinations.
A man, aet. 50, of florid complexion, almost ruddy, habitual cheerful temper; neuralgia of limbs.
Mrs. —, tall in stature, fair complexion, dark hair and eyes, usually feeble, subject to nightly ttacks of asthma; spasmodic asthma.
A highly nervous and irritable constitution; neuralgia.


Antidoted by: Bellad., Camphor, Cina, Coffea, Pulsat.
It antidotes: Mercur., abuse of chamomile tea.
Compare: Arnic., Asafoet, Crocus, Dulcam., Hyperic., Ignat., Nux vom., Spigel., Sulph. (spasms after injuries).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 10, 1891
Description: Clinical materia medica of Valeriana officinalis
Remedies: Valeriana officinalis
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
year: 1891
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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