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Standard name Silicea
Other names Silicea terra; Silica; Silicia
Standard abbr. Sil.
Other abbr.
Scientific name Silicon dioxide
Other scientific names
Common names silica; silex; pure flint; quartz
Substance description Trituration of pure, precipitated Silica. Hahnemann: “Take half an ounce of rock-crystal which has been comminuted by repeated heating and immersing in cold water, or clean, white sand, washed with distilled vinegar; this is mixed with two ounces of powdered natrum, melted in an iron crucible, till all effervescence is over and the liquefied mass is clear, when it is poured out on a marble slab. The glass thus obtained, which is transparent like water, is reduced to powder while still warm and is put into a bottle, adding at least four times its weight of distilled water. If the bottle is thus filled to the top and corked immediately there is formed a solution which remains clear and transparent; but if it is poured into a open tumbler, only loosely covered with paper, it is at once decomposed, and allows all the snow-white silica to be deposited as a sediment. The causticum of the natrum (which is not yet recognized by the antiphlogistic chemistry), during melting, combined with the atmospheric air, forming almost instantaneously the (so-called) carbonic acid which was necessary to neutralize and moderate it, so as to allow the silica to be precipitated. The transparent liquid decanted is pure, mild natron, which effervesces with all the other acids. To lixiviate the silica, the water must be mixed with some alcohol, so that the liberated silica may the more easily settle down. Then it is freed from water on a filter of blotting-paper; this is finally laid between several sheets of dry blotting-paper, and weights are laid upon it, so as to withdraw the moisture as far as possible from the silica, after which it is entirely dried in the air, or in a warm place. Silica is dynamized like the other dry medicines.”
Distinctness DISTINCT
Classification Chemical substance – Compound – Inorganic


Materia medica


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