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Standard name Alumina
Other names
Standard abbr. Alum.
Other abbr.
Scientific name Aluminium oxide
Other scientific names A tri-hydrate of Aluminum; Al2O3; Oxide of aluminum
Common names pure clay; argilla
Substance description pure clay is triturated with sacch. lactis. According to Hahnemann: “To secure quite pure clay, a matter of some difficulty, we may use the following process: Pure muriate of lime which has been thoroughly dried by heating in a porcelain bowl is pulverized while still hot, and dissolved in as much alcohol as is required. Half an ounce of white Roman alum from Solfatara is dissolved in five parts of distilled water and to remove any adherent earth is filtered. the sulphuric acid contained in its is precipitated in the form of gypsum, by dropping in the alcoholic solution of muriate of lime until the solution of alum is no longer rendered turbid thereby. the clear watery fluid on top then contains muriate of alumina, from which this earth is precipitated by means of alcoholic spirits of ammonia. It is then well washed and then thoroughly heated in order to completely remove the ammonia. the powder is then, while warm, preserved in a well-stoppered glass vial, and is pure alumina. One grain of this is then triturated in the well-known manner with thrice one hundred grains of sugar of milk
Distinctness DISTINCT
Classification Chemical substance – Compound – Inorganic


Materia medica


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