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Zincum. (Zincum Metallicum.)

Zinc. The element.

Introduced by Franz.

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MIND. [1]

Unconscious; signs of effusion into brain; feet constantly moving; often from undeveloped eruptions.
Weak memory, with stinging pains in head.
Great forgetfullness; forgetful of what has been accomplished during day.
Mental operations very difficult; difficult to grasp ideas and to co-ordinate thoughts.
Repeats all questions before answering them.
Loss of thought and a soporous condition of mind.
Stares as if frightened on waking, head rolls from side to side.
Imaginative power lively and excited; attacks of great loquacity.
Fanciful illusions when holding head down, as if she had a large goitre which she could not see over.
Anxiety on account of thieves or horrible apparitions, while awake, like a feverish fancy.
Apprehensive and lachrymose mood, which disappears in evening.
Apprehension and ennui, she seeks society.
Anxious mood as from a misfortune.
Very uneasy mood as if he had committed a crime.
Anxiety: makes her restless in morning; during menses.
Thinks of death calmly; hypochondriacal, with gastric symptoms; pressure in spine and fear of death.
Low-spirited at noon; lively in evening, or vice versa.
Sensitive to others talking and to noise.
Talking or listening is distressing; much talking of other people, even of those of whom he is fond, affects his nerves and makes him morose and impatient.
Mood uneasy, unsteady.
Irritable, startled.
At noon irritable, peevish, terrified; amel. in evening.
Fretful, morose; for several days inclined to have a secret grudge, and to vexation; quiet; it frets him to be obliged to speak a word.
Fretful, despondent mood, especially in evening.
Child cross toward evening; brain affected.
Very impatient, but not bad-humored.
Easily angered and very much affected thereby.
He wishes that he might get hold of some one on whom he might vent his anger.
Irascible, impatient; sad, weeps frequently; despairs of her recovery; is querulous; objects to noise, or talking of others; dislikes work, cannot or will not walk.
Morose in morning, afternoon and evening.
Answers were slow, and he spoke as if in a bad temper.
Sobbing on account of vexation, without obvious reason, with pressive pain in top of head.
Ill-humored and sad.
She looks very morose, gloomy and disturbed, even in morning.
Peevish and lachrymose during menses.
Indifferent; despondent; disinclination to work.
Overpowering sadness.
Quiet thoughts of death in afternoon, with weakness.
Hypochondriacal mood three hours after dinner, with pressure under short ribs, especially of right side, with aversion to work and discomfort over whole body.
Extremely variable mood; alternately fretful, irritable, quarrelsome, despondent and depressed.
He is frequently able to laugh excessively over a trifle, but is just as easily vexed.
Delirium, with attempts to get out of bed; staring eyes; constant trembling of hands and coldness of extremities.
Great fear, as if persecuted by men or the devil, on account of crimes which he has never done; is afraid of becoming imprisoned, or poisoned, or shot, or buried alive, with great excitation, pappy taste, whitish-coated tongue, eructations, loss of appetite, retarded stool, vertigo and heat in head and face. ~ Delirium tremens.
After an attack of typhoid fever, repeated over and over again, in a singing tone, any question put to him, until interrupted by a second question, which he repeated as the first and so on.
A teacher of leuco-phlegmatic habit, frequently vertigo, for several mouths an involuntary, periodically appearing fit of laughing, which he cannot suppress; fits appear several times a day and cause severe convulsions of chest and abdomen, rush of blood to head and brain; a tendency to constipation and apoplexy.
A woman in her climacteric years suffered from delusions caused by grief and anger; believed herself to be called before court on account of her wicked actions; at night she could not sleep, and during day sleep was light and not refreshing; believes the devil is after her; face and head feel hot, features sunken, moderate heat alternates with chill all over body; vertigo, gait tottering, loss of appetite, constipation; muddy urine, with brickdust sediment; after waking up feels languid and cannot rouse herself; is very sensitive, weeps easily; pulse not frequent, but irregular in strength of beats.
A gracile, delicate, but healthy girl of 23, who made her living by embroidery, nursed her old father during a long and tedious sickness, and then felt mentally and bodily exhausted; after recovery of her parent she returned to her usual labors, but a sleepiness, without any other morbid symptom, set in, with loss of appetite, though her tongue was perfectly clean; when sitting at her embroidery or at her sewing table she heaved a deep sigh, needle fell from her hand, she fell back in her chair, and slept with eyelids spasmodically closed and eye whirled around in circle; after sleeping from five to fifteen minutes, she began to weep, or to sing, or to speak incoherently, waked up then, after a few moments to fall again asleep, in a quarter of an hour to awake again in a similar manner.


Vertigo: violent, after stooping, as if everything were whirling round, with buzzing in head, in morning; as if he would have apoplexy, with anxiety and fear of falling headlong; he could scarcely stand; in morning on waking, as if head were moving up and down, with a similar floating of images of his fancy, all during semi-consciousness; after dinner; as if he saw through a mist, after eating; in occiput, in evening while sitting and smoking, with desire for stool; in whole brain, especially in occiput, as if he would fall over; in occiput as if he would fall to left, while walking; with headache, in morning; while sitting up in bed, as if bed were constantly swaying back and forth; while sitting and standing, disappears on walking; when standing on a height, as if he would fall to right; with weakness of head and abdomen, she is obliged to lie down; from morning till noon, it frequently seems as if she would fall; with flushing heat.
Dizzy, nauseating weakness on remaining up rather late in evening, as after smoking too strong tobacco.
Frequent attacks of vertigo, preceded by sharp pressure at root of nose, and a sensation of drawing together of eyes, as if by a cord, followed immediately by excessive menses, faintness, and trembling of hands.


Dullness of head: on waking; after a meal.
Heaviness of head, as if it would fall down.
Inability to support head in evening.
Head heavy, dizzy and confused in morning, as from loss of sleep.
Weak feeling in head, especially in eyes.
Head oppressed; stupefied and dizzy at noon.
Dizzy stupefaction in short paroxysms, with blackness before eyes and general weakness, especially in forenoon and evening.
Stupefying headache, as from coal gas, all morning.
Pressure in head, with dullness.
Headache: at night, with vertigo; intense, with violent shivering; amel. by washing in cold water; amel. in open air; agg. in warm room, after eating and from wine.
Intense pain in brain, almost driving one mad, followed by excessive vomiting of bile and trembling.
Pain as from a tearing in whole brain.
Sticking and tearing in head and cutting in abdomen, with yawning during and after dinner.
Headache from drinking even small quantities of wine.
Painful raging here and there in head.
Tingling and resounding in head, when speaking loud.
Violent throbbing and tearing in whole head, especially in right frontal region, from morning until evening, after lying down.
Headache in region of left frontal eminence after dinner.
Pressure on root of nose, as if it would be pressed into head.
Continual dull pain across frontal sinuses, with extreme sensibility of cartilages of ear and nose.
In forehead: constant dull pain; heaviness during menses, with a feeling as if head would be drawn backward in evening; pressing headache every morning; pressing in right frontal eminence; pressure with dullness, makes thought difficult; a sharp pressure in morning on waking, afterward becomes a simple pressure in temples; sensation as if air forced itself into frontal sinuses; extreme sensitiveness; tension and pressure; pressing headache, with dullness in head, sleepiness and pain in eyes in forenoon; sharp pressure upon a small spot in middle, in evening; pressing tearing in frontal eminence, after dinner; drawing; throbbing; sticking; tearing; tearing and crawling, during supper; sticking tearing, with violent ineffectual inclination to sneeze; sticking, with a tearing as if head would burst; a dull boring stitch above right frontal eminence; gnawing as from worms.
In temples: sharp, pinching pressure in left; transient tearing; tearing in right; jerking tearing above left; sticking tearing; dull stitches in right from time to time; stitches as with needles in left; sense of tightness; cramplike tearing; tearing, after dinner, with stitches in right ear; a persistent aching and pressure; dull, cramplike pressure; pressure in right suddenly shooting inward; pressure in left In vertex; drawing, pressing, throbbing tearing; pressing tearing near right side; sharp tearing, also in left parietal bone; fine burning stitches, in middle; dullness and heaviness; tense and dull pain; pressure, agg. after dinner.
Hemicrania, agg. after dinner; tearing and stinging.
In right side of head: tearing and sticking, after dinner; painful boring and pressure; pulsating pressing, and twinging; boring in parietal bone, with a sensation of bursting, in evening, while standing; throbbing pain, in evening.
In left side of head: dull pain; pressing, drawing, boring, after dinner; boring in parietal bone; drawing tearing.
Frequent screwing-together pain in both sides of head, in evening.
In occiput: dullness and acute heaviness; a pressing asunder in right side; pressure, for several hours after walking in open air; drawing; drawing in left side; painful forcing asunder, in left side, close to cervical vertebrae; gnawing in right occipital protuberance as by a mouse; continual gnawing in upper part; bruised pain; boring; painful raging like beating of waves, with a feeling of heat in a spot on right side, extending up over vertex, in evening; tearing in right and left sides; tearing in right side, with dull stitches on top of head; tearing in right side when laughing; dull sticking pressure in a small spot.
Periodic attacks of cephalalgia, with impairment of vision, as if a thick fog lay before eyes, cannot distinguish even large objects; pressure in vertex and forehead from without inward; great confusion of head; face pale; loss of appetite; despondency; irritability; pains grow more severe as day advances, and are very severe in evening; at times vomiting; with appearance of pain, amblyopia, agg. as pain increases; on cessation of pain, sight normal; attacks every ten to fourteen days, last two to three days with varying intensity; stool every two to three days.
A girl, aet. 24, robust and regularly menstruating, suffered for four years from pressing tearing pains in occiput; stitches in right eye and tearing-stitching in ears, sometimes in teeth; pains steadily increase from year to year, till her mind begins to suffer (Bellad. 30 relieved stitches in eye).
A man, aet. 34, suffered for years from severe paroxysms of vertigo, fell down several times a day without losing consciousness; dull pressing frontal headache and at vertex; loss of memory, pains in back; obstinate constipation, sometimes bright-red blood passed with stool; intestinal gurgling, followed by flatus and heat in rectum; urine pale; deep, not refreshing, sleep, with restless dreams, felt sleepy all day; very irritable.
Headache; pain began in forehead, ran to vertex, then down to occiput, then settled on top of head, and while it lasted seemed intolerable; amel. by squeezing both hands upon sides of head.
Chronic occipital headache; pain at times extending to eyes, makes her feel weak and good for nothing; sensation of heavy weight on top of head; scalp and hair feel sore (bruised feeling); a feeling in occiput as if stunned; stupid feeling during pain; pain lasts all day.
Occipital headache; great dullness; indescribable heavy dragging pain in occiput; sensation as if scalp wrinkled up and kept tightening and remained so; sometimes as if insects were crawling from occiput to forehead; scalp felt sore, even to touch the hair; pain always came on when the gas was lighted and continued till he retired; could not keep still, had to keep moving; agg. from liquors.
Chlorotic cephalalgia for two years; pressure on top of head and in forehead, gradually increasing in intensity after dinner; frequently dizzy, followed by nausea and vomiting of bile; face pale; pulse quick and small; tongue coated; anorexia and constipation, stools hard, small and dry; menses absent two years; well-marked cerebral depression.
Chlorotic headaches, especially in patients whose blood has been saturated with iron.
Cerebral and nervous exhaustion; chronic sick-headache, with great weakness of sight; fidgety feeling in legs and feet.
Brain-fag from anemia of brain.
Great cerebral and nervous depression, with melancholy.
Headache in morning from overstudy; temperature 105F; skin cold, particularly on head; pulse slow and soft; wanted to be in a dark room, did not want to be annoyed or touched, simply said she was sleepy and had headache.
Constant slumber, with occiput deeply pressed into pillow; eyes half open, with dilated and upward-drawn pupils; squinting, staring, rolling of eyeballs; features peculiarly changed, collapsed, pale, cold, or alternating with heat and redness of cheeks; frequent, penetrating, loud screaming, with trembling, continuous moaning; pulling at dry fissured lips, or boring with fingers in nose till it bleeds; automatic motions with head and hands; respiration irregular; short, dry, spasmodic cough; pulse small, frequent, very changeable; wants to drink hastily; does not want to nurse; abdomen hot, dry, sunken in, with constipation; involuntary micturition; child lies in perfect apathy, is restless during motion, which aggravates cough and vomiturition.
Epidemic meningitis cerebro-spinalis; short breathing, anguish, pressure in chest, and frequently returning dry tussiculation, pulse remarkably slow; pulse small, frequent, very changeable, breathing irregular; short, dry, spasmodic cough; mental disturbance.
Threatening paralysis of brain; complete unconsciousness; child lies motionless, or jerking of whole body and twitchings of single limbs; grating of teeth; shrill, frightful screams, with altered voice; cannot speak; occiput very hot; forehead cold, covered with cold perspiration; white, pale, distorted face; breathing short and quick, but no rattling; discharge from bowels and bladder involuntary; limbs icy-cold, and whole body cool; bluish-red all over; pulse threadlike, scarcely countable; convulsions, followed by stupor; occiput hotter than forehead; screams before spasms; trembling of muscles; constant motion of feet between attacks; urine scanty, bloody. ~ Scarlatina.
Concussion of brain, resulting in inflammation after a fall; did not fully recover, but after a few weeks began to lose appetite, complained of constant pain in head, agg. walking or riding; pale, languid, indisposed to move, dragged her feet, especially right, when walking.
Meningitis, stage of irritation (Bellad. does not act).
Hydrocephalus following gastro-enteritis; comatose from narcotic convulsions, had been frequent the past twenty-four hours.
Hydrocephalus; child has its feet in constant motion; distension of abdomen; constipation, with hard and dry feces; on awaking child gives evidence of fear, and rolls its head from side to side; it cries out, starts and jumps during sleep.


Sensation of soreness of vertex, as from ulceration; agg. in evening in bed and after eating; amel. after scratching.
Hair: falls out on vertex, causing complete baldness, with sensation of soreness of scalp; falls out profusely; sensation as if it bristled, especially above left ear; on vertex; painful on slightest touch.
Forehead cool, base of brain hot.
Itching pimples on scalp.
Itching moist eruption on and above both temples.
Suppurative pain on one side of scalp.
Sharp tearing sticking in skin of left forehead above eyebrow.
Feeling as if scalp were drawn together to one spot.
Drawing in skin on vertex.
Painful sore feeling in a small spot on right side of scalp.
Frequent sore itching in a small spot in middle of scalp.


Photophobia; dread of sunlight, with dim, watery eyes.
Sensitive to light; brain affected.
Amaurosis: during severe headache, passing away with headache; with contracted pupils.
Eyes dim, watery; brain affections.
Sees luminous bodies; after operations.
When looking up, a dark, diagonal line before left eye, directly upward and to right about six feet in length.
Yellow, blue and green rings before eyes, with a suffering look and sleepiness.
Objects apparently elongated and at times double.
Flickering before eyes.
Fiery flakes float in large circles in front of eyes, when looking at sky.
Dimness and mistiness of vision in morning after waking.
Vanishing of vision: with absence of mind; with lachrymation and burning, after dinner and frequently when writing.
Diplopia: left eye more affected than right; increased, and decided strabismus developed.
Pupils alternately dilated and contracted, usually dilated.
Profuse moisture of eyes during day, agglutinated lids in morning.
Lachrymation in morning on waking, also in open air.
Eyes turned outward.
Weak, sick feeling in eyes.
Eyes feel as if she had wept much.
Pain in eyes as if pressed inward.
Great uneasiness and intolerable pain in left eye, frequently with great weakness of head.
Pressure: on eyes, also toward evening; tensive, in right eye like rheumatism; violent in right eye, and in temples; violent in left eye while walking in open air; and tearing in left eye; constant in left eye, in evening.
Tearing stitch above left eye, at same time in umbilical region.
Prickling biting in lower portion of left eye, and below it upon cheek.
Biting in left eye, amel. by rubbing.
Sticking tearing in eyes and head.
Cutting, pressing stitch in right eye.
Twitching in left eyeball.
Constant burning in eyes in afternoon.
Much burning in eyes and lids, in morning and evening, with feeling of dryness and pressure in them.
Burning and biting, with photophobia of eye, which waters, especially in evening, and is agglutinated in morning.
Tickling in right eye, as from dust.
Sore painful biting in eyes, toward evening, especially in right eye.
Itching of eyes.
Agglutination of inner canthus, in morning, with a pressing sore feeling.
Burning of left lid, as if too dry.
Feeling of soreness in inner canthi.
Pressure on margin of left lower lid, near inner canthus.
Soreness and almost constant itching in inner canthus of right eye; also of itching in other portions of body, back, hands and arms; all symptoms agg. toward night; right lower lid literally filled with small tumors, in upper lid several making their appearance; caruncle swollen and bright-red, ocular conjunctiva congested toward inner canthus; margin of lower lid thickened, indurated, bright-red, somewhat everted. ~ Tarsal tumors.
Painful pressure in right inner canthus, with redness of conjunctiva.
Biting in right inner canthus amel. by rubbing.
Itching and sticking pain in inner angles of eyes, with cloudiness of sight.
Feeling of dryness in eyeball.
Kerato-iritis with severe night pains, especially in inner angle of eye.
Attacks of amblyopia came on suddenly, with severe pressure in vertex and forehead, from without inward, agg. in afternoon and evening; amblyopia appeared as a thick cloud, grew worse until she became completely blind, and then disappeared with the pain; face pale, appetite poor, very irritable.
Syphilitic iritis; pains did not come on until he lay down at night, then profuse, hot, scalding lachrymation; pains dull, involved balls and brows; cannot sleep over ten minutes; must wake with eyes full of burning water; no discharge of mucus or pus, rather dryness of conjunctiva, ball and lids very much inflamed; agg. on lying down.
Keratitis pustulosa (Euphrasia relieved); a persistent redness of conjunctiva remained, without any discharge; agg. toward evening and in cool air.
Pterygium covered one-half of pupil and growing rapidly; much conjunctival injection, lachrymation in evening, discharge and photophobia, especially by artificial light, pricking pain and soreness, agg. in inner angle and in evening; great pressure across root of nose and supraorbital region.
Pterygium; in right eye just encroaching on cornea; in left eye extending to pupil from internal canthus; had a breadth of one and a half lines, and was thick and vascular; interior portion of conjunctiva much injected; inner surface of lids contracted, lashes inclined to turn in, though they do not rest against ball; external canthi sore and cracked; eyes feel sore and hot on going into cold air, amel. in warm room; at night itching, heat and profuse lachrymation; she sees a green halo around evening light with left eye; only counts fingers at ten feet; attacks of rush of blood to head and over face, followed by perspiration over body.
Redness with intense burning and smarting as from salt in left eye, especially upper part, and intolerable itching, especially in lower part; scalding lachrymation from eye; left lids adhere on waking, either in night or in morning, with yellow discharge; conjunctiva of left eye, and that of inner surface of left lower lid, is red, and there is a pink zone around left cornea, which is dim; aching over left eye; photophobia, especially to sunlight, even light falling on sound eye causes pain in diseased one; blisters form on eyeball, with intense burning throbbing pain, like a whitlow, they break and discharge a white gummy matter, eye gets well next day; with the attacks, discharge from left nostril; pressure amel. pains and itching; burning and smarting are agg. from application of cold water; amel. by warm water; agg. by lying on back or right (unpainful) side; amel. by lying on left (painful) side; burning after 8 P. M.; attacks always come in the night, sometimes waking her; all symptoms agg. at night.
Inflammation and redness of conjunctiva of right eye; suppuration in inner canthus; eyes most painful in evening and night, as from sand, with frequent lachrymation; even upper lid toward inner canthus is red and swollen.
Inflammation of eyes during menses.
Persistent redness, especially at inner angle, agg. in evening and in open air, remaining after pustular keratitis. ~ Phlyctenular ophthalmia.
Conjunctivitis, pains agg. at night; inflammation more in inner canthus.
Inflammation and redness of conjunctiva of right eye, and matter in inner canthus; eye pains most evening and night, as from sand in it; frequent lachrymation; upper lid red and swollen toward inner canthus.
Jerking in left eyebrow.
Pressure above right eye sudden and painful, with a pressing-down sensation in lids.
Fine sticking tearing in and above left brow.
Twitching of left lower lid.
Falling of upper lid and edema of lower.
Feeling of soreness in right upper lid.
Soreness of outer canthus with biting pain.
A pressing burning, especially in left eyelid, when reading.
Fine sticking as with needles in right lower and left upper lids.
Itching in margin of left upper lid.
Intense burning after operations.
Upper lids heavy, as if paralyzed; ptosis.
Granular lids; after ophthalmia neonatorum.


Loss of hearing.
Noise in ears: continuous during night; dull whizzing, in evening pulsating, very annoying while writing; whizzing in front of right ear; ringing; violent roaring; ringing in right ear at night; cracking and beating in ear after breakfast; a crash as from breaking of a pane of glass, on falling asleep.
Tearing in ears.
Frequent persistent cutting-tearing stitches deep in right ear, near drum.
Otalgia, with tearing stitches and external swelling, especially with children.
Neuralgia of middle ear, pains tearing and cutting, often with suppuration.
Earache of children, especially boys.
Otorrhea of fetid pus.
Much purulent discharge from left ear day and night; orifice swollen and hot, with left sided headache.
Offensive moisture from left ear.
Increase of earwax in left ear thinner than usual, impeded hearing; beating of pulse very distinct, causes roaring in ear.
Extreme sensibility of cartilages of ear and nose, with pain across frontal sinuses, least friction or bending of ear or nasal cartilages causes acute pain.
Violent cramplike pain in lobule of left ear, extending into neck, on boring finger into ear.
Pain as after a blow, on touch, beneath and in front of right ear, in bone.
Tearing in bone in front of left ear.
Pressive constrictive pain in bone beneath and in front of right ear, with dullness in forehead.
Pinching drawing behind left ear, extending into lower jaw.
Earache jerk-like, from mouth along eustachian tube.
Tearing in ears at various times, at times with itching, or in morning with crawling, in evening with burning.
Sticking and tearing in left ear close to lobule.
A kind of pinching jerking within ear.
Tickling in left ear not amel. by rubbing.
Itching in right ear, amel. by boring into it.
Itching in left ear, with a feeling on putting finger into it as if fleas were jumping about.


Nose dry; brain affected.
Frequent blowing of blood from nose.
Nosebleed for a short time on blowing nose, after dinner, followed by stupefaction in forehead as from a stroke of apoplexy, with swimming of objects before eyes.
Sneezing: preceded by cutting crawling in nose, in morning and afternoon; after a meal; frequent, without coryza.
Coryza: with hoarseness and burning in chest; with sore sensitiveness of nostrils; with feeling of stoppage; fluent, with crawling in nose and frequent sneezing; profuse, with a raw throat; fluent, toward evening, with pressure in right tonsil on swallowing and yawning; violent, dry, all day, with pain in back, especially while sitting; sudden, in evening after lying down; fluent, alternation with dryness, especially in evening.
Stoppage of nose.
Nose feels sore internally.
Swelling of one side of nose, with loss of smell.
Boring of fingers into nose, or pulling at dry lips.
Feeling of soreness high up in nostrils, a tearing in right nostril.
Sharp cutting on inner margin of left wing of nose.
Swelling and painfullness of left wing of nose.
Itching in left nostril, followed by frequent sneezing, succeeded by profuse nosebleed, stopped by cold water.
Itching in right nostril.
Drawing and tearing in right nostril after dinner.
Sticking pain in septum of nose when touched.
Fine tearing in right side of nose externally.
Swelling on right side of nose.
Pinching in root of nose: with dullness in forehead; extending into eye; with stitches in jaws.
Pressure upon root of nose, as it if would be pressed into head, almost intolerable.
Redness of nose, remaining after freezing; tip of nose is easily frosted.


Face: vacant; apathetic; irritable; cadaverous; pinched; unnatural; earthy, as after a long illness; cachectic complexion, bluish-white; flushed; pale, alternately red, in brain affections and with vertigo; earthy, with wandering expression; waxy, white or yellow, in typhus; pale, in chronic diseases, with much emaciation; pewterlike hue, with scirrhous tumors.
Tearing in malar bone, extending into upper jaw.
A sudden pressing stitch from right zygoma to upper margin of orbit, deep in bone, followed by great sensitiveness of spot, in evening.
Spasmodic twitching of musculi risores, with constant inclination to laugh.
Contraction and spasmodic twitching of muscles of face, with nausea and incessant vomiting.
Bruised pain in bones of face and orbit.
Jerk-like stitches as from needles in face.
Swelling and itching of left cheek.
Pressing pain in upper jaw near left wing of nose.
Tearing in left cheek.
Tearing in right malar bone, with bruised pain in that spot on pressure.
Neuralgia of fifth pair, agg. from touch and in evenings.
Severe burning, lancinations and lightning-like shocks and jerks from foramen infraorbitale over right side of head to occiput and mandibula; face on right side swollen, tense and hot, eye smaller and retracted into orbit, eyelids bluish, a sensation in teeth as if they would be pulled out, tongue numb, throat constricted, secretion of saliva increased; attacks mostly after eating (between 5 and 7 P. M.), lasted one to three hours, and during that time patient could not bear least touch of head, and screamed from severity of pain.
A scirrhous lump on right cheek, size of a walnut, cold sweat on forehead.


Swelling of lips; dry, cracked.
Thick viscid humor on lips, without odor or taste.
Dryness of lips.
Upper lip: violent muscular twitches in left side; sore, ulcerating in middle; a jerking tearing in right side; a transient stitch; fine stitches.
Lower lip: tensive, painful smarting; burning smarting on inner surface.
Lips and corners of mouth cracked, with yellowish ulceration.
Cramplike tearing here and there in lower jaw, especially in chin.
Tearing stitches which pass into one another, in chin and throat.
Sticking pain in articulation of jaw, beneath and in front of left ear, on moving jaw backward and biting strongly, and on pressing finger upon joint.
Redness and itching eruption on chin.


Teeth feel on edge.
Toothache: painful jerking; jerking, violent tearing in last lower molars; jerking in right lower molars in evening, after lying down; jerking in left teeth from time to time; jerking stitches in left lower molars, also in evening after falling asleep, suddenly waking from sleep; sharp, jerk-like drawing, suddenly in all incisors; tearing in roots of right upper teeth; tearing, in left upper molars; tearing extending from root of right upper tooth toward temple, in evening after lying down; tearing in a hollow molar, on sucking it blood comes, and on pressure pain is for a time agg.; tearing in last lower left molars in evening; tearing in left last molars above and below, then in cheek, extending to temple and forehead; tearing and drawing in left lower teeth, especially in incisors; sticking in roots of left upper canine and adjacent incisors; sticking in left lower molars, constantly in evening; stitches in left row of teeth and jaw, extending into neck; drawing in left upper incisors; drawing now in right, then in left side of lower back teeth; drawing, or smarting and stinging in roots of (upper) front teeth and in hard palate; pressing drawing in right lower back teeth; drawing in roots of upper front teeth, and at same time in pharynx, extending into cervical muscles; throbbing in a hollow tooth after eating or after becoming heated and getting cold; throbbing drawing alternately of back teeth of right and left sides; painful burning in front teeth, with biting on lower surface of tongue.
Sensation of soreness of teeth.
Teeth feel long and loose, with swelling of submaxillary glands.
Grits teeth.
Picking and prickling in sound teeth, with drawing pains in jaws.
Ulcer at root of a bad tooth, sensitive to touch, with an elongated feeling in tooth; when pressing upon it blood comes.
Water seemed to come from right last lower back tooth; when she touched it with tongue there was a violent sticking in it.
Gums: white; swollen; sore, painful; cannot chew; white pellicles; biting and itching on inner surface; inner side painful, as if sore; and separated from teeth; painful while eating, ulcerated, white, bleed easily; bleed on slightest touch.


Taste: sweetish; metallic; like spoiled cheese; bloody; bitter, in fauces; flat; of a sweetish powder, in throat; sweet, beneath forepart of tongue; of blood in mouth, and a disagreeable sweet rising from stomach; of blood, with a feeling of dryness in throat, and sensation of soreness rising from chest; of bad cheese in forepart of mouth, disappearing on swallowing, to which he is impelled on account of mucus in throat; bitter, slimy, in morning on waking; coppery; clammy; saltish, with dryness in throat; as after eating raw peas.
Tongue: dry, does not want to talk; coated at root, and dry (brain diseases); swollen on left side, hindering talking; covered with vesicles; white, or yellowish-white; white, as from cheese, without taste; dirty, moist; dry; painful as if sore; covered with white mucus; blistered, painful on eating.
Echo speech; patients repeat in a monotonous, singing way words and sentences of their neighbors without being conscious of it.
Weakness of organs of speech when reading.


Sticking biting on palate close to and in roots of incisors.
Increased flow of saliva, with crawling in inner surface of cheeks.
Collection of sour, bitter, water in mouth.
Accumulation of saliva: with qualmishness; with a metallic taste; with inclination to vomit; with stitches in tip of tongue; with tingling on inside of cheek.
Swelling of palate and cavity just behind incisors, with pain on touch.
Inflammation of palate.
Yellow ulcers on inner surface, lower lip, and left cheek, especially painful in morning.
Fetid breath.
Pain in palate and velum palati, especially on yawning.
Tetters on tonsils, soft palate, and root of tongue; whitish, somewhat elevated, ulcerated spots in mouth, sequela to gonorrhea.
Herpes (yellowish) in mouth from sea-bathing.
Swelling of submaxillary glands.


Dryness of throat: in evening; with accumulation of mucus in larynx, and constant inclination to hawk up tenacious mucus, which soon again collects and causes irritation; when swallowing, or when not, after dinner; mucus collects from posterior nares.
Soreness in throat; tearing in posterior fauces, more between acts of empty deglutition or after eating.
Rawness and dryness in throat and larynx frequently and at various times, especially in morning or after dinner, compelling to hawk or cough, at times disappearing after food.
Hoarseness and rawness in throat, could scarcely breathe.
Sore throat, swelling and ulceration of tonsils.
Anxious, sore feeling in throat, especially at night.
Sore pain in throat and a feeling of fullness in esophagus.
Pain in throat on swallowing, with swelling of throat externally and in tonsils.
Pain in throat as from an internal swelling, also on empty swallowing.
Violent pain in throat and at angle of jaw and laryngeal region.
Spasmodic and cramplike feeling in pit of throat or upper part of esophagus, like a pressure from below upward, or as when swallowing.
Constriction and spasm in throat.
Feeling of constriction in throat on swallowing, with desire to swallow frequently.
Swelling and painfullness of tonsils, especially on swallowing, she could not even swallow mucus without pain.
Pressing pain in tonsils on swallowing, in evening and through night.
Frequent biting scraping posteriorly in fauces, as in violent coryza.
Dryness posteriorly in fauces, in morning on waking, and also afterward with thirst.
Pressure from pharynx down into abdomen, as if a hard body were opposing from below.
After dinner food seemed to remain sticking in pharynx.
Acrid rising up into pharynx after eating sweets, which caused a distressing scraping in larynx, like heartburn.
Scraping rawness in pharynx toward evening.
Sharp jerking tearing extending from pharynx into left cervical muscles.
Raising of much black, clotted blood, preceded by rawness and dryness in throat, and hawking of mucus in morning while walking, with sore pain low down in throat, followed all day by sweet taste in mouth, dryness in throat and bloody saliva.
Large lumps of white mucus pass through posterior nares into mouth without hawking.
Greenish mucus low down in throat, is expectorated, with sore pain in upper part of chest.
Something like blood with a sweetish taste comes into throat, in evening after lying down.
A peculiar and persistent inflammation of throat, with extensive ulceration of pharynx and tonsils; ulcers round, sharply defined, with red, everted edges; they gradually coalesce; were filled with yellowish-white matter.
Burning in throat; like heartburn, even on swallowing; a hot vapor rises.
Sensation of choking in right side of throat, only when not deglutition.
Dryness in throat; speaking difficult, had to clear his throat constantly.
Pain in throat as from an internal swelling.
Tearing-drawing sore throat posteriorly in both sides of pharynx, more when not swallowing than on empty swallowing.
Cramplike, strangling pain externally in muscles of throat when swallowing.
Pain in posterior part of hard palate and in velum palati, especially when yawning.
Bitter taste in fauces, mostly at night and when belching, with liver complaint.
Herpetic-like eruption on tonsils, soft palate and root of tongue; whitish, somewhat elevated ulcerated spots in mouth. ~ Sequela to gonorrhea.


Hunger: ravenous, especially about 11 or 12 A. M., with weakness of legs and trembling; scarcely to be satisfied; greediness and hasty swallowing; insatiable, but no appetite for breakfast, with hurried deglutition; insatiable at noon and in evening; after eating, a feeling of full distension; desire to eat, in pharynx, even after a meal, after satisfying it an overloaded feeling in stomach, and pressure in head.
Loss of appetite.
Loss of appetite, with a perfectly clean tongue. ~ Somnambulism.
Thirst: from forenoon until evening; with heat in palms, in afternoon; burning; extreme; in evening until lying down, with increased warmth of body; in afternoon, during menses; with hasty drinking; for beer, in evening.
Aversion: to meat, fish and sweet things; to cooked or warm things; to veal.


Worse from: sugar (heartburn); wine (nearly all symptoms); milk (sour eructation).
Hasty eating.


Hiccough: especially after breakfast; for half an hour; violent in evening; disappearing after eructations of bile.
Eructations: frequent, empty; after drinking, or after dinner; with pressure in middle of spine; sour, especially after drinking milk; gaseous; at first empty, afterward tasting of fat eaten; frequent, loud, with at times rapid, at times weak, slow pulse; bitter; bitter of yellow water and bile, after eating, followed by vomiting; sweetish; acid; at night, of food eaten at noon; tasting of milk, in afternoon; tasting of meat eaten; ineffectual.
Heartburn: with swollen feet and varicose veins (during pregnancy); after taking sweetish things.
Sweetish rising into throat, with sweet taste in mouth, or taste of blood.
Nausea: continual; and retching; with eructations, salivation; and colic; and perspiration; with trembling and weariness; in morning; during breakfast; during day; was obliged to sit down, would vomit, but could not, with eructations and desire for stool; with general sick feeling in head and chest; with a dreadful sensation in stomach; renewed by least motion.
Nausea, with retching and vomiting of bitter, slimy liquid, and at last of food, with shocks of coughing, with a feeling of warmth, especially in abdomen, perspiration, chilliness over arms, shuddering of body, empty eructations, hiccough, rumbling and griping in abdomen; nausea, amel. by sitting bent over; on sitting erect, on moving and on pressure on abdomen nausea and vomiting immediately return.
Qualmishness: after breakfast and dinner; in morning in bed, disappearing after rising.
Nausea and headache, agg. from taking even a small sip of wine.
Retching of bloody mucus.
Vomiting: as soon as first spoonful of liquid reaches stomach; of pregnancy; of blood or of sanguineous mucus, with effort; of mucus; first of mucus then bile; easy, of watery bile, followed by great relief; of almost all food immediately after swallowing it; acrid, causing burning on face and rawness in throat; almost continuous.


In epigastrium: burning, when pressing thereon, in evening; burning, before breakfast, extending into esophagus; burning, when fasting; dull pain, and on right side of umbilicus; pain, during inspiration; pain, caused by excitement and spasmodic pressure; cramplike pain; cramplike dragging; sharp pains; oppression; pressure; griping deep in, agg. by deep breathing; sensation like a worm creeping up into throat, causing coughing; screwing-together sensation; frequent pinching; drawing; tearing and sharp sticking, frequently repeated; sudden tightness and oppression during menses, everything must be loosened.
Patient has sudden oppression at stomach, has to unfasten her dress; tendency to clonic spasms in children.
In stomach: burning; stitches from both sides; tearing and sharp sticking; constriction from both sides, with anxiety and increased warmth; pressure, with pain in abdomen; pressure, after eating, in evening; pressure, afterward sticking in precordial region, in morning after rising; pressure, and a feeling of coldness, at noon; pain, as if stomach were compressed, in morning, fasting; aching, as from emptiness, with nausea; heavy pains; oppression and pain; disgust, distension and qualmishness after dinner and supper, with inclination to eructate; gurgling and rumbling while yawning, at noon, also in evening; motion, with feeling of coldness, at noon; fullness, with heaving; feeling of emptiness, soon after eating; feeling of uneasiness, with shuddering of body on washing, and while sitting down after stooping; tenderness to pressure; deathly sinking, for hours after eating anything acid; disagreeable feeling in cardiac orifice, extending upward along esophagus; burning, with qualmish eructations.
Stomach considerably dilated as far down as navel, its peristaltic movement at times appreciable through abdominal wall; pylorus hypertrophied, sunken and movable, formed a tumor sensible to touch, sometimes to right, sometimes to left of umbilicus; under right false ribs another hard tumor, slightly indented, not well defined, but painful when pressed, giving rise to idea that a new growth depended from liver; its size was variable, prolonged pressure of fingers caused its gradual disappearance, it was most evident during violent gastric crises; it was caused by contraction of hypertrophied muscle, on right side, resting on a solid surface formed by increased mass of liver.
Spasm of stomach and hypochondria, and a constriction in esophagus, with dyspnea and increased heat of body; agg. during inspiration.
Very irritable stomach, with constant burning, nausea, and a sweetish rising, with a sensation of worms creeping in esophagus; downward pressure on bladder, rectum and uterus, compelling her to sit cross-legged, and trembling; bloody, mucous and corroding leucorrhea.
After supper gastralgia, with nausea; a tensive pain in sides of abdomen.
Before appearance of scanty and irregular menses palpitation, dyspnea, pains in back and spasmodic constriction in gastric region; every afternoon between 3 and 4, severe stitching pain in stomach, with nausea, vomiturition, sometimes vomiting of tough phlegm and pain in left hypochondrium; tongue clean, appetite normal; after a meal for two hours pressure over stomach, hardy food is more easily digested; constipation and lassitude. ~ Cardialgia.
A lady of delicate constitution, aet. 52, having passed her climaxis, complained for the last two years of palpitations, anxious respiration, pains in head and back, tension in abdomen, pain in pit of stomach, nausea, sometimes vomiting and a sensation as if cold water were poured down her back; tongue clean, appetite good, but after eating, especially sweet things, severe pressure in stomach, constipation; looks weak, pale and emaciated.


In left hypochondrium: pressure with stitches; stitches, also in evening while walking and standing; slow pulsating sore feeling; pressing pinching.
In right hypochondrium: jerk-like tearing-drawing and pressure, as from incarcerated flatus, agg. by motion; sticking during sour eructations, and on inspiration; pressure in a small spot.
In hepatic region: intermittent tearing; sharp jerking stitches, after supper; sticking, also in right hip; pinching griping pressure in a small spot; cramp-pains, with dyspnea and hypochondriasis after eating.
Heaviness and pain in hypochondria and loins, followed by prostration.
Feeling of a heavy weight in hypochondria.
Cramplike pains in hypochondria, alternating with oppression of chest and difficult breathing.
Pressure under short ribs, after eating, with depression of spirits.
Dull sticking in region of spleen.
Liver hard, enlarged, sore to touch, could be felt much more to left and above navel as a small hard lump; several hard lumps in abdomen; abdomen enlarged, soft as mush, softest around navel; sore pains all over belly, most around navel; hectic fever, unquenchable thirst; when swallowing he feels a small hard lump in throat, sometimes like a worm creeping up from pit of stomach into throat, which makes him cough; frequent gagging and vomiting of a little bloody phlegm or thin blood, sometimes pus, of a saltish taste, particularly with coughing; cough agg. at night, with a shooting in scrobiculum, a kind of a weak but very deep cough, has to cough until he raises; stool either in little lumps or frothy; rumbling in bowels; cannot lie on left side; during night a dull moaning, feels so weak that he talks with difficulty; feet commence to swell and swelling rises gradually upward.
Neuralgia of spleen and intercostal neuralgia.


Sticking in diaphragm.
Fullness in abdomen, immediately after eating, as if filled with flatus.
Heaviness, pressure and tension in abdomen.
Pressure and gurgling in upper abdomen after eating.
Severe stabbing pains.
Pressure and aching in pubic region.
Aching pressure and griping in sides of abdomen and umbilical region, with feeling as if abdominal walls were retracting against spine.
Hard pressure as from flatulence in sides of abdomen, hypochondria and back, even in morning in bed, agg. by walking, without emission of flatus; only somewhat amel. after a stool, and again renewed on moving about when walking.
Pressure in right side of abdomen close to hip.
Dull stitches from an internal ulcer on a small spot on right side above navel, agg. by touch and motion.
Stitches in right side of abdomen.
Sudden violent stitches in left side of abdomen, agg. by breathing and by pressure.
Rumbling and gurgling in whole abdomen, followed by painful retraction, with a feeling as if stool would occur.
Rumbling and rolling in abdomen: in morning; with frequent emission of flatus in evening; with cutting in lower abdomen after dinner; violent and frequent, without pain; in left side of abdomen in evening.
Flatus causes biting pain in abdomen, extending toward chest.
Flatus: frequent emission, hot, very offensive; frequently after dinner till night; much in abdomen, which is not passed, afterward pressing flatulent colic; incarcerated; presses out hemorrhoids, which are then very painful, especially when lying down; moves about in abdomen; hot, loud and soft, in evening; noisy, offensive, in evening.
Violent pain in abdomen, head and eyes, in evening on lying down.
Pressure in middle of abdomen soon after a moderate supper.
Cramplike drawing in middle of abdomen, with dull colic.
Dragging pains and rumbling in abdomen.
Acute drawing and crawling from abdomen into urethra.
Severe stabbing pains in abdomen, without diarrhea or constipation, continuing several hours and returning periodically every seven days, or once in three weeks.
Cutting: in upper abdomen, also while eating; from evening after lying down until morning; transversely through abdomen, below navel; violent after milk, with rumbling and frequent emission of flatus.
Griping: here and there in abdomen; in upper abdomen, after soup and during dinner; as far as stomach, where it is a constriction; is obliged to bend up in evening; with profuse emission of flatus, and with itching over hips in evening; tensive, followed by dull sticking toward pit of stomach, agg. from a jar or on retracting abdomen; or cutting, followed by soft or diarrhea like stools.
Twisting pain in abdomen before emission of flatus, in morning in bed.
Pains in diaphragm and between shoulders, extending to sacrum.
Stitches in abdomen with distension.
Sticking pain in abdomen after a natural stool.
Sharp sticking in abdomen as if intestines were pierced with fine needles.
Sticking pains in diaphragm and between shoulders.
Burning stitches in abdomen.
Feeling of coldness within abdomen.
Occasional soothing pain in hypogastrium on rising.
Pressing feeling low down in lower abdomen, with crawling extending to beginning of urethra.
Constrictive pain in left side of lower abdomen, on walking and on pressure; disappears while sitting, after dinner.
Bruised sensation in right side of lower abdomen, as if a spot there were diseased.
Dull tearing low down in right lower abdomen, extending into groin.
Dull tearing deep in left side of lower abdomen, beginning in region of hip.
Stitches in left side of lower abdomen.
Violent penetrating stitch through right ilium, from above downward, on bending body over, with a hard abdomen.
Colic: constrictive; takes away breath; violent, constricts whole abdomen, even while lying down after midnight, still more on rising; below navel, tearing from one side to other; below navel as from flatus, while walking; dull, above and below navel; tensive, in left side of abdomen, amel. by eructations; awoke at night with it, followed by thick leucorrhea; and repugnance to food, and wine and brandy; violent, at times with nausea and running of water from mouth, often accompanied by offensive mucus, which took away her appetite; after a copious stool; as if diarrhea would come on; with every stool and emission of flatus; severe, rolled on floor; in an aggravated form, was confined to bed for about a month on account of exhaustion produced by want of sleep and almost total anorexia; about the navel.
Dull pressure on a small spot beneath navel, as from internal induration, agg. from external pressure and by drawing in abdomen.
Sharp pressure between pit of stomach and navel, especially agg. by drawing in abdomen, but amel. by eructations caused thereby.
Tearing stitches in umbilical region.
Cutting stitch transversely across umbilical region.
Griping in abdomen, at various times, sometimes when yawning, or after breakfast, or with cutting pain after dinner.
Great distension of abdomen.
Flatulency: before setting in of menses, menstrual spasms; for several years, frequent noises and gurgling in abdomen, especially below navel and in left hypochondrium, accompanied by pressing pain; neither food nor drink, nor passing flatus, made any difference, only firm lacing moderated it.
Oppressive wind colic after supper, or later, after midnight.
Flatulent colic, agg. from wine, toward evening or during night, and at rest; loud rumbling and rolling; retraction of abdomen; hot, moist, fetid flatus, passing off without relief; lead-colic.
Violent bearing down in abdomen after a difficult scanty stool; amel. by passing flatus.
Cutting upward in left iliac region, in paroxysms; in a pregnant woman.
Inguinal hernia.
Jerking from groin toward penis.
Painful pressing in left groin, as if hernia would occur.
Screwing-together sensation in left inguinal region, extending up into chest.
Jerking pressure in right inguinal region.
Sticking pressure somewhat above inguinal region.
Violent pinching in right groin and inguinal region, as in retention of urine during rest and motion, and renewed on rising from seat.
Drawing pain in left inguinal region while sitting.
Drawing and pressure in groin and pubic region.
Prickling, alternating with drawing, in left groin, at night, disturbing sleep.
Stitches in left groin in morning after waking.
A hernia presses downward forcibly.
Feeling as if an inguinal gland were swollen.
Buboes, syphilitic or otherwise, in left inguinal region.


Stool: frequent, small, sometimes involuntary; profuse; soft, papescent, or thin, with pale or bright-red, foamy blood; difficult; hard, dry, insufficient, expelled with much pressure; bilious; bloody; offensive, diarrheic, alternating with constipation; pasty, without pain, only some straining after a stool as if more were to pass; diarrhea-like, followed by leucorrhea; involuntary, thin, in morning on waking; loose, with griping and tenesmus in anus, at night; soft, mushy, enveloped in bright-red, frothy blood, preceded by colic; soft, difficult to evacuate, with emission of prostatic fluid; light-colored, first part large and hard, last part soft; scanty, hard, preceded by soft and small evacuations; at first solid, then liquid; in morning hard, without pressure; immediately after dinner very soft, accompanied and followed by vertigo and roaring in head; scanty, tenacious, followed by straining and heat and burning in anus; tenacious, light-yellow, with sticking in anus.
Diarrhea in evening, with griping in abdomen.
Diarrheic stools, involuntary, with stupor. ~ Typhus.
Frequent small discharges from anus, sometimes involuntary; either like pitch, or dry, brittle and granulous.
Diarrhea, with stupor, seeming to call for Opium, which failed.
Later stages of diarrhea or dysentery, when cerebral symptoms indicate approaching hydrocephaloid; deficient nerve power, convulsions, pale face, without any increase of temperature.
Before stool: colic.
During stool: painful tenesmus; burning at anus; prolonged desire, which is only satisfied after great efforts, although materials are soft; emission of prostatic fluid; slight discharge of blood (with hard stool); pressure and clawing in anus.
After stool: tenesmus; burning at anus.
Nervous diarrhea from depression of nerve-centres.
Cholera morbus: feet constantly fidgety; on waking child appears frightened, head rolls from side to side; during sleep it cries out, starts and jumps; painless papescent diarrhea for many days, some colic after stool; emission of flatulence; hydrocephaloid.
Frequent discharges of green mucus from bowels, little or no fecal matter, pain and tenesmus; face pinched, contracted; face and head cool; eyes staring, pupils contracted, head thrown back and rolling on pillow, crying out, starting in sleep, sleeping with eyes half-closed, at times strabismus, throwing its limbs around, urine high-colored and passed at long intervals and rarely. ~ Dysentery.
Child, 8 months old, bottle-fed; head cold, with slight alternations of heat, rest of body fairly warm; continued rolling of head and eyes, violent crying out during sleep, frequent spasms of facial muscles, less frequently of muscles of extremities; pulse maintained a high rate; temperature 105 to 107, with slight fluctuations; comatose. ~ Cholera infantum.
Desire for stool: with movement in abdomen; morning and after eating.
Ineffectual desire: long urging, at last follows soft, with great effort.
Constipated stool: stool large in size, evacuated only with great effort of abdominal muscles; stool dry, unsatisfactory; hard, often crumbling, and in pieces, with pressure and clawing in anus; hard, small, rather dry, with much pressure and rumbling in abdomen, in evening; dry, hard, insufficient, difficult; dry, brittle, granulous.
Unusual dryness of stool, with difficult defecation, followed by involuntary urination.
Constipation due to spasmodic action of intestines.
Constipation of the newborn.
For two and a half hours violent bearing down in abdomen, after a difficult, scanty stool; amel. by passage of flatus up or down.
Heaviness in rectum while standing, disappearing on emission of flatus.
Soreness in rectum.
Pressing and boring from rectum into abdomen, on account of which she could not sit down.
Rectum seems pressed by flatus, though none passes.
A feeling in rectum as if flatus were pressing against coccyx, by which it was retained.
Drawing pain in rectum extending into abdomen.
Cutting and smarting in rectum.
Jerking stitches extending from rectum into root of penis.
Itching in rectum.
Burning in anus; also during or after a stool.
Crawling, as from worms, in anus.
Violent itching in anus.
Soreness and itching at anus.
Tingling at anus, as from ascarides.
Chronic dysentery; extreme emaciation; thin, pale, bloody stools, with painful tenesmus; great desire for food, which fails to be assimilated.
Jerk-like cutting; tearing in anus.
Burning sticking in anus, in evening while walking.
Stitches in anus.
A twinging stitch, like lightning, from anus into rectum, causing him to start.
Itching in anus, ending in a dull pain.
Itching in anus and oozing of corrosive moisture.
Itching in anus after a soft stool.
Protrusion of hemorrhoids, with smarting.
Discharge of blood from anus.


In region of both kidneys: pain; pinching; sticking pressure; sore pain in left; pressure in left, at times violent pinching; left sensitive to touch; sharp intermittent tearing in left, tearing in right, at times sticking; stitches, extending toward chest; dull stitches in right.; stitches in left at intervals; sticking and bruised pain in left, while standing and walking; cutting tearing, at times drawing pressure in right.
Very acute drawing in forepart of urethra and penis.
Burning micturition during menses.
Flow of blood from urethra after painful micturition.
Much blood flows from urethra.
Profuse emission of prostatic fluid without apparent cause.
Sore pain in forepart of urethra when not urinating.
Burning in urethra before, during and after micturition.
Tearing burning in urethra.
Drawing and tearing in forepart of urethra.
Cutting in orifice of urethra, in evening while sitting.
Biting in orifice of urethra after urinating.
Tearing and biting in forepart of urethra, when not urinating.
Sharp tearing cutting in middle of urethra, extending forward.
Stitches in orifice and through urethra.
Twinging stitch, like lightning, from before backward in urethra.
Itching in urethra.
Feeling of cramp in bladder, preceded by colic.
Pressure upon bladder, but not to urinate.
Urine in bladder presses her greatly.
Frequent urging to urinate, at night, with scanty discharge.
Urging to urinate after urinating, every evening on lying down, but only three or four drops pass each time, but without pain.
Excessive desire to urinate; very much urine is passed.
Frequent and rather increased micturition of a watery or lemon-yellow color.
Frequent micturition, not very copious, very light urine, after midnight.
Involuntary urination while walking, blowing nose, coughing and sneezing.
Emission of urine very slow and in a thin stream.
Dribbling discharge of urine in evening.
Violent pressure of urine on bladder; sits with legs crossed, and though bladder feels full, none passes.
Can only pass water while sitting bent backward; much sand in urine.
Urine passed at night is turbid and muddy in morning.
Frequent micturition of pale-yellow urine, which, on standing, deposits a white, flaky sediment.
Diminished secretion of urine approaching at one time entire suppression.
Urine: dark and turbid; scanty, not unnatural; reddish; deposits a flocculent sediment; scanty, becomes turbid like clay water; very yellow, deposits white flakes on standing a long time; yellow, deposits a mealy sediment.
Paralysis of bladder, with pruritis; leucorrhea with much itching; pain in left ovary amel. by flow; nervous insomnia with intolerable itching of skin at night, without eruption; no itching in daytime; headache, with nervous, fidgety feet, has to cross feet to keep them still.
Paretic condition of sphincter vesicae, with frequent micturition of pale-yellow urine; haematuria, or a discharge of blood per anum (vicarious menses); constant desire to urinate, but urine can only be passed while sitting, bent backward.
Sitting with legs crossed, bending forward, and cannot make water, or but very little, and feels as if his bladder would burst.
A man, aet. about 45, cannot pass his water standing, can only do so when sitting down, brought on or agg. by any kind of worry.
Atony of cervix.
Vesical irritability from nephritic irritation.
Vesical neuralgia, especially if vesical symptoms are preceded by nephralgia.
Vicarious bleeding through urethra in consequence of suppressed menses, with pain in bowels, diarrhea, and night-cough with expectoration of mucus.


Tearing in tip of glans penis.
Excoriation on upper surface of glans penis near tip just to left of mesial line, sore to touch; it healed next day, but scab remains on it till to-day.
Dull stitches in glans penis coming up from scrotum.
Tearing drawing in root of penis, preceded by dull sticking in lower abdomen near genitals.
Painful jerking in root of penis.
Penis painfully sensitive when walking, as if shirt were rough and rubbed it.
Persistent, strong erections with pain, also pressure in abdomen.
Easily excited; emission during an embrace too rapid, or difficult and almost impossible.
Spermatorrhea: emissions without dreams; face pale, sunken, blue rings around eyes.
Copious discharge of prostatic juice, without any cause.
Prickling, drawing pain in testicles, mostly while sitting and stooping, at times extending up along spermatic cord.
Drawing pain in left, afterward in right testicle.
Drawing up of right or left testicle, with some pain and swelling.
Transient pressing stitches in left testicle during rest.
Orchitis from a bruise, with drawing and retraction of one or other testicle, goes from right to left ~ After checked otorrhea.
A farmer, of sanguineous temperament, injured his testicle, and complained of pain, with periodical aggravation; agg. from walking; it feels as if testicles were too tight, compressed and drawn upward; stitches when making a wrong step; in inguinal region, sensation of increased heat; during micturition, a peculiar sensation in urethra; when he answers call immediately, urine flows freely, but when he delays, he feels a constant pressure downward, feels breathing and coughing down into testes.
Atrophy of testicles.
Shrivelling of scrotum.
Pain in right side of scrotum, especially when touched.
Sore sensation in sides of scrotum and contiguous parts of thighs.
Hair falls off from genitals.
Removes buboes, syphilitic or otherwise, in left inguinal region.


Irresistible sexual desire at night; desire for onanism.
Complete loss of sexual desire.
Nymphomania caused by onanism, menses which were suppressed suddenly appear, with alternate redness and paleness of face, severe pains and pressing in abdomen and back.
Boring pain in left ovarian region, amel. from pressure, entirely relieved during menstrual flow.
Ovarian tumor; a sensation as of boring in tumor, which requires pressure and shaking of part for relief.
Ovarian neuralgia, particularly of left ovary, in women who have had overwork; tenderness along spinal cord; when walking any distance they become very tired; stooping, or descending stairs will cause legs to give out; agg. from using sewing machine; pains are boring, burning, felt between menstrual periods, amel. when flow sets in.
Ovarian pains are amel. by excessive flow; heaviness and tremulous weakness of lower extremities; trembles as if chilly and is easily frightened; we find a constant drawing in knees, as if they would be twisted off; pain so severe in limbs that she cannot keep them still, but moves them constantly.
A maiden lady, aet. 42, ovarian difficulties; obstinate constipation, stools quite small, passed with pain; digital examination discovered a tumor, which involved rectum; severe pains in rectum, urging similar to that of Nux vom.; fidgety feet, preventing sleep.
Miss —, aet. 30, had been healthy up to her seventeenth year, at which time she was caught in a rainstorm during her menstrual period; suffered greatly at each period; menses very profuse, long lasting and light-colored; neuralgia through face and brain continually, agg. at menstrual period, was obliged to lie with her head hanging over side of bed, her body in a prone position; the only nourishment she had taken for two years was a crust of dry bread and a cup of clear tea three times a day; the thought of food made her sick, the sight of meat or anything oily nauseates her; eats ice cream occasionally; whole length of spine burned and pained, sharp pains amel. by lying on back; tender in epigastric region, slightest touch causes pain; in middle of Summer requires six blankets over her, and four hot water bottles before she would be comfortable; hands and feet icy-cold, clammy; eyes bright; clear complexion and red cheeks; least noise makes h frantic; every morning about 6 o'clock, had a sensation as if a web were drawn across throat, amel. by drinking hot tea or hot water; whenever a stranger came into ward a jerking of right limb commenced, which she was powerless to control.
Ulceration of uterus, discharge bloody, acrid, but ulcers are rather destitute of feeling.
Varicose veins of external genitals, with fidgety feet.
Pruritus vulvae causes masturbation; irresistible sexual desire at night.
A very severe and obstinate pain in brain accompanies uterine ulcer, and is of an intermitting character.
Uterine cancer; sleeplessness and pain; fidgety feet.
Hysteralgia; flow of menses relieves all her sufferings, but they return after cessation of menses; boring pain in left ovary; fidgety feet.
Menses: too early and too profuse, lumps of coagulated blood pass away mostly when walking; flow most profuse at night; preceded by toothache in a hollow tooth; with alternation of paleness and redness of face; with violent cutting and dragging in abdomen and small of back; with sticking biting and itching in pudenda, and a feeling as if swollen; too early, painful, with bloating of abdomen.
After menses, discharge of bloody mucus, causes itching on pudenda.
Dysmenorrhea, when during menses limbs feel heavy, with violent drawing about knees, as if they would be twisted off; sudden oppression of stomach, has to loosen her dress; chilliness; sore eyes; soreness of vulva and mamma; pale face; weakness of memory.
Coughing during menses.
Amenorrhea, with alternately red and pale face; great weakness in hands and feet, with cramp in hypochondria and knees, especially at noon, when she is hungry; sensation of goneness at pit of stomach at 11 A. M.; anorexia, with constipation, hard, small and dry stools; with painfullness of breasts and genitals.
Leucorrhea: preceded by cutting colic; of thick mucus; of bloody mucus after menses, causing itching of vulva; of thick mucus, three days before and after menses; acrid, with burning in pudenda; slimy, with griping in upper abdomen; of thick mucus, especially in morning and evening; also before and during menses; especially after stool; thick, slimy, with great sensitiveness of sexual parts, cutting and pressing in abdomen, bloatedness of abdomen; acrid and excoriating; instead of menses; discharge white or yellowish.
White ulcer inside of labia majora, first causing a pain as if sore when touching it, afterward smarting.
Smarting pain in pudendum, as if parts were sore, especially during micturition.
Stinging in pudendum when walking.
Itching of vulva during menses.
Pruritus vulvae causes masturbation.
Varicose veins of external genitals, with fidgety feet.
Mamma swollen and sore to touch; sore nipple; menses suppressed.
Pressure on pudenda and rectum.
Pressure toward pudenda, with cutting pain about navel.
Profuse falling of hair from genitals.


During pregnancy; metallic taste; taste of blood in mouth and sweetish risings from stomach.
Terrible heartburn after taking sweetish things; great greediness when eating, cannot eat fast enough, from canine hunger; aversion to meat; much nausea and vomiting; fidgety feet; swollen feet and varicose veins.
Cutting upward in left iliac region, in paroxysms, in a pregnant woman.
Sensation of stagnation of blood in left leg; varices during pregnancy.
Tendency to miscarry.
Puerperal convulsions if an eruption (especially a chronic one) has recently disappeared.
Nymphomania, lochia suppressed, scanty secretion of milk, painful sensitiveness of internal and external genital organs.
Mamma swollen and sore to touch; menses suppressed.
Soreness of nipples.


Weakness of vocal organs while talking loud.
Hoarseness; with burning in trachea; as if chest were filled with mucus.
Accumulation of mucus in larynx and posterior nares, with obstruction of both nostrils, and with nasal speech.
Accumulation of mucus, causing tickling in larynx.
Tickling in larynx, together with sticking in it.
Frequent acute tickling in region of larynx.


Respiration: oppressed and difficult; very heavy and deep; through nose, impeded, with apprehension and oppression; difficult, especially in left lung.
Spasmodic oppression of breathing.
Shortness of breath from flatulence after eating.
Tight breathing and oppression, especially in evening.
Severe croupy condition, with symptoms of paralysis of cervical muscles.
Asthma, evening after eating, from flatus, with increase of dyspnea when expectoration stops, decreasing when it recommences.
Asthma for several years; fits of dyspnea, very severe at night, but is never quite free even during day.

COUGH. [27]

Cough: with stitches in head; all night, with dull pains in chest; violent; Spasmodic, child puts hands to genitals; with varicose veins on legs; with shooting in scrobiculum, leaving when sputum is raised; agg. after eating sweets, or taking wine; during menses; does not permit him to sleep all night, with sticking in chest and slight thirst; hacking, but seldom, with persistent rawness in throat, in evening; tickling, very fatiguing during day, agg. at night; short, caused by tickling beneath sternum; frequent, dry hacking, without pain; dry, in evening, with heaviness in chest, which disappears after lying down, in evening; dry, frequently wakes her at night, during menses; dry, with violent stitches in chest, and a feeling as if it would burst, could only breathe and talk with difficulty; suffocative, a tickling irritation takes away breath; and oppression; troublesome, as soon as he brings up something he feels much relieved; spasmodic, with such as have large varicosities on legs, disposed to burst and bleed.
Incessant tendency to cough and spit.
Bloody expectoration, with dry cough, with burning and sore pain in chest, morning and evening, always before and during menses.
Frequent short cough; abundant easy expectoration of frothy mucus; cough agg. at night and in recumbent position, could not go to bed, sat in chair whole night, cough almost incessant. ~ Bronchitis.
For last three months frightful cough, so constant as to leave him but little sleep, took away his appetite; much reduced in flesh and strength; irritation to cough, a constant tickling in upper third of chest on both sides; dyspnea, anxiety; coughed a long time and then raised a little mucus; some soreness in chest; has a hernia, every cough presses down on sac and testicles.
Whooping cough: exhausting, spasmodic, exerted by a tickling in larynx and trachea and as far down as middle of chest; in evening and at night without expectoration, in morning and during day with expectoration of a yellow, purulent, blood-streaked, tenacious mucus, having a repulsive, sweetish, putrid or metallic taste, or of bright blood; children grasp genitals when coughing.
Sputa: yellow, purulent; blood-streaked; bloody; tenacious; sweetish; putrid; metallic tasting; pure blood, morning and during day; raises a large amount of mucus of a milky color; of tenacious mucus like old catarrh, with cough, after expectoration a sensation as if hollow and cold in chest.
Expectoration of bloody mucus when coughing, preceded by stitches in side.


Roughness and rawness in chest, with heat and sweat at night.
Anxiety in chest; angina; oppression, pressure, tightness.
Tightness in chest on walking in open air, as if constricted by a band transversely across it.
Tightness like a constriction about chest, with a pain as if cut to pieces.
Tensive pains in chest.
Pressure: upon chest; in whole thorax; here and thereupon chest and back; cramplike, in chest and pit of stomach; as from rheumatism and incarcerated flatus; in morning, at right extremity of left clavicle; coming up from pit of stomach, amel. by eructations; extending into throat, as if a foreign substance were rising up; like a rheumatic drawing just beneath clavicle near shoulder joint; intermittent, outward, with drawing tension, here and there in left chest; sharp, in right chest near axilla; in left side, or here and there over whole chest; on left clavicle; and sticking in left side of chest; tearing, in lower portion of left chest.
Pain in chest as if beaten, while riding in a carriage.
Pain in chest, especially in right side, as if blood were forcing its way into finest vessels in lungs.
Pain in a small spot in upper part of chest, as if internally there were a sore bruised spot.
Sensation of cramp in chest, extending to stomach and abdomen, 7 to 8 P. M.
Pinching and twinging pain in chest, from time to time.
Pinching pain in chest at intervals, with qualmishness, in morning.
Dull tearing pain in chest above pit of stomach.
Tearing stitches in chest beneath axilla, followed by a sore feeling.
Dull pressing sticking and tension in chest beneath right axilla.
Violent stitches in chest when walking in open air, extending to left side of neck, with difficult breathing.
Sticking in one spot in chest on deep breathing.
Chest symptoms agg. by motion, or when she lifts or takes hold of anything with hands.
A feeling of weakness and burning in sternum.
Tightness in middle of chest, beneath sternum, in evening.
Tightness of chest, with dull sticking and pressure in middle of sternum, with small, rapid pulse.
Burning in chest.
Dull stitches in right side of chest.
Sticking pain in a spot in left side of chest as large as a hand, with a feeling as if part were corroded and bruised.
Convulsive tightness of chest.
Chest is loaded with mucus, fails to hawk up mucus for some time, becomes dyspneic, without anguish, passes off as soon as mucus is expectorated.
Coldness in chest.
Stitches in left chest and in heart at every beat.
Sensation of emptiness behind sternum.
Tension in sternum.
Pressure upon upper part of sternum or lower portion of chest after eating.
Sticking pain in sternum.
Sticking and tightness in middle of chest during and after inspiration.
Stitches in middle of sternum, at times, on stooping, so severe that he cried out, at times followed by painful pressure deep internally, extending up into throat.
A stitch in upper part of sternum, extending into left lumbar region, with a fear of stooping.
Dull stitch beneath sternum while eating.
Pain in left pectoral muscles as if beaten or sore.
Ribs of whole left thorax painful and sensitive to touch.
Burning in a small spot in right side of chest, near pit of stomach, also above left nipple.
Tension, bruised pain, and stitches in whole right side of chest.
Tension and drawing in left clavicle.
Tearing: in right upper ribs near back; in right chest; in left chest beneath axilla.
Pinching pain in forepart of right chest, followed by stitches in hypochondrium, extending to precordial region, with long-remaining bruised pain in part.
Stitches: in right side of chest at times on turning body to right or after dinner followed by pressure, or alternating with stitches in right groin and side of abdomen; constant, pressing, in right side of chest, especially agg. by violent expiration; sharp, deep within right chest; dull, in right short ribs; beneath right nipple; in left chest, at times very violent; in side, at night; in region of left ribs opposite pit of stomach, with ulcerative pain; in left side of chest on moving arm; in left chest, in evening, while standing, with bruised pain in spot; dull, in upper part of left chest; beneath heart, pleuritic, in evening; violent, in left side, agg. by breathing, amel. on stretching out; acute, in left clavicle.
Sticking in left thorax, with painful sensation in left nipple.
Sharp sticking tearing in left chest.
Painful pulsating throbbing in left chest, near axilla.
Left chest; painfullness of left nipple; spasmodic sensation in lungs and heart; cough lasting all night, with shooting pains passing to stomach; spitting of blood after a hard coughing spell, followed by burning and soreness in chest; sputa sometimes yellow, purulent, tenacious or sweetish, with a metallic taste; jerking of body during sleep; cramps in external muscles of neck when swallowing. ~ Phthisis.
A young, delicate girl, aet. 19, with a very fine skin and constantly ailing, passed through three attacks of pneumonia, treated antiphlogistically; attacked anew with pneumonia; on sixth day both lungs implicated, a stitching pain in trachea, increased by pressure, by breathing and by continuous short cough; lies on her back, does not stir, every motion increases pain; answers only by signs, every word spoken and every movement causes excruciating, tearing pain in occiput and from there to forehead, as if it would tear it asunder; bruised sensation in trachea and above manubrium sterni; respiratio nasalis; burning hot, dry skin; pulse full and exceedingly rapid; cold hands, with sensation of numbness, agg. at night; aegophony and mucous rales on right side.


Severe pain in region of heart, with a slight swelling externally; great tenderness over cardiac region.
Pressure, spasmodic tension, and heaviness in heart.
Cramplike feeling in heart and lungs.
Stitches above heart in evening.
Sharp stitches in precordial region, agg. by violent expiration.
Tension and stitches in precordial region.
First cardiac sound hoarse and rather prolonged.
Palpitation: and a stitch with every beat of heart; frequent; momentary; with anguish, irregular spasmodic movements of heart; beat of heart so strong that it takes breath away; beat of heart intermits.
Feels as if a cap were over heart; spine affected.
Irregular, spasmodic action of heart; occasionally one violent thump.
Man subject to rheumatism and suffering from aortic insufficiency and albuminuria; legs, scrotum and abdomen enormously swollen; heart's action very irregular; fearful attacks of dyspnea.
Violent pulsations in bloodvessels, during heat.
Pulse: irregular; small and frequent evenings, slow mornings; increased by wine; scarcely perceptible; tense, accelerated, irregular, hard; small and hard; slow, easily compressed; slow, very feeble; 40 and intermitting; wiry and irregular.


Left-sided intercostal neuralgia, agg. on motion and on becoming tired, at times with palpitation.
Burning on right chest as if in skin, extending to back.
Pressure beneath left nipple.
Fine sharp drawing about left nipple, with sore pain when touched; soon becomes pulsating.
A stitch beneath right mamma.
Sticking beneath left breast.
Stitches in left mamma, dull and painful in morning.
Feeling of distension in left mamma.
Left nipple very painful and sensitive.
Violent pressing pain in right mamma.
Pressing sore pain about right nipple.


Nape of neck feels weary and tired from writing or any exertion.
Stiffness and tension in neck.
Tearing pains in neck.
Stiffness and pain in cervical and upper dorsal muscles, in morning.
Cramplike stiffness in left side of neck.
Pains as if beaten, and as if wearied by too great effort, in neck and back.
Pain in cervical muscles, at night, as if head had been held in an uncomfortable position, even felt during sleep.
Tearing in right side of neck.
Pain in side of neck extending to shoulder, with stiffness of part, several mornings in bed, disappearing during day.
Tension and drawing in right side of neck.
Tension in anterior cervical muscles.
Pressure as with finger on right side of neck when talking.
A pinching feeling on both sides of neck, near trunk.
Cramplike drawing: down cervical muscles while chewing; on right side of neck while holding head erect, as if neck were stiff.
Tearing stitches while pass into each other in neck and chin.
Tearing in right side of neck posteriorly, also just below jaw, and behind and beneath ear.
Tearing in left side of neck, extending behind left ear.
Frequent violent tearing in left side of neck, always disappearing on pressure, in morning.
Sticking tearing posteriorly and inferiorly, in a small spot in right side of neck.
Stitches in cervical muscles.
Pain in back, more while sitting.
Bruised pain in back while walking in open air.
Burning pressure upon spine, somewhat above small of back.
Burning drawing pain in back and small of back during sleep, in morning, also a sensation of falling asleep, in shoulder joint, disturbing sleep, disappearing on waking.
Tensive pressure upon a small spot on back, by border of right scapula.
Tensive rheumatic pain in spine.
Pinching and burning pain in small spots in back.
Stiffness and pain in upper dorsal muscles, especially on movement, agg. at night.
Burning tearing between spine and right scapula.
Burning in left side and left scapula.
Pain between shoulders; extending through small of back to sacrum.
Pressure: in right side near middle of spine; in back beneath left scapula; sharp, in back, close to right scapula; in lower portion of spine, in small of back.
Pressing tension in back beneath right scapula, extending down back and toward axilla.
Tensive pain between shoulders during rest and motion; as from an adhesive plaster, near inner margin of right scapula.
Stitches: dull, beneath right scapula; sharp, close to upper part of right scapula, most acute during eructations; violent, in middle of spine and in abdomen, immediately after supper; violent, in middle of back while standing; beneath left scapula, extending forward into left pectoral region; extending into left scapula.
Sticking: from right to left scapula; constant, in margin of left scapula, extending toward axilla, so violent that she started, with rising of heat to head; dull jerking, just beneath and near left scapula.
Beating throbbing under lower third of left scapula.
Aching in lumbar region with a feeling of languor.
Pain in lumbar region of spine.
Tensive pains, very violent, rheumatic, in lumbar region and in shoulders.
Cracking in small of back while walking.
Feeling of weakness in small of back and transient weakness in lower extremities, on beginning to walk.
Paralyzed feeling in small of back, extending to hips, and left side.
Pressing paralytic pain in small of back, as if one had been lying in an uncomfortable position, agg. on rising from a seat and beginning to walk.
Pain in small of back; on turning over in bed at night; and loins on stooping; when walking and sitting down; and abdomen, with stitches in left side and drawing pain in lower extremities.
Feeling of tension and weakness in small of back while sitting, with tension in head.
Screwed-in sensation in small of back, on rising from a seat.
Drawing burning in back and small of back.
Drawing like a painful weakness in small of back and spine, while sitting and stooping.
Violent cutting in small of back from slightest movement, extending into calves and feet, so that he could neither walk, stand nor lie.
Burning along whole spine, agg. sitting.
Pain in small of back, when sitting, or when in act of sitting down; diminishes by continuous walking.
Pain at last dorsal vertebra.
Violent bruised pain in back, while walking in open air, with weakness.
Violent pain in small of back, when walking, was frequently obliged to stand still, though it was steadily relieved by continuing to walk.
Constant pain, night and day; either in back or loins; severe pains now here, now there. ~ Neuralgia.
Violent, long-lasting, aching pain about last lumbar vertebrae.
Patients cannot sit at all; they are so much agg. from sitting, particularly backache; burning along whole spine.
Spinal affections.
Pushing, aching, or at times pinching pain in coccyx; lancination in sacrum; pressure, tension and weakness in lumbar and sacral regions.
Numbness and formication in lower extremities; spinal irritation, with great prostration of strength.
Sexual power lost.
Twitching in back or any part of body; sensitiveness of spine to touch.
Burning along whole spine, agg. worse when sitting; pain in small of back, agg. by walking.
Burning in shoulder blades, tension between shoulders; extreme restlessness of legs. ~ Spinal irritation.


Burning in left axilla.
Dull sticking tearing in right axilla.
Stitches in left axilla and down the forepart of chest, arresting breath in evening.
Sticking tearing on top of right shoulder.
Dull stitches beneath right shoulder.
Stitches in left shoulder.
Bruised pain in left arm, he is unable to raise it on account of pain in deltoid muscle.
Pressure and heaviness in both shoulders on waking.
Feeling of soreness as after a bruise, in a small spot in axilla.
Falling-asleep sensation in shoulder joint.
Rheumatic pains in both deltoid muscles, agg. by raising arm.
Acute rheumatic drawing extending from top of shoulder, in deltoid muscles down both arms, agg. by raising arms.
Jerking in right shoulder, followed by bruised pain in left scapula.
Tension and tearing in both shoulder joints.
Rheumatic tension in head of left humerus.
Tearing arthritic pain in shoulder joint, extending down to fingers.
Tearing pain deep in right shoulder.
Tearing in right shoulder, with pressure in middle of upper arm, disappearing on scratching.
Tearing pressure in left shoulder, about beginning of neck.
Violent tearing in shoulder joint upon which she was lying, deep in bone, in evening in bed.
Tearing, extending into axilla, beneath left arm.
Tearing in both upper arms from deltoid downward.
Tearing in anterior surface of left upper arm, near elbow, in right arm near shoulder.
Intermittent tearing in middle of inner side of left upper arm.
Tearing in left upper arm near shoulder.
Sticking in right upper arm, in morning.
Sticking and burning in anterior surface of left upper arm, after dinner.
Bubbling in left upper arm.
Burning in left forearm.
Dull pain in right upper arm.
Bruised pain in bone of right upper arm.
Drawing in left upper arm close to elbow.
Tearing in both upper arms close to elbows.
Prostration of both arms with tension.
Loss of power in arm and pain at wrist.
Paralytic feeling in arms; in brain diseases; paralysis from cerebral hemorrhages.
Twitching of left arm in morning during sleep.
Drawing pain extending from tips of fingers up both arms.
Tearing in right elbow joint, amel. by rubbing, in morning.
Constant painful heaviness, as if paralyzed, in bend of left elbow.
Disagreeable jerking in elbow joint, between olecranon and on inner condyle of humerus.
Bruised sensation in bend of right arm.
Rheumatic pressure in elbows.
Rheumatic drawing in right elbow.
Tearing in bend of elbows.
Tearing up and down in left elbow, in a spot of a hand's breadth.
Sticking and tension in right elbow joint in evening, when yawing.
Bruised pain in forearm on touch and on turning arm, at times with tearing in thick portion of it.
Drawing pain in forearm as if in bone.
Cramplike drawing in forearm or in fingers.
Dull bubbling tearing in muscles of inner side of right forearm, not far from elbow.
Sharp tearing in left forearm, mostly in upper part.
Burning in forearm above right wrist, on moving arm.
Tension in right wrist as if muscles were too short.
Rheumatic tension above left wrist.
Drawing pain in right wrist as if sprained.
Rheumatic drawing and tearing in right wrist.
Tearing internally in wrist.
Tearing in middle of right wrist, followed by tearing toward backs of fingers.
Tearing in bend of left wrist, with tearing stitches on back of left hand.
Burning pain in right wrist and ball of hand.
Tearing and painful throbbing in left thumb toward tip as if in an ulcer, with falling asleep and a numb sensation in it, and with externally perceptible heat.
Tearing in tips of index, middle and little fingers.
Tearing drawing in last phalanges of left middle and ring fingers.
Drawing tearing in right thumb.
Jerking tearing extending from first finger joint of left hand toward tips in evening.
Sharp sticking tearing in last joint of right thumb.
Tearing stitches in fingers.
Tearing stitches in middle joints of last three fingers of both hands.
Sharp cutting stitches in tips of both thumbs.
Large needle stitches through first phalanx of left thumb.
Crawling and throbbing frequently in left thumb, with a feeling of heat in it.
Jerking in first joint of right thumb without pain.
Tearing in right thumb and above it, and in two adjacent fingers.
Tearing beneath nail of right thumb.
Tearing in metacarpal bones of both index fingers.
Pressing pain in middle joint of right index finger, and at intervals in its first phalanx.
Tearing in first joints and phalanges of fingers.
Tearing in back of left hand.
Spasmodic tension of right hand.
Weakness and trembling of hands while writing.
Trembling of hands during menses.
Lameness and deadness of hands; they look bluish.
Trembling of hand, more when resting it quietly upon table than when leaning upon elbow.
Stiffness of back of hand and a feeling of cramp in extensor muscles of thumb, while playing piano.
Rigidity of hands, mostly of right hand.
Tension in metacarpal bone of little finger, extending toward wrist.
Spasmodic tension of right hand; it was quite blue, cadaverous, heavy and insensible, with a small thready and scarcely perceptible pulse.
Hands are asleep in morning on waking.
Pressure in ball of left hand.
Burning in a small spot in left hand.
Pinching or bruised sticking in ball of left hand, above little finger, very painful.
Tearing in hand extending from wrist to first phalanx of thumb, while riding in a carriage.
Sticking tearing in right hand in bend of wrist, and in palm near little finger.
Sharp tearing in right hand just beneath joints.
Pressing tearing at root of hand near region of pisiform bone.
Tearing on back of right hand, in fourth and fifth metacarpal bones and in wrist.
Tensive tearing in right palm.
Tearing in back of left hand, also at times alternating with tearing of right hand.
Tearing drawing in palm of left hand, between thumb and index finger.
Crack between fingers.
Dry herpes on hands and fingers; they are rough and itch.
Cracked and dry skin of hands, even in mild weather.
Chilblains itch and swell.


Tearing anteriorly on crest of ilium while sitting.
Sticking tearing on right natis below hip.
Tearing in natis beneath left hip.
Pulsation in left natis.
Bubbling in right natis.
Pressing drawing just above right natis.
Drawing pain in nates after drinking wine.
Bruised pain in gluteal and posterior femoral muscles.
Sticking on posterior surface of thigh while yawning, in evening.
Tearing just beneath both hips, and posteriorly on right hip.
Pressing drawing on posterior portion of thigh, so that he could not sit down; when walking it gradually disappeared.
Bruised pain with pinching, heat and burning in region of left hip, extending to middle of thigh, with weakness of leg, and persistent sensitiveness in hip, while walking and standing, pain disappears while sitting.
Bruised pain in hip joint, as if flesh were loosened from bone.
Violent pain in hip joints, as if beaten, tension and pain on motion.
Left hip painful posteriorly.
Dull pressure above right hip.
Drawing, tearing and burning posteriorly in left hip.
Pressing tearing in left hip.
Painful sensation of heaviness and lameness in right thigh while walking.
Heaviness and paralytic pain in left femur, above knee, very violent while walking, standing and sitting, in evening.
Paralytic pain in right thigh, first in upper part, then extending downward toward knee, while standing, amel. by sitting, in evening.
Bruised pain on anterior surface of left thigh, sore on pressure.
Rheumatic drawing in thighs.
Tearing in thighs.
Drawing pain in inner side of right thigh.
Drawing sore pain in outer muscles of thigh.
Dull jerking pain on inner side of thigh.
Tearing in thighs, especially in their thick portions, violent and persistent.
Violent tearing on outer side of thigh as if in bone, extending from hip down middle of thigh, while sitting.
Painful tearing in left thigh, extending upward from knee to middle.
Tearing in inner side of left thigh, disappearing on motion.
Tearing stitches in thigh while walking and lying.
Severe, extensive, but superficial moist excoriations of inner and upper parts of thighs.
Itching of thighs and hollows of knees, in evening.
Varices in thigh, extending to labiae.
Falling asleep of right leg, as far as knee, at night.
Great weakness in hollows of knees and in small of back, while walking.
Dull pain in knee gradually increasing and decreasing.
While walking a feeling of pain in bend of knee, as if muscles were too short.
Pain in right ligamentum patellae on pressure or walking, especially on ascending or descending.
Pain in joints of knees and ankles.
Violent pains, first in right, then in left patellae and in heel, in evening and night.
Bruised feeling in knee joints.
Gnawing and boring in left knee, with tension in upper part of calf, renewed after sitting down.
Frequent dull boring pain in knees.
Painful boring in knees, especially in right in evening.
Painful tension in hollows of knees while walking in open air.
Tension, then burning, just below right knee, in upper part of tibia.
Tensive pain in right knee joint while walking.
Drawing pain in knee at night.
Rheumatic drawing in right knee, and downward in tibia.
Tearing and bruised pain in bends of knees, agg. while walking, amel. while sitting, in morning.
Tearing in right knee and also in outer margin of bend of knee, extending into calf.
Tearing in right knee disappearing on rubbing.
Tearing on outer side of left patella.
Tearing and gnawing in left knee, extending upward and downward.
Tearing and contraction in left knee, as if in bone, very painful during rest and motion.
Tearing in left knee joint or from knee upward, with bruised pain in spot.
Pressing stitch on inner side of right knee during rest.
Stitches in knee.
Stitch like a flea-bite on inner side of right knee.
Beating in knees while sitting after a short walk.
Frequent crawling in left knee joint.
Violent itching on right knee joint.
Tightness and stiffness of muscles of calf while walking.
Tension and pressure in leg down along tibia.
Tensive pain in left leg.
Tension and drawing in calves.
Alternating pressure and drawing in both bones of right leg.
Pressure followed by tearing on inner side of left leg, between ankle and calf.
Cramp in leg in morning in bed drawing it up.
Tearing in calves.
Tearing downward in tibia to back of foot.
Piercing stitches in tibia.
Burning pain in tibia.
Cramp in calves threatens on turning over.
Cramplike pain in calf and left foot, also at night.
Jerking in left calf.
Drawing pain in legs in evening.
Rheumatic drawing and tension in right tibia.
Drawing pain in right tibia and down both calves.
Tearing in right leg beneath knee followed by a bruised pain.
Tearing in left leg between tibia and ankle.
Tearing in calf extending to malleoli.
Tearing in lower end of right tibia.
Sticking pain in both tibiae while walking.
Swelling about malleoli of foot formerly diseased.
Rheumatic tension in left ankle during rest.
Pain as if sprained in ankle on moving foot.
Pressing pain beneath outer malleolus.
Tearing beneath right inner malleolus, extending to heel in evening while sitting.
Tearing in bend of ankle and also in margin and on back of left foot.
Tearing in right outer malleolus disappearing on rubbing.
Pulsating tearing in both tendons Achillis.
Burning beneath right inner malleolus.
Violent inflamed swelling of foot.
Trembling of feet; on raising them when sitting.
Trembling of feet and difficulty of raising them, with frequent stumbling.
During menses weakness and trembling of feet.
Burning beneath right heel, agg. when stepping and walking than while sitting, in evening.
Burning and ulcerative pain in both soles, in morning.
Pain in outer margin of foot as if bone would break while walking, on raising foot, also on holding it side-ways and resting it upon tip.
Pain in soles on stepping upon them, they seem swollen, with a feeling as if scratched by toothed instrument.
Frequent acute falling asleep of feet during evening.
Paralyzed feeling in whole right foot.
Tension in right foot, as if foot had been sprained or muscles were too short.
Tension in right sole, as if tendons were too short, while stepping or walking, in evening.
Drawing in bones of left foot.
Drawing tearing in right foot extending into malleoli, with a feeling of heaviness during rest.
Drawing tearing about both malleoli, and in tendons Achillis.
Tearing in outer margin of right foot toward toes, disappearing on rubbing.
Tearing and crawling on back of left foot, with a feeling of numbness in soles, disappearing on walking.
Tearing and pain in heels, feet seem beaten from body.
Tearing in both soles.
Sticking tearing in soles, in bend of joints of right little toe.
A stitch above right foot while running.
Burning stitches in bones of back of foot, here and there.
Stitches in heel.
Piercing stitches in ball of foot.
Toes painful, as if sore after walking.
Ulcerative pain in right great toe, in evening.
Pain, like suppuration in nail of great toe, when touched.
Feeling as if there were blisters on toe, as after walking.
Drawing, tearing, sticking in toes and forepart of foot.
Tearing in lower portion of first two right toes.
Tearing sore pain in tip of great toe and beneath nail.
Sprained pain in bend of first joint of toes.
Sticking tearing in first joint of right great toe.
Sticking tearing in bends of first joints to first two right toes.
Tearing in right great toe, with jerking tearing in outer side of left calf.
Tearing in right little toe in evening.
Burning and sticking in ball of great toe, as if part had been frozen.
Prickling stitches in left great toe.
Pulsating sticking in tip of right great toe.
Paralysis of feet from spinal or chronic nervous disease, softening of brain or cerebral hemorrhage.
Feet sweaty and sore about toes; fetid suppressed foot sweat, with much nervous excitement.
Chilblains, agg. from friction; painful.
Excessive nervous moving of feet in bed for hours after retiring, even when asleep.
Great weakness of feet, in morning in bed, disappearing after rising and walking about.
Intolerable boring pain in heel after drinking wine.
Ulcerative pain in heels, agg. when walking.
Tearing and tension in margins of right foot.
Paralysis of feet from suppressed foot sweat, by getting wet; agg. from wine.
Coldness of feet at night.
Great heaviness of lower extremities during menses, with violent drawing about knees, as if they would be twisted around.
Uneasiness in lower extremities at night, could not keep them still.
In morning in bed cannot allow one leg to be bent on account of discomfort; is obliged to stretch it out.
Feeling of congestion of blood in left leg.
Attacks of tremulous weakness in lower extremities, with paleness of face.
Weakness of lower extremities, especially of calves, as after a long walk, on rising from a seat.
Paralytic weakness and heaviness of lower extremities, in afternoon on beginning to walk, disappearing on continuing to walk.
Weakness and pain in lower extremities, she could scarcely step, with sensitiveness to draft.
Heaviness in lower extremities, with tearing, could scarcely raise them.
Varices in legs, with fidgety feet.
Stiffness of leg, could not walk.
Great weakness of limbs; formication and cold feet at night; chronic neurasthenia.
Incessant and violent fidgety feeling in feet or lower limbs, must move them constantly.
Inflammation of tendo-Achillis, erysipelatous; agg. from touching heel to ground and from wine.
Sensation of drawing and contraction in right tendo-Achillis.
Legs edematous.


Weakness and weariness of limbs.
Sudden sensation of weakness in limbs, with canine hunger.
Great weakness of limbs, lumbar region and bends of knees, when walking in open air.
Trembling of limbs, with twitching of muscles of thighs.
Aching of limbs.
Rheumatism, tearing, lameness and trembling; or crampy pains; twisting in affected limbs and frequent jerking of whole body during sleep; agg. from being overheated and from exertion.
Piercing sticking in joints.
Acute darting pain through joints, especially in ankles, knees and elbows, with numbness of adjacent parts and an exhausted, paralyzed sensation in muscles of upper arms and thighs, agg. on right side.
Sticking and tearing in limbs, agg. after being heated, while sitting.
Tearing in limbs after physical effort and rapid walking.
Drawing in limbs; sometimes ending in slow, dull stitches.
Violent drawing tearing in middle of almost all bones of limbs; unsteadiness on account of pain.
Bruised feeling in limbs and weariness, in morning on waking.
Pressure on joints produces soreness and pricking pains.
Cramp in extremities, especially in calves of legs.
Stiffness of joints, with sharp, lancinating pains above joints, transverse.
Tetanic stiffness and rigidity of limbs, with soreness.
Here and there oscillatory movements and frequent formication of limbs.
Violent itching in all joints in succession.
Itching in bends of joints.
Itching in extremities, not in joints.
Violent itching in all joints in succession, last in hip joint.


Rest: stitch in right knee; rheumatic tension in left ankle; heaviness in right foot; stitches in left testicle; puerperal convulsions agg.; crawling and formication in calves extending into toes.
Lying: vertigo amel.; on back, conjunctivitis agg.; on painful side, conjunctivitis amel.; on left side, pain in liver agg.; hemorrhoids painful from pressure of flatus; with head hanging over side of bed, body prone, dysmenorrhea; on back, amel. pain in spine; bronchial cough agg.; feels numb all over; on back typhoid.
Sitting: in bed, as if bed were swaying; backache, with coryza; nausea amel.; amel. constrictive pain in left side of lower abdomen; drawing in left inguinal region; prevented by pressing and boring in rectum; cutting in orifice of urethra; can only pass water while sitting bent backward; pain in back agg.; pain in small of back; tension and weakness in small of back; drawing and painful weakness in small of back; burning along spine; pain in small of back; backache agg.; burning in spine agg.; could not; pressing drawing on posterior portion of thigh; sensitiveness of hip disappears; tearing anteriorly on crest of ilium; heaviness and paralytic pain in femur; paralytic pain in right thigh amel.; pain in bends of knees amel.; beating in knee; tearing beneath right inner malleolus; prickling drawing in testicles; sticking and tearing in limbs; burning in small places.
Sits with legs crossed; pressure of urine on bladder, none passes.
Holding head down: illusion as if she had a large goitre.
Stooping: vertigo; after, while sitting, uneasiness in stomach; stitches in sternum; pain in small of back and loins; drawing and painful weakness in small of back; prickling drawing in testicles.
Standing: vertigo; stitches in left hypochondrium; heaviness in rectum; sticking and bruised pain in region of left kidney; sensitiveness of hip; heaviness and paralytic pain in femur; paralytic pain in right thigh.
Inclination to stretch.
Sliding-down in bed. ~ Typhoid.
Motion: nausea agg.; pain in right hypochondrium agg.; agg. stitches in internal ulcer above navel; chest symptoms agg.; intercostal neuralgia agg.; stiffness in dorsal muscles agg.; slightest, causes cutting from small of back into calves and feet; knee painful; constant, of feet; crawling and formication in both calves, extending into toes.
Turning in bed; pain in small of back.
Blowing nose, coughing or sneezing: involuntary urination.
Writing: neck weary and tired; chilliness.
Playing piano: stiffness in back of hand; cramp in extensor muscles of thumb.
Yawning: sticking and tension in right elbow joint; sticking in posterior surface of thigh.
Eating: neuralgia agg.; gums painful.
Laughing: tearing in right side of occiput.
Moving arm: burning in forearm above right wrist.
Raising arm: pain in deltoids agg.
Rising: shooting in hypogastrium; from a seat, pinching in right groin; from a seat, screwed-in sensation in small of back; from a seat, weakness of lower extremities, especially calves.
Stepping: upon feet, pain in soles; tension in sole.
Walking: vertigo in occiput; headache agg.; stitches in left hypochondrium; flatulent colic agg.; constrictive pain in left side of lower abdomen; burning sticking in anus; sticking and bruised pain in region of left kidney; involuntary urination; lumps of coagulated blood during menses; in open air, tightness of chest; in open air, stitches in chest; bruised pain in back; cracking in small of back; weakness in small of back and legs on beginning; pain in small of back; pain in small of back amel.; pressing drawing in posterior portion of thigh gradually disappeared; sensitiveness of hip; heaviness and lameness in right thigh; heaviness and paralytic pain in femur; pain in bend of knee; pain in right ligamentum patellae; painful tension in hollows of knees; tensive pain in right knee joint; pain in bends of knees agg.; stiffness of calf; sticking in tibiae; burning beneath heel; pain in outer margin of foot, as if bone would break; tension in sole; after, toes painful as if sore; ulcerative pain in heels agg.; on beginning, paralytic weakness and heaviness in lower extremities; penis sensitive; weakness in lumbar region and bends of knees; tearing in limbs; sweat; stinging pain in bunion on left little toe and ball of foot.
Running: stitch over right foot.
Exertion: neck feels weary and tired; rheumatism agg.; tearing in limbs.
Lifting: chest symptoms agg.
Trembling of feet on raising them.

NERVES. [36]

General internal discomfort.
Every slight emotional excitement causes trembling.
Sensation of general trembling without trembling.
Frequent fainting several times daily, followed by prostration and general numbness.
Faintness, unconsciousness, almost without pulse.
Sudden faintlike weakness while standing, so that she could scarcely reach a chair.
Weariness, frequent yawning, great exhaustion in whole body; heaviness and weariness in morning in bed.
Lassitude, prostration and pains in limbs.
Feeling of languor, with aching in lumbar region.
Body weak and prostrate, especially after dinner, at times with tremulousness and heaviness of head.
General lassitude and sensation all over, as if beaten.
General exhaustion, sleepiness, aversion to noise, and yet difficult hearing, a dreamy condition, as after a sleepless night, with shivering and cold creepings.
On waking in morning, inability to move head and limbs, with extreme sensibility to contact over whole surface; after about an hour this paralytic state improved enough to permit walking, but with a staggering uncertain gait, and a marked tendency to fall to left side.
Decrease of sensibility to touch; tickling, on contrary, was more quickly responded to than in normal state.
When he lies down feels numb all over; fears apoplexy.
Great inclination to stretch body and limbs.
Uncomfortable feeling of pressure and pressing upon inner walls of trunk, as if whole body would be forced asunder, without trace of flatulence, rather caused by nerves, agg. in right than in left side.
Cramplike pain here and there in muscles.
Sensation of swelling.
Hands tremble; grasps at flocks, or slides down in bed.
Much visible twitching of body and face.
Twitching and jerking in various muscles.
Fidgety feet; must move them constantly.
Jerking through whole body during sleep.
Spasms; child cross before attack, body hot, restless at night, cries out in sleep, looks afraid and anxious on awakening; involuntary or more frequent urination; body very hot; rolls head anxiously from side to side; child has been cross and irritable for days previous, with hurried motions, distended abdomen; fidgety feet, right side twitches; pale children during teething; with hydrocephaloid after cholera, infantum, great emaciation and prostration; after disappearance of old eruptions; coma from cerebral exhaustion; loss of sensation of whole body; with mania from mental excitement; somnambulism.
Puerperal convulsions after Phos., apparently indicated, had failed; cerebral epilepsy; symptoms felt mostly during rest; agg. after dinner and toward evening; twitching in various muscles; whole body jerks during sleep.
Convulsions during dentition, with pale face and no heat, except in occiput; ushered in with twitching of single muscles, fidgety feet or loud screams; gnashing of teeth; rolling of eyes; sharp cries, caused by pain in head; automatic motion of hands and head, or of one hand and head; coma, pulse coming in long waves; sleep restless, with starting, jumping, screaming out, twitching of muscles and jerking through whole body, wakes frightened, stares, rolls head from side to side.
A young mulatto girl, aet. 18, in good health until a few months ago, when she hurt her leg, and had a running sore, which was dried up; at next menstrual period she had convulsion, which lasted several hours; Zincum 200, in water, every two hours, for two days; it stopped spasms, but was followed by suppression of urine lasting two weeks.
A young lady, aet. 21, small, slender, and a brunette, from injuries received three years ago, had a very weak and tender spine; touching her on spine would give her pain, and a child slapping her on back threw her into a tonic spasm which lasted several hours; Zincum 200 in four months (a powder once in two weeks) cured weakness of back, but almost invariably produced suppression of urine for two or three days.
After sitting in spiritual circles, shocks in upper and lower limbs; gradually they became more and more threatening, and two months later he received nervous shocks in hands and legs, during prayer and sleep at night, sometimes at other hours; felt great heat in head; peace of mind forsook him; heard voices speaking from within him in abusive and filthy language; felt depression of spirits; it seemed that small balls coursing along hands and legs caused the shocks; Nux vom. did some good, lessened heat of head, but mesmerizing made him agg., as if nerves were violently torn; as if fire were coursing through body, running from left foot to head, burning forehead, eyebrows, ears and eyes; constant desire to put an end to his life; always restless; feels agg. in morning, amel. in evening; sleep disturbed; peace of mind gone; prejudices and superstitious beliefs began to trouble him; shocks convulsed him frightfully; vicious and abominable thoughts, chiefly lustful, trouble him; sometimes workings of limbs ludicrous, sometimes grave; had to laugh or cry against his will; sensation of creeping, warm, throbbing, shifting, running, encircling, in all parts of his body; visions of living and dead; did not speak, suffering continually his shocks; sometimes falling down as if paralyzed; walks with heavy steps, or runs as if in fright; utters in agony the loudest lamentations and cries; would not eat unless forced to; pale and emaciated, suffering, distracted countenance; after Zincum a small abscess a little below middle of right clavicle.
Chorea, depressed spirits, general health suffers; caused by fright, suppressed eruptions; fidgety condition of feet whilst lying in bed; jerks through whole body during sleep, sometimes with screaming; chronic, starting and rolling from side to side on waking; cries out as if frightened; agg. after drinking wine, after dinner, toward evening, during rest; amel. from exercise. ~ Chorea.
After spending weeks with friends, on returning could remember nothing she had said or done; Zincum 30, followed by cure of epilepsy of more than three years standing.
Neuralgia after herpes zoster.
Sensation of soreness in internal and external parts.
Violent throbbing through whole body.
Neuralgic pains between skin and muscle, in subcutaneous cellular tissue; great weakness of limbs; deficiency of vital power.
Nervous insomnia, with intolerable itching of skin at night without eruption.
Weakness, numbness and tremor of hands when writing.
Paralysis after suppressed foot sweat.

SLEEP. [37]

Falling asleep prevented by mental activity.
Loud screaming out at night in sleep without knowing it.
Child cries out during sleep, if awakened, expresses fear, and rolls its head anxiously from side to side.
In evening immediately after lying down, rises up in bed, talks unintelligibly, with short, tremulous respiration.
Starting from sleep with involuntary jerking in left lower extremity.
Unconscious starting during night's sleep, during menses.
Frequent waking at night on account of anxiety.
Woke frequently at night, could not sleep after 5 A. M.
Sleep very restless, full of dreams.
Frequent waking at night, with difficult falling asleep; anxious dreams toward morning.
Very restless sleep, full of fantasies and thoughts upon which he was obliged to reflect.
Sleep at night frequently interrupted; nights seem very long.
Restless night; awoke screaming as if delirious, as if geese were biting him.
Uneasiness during sleep after midnight; awoke much too early, with great weariness and a feeling as if eyes lay deep in head.
Waking about midnight from vivid dreams, with a feeling of great heat over whole body, without being warm, without sweat, with a feeling of dryness and without thirst, is obliged to uncover arms and limbs.
Sleep disturbed by violent headaches and painful cramps in calves of legs.
Sleep agitated and unrefreshing, with occasional nightly sweat.
Could not go to sleep for three or four hours after retiring, because of a sensation as if bugs were crawling from her feet to her knees, extending later to thighs; this sensation would also rouse her from sleep.
Constant yawning.
Drowsiness: with frequent gaping; yet cannot sleep, head feels so light; in morning; immediately after dinner; with dullness of head, without being able to sleep; at her work, amel. in open air.
Deep exhausting sleep with many dreams.
Awoke frequently, with violent palpitation and screaming, from anxious dreams of thieves.
Reveries during sleep.
Dreams: anxious; anxiety continued after waking; with mental excitement, talking about midnight about his dreams; vexatious; quarrelsome; sad; as if she were being strangled, in morning, fear lest the man who strangled her would return; disgusting, of being smeared with human excrement; of corpses and horses which changed into dogs under him; vivid, feeling weary in morning on waking; anxious, of water and of drowning; of fire; of fleeing, followed by sweat.
During sleep: cries out, awakes with fear; limbs and body jerk; nightmare.

TIME. [38]

Toward morning: anxious dreams; sweat.
After 5 A. M.: could not sleep.
Morning: anxious restlessness; morose; vertigo; headache; head heavy, dizzy and confused; headache as from coal gas; pressing headache; dimness of vision; lids agglutinated; lachrymation; burning in eyes and lids; inner canthus agglutinated; crawling in ears; sneezing; bitter, slimy taste; pain in ulcer on inner surface of left cheek agg.; rawness and dryness in throat; dryness in fauces; hawking of mucus; nausea; burning from epigastrium into esophagus; pressure in stomach; sticking in precordial region; rumbling and rolling in abdomen; twisting pain in abdomen; stitches in left groin; involuntary diarrhea; hard stool; expectoration; pressure on clavicle; pinching in chest, with qualmishness; pulse slow; stitches in left mamma; stiffness in cervical and upper dorsal muscles; burning drawing in back; sticking in right upper arm; during sleep, twitching of left arm; tearing in right elbow joint; cramp in leg; burning and ulcerative pain in soles; in bed, weakness of feet, in bed, cannot allow one leg to be bent; bruised pain in limbs; heaviness and weariness; inability to move head and limbs; morning in bed, chilliness.
Forenoon: headache with pain in eyes; until evening, thirst; chilliness; febrile paroxysms; hot face, cool body.
At 11 or 12 A. M.: ravenous hunger, with weakness of legs and trembling.
Noon: low-spirited, lively in evening; irritable, peevish, terrified, stupefied and dizzy; insatiable; pressure and coldness in stomach; gurgling and rumbling in stomach; motion with feeling of coldness in stomach.
After dinner: sticking and burning in anterior surface of left upper arm.
Afternoon: morose; quiet thoughts of death; dizzy stupefaction; burning in eyes; sneezing; thirst, with heat in palate; during menses, thirst; eructations; paralytic weakness and heaviness in lower extremities; sensitive to open air; as if sweat would break out.
Toward evening: child cross; pressure on eyes; biting in eye; keratitis pustulosa agg.; fluid coryza; flatulent colic; puerperal convulsions agg.
From 3 to 4 P. M.: cardialgia.
During day: moisture of eyes; nausea.
All day: frontal headache; dry coryza; sweet taste.
Night and day: pain in back and loins.
From 4 to 8 P. M.: chill.
Evening: low-spirited, lively at noon; soreness in vertex; fretful, despondent, morose; vertigo in occiput; inability to support head; dizzy stupefaction; heaviness in forehead; pressure upon a small spot in forehead; throbbing in head; screwing together in sides of head; painful raging in right side of occiput; pressure in left eye; burning in eyes and lids; photophobia and lachrymation; pterygium agg.; green halo around light; feeling of sand in eye; pulsating in ears; burning in ears; sudden coryza; alternate fluent and dry coryza; neuralgia of fifth pair agg.; toothache; pressing pain in tonsils; sweetish blood in mouth; insatiable thirst; thirst for beer; violent hiccough; burning in epigastrium; pressing in stomach; stitches in left hypochondrium; frequent emissions of flatus; rumbling in left side of abdomen; offensive flatus; pain in abdomen, head and eyes; diarrhea with griping; burning sticking in anus; cutting in orifice of urethra; urging to urinate; dribbling of urine; asthma; hacking cough; no expectoration; stitches above heart; pulse small and frequent; stitches in left axilla and down on forepart of chest, arresting breathing; sticking and tension in elbow joint; jerking tearing from first finger joints of left hand toward tips; sticking on posterior surface of thigh; heaviness and paralytic pain in femur; paralytic pain in right thigh, fierce in upper part, then extending down toward knee; pain in patellae and heels; painful boring in knees; drawing in legs; tearing beneath right inner malleolus; tension in sole; ulcerative pain in right great toe; tearing in little toe; sensitive to open air; cold feet; could not get warm in bed; chills; coldness in abdomen; hot head and cheeks; burning in soles; coldness of forehead; itching on face; itching on scrotum; itching between scapulae; itching of thighs and hollows of knees, as if toes had been frozen; violent sticking itching in anterior ball of great toe; sticking, pricking, itching on forehead, thigh, malleoli, feet and other parts of skin, in bed; sudden itching here and there.
After 8 P. M.: burning in eye agg.
Night: headache; pain of kerato-iritis agg.; syphilitic iritis agg.; itching and heat in pterygium agg.; ophthalmia agg.; noise in ears; an anxious sore feeling in throat; bitter taste in fauces; eructations; cough with indurated liver agg.; dull moaning, indurated liver; cutting in abdomen, colic followed by thick leucorrhea; prickling and drawing in left groin; loose stool with griping and tenesmus; frequent urging to urinate; irresistible sexual desire in women; fits of dyspnea; cough prevents sleep; tickling cough agg.; heat and sweat; stiffness in dorsal muscles agg.; falling asleep of right leg as far as knee; pains in patellae and heels; drawing in knee; cramplike pain in calf; coldness of feet; uneasiness in lower extremities; restless, fidgety feet; unconscious starting; frequent waking; sweats; nightmare; chill; sense of heat without heat; itching as from flea-bites; itching of soles, and calves and thighs; twitching of limbs, shocks through whole body, violent screaming, scarlatina; skin hot and dry; muttering during sleep; threatened convulsions; scarlatina.
About midnight: talks about her dreams.
After midnight: wind colic; frequent micturition; uneasiness during sleep.


Wants to uncover: during sweat.
Overheating: rheumatism agg.
After becoming heated and getting cold: throbbing in hollow tooth.
Warm room: headache agg.
Warm water: conjunctivitis amel.
Open air: headache amel.; after walking, pressure in occiput; lachrymation; violent pressure in eye while walking; painful tension in hollows of knees while walking; drowsiness amel.; sensitive; chills; sweat.
Draft: sensitiveness.
Cold: tips of fingers and feet sensitive; touching anything causes chill; dry rhagades on hands.
Cold air: eyes feel sore and hot, pterygium; conjunctivitis agg.
Cold water: headache amel.; stopped nosebleed.
Washing: uneasiness in stomach and shuddering.
Sea-bathing: herpes in mouth.
Cold weather: roughness and irritation on back of right hand.
Approach of storm: chills.

FEVER. [40]

Sensitiveness to open air in afternoon and evening.
Great sensitiveness to cold, especially in tips of fingers and in feet.
Cold nose, hands and feet.
Cold feet: awaken at night; in evening, lasting a long time, in bed.
Frequent febrile shivering down back.
Violent trembling of limbs.
Rigors, trembling of limbs.
Chilliness: and coldness of whole body; in forenoon; followed by febrile symptoms, over whole body, with chilly creeping and drawing through back; with nausea; for a quarter of an hour while writing, with a sensation as if a foreign stony hard substance were in throat, with constant yawning; over upper and lower abdomen; during menses; constant, with increased internal warmth; with general sick feeling; on waking in morning in bed.
Shivering: with intense headache; with shuddering nausea; on scrotum, with shrivelling and gooseflesh on it and neighboring parts; in evening, could not get warm in bed for a long time; in open air, in evening; from penetrating wind, not from cold; with discomfort, like premonition of a storm; followed by cold sweats.
Febrile paroxysms several times a day, recurring in forenoon and afterward; chilliness and shivering, flushes of heat over whole body, violent trembling of all limbs, extreme sickness, even to faintness, qualmish taste, with loathing of morsels of food in mouth, feeling of emptiness in stomach, violent throbbing through whole body, with short hot breath, with very dry mouth, hot, dry hands.
Chills: begin after eating dinner; in open air; on approach of a storm; run down back; alternate with heat; external, with increased internal warmth; from touching anything cold; in evening; followed by nausea, eructations, and accumulation of sour water; from 4 to 8 P. M., on lying down, with subsequent heat and sweat.
Shaking chill with pale, sunken face, weak, rapid and irregular pulse, often with nausea and vomiting; at last pulse became large and full, with general heat, red face, skin swollen, followed by restless sleep, with distressing dreams and exhaustion, at last copious sweat; attack usually lasted from eight to ten hours, began at end of a day's work, continued through night and ceased in morning.
Violent throbbing through whole body, with short, hot breath.
Increased warmth of whole body; only a feeling of coldness in abdomen in evening; except of feet, as if sweat would break out, in afternoon; with sweat in axillae.
Flushes of heat.
Febrile flushes, with sudden crying out to be fanned, and thirst.
Heat: internal, with cold sensation in abdomen and on feet; anxious sensation of heat, without any external heat, during night; of face, with cool body, in forenoon; in flushes, with violent trembling, and short, hot breath; with redness of face in afternoon; in head, in evening with redness and increased warmth in cheeks; in head, eyes burned; especially in back; of fingers, followed by heat about throat and in face, with redness of face, followed by a sensation of coldness in nape of neck; almost burning, in various small places, while sitting, for example between thigh and abdomen, on sides of lower abdomen; and burning in soles in evening; with coldness of forehead in evening; and thirst with cold skin, over almost whole body; in evening; in evening after lying down, with anxiety all night; followed by cold sweat.
Sweat: profuse all night, wants to uncover; easy, during day, from exercise; offensive; sour-smelling; sour, with fine sticking itching over whole body; very profuse; profuse on feet; on exercising; on head and hands; toward morning; while walking in open air.
Night sweat.
Hands very sweaty.
Profuse sweat on feet, of a bad odor; he walks feet sore.
Night sweat, especially on lower extremities; all night, with heat, cannot tolerate any covering.
Typhoid: staring eyes; delirium with attempts to get out of bed; complete unconsciousness; lying on back and sliding down in bed; grasping at flocks; subsultus tendinum; constant trembling of hands and coldness of extremities; relaxation of muscles of face; hippocratic face; pale, waxy complexion of face; decubitus on sacrum and trochanter; impending paralysis of brain; constant restlessness; tosses about, throws limbs about, slides down in bed; automatic convulsive motions of hands and feet, as in hydrocephalus; utters inarticulate sounds and cries of pain; head hot; lids ulcerated, half closed; pupils fixed, do not react to light; tongue reddish-brown, cracked; lips and nose sooty; fluids swallowed eagerly but with difficulty; involuntary stool and urination; stools contain threads of epithelium; pulse very rapid, weak, irregular, or small, intermittent, scarcely perceptible; upper extremities cool, often covered with cold, clammy sweat.
Typhus in a man aet. 32, second stage; stupefaction with staring eyes; spoke unconnectedly, with a kind of half-smiling garrulity; pneumonic symptoms, painful cough, sero-sanguineous sputa, quick superficial breathing, limited pneumonic exudation, frequent involuntary stools, eyes set, facial muscles relaxed, nearly hippocratic, features looked waxy; subsultus tendinum, continuous trembling of hands and coldness of extremities, perfect unconsciousness, murmuring deliria, with desire to leave bed; small, frequent filiform pulse; decubitus.


Periodic attacks: cephalalgia, with impaired vision.
At intervals: stitches in region of left kidney; pressing pain in first phalanx of right index finger.
Intermittent: tearing in left kidney; pain in brain; pressure in left chest; action of heart; tearing in middle of inner side of left upper arm.
Alternating: prickling and drawing in left groin; chills and heat.
Every morning, 6 A. M.: sensation as if a web were drawn across throat.
As day advances: headache grows agg.
For half an hour: hiccough.
Three hours after dinner: hypochondriac mood.
Every seven days: stabbing pains in abdomen.
Every ten to fourteen days: cephalalgia with amblyopia.
Once in three weeks: stabbing pains in abdomen.


Left: as if he would fall to, vertigo; frontal headache; pressing tearing in frontal eminence; pressure in temple; jerking tearing above temple; stitches in temple; pressure in temple; sharp tearing in parietal bone; dull pain in head; pressing, drawing, boring in head; boring in parietal bone; drawing tearing in head; drawing in occiput; forcing asunder in occiput; a dark diagonal line before eye; diplopia agg.; intolerable pain in eye; violent pressure in eye; tearing in eye; tearing stitch above eye; prickling biting in lower part of eye and on cheek; twitching in eyeball; itching of eye; burning of lid; pressure on margin of lower lid near inner canthus; green halo around light; burning and smarting in eye; scalding lachrymation; lids adhere on waking; jerking in eyebrow; sticking tearing in and above brow; twitching of lower lid; pressing burning in lid; sticking as with needles in upper lid; itching in margin of upper lid; purulent discharge from ear; offensive moisture from ear; cramplike pain in lobule of ear; tearing in bone in front of ear; pinching drawing behind ear; sticking tearing in ear; tickling in ear; itching in ear; cutting in wing of nose; swelling and painfullness of wing of nose; itching in nostril; swelling and itching of cheek; pressing pain in upper jaw; tearing in cheek; muscular twitches in upper lip; jerking in teeth; stitches in lower molars; tearing in upper molars; tearing in molars, cheek and temple; tearing and drawing in lower incisors; sticking in roots of upper canines and incisors; sticking in lower molars; stitches in teeth and jaw to neck; drawing in upper incisors; tongue swollen; ulcer on inner surface of cheek; pressure and stitches in hypochondrium; stitches in abdomen; rumbling in abdomen; constrictive pain in lower abdomen; pain in lower abdomen beginning in region of hip; stitches in lower abdomen; tensive pain in abdomen; as if hernia would occur in groin; screwing-together sensation in inguinal region; drawing in inguinal region; prickling and drawing in groin; stitches in groin; soreness in region of kidney; tearing in region of kidney; stitches in region of kidney; bruised pain in region of kidney; boring in ovarian region; pressure on clavicle; a spot as large as a hand in chest feels corroded and bruised; soreness as if beaten in pectoral muscles; ribs painful; burning above nipple; pressure, drawing tension in chest; pressure and sticking in chest; tearing in lower chest; tearing beneath axilla; stitches in ribs opposite pit of stomach; dull stitches in upper part of chest; sticking tearing in chest; pain in nipple; stitch in clavicle; pulsating near axilla; intercostal neuralgia; pressure beneath nipple; drawing about nipple, pulsating; sticking beneath breast; stitches in mamma; feeling of distension in mamma; cramplike stiffness in neck; tearing in neck; burning in side and scapula; pressure beneath scapula, sticking in margin of scapula to axilla; sticking beneath scapula; jerking beneath scapula; throbbing under lower third of scapula; burning in axilla; sticking in axilla; stitches in shoulder; bruised pain in arm; bruised pain in scapula; rheumatic tension in head of humerus; tearing pressure in shoulder; tearing, extending into axilla beneath arm; tearing in anterior surface of upper arm; intermittent tearing in middle of inner side of upper arm; tearing in upper arm near shoulder; sticking and burning in anterior surface of upper arm; bubbling in upper arm; burning in forearm; drawing in upper arm close to elbow; twitching of arm in morning; constant painful heaviness, as if paralyzed, in bend of elbow; tearing up and down in elbow; sharp tearing in forearm; rheumatic tension above wrist; tearing in bend of wrist, with tearing stitches on back of hand; tearing and painful throbbing in thumb toward tip; tearing drawing in last phalanges of middle and ring fingers; jerking tearing from first finger joints toward tips; needle stitches through first phalanx of thumb; crawling and throbbing in thumb; tearing in back of hand; pressure in ball of hand; burning in a small spot in hand; pinching or bruised sticking in ball of hand above little finger; tearing on back of hand; tearing drawing in palm of hand between thumb and index finger; tearing in nates beneath hip; pulsation in nates; bruised pain with pinching, heat and burning in hip to middle of thigh; hip painful posteriorly; drawing, tearing and burning on hip; pressing tearing in hip; heaviness and paralytic pain in femur; bruised pain on anterior surface of thigh; painful tearing in thigh; tearing on inner side of thigh; gnawing and boring in knee; tearing in patella and knee; contraction in knee; crawling in knee joint; tensive pain in leg; pressure between ankle and calf; cramp in calf and foot; jerking in calf; tearing in leg; rheumatic tension in ankle; tearing in ankle and back of foot; drawing in bones of foot; tearing and crawling in back of foot; jerking tearing in outer side of calf; prickling stitches in great toe; feeling of congestion of blood in leg; stitches in testicle; buboes; involuntary jerking in leg, waking from sleep; pimples on third toe; swelling on wing of nose; furuncle in pubic region; boil on upper arm; biting burning in skin of upper arm posteriorly; painful burning cracks between two fingers; sticking itching in a small spot on fourth finger; bunion on little toe and ball of foot.
Right: frontal headache; pressing in frontal eminence; dull boring stitch above frontal eminence; tearing in temple; stitches in temple; stitches in ear; pressure in temple shooting inward; pressing tearing near vertex; tearing and sticking in head; boring and pressure in head; pulsating, pressing and twinging in head; bursting sensation in head; throbbing pain in head; pressing asunder in occiput; gnawing in occipital protuberance; painful raging in a spot in occiput; tearing in occiput; tensive pressure in eye; violent pressure in eye and temple; cutting, pressing stitch in eye; tickling in eye; biting in eye; soreness and itching in inner canthus; painful pressure in inner canthus and redness of conjunctiva; biting in inner canthus; conjunctivitis; pressure above eye; pressing down in lids; soreness in upper lid; sticking as with needles in lower lid; whizzing in front of ear; ringing in ear; stitches in ear; pain beneath and in front of ear; itching in ear; pressure in tonsil; tearing in nostril; itching in nostril; drawing in nostril; tearing in nose externally; nose swollen; pressing stitch from zygoma to upper margin of orbit; tearing bruised pain in malar bone; neuralgia in head; face swollen; eye smaller and retracted with neuralgia; scirrhous lump on cheek; jerking tearing in upper lip; jerking tearing in lower molars; tearing in upper teeth; tearing from tooth to temple; pressing drawing in lower back teeth; phantom tumor in region of liver; jerk-like tearing drawing and pressure in hypochondrium; pressure in abdomen close to hip; stitches in abdomen; bruised sensation in lower abdomen; dull tearing from lower abdomen into groin; jerking pressure in inguinal region; pinching in groin; tearing in region of kidney; dull stitches in region of kidney; cutting, tearing or drawing pressure in region of kidney; stitches in chest; burning in chest near pit of stomach; tensive, bruised pain and stitches in side of chest; pressure, sharp near axilla; tearing in upper ribs and chest; stitches in short ribs; stitch beneath nipple; burning in skin of chest; stitch beneath mamma; pressing pain in mamma; sore pain about nipple; pressure as with finger on neck when talking; tearing in neck; pressure near scapula; pressure near middle of spine, and below scapula; tension near inner margin of scapula; stitches beneath scapula; tearing in neck; dull sticking tearing in axilla; sticking tearing on top of shoulder; dull stitches beneath shoulder; jerking in shoulder; tearing deep in shoulder; sticking in upper arm; dull pain in upper arm; bruised pain in bone of upper arm; tearing in elbow joint; bruised sensation in bend of arm; rheumatic drawing in elbow; sticking and tension in elbow joint; dull bubbling tearing in muscles of inner side of forearm, not far from elbow; burning in forearm above wrist; tension in wrist; drawing pain in wrist; rheumatic drawing and tearing in wrist; tearing in middle of wrist; burning pain in wrist and ball of hand; drawing tearing in thumb; sharp sticking tearing in last joint of thumb; jerking in first joint of thumb; tearing in thumb, above it and in two adjacent fingers; tearing beneath nail of thumb; pressing pain in middle joint of index finger, and at intervals in its first phalanx; spasmodic tension of hand; sticking tearing in hand in bend of wrist, and in palm near little finger; sharp tearing in hand beneath joints; tearing on back of hand, in fourth and fifth metacarpal bones and in wrist; tensive tearing in palm; tearing in palm near fingers; sticking tearing in natis below hip; bubbling in natis; tearing posteriorly on hip; pressing drawing above natis; dull pressure above hip; heaviness and lameness in thigh; paralytic pain in thigh, first in upper part, then down toward knee; drawing pain in inner side of thigh; falling asleep of leg as far as knee; pain in ligamentum patellae; painful boring in knee agg.; tension, then burning beneath knee, in upper part of tibia; tensive pain in knee joint; drawing in knee; tearing in knee; stitch in knee; itching in knee joint; pressure and drawing in bones of leg; drawing in tibia; tearing in leg; tearing in end of tibia; tearing beneath inner malleolus; tearing in outer malleolus; burning beneath inner malleolus; burning beneath heel; paralyzed feeling in foot; tension in foot; tension in sole; drawing tearing in foot extending into malleoli; tearing in outer margin of foot toward toes; sticking tearing in bend of joints of little toe; stitch above foot; ulcerative pain in great toe; tearing in lower portion of two first toes; sticking tearing in first joint of great toe; sticking tearing in bends of first joints of first two toes; tearing in great toe; tearing in little toe; pulsating sticking in tip of great toe; tearing and tension in margins of foot; drawing and contraction in tendo-Achillis; pain in scrotum; pimple on neck; burning in skin of scapula; eruption and fissure on hand; burning in skin on margin of hand; roughness of skin on back of hand; itching burning on outer side of thigh above knee; burning in skin of lower portion of calf; ulcerative blisters on back of foot; as if toes had been frozen; itching on sole.
Left, then right: drawing pain in testicles.
Right to left: drawing in lower back teeth; sticking in scapula; drawing and retraction of testicle.
Alternately right and left: throbbing drawing in back teeth; pains in patella and heel.


As if she had a large goitre which she could not see over; as if hair bristled; uneasy, as if he had committed a crime; as if he would have apoplexy, vertigo; as if scalp were drawn together; as if head were moving up and down, with a similar floating of images of his fancy; as if he saw through a mist; as if he would fall over to other side; as if bed were swaying back and forth; nauseating weakness, as after smoking too strong tobacco; as if eyes were drawn together by a cord; stupefying headache, as from coal gas; as if root of nose would be pressed into head; as if head would be drawn backward; as if air forced itself into frontal sinuses; as if head would burst; as if stunned in occiput; as if scalp wrinkled up and kept tightening; as if insects were crawling from occiput to forehead: pain like beating of waves in a spot on right side of occiput to outer; as if she had wept much, feeling in eyes; as from left eye, smarting; like a whitlow, burning and throbbing in eye; as from sand in eyes; as if upper lids were paralyzed; as if teeth would be pulled out, with neuralgia; as if teeth were long and loose; as if a hard body were opposing pressure from pharynx into abdomen; as if food remained sticking in pharynx after dinner; as if choking in right side of throat; as of a worm creeping up throat from stomach; as if stomach were compressed or empty; disagreeable feeling in cardiac orifice of stomach extending upward; as if cold water were poured down her back; as of a heavy weight in hypochondria; as if filled with flatus; as if abdominal walls were retracting against spine; as if intestines were pierced with fine needles; as if hernia would occur in left groin; as if inguinal gland were swollen; as if flatus were pressing against coccyx; as from worms crawling in anus; trembling, as if chilly; as if knees would be twisted off; as if a web were drawn across throat; as if pudenda were swollen; goneness at pit of stomach at 11 A. M.; as if chest would burst, cough and stitches; as if chest were hollow and cold; as if chest were constricted by a band; as if chest were cut to pieces; as if a foreign substance were rising up throat; as if beaten in chest; as of blood forcing its way into finest vessels in lungs; as if there were a sore bruised spot in upper chest; as if corroded and bruised in a spot as large as a hand in left chest; emptiness behind sternum; as if a cap were over heart; as of finger pressed on right side of neck when talking; as if shoulder joint were asleep; as from an adhesive plaster near inner margin of right scapula; as if weary and beaten in neck and back; as if head had been held in an uncomfortable position, pain in cervical muscles; as if one had been lying in an uncomfortable position, pain in small of back; as if muscles in right wrist were too short; as if sprained in right wrist; as if flesh were loosened from bone in hip joint; as if muscles in bend of knee were too short, contraction in left knee, as if in bone; stitch like a flea-bite, on inner side of right knee; ankle as if sprained; as if bone on outer margin of foot would break; as if soles were swollen and scratched by a toothed instrument; as if foot had been sprained; as if tendons in right sole were too short; as if feet were beaten from body; as if toes were sore from walking; as if there were blisters on toe; as if toes were sprained; as if ball of great toe had been frozen; as of congestion of blood in left leg; as if shirt were rough and rubbed penis when walking; as if testicles were tightly compressed and drawn upward; as if body would be forced asunder from pressure upon inner walls of trunk; as of swelling; as if eyes lay deep in head; as if a foreign, stony, hard substance were in throat; irritation of skin on back of right hand, when rubbed seems to go through whole body; as if toes had been frozen; as if covered with ants.
Intolerable pain: in left eye.
Violent pain: in throat; at angle of jaw; in laryngeal region; in patella and heel.
Severe pain: in region of heart.
Sharp pain: in stomach and pit of stomach.
Heavy pressure: in stomach.
Painful raging: in head, from right side of occiput over vertex.
Lightning-like shocks and jerks: neuralgia in right side of head.
Boring: above right frontal eminence; in right side of head; in left side of head; in occiput; from rectum into abdomen; in left ovarian region; in knee; in heel.
Lancinations: burning, from foramen infraorbitalis, over right side of head to occiput; in sacrum; in suppurating herpes.
Stabbing: in abdomen.
Stitches: above right frontal eminence; in temples; in right ear; burning, in middle of vertex; dull, on top of head; in right eye; in ears; in jaw; from right zygoma to upper margin of orbit; in face; in upper lip; fine, in upper lip; in left lower molars; from left teeth into neck; in left hypochondrium; in spleen; dull, from an internal ulcer on right side above navel; in right side of abdomen; in lower abdomen; through right ilium; in umbilical region; in groins; in glans penis; in left testicle; from rectum into root of penis; in anus; like lightning, from anus into rectum; in region of kidneys toward chest; dull, in region of right kidney; in region of left kidney; in urethra; beneath axilla; in right side of chest; in left chest and heart; in middle of sternum; in upper part of sternum to lumbar region; beneath sternum; from right hypochondrium to precordial region; deep in right chest; dull, in right short ribs; beneath right nipple; in region of left ribs opposite pit of stomach; in upper part of left chest; beneath heart; in left clavicle; in trachea; above heart, in precordial region; beneath right mamma; in left mamma; in neck and chin; in cervical muscle; beneath right scapula; close to upper part of right scapula; in middle of spine; beneath left scapula; in left axilla; dull, beneath right shoulder; in left shoulder; on back of left hand; in fingers; in middle joints of last three fingers; in tips of thumbs; through first phalanx of left thumb; in thigh; in knee; on inner side of right knee; in tibia; above right foot; in bones of back of foot; in ball of foot; in heel; in left great toe.
Sticking: in head, above left eyebrow; in forehead; in temples; in right side of head; in a small spot in occiput; in eyes and head; in inner angles of eyes; above left brow; in eyelids; in left ear; in septum of nose; in articulation of jaw; beneath and in front of left ear; in roots of left upper canine and adjacent molars; in left lower molars; in palate; in pit of stomach; in precordial region; in right hypochondrium; dull, in region of spleen; in diaphragm; in abdomen; between shoulders; above inguinal region; in anus; in region of kidneys; in pudenda; in larynx; beneath right axilla; in middle of sternum; in sternum; in middle of chest; in left thorax; beneath left breast; from right to left scapula; in margin of left scapula to axilla; beneath left scapula; in right axilla; on top of right shoulder; in right upper arm; in anterior surface of left upper arm; in right elbow joint; in last joint of right thumb; in ball of left hand; in bend of right wrist and palm near little finger; in right natis below hip; on back of thigh; in tibiae; in soles; in toes; in first joint of right great toe; in bends of first joints of first two right toes; in ball of great toe; in top of right great toe; in joints; in limbs; in a small spot in left fourth finger, followed by a red pustule; in anterior ball of great toe.
Darting: through joints.
Stinging: in head; in roots of upper front teeth and in hard palate; in pudenda; in bunion; nettlerash.
Cutting: in abdomen; in right eye; in right ear; in nose; in left ala nasi; across umbilical region; in rectum; in anus; in region of kidney; in urethra; in abdomen during menses; in small of back during menses; upward in left iliac region during pregnancy; in small of back to calves and feet; in tips of thumbs.
Shooting: in right temple; in hypogastrium.
Prickling: in left eye and cheek; in pterygium; in sound teeth; in left groin; in left great toe; in testicles.
Picking: in sound teeth.
Jerking: above left temple; earache; in upper lip; toothache; in last lower right molars; tearing, from pharynx into left cervical muscles; in right hypochondrium; from groin toward penis; in right inguinal region; from rectum into root of penis; in anus; beneath left scapula; in right shoulder; in elbow joint; from first finger joints of left hand toward tips; in first joint of right thumb; dull, on inner side of thigh; in left calf; in root of penis.
Tearing: in brain; in head, above left eyebrow; in left frontal eminence; in forehead; in temples; above left temple; cramplike in temples; in vertex; in left parietal bone; in right side of head; in right side of occiput; in ears; in left eye; stitch above left eye and in umbilical region; in eyes and head; above left brow; in ears; in front of left ear; in left ear close to lobule; in right nostril; in left cheek; in right malar bone; in upper lip; cramplike in lower jaw, especially chin; stitches in chin and throat; in roots of right upper teeth; in left upper molars; from root of right upper tooth toward temple; in a hollow molar; in last lower left molars; in posterior fauces; in pharynx; in pit of stomach; in right hypochondrium; from right lower abdomen into groin; in left side of lower abdomen, beginning in region of hip; in umbilical region; in anus; in region of left kidney; in region of right kidney; in urethra; above pit of stomach; beneath axilla; in right upper ribs near back; in right chest; in left chest; in neck and chin; in right side of neck and below jaw; in neck behind left ear; between spine and right scapula; in right side of neck; in right axilla; on top of right shoulder; in shoulder joints; arthritic, in shoulder joint to fingers; deep in right shoulder; in left shoulder; in shoulder joint deep in bone; in left axilla; in upper arms from deltoid down; in anterior surface of left upper arm near elbow; in right arm near shoulder; in middle of inner side of left upper arm; in left upper arm near shoulder; in arms close to elbow; in right elbow joint; in bend of elbows; in thick portion of forearm; dull bubbling, in muscles of inner side of right forearm near elbow; in left forearm; in right wrist toward backs of fingers; in bend of left wrist; in left thumb toward tip; in tips of fingers; in last phalanges of left middle and ring finger; in right thumb; in last joint of right thumb; in fingers; in middle joints of last three fingers; beneath nail of right thumb; in metacarpal bones of index fingers; in first joints and phalanges of fingers; in back of left hand; from wrist to first phalanx of thumb; in bend of right wrist and palm near little finger; in right hand; at root of hand; on back of right hand and in wrist; in right palm; in back of left hand; in left palm; in nates below hips; on back of right hip; posteriorly in left hip; on crest of ilium; in thighs; in thick portions of thighs; on outer side of thigh as if in bone; in left thigh upward from knee; in inner side of left thigh; in bends of knees; in right knee; in right calf; in outer side of left patella; in left knee; on inner side of left leg, between ankle and calf; in calves; in tibia to back of foot; in right leg beneath knee; in left leg between tibia and ankle; in calf to malleoli; in lower end of right tibia; in right outer malleolus; beneath right inner malleolus to heel; in bend of ankle; on margin and on back of left foot; in tendons Achillis; in right foot and malleoli; in inner malleoli; in outer margin of right foot; on back of left foot; in heels; in soles; in toes; in tip of great toe and beneath nail; in first joint of right great toe; in bends of first joints of first two right toes; in right great toe; in right little toe; in margins of right foot; in tip of glans penis; in root of penis; in limbs; in middles of bones of limbs.
Drawing: in forehead; in vertex; in left side of head; in right parietal bone; in right occiput; in left side of occiput; behind left ear; in right nostril; jerk-like in incisors; in left lower teeth; in left upper incisors; in lower back teeth; in roots of upper front teeth and in hard palate; in right lower back teeth; alternately of back teeth of right and left sides; in jaws; in pharynx; in pit of stomach; in right hypochondrium; cramplike in middle of abdomen; from abdomen into urethra; in left inguinal region; in groin and pubic regions; in left groin; from rectum into abdomen; in region of right kidney; acute, in forepart of urethra and penis; rheumatic, beneath clavicle; tension here and there in left chest; about left nipple; in right side of neck; in cervical muscles; in back; from top of shoulder down arms; in left upper arm close to elbow; from tips of fingers up arm; rheumatic, in right elbow; in bone of forearm; cramplike, in forearm and fingers; in right wrist; rheumatic, in right wrist; in left phalanges of left middle and ring fingers; in right thumb; in left palm; in nates; above right natis; on posterior portion of thigh; posteriorly in left hip; in thighs; in inner side of right thigh; in outer muscles of thigh; in right knee; in calves; in bones of right leg; in legs; in right tibia; in bones of left foot; in right foot and malleoli; in inner malleoli and tendons Achillis; in toes; in root of penis; in testicles; in spermatic cord; in middles of bones of limbs.
Twinging: in right side of head; stitch like lightning in urethra; in chest.
Twisting pain: in abdomen.
Gnawing: as from worms in forehead; in right occipital protuberances; in upper part of occiput; in left knee.
Pinching: behind left ear; in ear; in root of nose; in pit of stomach; in hepatic region; in left hypochondrium; in right groin; in region of kidneys; in chest; in forepart of right chest; in both sides of neck near trunk; in small spots in back; in coccyx; in region of left hip; in ball of left hand.
Screwing together sensation: in sides of head; in pit of stomach; in left inguinal region.
Screwed-in sensation: in small of back.
Griping: deep in epigastrium; in hepatic region; in sides of abdomen and umbilical region; in abdomen.
Cramplike pain: in lobule of left ear; in pit of throat; in muscles of throat externally when swallowing; in pit of stomach; in hepatic region; in hypochondria; in bladder; in chest to stomach and abdomen; in heart and lungs; in leg; in calves; in calf and left foot; in muscles.
Cramplike dragging: in pit of stomach and epigastric region.
Tensive pain: in sides of abdomen; in chest; in spine; between shoulders; in lumbar region and shoulders; in hip joints; in hollow of knee; in right knee joint; in left leg.
Distension: in left mamma.
Bursting: in right parietal bone.
Pressure: on top of head; under short ribs, especially right side; at root of nose; and dullness in head; on root of nose; upon a small spot on forehead; on forehead; in right frontal eminence; in left frontal eminence; in left temple; in temples; cramplike, in temples; in right side of head; in left side of head; in occiput; in a small spot in occiput; eyes as if pressed inward; tensive, in right eye; in right eye and in temples; in left eye while walking in open air; in eyes and lids; in margin of left lower lid near inner canthus; across root of nose; above right eye; in right tonsil; in upper jaw; in right lower back teeth; from below upward in esophagus; in tonsils; from pharynx down into abdomen; in middle of spine with eructation; in pit of stomach; in stomach; downward on bladder, rectum and uterus; in left hypochondrium; in right hypochondrium; under short ribs; in abdomen; in pubic region; in sides of abdomen and umbilical region; in right side of abdomen close to hip; low down in abdomen; between pit of stomach and navel; in right inguinal region; in groin and pubic region; from rectum into abdomen; in region of kidneys; upon bladder; on pudenda; upon chest; in thorax; cramplike, in chest and pit of stomach; at right extremity of left clavicle; beneath right axilla; in middle of sternum; on upper part of sternum; sharp, near right axilla; here
and there, over whole chest; on left clavicle; in left side of chest; tearing, in lower left chest; in heart; beneath left nipple; in right mamma; sore, about right nipple; as with finger, on right side of neck, when talking; in spine; upon small spot on back, near right scapula; right side, near middle of spine; beneath left scapula; close to right scapula; in lower portion of spine; beneath right scapula; in lumbar and sacral regions; in shoulders; in middle of upper arm; in left shoulder; rheumatic, in elbows; in middle joint and first phalanx of right index finger; in ball of left hand; at root of hand; above right natis; on posterior portion of thigh; dull, above right hip; along tibia; in bones of right leg; on inner side of leg, between ankle and calf; beneath outer malleolus; upon inner walls of trunk.
Pressing asunder: in right side of occiput; in left side of occiput.
Bearing down: in abdomen after stool.
Pushing pain: in coccyx.
Dragging pain: in abdomen; in occiput; in abdomen and small of back, during menses.
Bruised pain: in occiput; in bones of face and orbit; in right malar bone; in right side of lower abdomen; in region of left kidney; in right side of chest; in back; in left arm and deltoid; in a small spot in axilla; in left scapula; in bone of right upper arm; in bend of right arm; in forearm; in ball of left hand; in region of left hip; in hip joint; in gluteal and posterior femoral muscles; on anterior surface of left thigh; in knee joints; in bends of knees; in left knee; in limbs.
Biting: in left eye and cheek; in eye; in right inner canthus; in outer canthus; on lower surface of tongue; on inner surface of gums; in palate; from flatus; on abdomen toward chest; in orifice of urethra; in pudenda; in skin of left upper arm posteriorly; on back of right hand; in ulcer.
Burning: in left side and scapula; in back and small of back; along whole spine; in shoulder blades; in left axilla; in anterior surface of left upper arm; in left forearm; above right wrist; in right wrist and ball of hand; in a small spot in left hand; in region of left hip; posteriorly in left hip; below right knee; in tibia; beneath right inner malleolus; beneath right heel; in soles; in bones of back of foot; in ball of great toe; in small places; in soles; in skin of right scapula; in skin of left upper arm posteriorly; in skin on margin of right hand; in cracks between fingers of left hand; in pustule on left fourth finger; on flexor surface of fingers; on outer side of right thigh above knee; in skin of lower right calf; in ulcer.
Soreness: in head; in vertex; of scalp and hair; in right inner canthus; in pterygium; in right upper lid; of outer canthus; in nose; of teeth; in inner side of gums; of tongue; in upper part of chest; in l hypochondrium; in rectum; at anus; in region of left kidney; in forepart of urethra; as if beaten, in left pectoral muscles; in chest; in a small spot in axilla; in outer muscles of thigh; in sides of scrotum and thigh; in pimples.
Rawness: in throat; in pharynx; in chest.
Scraping: in larynx; in pharynx.
Aching: in temples; in stomach; in pubic region; in sides of abdomen and umbilical region; in lumbar region; about last lumbar vertebrae; in coccyx.
Smarting: in left eye; in lower lip; on inner surface of lower lip; in roots of upper front teeth and in hard palate; in rectum; in hemorrhoids; in pudenda.
Dull pain: across frontal sinuses; in forehead; in vertex; in left side of head; in epigastrium and right side of umbilicus; in right upper arm; in knee.
Throbbing: in head; in right frontal region; in forehead; in vertex; in right side of head; in eye; in a hollow tooth; alternately of back teeth of right and left sides; near left axilla; under lower third of left scapula; in left thumb toward tip; in knees; through whole body; in pustule on left fourth finger.
Pulsating: in left hypochondrium; in left nipple; in left natis; in tendons Achillis; in tip of right great toe.
Suppurative pain: in scalp; in nail of great toe.
Ulcerative pain: in soles; in right great toe; in heels; in pimple on neck.
Neuralgic pains: in subcutaneous cellular tissue; following herpes zoster.
Rheumatic pain: in spine; in lumbar region and shoulders; in deltoids.
Paralytic pain: in small of back; in left femur; in right thigh.
Contraction: in right tendo-Achillis.
Constriction: in throat; in esophagus; in left side of lower abdomen.
Tightness: in temples; in vertex; in muscles of calf; in pit of stomach during menses; in chest; beneath sternum.
Tension: in abdomen; beneath right axilla; in sternum; in right side of chest; here and there in left chest; spasmodic in heart; in neck; in right side of neck; in cervical muscles; beneath right scapula; in small of back; in lumbar and sacral region; between shoulders; in shoulder joints; rheumatic, in head of left humerus; in both arms; in right elbow joint; in right wrist; rheumatic above left wrist; in hand; in metacarpal bone of little finger; below right knee; along tibia; in calves; in right tibia; in left ankle; in right foot; in right sole; in margins of right foot.
Stiffness: in neck; in cervical and upper dorsal muscles; of muscles of calf; of legs.
Dullness: in forehead; in occiput.
Lightness: in head.
Heaviness: of head; in forehead; in vertex; in occiput; in hypochondria and loins; in abdomen; in rectum; in heart; in shoulders; in bend of left elbow; in right thigh; in left femur; in right foot and malleoli; in legs.
Fullness: in esophagus; in abdomen.
Uneasiness: in legs.
Bubbling: in left upper arm; in right natis.
Formication: in calves and toes.
Tickling: in right eye as from dust; in left ear; in larynx; beneath sternum; in trachea and middle of chest; in upper third of chest, both sides.
Crawling: in forehead; in ears; in nose; from abdomen into urethra; in anus; in left thumb; in left knee joints; of back of left foot; in calves to toes; in skin of whole body.
Tingling: in head; inside of cheek; at anus.
Itching: of eyes; in right inner canthus; in inner angles of eyes; in margin of left upper lid; in ears; in nostrils; of left cheek; on inner surface of gums; in rectum; in anus; in urethra; in pudenda; of vulva; of thighs and hollows of knees; on right knee joint; in joints and bends of joints; as from flea-bites on back and abdomen; on scrotum; about nipples; between scapulae; spots on back; papular eruption on forearm; points in skin; on outer side of right thigh above knee; on thigh above knee; of thighs and hollows of knee; pimples on legs; on right toes; of great toe as if frozen; on anterior ball of great toe; in right sole; in soles; on flexor surface of joints; nettlerash.
Roughness: in chest.
Weakness: in head and eyes; in hands and feet; in sternum; in small of back and legs; in lumbar and sacral regions; in arms; of hands; in hollows of knees; of limbs.
Numbness: of tongue; of shoulder joint; in left thumb; of right leg; of feet; in soles.
Lameness: of hands; in right thigh.
Deadness: of hands.
Paralyzed feeling: in small of back and hips; in arms; in bend of left elbow; in right foot.
Fidgety feeling: in legs and feet.
Heat: in eye; in palate; in left thumb; in region of left hip.
Coldness: in stomach; within abdomen; in chest; in nape of neck.
Dryness: in eyes and lids; in eyeballs; of lips; in throat.


Cerebral exhaustion.
Emaciation; feeble appearance, face wrinkled and bluish.
Paleness of mucous surfaces, with disappearance of subcutaneous cellular tissue, and atrophy of muscular system.
Weak digestion, depressed function of nutrition, with cerebral affections; constipation, with affections of liver or flatulent colic; gastric troubles during pregnancy.
Anemia: brain exhausted; not able to develop exanthemata.
Dropsy, with uneasiness in renal region.
A state of the blood which in its qualitative analysis approaches chlorosis; want of vitality, as we find it after physical and psychical depression; heaviness and weakness in all organs, as we see in suppressed menses, but when menses flow it relieves all her sufferings; cough harassing and troublesome, strength in wanting for expectoration; feels as if his bladder would burst, still there is not energy enough to pass a good stream, small quantities only are discharged; stools scanty, dry, brittle, granulous.
Dyspeptic symptoms; subdued nausea, with a universal tremulous feeling; irregular spasmodic action of heart.
Clonic spasms, as well as following coma, find their cause in cerebral exhaustion.
General articular rheumatism, with tearing pain, lameness, trembling and crampy pain; twisting in affected limbs, frequent jerking of whole body during sleep, agg. from being overheated and from exertion.
Rheumatism affecting muscles of sacrum, coccyx, ilium and left hip joint, and leg of left side; soreness of parts upon pressure by ends of fingers, and sore pains from any movement requiring exercise of muscles; when sitting or lying down little or no pain; agg. rising from chair, from stooping, turning body or bending it backward, drawing a long breath, coughing or sneezing; pains in hip joint and knee, occasionally passing along course of great ischiatic nerve to foot.
Ulcers: old; indolent; herpetic; bleeding and burning; destitute of feeling; redness of surrounding skin, with sensation of tenseness; pus bloody and corroding.
A large abscess on left heel matured more quickly after Zincum 30.
Edema and general anasarca of cellular tissue; dropsies following scarlet fever.
Dropsical effusions of all serous cavities.
Relief of thoracic symptoms by expectoration; relief of cystic symptoms by urination; in male, relief of backache by seminal emission, and in female, general amelioration from menstrual flow.


Touch: scalp feels sore; pain as after a blow beneath and in front of right ear; neuralgia fifth pair agg.; ulcer at root of a bad tooth sensitive; gums bleed; swelling of palate painful; enlarged liver sore; agg. stitches in internal ulcer above navel; left kidney sensitive; mamma swollen and sore; ribs of left thorax painful; tenderness over cardiac region; left nipple sore; spine sensitive; bruised pain in forearm; soreness of glans penis; right side of scrotum painful; decrease of sensibility; soreness of pimples; tetter on back painful; itching here and there in skin amel.
Contact: itching amel.
Pressure: conjunctivitis amel.; bruised pain in right malar bone; pain in hollow molar agg.; in abdomen, nausea and vomiting; tenderness over stomach; stitches in spleen agg.; stitches in left side of abdomen agg.; constrictive pain in lower abdomen; pain in left ovarian region amel.; stitches in trachea agg.; left thigh sore; pain in right ligamentum patellae; soreness and pricking pains in joints.
Squeezing hands upon sides of head: headache amel.
Must unfasten dress: during menses.
Rubbing: amel. biting in left eye; biting in right inner canthus amel.; tearing in right elbow joint amel.; tearing in right knee amel.; tearing in right outer malleolus amel.; skin on back of right hand sends irritation through whole body; feeling as if toes had been frozen agg.; stinging itching in skin, with nettlerash; general formication amel.
Scratching: soreness of vertex amel.; tearing in right shoulder amel.; causes itching to appear in another place; urticaria-like eruption on thighs and hollows of knees; amel. itching in pimples on thigh; feeling as if toes had been frozen agg.
Jarring: pain in abdomen agg.
Riding: headache agg.; tearing in hand from wrist to first phalanx of thumb.
Bruise: orchitis.
After operation to eye: sees luminous bodies; intense burning.

SKIN. [46]

Skin dry.
Pains, seemingly between skin and flesh.
Itching: of skin; in bends of joints; sudden, here and there, especially in evening in bed, goes off by contact; as from lice at night, after scratching it appears in another place.
Pimples on forehead, back and third left toe, with sore, pressing pain when touched.
Small white pimples with some moisture, on upper lip, chin and forehead after moderate wine drinking.
Papular eruption on face.
Crusty eruption on face.
Itching on face in evening.
A red, hard, painful swelling on left wing of nose, painful to pressure.
Clear water blisters or suppurated pimples on upper lip.
Papular eruption on upper lip.
Flat red pimples in middle of upper lip, in margin painful to touch.
Itching on upper lip, chin and about mouth without eruption.
Very itching pimples almost in middle of chin.
Violent itching and redness over whole protruding portion of chin.
Many small pustules near together beneath chin, with violent itching.
Large, yellowish-white itching pimples on lower lip Frequent violent itching as from numerous flea-bites, at night, especially on back and abdomen.
A red, finally a dark-red furuncle, with a hard areola, containing a dark-yellow pus developed on pubic region, somewhat to left side.
Itching on scrotum violent, almost sore, not amel. by scratching, several evenings in succession.
A small, red, painfully sore pimple at root of hair on scrotum.
Red pimples on chest and face.
Itching about nipples, she constantly wanted to scratch.
A pimple with ulcerative pain on pressure on right side of neck.
Small pimples like boils on both shoulders.
Itching between scapulae in evening, with much eruption.
Burning on skin of right scapula.
Small boils on back and between scapulae.
Itching spots on back; tetter painful to touch.
A large boil on left upper arm.
Biting burning posteriorly in upper part of skin of left arm.
Eruption of rash in bend of elbow.
Papular eruption on forearm, itching violently during day.
Right hand very much broken out with well-marked tendency to formation of painful fissures.
Itching pimple of back of hand.
Biting on back of right hand, extending above wrist, as if an eruption would appear.
Some itching points in skin, especially on hands, without external redness or elevations.
Small round red spots on hands and fingers.
A pimple beneath skin of bend of last joint of ring finger.
Burning in skin on margin of right hand.
Roughness of skin on back of right hand, accompanied by very intense irritation when rubbed, seems to go through whole body; discharging vesicles; agg. when he takes cold, and in cold weather.
Epidermis of hands cracks from slight cold, becomes fissured and painful.
Large chilblains on hands, which swell and itch violently.
Rhagades, mostly between fingers, bad even in mild weather.
Painful burning cracks between two fingers of left hand.
Sticking itching in a small spot in left fourth finger, soon followed by a red pustule with throbbing burning pain.
Burning on flexor surface of fingers.
Itching burning on outer side of right thigh above knee.
Itching on anterior part of thigh above knee, five minutes in succession, with pimples which are easily scratched off.
Itching of thighs and hollows of knees in evening, very violent with urticaria-like eruption after scratching.
Eruption of itching rash in hollow of knees.
A red spot on leg becomes covered with a scab, with itching.
Small pimples on thigh, calves and about knees, with violent itching which ceases immediately after scratching.
Crawling and formication in both calves, extending into toes.
Burning in skin of lower portion of right calf.
Ulcerative blisters on back of right foot, as after a burn.
Painful itching, with heat, redness and swelling on right toes, as if they had been frozen, in evening; agg. rubbing and scratching.
Itching of great toe as if it had been frozen.
Violent sticking itching in anterior ball of great toe, in evening.
Bunion on left little toe and ball of foot, with stinging pain on walking.
Painful itching on right sole.
Itching on soles.
Itching on flexor surface of joints.
Violent itching over whole of lower extremities.
Itching of soles of feet, calves of legs and thighs, almost intolerable at night.
Sticking, pricking, itching in evening in bed, on forehead, thigh, malleoli, feet and other parts of skin.
Sudden itching here and there, especially in evening in bed, immediately disappearing on touch.
Itching over whole body without eruption.
Fine sticking itching over whole body, with sour sweat.
Crawling in skin of whole body.
Stinging itching in skin, with nettlerash after rubbing.
General formication as if covered with ants, amel. only by rubbing.
Slight injury of skin bleeds very profusely.
Biting and burning pain in an ulcer.
Dry herpes over whole body.
Suppurating herpes; with lancinating pains.
Neuralgia, following herpes zoster.
After disappearance of old eruptions: coma from cerebral exhaustion; loss of sensation of whole body; mania; somnambulism.
Exanthematic fevers, brain exhausted; not able to develop eruption; fever in flashes, or violent convulsions from suppressed eruptions.
Lies unconscious and motionless; pulse weak, cannot be counted; limbs icy-cold; skin of body bluish-red, except about eyes; forehead and chin, which were white; eruption very scanty. ~ Scarlatina.
Scarlet fever eruption appeared two days ago, now of a dark-brownish or purple look; skin flabby; cold; child lying unconscious, having neither feeling, sight nor hearing; remained quiet, apparently having no power of motion; involuntary urination and defecation; one pupil contracted, the other dilated, acting feebly and slowly to light; face puffed and red.
A child, aet. 2 1/2, somewhat scrofulous; in night twitching of limbs, shocks through whole body, violent screaming, face pale and sunken, forehead cold, covered with clammy perspiration; skin cool and dry, pulse small, quick, easily compressed, breathing short and quick, stool involuntary. ~ Scarlatina.
During desquamation took cold, following night skin hot and dry, muttering during sleep; symptoms of convulsions, urine scanty, brown; face edematous. ~ Scarlatina.
Child, aet. 4, scrofulous, overfed; does not move, pulse filiform; perfect unconsciousness; extremities icy-cold, body cool, skin everywhere livid except parts around eyes, forehead and chin, which were white; exanthem here and there.
While suffering with scarlatina, with the eruption fully out, ran out of doors during his delirium; eruption rapidly disappeared; was soon seized with convulsions; collapse.
A woman aet. 34, slight eruption on neck and upper part of chest; head and face swollen like a case of confluent smallpox, all the same color, brown mahogany; high fever; hoarse, croupy cough; conscious but convulsed; it was with great difficulty hands, especially thumbs, could be moved; wrists and arms stiff, numb and dead. ~ Measles.
Retrocession of eruption; child lies motionless and unconscious; involuntary jerking and twitching of muscles; grinding of teeth; screaming spells; loss of speech; occiput very hot and forehead covered with cold perspiration; face distorted; body and limbs cold and of a bluish-red hue; pulse threadlike and difficult to count. ~ Scarlet fever.


Girl, aet. 2 1/2, well nourished, scrofulous; scarlet fever.
Girl, aet. 3; meningitis.
Boy, aet. 3, blonde, well nourished, ill ten days; typhoid fever.
Boy, aet. 4, tall, strong, scrofulous; scarlet fever.
Boy, aet. 4, after an attack of typhoid; affection of brain.
Child, aet. 4; scarlet fever.
Girl, aet. 16, blonde; haematuria.
Girl, aet. 18, mulatto; spasms.
Miss, aet. 21, small, slender, brunette; spasms.
Miss, aet. 24, robust, suffering four years; headache.
Miss, aet. 24, tall, suffers with dysmenorrhea; colic.
Miss B., aet. 24, suffering two years; chlorotic headache.
Miss T., aet. 30, caught cold when 17 years old, during menses, since then suffering; neuralgia, dysmenorrhea, etc.
Man, aet. 32, sanguine-choleric temperament; typhoid fever.
Woman, aet. 34, dark-skinned, had taken arsenic for an eruption on face; measles.
Miss, aet. 37; affection of eyes.
Woman, aet. 38, brunette, thin, nervous, gentle disposition; prosopalgia.
Woman, aet. 40; pterygium.
Woman, aet. 40, suffering several years; asthma.
Woman, aet. 40, strong, suffering two years; headache.
Miss, aet. 42; ovarian difficulty.
Man, aet. 45; urinary difficulty.
Man, aet. 48, sandy hair, blue eyes; tarsal tumors.
Woman, aet. 48, suffering three years; epilepsy.
Captain Erickson, aet. 50, sailor, after great exposure; bronchitis.
Woman, aet. 55; pain in back.
Farmer, aet. 55, suffering three years; pterygium.
Man, aet. 70, suffering three weeks; bronchitis.


Antidoted by: Hepar, Ignat.
Incompatible: Wine, Chamom., Nux vom.
Compare: Pulsat. and Lycop. in colics; Plumb. and Podoph. in abdominal symptoms; Kobalt. and Sepia in spinal pains; Argent. nitr. in tremors.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 10, 1891
Description: Clinical materia medica of Zincum metallicum
Remedies: Zincum metallicum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
year: 1891
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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