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Standard name Naja tripudians
Other names
Standard abbr. Naja
Other abbr.
Scientific name Naja naja Linnaeus 1758
Other scientific names Coluber caecus Gmelin 1788; Coluber naja Linnaeus 1758; Coluber rufus Gmelin 1788; Naja brasiliensis LAURENTI 1768; Naja ceylonicus CASTRO 1989; Naja fasciata LAURENTI 1768; Naja lutescens LAURENTI 1768; Naja maculata LAURENTI 1768; Naja nigra GRAY 1830; Naja nonnaja LAURENTI 1768; Naja tripudians MERREM 1820
Common names Indian Cobra; Cobra di Capello; The hooded snake of Hindustan; Spectacled Cobra; Common Cobra; Asian Cobra
Substance description Tincture of the fresh poison; Trituration of sugar of milk saturated with fresh poison
Distinctness VARIANTS (1. Tincture of the fresh poison; 2. Trituration )
Classification Organism – Animalia – Chordata – Reptilia – Squamata – Elapidae – Naja


Materia medica


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