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Xanthoxylum. (Xanthoxylum Fraxineum.)

Prickly Ash. Rutaceae.

A shrub from five to ten feet in height, growing in woods and moist, shady places throughout the Northern, Middle and Western States.

The tincture is prepared from the fresh bark.

Proved by Cullis, Pub. Mass. Hom. Soc., vol. 2, p. 1861-6, p. 267.


- Dysmenorrhea, Burck, Org., vol. 1, p. 484; Woodvine, N. E. M. G., vol. 8, p. 22; Frantz, Hah. Mo., vol. 12, p. 382; Amenorrhea, N. N., Anal. Therap., vol. 1, p. 129; Williams, U. S. M. & S. J., Oct., 1871; Davis, M. I., vol. 11, p. 584; Incipient phthisis, Conant, Org., vol. 1, p. 324; Cough, Davis, M. I., vol. 11, p. 584.

MIND. [1]

Nervous, frightened feeling.
Depression and weakness.
Indifference and malaise.


Pain over eyes, with throbbing above root of nose.
Head dull and aching.
Frontal headache.
Severe frontal headache with dizziness.
A dull headache, in a space not larger than half a dollar, over nose.
Diffused pain in upper part of forehead; agg. in right side; pain extends to base of brain, with soreness.
Throbbing headache over right eye, with nausea.
Darting pain in left temple, recurring again and again.
A tightening of scalp and heavy pain in temples; increase of head difficulties with a great heat and quiet flowing (menstrual), being two days in advance of proper time; some headache.
Pain in left side of head and left elbow.
Heavy feeling in top of head.
About upper part of cranium, an achy feeling accompanied by flashes of throblike pain, as if top of head were about to be taken off.
Pain in back of head, also a bewildered sensation.
Head feels full.
Pressure in head, with fullness of veins.
Tightness of head, with pain increasing over eyes.
Headache, with sleepy feeling in morning.
Shaking head produces a feeling of looseness or quivering of brain, followed by dizziness.
As if head were surrounded by a tight band. ~ Dysmenorrhea.


Watering of eyes and nose.
Lachrymation, pain in lid of right eye.
Dull, heavy, grinding pain in left eye.


Ringing in ears, more particularly in right Dull pain in right ear seeming to affect jaw socket; does not know whether his tooth or his ear aches.
Darting pain under and back of right ear.


Right nostril seems filled up; discharge of dry and bloody scales of mucus.
Dryness of both nostrils.
Discharge of mucus from nose, with congested feeling, as if it were about to bleed.
Fluent coryza.


Pain in right jaw-socket.


Dull pain in left side of lower jaw.


Ptyalism; tongue coated yellow.


Peppery taste in mouth, fauces and throat.
Burning and dry feeling in mouth and tongue.


Peppery sensation; soreness, with expectoration of tough mucus.
Feeling of a bunch in left side of throat when swallowing, shifting to right.
Pain and soreness in right side of throat.
Throbbing in throat, and sensation of swelling.
A feeling of enlargement of throat.


No appetite.


Anorexia, could eat but a few mouthfuls at breakfast, and could only drink half a cup of coffee, which was vomited soon afterward.


Empty eructations, with slight taste of ingesta.
Nausea, with headache.
Slight nausea, with sense of oppression at stomach; nausea increased, accompanied by frequent chills.


Feeling of fullness or pressure in epigastrium; fluttering.


Some pain in right side below ribs.


Colic pain in right iliac region.
Rumbling, with soreness on pressure.
Soon after waking, at 7 A. M., severe griping abdominal pains, with thin, brown, diarrheic discharge, mixed with some mucus.
Griping pain, on waking, in morning, continued at intervals through day, with general feeling of indifference and malaise.


Constipation in morning.
Griping pains 7 A. M., with thin, brown stools, mixed with mucus.
Epidemic dysentery, characterized by spasmodic tenesmus, intestinal spasms, tympanitis, etc.
Inodorous discharges, with tenesmus.
Cholera, in stage of collapse.


Urine at night and next morning, scanty and high-colored.
Profuse, light-colored urine: nervous women.


Ovarian pain: with scanty and retarded menses; extending down genito-crural nerves; and sacral pains during pregnancy.
Menses appeared one week before usual time; attended with a good deal of pain.
Dysmenorrhea: with agonizing pains, driving patient almost distracted; neuralgic pain runs along course of genito-crural nerve; in women of spare habit and of a delicate, nervous temperament; with headache, especially over left eye, commencing day before menses; fullness in head; eyes congested, with photophobia; face flushed and feverish; agonizing bearing down; abundant discharge; excruciating pain in loins and lower abdomen.
Menstrual flow: too early and profuse; pains down thighs; scanty and retarded.
Constant headache, agg. during menses, at which time she also suffered agonizing pains in pelvic region.
Severe headache, generally over left eye, commencing day before menses; sense of fullness in head, with feeling as if surrounded by a tight band; eyes congested, great photophobia; noises aggravate symptoms; face flushed and feverish; constant agonizing bearing-down in abdomen as if everything were being forced out; pain in back as if broken; pain starting at iliac crest and shooting down limbs to knees; screams out in agony; no relief in any position; discharge very scanty, thick, almost black, in strings and clots, intermitting every other day, and lasting two weeks; perfectly well between periods. ~ Dysmenorrhea.
Amenorrhea for five months; face and legs edematous; very nervous, sensitive to least noise, hysterical mood; voice tremulous; fears she is going to die; general chlorotic appearance, constipation, scanty frequent and dark urine.
Amenorrhea for five months, with severe pains in right ovary; constant headache; bearing down and tension in hypogastric region.
Amenorrhea from getting feet wet; lasting six months; emaciation with cough; dirty-grey expectoration; pale face, night sweats.
Miss —, aet. 19, four months ago took cold by getting her feet wet; no menses since; no appetite; the sight of food almost nauseates, smallest amount distresses; cannot sleep; bowels constipated, bloated; urine scant and high-colored; nervous; discouraged, don't care whether she lives or dies; limbs below knees bloated; shortness of breath; cheeks colorless. ~ Amenorrhea.
Great increase of leucorrhea during the time when menses should appear.


Profuse lochia.


Hoarseness, with husky feeling in throat; obliged to clear throat frequently.
Aphonia from cold or general debility.


Shortness of breath.
Constant desire to take a long breath.

COUGH. [27]

Slight hacking cough.
Dry cough night and day, from sheer exhaustion could scarcely turn herself in bed; face pale, bloated; dark rings about eyes; head full and heavy; lips colorless; tongue pale and flabby; shortness of breath; no appetite; bowels constipated; urine light-colored, alkaline, sp. gr. 1025; fluttering in stomach, pain in left side; limbs weak and bloated.


Tightening about chest, with inclination to gape.
Tightness of chest, difficulty to inflate chest.
Pain in left side, under fourth rib.
Sharp pains in right side, of a neuralgic character.
Oppression of chest, with a desire to take deep inspiration.
Sharp shooting pains in right side (like pleurisy pains), occasionally extending through to shoulder blade; continual desire to take a long breath.
Menses irregular and scanty; tight, dry cough, which hurts chest and shoulders; bowels almost constantly loose; profuse night sweats; is getting very much wasted and weakened; frequent violent headache, affecting whole head, and sometimes accompanied by vomiting; feet and ankles edematous; bubbly mucous rales, especially distinct in apex of left lung; whole appearance bloodless and miserable; family history of phthisis; thinks she is “going into a decline.”


Slight pain in left side and under left shoulder blade, also in left hip.


Pain in right shoulder and arm.
Pain and pricking feeling in right arm, extending to third finger.
Pricking and throbbing sensation in left arm and fingers.
Severe pain in right arm, commencing just above bend of elbow.
Whole left arm and shoulder numb.
Pain in left elbow and left side of head.
Dull pain in left elbow, passing to palm of hand, then to shoulder.
Pain in both elbows.
Severe pain in wrist, extending to thumb.
A flash of pain in right thumb, extending to hand.


Severe neuralgic pains in course of genito-crural nerves. ~ Dysmenorrhea.
Excessive weakness of lower limbs. ~ Chlorosis.
Pain in left leg, between hip and knee.
Weakness in lower limbs, with pain in knees; pain of extremities increased, accompanied by frequent chills.
Legs and feet feel tired.
Pain in left knee very severe; pain has lasted, without cessation, a little more than half an hour.
Dull pain in right knee.
A flash of pain in calf of right leg.
Pain in ankle.
Pain in left heel.
Pain in both feet, shooting up to knees.


Pain in limbs, neuralgic, shooting; numbness and weakness.
Dull pain in left knee; also in left elbow, extending to hand, then in left side and top of left foot.

NERVES. [36]

Paralysis of single members.
Hemiplegia (after Nux vom. failed).
Pricking sensation, shocks as from electricity.
Numbness, agg. on left side.

SLEEP. [37]

Continued gaping; drowsiness.
Slept hard and heavy; dreamed of flying about over tops of houses.
Awoke in morning, languid and depressed.

TIME. [38]

Morning: headache, with sleepy feeling; griping pain on waking; languid and depressed.
At 7 A. M.: griping pains in abdomen.
Night and day: dry cough.


Getting feet wet: amenorrhea.

FEVER. [40]

Sense of heat all over veins, with a desire to be bled; flash of heat from head to foot.
Frequent chills, with pains in extremities; nausea.
Typhoid fever, in stage of collapse.


Intermittent: darting in left temple.
At intervals: griping pain.


A feeling of numbness through whole of left side of body from head to foot, the division made perceptible in head, affecting half of nose; this feeling lasted two or three minutes.
Left: darting in temple; pain in head and elbow; pain in eye; pain in lower jaw; headache over eye; pain under fourth rib; pain under shoulder blade; pain in hip; pricking and throbbing in arm and fingers; arm and shoulder numb; pain in thigh; pain in knee; pain in heel; pain in top of foot; numbness agg.
Right: pain in forehead agg.; throbbing over eye; pain in eyelid; ringing in ear agg.; dull pain in ear and jaw-socket; darting under and back of ear; pain and soreness in throat; pain below ribs; neuralgic pain in side; pain in shoulder and arm; pricking in arm; flash of pain in thumb; pain in knee; pain in calf.
Left to right: feeling of a bunch in throat.


As if top of head would be taken off by flashes of throblike pain; as if bewildered, with pain in back of head; a feeling of looseness or quivering of brain; as of pepper in mouth and throat; as of a bunch in throat; as if throat were swollen and enlarged; as if head were surrounded by a tight band; as if legs and feet were tired; pricking as from electric shocks.
Pain: over eyes; in left side of head; in back of head; in lid of right eye; in right jaw-socket; in right side of throat; in right side below ribs; in left side under shoulder blade and in hip; in right shoulder and arm; in right arm to third finger; in left elbow; in elbows; in left leg between hip and knee; in knees; in ankle and left heel.
Agonizing pain: dysmenorrhea.
Excruciating pain: in loins and lower abdomen.
Severe pain: in right ovary; in right arm above bend of elbow; in wrist to thumb.
Dull, heavy, grinding pain: in left eye.
Shooting: like pleurisy; in right side; from feet to knees; in limbs.
Pricking: in right arm to third finger; in left arm and fingers.
Darting: in left temple; under and back of right ear.
Neuralgic pain: along course of genito-crural nerve; in right side; in limbs.
Colic pain: in right iliac region; after waking.
Throbbing: above root of nose; over right eye; in vertex; in throat.
Burning: in mouth and tongue.
Soreness: in right side of throat.
Dull pain: in right ear and jaw-socket; in left side of lower jaw; in left elbow to palm of hand, then to shoulder; in right knee; in left knee; in top of left foot.
Pressure: in head; in epigastrium.
Tension: in hypogastric region; about chest.
Tightness: of head.
Fullness: in head; in veins; in epigastrium.
Heaviness: in top of head.
Heat: in veins; in flashes from head to foot.
Dryness: of nostrils; in mouth.
Numbness: in left arm and shoulder; in limbs; of left side.


Acts upon nervous system, mostly upon sensory nerves, but causes a marked depression of vitality, a non-reactive state; hence its use in chlorosis, measles, neuralgia, etc., when there is sensorial and bodily depression.
Mucous membrane smarts as from pepper.
Old and indolent ulcers.

SKIN. [46]

Measles, dullness, bewilderment, drowsiness, want of sufficient development of the eruption.


Spare habit, nervous temperament, delicate organization.
Girl, aet. 16, suffering four years; dysmenorrhea.
Girl, aet. 17, family history of phthisis; incipient phthisis.
Girl, aet. 20, well developed and healthy-looking, nervous temperament; dysmenorrhea.


Compare: Act. rac. (headache), Bryon. (lack of eruption in measles, etc.), Colocyn. (dysmenorrhea with reflex neuralgias), Gnaphal. (sciatica).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 10, 1891
Description: Clinical materia medica of Xanthoxylum fraxineum
Remedies: Xanthoxylum fraxineum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
year: 1891
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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