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Standard name Rhus toxicodendron
Other names
Standard abbr. Rhus-t.
Other abbr. Rhus.
Scientific name Toxicodendron radicans (L.) Kuntze
Other scientific names Rhus toxicodendron L.; Rhus radicans L.
Common names poisonivy; eastern poison ivy; poison ivy
Substance description Tincture of fresh leaves gathered at sunset just before flowering time. Rhus toxicodendron L. and Rhus radicans L. are sometimes distinguished as separate varieties. According to Clarke, J.H.: “Botanists agree in recognising no distinction other than that of habit between the two. Millspaugh (American Medicinal Plants) tells in his masterly account of the plant that he has seen the two varieties springing from the same rootstock. He advises that the tincture should be made from specimens of both.”
Distinctness VARIANTS (1. Rhus toxicodendron variety; 2. Rhus radicans variety)
Classification Organism – Plantae – Magnoliophyta – Magnoliopsida – Sapindales – Anacardiaceae – Toxicodendron


Materia medica


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