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Viola Odorata.

Sweet-scented Violet. Violaceae.

The tincture is prepared from the fresh plant in flower.

Introduced by Wm. Gross.

Provings by Gross, Hahnemann and Stapf, Archiv fr Hom., vol. 8, p. 182.


- Rheumatism, Kitchen, Phila. Jour. Hom., vol. 1, p. 49; B. J. H., vol. 24, p. 314; Hysteria, P. Pop. Hom. Zeitschr., vol. 13.

MIND. [1]

Very great intellectual and emotional activity, with constant weak memory, followed by headache.
Weakness of memory; or increased mental activity, easy comprehension; intellect predominates over emotions.
Momentary vanishing of thought.
Weakness of memory; when he reaches a period in reading, he has already forgotten beginning of sentence.
Confusion of thought; when he attempted to express his thoughts in words, they immediately disappeared, and strange thoughts took their place; he could not recall former.
He seems able to recognize but half an idea; he puts it in proper place but cannot hold it; he makes great effort to grasp the other half, but at same moment half of another incomplete idea presses upon him, and so on; thoughts chase one another, but he always has but half a thought which he cannot hold to and cannot think out; judgment remains, he recognizes morbid fancies, but cannot prevent them; he looks like one meditating and despondent.
Disconnected thoughts thronged one upon the other, he was able to grasp none of them; his judgment remained good because he knew how little he would be under-stood if he expressed his thoughts; on this account he kept quiet, yet for most part was unable to express his phantasies even by a word.
Hysterical; inclined to weep without knowing why.
Sadness turning to gloomy despondency; hypochondriacal mood.
Aversion to all music, especially violin.
Aversion to talking.
Very restless, talking much. ~ Measles.
Insane confusion, childish behavior, disobedience, refusing nourishment, talks in a low, soft voice.


Vertigo: while sitting; everything in head seems to whirl around.


Dull, confused headache.
A pricking in forehead from rush of blood.
Heaviness of whole head, it sinks forward, cervical muscles seem very weak.
Headache, with cramp in one eye, with vision of a fiery tremulous half-circle.


Drawing in left frontal eminence.
Head feels heavy and sinks forward.
Tension in scalp extending to upper part of face.
Tension of scalp of occiput even when not moving, though agg. on bending head forward and backward; a painful sensation which compels him to wrinkle frontal muscles.


Toward evening a feeling of dryness and burning in lids; sensitiveness to light; painful forcible drawing together of lids as from irresistible sleep.
Sharp vision, ease in looking.
Contours of letters are not sharply defined while reading, they seem to run together.
Is obliged to hold objects somewhat nearer than usual in order to see distinctly.
It seems thick before eyes and everything seems dim.
Illusion of vision; at point to which he looks he seems to see a half point which then becomes a tremulous light, constantly more fiery, at last looks like a half circle, and a zigzag fiery appearance following a serpentine course which at last becomes weaker and gradually disappears; white of eye looks red.
Pupils contracted.
It seems to him as if each eyeball were compressed from both sides.
Heat and burning in eyes.
Burning pain in left eye.
Cramplike spasms in eyelids, extending to malar region, especially of left side.
Heaviness of lids, as from sleepiness.
Tendency of lids to close without physical sleepiness.
Tension beneath eyes.


Rushing and ringing in ears.
Aversion to music, especially to violin; agg. from music.
Stitches in and around ears.
Drawing and tension in left ear, rather externally.
Sticking from within outward in left ear.
Deep, transient stitches alternately beneath one or other ear, especially left.
Pressing pain behind left ear, externally.


Numbness of tip of nose, as if it had been beaten and blood were pressing out.


Hot forehead.
Tension below eyes and above nose to temples.
Tension in scalp, which at times extends to upper half of face, especially of nose, then to forehead and temples, as far as ears, alternating with a similar sensation in occiput and cervical muscles.
Pressure on malar bone.
Violent drawing pressure from malar bone to temple.


Tearing pain in left lower jaw extending to ear.


Tearing in teeth of right lower jaw.


A sensation in hard palate as if it were completely dried up.
Aphthae of infants.


Distension of abdomen.


Itching of anus, every afternoon.


Extremely unusual nocturnal emission, which does him no good, followed by headache.


During pregnancy, dyspnea.


Hoarseness, followed by coryza.


Short breath.
Difficulty of breathing, with painful exhalation, anxiety and palpitation.
Dyspnea, with occasional cough; agg. in daytime than at night. ~ Pregnancy.
Shortness of breathing and violent dyspnea, as if a stone were lying on chest.
Soft, noiseless breathing, respiration is scarcely noticed.

COUGH. [27]

By day chiefly, in long-lasting spells, dry, short, violent, with much dyspnea.
Whooping cough in nervous, thin little girls.
Sputum profuse, clear, ropy, jellylike.


Oppression of chest as from a weight, awakening her at night. ~ Hysteria.
Frightful oppression of chest and dyspnea, with pain in chest as from a stone lying upon it.


Jerking drawing in cervical muscles near nape of neck, extending downward, in evening, while lying on opposite side.


Slight trembling of arms; dyspnea.
Rheumatic affections of upper limbs.
Aching in wrists, particularly right.
Drawing in elbow joint and in dorsum of hand.
Rheumatism of deltoid muscle for nearly two weeks; wrist and hand of same side also affected.
Drawing pain in right elbow.
Pressing pain in right wrist.
Drawing pain in back of left metacarpus, extending toward wrist.
Cramplike pain in first joint of left index finger, even during rest.
Sticking in tip of middle finger.
Man, aet. 31, rheumatism of joints of right hand; robust, slightly lymphatic, not scrofulous; swelling of right wrist, also hand and fingers of same side, with intense heat in these parts; acute pains; motions impossible, hand being half flexed on forearm; slight pains and swelling in left wrist; sleeplessness; temperature of skin greatly elevated with some acceleration of pulse; sounds of heart normal.
Rheumatism affecting right carpal and metacarpal joints.


Edematous swelling of lower limbs, with stitching pains.


Rheumatism of right side; upper and lower extremities; lancinating pains in joints of fingers of right hand: right wrist joint painful, swollen, stiff and cannot be moved without great pain; right shoulder slightly painful, but no swelling; right foot and ankle joints painful, swollen, least motion painful, almost impossible; right knee joint swollen and painful; wandering pains, occasionally in right side of head; no fever; heart normal; slightly emaciated; motion of right side almost impossible.
Trembling of limbs.
Bruised pain in all bones in morning, in bed, after waking, disappears after rising.


Lies on back during sleep, left hand above head, knees bent.
Bending head forward and backward: tension in scalp agg.

NERVES. [36]

Trembling of limbs.
Relaxation of all muscles.
Great nervous debility.
Hysteria; much weeping without knowing why; difficulty of breathing; anxiety and palpitation.

SLEEP. [37]

Yawning: and stretching without sleepiness; every morning so that eyes fill with water.
Sleepiness in eyes and lids, they will close.
He lies on back at night during sleep with left hand above head contrary to habit, and with knees bent and lying far to side.

TIME. [38]

Morning: bruised pain in bones on awaking; yawning.
Daytime: dyspnea and cough agg.
Toward evening: dryness and burning in lids.
Evening: pain in cervical muscles.


After staying in a cold room during Fall season: hoarseness.

FEVER. [40]

Forehead hot.
Chilly disposition.
Febrile shivering.
Night sweats.


Every afternoon: itching of anus.


Left: drawing in frontal eminence; burning in eye; cramp in eyelids to malar region; drawing and tension in ear; sticking from within outward in ear; pressing pain behind ear; tearing in lower jaw to ear; drawing pain in back of hand toward wrist; cramplike pain in index finger.
Right: tearing in teeth of lower jaw; drawing in elbow; pressing pain in wrist; rheumatism of wrist; rheumatism agg.


As if everything in head whirled around; as if eyeballs were compressed; as if nose had been beaten and blood were pressing out; as if hard palate were dried up; as if a stone were lying on chest; burning like a small transient flame in spots here and there.
Lancinating: in joints of fingers of right hand.
Stitches: in and about ears; in swelling of lower lids.
Sticking: from within outward in left ear; in tip of middle finger.
Prickling: in forehead.
Jerking: in cervical muscles.
Tearing: in left lower jaw to ear; in teeth of right lower jaw.
Aching: in wrists.
Pressure: behind left ear; in malar bone; in right wrist.
Burning: in lids; in eyes; transient, in various places.
Drawing: in left frontal eminence; in left ear; from malar bone to temple; in cervical muscles; in elbow joint and dorsum of hand; in right elbow; on back of left metacarpus toward wrist.
Bruised pain: in bones.
Cramp: in eye, with headache; in eyelids; in first joint of left index finger.
Tension: in scalp; beneath eyes; in left ear.
Heaviness: in head; of lids.
Numbness: of tip of nose.
Heat: in eyes.
Itching: of anus.
Dryness: in lids.

SKIN. [46]

Dry, warm skin, want of sweat; only palms moist; measles running an irregular course.
Transient burning here and there on body; seems concentrated in a small spot, like a small transient flame, while sitting during day, as well as while lying at night.


Tall, thin, nervous girls; mild, impressive, of fair complexion; tuberculous.
Boy, aet. 19; rheumatism.
Woman, aet. 29, robust; rheumatism.
Man, aet. 31, robust, slightly lymphatic; rheumatism.
Man, aet. 61; rheumatism.
Mrs. —, aet. 70; rheumatism.


Compatible: Corall. in whooping cough; Cina in helminthiasis.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 10, 1891
Description: Clinical materia medica of Viola odorata
Remedies: Viola odorata
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
year: 1891
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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