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Standard name Serum anguillae
Other names Ichthyotoxinum; Serum anguillae ichthyotoxinum
Standard abbr. Ser-ang.
Other abbr.
Scientific name Anguilla rostrata (Lesueur, 1817)
Other scientific names Muraena rostrata Lesueur, 1817; Muraena bostoniensis Lesueur, 1817; Muraena macrocephala Lesueur, 1817; Anguilla chrisypa Rafinesque, 1817; Anguilla blephura Rafinesque, 1817; Anguilla laticauda Rafinesque, 1818; Anguilla laticanda Rafinesque, 1818; Muraena argentea Lesueur, 1817; Anguilla cubana Kaup, 1856; Anguilla texana Kaup, 1856; Muraena serpentina Lesueur, 1817; Anguilla tyrannus Girard, 1858; Leptocephalus grassii Eigenmann & Kennedy, 1902; Anguilla novaeterrae Kaup, 1856; Anguilla wabashensis Kaup, 1856; Anguilla macrops Kaup, 1856; Anguilla punctatissima Kaup, 1856; Anguilla tenuirostris DeKay, 1842; Anguilla xanthomelas Rafinesque, 1820; Anguilla lutea Rafinesque, 1820; Anguilla aterrima Rafinesque, 1820; Anguilla novaeorleanensis Kaup, 1856
Common names American eel; Silver eel; Common eel; Freshwater eel; Eel
Substance description Eel serum. Select vigorous healthy eels weighing about 1 kg. Immobilize the eel on its back, and with a scalpel dissect the abdominal wall for a 10-12 cm length from the gills. Expose the brachial artery, separate it from surrounding tissues and clamp it. Place sterile centrifugation tube against the artery and cut the artery above the tube. Collect the blood freely by using abdominal massage. Stop the tube, allow it to stand for 1-2 hours at room temperature, centrifuge at 5,000 r.p. m. for 15 min. and decant the serum. Pure eel serum should not be stored, and attenuations up to 3X(1×1000) should be prepared without delay, with isotonic sodium chloride solution. Indu, V.
Distinctness DISTINCT
Classification Organism – Animalia – Chordata – Actinopterygii – Anguilliformes – Anguillidae – Anguilla


Materia medica


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