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Standard name Solanum nigrum
Other names
Standard abbr. Sol-n.
Other abbr.
Scientific name Solanum nigrum L.
Other scientific names Solanum dillenii Schult.; Solanum papilionaceum Dum.Cours.; Solanum cuneifolium Hort. Avens ex Dunal, nomen nudum; Solanum vulgare Hegetschw.; Solanum atriplicifolium Desp. ex Dunal, nomen nudum; Solanum decipiens Opiz; Solanum judaicum Besser; Solanum humile Salisb.; Solanum morella Desv.; Solanum moschatum J.Presl; Solanum pseudoflavum Pojark.; Solanum repens Noronha, nomen nudum; Solanum schultesii Opiz; Solanum suffruticosum Willd.; Solanum villosum Opiz ex Dunal, nomen nudum
Common names Tristan blackberry; common Nightshade; Black Nightshade; European Black Nightshad; Duscle; Garden Nightshade; Hound's Berry; Petty Morel; Wonder Berry
Substance description Tincture of fresh plant
Distinctness DISTINCT
Classification Organism – Plantae – Magnoliophyta – Magnoliopsida – Solanales – Solanaceae – Solanum


Materia medica


All standard homeopathic remedy names are listed in the Official Remedy Name List. Extended Remedy Name List includes all known naming variations (homeopathic names only). The Complete Remedy Name List includes all homeopathic names and all common names. This page is a part of ongoing Project Remedies.

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